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*[[Persona Tests: McKenzie One Point Zero]]
*[[Persona Tests: McKenzie One Point Zero]]

===October - [[Stories/evil boo|evil boo]]===
===October - [[Stories/Natalie Bayer|Natalie Bayer]]===
*[[Bits and Pieces]]
*[[Bits and Pieces]]
*[[Coming of Age: evil boo]]
*[[Coming of Age: Natalie Bayer]]
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*[[One in Six]]
*[[One in Six]]

===June - [[Stories/evil boo|evil boo]]===
===June - [[Stories/Natalie Bayer|Natalie Bayer]]===
*[[Natalie's Story]]
*[[Natalie's Story]]
*[[Cross Country]]
*[[Cross Country]]

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During the final years of the Robotman administration, various story snippets were featured on the Main Page of FembotWiki. Shortly after the start of the Spaz Administration, it was decided to revive the defunct Story Snippet section as the Author of the Month section, so instead of a random snippet, one author could be featured each month, with a snippet from one of their storied featured each week.

This page is to honor the stories, and authors, that were selected.

A few general rules for selection:

  • If an author has more than four stories, a different story will be selected each week.
  • If an author has fewer than four stories, either the same snippet will be featured the whole month, or, if the story has multiple chapters, a different snippet will be featured from a different chapter.
  • Snippets are swapped out with each Friday's Main Page update, so if the number of days remaining between the last Friday of the month and the first Friday of the next month is high, the current author will get a fifth week, if not, a new author will be selected. As such, most authors will only have four snippets selected, and some will have five.
  • Additional rules can be enacted at any time at staff's discretion.

If you would like to nominate an author to be featured on the Main Page, please send me an email at: [SpazFembotWiki@gmail.com]

Author of the Month Archive


October - XandiMouse

November - Silent Lurker

December - BA


January - Saya

February - RoxxyRobofox

March - LongTimeLurker

April - Wjbaines

May - Ehy

June - Botfriend2000

July - Mirage

August - Spaz

September - TheSpotConlon

October - Natalie Bayer

November - FaceoffFembot

December - D. Olivaw


January - Lilith

February - NicoCheese

March - Korby

April - GynoNeko

May - Linnies

June - Robo-Admirer

July - RancidInsanity

August - Spaz

September - LongTimeLurker

October - DZeigler

November - Apok

December - Petey

  1. Dyson Family Values
  2. A Second Rubdown
  3. Vickybot/Victoria
  4. The Rubdown


January - Nybble

February - WilloWisp

March - Mirage

April - Jolshefsky

May - Propman

June - Natalie Bayer

July - sfreader

August - Spaz

September - RoxxyRobofox

October - Bruekmann

If you would like to nominate an author to be featured on the Main Page, please send me an email at: [SpazFembotWiki@gmail.com]