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Suddenly, Alex heard a small hiss. “What was that?” he asked. “Oh, something I’ve been waiting to show you for a while,” said Maya who was beginning to blush. “You and I have been friends for a long time Alex. Since we were kids, right?”

“Uh yea, Maya, why?” stuttered Alex. He started to notice that Maya was beginning to blush.

“Well I’ve had a secret to tell you. A few years ago I was in that car crash that killed my parents. Well…” Maya said as she began to lift up her shirt exposing her 38D breasts and pale stomach. “I also was fundamentally killed, but my parents had been working on some new technology that was transposing my brain into data since birth. So when I “died”, ” she said using air quotes with her fingers as she turned and tossed her shirt over to the bed. “I had my entire life backed up in the proverbial cloud. Which allowed me to be downloaded into this body.” As she turned to Alex, he could finally see what Maya meant as right on her chest was a glowing screen with green text.

“Wait you’re a robot?” exclaimed Alex.

“Well, I like to think of myself as a cybernetically enhanced human” pouted Maya. “I have an entire life of data and development as an actual human rather than just code and directives. Even though I can’t do certain things anymore…”she said.

“Oh that explains why you stopped swimming.” said Alex, staring at his best friend’s half-naked body.

“Well yea, the lack of boyancy is the issue. I’m actually pretty light since I use lightweight alloys and nanogel packs for my body”, said Maya “Also why am I the only one getting naked here. Shirt off buddy, I’ve been waiting for this for yearssss” Maya reached over to Alex and pushed her face towards him.

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