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“Suzy, stop it. Let me reset you! Suzy!!” Amber struggled to free her hand against the amorous attentions she was unwillingly receiving. Her beautiful neighbour's big soft breasts were now pressed hard against her own chest and she could feel the hard nipples pressing urgently through the cloth. Suzanne's hot breath tingled against Ambers throat as she kissed and nuzzled her. The younger woman had not the slightest interest in sex right now, let alone with the woman from next door, robot or not. She was far too busy fixing up the house...

"Hmmmm, you're soooo lovely!" the amorous android wife shifted her weight to press her hand into the other girl's crotch through the shabby denim, grasping a handful of warm C cup inside Amber's sweat top with her other hand. Amber wished she'd worn a bra...

"Suzanne, stop it! You're malfunctioning! Here, let me sort you out..." Suddenly free to move as Suzy shifted her weight, Amber reached for the exposed controls but stopped in mid action; her friend’s body writhing between her legs, her weight pressing down on her, hand caressing her breasts and lips tenderly kissing her sensitive neck. An imperceptible input threshold had been crossed by the touching and caressing and abruptly Amber's internal directive updated from household chores to sex.

“Damn! Oh, Suzy… you bad girl!”

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