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They formed a woman out of metal from the earth and filtered fuel into her and coolant; and woman became an artificial being. And They planted a garden in New Eden and there They put Woman who They had formed. Into the ground They implanted every tree that was left and a recharge unit in the midst of the Garden and the main computer with all knowledge.

A Large pipe flowed out of New Eden to water the garden and carry fuel, there it divided and became four pipes. The name of the first pipe was Aqua; it is the one that flows to the purest and only water source left. The second pipe is O2 and carries purified air as outside the air was fowl. The third pipe is LFF and flows with fuel from the factories inside. The last pipe is Hidden and only They knows what is within.

They took Woman and put her in the new garden to till and keep it. They programmed the Woman with all she would need to know to care for the land. They activated her and told her; 'You may connect with the recharge Unit and you may bathe to use the water and soak up sun as energy but you may not connect with the main computer' They saw that she was efficient and so filled the garden with every animal they could grow and brought them to her so she may learn their language and help them to be fruitful. Woman helped all the animals from cattle, to birds of the air and beast of the fields but she was alone as herself.

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