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Holiday in the Sun

"Ohhhhhhh... I've opened up my abdominal panel, darling," she cooed. "I can see all of my robotic systems now. If anyone were to see, they'd know I was just a machine." She reached down between her thighs again and began to deftly tease her erect clitoris. "Ohhh! Yes... oh, baby... I'm touching myself again. I'm playing with my clit. Did you know that my synthetic clitoris incorporates over a thousand separate sensor elements? Think of it... someone designed me, designed my pussy and my clit to generate real-time sexual sensory data ... data which is translated into pleasure-response in my central system core? It feels soooo good. I'm not only designed to please you... I'm designed to please me too. I'm a machine designed to feel pleasure. That's why I love my existence--that's why I love knowing I'm a robot. I love being designed and built for pleasure, for sex... and I love that I'm programmed to want nothing else. I'm fulfilling my program right... (oooh!) now. I'm also programmed to please you, darling... am I pleasing you now?"

"Oh, yeah," Brendan responded breathlessly.

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