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Processor Test

Elliot led Hayle into the mock up room where the motionless woman waited. The glass wall became a single continuous mirror reflecting everything making the place seem twice as big. Hayle reminded herself to not look at the reflection too much as it made her feel nauseous, last thing she needed was to embarrass herself in front of the senior developer. She also held back the thought of telling Elliot that she was never good with make pretend.

“The test will run for five hours.” He pauses and checks his clock. “I’ll get it started and I will be leaving for dinner, I'll be back before the test ends. But just in case…”

He puts a small metal stick in Hayle’s hands.

“Press this to activate the power kill switch for this unit. You most likely will not need it but safety protocols have to be followed.”

Stuffing the metal stick in her shirt pocket Hayle sat on a smaller couch across the android. She rubs the fake leather in anticipation and begins thinking of the stuff that she could do or talk about with her.

“Okay, the instructions have finished uploading. You are now her best friend.”

Elliot said with a sarcastic wink as he backs himself out of the mock room. Hayle wanted to ask more questions, but the developer seemed eager to get on with the trial so he held back her hesitation and braced herself.

The android woman in front of her jerked to life almost at the exact moment the locks on the one way glass doors clicked in place. For a brief moment the two locked eyes and Hayle panicked for a moment as she wasn't prepared for how sudden it was.

“Oh! Sorry Hayle, I fell asleep for a moment there, had a long day you know? Here, do you want anything to drink?”

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