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Author of the Month:

D. Olivaw
Total # of stories: 12

Story of the week:
First Date

“Oh, that ti.i.i.i.ickles,” Anika joked, grinning. She began stroking John again while he worked, quickly bringing him back to a nearly full erection.

John pushed the blade of his knife into the seam between Anika’s sub-dermal panels now, and he forcefully levered it open until the latch broke with a loud pinging sound. The panel pulled away easily into his hand, exposing a set of diagnostic ports along the top of the opening and the upper part of a large circuit board whose surface was crowded with boxy processor blocks and other electronic components. John could feel waves of heat coming off it even with his hand several inches away.

“’s my motherboard,” Anika breathed. “My main memory is down here,” she continued, pointing at a spot about halfway to her navel. “Everything that ma-ma-makes me, me.”

John swallowed, unsure of what to say. Coolant was dripping from Anika’s chin down into the opening, hissing as it boiled off on the overheated circuitry.

“Do you-you-you-do you want to break me?” Anika asked, staring at him lustfully through a series of worsening head twitches. Her systems were on the ragged edge of continued functionality, and she knew from prior experience that any further stress would send her over the edge.

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