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Malfunctioning Perfectly


A female android attempts to please her boss.

Cynthia stood in the bedroom of her generously-sized five room apartment. Her head, which sported a gorgeously-sculpted blonde bob cut and stared blankly with icy blue eyes, was detached from her body and set neatly on a dresser in her room by her body. Said body was six feet tall and change, taller still when her head was attached. It was clad in a tight black dress. Its straps went around the sides of her shoulders and the pencil skirt hugged her hips very tightly. Where her head connected to her neck was just several metal poles and wires run through them. One of these was a cable that trailed down her back, over her plush ass, and plugged into the wall.

Suddenly, a beep-beep-beep played from inside that hourglass figure. The body shuddered, emanating a faint whirr as it lifted its arms, turned towards the head and picked it up. Cynthia's power cable snapped loose from the wall and retracted rapidly into her neck, and a moment later her body attached her head. It spun around several times to lock in, and the beeping stopped as systems inside of her figure hummed to life. Her eyes glowed, widened, and then relaxed into a sultry stare. “Cynthia-Series five unit is online. Power at 99%. Loading daily tasks.” She set her hands on her hips, and began to load her objectives onto her HUD.

-> Do my morning maintenance and diagnostic - Go to work on time - Impress my boss, Mr. Smith - Convince him to promote me to team leader - Return home for evening maintenance and diagnostic...

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