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Tiffany’s processors immediately constructed visual images of a version of herself before converting those ones and zeros into pixels which formed a picture. She sent them to the message writer before writing the rest:

“I’m a natural 32 F cup! These girls are perky and firm as you can see, even at my age of 40! My husband loves to play with them, and frequently gives me nipple stimulation orgasms which are the most pleasurable! My ass, as you can see is perky and firm, at 36 inches. I think you can go for that 40 inches without any issues hun! Please, share yours and tell me what you think!”

With that sent, she browsed through a few other posts before her schedule again updated. She loaded several processes into her RAM and in a few seconds, the search history to Angelo’s phone appeared on her visual HUD. She scrolled through the “200 new items” and opened each tab. From the news to sports to car parts, she kept on going before coming across a few “Pornhub” tabs. Opening each one up, she dedicated her processors to watch all 12 videos at once. She extracted the key points and stored them in memory for later use, with the main ones being “Anal, choking, tie up, and endurance run.” Once stored, she focused on the actual actions being performed and ran through simulations of her and Angelo playing each scenario out.

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