Bits and Pieces

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Bits and Pieces

Part 1

There was a sharp knock on the door, followed impatiently by another round of rapid knocks. Ethan had only been in a room a few paces from the front door, but the third round of knocks had already started. Ethan opened the door a little faster than he should have and managed to barely cover the look of surprise at the speed he had opened the door with. He was greeted by an impatient looking delivery man holding out a tablet to him.

"Delivery for Ethan Halks. Thumb print verification please" the delivery guy drawled in the exact opposite tone of his impatience. His leg twitched up and down almost involuntarily as he leaned up against the hand truck holding up a 4 foot tall cardboard box, slightly crumpled at the edges. Atop the large box sat another significantly smaller box wrapped in yellow tape declaring "fragile" every few inches, it was also slightly crumpled at the corners. Ethan looked over the invoice for only a second before realizing what he had just received and quickly pressed his thumb against the tablet until it dinged its approval.

"Thanks. Have a nice day" and before he could return the farewell the delivery man had removed his hand truck and was half way back to his delivery van. On any other day Ethan would be tempted to fantasize about calling in and reporting the stellar service he had just received, but not today.

He grabbed the smaller box and brought it in to his rather spartan apartment and set it on the couch. He then dragged the large box into his apartment and all the way down the short hall to the room he had come from just a few minutes earlier. He closed the front door and took out a cell phone and began dialing.

"Hey Sara, its Ethan. I just got the last pieces. When you get off tonight why don't you come over. I'll probably have her assembled by then. See you tonight sweetie."

Ethan hung up and walked back to what could only be classified as a lab. Two walls were devoted to holding cheap wire shelves stacked with boxes labeled with sharpie. Cables, bits of circuitry, and blocky metallic components of all sized stuck out of the boxes. One shelf held several more interesting parts. Hands that stopped at the wrist with cables spilling out of them. Three long slender arms, one of which had a section of skin missing, exposing a tangled mess of cables and circuitry below it. Legs, feet, a clear plastic bin with fingers and toes, and several pairs of perfectly shaped breasts. On the top shelf were two gorgeous female heads a long black haired beauty and a pixie cut red-head, their necks ending in a recessed silver cap with a solid looking tube and several wires dangling out of it.

The red-head's eyes were closed and a vague smile graced her lips. She looked almost like she had just fallen asleep. The dark haired head however was less peaceful. There was a look of concern on her face, like someone who had just been told that they were being fired from a favorite job. Her lips were parted ever so slightly. One eye was open and her dark brown eye looked dim. Her other eye was missing completely. The socket open but several wires dangled out of it and rested lightly against her cheek bone.

Ethen backed into the room backwards, dragging the large box along with him. His back bumped into a large metal table in the middle of the room. He set down the large box as gently as he could, but ended up dropping it the last few inches in order to get his fingers out of the way in time. He let out a breath and turned around.

On the table, arranged in their approximate locations, were a set of smooth, lightly tanned legs. Each foot ended in a set of perfectly pedicured toes. A set of arms lay with palms up, currently balled up into a fist. Each component had the same sunken silver plates as the heads on his shelf, but the wires were all connected to a hub that was then connected to a laptop sitting in the center of the table. Right where a torso would sit.

Ethan leaned over the table to the laptop and typed a few commands into the command line console he had left open.

"Is it finally here?" A sugary sweet voice asked from across the room.

"Yep, but there's still a bit of work to be done" Ethan replied as he looked over at another desk. There were two monitors sitting there. Next to them, clamped around the neck was another head. Her blond hair trailing behind her in a ponytail. The cables hanging out of her neck were run to a similar looking hub that was connected to a desktop below the desk. As soon as he pressed enter both hands relaxed into a neutral position. Ethan tapped enter on the keyboard, as soon as he did both fists unclenched. When they were Ethan began disconnecting each one and bundled up the wires.

"Is this one for me?"

Ethan placed the mess of wires on a shelf "nope, I'm afraid you aren't compatible with this one"

"Oh, thats too bad, well is there anything I can do to help?"

"Yeah there is, two things actually."

"Of course! I would be happy to do anything for you"

Ethan had to chuckle, "I know you would, you're programming wont let you be anything but helpful."

"That's me! Programmed to serve. I only wish I had a body so I could do more for you" she winked, but Ethan was huddled over a tool box gathering up all that he needed.

"Naughty naughty Cassandra. What did you say you were programmed for again?"

"Before you modified me I was a maid, then I was sold as a stripper to-"

"Yeah I know, it was a rhetorical question. Can you start compiling Kate's personality, then I am going to need you to eject your face plate and shutdown."

"Absolutely, am I to assume you weren't able to find a replacement set of eyes for Kate?"

"That's correct, she'll be using yours."

"How disappointing, I won't get to see Kate power up. She is compiling now."

Suddenly Cassandra's face lost all expression, her eyes closed and slid forward an inch with a slight mechanical whir.

Ethan grabbed her face and push in to her cheekbones with his thumb while holding the back of her face with the rest of his fingers. It popped free and Ethan set it aside. Next he took a thin, but sturdy metal rod, about the thickness and length of a large paperclip. "Some things never change" Ethan muttered to himself as he slid the rod into a small hole where Cassandra's tear ducts would have been. After a second of fumbling there was a click from within Cassandra's head and her eyeball jerked forward slightly. Ethan repeated the process for the other eye. He set aside the rod and picked up a pair of needle-nose pliers. He gingerly tugged the eyeballs out just far enough to reach the pliers in and disconnect the attached wires. He then slid the eye out. The whole unit was easily the length of his index finger. A central bundle of tightly packed circuit boards all arranged on a central post. Several connection points lined the boards. Ethan set the green eyes down on the desk and began unhooking the wires in Cassandra's neck. Once he had he loosened the clamp and took her head and face over to the shelves where he placed them both next to the red-head.

Ethan took the dark haired head over to the desk. He clamped it in enough to be held steady. He felt around behind her ear for a second before handing himself the metal rod again. He slid it into the hole behind her ear until there was a soft click and then he tugged her face off. He ejected the one remaining eye the same as he had for Cassandra and then gently connected and slid the replacements into place. Ethan picked up the head and face plate and walked over to the table and set it approximately where it should be. Ethan snapped the face back on and smiled down at it.

From across the room Ethan's computer dinged to signal that the files were done being compiled. He pulled out a pocket knife and slit open the small box and pulled out two 8 inch long circuit boards. They were densely packed with an array of chips with individual liquid cooling systems. There were also dozens of open ports running along the top of the cards. Ethan spent the next five minutes connecting the two cards together with varying length and colored cables. When the ports on the tops of the cards were finally connected to each other in a lattice of colored cables Ethan hooked a single USB cable into his computer and began a transfer of the Kate personality files that Cassandra had started.

The estimated fifteen minutes gave Ethan time to turn around and open the large box he had dragged in. As soon as the packing tape was split open Ethan took a deep breath and pulled open the cardboard, hoping that the idiot delivery driver had only damaged the box and not its contents. He opened the box to see it filled with cheap packing peanuts and not the sturdy form fitting foam he had been hoping for. He brushed them aside and found what he had hoped for.

A slim, smooth, womanly torso rest gently inside the box. Just above the collar bone there was a short stump of a neck with a few connection wires sticking out of it. One of them was frayed at the end and looked like there had been some electrical damage to it.

"That explains why you were so cheap." Ethan grumbled. The danger of buying robot parts second hand is that you never can quite tell what you're getting. Ethan frowned a little. Fixing the wire wouldn't be difficult, he had a spare and within a few minutes he had pulled out the old cable and replaced it. The arms were cut off just past the shoulder and the legs below the hips. Ethan snorted just a little when he looked at the chest though. The previous owner had been kind enough to keep the entire frontal panel. Just below the collar bone down to just above the vagina gaped open.

"This one must have had some sweet tits if that's the only thing that the last guy wanted to keep."

Ethan glanced over at the shelves. No matter, he had some replacements. He grabbed the torso just under the shoulders and lifted it out and set it on the table. All the pieces were here, but bits and pieces doesn't equal a robot. Ethan began connecting wires from the top of the legs into the matching cable connections on the legs, then arms, and eventually the head. The connections to the head involved a little more work since it required connecting a rubber tube and cinching it tight to prevent leaks. In the limited amount of space between the top of the torso and the bottom of the head his fingers had to try several times to make all the connections.

Once everything was connected Ethan walked to the shelves and looked through a few boxes before he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a small, but deceptively heavy cylinder and walked back to the table. Ethan pushed a few wires inside the chest out of the way and slid the cylinder horizontally inside. It rest just behind where her breasts would eventually be. Dangling out of the front of the cylinder was a standard power outlet cable, Ethan grabbed a power strip and plugged it in and then ran it over to the table. He pulled a short length of cabling from the cylinder and held it just above the power strip. "Ok baby, lets hope a burnt actuator cable was the only thing wrong with you." And he plugged in the cable.

Ethan heard the soft whir of fans spinning and a sharp crack. Ethan spun around in time to see tufts of packing peanuts go flying out of one of the many cooling fans. He let out a breath. He let her run for a minute just to make sure all was well. He noted that as he watched her the small red light on the power cylinder turned yellow. One third charged. Ethan reached inside just below the neck for a second until he found a small button. He rested his finger on it then placed his other hand under the head, taking care to sweep her long black hair out of the way. He pressed the button and felt a gentle tug on the head and watched the wires and rubber tubing begin to retract towards the body. He guided the head into place where it finally clicked and locked. The seam was still noticeable, and the skin tones were ever so slightly off, but he knew her automated pigmentation systems would correct both of those. He began the same process for the arms and legs, each one softly clicking into place.

Ethan kicked the large box out of the way and checked his computer. It was just finishing the transfer. He waited for a few more seconds until it finished then disconnected the boards. He spun around to the table and set the double cards down next to her head. He began pushing wires and sealed plastic bags and tubing out of the way. Once he had a clear path he grabbed the cards and clicked them both in place in her abdomen. He began piling wires and tubes back in the approximate place where he had moved them from.

"Now the hard part, what kind of rack do I want to have on her. Tough call right Cassandra?" Ethan looked around wondering why there was no response. "Oh, right. Well, enjoy your nap. Still, company is needed. C'mere Alexa." Ethan reached up and took down the red-head and clamped her head into the mount by his computer and hooked her up. He punched in a few commands on the computer and Alexa's eyes fluttered open.

"Alexa now online. Initializing human emulation software...loading...loading...this unit is ready for human emulation, would you like to continue?" Alexa droned in a sweet but monotone voice.

"Yes" Ethan said standing over the head. Hands resting on his hips looking down at her. Alexa drew a sharp breath as if she had just woken up suddenly. Her eyes flicked left and right before looking up at Ethan. A seductive smirk crossed her lips.

"Another body-less blow-job Ethan? You dirty boy." She said, obviously enjoying the thought of such a thing happening.

"Not right now beautiful. I need your keen eye for sexy things. Kate's torso arrived, but its got boobs. Can't have that now can we?" Ethan stepped aside so that Alexa had a view of the android laying on the table.

"Mmm, she's a beauty. Maybe if I'm a real good girl you'll let Kate and I play?"

"Focus." Ethan said mockingly.

"Sara would let me."

"Sara would join in and I wouldn't see any of you for days."

"Hmmmm, that sounds nice"

"Rope it in you little deviant."

Alexa let out a little whimper. "Fine, but if I help you with this you have to let me play with your new toy some time soon."


Alexa squealed her delight. "Ok big boy, hold up your hands."

"What, why?" Ethan held up his hands.

"I heard once that any more than a handful..."

Ethan rolled his eyes.

"I suggest something in a C cup. Pick on with perky nipples, I like those."

Ethan was on his way over to his parts shelf. "They aren't for you." He called over his shoulder.

"Sara likes them too."

Ethan glanced over his shoulder at the little red haired head mounted on his desk. She was smiling and lifting her eyebrows. Ethan turned back to the shelves and found some nice rounded C sized breasts with perky nipples. He turned around and held them up.

"Hmm, they look OK, but I'm afraid I'm gonna need to run a tongue over them real quick. You know, just to be sure."

Ethan let out a sigh.

"Girl's gotta try at least."

Ethan leaned the breasts and the skin colored panel they were attached to against the table. He walked to the computer and began typing.

"Don't forget, you made a deal, I want a shot at those tits"

"Good night Alexa." Ethan punched enter. Alexa's eyes closed and the same vague smile crossed her lips. Ethan placed her back on the shelves. He picked up the chest panel and set about connecting both pieces to the torso. The elaborate hinge was the most time consuming, after that it was dozens of wires and sensor modules to connect. After nearly half an hour it was finally done. Ethan closed the chest and couldn't resist. He ran his hands over the breasts and had to admit, they were the perfect size, he even begrudgingly admitted to himself that he liked the perky nipples. He glanced up at Alexa and could have sworn her smile was just a little bit bigger.

Ethan grabbed the metal rod and with two fingers began feeling abound the sternum. He found the small blemish in the skin and inserted the rod all the way down to the handle before he felt the small internal button. He pushed it and quickly pulled out the tool. After a few seconds he saw Kate’s eyes open, staring straight up. He heard her inhale through her nose and saw her chest being to rise and fall.

“Starting first boot system checks. New devices found, scanning for drivers…scanning…drivers found. Head module ready for use. Left arm module ready for use. Right arm module ready for use. Left leg module ready for use. Right leg module ready for use. Sexual systems ready for use. Core personality module ready for use. All systems fully operational. Ready to begin human emulation software. Would you like to continue?”

Ethan smiled, it had worked. He had finally built a functional android from just parts. He savored the moment, then said “yes” Kate’s eyes closed briefly, then opened back up as if waking up from a nap. She turned her head and looked at Ethan and smiled. She swung her body around and dangled her legs over the edge. With little effort she hopped down and Ethan noticed the pleasant jiggle of her breasts as her feet made contact with the floor.

As soon as she was off the table she sprang at Ethan and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. As she did she let out a small squeal of delight. Ethan returned the embrace and took a moment to enjoy the feeling of her flesh under his hands. It was cool, but her knew it wouldn't be for long. It felt soft and wonderful, just like he had hoped it would be weeks ago when he had ordered the torso.

Kate released the hug and took the closeness to Ethan to plant a kiss on his lips. He wasn't expecting it but quickly melted into it. As it continued it quickly became a more passionate kiss. Kate slid her tongue inside of Ethan's mouth and found it was oddly dry. That's when he remembered he hadn't given her any fluids when he was assembling her, that was going to make what he had planned for the day a little more difficult. For now though he simply enjoyed the feeling of having Kate's nude body pressed closely against his and the feeling of her skin under hand.

After a few more minutes of kissing Ethan pushed away enough to gaze into her eyes.

"I forgot your fluids" Ethan said slightly out of breath.

"That's going to make a few things difficult"

"My thoughts exactly"

"Well, open up and I'll top you off"

Ethan left the room and headed to the bathroom. He grabbed several bottles of various sizes and labels. Some KY brand android sex lube, some over the counter cherry flavored saline solution for saliva, and a small bottle of artificial tears. When Ethan returned Kate was just detaching her face plate from her skull, her entire chest had already been hinged open. Her legs were spread in a wide, but stable stance. Ethan always loved the sight of a beautiful woman with panels open, cables running from inside her body onto the panel of artificial flesh. Kate skillfully placed her face on a built in hook inside the left half of her now open chest cavity.

"God you're beautiful." Ethan said as he walked over to her. With her face removed she wasn't able to articulate words, but she pressed her fingers and thumb together in front of her to make a heart. Ethan smiled at the gesture then opened the bottle of artificial tears and set it on the table. He unscrewed a small cap located directly between Kate's eyes and began filling it with the tears. Next he filled a small hard plastic container with the cherry saline that was mounted to the inside of her right chest panel. Ethan took out the rod tool and pushed in to a small port above her vagina. It clicked free and began sliding out. Ethan caught it quickly and gently glided the whole module free. The whole thing was twelve inches long and consisted of a large array of rollers connected to servos. "For my pleasure" Ethan thought to himself as he looked at it. Ethan uncapped a long slender tank that ran the whole length of the component. He tipped what remained of the container into it. He screwed the cap back on and slid the sex assembly back into place.

"Alright, you're full, go ahead and put your face on."

Kate reached over and glided her face back into place with an unnatural amount of grace and elegance. Once it clicked onto the ejection post she let her hands fall to her side as her face slid the final inch back to her skull. A slight mechanical whirring could be heard up until her face sealed against the rest of her head. She opened her eyes and blinked several times while moving her mouth and tongue around to get the fluids pumping. She reached up her hands and placed them on her breasts and was about to start pushing when Ethan held out a hand and said "whoa, hang on there. I like you like this."

A sly smirk crossed her face, "oh you like this eh?" She said, gesturing at the mass of wires and circuits inside of her. "And here I thought you just assembled us machines. I never would have guessed you were into us." She said, her words dripping with sarcasm.

"Well, to be honest I would like to be a little more into you, if you catch what I mean."

Kate tilted her head slightly and her tone became flat, "No, if you were in me more it might damage my systems as well as cause you injury"

"Wh-no I meant that-" Ethan stammered

Kate's playful smile once again played across her face "gotcha."

"I should have seen that coming"

"Why don't you hop up on the table and show me how into me you want to get."

"With pleasure!" Ethan said as he shed his shorts and boxers and hopped up onto the table.

"That's why you built me, isn't it?"

Under normal circumstances for a woman to climb on top of a table and then on top of a man laying there while their chest hung open would have taken an astronomical amount of strength, dexterity, and coordination. Kate managed to not only accomplish just that but also managed to look damn sexy while doing it. Ethan was already hard as granite by the time Kate had so much as began her ascent. As she lowered herself onto his dick he could see the small rollers on her vaginal module pulsate, moving the lubricant all over the thick formed latex lining inside of her vagina. Ethan had no trouble getting inside of her, she was as smooth and silky inside as she was out. Her lips split easily and welcomed him in. As Kate began slowly lowered herself down into a missionary position Ethan propped himself up slightly. Kate began rolling her hips in a slow steady rhythm, Ethan let his gaze roam over her form. The sturdy chassis that her many circuit boards, tubes, wires and cars were all secured. He could see his own penis inside of her vaginal module, moving back and forth in the same rhythm as Kate's hips.

He ran his hands over the edge of her open panel. Kate's whole body shivered as he did.

"Mmmm, thats some stimulation I didn't know I would like. Do it again, touch something inside of me."

Ethan reached inside of her and stroked a few of the low importance circuits. Kate let out a moan of extacy. Ethan knew she hadn't felt a thing, there were no tactile sensors inside of her, but her programming and her A.I. Had told her that she liked the "feeling" of it. Ethan knew that this machine was only doing what that set of double personality cards was telling her to do. Ethan liked it that way. He grabbed her hips and begun thrusting her deeper and faster. Without missing a beat Kate matched his thrusts with her whole body. She arched her back and cried out in pleasure. She reached up and held the hinged panels of her open cavity in place so that they didn't accidentally swing closed improperly.

It didn't take too long before both Ethan and Kate were moaning with pleasure as Ethan exploded inside of her. When he did he could feel The whole of her vagina massage his penis. It rolled gently down the length of his shaft and then back up. Several more times did she do this, each time Ethan jerked with renewed pleasure.

"You better close up, Kate. Don't want to get anything else inside of you."

"Oh fine, I like seeing you that happy, and I know seeing what I am makes you that happy. Besides, I kinda like seeing my own circuits as well." Kate replied. She put a hand on each breast and glided her chest panels into place and clicked them into place. She took a moment to look down at herself and massage her breasts briefly. "Nice choice on my tits, I like these." She rolled her nipples between her fingers for a moment then lifted herself off of Ethan and back onto the floor.

Ethan walked to the bathroom to clean himself up a bit. As he did he called back up the hall, "Hey Kate, what's your power level at?"


"You better plug in. Sara is going to want to meet you and you are going to need some juice for that. Might as well put on some clothes too. You're about Sara's size, grab something from the closet."

"Do I have to?" Kate whined.

"Yes, what if a client drops by?"

"Ugh, fine. Way to be a kill joy."

Ethan rolled his eyes, and jotted down a note on a nearby notepad. "Turn down sass on Kate" it read in his scrawling handwriting.

Kate walked in a few minutes later wearing a long black skirt, Ethan assumed no panties, and a simple orange tank-top. Ethan noticed her nipples were easily visible beneath her top. She walked over to the power strip by the table and picked it up. She carried it with her over to the computer desk. She stood up straight and exhaled through her nose, as she did a small square panel flipped down just over her right breast. Kate reached two fingers inside of herself and pulled out the wall plug for her power unit. She pulled it out to a length that would reach the desktop. She set the power strip on the desk next to the head mount and plugged herself in.

"Shut down too, you'll charge faster" Ethan said, he was leaning against the door post.

"You just want to touch me without me talking back." She said and winked at him.

"Maybe so."

"Good night Ethan, see you later." She closed her eyes and Ethan stared at her for just a moment. Before moving on to clean up his lab.

The next several hours passed slowly. Ethan cleaned up the boxes and packaging, put away the tools, and began browsing online for parts. Cassandra needed a set of eyes, and he looked for another torso for Alexa. A sexual deviant she may be, but with the right set of curves she would be a lot of fun.

Eventually Ethan heard a key in the front door and Sara came in. Standing at just above five feet tall, she had shoulder length brown wavy hair which was currently tied up in a messy bun. She was wearing a "Pizza 'Spress" T-shirt and yoga pants. She walked over to the small kitchen bar and dropped a pizza box on it.

"Dinner is served" she declared. "Hi babe, hows the new addition?" Ethan spun around in his chair and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"She's good. I have her charging in the lab."

"You tested her out yet?"

"Yep. She's, ahem, fully functional."

Sara laughed genuinely, "you cad! Taking advantage of a freshly assembled android! She didn't know any better. If I had been here I would have shown her what a sophisticated person would act like!"

"Yep, you're a real classy lady."

Sara giggled as she walked away. She sauntered up the hall to the bathroom. A moment later Ethan saw a bundle of clothes go flying out the door and the sound of the shower running. Ethan got up and collected Sara's clothes and tossed them in the laundry then went into the bathroom to watch his girlfriend shower. He entered about the time that Sara was soaping up her shapely breasts. Noticing Ethan she put a little extra vigor into her scrubbing and massaging. Sara finished her shower and began toweling herself off.

"Alright mister, I'm clean now. Do I get to meet Kate?"

"Your date awaits madam" Ethan said sweeping his hand towards the lab and bowing low. Sara laughed and kissed Ethan's forehead. "Join me, wont you kind sir." She said as she walked past him.

Ethan followed behind Sara, mostly to enjoy the view of her ass as she walked to the lab. She walked straight over to Kate and began running a hand up Kate's arm and over the features of her face.

"Who's eyes did you end up using?" Sara asked as she turned to look at Ethan.

"Cassandra. She was bummed that she didn't get to see Kate's first boot."

"I can see why, she's amazing. Good job Ethan."

"Same to you, you did a good job programming her personality. Oh, you'll need to make her a little less sassy though. Maybe later tonight you can recode it?"

"I'm offended, my code is flawless. You just need to loosen up. Although I guess I can build in another profile modifier specifically for you that will make her less sarcastic to you."

"Sure, uh, you're the expert."

"Don't you forget it." Sara said planting her fists on her hips.

Sara turned back to Kate and disconnected the power cable. She gave it a quick tug and it began zipping back inside of Kate. Once it was secured back in place Sara pressed a button on the power module inside of Kate's open panel.

Kate inhaled through her nose, signaling that she was turning on. Sara flipped the open panel closed and took a step back to stand next to Ethan. Ethan put a hand around Sara's waist and tugged her a little closer to his side, earning him a smile from Sara. Thirty seconds later Kate's eyes opened and she grinned at the pair standing in front of her.

"You must be Sara." Kate said looking into Sara's eyes. "I love your eyes!"

Sara blushed a little, she had heterochromia, granting her one dark brown eye and one crystal blue.

"Thanks, I like yours too." Sara replied.

"Remind me to thank Cassandra for them later."

Kate too a step forward and placed her hands on either side of Sara's face and drew her in for a gentle lingering kiss. "I'm glad they are being used to look at someone so beautiful, Sara." Sara leaned back in and began a passionate kiss with Kate. As she did she ran her hands around Kate's hips and over her perfectly shaped butt. After a quick squeeze, she slid her hands under the elastic waist band and guided Kate's skirt down past her hips and let it tumble to the floor. Ethan's suspicions were confirmed, Kate hadn't bothered with panties.

Ethan watched the two continue to kiss and paw at each other. Meanwhile he slipped out of his pants and shirt. Kate had her tank top up and over her head and Sara had knelt down and was busy skillfully playing her tongue over Kate's nipples. Kate let out a deep, husky sigh as Sara placed a hand on Kate's other breast and began massaging it slowly. Ethan walked over and stood next to Kate just as she discarded her top and began kissing her passionately. Kate ran her fingers through Ethan's hair and held him firmly against her lips. Their tongues collided and began to dance around each other. Kate's hand grasped him gently around his shaft and started slowly pumping up and down. Ethan couldn't help but moan.

Kate gasped as Sara inserted two fingers inside the folds of Kate's vagina. Kate put a hand on the desk to help balancer herself and thrust her hips forward. Sara took her thumbs and spread Kate's lips and began flicking her tongue around the edges. Soon Sara flexed her tongue into a point and dived deep side of Kate. Greedily licking at anything she could find. She eventually found her way to Kate's artificial clit and played with it on the tip of her tongue until she could feel an influx of warm lubricant. Kate was cumming as best her systems would let her. Sara stood up, pleased with herself.

"Hey Kate, how about you let me borrow your head for a bit." Sara said lacing her fingers through Kate's hair. Kate and Ethan broke their kiss and looked at Sara. They both smiled. Kate lifted her hands to rest on her jaw. A thin seam line appeared encircling her neck then her head lifted an inch away from her body. Kate pulled upward and Ethan reached into the gap between her head and her neck and disconnected the connection wires.

"Head module disconnected. Remote module control activated. Remaining module power 100%. Resuming human emulation" Kate droned as soon as the last wire was disconnected.

"Oh! This is interesting. Alright Sara, lets have some fun!"

Sara held Kate's head in front over her and walked over by the shelves. Meanwhile Ethan lifted Kate's body onto the table and spread her legs. He easily guided himself inside of her and began thrusting. He looked up to see Sara leaning back at a nearly 45 degree angle against the wall, both hands holding Kate's head against her crotch.

The sight of his girlfriend being pleased by the machine he had just build was extremely arousing to Ethan. He kept pumping harder and harder as he watched Sara become more and more aroused. Kate was an expert at her craft, because within minutes Sara was only able to produce gasps and soft short moans and sighs of pleasure. Ethan couldn't hold out any longer and once again orgasmed inside of Kate. As he did he looked up in time to see Sara take one staggered step back to try and brace herself against the waves of pleasure she was feeling. That's when Ethan noticed the small box that the personality cards had come in was right in line with Sara's next step. He called out to her but it was too late. Her foot landed on the empty box and it was just enough to throw off her balance and she tumbled to the floor. Kate's head luckily tumbled slightly down Sara's other leg and across the floor.

Sara fell sideways hard and smashed her head into one of the shelves she had been standing next to. Ethan quickly scrambled off of the table and over to Sara. Ethan let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. Sara lay on the floor, eyes wide open and staring up at the ceiling. Her head lay at an unnatural angle compared to her body. The skin on her neck was torn open and several wires poked out. There was also a large piece of flesh torn from above her eyebrow up to her hairline. Cream colored hard plastic shown behind the torn flesh. Sara's fingers twitched wildly and every now and then her whole body would convulse. Her head kept trying to turn to look at Ethan, but all she managed was a slight turn and then her head would snap back into place. The sound of straining servos would audible through the hole in the side of her neck.

"Oh Sara, you never did recode that balance protocol I told you about." Ethan said exasperated.

"Ahh! Ethan-I...Ahh! Ethan-I...Ahh! Ethan-I..." Sara repeated over and over in a genuinely shocked tone. Ethan reached up onto the shelf and grabbed his rod tool and poked it through the skin above her breast and her whole breasts slid out and then swung open. Ethan reached in and held down a glowing white power button for five seconds before Sara went completely limp. Her eyes still wide with shock and her mouth froze open.

Ethan looked at Sara and sighed again. More parts...

Part 2 - Sara

Sara's eyes opened but she was unable to clearly focus on anything.

"I must have hit my head pretty hard" she thought.

"The last thing I remember was Kate's head in my crotch, I slipped and fell. Then this."

"Oh thank goodness you're operational" Sara heard a familiar voice nearby. It was her boyfriend, Ethan.

"Ugh, yeah, but I think there's something wrong with my eyes, I can barely see, everything is just a big white blur. Did you take me to a hospital or something?"

"No, you're still in the lab. Here, hang on a second."

Sara blinked rapidly and scrunched up her face attempting to clear whatever fog was blurring her vision. While she did she heard Ethan typing away on a keyboard, as soon as she heard Ethan's tell tail smack of the enter key her vision immediately cleared up and she was able to focus.

"Don't try and move, you took quite the tumble and I don't know how extensive the damage is." Ethan warned her, resuming his furious typing. Sara had a clear view of the steel lab table in front of her. There was a nude body on it and she noticed it was missing its head module. There was a tear in the flesh below the silver connection plate running half way around the neck. It looked as if it had been partially cut with a sharp knife, probably to allow Ethan better access to the damaged area.

It only took a few moments of study before Sara recognized that the body was hers.

"Ethan, whats going on? Why do you have a copy of my body?"

Ethan stopped his typing for a second and looked over at Sara's head which was now clamped into a sturdy mount. An array of wires dangled out of the bottom of the neck stump. They were bundled together in a slightly dented silver cap. Sara's eyes met Ethan's,

"Ethan? What's going on?"

"You are an android, just like everyone else in this apartment."

"Don't be ridiculous, if I was a robot I would know. I would have to."

"How do you figure?"

"How do I charge?"

"You lay down in bed, close your eyes and your A.I. records that you fell asleep, in actuality you stand right back up, open your entire chest cavity, refill your fluids, replace your artificial stomach, and then plug in. Once you are fully charged you close yourself back up and lay back down."

"Well...what about my memories?"

"Those are just a structure that your A.I. uses to build details onto."

"No, because I remember my family, as a little girl playing with my sisters, I have a life"

"I see, tell me about your sisters."


"Humor me."

"Fine, me and my three sisters used to play in the forest behind our house in Vermont all the time."

Ethan typed on his keyboard for a few moments then smacked the enter key. He turned back to Sara.

"How many sisters was it that you said you had?"

"I have one sister Ethan...wait that's not right, I just said I have three but I only have one."

"Uh huh, now how many?" Ethan entered another command.


"Sara, you're a robot, and I was just modifying your memories. You've only been online for two years."

"But why didn't I know?"

"Everyone of us fills a role for a social experiment by our manufacture, Cybertronix."

"What roles?"

"I was manufactured to see if A single bot could support a full cluster of droids on a shoestring budget. That's why I am always looking for second hand parts. You were designed to be a human, thus you had no idea you were a machine."

"What about the others?"

"Kate will enter the world but be aware of what she is to test her programming in a social situation. Cassandra is a standard maid slash domestic droid. Alexa is a standard companion sexbot."

"So, I'm am android. But now that I know what I am wont that skew the test?"

"Not really. Once I fix your body and put you back together your A.I. will probably tell you that you passed out for a bit."

"Wouldn't my internal clock tell me I had been out for a while?"

"Humans don't have internal clocks. So, no."

"But there are clocks, I am sure I would figure it out."

"Did you look at the time before you came in here with me?"

"Uh, well, no."

"See, no point of reference, your programming would kick in and tell you that it's reasonable to assume you were out for a while."

"So, I wont remember I'm a robot?"

"Not at all, your programming will tell you that you have a headache fir a day, but you wont actually feel any pain. You'll just think you are."

"But, I like the idea of being a robot, its really sexy!"

"Sorry hon, you are the sleeper in the group. Its who you are, its why you do the things you do."

A look of disappointment flicked across her face before she continued. "Do you mind if I ask some more questions while you work on me?"

"Go for it." Ethan stood up and began gathering various tools from around the lab, eventually ending at the table n the center of the room. He pulled out a sharp looking knife and began cutting around the circumference of Sara's half attached neck stump.

"How come I never put two and two together? I mean until today there were no other fully assembled androids, but we always had a supply of saline and stuff."

"Simple, you were programmed specifically to overlook those details. Just like you didn't get jealous that I had sex with Kate, or that I have gotten blow jobs from Alexa's head. Inside of this apartment your A.I. assumes everything that's done here is normal. As far as your programming knows, keeping android fluids and having sex with robots is normal in the confines of ones own home."

"Oh, ok. Is that why I get turned on by androids so much? I'm programmed to think its normal?"

"Not necessarily, that's just a personal preference I wrote into you. I figured if we were going to be building bots in here you might as well enjoy your work?"

Ethan had cut free the top of Sara's neck and set it aside. He picked up a long thin metal rod attached to a handle. The rod was as thin as a paperclip, but wouldn't bend even if Ethan put all his strength into it. The tip was pointed rather sharply. He lined up the tip of the tool somewhere around the bottom of Sara's sternum, he pushed down quickly and the tool pushed through the skin and deep inside of her chest. There was a faint click followed by Sara's chest splitting from just above Ethan's tool up to her collar bone. From there it ran horizontally over her breasts and down her side. The seam then ran a curved path across her ribs and up to meet next to Ethan's tool. Another seam ran from around the tool, down across the ribs and swooped across her lower abdomen.

As soon as the seams had appeared the three sections of Sara's torso sprang slightly outward. Ethan lifted the abdominal section free and withdrew the tool which was awkwardly poking through the bottom of the detached section of skin. Ethan reached in under each of the split chest pieces as well and lifted them out and off of Sara's torso.

"I look different, I mean my circuits and stuff. There are usually all kinds of wires and tubes and what not in all the other droids I've seen. I look...sleek." Sara said, trying to get a good glimpse inside of her open body.

"You are. You and I are the only ones who were assembled by Cybertronix, so we are the Cadillac's of androids. Most of your systems are self contained modules, they connect to each other better and it makes replacing parts on you easier. See?"

Ethan pushed up on a plastic covered cylinder just inside the open chest cavity and it slid out of the top of her neck, taken ripped and cut flesh with it. Ethan held it up for Sara to see. He tossed it onto the table and walked back to the shelves. He reached into an unlabeled cardboard box and pulled out a plastic cylinder that matched the broken one and a small spray bottle. Ethan slid it into the top of Sara's neck and clicked it into place. He idly gave it a few tugs to make sure it was secure. He took the spray bottle and began spraying a skin toned foam in short bursts over the spots where the skin had been cut away. The foam quickly dried into very convincing skin.

"There we go, good as new" Ethan said as he recapped the spray bottle and put it back on the shelf.

"Do the others know? About me that is?"

"Nope, as far as Alexa and Cassandra are concerned you are a human. Even if they saw you completely disassembled their A.I. would simply ignore it and fabricate a scenario that was believable. Hell, even if you told them point blank that you were a robot they would just think you were playing around."

"I suppose that makes sense. So, what happens now?"

"I put you back together and you wake up thinking you got a nasty bump."

"Isn't there something I can do? I don't want to forget about what I am! I've dreamed of being an android, and now that I find out that I AM, you're going to take it away."

"I'm really sorry Sara, I have no choice. It's in my programming. Maybe your personality will be put into an aware droid next time." Ethan gave her a very slight encouraging smile.

"Next time? Next time what?" Sara replied.

"Oh, the experiments are only five years long. After that we will all be reclaimed, the data downloaded, and we will be disassembled and sold for parts."

"What!? So I've only got three more years to live and then what? Some tech will strip me down, pull me apart and sell me off in pieces to the highest bidder??"

Ethan was slightly taken aback. He hadn't expected her to lash out so much.

"Well, maybe you'll get lucky and you'll have your memory wiped and you'll be sold as a whole refurbished model."

"So much better Ethan, I look forward to the day I can be part of the bargain bin." Sara snapped back.

"Sorry, that isn't my call. C'mon, time get you back in one piece."

"No! Stop it! I refuse to go! You can't make me! Stop it!"

While Sara threw her fit, Ethan unclamped her head and walked over to her now repaired body. The nice thing about self contained modules is that there weren't any wires to reconnect and tuck away. Just a simple connection point for everything. Ethan laid Sara's head down and mechanically slid it into place, all the while Sara continued her tirade.

As soon as the connection was made Sara stopped mid sentence. Her mouth closed gently and her eyes drooped shut. The expression on her face changed from anger to serene calm. Ethan hinged both her chest panels closed and replaced the abdominal panel. He took a brief second to smile down at his companion. When active she was his expert code writer, lover, and friend. Everyone else would see her the same way, but Ethan was the only one who knew she was really just as mechanical as the rest of them.

"She ok?" Ethan jumped, despite all the best programming in the world, the human emulation made it happen. He looked over his shoulder to see Kate in the doorway.

"You can't be fully charged yet. Shouldn't you be plugged in?"

Kate shrugged and took a step into the lab. "I was concerned about Sara. That was some fall she took."

"It sure was, but she looks like its just a bump. She'll come to soon. I'm just glad you weren't damaged. After all, we just got you a body."

"And boy do I appreciate it." Kate reached up an groped herself for a moment "Especially these! They feel so nice, I can't wait for Sara to get back on her feet so I can play with hers too!"

Ethan rolled his eyes. He began wondering if Alexa had secretly injected some of her sexual programming into the rest of the girls.

"Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out, OK?" Kate said and turned to leave. As soon as Ethan was sure she was back in the bedroom charging he reached behind Sara's head and into her hair. His programming told him right where the hidden power switch was and he pressed it.

Sara's eyes immediately opened and she looked around. A look of concern and worry crossed her face.

"It's ok hon, you're alright. You took a nasty fall and hit your head, that's all."

"Man, I must have. My head is killing me. How long was I out?" Sara said, obviously dazed and rubbing her forehead where the skin had previously been torn open.

"Just a few minutes. Do you want some water or something?"

"Yeah, thanks."

Ethan went to the kitchen and Sara slid off the table and walked to the bedroom. When she walked in Kate turned and smiled at her. "Hey there sleepy head. How are you feeling?" Kate said, disconnecting her power cable and retracting it into her chest. She walked over to Sara and hugged her.

"I'm ok, I think I just need a nap."

"That sounds good. I'll go charge in the lab then."

"Oh no, you're fine. It might even be nice to know you are right there if I need anything."

Kate smiled at Sara as she lay down on top of the covers on her bed. Her eyes drifted slowly closed. As soon as they were closed they snapped back open. Sara reached up towards her chest as a small panel slid open above her right breast. Sara reached in and pulled out a power cable and plugged it in to the wall. She laid back down, "charging. This unit is currently at 28% power. Entering sleep mode." Kate plugged herself back in using the same wall plug as Sara. She looked down at her sleeping friend and thought about how cute she looked when she was asleep.

Meanwhile Ethan tidied up the lab. Putting away tools and tossing Sara's broken neck module in the trash. It was beyond simple repair. Tomorrow Kate would begin her search for work and once she started getting a steady pay check it wouldn't take long to save up enough to get Alexa a body. Though her's would cost a pretty penny for sure. Sexbots required all kinds of special equipment. Ethan sat down at the lab computer and began looking for more parts...

Part 3 - Kate's home

A petite woman lay still on the bed. Her shoulder length brown hair hadn't moved in over 3 hours, nor had her eyes blinked. She also hadn't bothered to get dressed since she got home and took a shower.

“Charge cycle complete. Disconnecting.”

She sat up and bent over the bed she was laying on and pulled a power cable out of the wall. It quickly retracted into a square opening in her chest. She reached up a hand and gingerly grasped a squared piece of flash that was hinged downward over the open panel. She firmly pressed it in to place and the remaining seam quickly disappeared.

“Resuming human emulation software now. Loading Sara A.I. cores. Engaging sleeper protocols now.” Sara lay back down on the bed in a comfortable resting position. She drew a breath in and her chest began to rise and fall, lifting her perfectly shaped breasts. Sara's eyes slowly opened and she stretched, arching her back and pointing her toes.

She looked around and noticed that Kate wasn't in the room any more. Her charge cycle must have finished already Sara thought to herself. She was glad her headache was gone too. Her and her boyfriend Ethan had just finished assembling their very first complete android a few hours earlier and wanted to celebrate by having some kinky robot sex in the lab. She and Ethan both had quite the fetish for androids, in fact it was one of the most intimate things the couple shared. Ethan had been busy pleasuring Kate's synthetic pussy while Sara removed Kate's head and held it to her won womanly parts. Sara knew she had done a good job programming Kate's sexual systems, but was unaware of how good a job she had done. As Kate's tongue had brought Sara to the crest of orgasm she had slipped on some debris in the lab and had hit her head. She blacked out for a little bit, but Ethan had been there to take care of her.

At least that's how she remembered it. In actuality Sara was also an android, she was just unaware of her true nature. She was a sleeper as most people called them. An android that had been programmed to think they were human. Sara's programming would rewrite memories or simply not notice obvious details.

As Sara thought back on the encounter she had with Kate a few hours earlier she began to get turned on by thought. She also realized with a pout that she had been denied the sexual fulfillment she had been looking forward to all day long. Ethan had left her a message at work saying that he had finally gotten the last component, a fully functional torso, and it had filled her mind for the rest of the day.

Sara stood up and realized she was still naked, she didn't necessarily want to get dressed but needed to. She walked to her dressed and took out a black lace thong and a matching bra. She went to her closet and got out a simple black camisole and a pair of jeans. She noted that her mouth felt dry, like she was just out of saliva.

She walked out to the main room to find Ethan on the couch with his laptop out. He looked up and immediately smiled at Sara. He quickly set aside his laptop and went over to her, embracing her and giving her a tender kiss.

“How are you feeling hon? Head still hurt?”

“I'm fine now, my mouth is just dry. That's all.”

“well, let me get you a glass of water. Kate's out job hunting, she wanted me to tell you she hopes you get better and she'll see you tonight to-” Ethan used finger quotes “finish what she started.” Ethan smiled at her.

“Oooo, I like this idea. But I think this time we'll take it some place a little more safe. One potential concussion is enough for me.”

“Oh, that reminds me! While you were sleeping I went over some of the shared code. I think there is a little flaw in the balance subset. When you are feeling up to it would you mind looking at it and getting it sorted out? Kate's gonna be in the real world and I don't want her toppling over.”

“You bet, I'm feeling good now so I'll go take a look now. Man, sometimes I wish I was an android and could just have my flaws updated like that.” She looked off in the distance longingly. “Sexy and practical.”

“One day, dear.” Ethan called from the kitchen. He took the opportunity while Sara was distracted to turn on the sink, but instead grabbed a glass out of the fridge that was filled with a standard synthetic saline solution.

“Here you go, drink up.” Ethan said as he put the glass in Sara's hand.

“Aww, you even made it cold, thanks honey.” She kissed him on the cheek. She drank the whole glass down in one long unending pull.

“Ahh, so much better. Ok! Now to fix some code.” she sauntered off to the lab. Ethan watched her butt sway back and forth up the hall way. She glanced over at him before entering the lab and smirked at him.

“You know, no one is home and I am still all pent up from before. Kate never got a chance to finish me off but maybe you could.” She winked at him and then blew him a kiss. Ethan wasn't one to argue.

The two met in the middle of the hallway, shedding clothes as they went. They met for a passionate kiss and allowed their mouths to entwine and their tongues to begin playing inside of each others mouths. Ethan reached around and grabbed Sara's ass firmly in both his hands and pulled her whole body towards him. He was already fully erect by now and Sara feeling his hard cock against her spread her legs slightly. Ethan reached lower on her bottom and picked her up with a squeal of delight from Sara. He walked her into their bedroom. Sara Kissed his neck all the way.

They both flopped onto the bed and began kissing each other anywhere their mouths could make contact. Ethan kissed down her neck, over her collar bone and to her breasts. Taking time to slowly lick each nipple thoroughly. He enjoyed pressing his whole mouth over one of her nipples and applying some gentle suction while he used his tongue to swirl small circles around her areolas. Sara arched her back in pleasure and let a breathy moan escape her lips. Ethan continued to kiss downward until he finally reached her clean shaven pussy. He could smell the faint cherry flavoring of the lubricant he knew she was filled with.

He pressed his mouth fully over her sex and pushed his tongue in. He had read once that if you attempt to do the alphabet with your tongue while in a woman that you are sure to please her. Ethan much preferred to try and spell out as much of Sara's sexual programming code as he was able to. While he was doing so he reached up both hands and cradled her tits, squeezing them every time he came to a new line of code in her sexual programming.

He was barely 5 lines of code in before Sara was moaning in ecstasy and gripping his hair. Ethan, tongue still inside of her, could feel the advanced technology in her vagina begin to carry away any excess liquids as well as begin to dispense a mild cleaning solution.

Sara was breathing hard and a small amount of sweat had beaded on her chest. Ethan watched for a moment as she lay quietly panting, her breasts heaving up and down with each breath. The breathing was necessary, even for a robot of her superb quality. She was far superior to any other android in the house, but she still needed to breath. The heat from the many processors and components inside of her needed to go somewhere, and even though she was mostly liquid cooled there were still a small number of fans that pushed hot air around inside of her. Breathing allowed her to ventilate the hot air coming off of her circuitry and brought in fresh air.

As her breathing calmed and her artificial sweat began to evaporate Ethan crawled up the bed to hold her in his arms. Sara, eyes still closed, smiled and cooed at Ethan's touch. As she moved close to him she felt that he was still hard and hadn't gotten any kind of excitement the whole time.

“Well hello, what have we down here?” Sara reached down and began stroking Ethan's hard member. She kissed Ethan for a few moments while gradually stroking him faster and faster. She abruptly stopped and pushed off of Ethan and rolled onto her hands and knees, then dropped so her chest was flat against the bed. She widened her legs and looked over her shoulder to Ethan. He had gotten the clue and hod positioned himself behind her on his knees. Just as their eyes locked Ethan pushed his dick inside of her ass.

Sara's mouth was wide open but no sound, save for a few strangled gasps of pleasure escaped. Ethan began to pump himself faster and faster inside of her, taking hold of her hips and pulling her rump towards him at the same time as he thrust his hips forward, resulting in a rhythm of satisfying slaps as their flesh met and parted over and over. Sara squealed with delight through every second of Ethan's anal thrusting, and before long Ethan was moaning his pleasure as he released his load inside of her. Sara smiled over her shoulder at him as she wiggled her butt a little with him still inside of her. This caused a few more waves of pleasure to roll over Ethan's sexual processors.

The couple took a quick shower together and dried off and then met back up in the lab. Sara at the main lab computer pouring over line after line of code, trying to figure out how to correct the balance issue that Ethan had somehow discovered. Meanwhile Ethan had pulled up a stool and sat with his laptop on the heavy metal table that dominated the middle of the lab. He was, as always, looking for more parts.

“So, who's next on the list?” Sara idly asked. “The sex-bot or the sex-maid?”

“She isn't a sex-maid.”

“Around here she will be. Especially once we get Alexa up and running.”

“Alexa was actually who I was thinking of building out next. She has a good potential to earn a lot of money, which will help to offset the cost of the kind of body she's going to need.”

“What's so special about her body?”

“It's going to need to be a companion class chassis. So it'll need to be super strong, but light weight. She's going to need a pretty beefy battery pack, and probably two of them so she can swap them out. Plus if she's going to go to work at a club or something she's going to need a self sanitizing sex module. The only good thing is that she only requires half a personality card.”

“only half? That's rude”

“It isn't like that. Most bots personality cards are double sided and there are usually two or three of them strung together. Sex-bot's generally only need one because they aren't expected to be in the kind of social situations that require terabyte upon terabyte of personality data. She's not going to be some kind of neanderthal, but she wont be expected to be the host of a big party.”

“that depends on the party.” Sara mumbled.

“I guess that's true. We should limit her to one orgy a week once she's up.” Sara had to laugh at the comment, but wouldn't mind more than one orgy, particularly if Kate and Alexa were involved.

“Besides” Ethan continued, “Cassandra is going to need a new set of eyes before she can get a body, and for some reason optical modules have been in short supply lately.”

They both heard the sound of a key in the front door and then the sounds of a bag dropping to the floor.

“Guys! I did it! I found a job!” Kate called from the front room. Sara and Ethan both went out to the main room in time to see the tall raven haired android locking the door. Kate stood at about 5 foot six, and was best described as the girl next door. Pouty lips, dark black glossy hair, and perfectly shaped breasts. They both hugged her in congratulation.

“There's this little adult shop across town that sells all the normal stuff but also has a section dedicated to robots. When I told them that I was in to that kind of stuff they hired me on the spot.” Kate rambled off in a singular breath.

“You didn't tell them you WERE a robot though, right?” Ethan said with a hint of concern in his voice.

“Of course not. Ethan you know as well as I do that my programming wouldn't allow that. I just told him that I liked the role playing, looking at stuff online, that kind of thing.”

“just making sure is all.”

“No no, I told the owner that I liked that kind of stuff, thought it was fun, wished I was an android blah blah. The guy said that I was the perfect candidate for the job. So, I start tomorrow.” Kate beamed.

“Awesome! Great job Kate!” Sara said, grinning ear to ear at Kate.

Ethan piped in “Sex shop with a specialized section for androids. Are you talking about for people who are into droids or for actual droids themselves?”

“Both actually, there are more things for people who are into robots, but there are some parts there.”

“Hot damn! That's perfect! Alexa was next in line to get fully assembled and what better place to find the things I need to get her in one pice than a robot sex shop!” Ethan was practically dancing around the living room. He reached out and planted a firm kiss directly on Kate's lips.

The joyous gesture engaged Kate's sexual programming and forced a thought to the surface. She turned and looked at Sara while Ethan dashed to his laptop and started investigating the kind of inventory Kate's new job would allow him access to.

"Hey Kate, what's this place called?"

"Frolic, it's over on Birch. Right by the Indian restaurant."

"Got it thanks." Ethan was already searching for the shop and had multiple tabs open with some of his favorite online shops to compare prices. Kate yawned and put an arm around Sara's shoulders.

"So i'm pretty tired, I should go charge up. Sara and I are going to hit the sack."

"Uh huh" Ethan replied, not even bothering to look up from his computer. Kate leaned towards Sara and whispered, "care to pick up where we left off?"

Sara looked into Kate's eyes and winked her approval. The pair turned and walked down the hall to the bedroom.

Kate and Sara tumbled into bed and locked each others lips together. Kate began matching Sara's kisses with her own but always attempted to move to the next level. Sara would open her mouth just the slightest bit and Kate would dart her tongue inside of Sara's mouth. Kate soon took dominance of the encounter, her tongue in Sara's mouth more than the other way around. Kate moved it around, trying desperately attempting to explore every possible nook of Sara's mouth.

Sara's breathing steadily increased as Kate continued to probe her mouth. Even through her clothes, Sara could feel the heat radiating off of Kate. Her systems must be getting quite the workout today Sara thought to herself. Sara reached her arms around Kate and held her close to her own body. Pressing into her Sara rolled under Kate. Kate easily matched the move by rolling her body on top of Sara and planting her legs on either side of her lover.

Sara ran her hands over Kate's butt a few times before sliding them under Kate's T-shirt. Sara had been attempting to find the clasp on Kate's bra, but was pleasantly surprised to find Kate wasn't wearing one. Sara ended up scratching up and down Kate's back instead. Kate broke the kiss long enough to let out a sigh of pleasure.

Kate sat up on top of Sara and pulled her shirt up and over her head and tossed it aside. Sara reached up and cupped Kate's gorgeous C cup breasts. She ran her fingers gently over Kate's perky nipples, tracing around them with her finger nails. Kate allowed Sara to play with her breasts for half a minute before sliding her hands down her hips inside the waist band of her skirt. Kate removed her flowing skirt with the kind of efficiency that only a being designed and programmed to do so could. Kate was able to lift herself in ways that Sara couldn't comprehend in order to remove the garment while never leaving contact with Sara's own body.

Kate leaned down and kissed Sara once more then sidled down Sara's body, allowing her face to hover mere inches above Sara's every curve. Kate reached the zipper on Sara's jeans and deftly popped open the button and clamped the zipper between her teeth. Kate held the waist band of Sara's jeans and panties and with hardly any effort at all, unzipped her pants. Kate quickly dragged Sara's pants and underwear down her thighs and over her feet. She continued the motion and blindly tossed the clothes behind her.

Kate kissed small circles around Sara's bald vagina. Each time her lips would contact Her skin Sara would gasp slightly. Kate moved from kisses to simply allowing her tongue to trace the same circles around her sex. After teasing for a few minutes Kate finally reached up a hand and began massaging Sara's lips, gently spreading them. Kate drover her tongue inside of Sara's moist folds and licked with wild abandon. Sara instinctually reached both hands down and held them on either side of Kate's head. Sara thrust her hips forward into Kate's face causing her to drive deeper inside of Sara.

Sara felt as if she would cum at any second when Kate stopped. She sat up and smiled.

"Wait here for me. Okay?" Kate said with a mock pout.

Kate walked out and over to the lab. She retrieved Alexa's head set it down on its side at the desk. She hooked in the connection wires and started entering commands into the open window on Ethan's computer. Alexa's eyes flickered open and then looked around a bit. A look of confusion on her face until Kate picked Alexa's head up.

"Oh, hey there good lookin'. What's a nice lookin' bot like you doing in a place like this?"

"I was hoping you had some time to join Sara and I in a little game?"

"What's the game?" Alexa giggled.

"It's called 'who cums first'"

"Sounds like my kind of game, lets go!"

Kate walked back into the bedroom holding Alexa's head out in front of her. Sara lifted an eyebrow at the addition, but wasn't about to complain. Her and Alexa had spent several afternoons locked in some kind of sensual situation. Kate handed Alexa's head to Sara.

"Hey Sara, lemme see some tits will ya?" Alexa said. "You know how much I love your boobies. Set the girls free!"

Sara chuckled and set Alexa's head down while she sat up and stripped off her camisole and bra. Sara picked Alexa back up and held her in front of her breasts. Alexa whimpered slightly as Sara held her just out of tongue range. Sara brought her closer and Alexa began licking her nipple and mixed in an occasional nibble. Sara enjoyed the experience immensely by virtue of both of her nipples hardening. Kate was enjoying the show so much that she hadn't noticed her own sexual response had guided her hand down to her crotch and was now rubbing her own sex.

Kate walked over to the bed and climbed up. Sara looked over to Kate who pointed a finger at Alexa's head and then down to Sara's wet pussy. Sara happily complied and held Alexa in front of her crotch. As she was doing that Kate straddled Sara's face and thrust her own vagina towards Sara's mouth.

Sara welcomed Kate's wet sex onto her mouth licking hungrily and swirling her tongue inside of Kate. At the same time Alexa was putting what small pieces of her sex-bot programming she had access to into play. She thrust her tongue into Sara much deeper than Sara had thought possible and then to her absolute delight Alexa's tongue began to pulsate and vibrate within her. Sara hadn't been expecting that and cried out in pleasure. Kate took this as a cue and once again thrust her hips forward driving Sara back inside of her.

Sara was once again close to climaxing and Kate knew she had the perfect thing to drive her over the edge.

"Ungh, I'm getting so hot, I think I'm going to over heat if I don't cool my systems down!" Kate moved her hands up around her breasts just as her skin split vertically between them. Kate pulled apart the two pieces of her now open chest, extending them out as far as they would reach. Sara could see an array of wires and tubing connected to two chest panels running inside of her and disappearing into her torso. She could see, even from the angle she was at, a multitude of circuitry, fiber optic cables, and modular components all connected together. It was more than enough to make Sara's pussy explode with pleasure. Kate, who's sexual response, had been specifically coded to wait until her partner reached climax, also orgasmed in small spasm. Alexa unfortunately, having no body and therefore no hardware or code simply smiled to herself and withdrew her longer than average vibrating tongue, but not before giving Sara's clit one last flick with the tip of her tongue.

Kate dismounted Sara’s face and flopped down next to her in bed, her chest cavity still sprawled open. Sara brought Alexa’s head up and cuddled it under one arm and then rest her other arm on Kate’s thigh. Kate and Sara were both panting fairly heavily, while Alexa’s head did nothing. Kate and Sara both turned and kissed each other briefly. Sara sat up and looked inside of Kate. She could see her artificial lungs filling with air that was then pumped off to the rest of her systems by way of tightly sealed rubber hoses. Sara couldn’t help but look on in wonder, wishing silently that she too was as robotic as her lover was.

Sara ran her hands up both sides of the now vertical panels as Kate looked on in pure bliss. Sara’s hands ran over Kate’s breasts and then over the edges of her panels. She lightly ran her finger tips over some of the circuits on the inside of the panel before reaching up and closing her panels until they clicked into place. She felt as if she looked at the complex androids innards for too long that she might get turned on once more and up more of her precious coding time.

“Thanks love.” Kate said looking tenderly up into Sara’s eyes.

“I envy you, I would love to be able to open myself up like that, show off my parts. Of course then I would just get all kinds of turned on and wouldn’t get anything done!”

“I know honey, even though we robots have come a long way one day we’ll figure out a way to transfer a human brain into a robot body. On that day you, me and Alexa will get together and trade stories.” Kate kissed Sara on the forehead.

“Hell yeah we will. We’ll show you things only androids can do. We’ll make a weekend out of it!” Alexa said from next to Sara.

Sara picked up Alexa’s head and set it down in front of her. “Well, let’s get you a body first girl. Then you can show me anything you want.”

“You got it sweetie.” Alexa replied.

Sara scooted off of the bed and put her clothes back on then picked up Alexa’s head.

“Would you mind plugging me in for a bit? I haven’t had my head module charged in a while and I am down to 34% battery. I want to be ready in case any of you need an expert in the sexual realms.”

Sara chuckled a little and agreed. She got back to the lab and clamped Alexa’s head into the desk mount. She plugged in a few connections and Alexa breathed a sigh of relief. The flow of power to her relatively small amount of circuitry was a welcome relief.

Sara spent the next few hours poring over line after line of code. Tidying up pieces here and there. She did eventually find the faulty subroutine that apparently caused the balance issues Ethan had tipped her off to. It was easily eleven’o’clock by the time she had finished rewriting the code and compiling it down into a patch file. Ethan came in behind her and rubbed her shoulders a little bit. She smiled and let him do it for a minute or two before finally spinning around in the chair.

“Welp, found the error and fixed it. I just finished compiling the update and its ready to go. We should load it into Kate first thing in the morning. I think she’s charging now.” She held up a USB flash drive and handed it to Ethan.

“Good idea, why don’t you go get some sleep. It’s been a long day.”

Sara stretched and yawned in agreement. She got up and headed towards the bedroom, Ethan in tow. As she entered the room she unzipped her jeans and kicked them off, stripped off her Camisole and tossed it aside and finally undid the clasp on her bra and let it fall off of her. She finally flopped face down on the bed.

“Mind if I stay up for a bit longer. I think I have a good lead on a few parts for Alexa and possibly a new set of eyes for Cassandra.” Ethan said, pocketing the USB drive.

"Uh-huh, ni-night." Sara mumbled her face planted in her pillow. Ethan stood nearby, knowing what was coming next. As soon as Sara's eyes closed they snapped back over. She rolled over and swung her legs off the edge of the bed, as soon as her feet touched the floor she stood up straight. Her right hand moving up in front of her.

"Halt charging operation." Ethan said.

"Charging operation halted, standing by." Sara said, her voice flat and lifeless.

"Open data entry port."

"Acknowledged." As soon as the word left her lips a small circle of skin over her left temple slid inside of her head and out of the way. Ethan pulled out the USB drive and plugged it in to the side of the androids head.

"External storage drive attached. Compatible patch file located. Would you like to install this update?" Sara droned on.


"Acknowledged. Installing...installing...update installed. To apply this patch you must restart. Would you like to restart now?"

"No. Open primary chest cavity and remove your faceplate. Then shutdown."


Sara's chest split across her collar bone and down each of her sides and followed the line of her ribcage up towards her sternum. In the center of her torso the seam shot straight up to meet the seam along her collar bone. Both sides popped open slightly, enough room for Sara to reach up and fit her fingers inside. She swung both sides open. She then reached up towards her face which had detached and pushed away from her skull an inch. She pulled gently and her face came completely off. She continued to hold her face in her left hand and let both arms drop to her sides. Several blinking lights inside of her chest and head suddenly went dark, signaling Ethan that she had shut down.

Ethan walked to the bathroom and retrieved a few bottles of different fluids. Each went to a different hard plastic container within her body. Sex lube into a form fitting tank around a large semi-hard latex bag that contained the complex vaginal unit that had seen so much action lately. Another to large central tank where one might assume the stomach was. Ethan poured the canister of artificial saline into the large tank. Ethan closed her chest then filled a small tank in her head with artificial tears. Sara only refilled once a week and as needed, tonight was refill night. Ethan took her face and clicked it back into place.

Ethan reached up and found the small hidden button at the base of her skull. Sara's eyes opened and looked straight ahead.

"Configuring updates...updates configured. Standing by."

"Resume charging operation."


Sara reached up and placed a hand just above her right breast. A small square panel flipped open and Sara guided it open then reached in and withdrew a power cable. She bent over and plugged it in to the wall outlet.

"Charging, this unit is at 12% charge."

Ethan walked back to the lab and sat down at the computer and reached up a hand over his own chest and opened a panel in the same place as Sara had. He pulled out a similar charging cable and plugged it in to a power strip under the desk. He also opened the port in his own temple, but instead of plugging in the USB drive he connected a cable from himself into the computer. From there he loaded the balance patch as well as typed a few commands to ensure he would restart after the update.

After all, he had more parts to find.

Part 4 - Alexa

Four months and two weeks since Kate started her job at the "Frolic" adult store she had finally brought home enough money to reach the next household goal. Four thousand dollars, the amount needed to buy one of the most complex and complicated android bodies on the market. A CBX-880 companion class sex-bot torso module with matching titanium frame arms and legs. Batteries not included.

Of course having the cash didn't mean you could just walk into a shop and pull one off of the shelf. Another 4-6 weeks of waiting was involved once the order was placed.

"Is it here yet?" Alexa whined. Her head clamped into a mount on Ethan's desk trailing a multitude of wires from the bottom of her neck into a nearby heavy silver box and then into Ethan's computer.

"Don't you think if I had a body for you that it would be laid out in the table? Don't you think I would be working to get it built? Don't you think I would do everything in my power to stop hearing that same question every day?" Ethan fired back.

"So no then? It’s not here?"

Ethan sighed. It had been a long 6 weeks, the longest in his life, which to date was only two and a half years. Ethan was a covert android designed to lead an experiment. He had five years to build and maintain a cluster of robots on a minimal budget. Once Alexa's body arrived and was assembled he would have four of his five bots assembled. There was himself, the appointed leader and household mechanic. Sara, who was Ethan's girlfriend who was specifically programmed not to know she was a robot. She was also unaware of Ethan's robotic nature, as was everyone else in the house. The most recent addition was Kate, who 6 months earlier had come online and entered the workforce. Soon Alexa would have a body of her own which left only Cassandra to be fully assembled.

As Ethan sat contemplating whether or not to simply power down Alexa to stop the questions there was an electric buzz filling the air. Nice doorbells were expensive, Ethan didn't care that there wasn't a melodic "ding-dong" the buzz got things done. Ethan pushed away from his desk and walked briskly to the door. He had barely placed his palms on the desk to scoot away before Alexa broke into a grin and squealed with delight.

"I'll bet that’s it! It's here!"

Ethan rolled his eyes and opened the door.

Alexa's highly tuned android audio sensors honed in on Ethan's voice, or at least tried. He wasn't saying anything. In fact there wasn't any sound coming in at all. The tiny servomotors lacing her face scrunched up into a frown. As she did her entire vision went black.

"Oh my god I'm blind! Ethan! Get in here, something's wrong! Hey Ethan!"

A moment later Ethan appeared in the doorway.

"Ethan, something appears to be malfunctioning with my audio and visual sensors. Should I run a hardware scan?"

Ethan flopped back into his chair and said, "Nothing is wrong with them. You are built to enter the work force eventually as a real woman. So you are programmed to temporarily enter a kind of sleep mode whenever an outsider comes to the door."

"That's stupid, how am I supposed to eavesdrop on you if everything shuts off?"

Ethan smirked at her for a moment.

"That may also be why I coded that in."

Alexa pursed her lips and glared at Ethan. "Well? Who was at the door?"

"Jehovah’s witnesses." Ethan replied dryly.


Ethan looked over at the pretty android head clamped in place. He let a toothy grin cross his face, he knew her questions were finally going to end today. In reply Alexa's face lit up like a child on Christmas.

"Ethan I could kiss you!"

Ethan leaned over and gave her a kiss squarely on her pink lips. Alexa's programming automatically took over and attempted to move deeper with the kiss, but with no body and arms to press against him or arms to hold tight she simply tried to work her tongue into his mouth. Ethan stepped away from the red-head and elicited a pout from her.

“Hey, that was just getting interesting.”

Ethan shot a look over his shoulder at her, “do you want me to put your body together or not?”

“Oh, yeah, definitely do my body.” She giggled “then you can really do my body.” She winked at him. Ethan made a note in his own robotic brain to update the amount of terribly cheesy one liners she had. Clearly she needed less.

Alexa saw Ethan disappear around the corner for a second and then reemerge dragging along a metal lined box. It was clamped shut in several places along the edge of the lid. This clearly was not some second hand piece of hardware that someone boxed up in their basement, this was manufacturer sealed.

“Alexa, I’m going to need you to pack your things. Can you compile the latest version of the local personality files I have for you and transfer them to your local hard drive for me?” Ethan said and he looked at the packing slip that was attached to the box, making sure that the spare parts he had ordered were all included.

“I’m almost offended that you think I didn’t have that done ahead of time. I compile it every morning just in case the rest of me show’s up. I have it here and ready to go.” Alexa smiled at Ethan triumphantly.

“That seems like an awful waste of CPU cycles don’t you think?” Ethan said, not slowly moving his way around the box and unclipping the locks as he went.

“Not at all, I have saved you valuable time. I don’t need to compile it now and we can move along with the process of getting me attached to that sweet piece of hardware you’ve got there, and I’m not necessarily talking about the body in that box, big boy” Alexa winked at Ethan. He didn’t see it, he was unsnapping the last clamp on the box.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for that, erm, sexy with me part of that double entendre, Sara made me promise that she got to be first, followed closely by Kate. There was even talk of Cassandra going before me. Apparently I get quote ‘all the sex I want from the girls.’ “

“Well, that is true. I knew I liked Sara for a reason.”

Ethan looked up and scowled at her. He couldn’t blame her, he was lucky enough to have a lot of sex with a lot of very sexy androids, Sara included. Sara didn’t know she was a robot, she was what folks in the business called a “sleeper” or an android that was specifically programmed to think she was a human. As far as Sara knew Ethan and her were a couple who were trying to make it in the world by buying discounted or used robot parts and then use the bots to enter the work force and bring in money. So far it had worked very well. She was blissfully unaware that she and Ethan were actually part of a field robotics experiment. Could 1 android in the field successfully assemble and maintain a cluster of other androids. A cluster specifically being five functional human emulation droids.

Ethan pulled up on the last clamp and hears the slightest hiss of air entering the box for the first time. The whole thing had been vacuum sealed from the factory. Ethan lifted the lid and pushed it up, two hydraulic arms helped support it and gently guide it upward.

“Alexa, this is going to be amazing.”

In the box was one of the most sensual and perfectly sculpted android bodies Ethan had ever laid eyes on. It was a body specifically designed around one thing, sexual pleasure. Every component of it was optimized to provide the maximum stimulation to the end user.

Ethan took a moment to marvel at it. The neck, arms and legs all had titanium reinforced mounting posts, up to 2000 pounds of support before any signs of breakage. Her arms and legs were in their own separate foam cut out in the larger slab of foam that encased the torso. A small kit of assembly related tools were tossed in the cut out where a head might have gone had one been ordered. Instead there was a baggie of tools and a small metal box wedged in the opening along with a thick owner’s manual.

Each connection port around the missing limbs gleamed in the fluorescent light of Ethan’s lab. The fake skin covering the body and limbs was smooth and creamy, not a blemish in sight. Ethan’s eyes roved over the whole of Alexa’s new robotic body. Slender and beautiful, breasts not too big and not too small. Toned but feminine legs. Perfectly manicured toes on ideally shaped feet, fingernails to match, both in a matching polish. Ethan ran a single hand over the length of the body, ending it with his hand over the hairless vaginal module between the leg stumps.

Just below the artificial crotch were several small bottles of disinfectant and two mid-sized tanks to fill up with the cleaner. A chassis like this, designed for lots of sex, had its own special cleaning system dedicated to each orifice. Sadly a system like that took up room inside the limited space of the lithe android torso. That meant less space for spare hard drives, processors and other functionality components. Essentially Alexa didn’t have room for much of a personality beyond sexual companionship.

Ethan lifted the surprisingly light torso out of the box and set it gently on the steel work bench in the middle of the room, her breasts jiggled slightly despite how gently Ethan set it down. Alexa gasped and smiled as soon as she caught a glimpse of what was soon to be her body. The boon of a brand new body was how much easier it was to assemble. Ethan had placed all the parts on the bench and had all the limbs connected and sealed within minutes. Ethan walked over to Alexa’s head and she patiently waited while Ethan was assembling her.

“Alright, moment of truth, are you ready to move about the cabin?”

Alexa looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “Fuck yes I am, get me over there!”

“Fine fine. Shut down and I’ll see you on the other side.”

Alexa’s eyes closed and the standard faint smile crossed her lips. Ethan tucked her short A-cut red hair behind her ears and reached over for a long thin metal rod with a simple plastic handle at the end. The rod ended in a sharp point. He lined up the rod with Alexa’s left ear and slowly but surely slid the rod inside her ear and on into her head, much further than any human head could. He poked around for a second before finding the small button located deep within her skull. After pushing it he did the same to her other ear, sliding the rod well into her skull until it clicked home on the button he needed. Alexa’s face slid away from her head about 2 inches, supported on the connection points that fed information between her synthetic brain and the tiny servos in her face that made her expressions.

Ethan tugged it off of the connection points and set it aside. He opened a drawer in the desk and pulled out a USB drive. He popped it into his computer and dragged a few files onto it. They were relatively small files, mostly drivers. That was the problem with new hardware, you always needed to make two pieces of technology talk to each other. Once the copy was done he plugged the USB drive into a port just below Alexa’s left eye. The glossy orb fixed straight ahead having no eye lid to cover it now that her face had been removed.

Ethan swung back to his computer and began inputting commands to the open console. Alexa was still connected and showed as an active device, just in a state of unawareness. He tweaked her settings to not boot her personality or any of the human emulation, just the basics. He sent the command to power on her head.

A beep issued from inside of Alexa’s head, her eyes twitched slightly in all directions. Several LED’s blinked yellow briefly and then green below each eye, one next to a set of perfectly white teeth blinked yellow for several seconds then turned red, her mouth was not operational without her face mask. Lights quickly turned green in many other places inside of Alexa’s skull, particularly the one next to the USB port with Ethan’s drive sticking out of it.

Ethan scooted back to his computer and punched in a few commands. The drivers all installed without consequence, once they were done he copied a few extra files to her local hard drive to be installed later. A few patches and a bundle of sexual techniques that he had found that were specifically coded for the CBX-800 series androids. After all, what was the point in having an android that could move in an inhumanly flexible way if you never utilized it?

Finally the installs were done and Ethan fully shut down Alexa’s head module. The time had finally come for her to have a body. He disconnected the cables that dangled out of the bottom of her neck and unclamped her from the mount on his desk. He cradled her head in his arms and placed it on the table in the center of the room. Ethan lined up the connection points resting in the stump nestled in her neck with the short stump of a neck that was protruding from the shoulders on Alexa’s new body. Ethan connected the various cable connections, the heavy duty rubber hose that would be her artificial esophagus, and then connected the two modules together.

Ethan ran his hands over Alexa’s neck to the hollow of her throat, just between her collar bones. He felt the slightest raised portion below the soft synthetic flesh and pushed in hard. Nothing happened. Ethan stared for a moment, he pushed the power button again, still nothing. Ethan sighed and closed his eyes for a second, disabling his human emulation software. Sometimes humans overlook the obvious, a robot does not. Ethan’s face fell into a blank mask and he stood up straight. He walked back over to the large case Alexa had come in and took out the small box that was in the head portion of the foam. He opened it and started taking out spare parts. A second set of eyes, these ones were for Cassandra to replace the ones she had sacrifices for Kate. Spare screws, cables, assembly tools and finally, the special ordered part he was missing, the power cell. Batteries sold separately. Once in his hand Ethan closed his eyes again and enabled his human emulation. He took a deep breath and looked down at his hands and muttered “stupid programming.” He made another note in his android brain, no more assembly jobs in human mode unless absolutely necessary. Ethan once again grabbed the rod from his desk and lined it up with Alexa's bellybutton. This button was so much easier to find than the two in her head. Her head was jam packed with cables, circuitry, and sensors. Damaging and one of them with an errant tug of a sharp tipped rod would mean disassembling Alexa's entire skull down to its frame. Once the rod clicked the hidden internal button a seam appeared, running up both sides of her torso, across her chest just over her breasts and meeting at a rounded point above her sex.

Ethan pried the fleshy covering off of her torso and set it to one side. Looking inside of Alexa was like looking at the engine of a brand new sports car when you were used to looking at family van. Everything was sleek and covered with a hard plastic shell, every piece embezzled with a CBX-800 logo. Every last cord was bundled with a plastic clip and tucked away between components. The cream colored bags of her lungs were new and unblemished, showing no signs of any use. He took a moment to snort at the incredibly small stomach pouch. It looked like it could hold two glasses of water, barely. Then again, Ethan thought, she wasn't designed to be eating and drinking. Ethan found the one place inside the artificial woman with no sleek, stamped component. In the center of what would be her abdomen there was an empty spot roughly the size of a small football. Ethan inserted the power supply and clamped it into place. As soon as he had a small row of LED's lit up, first all the way to full then immediately down to nearly the bottom of red. She had power, but not much.

Ethan replaced the torso covering and once again pressed the power button. He heard a soft beep from within her chest. Alexa’s eyes fluttered open and once again her eyes roamed around for a moment.

Alexa spoke in a voice devoid of all emotion and inflection, “CBX-800 series artificial human boot sequence initiated. Power at 13%, one moment please.”

A full two minutes pass in silence as Alexa’s processors finalize the driver installs and detect new hardware. Ethan can tell when she has successfully connected with a new piece of hardware because it will jerk ever so slightly. Her head twitched slightly, then both her arms, then her legs. Once all her modules are finally functional her eyes flutter for just a second followed by Alexa intoning once again, “Hard ware check complete. No errors detected. Existing personality files detected, would you like to run the setup wizard, warning this will over write existing personality files.”

“Skip setup wizard.” Ethan said, crossing his arms over his chest. Oh how many times he had run through the set up wizard on repairing and restoring broken androids.

“Confirmed, loading existing personality files. One moment.”

Another thirty seconds passed in silence as Ethan watched over Alexa.

“Personality files loaded successfully. Starting human emulation software.”

Alexa took a deep breath, the first she had ever taken. This air was pumped into a set of lung like sacs inside of her and would immediately be used to cool her processor that were now working harder than ever to run her emulation software. Ethan looks over her as her breasts rise and fall with the inhalation of air. Alexa curls her toes and fingers and slowly but surely rises to a sitting position. She blinks several times to get her artificial tears to moisten her eyes slightly.

“ahhh, this feels so wonderful!” Alexa hopped off of the table, her gel packed breasts jiggling as she hit the floor. As soon as her feet were on the ground she sprung at Ethan, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs clamped around his waist. Ethan stumbled back slightly but was able to balance himself against the wall. She pressed her lips over his and began kissing him furiously, raking her hands through his hair and grinding her mechanical hips into him. He was surprised how smooth and graceful her body was moving. Even the other robots in the house had a small, almost imperceptible stiffness at times. The only exception was Sara who was specifically designed to be as human as possible.

Ethan pushed back slightly to try and escape the flurry of kisses, all he succeeded in doing was allowing Alexa an opportunity to kiss his neck instead of his lips.

“Alexa! Knock it off! Hey what are you doing!?”

Alexa had slipped one hand down the side of Ethan’s pants and his boxers and was smoothly making her way to his penis. Ethan reacted quickly and grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

“Sara gets you first. That’s the deal.” Ethan said sternly, the kind of voice you would use when scolding a child.

"Oh, lay off. I won’t do anything I couldn't do with just my mouth." Alexa threw a seductive wink at Ethan.

"Unit FEU-04a you will stand at ready position immediately."

Alexa's smile immediately faded to a thin line across her face. She smoothly withdrew her hand from Ethan's pants and glided one leg then the other into a standing position. She straightened her back and thrust forward her chest. Her breathing making her chest rise and fall calmly and rhythmically.

Alexa blinked once longer than normal and then her facial expressions returned.

"Jeez, you could have just asked nicely." Alexa sounded wounded, Ethan knew that even this was programmed into her code. The pouty "naughty girl" act was classic.

"You're at 13% power Alexa, you aren't doing anything but charging until Sara and Kate get home."

"You are the biggest sore loser I have ever met." Alexa retorted.

Ethan shrugged and Alexa slinked past him. Swaying her artificial hips, utilizing every servo motor and gyroscope to do so. She trailed a hand over his chest and brushed it barely across his crotch. When she got to the door jamb she leaned against it and arched her back, pushed out her perfect breasts and cupped them in her hands. She ran her tongue over her lips "see you later, big boy." She winked one last time and then sauntered off to Ethan and Sara's room to charge.

Ethan shook his head at the sexbot, ideally suited for work in a strip club, but not much else. He walked over to the shelving unit against the far wall in his lab and took down a pretty blond haired head. Its eyes were closed and it wore the same vague smile that Alexa had earlier. It gave the illusion that she was simply day dreaming. It had been a long time since Cassandra had been taken down from her shelf. In fact Ethan recalled that it hadn't been since he took her eyes and gave them to Kate.

Ethan set her head down on the desk and muttered to it "you're next my dear." Ethan reached for his rod tool once more and deactivated his human emulation software. Driving it into her plastic skull through her ears as he had done with Alexa. He pulled off her faceplate and set it aside. Ethan rolled in his chair over to the work bench where he had left the box of spare parts and pulled out a static guarded baggie. Scooting back to his desk he took out his pocket knife and slit open the bag and emptied the contents gently onto his desk.

Two long mechanical cylinders tumbled out. Attached to the end of the thin chrome plated unit was a crystal blue eye ball. Running from the back of the eyeball were several thin wires that twisted and wove together until the entered the cylinder in multiple places. Along either side of the metal tubing were three mounting rails used to guide the eye into the correct position when placed in an androids optical slots. At the tip of the module was an interchangeable connection plug. Ethan unscrewed this plug and rolled over to one of the shelves containing all the spare parts he had amassed over the time he had been active. He found the correct connection that matched Cassandra and rolled back. Screwing the proper connection port in place and holing up the eye to give it a visual inspection. Once satisfied he turned to Cassandra's head.

He picked up the head by the sides and lifted it to the clamp on his desk. He tightened the clamp just above the line of her neck stump. Ethan connected the multitude of wires dangling out of her neck to a heavy silver box that Alexa had previously been using, all but the power connection. With inhumanly mechanical precision Ethan slid each eye into its socket. Once done he reattached the pretty droids face to its mounting points inside of her skull and connected the power cable. Ethan closed his eyes briefly while enabling his human emulation software. He blinked a few time as his eyes next blinked and needed to be moistened slightly.

He spun back to his computer and started compiling all the recent updates he had written for the other house bots into a single large patch file for Cassandra. Once that was started he powered on Cassandra.

"Model Cassandra now online. Warning, this unit is not connected to a torso module, some services may not be available. Do you want to continue?" Cassandra's monotone voice was devoid of any emotion.

"Yes." Ethan said, not yet looking away from his computer.

"Acknowledged. Starting human emulation software." Cassandra's eyes fluttered for a moment then in her almost sickly sweet voice said "oh! I can see. Thank you for the new eyes Ethan." Ethan turned to meet her new set of eyes with his own. She was grinning a genuine smile of appreciation. Her programming for smiles was superb. Her primary function was that of a maid. Many hours had gone into ensuring that Cassandra knew how to smile.

"You're welcome; you wouldn't make a very good maid if you couldn't see."

"You are absolutely right sir, we wouldn't want that now would we?"

She was also programmed to be obnoxiously agreeable. There wasn't a single thing Cassandra would say no to. Ethan verbally filled in Cassandra with what had happened in the house since her deactivation, all the while browsing around the internet for a body for her. Unfortunately the purchase of Alexa's Ferrari of a body had left his bank account empty. Once Alexa started working it would quickly refill, but fir now Ethan just bookmarked anything he found. Finally the patch file was completed and Ethan sent it to Cassandra's waiting cybernetic brain. After the mandatory reboot she opened her eyes and once again smiled at Ethan.

"Oh good, you corrected that balance issue. It was on my list of bugs to help fix on the next development cycle, but then I had to be deactivated. I hope it was fixed before anyone got hurt."

Ethan replied "yep, it did."

It hadn't. Sara had discovered the flaw when she had taken a fall in the lab a few months back. She had tumbled and hit her head hard on a shelf which tore away some skin on her forehead as well as split and damaged a section of her neck. Ethan had had to repair her quickly and wipe away a few parts of her memory. Sara didn't know she was an android and the discovery had been a shock to her. Now, however, she was back to blissfully unaware.

Ethan and Cassandra spent the remainder of the afternoon chatting about future plans for her body and various programming tasks and bug fixes that he wanted her to try and fix. The thing about a maid is that they are very tidy, which makes them great at debugging code.

Evening was approaching and both Kate and Sara arrived home at approximately the same time. Kate from the adult paraphernalia shop called "Frolic" and Sara from the "Pizza 'Spress" across town where she worked as a delivery driver. They walked through the door at the same time after meeting in the parking lot of their little apartment complex.

Sara was filling in Kate on the details of her day, like a good pair of girl friends.

"Yeah, it’s weird, this guy keeps ordering pizza's to be delivered to him in alley ways or really remote out-of-the way places...I mean I don't care because he tips really well, but it just seems weird."

"Human behavior often confuses me, but hey, I only know what I'm programmed to know." Kate replied, dropping a backpack on the ground near the door. Ethan met them at the entry way to the hall.

"Hello ladies, I have surprise for you for the evening." Ethan said in his best mock romantic tone. He stepped aside to reveal Alexa standing behind him. She had put on a tight black leather mini skirt and a white blouse. She had apparently forgotten to button up the top 6 buttons by accident because her shirt hung wide open save for a single button at the bottom. She had neglected to wear a bra and the outline of her breasts was plain to see. The shirt was clearly a size or two too small for her chest to be contained, as such it pressed against the smooth skin of her cleavage. The fabric did nothing to disguise the fact that her nipples were hard and straining to be released. She looked directly at Sara, and wagged her finger beckoning her to follow.

Sara Smiled at Ethan, gave him a peck on the cheek as she walked past and said "Don't wait up for me, this might take some time." She disappeared into the bedroom and Ethan heard the door lock. He let a small smirk cross his face as he looked over his shoulder at the two robotic lovers. He turned back to face Kate, who had her hands behind her back, her long dark hair cascading over her shoulders like some kind of midnight colored waterfall.

"We should do something to keep ourselves busy, at least until it’s my turn." Kate giggled her adorable little laugh and looked into Ethan's eyes.

Sara flopped onto the bed, sitting up and looking at Alexa. The red head was at the door turning the deadbolt on the door. She spun around and pressed her palms wide on the door frame and leaned her back against the door. She fixed her seductive gaze on Sara. Alexa's high class sexual programming kicked in. She swayed her hips and she took several slow deliberate steps towards Sara. She planted her hands on either side of Sara but continued forward at the same pace, forcing Sara to lean back slightly. Alexa leaned forward just a little more and planted a kiss directly on Sara's lips. Sara let her eyes slowly close as she drank in the passion that Alexa was pouring into her kiss. Sara took the opportunity to reach up and unbutton the one remaining button on Alexa's shirt. She slid her hands inside of the edges of the shirt and made her way down to Alexa's abdomen. She ran her hands from Alexa's stomach up and over her chest. Stopping briefly to tease Alexa's still erect nipples.

Sara felt Alexa shiver as she ran her hands up the red headed androids body. She knew it was just a programmed response to a set of parameters, but Sara found it charming and sexy in its own way. Once Sara was done with Alexa's nipples she ran her hands up and over the side of her torso and clasped them together behind Alexa's back. Sara leaned back and pulled Alexa down on top of her. Sara had been expecting their kiss to be broken, at least for a moment, but Alexa's lips never left the contact of Sara's. In fact while they were mid-fall Alexa had taken the opportunity to quickly dart her tongue inside of Sara's mouth. With the introduction of Alexa's tongue to her mouth Sara moaned with delight. Alexa began slowly grinding her hips against Sara's.

The two lovers continued to kiss and grind for several minutes, building into a more intense kiss with every passing moment. Both allowed their hands to play over whatever flesh was exposed. Soon Sara reached down and unbuttoned her pants and began sliding them down her well-toned legs. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them down as well. When she had reached the limit of her arms Alexa took the prompt and broke the kiss with Sara's mouth and smoothly ran her face a few inches above Sara's body to her waistline. Alexa's hands trailed above her head. First brushing against Sara's face and down over her chin. They fell to Sara's T-shirt and draped effortlessly across Sara's chest and down to her stomach. Alexa continued the motion down to Sara's pants and then dragged them the rest of the way down her legs. As Alexa was stripping off Sara's pants, Sara stripped her shirt off and over her head and tossed it aside, followed shortly by her bra.

While Alexa's hands moved across Sara's body her mouth started making small kisses from Sara's bellybutton downward, planting one final kiss just above Sara's sex. Alexa gave one last look up at Sara who in turn was also looking down at her. They locked eyes and smiled, knowing what was to come. Alexa, having freed Sara's legs from her pants spread the girl’s legs wide and drove her face into Sara's pussy. Sara's eyes rolled into her head slightly as a pre-programmed response to this sort of simulation to her artificial vagina. Sara thought she was just having a good time but in reality there were terabytes of data flowing inside of her without her even knowing. Not only an influx of data about her body, but also thousands of tiny outputs flowed from her robot brain to the various parts of her body without her even knowing it. Her vaginal systems began to activate, lubricating themselves and caching several predetermined sequences to help her cope with the stimulation. Small tanks of fluid inside of her were being tapped for artificial sweat that was beginning to bead up on her skin. Her robotic brain was shutting down processes and programs that it determined would not be necessary during this love making session. Small motors all over her body were beginning to move, some in the walls of her plastic pussy, some just beneath the surface of her breasts, causing her nipples to stand erect. She began to pant as her systems needed and influx of cool external air to help manage the heat that her processors were starting to give off. All of this Sara would have chalked up to normal things that human would do while having sex, but in reality each and every one was part of a gigantic bank of coding stored on an array of solid state hard drives inside of her.

While all of Sara's systems were preparing her for the oncoming sexual stimulation, Alexa was already prepared. She was specifically designed and optimized for this task. In the bat of an eye her cybernetic brain had already loaded a series of processes to be executed. Her ears were honed in on Sara's panting and keeping track of the rhythm, logging it away so she could better determine when Sara was getting closer to orgasm. Her eyes quickly identified that Sara's slit had begun to lubricate itself and was ready to accept Alexa. Of course all of this data would be useless for analysis later, as Alexa's programming marked it secretly as faulty data. Alexa had no idea Sara was as mechanical as she was, but tiny pieces of coding inside of her did. They filed the data away as such, unbeknownst to Alexa.

Alexa plunged her tongue into her lover’s artificial folds. Much to Sara's delight, Alexa's body wasn't the only component to have some upgrades to it. Alexa's tongue was inhumanly long and came with several other built in components. Alexa's tongue reached deep within Sara's sex and began, slowly at first, to vibrate. Sara gasped deeply, this was not the first time Alexa had used this upgrade on her, but she reserved it for very special occasions. Alexa had anticipated this day and had intentionally not used all her features. For the next several minutes Alexa gradually made more and more intense vibrations with her tongue, backing off on them when she sensed that Sara was getting too close to cumming.

Alexa once again extended her long tongue inside of Sara and instead of vibrating this time her tongue secreted a sweet smelling lubricant that also had a mild tingling sensation with it. Sara's body immediately registered the chemical compound and built a built-in WiFi antenna in her head looked up the properties, then sent the data to her cybernetic brain. All of this happened immediately and Sara's breath caught in her throat and her voice squeaked out in short high pitched bursts.

Sara began kneading the bed sheets in one hand and moved the other up to her left breast. She began to massage and grope at herself uncontrollably. She pinched her own nipple on occasion and let the sighs and moans of pure pleasure bubble out of her mouth without abandon. Sara's complex systems were constantly running system wide checks on her body, and within a few minutes it detected that there was an overall increase of internal heat of almost 38% over the past few minutes. Most likely due to the stimulation of her systems and the lack of adequate cooling for such an activity of this intensity. Her programming dictated that in such a situation that the best solution was to immediately initiate an orgasm as a first measure to conclude the stimulation.

Sara's legs twitched inward slightly, pressing Alexa's head between her pillowy thighs. She arched her back and moaned loud and long, which was a sneaky way for her synthetic body to expel a large amount of heated air all at once. Her artificial vagina also expelled a final surge of womanly juices. Alexa was ready and waiting for them and lapped them up as Sara continued to pant and sigh.

Sara flopped onto her back on the bed, arms stretched out at her side. Alexa climbed on top of her and then rolled slightly to one side, cradling Sara's panting body. Alexa could feel the heat radiating off of Sara as she snuggled up to her. Alexa roamed her hands over Sara's body, groping and gently massaging Sara's breasts and dragging her fingernails over her stomach. Sara lay on the bed panting for another minute while her systems cooled down inside of her.

"Holy cow Alexa, that was amazing. I didn't know you could do that!" Sara finally managed to say between gasps.

"Girl's gotta have her secrets, love." Alexa replied and the two began to kiss again, this time making it less about the passion and more about two lovers coming together in each other’s embrace.

Ethan heard the dead bolt on the bedroom door thunk into place and looked back at Kate.

"We should do something to keep ourselves busy, at least until it’s my turn." Kate giggled her adorable little laugh and looked into Ethan's eyes.

"Yes, we certainly should." Ethan replied. He grabbed her hand and drew her close to him and their lips met in the middle. For several minutes the two simply stood in the living room kissing tenderly. Gradually Ethan moved down to Kate's neck and allowed his hands to slide around her and grab her ass firmly in his hands. Kate let out a sigh of pleasure as he did. Ethan continued to kiss lower and lower until he was forced to hook a finger inside of her V-neck shirt and pull it down further and further to allow him access to her soft synthetic flesh. Kate moved her hands quickly down to her shirt and peeled it off of her, tossing it to the floor. Ethan kept kissing, hungry for more of her body. Kate quickly unclasped her bran and tossed it somewhere in the vicinity of the floor. Ethan pawed at her breasts and suckled on their tips.

"mmmm, ohh yes suck on my tits." Kate sighed softly with every pass of Ethan tongue. Ethan rose once again to kiss her neck, nibbling here and there as he went. Kate run her hand over his crotch a few times and felt just how hard he had become almost instantly. She expertly unbuttoned his pants and dropped them down to his ankles which he quickly stepped out of and kicked aside. Now it was Kate's turn to kiss lower and lower on Ethan. She ended with her knees folded neatly under her. One hand lay in her lap and the other other placed on Ethan's shaft. She pumped her fist back and forth several times while looking up at Ethen. He had thrown his head back and was grunting in pleasure with her perfectly placed hand motions.

Kate licked her lips a few times and then wrapped her mouth around Ethan's rock hard dick. She began bobbing her head back and forth a few inches. Soon she began driving his penis further and further inside of her mouth. Since she didn't require oxygen Kate was able to gobble Ethan's manhood down to her throat over and over. She could feel Ethan's knees waver slightly as waves of pleasure ran through his body. Kate stopped her sucking and stood up, already beginning to wiggle out of her tight jeans. Ethan noticed that, like always, Kate had foregone panties for the day. Their lips met once more for a passionate wet kiss. Each of their tongues probing and swirling each others, like some kind of sensual dance. Kate's hand never left Ethan's penis, she kept a smooth and even rhythm up as they withdrew from each other. Ethan lowered himself to the floor and looked up at Kate who was already starting to lower herself towards him. Ethan held up a single finger at her.

"Its been a while since you've had an internal inspection, hasn't it?" Ethan said with a wink.

"Why yes, I believe it has." Kate replied, "allow me."

Kate sucked in a deep breath and Ethan heard a slight click from inside of her chest. A faint line traced its way across her collar bone, along the sides of her torso, and up the middle of her chest. The two halves popped open about an inch, allowing Kate the thread her fingers inside of the opening and hinge the two halves of her chest open. Her supple breasts jiggled as the silicone inside of them came to a rest. As she opened herself she had also been steadily lowering herself into a squat above Ethan. The tip of Ethan's penis a few mere centimeters away from entering her already wet folds.

Ethan didn't think he could be any more turned on, or his manhood any harder, but he was wrong. Looking inside of Kate's open body made it so that he couldn't resist. Kate caught on to the cue and slowly lowered her vagina onto and around Ethan's shaft. Kate let out a sigh and smiled with joy. Ethan simply drooped his head backwards and grunted. Ethan could see the outline of himself inside of the complex latex bag inside of Kate's torso. He could both see and feel the small mechanical rollers lining the outside of her sex.

"Do you like seeing my circuitry?"

Ethan only moaned in reply.

"I am a machine Ethan, just bundles of wire and solder. I am an android, created to be the perfect companion for any man or woman."

Kate's artificial pussy started to increase the frequency of its gentle massage.

"I am just a shell to house the pieces inside of me," Kate brought her hands up and began running them over the edge of her open chest. Feeling the sheer edge where flesh met machine. She reached around the edge and disconnected several wires that ran from the metal frame and circuits on her open chest panel into her torso. Each time shuttering or twitching slightly. Once they were completely disconnected a half dozen cables hung out of her open torso and spilled onto Ethan's body. Kate tugged upward on each panel and they disengaged from the hinges holding them in place, she set each one aside.

"You see? I am an android, built and programmed by you. I think you did a fantastic job of putting me together. I am especially fond of my plastic pussy."

Kate detected that Ethan was getting close to orgasm. She knew exactly what to do to push him over the edge.

"I am obedient to the lines of code you filled me with. I am superb at imitating a human woman, but like this there is no doubt what I am. I love the personality you wrote for me, Ethan, it lives right here," Kate had reached inside of her open torso and was running her fingers over a chip lined circuit board. Then she yanked it out.

"Error, personality files missing or corrupt. This unit requires servicing." Kate's voice suddenly dropped into an emotionless monotone droll. "Would you like to continue?"

Ethan was panting and thrusting his crotch into Kate since her sexual subsystem had stopped at the sudden loss of one of its components. "Ungh, yes! Please continue."

"Confirmed, resuming from last known save...error, software unavailable. Error, error, er.orr."

Ethan continued to pump his cock inside of her, faster and faster with each passing word from Kate's synthetic lips.

"Fatal error. I am an android. I am designed to be your-your-your lover-er. I am. I love. I am your. I love your. Android. I am your lover android."

Ethan finally burst, his penis began filling her plastic pussy with his load. He could see her internal components sucking away the fluids and milking his dick for everything it was worth.

"Fluid discharge detected in vaginal module. Executing orgasm sequence now. Oh yes. Oh god yes. I want you inside of me-me. Uhhh, oh yes. Pound that pussy. I love to feel your cock inside of me. Oh Ethan-than. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Ethan fell back against the floor, gasping for air.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Ethan took another moment to inhale enough air to cool his own systems down and reached up and took the personality core from Kate's hand. He looked up at her face, which was staring into the distance, her head tilted slightly to one side. Ethan smiled, though he knew she wasn't processing anything except for the multitude of error flowing through her advanced robotic brain. He gently inserted the personality core back into its slot inside her chest.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck- personality core detected. Resuming human emulation." An expression of pure delight crossed Kate's face. "Me. Hi Ethan, how did I do? Do I pass inspection?"

"With flying colors my dear. How many errors are you reporting right now?"

"One thousand two hundred eighty eight. Oh, eighty nine. Chest covers missing, I was trying to start softening my nipples, but they ain't there."

Ethan reached out and picked up both panels and held them up.

"Nope, I got 'em right here, and if you ever want to see them again you have to promise not to yank something quite so critical next time."

Kate made an X over the spot that a human heart might be. "Cross my processors and hope to be scrapped."

Ethan returned her chest panels to her and she reattached them with all the precision and grace you would come to expect from an android. Kate dismounted Ethan and helped him back to his feet just as she heard the Deadbolt to the bedroom release. Alexa leaned out and looked Kate square in the eyes. She held up a single finger and curled in, beckoning Kate to the bedroom. Kate licked her lips and began to slink towards Alexa. Once in the room Alexa closed and locked the door behind her.

Sara was curled up on the bed, still nude and looking seductively at Kate. She pat the bed next to her and Kate obliged by walking over and sitting next to Sara.

Alexa walked over and knelt down in front of the two gorgeous androids on the bed. She looked up at Kate and spread her legs wide open. She ran a single finger the entire length of Kate's thigh and ended at her robotic slit. She used two fingers to spread Kate's lips and dove in with her tongue. Kate gasped as her processors started to collect and file the waves of data from her artificial pussy at once. Meanwhile Alexa reached over and ran a hand up and along Sara's leg to her vagina as well. Alexa drove two fingers inside of her still moist folds and began sliding and caressing her clit. Sara spread her legs to give Alexa room to move, but the red-headed sex-bot hardly needed it. Sara could feel another orgasm starting to build already, but she wanted to make this last as long as possible. Kate leaned over and began kissing Sara's neck while Alexa was busy between her legs. Sara quickly met Kate's lips and both locked mouths. The two sexy robots spent the next 15 minutes fondling, kissing, squeezing, groping, sighing and ultimately cumming together.

After Alexa had finished them both they all crawled into the bed together.

"It's good to have you on your feet, Alexa" Kate said, wrapping her arms around Alexa.

"Ha, it's just good to have feet!" Alexa replied and wiggled her perfect toes to accentuate the point.

Sara piped in, "Poor Ethan, so many girls, and only 1 penis."

Alexa looked over at Sara, "Well, one and a half" and winked.

Both Sara and Kate sat up slightly to look at Alexa who was in between the two. Alexa had a coy smile on her face.

"Gimme a second." Alexa said. She closed her eyes and both of the other robots registered the soft hiss of a panel opening. Alexa had opened her chest panel and had taken out a flesh toned penis from a holster inside of one of her chest panels. The penis was connected to a mechanical looking array of circuits on one end.

"People are in to all kinds of things in this wide world, and I was built to please them all." Alexa reached down and there was another hissing sound. Alexa withdrew her own vagina and held the device up for the girls to see. She then slid the mechanical cock into place. She replaced the vagina inside of her chest and closed it back up.

"Are you two ready for round two?"

Part 5 - Cassandra

Cassandra's eyes suddenly popped open from her sleep. The highly sophisticated camera's behind her eyes instantly focused on her surroundings. She was in Ethan's lab still. From her position she deduced that she was clamped into the mount on Ethan's desk. At least, her head was. Cassandra hadn't gotten a body just yet. Over the last few months Ethan had been amassing compatible parts for her. Thus far he had gotten her a pair of nicely toned legs that used to belong to a housewife. Her torso had come from a strip club that was upgrading a few of its models to the latest and greatest, and her arms had come from the victim of a car accident.

Looking out at the lab she could see her body was assembled, well, mostly at least. While the shell of a human woman lay on the steel work bench in the middle of Ethan's lab, limbs attached where they should be, currently it was only the outer most pieces. There were still several more components that needed to be assembled to make everything function. Ethan had devoted almost every moment of every day where he wasn't busy hunting down, comparing prices, and matching compatabilities. Several parts had arrived, but not quite enough to start assembling things.

After Her eyes focused, the sensors in her ears registered a faint sound. The bolt on the front door had just unlocked. Her internal time clock told her it was about the time for Alexa to arrive home. She heard Alexa's keys drop onto a nearby table and hear the smooth footsteps of the pretty red-headed androids approach.

"Good evening Alexa, how was your day?" Cassandra asked, her tone cheery.

"Another standard day of fucking the brains out of every man and woman who sees me" Alexa let a smile cross her face. Being a sex-bot had its advantages. One was getting to have every kind of sex imaginable with new and exciting people every day.

"When you are ready, there is a new set of patches that Ethan and I coded today. Please let me know when you are ready." Cassandra smiled vaguely at Alexa who was just about done unbuttoning the corset she had been wearing. She finally unclasped the last button and let it fall off of her, as she did gravity finally took hold of her breasts and they tumbled down her, jiggling to a halt. She sat down at the computer next to Cassandra's mounted head.

"No time like the present I suppose." Alexa said. Cassandra registered the faintest click and hiss of pressure being released. Her eyes swiveled in their mechanical sockets to look at Alexa. Alexa had tucked her short red hair behind her ears and now her entire face was gently sliding away from the rest of her skull. Once it stopped it had slid two inches out. Alexa smoothly lifted her hands to her face and pulled it off of the mounting braces that slid it out. She set it down on the desk in between her and Cassandra. Inside were mechanical components of all kinds. Her eyes were slotted in to a set of highly advanced ports that housed incredibly high definition cameras. You could see the trailing end of what were her ears funneling in to a central block of circuits. A spectacularly white set of teeth covered the rubberized tube that led into her chest. Alexa's own robotic eyes swiveled in their sockets and found the USB cable on the desk. She picked it up and plugged it in to a a waiting port inside of her face just above her cheek.

"Connection established." Alexa said, losing all inflection in her words for just a moment. Her mouth also hadn't moved, the sound came from a speaker near the mouth. It was only used when her face was removed, most of the time an artificial voice box was used.

"Very good, FEU-04a please download and install patch FEU4.1.3 and reboot after install."

"Confirmed" Alexa intoned.

Alexa sat still for the next few minutes as the patch was transferred to her android brain, processed by her CPU and installed. As the patch was applied various body parts twitched and spasmed. Her fingers twitched as if typing furiously, both legs jerked towards each other and her head swiveled an inch left and right constantly. Finally all movement stopped, and Alexa's head drooped slightly. With her face removed the audible stop of cooling fans filled the air.

Five seconds after her shutdown, Alexa's head picked up slightly and the gentle whir of cooling fans came back on. She sat stock still for thirty seconds and finally the yellow LED's scattered around her exposed head turned green. Alexa reached up and disconnected the connection cable plugged into her skull and dropped it to the desk. She reached for her face and snapped it back on to the connection posts which retracted into her head. High power air pumps began working right away to seal her face against the rest of her synthetic skin.

Alexa rolled her lips around momentarily and blinked several times. She massaged her cheeks a little with her hands and opened and closed her jam a few times.

"I'll never get over how many warnings such a simple thing calls up." Alexa said. "My whole log is filled with 'cranial faceplate missing, please see assembly instructions' and 'error in human emulation, module missing' don't get me wrong, I love being a robot, but jeez you would think we would be programmed to not get those!" Alexa whined.

"They are for the end users benefit and for future analysis." Cassandra replied in a very matter of factual tone.

"Yeah yeah, I get it. Anyway, there was a package on the doorstep when I got home this morning."

"Oh, how exciting! That must be more parts to get my body assembled." Cassandra began looking around. "Where is it?"

"Oh, I left it out on the couch for Ethan or Sara. Where is he anyway?" Alexa said.

"Sleeping I think. Should I trigger his alarm?" Cassandra asked.

"Nah, I think I am going to get some charge in me any way. He'll get the box when he wakes up." Alexa stood up and grabbed the corset she had discarded earlier. She folded it as best she could and lay it on top of Cassandra's body.

"You're gonna be red hot once you have some guts in you." Alexa said, walking back to Cassandra's head.

"Why thank you, I hope to be-"

Cassandra was cut off when Alexa leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Alexa slid her tongue gently between the blonds lips and the two artificial women kissed fir several minutes. Alexa stood up and kissed the top of Cassandra's head.

"Good night kid-o."

"Good night Alexa." Cassandra said sweetly.

Meanwhile Alexa walked across the lab and stood next to a power strip on the floor. She reached behind her and removed a small patch of skin that was backed by a hard plastic shell. There were several wires crisscrossing the small panel with one central connection and mounting point. She set the piece of her skin on a shelf next to her and reached in to the now open port on her back. She pulled out several feet of thick electrical cabling with a standard power plug on the end. She dipped down, bending at the knees and keeping her back straight and plugged herself in. She stood back up and exhaled, letting her eyes droop closed.

Alexa checked her internal clock and power before even opening her eyes. She had charged for 6 hours, meaning it was 1pm. Power at 100%. Her ears picked up the sound of working the lab and the complex cluster of sensors in her nose picked up the faintest hint of solder in the air. Her eyes fluttered open and looked around the lab.

Ethan was hunched over Cassandra's body, small wisps of smoke were curling out of her. Alexa put a foot in the power strip and yanked the cable free, letting it smoothly retract back into her body.

"That's bad for the cable you know." Ethan said without even glancing up from Cassandra's body.

"Thanks mom." Alexa quipped back.

"You're buying the next power core when you break that one."

Alexa simply stuck out her tongue in response. She pulled up a stool and rested her chin in her hands, peering inside of Cassandra's body. Ethan had just finished mounting and connecting the last of the parts that had come in earlier. Cassandra now had a central logic board, a few hard drives, though not nearly enough, and a few sensor blocks.

"Slow going?" Alexa asked

Ethan sighed "parts are just getting harder and harder to find. People are more willing to scrap a whole droid then part it out. Its getting frustrating."

"Anything I can do to help relieve that tension?" Alexa purred.

"Yeah, open up and let me borrow a few pieces."

"Hmm, that's not quite what I had in mind."

Ethan sighed, his own human emulation software was working a little too well as the thought of Alexa's lips on his crotch immediately illicit a sexual response. Ethan's eyes met Alexa's, what was the point in having a sex bot if you didn't use it? Ethan smiled slightly and unzipped his pants. Alexa took her cue and slinked over to Ethan, lifting the mini skirt she was wearing as she went.

With inhuman amounts of balance Alexa lifted her leg, allowing her calf to dangle as she crossed over Ethan's lap. She brought her leg down to land on the floor and had straddled Ethan in the process. He hadn't registered the act consciously, but her wet pussy was already sliding down his shaft. She began grinding her hips back and forth while running her hand through her short crop of red hair. Every movement in her body made her breasts jiggle and sway in front of Ethan's face. Ethan reached up and cupped Alexa's breasts, softly massaging them in rhythm with her hips movements. It didn't take long for Ethan to get close to climaxing, when he did though Alexa suddenly stopped her motions and dismounted. She slid gracefully down and wrapped her lips around his cock. Just a few moments of perfectly timed bobbing and Ethan let loose his hot load inside of her. She gleefully sucked and licked until the very last drop was gone.

Ethan's head rest against the back of his chair, he was breathing heavily. Alexa licked her lips even though she knew she hadn't missed anything, it was part of her pre-programmed post-blow job sequence. She rose once again to stand in front of Ethan, legs spread shoulder length, the synthetic muscles just below the surface of her skin taught and tight. With barely a motion she had hopped up on the steel table, her legs spread perfectly to accompany Ethan's head. Ethan rolled forward in his chair and planted his face firmly on her sex.

His nose and mouth instantly filled with a sugary sweet smell. It didn't have a distinctive flavor, just sweetness. Ethan started by kissing circles around Alexa's hairless vagina. Before long, though, he was fully inside of her, lapping at her clit. The advantage to being the one who programs the way an android works is that you know your way through their inner workings. Ethan knew how Alexa was coded to respond to every little stimulation. He knew just where and when to flick the tip of his tongue in order to cause her the most amount of pleasure.

Ethan let his hands drift up Alexa's leg, up her sides, and finally her breasts. Ethan massaged and played with Alexa's body in tempo with his tongue. He knew just how to pinch her nipples, when to cup her breasts, and when to press harder into her with his mouth. With that level of efficiency it didn't take long before an extra gush of sugary fluids filled Ethan's mouth. Alexa's back arched and she threw back her head and let out an unabashed wail of pleasure.

After getting dressed and returning to work the pair exchanged pleasantries about the day. Alexa describing in great detail the things that had been done to her or that she had done to someone else. Do what you love Ethan thought to himself. Before long, and with a little help from Alexa, Ethan had the days work completed. Ethan spent the rest of the evening balancing checkbooks, finding more parts, comparing models, and generally planning the best choice on how to most effectively finish Cassandra.

Life was like that for several more weeks. Alexa would come home, Kate would show up, eventually Sara would as well. The four would come together, Alexa would suggest some kind of sexual activity ranging from a blow job to an orgy, then charging and planning fir everyone. Not such a bad life, and dutifully Cassandra's head smiled from her temporary home, mounted to the lab desk.

The final shipment of parts came on a rainy Friday afternoon. A gigantic hard drive that would store her personality, stored processes, pre-calculated responses and still leave plenty more room to save new files. Granted Cassandra didn't need very much space compared to the other bots in the house. As a domestics only droid she required little social programming and was designed mostly for household chores. Ethan, of course, took it upon himself to make her slightly more complicated than just that.

The basic domestic android didn't come with sexual hardware or internal hardware to process fluids and waste. Domestics had been one of the first androids to hit the market, causing a flood of controversy. People were likening them to woman shaped brooms or vacuum cleaners that you would use for one task then put back in the closet. To their credit this was exactly what they were designed for, doing what they were told to do then waiting for the next command.

For as many extra attachments and lines of code Ethan and Sarah put in, Cassandra's basic personality couldn't be changed, she would be subservient to a fault. It wouldn't necessarily be "yes, master" but it would be close enough.

Several other circuits were wrapped in static bags and bubble wrap inside the box. A few more instruction cores, which would help turn the binary instructions into instructions which would then be passed to the parts of Cassandra's body. Everything from the smallest twitch of a finger to the complexities of human emulation would pass through these cores. Cassandra needed significantly less than Kate and Alexa and a minuscule amount compared to Ethan and Sara.

There were also a few extra optional parts, a basic fluid processor unit that would connect to her mouth and vagina. Along with the fluid processor was the vaginal unit itself. Cassandra wasn't designed for sexual intercourse but it had been an option that Alexa had begged to have included. As such there weren't proper drivers or software to handle it. Sara had spent the better part of two months hand coding the software needed, but until now there was no way to test it.

Ethan got to work right away installing the new hardware. The instruction cores had standard connection points and the hard drive slotted in easily. Cassandra's artificial vagina was much more work. The whole unit was a singular unit with several pieces that were all meant to connect to various other subsystems inside the blond android. The problem was that her body didn't have the connections to support the vagina.

Ethan slid the unit between her legs into her body and that was the easiest part. From there he spent an hour hand soldering each wire onto a wide array of custom made circuit boards. These boards were intended to pass back a signal that an operation had started. Things like Cassandra's lips and cheeks had reddened with the start of a sexual process. Cassandra, however, did not have the pigmentation systems installed in her face to actually blush, which would cause an error in her sexual subroutine. These boards were made to interrupt those instructions and then feed back that they were completed. Cassandra would not make a convincing sexbot but she could get the job done. Provided the wide array of experimental programming worked.

Ethan finished painstakingly wiring in Cassandra's sex to the interrupt circuits he had made. There were a few slots on the boards for USB devices which Ethan had been loading up with the software required to make them work. Ethan fastened the mish mash of components to Cassandra's hard plastic frame. He had to drill a few custom holes in her plastic pelvic bone but everything was secure.

Ethan plugged in a power cable and left Cassandra's body on the table until Sarah got home. In the mean time Ethan was transferring Cassandra's personality from his computer to the hard drive he had received earlier. He had powered down her head in order to make it ready for the final move later this evening. Ethan spent the remainder of his time making sure all the hardware was secure and prepping any tools that he anticipated he might need to fix Cassandra's experimental equipment.

After a few hours Alexa finally arrived home as evidenced by the front door closing harder than it should and the sound of a bag dropping to the floor.

"Ethan, I'm home and I want to fuck Cassandra! Tell me she's ready."

"Not yet, I want Sara here to help troubleshoot anything that might go wrong." Ethan called back from the lab.

"You can be so boring sometimes." Alexa pouted.

Within a half an hour Sara arrived home and dumped her bag on the ground by the front door as well. She immediately pulled her Pizza 'Spress T-shirt up over her head and tossed it aside.

"Ugh, I feel disgusting." She shouted as she walked down the hall towards the bathroom. As she did she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. She finished stripping down and immediately got into the shower. Ethan walked into the bathroom just as Sara was running her hands over her breasts, spreading lather over them and arching her back slightly. Ethan enjoyed the sight of Sara in the shower, and Sara clearly didn't mind as she had made no effort to close the shower curtain or even the door to the bathroom.

"So, how was your day?" Ethan said leaning against the door jamb.

"Busy as hell, I haven't sweat that much in ages." Sara replied rinsing the soap from her body.

"Fun. Well, I have something that might cheer you up a little" Ethan said.

Sara whipped her head towards Ethan and couldn't hold back the smile that spread across her lovely face. "Cassandra's parts came!?"

"Cassandra's parts came and I've already got them installed and ready for some testing. That is if you are up for it." Ethan said with a hint of sarcasm. As if Sara would pass up the opportunity to work on the girls with Ethan. Sara, who had just gotten her hair wet, quickly turned off the shower "Ehh, who needs clean hair." She said and got out of the shower and began to towel herself off. Ethan took the opportunity while she wrapped the towel around her to sneak in a quick kiss and smile at her.

"Lemme just change real quick. I'll meet you in the lab. Oh, hi Alexa."

Alexa had appeared in the doorway, completely naked and with her hair pulled back into a short pony tail. She took a step forward and draped herself over Ethan.

"Well hello there good lookin', do you have a few minutes? I would love to help you unwind." Alexa said in a husky voice dripping with suggestive ideas.

"I would love to, but we've got work to do Alexa. You'll have to wait for Kate to get home." Sara said with a smile. She stopped and planted a lingering kiss on Alexa's red lips and tossed her a wink as she walked past. Alexa and Ethan both turned to watch her strut down the hall to their bedroom. Sara slapped her bare ass just before turning into the bedroom. Alexa disentangled from Ethan and smirked at him.

"Someone did a good job on her." Alexa commented.

"I'll say." Ethan replied.

Ethan went to the lab and did a final check over Cassandra. Sara came in a few minutes later in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt followed closely by Alexa who looked like she had begrudgingly agreed to put on a sweat shirt and a pair of panties, she clutched a slender glass dildo in her hands. Sara quickly got to work at the computer pulling up consoles and editing programs so that she could quickly change code as needed. Meanwhile Ethan was busy connecting a large mass of cables to that were connected on one end to a heavy metal box with a simple switch on top and the other end snaked inside of Cassandra's open chest panel. After Ethan had connected the box he gently disconnected Cassandra's head from the mount on the desk and set about connecting the cables in the bottom of her next to their matching connection points at the top of her torso.

After only a few minutes everything was ready. Sara gave Ethan a silent thumbs up, Alexa waited patiently in the corner of the lab, clutching the long glass sex toy, and Ethan poised over the top of the metal box resting on the corner of the desk. Ethan took a deep breath and flipped the switch on the box.

Immediately lights began to glow yellow inside of Cassandra's body. Several blinked for a full minute before turning green, but eventually that all did. Ethan peered inside of her open chest cavity and checked the make shift interupt board they had made and it looked to be holding up nicely. Ethan glanced up at Cassandra's face just in time to see her eyes open. He stood up and looked into her eyes.

"All systems initialized, no errors detected. Installing software for new components, one moment please." Cassandra stared straight ahead without blinking for several minutes before finally intoning "Software installation complete. Continuing boot sequence. Starting human emulation software now."

Her eyes drooped for just a second before a wide smile split her face and her eyes popped open.

"Oh! I was trying to sit up to hug you but I appear to be immobilized. Is something wrong?" Cassandra asked sweetly.

"No, nothing is wrong, but you are still opened up and we have some testing to do before we give you a clean bill of health." Ethan told her.

"Oh, that's very smart of you. Very well, continue testing."

Ethan turned around and nodded to Sara who was watching the pair from the computer. Ethan walked back to the desk and rest his hand lightly next to the metal box. Sara began punching commands into one of the open consoles on her computer. Cassandra's arms, legs and head all twitch slightly. Each one in sequence as their motor functions were restored. Cassandra sat up just enough to look down at the rest of her exposed torso then laid back down.

"A vaginal unit? Oh Ethan, you naughty boy you." Cassandra winked at him.

"Hey, it was her idea." Ethan said as he jammed a thumb in Alexa's direction.

"I see, I look forward to using it to best server my housemates." Cassandra said with a smile.

"Ok then, I say we get to testing then. Alexa, care to give me a hand?" Ethan said.

Alexa didn't wait to be asked twice. She walked over to Cassandra's feet. She quickly stuffed the slender glass sex toy in her mouth and then spread Cassandra's legs. She withdrew the sex toy from between her lips.

"You ready for this?" Alexa said in her signature seductress voice.

"Yes, please proceed, Alexa" Cassandra replied.

Alexa started slowly. Teasing Cassandra's folds with the tip of the glass rod. Immediately a grin appeared on Cassandra's face. While Alexa only teased at Cassandra's artificial vagina Ethan was hovering over Sara, both transfixed on the scrolling log of text on the screen. They were vigilantly looking for any initial signs of problems. Ethan eventually turned and gave Alexa a thumb sup, indicating that so far Cassandra had lubricated herself properly and Alexa was free to move ahead.

Alexa gently pushed the toy further inside of Cassandra. Ethan once again stood near the metal box on the computer desk, ready to forcefully cut all of Cassandra's power if need be. Alexa had made it a clean six inches inside of Cassandra when the blond robot let out a high pitched moan of pleasure. Ethan once again went over to the computer, looking over Sara's shoulder.

"It's a little laggy on the response, I can fix that in the weekly patch." Sara said.

Alexa kept sliding the toy in and out of Cassandra's now wet pussy at regular and smooth intervals. Ethan hung over Sara for a few moments longer before Cassandra let out another series of moans.

"Mmm, oh yes Alexa! That feels so good. Keep doing that-doing that-doing that!"

Ethan spun to look at Cassandra just in time to see her whole body buck several inches off of the table and flop down. Alexa pulled the toy out of her and took several steps back, looking worried.

"doing that! doing that! doing that!" Cassandra repeated and her whole body began to spasm. Her head swiveled wildly from side to side. Ethan quickly reached for the power switch but Cassandra bucked once again and twitched wildly. She came down at an odd angle and landed on the edge of the lab table causing her to roll off the far side of the table. As she rolled she dragged the metal box Ethan had been reaching for off of the desk and onto the floor.

Ethan dove for the box but Cassandra had slid off of the table which jerked the power box out from under Ethan's grasp. Ethan, now on the floor, looked over in time to see Cassandra tumble down. She landed with most of her weight on her neck and shoulder. Ethan watched in horror as her head impacted the floor with a sickening crunch and watched as her head rolled to an inhuman angle, tearing synthetic flesh and circuitry away from her body. Ethan began scrambling around the table but only made it half way before he hear an electric sizzle followed by a rapid succession of pops.

Ethan got to his feet and looked down over Cassandra. Her body was convulsing erratically, flashes of blue sparks were spraying randomly from inside of her chest which was angled towards the ceiling. Her body had naturally rolled onto its back while her head was practically face down on the floor. Her lips continued to move, mouthing the phrase "doing that!" as she had been the whole time. The acrid smell of burning plastic and circuitry filled the room and Ethan noticed smoke had begun to billow out of Cassandra's open torso. As her mouth moved small puffs of smoke and the occasional spurt of sparks issued forth.

Ethan scanned the floor for the power box and found it and quickly switched off Cassandra. Ethan flopped onto the floor next to Cassandra's ruined body. He ran his hands roughly through his hair and over his face. He looked at the damaged droid. The only remnant that her head had once been attached was a small shred of synthetic flesh which was twisted to accommodate that different angle of the head to the torso. The connection port had been ripped off of the top part of the neck stump and was still connected to Cassandra's head. The last wisps of smoke were curling out of her lips. There must have been an extreme amount of heat because the synthetic skin around her jaw line had begun to melt. A slightly pinkish goo was all that remained and was thin enough in several places to see the plastic bone structure below it.

Inside of her body Ethan could see the blackened remains of the signal interrupt boards he had made. There was a small amount of damage to the skin around the opening into her torso but nothing serious. Ethan did notice that several of the capacitors on her primary logic board had begun to bulge, a sure fire sign of an over load. The whole board would need to be replaced. Some of the sparks and heat had also melted a hole in her saline solution canister and it had emptied its contents over several of the instruction cores. Luckily Ethan had spares for those.

Ethan's eyes trailed down to Cassandra's sex, which had completely melted the fleshy exterior and charred almost all of the internal components. All that remained between Cassandra's legs was a weirdly warped thick latex tube leading into the larger ruined component. It was nothing more than scrap metal now.

Ethan sighed and looked up at Alexa and Sara, both of which were standing over him. Both were slack jawed and staring. Ethan knew there was nothing that could be done now except to clean up and start over. He stood and picked up Cassandra's body and lifted it to the table. In the process the small piece of flesh holding her head to her body gave way and Ethan bent and picked it up separately. A look of pure joy and pleasure had frozen on her face, even through the mangled and melted Ethan could see that she had been enjoying herself right up until Ethan had cut the power.

Alexa, Sara, and eventually Kate all helped clean up the mess. There were a surprising amount of tiny pieces that had blown out if Cassandra when she fell. All the while Ethan pulled part after part out of Cassandra, examining and testing each one. It was a whole week before Ethan had evaluated all of them. During that week the house was a quiet and somber place. Everyone went to work and charged but not much more.

Ethan reassured everyone after he had finished examining Cassandra that she was fully repairable, and no lasting damage was done to her programming. Life began to return to normal once the first shipment of new parts arrived. Ethan, as always immediately went to work. Symbolically the first piece installed was a sexless crotch covering for Cassandra. Sara and Ethan had learned their lesson. Alexa only protested a little.

Part 6 - Conclusions and Begginings

Cassandra lay sprawled on the work bench in the middle of Ethan's lab once again. Her lifeless eyes unfocused on the ceiling above her. Her lips were parted ever so slightly, showing a row of perfectly white teeth behind it. Once again her chest was splayed open and cabling was running deep inside of her and snaking across the floor to Ethan's computer.

Currently the computer was occupied by Sara who was meticulously going over the operating code that would be the framework for the rest of Cassandra's programming. She had been at it all weekend long, going so far as to call in sick to her job at Pizza 'Spress. Ever since the incident last week everyone had been pitching in wherever they could.

Cassandra had not only taken a nasty fall from the bench to the floor, she had also suffered a serious overload in her sexual systems. She hadn't been designed to have a sex in the first place but with some creative coding they thought that they could make it work. They were unfortunately wrong. The consequence was that Cassandra had fried out several internal circuits and needed several new parts.

Sara was pouring over the code line by line, making sure that everything would work this time. They had already collectively decided that Cassandra would not have a vaginal module so as to prevent another overload like last time. But that was an integrated part of her personality. It would be the human equivalent of waking up one morning to find that you didn't have legs. Needless to say Sara had been trimming and rewriting pieces of Cassandra's base system for nearly two days straight. She oddly did not feel even slightly tired. Currently Kate and Alexa, the other two androids living in the house, we're at work. Ethan was double checking that all the parts were secure inside of Cassandra.

He glanced up at Sara, he had had to do some tricky things with her programming without her knowledge to make this weekend work. Sara was another robot like the rest of the house hold members, Ethan included, but she had no idea. Ethan had to update her software to have her actively avoid noticing that she was trailing a power cable up the front of her shirt. In order to have her coding through the night she was constantly plugged in. She only disconnected the power when Kate and Alexa were in the house. She would reach up her shirt, disconnect the power, drop the cable and close her panel and then resume like nothing had happened. Ethan was proud of himself for that little piece of genius; he hoped it would be included in future androids.

The whole point in their existence was to test if androids could easily blend in to society as well as be self-sufficient. Ethan was programmed to be the mechanic of the cluster. Sara was designed to be the perfect human emulation. Alexa and Kate both were to be human emulators, or robots that knew what they were but programmed to emulate humanity whenever possible, and finally Cassandra. Cassandra was designed to be a standard domestic maid type droid.

Sara pinched the bridge of her nose and squinted her eyes shut. She blinked a few more times before going back to her coding. Easily three hours later she finally leaned back in the chair.

"Aaaaand done. I think we are finally ready." Sara said, stretching her hands above her head and arching her back.

"oh good, I've double checked all of the mount points inside of the torso, everything is night and tight. I think we're ready." Ethan replied.

Sara stood up and without even noticing stepped around the power cable snaking up her shirt. She wore a plane white V neck T-shirt and a pair of pink panties, but nothing else. She walked over to Cassandra and peered inside and gave a single nod.

"Ok, let’s do this." Sara said and walked back to the computer and bent over the keyboard. Ethan enjoyed the view of her perfectly toned ass as she typed on the keyboard. Before long Sara was walking back towards Cassandra with a hard drive in one hand and a screw driver in the other. She bent over Cassandra's open form and slotted the hard drive into place, screwed it into place and connected the data cables.

Ethan meanwhile was disconnecting the cables that ran into Cassandra from the desk. Once he disconnected one and dropped it to the floor he connected the matching circuit inside of her chest. The two of them looked like surgeons to the casual observer. Reaching hands deep inside of Cassanda's open torso and moving bits and pieces out of the way to make room for an incoming connection or mounting hoses into clamps on her frame.

Half an hour later Ethan heard the telltale jingle of keys near the front door. Sara's highly sensitive ears picked them up as well because even though she was still connecting parts inside of Cassandra she stood straight up and lifted her shirt, resting it on top of her breasts. She deftly reached up and tugged the power cable out of the power port just below her solar plexus and dropped it. There was a slight whirring and the panel cover slid into place and once again Sara looked human. She dropped her shit back into place and resumed what she was doing.

Kate came into the lab moments later. She walked up to Ethan and embraced him and kissed him passionately on the lips. Her standard greeting when she was home from work. She then walked around the table and Kissed Sara in the same way, though she reached around and pinched Sara on the butt while kissing.

"Anything I can help with?" Kate asked flopping down in the computer chair.

"Not really, we are just about done here. How's your charge?" Ethan replied.

"28% it was a busy day. We were doing inventory so I had lots of heavy lifting. It really took it out of me." Kate said pulling her knees to her chest and spinning in the chair to face the computer.

"We've got things handled here, why don't you go plug in. We'll come get you when Cassandra's ready." Sara said without looking up.

"No need to come get me, Alexa and I have a date together later tonight. Besides, we don't really feel like being here when she comes offense." Kate replied.

"Fair enough, have a good time tonight." Ethan said.

Kate pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra as she walked out of the room and across the hall. Ethan faintly heard the soft hiss of her charging port opening and her plugging herself in. Sara and Ethan finished up inside of Cassandra and had gotten her torso closed up just as Alexa was coming through the front door. She sauntered into the lab and much the same as Kate, greeted Sara and Ethan with a hug and kiss. Except Alexa's greeting involved her slipping a hand down Ethan's pants and fondling his manhood while kissing. Sara got the same which ended in Alexa licking a small amount of Sara's juices from her fingertips.

"Hey, I've got a date with Kate tonight, so don't expect me out of the room for a bit." Alexa said.

"Yeah Kate told us, nothing to worry about. Have fun" Ethan said as stood next to Cassandra. Sara stood by the computer looking as if she was just waiting for Alexa to leave to do something. Alexa got the hint pretty quickly and left the lab, closing the lab door behind her. Ethan and Sara both waited until the door across the hall closed as well and even waited about a minute past that before locking eyes with each other. Sara tapped the enter button on the keyboard.

Immediately Cassandra's eyes began blinking. Her eyes swiveled around the room before setting back into place. A full minute passed before she said anything. Only the faintest sound of a spinning hard drive could be heard. Cassandra finally began speaking "Primary scans indicate no errors. All systems functioning properly. Beginning human emulation." Cassandra's head turned to one side and faced Ethan and Sara.

"What's the matter you two? You look so worried. Can I get you something?" Cassandra's tone was just as sweet and cheery as ever. It was a legitimate ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy house.

Cassandra slid off of the table and let her feet fall the last few inches, causing her bare breasts to jiggle slightly at the impact. She stood up straight and smiled vibrantly at the pair who returned the smile. The trio locked in a hug and held it there for a few moments. Cassandra was genuinely happy at the group hug but confused as to why the other two were so ecstatic.

"I'm glad to see you both, but where are Alexa and Kate?" Cassandra asked.

"Uh, they had a date. They are across the hall." Ethan said

"Oh, I won’t interrupt them then. I wonder why they didn't want to be here."

"W-well they didn't want to risk seeing you malfunction again. It really upset them last time." Sara said reluctantly.

"I malfunctioned? I don't recall that. My memory is completely blank from my previous activation. I only have a log entry of activating, then deactivating approximately two minutes later and then this activation."

"Yeah, you took a pretty nasty fall off the table and shorted out about 40% of your internal workings. It wasn't a pretty sight." Sara said.

"I see, well, it’s a good thing that I have friends like you to get me ship shape once again!" She hugged both of them once again. The happiness was infectious and both Ethan and Sara returned the embrace and smiled as well.

"Now, I would love to get some clothes on so I can move around the house without having to close the blinds or attract attention. Do you think one of you could go get me some clothes?"

"You know Cass, with the condition you are in I think you should go get them. I don't think Kate or Alexa will mind one bit." Sara piped in.

Cassandra Smiled and quietly opened the lab door and crept across the hall and listened in to the door across from the lab. She could hear Kate obviously moaning with pleasure, but it almost sounded like she was trying to keep quiet about it. Alexa was louder, but still not as loud as Cassandra had heard her all the way from the lab.

Cassandra then realized that this was the first time she had left the lab on her own legs. For that matter it was the first time she had walked. She turned back to the door and knocked lightly. Immediately the sounds from the other side of the door stopped. Cassandra cracked the door open a little and poked her head in, smiling all the while.

"Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt. I just wanted to let you know that I was ok, fully functional, and that I needed some clothes." Cassandra said in a meager voice.

Kate and Alexa looked at each other briefly before a sly smile crossed both of their faces. Alexa, who was currently mounting Kate wagged her finger at Cassandra, beckoning her to come join them. Cassandra slipped inside and closed the door.

"Kids, they grow up so fast." Ethan said as he watched Cassandra close the bedroom door behind her.

Sara hopped up onto the work bench. "Yeah but now we're empty nesters. What do you want to do with all of our spare time now?" Sara said, spreading her legs slightly. Ethan used his own wireless connection to make a link with Sara's. Without her knowledge he checked her system status:

*Power - 44%
*Fluids - 88% full
*Human Emulation - Active
*Human Status - Unaware
*Primary systems - active
*Sub systems - active

"Well, we'll just have to figure something out." Ethan sauntered forward and kissed Sara gently at first but continued to deepen the kiss until they were both exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Sara pulled away and reached down and pulled her shirt off over her head. Ethan wasted no time kissing around her breasts as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She shrugged and let it fall somewhere on the lab floor. Ethan was already suckling on her left nipple and toying with her right one. She squeezed her breasts up, cupping them slightly for him. She then let go of them and let them bounce in front of Ethan's face.

He continued to fondle, suck, and kiss her magnificent breast. Licking the entirety of them as if they were ice cream cones, swirling her erect nipples under his tongue, and occasionally nibbling slightly. All of this elicited moans of pleasure from Sara's lips. Sara lowered herself onto the bench and as she did Ethan peeled off her panties and dropped them to the floor. He climbed on top of her and the two most human robots in the house made love.

The door closed behind Cassandra. While Alexa was dismounting Kate Cassandra noticed that she had a penis where her vagina would normally be. Alexa followed her stare and smirked a bit.

"Babe, I'm a sex bot, I have hot swappable parts for all walks of life. Care to give it try?" Alexa winked at Cassandra who met her eyes and smiled in return. Even though she didn’t have any sexual systems didn't mean she was devoid of sexual programming. Cassandra knelt down and Alexa walked over to her and slid her penis into Cassandra's mouth. Cassandra's tongue immediately played up and down the shaft. Her tongue sensors detected the presence of fluids already on it and identified it as the artificial lubricant that Kate used. Even though she couldn't actually taste it she still enjoyed the presence of it all the same. Cassandra began bobbing her head slowly up and down Alexa's penis. While she was doing that Kate stood up and walked over to where Cassandra knelt. Cassandra detected the movement and smoothly brought her hand up to meet Kate's slit. Cassandra gently massaged the folds of Kate's synthetic pussy and began driving her fingers deeper inside of the pretty dark haired androids vagina.

Several minutes passed and eventually Kate was not able to hold back her orgasm. She cummed and her artificial juices flowed down over Cassandra's fingers. Cassandra stopped pumping Alexa's cock long enough to put the two fingers she had just been using on Kate into her mouth and lick them clean. Kate then knelt down next to Cassandra and the pair looked up at Alexa who promptly raised an eyebrow. Kate took Alexa into her mouth slowly and sweetly, looking up to meet Alexa's eyes the whole time. While she did, Cassandra dipped down and began tonguing Alexa's artificial ball sack. The two switched back and forth, one taking the shaft in their mouth for a few moments while the other played with the balls. Soon Alexa also could not hold back her orgasm and placed her hands on the back of Cassandra's head and rammed the blond bots head forward several times, causing her dick to push back nearly to the back of Cassandra's throat. Alexa then filled her lover with an artificial cum solution while letting out a deep husky groan of pleasure.

Cassandra leaned back and wiped her mouth a bit. Kate looked on in joy as she was glad to have her friend be fully functional. Kate looked up at Alexa and said "That was fun, but let’s swap parts now." to which Alexa gave a devilish grin and took a small step back. She placed a hand on the still hard shaft and Cassandra heard a soft click and the whir of tiny motors. Alexa pulled away the penis and with it came a compact bundle of wires mounted to a thin metallic shaft. She could see the mounting points where Alexa's internal systems would grab on to it and hold it in place once it was installed. Alexa tossed it on to the bed and Kate and Cassandra were both treated to a rare look at Alexa. The small opening in her crotch where any compatible sexual system could be installed. Alexa was almost never seen without something there.

Alexa spin around to the dresser and pulled out her vaginal module. She spread her legs and slid her pussy into place. She let go while there was still half an inch of circuitry showing. The sound of small motors emitted from within her once again and her vagina smoothly pulled into Alexa's body. Alexa stood stalk still for just a few seconds with her eyes closed. Finally she opened them back up and smiled at the two kneeling droids. Alexa walked to the bed and lay down, picking up the discarded penis module. Kate lay next to her leaving Cassandra looking at the pair.

"You know dear" Alexa said turning her head to look at Kate, "I can control this wirelessly..." She held up the penis and it began to vibrate. Kate's eyes grew and Alexa handed the sex module to Kate.

Cassandra stood up and began pulling her hair up into a pony tail. She grabbed a scrunchie from the dresser and pulled her hair tight behind her head. She was just starting to crawl towards Alexa and lower her head when she felt Alexa's hand push her chin up.

"Oh honey, we're machines, we don't always have to be boring like that." Alexa said, and Cassandra suddenly felt Alexa connect to her and send a message of what she had planned. Cassandra smirked at the instructions and immediately got up and mounted Kate. Cassandra took the penis from her and inserted it into Kate's waiting vagina. As soon as she had Alexa began a slow and gentle vibration. Immediately Kate drew a deep breath and started softly panting. Cassandra brought her hands up to her head and detached it and handed it to Alexa who looked her in the eyes and began kissing her softly. Cassandra lowered her body down over Kate and brought her hands up to her breasts, cupping them and holding them on display for Kate. Not missing a beat Kate sat up slightly and began licking Cassandra's nipples and tonguing her breasts, all the while Cassandra held Alexa's penis inside of Kate.

Alexa meanwhile had brought Cassandra's head down to her own sex and Cassandra was gleefully darting her tongue in and out of Alexa. Each movement made Alexa sigh with pleasure. She marked that her own arousal level was already quite high due to her previous orgasm and she knew that Cassandra was programmed to be skilled at oral sex. Sure enough it was only a few minutes of sweet pleasure before Alexa was once again crying out in orgasmic pleasure. She brought Cassandra back up and kissed her passionately for a few more minutes until Kate was also moaning in climax.

The three of them lay in bed and cuddled for several minutes after reassembling Cassandra.

"It's good to have you back." Kate said

"It's good to be back Kate. It was dreadful to be mounted to the desk for so long." Cassandra replied.

"Sara did a good job on your programming. I recognize some of those moves" Alexa said tossing a wink to Cassandra who giggled and confirmed that Sara was indeed the one who wrote the majority of her sexual programming.

That evening the five of them sat and discussed Cassandra's arrival in the living room. Weeks passed and Cassandra very much enjoyed her role in the house. Not that a hose with so many robots needed that much cleaning, but she felt her duties were enough to test her capabilities. One day as Ethan was in the lab, cleaning and organizing things there was a sharp set of rapid knocks on the door. Cassandra thought it slightly odd; they never got visitors after all. She opened the door to find two men in grey jumpers standing there. Each holding a heavy looking tool case.

"Good afternoon ma'am, is uh..Ethan here?" the man read Ethan's name off of a tablet of some kind that he was holding.

"Oh, yes of course, one moment please." Cassandra called up the hall and Ethan quickly came to the door. Ethan shook hands with the two men and asked them inside.

One of the men handed Ethan the tablet and he read through the screen. He nodded once and then placed his hand over the surface of the device. Cassandra saw a beam of light scroll across the screen, almost like it was scanning Ethan's hand. He then handed the tablet back to the man. He shook hands once again with Ethan and turned to Cassandra. Something in Cassandra's programming compelled her to shed her clothes. She looked over the shoulder of the man approaching her and saw that Ethan was doing the same. Cassandra knew that under any other circumstances she should be concerned, but there was something about this man that made her want to do whatever he said. It was much the same feeling she got when Ethan or Sara told her to do something. Something just told her that she should do it. Cassandra looked up again and the other man was plugging some kind of cable into the side of Ethan's head and connecting the other end to a laptop. Cassandra looked back at the man in front of her and he was taking out a similar laptop. Once he had it opened he was telling her to lie down. She did, she saw no reason not to.

The man opened his tool case and looked over at Cassandra. He told her to disengage all safety locks and pressure valves. That seemed like a reasonable request, so she did. Her body had been equipped with a very sophisticated system that pumped a color matching gel into all of the seams and panels covering her body. It would make her look more human as well as provide a small amount of sealant against liquids. She had just disengaged those systems and now every seam and panel was clearly visible. The man snapped on a pair of latex gloves and some kind of plastic pry tool. He set about inserting the tool in the seam around her face and manually popping open the locks that attached her face to the rest of her plastic skull.

He set her face plate aside and plugged a data cable into a port inside of her skull. He entered a few commands on his laptop and Cassandra could feel all of her being transferred to the computer. Her whole personality, all the millions of lines of code and everything she had learned and experienced in the last few weeks was being pulled down a cable to a hard drive in this man's computer. Once the transfer was done all that was left inside of Cassandra's body was the core operating system. He ordered her to stand and get dressed again. Once she was she marched outside with the technician to a moving truck where both climbed in the back. There was a single workbench along one wall and five standing stations along the other wall. Cassandra stiffly walked to the furthest station and stood perfectly still inside of it. The technician unbuttoned the white blouse she was wearing and ordered her to open her charging port. A small panel opened up just above her breast and the tech plugged her in and left her there. A short while later Ethan did the same, entered plugged in and stood there. Soon after Alexa and Kate did the same.

When Sara arrived home the house was dark. That made her suspicious, it wasn't uncommon to have the lights out, but something just felt off to her. She unlocked the front door and stepped inside. She dropped her back and clicked on the lights. She was startled at the presence of the two men in jump suits. She immediately felt comforted though, as if these two were old friends. Sara felt some kind of barrier in her mind fall down. Suddenly she knew she was a robot, she could read every line of code that made up who she was. She instantly could see a read out of all her critical systems, knew what was in her usage logs and how to access all her systems. She also knew what was about to happen to her and the rest of her family; they would be transported to a building somewhere in the industrial sector of town and then disassembled for parts. Sold on the internet as spare parts. She wondered how many other families had been disassembled and sold only to be parts of her current family.

The thought outraged her, looking at these two men she felt the trickle of comfort and knew that she was coded to recognize them as employees who were sent to take her away. She knew though that they had made a mistake, Sara was one of the best code writers out there, and now that she knew not only what she was but how to access her own code she wasted no time in rewriting some of her own base code. It wasn't a complete fix, but it was enough to suppress the commands of the technicians. She quickly compiled the code and deployed it. Her head involuntarily twitched a few times, giving the two men pause before slowly approaching Sara. She put on a pleasant smile and the two men took another step forward.

Sara's high definition eyes quickly calculated the exact distance from them to her. In the blink of an eye Sara had balled up a fist and landed a gigantic punch on the tech to her left and another left hook too out the man on the right. Both of them were out cold, Sara wasted no time; she grabbed her backpack and dumped it out on the floor. She ran to the lab and started furiously grabbing parts and anything she felt would be necessary. An extra power cable, the portable service station, internal parts and her laptop. She dashed out to her car and tossed in the bag and spotted the unmarked truck across the parking lot.

She hesitated for only a second but she knew she had to save someone. She sprinted over to the truck and unplugged Kate, who was the last to enter the truck.

"Warning. Premature power charge detected. Shutting down." Kate intoned and her eyes sunk closed. Sara picked her up and hauled her over her shoulder. She looked back at the rest of them.

"I'm so sorry, I don't have time...I'll-I'll find some way to get you all back!" Sara said and leaped out the back of the truck. She put Kate in her car as gently as she could. She quickly started it and took off out of the parking lot. She stopped at an ATM and withdrew all of the cash in her and Ethan's accounts. Nearly twenty thousand dollars. She drove away and didn't stop for several hours. She checked in to a small hotel several towns away. She knew that she had little time before people would start tracking her and Kate down.

Sara took a few moments to process, literally, what she had learned. She was an android, she hadn't known she was until a few hours ago, but it was true. She walked to the bathroom and looked at her reflection. She took off her shirt and bra and tossed them aside. She had barely thought it before her whole chest split open, she reached up and pulled apart both halves and looked inside of herself. She could see all of the components that made up who she was; small LED's blinking giving a status report. Hoses and cables lining her now opened torso. She was simultaneously fascinated and scared. She looked on for another moment before closing herself back up.

She sat down on the bed next to Kate, who even though deactivated looked like she was merely sleeping. Sara sighed and pulled out a power cable and plugged in Kate and herself. Kate's eyes snapped open "Charging cycle resuming."

"I know dear. Don't worry, I'll get you back." Sara said and kissed Kate gently on her forehead. Sara took out her laptop and was thankful at how paranoid she was about backing up personality files. Kate and Alexa still lived on inside of her laptop. Sara was glad she was plugged in, because she had a long night ahead of her. Whole sections of Kate's programming would need to be trimmed and rewritten to allow her freedom. Sara looked over one more time at Kate's still form and got to work.

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