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Author of the Month: XandiMouse

Story of the week: The One

Synopsis: A man troubleshoots his android wife, who is a sleeper.

She complied, she always did. She didn't know why him running his smooth, strong hands over her back made her feel so much better. But she accepted the magical way he touched her body long ago. She stretched her lithe frame out over the bed, sliding her shirt off as she did so. He slid his hands up her smooth legs and rounded the curve of her pert bum, chuckling and commenting that she simply must get more pants that show her off this nicely, before sliding them over the soft skin of her back. After a few brief caresses, he slid his hand over her L3 and just about two inches to the left, depressing a small thumbprint. He lowered his ear to her back, listening for the sounds of breathing and heartbeat to cease until all he heard was the soft whirr inside her chest.

He laid there for a while. Listening to the subtle sounds of the machinery that made her live. As much music to his ears as any heartbeat, any laugh, any sound she made.

Sighing, he reached up, slowly sliding his hand under her hair and pressing on either side of the nape of her neck. Slowly, with louder whirrs and a slow pop the entire casing of her back slid open, moving to the sides like cargo doors awaiting delivery.
XandiMouse - The One

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