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There are 4 types of robot these days: Bot - completely artifical, no mind, takes orders, High-droid - 100% artificial life, strong, quick, intellegent and even the later ones with feelings, Sym - when nanotech got advanced enough it made it possible for male high-droids and female humans to bare children. A 10% sym may be human but able to process faster or may have a port, a 100% becomes a high-droid. Percentage isn't tested till you are 18. A droid is any sym over 80% because the body is never human by then, just the brain.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the opening of a large door. There were only females in here and Lordus. Lordus was huge. 7ft tall and built like the strength model he was. His skin baring a metalic sheen and his eyes imposible metalic purple. He stood up as I was nudged forward.

"And you are?" He asked in a comanding voice

" I am Alta." I replied shakily

" I ment your make and mode!" Lordus snapped

" 48%, speed 63%, strength 32%, full brain, wrist ports.." I stuttered

"Stop, You are just a sym why would I want you? Whats your sexual function?"

"Unused" I muttered

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