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The Appointment

Elaine leans back and perches on the edge of the desk, crossing her ankles; she touches the stylus with which she'd been working on a tablet computer absently but suggestively to her lips.

"I invited you here today to share something with you," she says, and sets the stylus down. "It's not something I tell a lot of people, but I think it's something that may be useful for you to know."

She removes her glasses and sets them on the desk.

"You're aware that I'm a UX4000 series female android body replacement implementation of Dr. Elaine Dyson, of course," she says casually, and with equal casualness grasps the hem of her sweater to lift it up over her head and off entirely, revealing a white leather bra barely holding in check her mountainous breasts. "And you know that I'm one of a fleet of eight facsimile androids currently operating as Elaine Dyson. But I'm considered the 'primary' unit, even though each of the other Elaines is absolutely as much 'me' as I am... I was the first UX4K Elaine Dyson chassis manufactured and commissioned, and my consciousness dataset has full continuity to the prior UX3K implementation..."

As she speaks, she takes the pull of the zipper at the side of the leather skirt between manicured fingertips and begins to draw it downwards.

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