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Before Sam could even speak, she undid the buttons on her coat and let it slide down her smooth body, pooling at her heels as the snow which lay on the hem of the coat lightly landed around her. Underneath was the body of a busty athlete who looked like she was training for the Olympics. Her oversized handbag which hung from her prominent left shoulder also met the coat as it dropped with a thud on the floor. Sam just looked on, dumbfounded. “This has to be a prank” he quickly reassured himself, much to the gorgeous blonde’s amusement.

“Sam, I’m just an advanced doll. Come on, do what you will!” she gestured as her hands reached behind her head and slowly undid her tied up hair, letting the blonde locks rest just above her breasts.

Sam slowly approached her, his left hand holding his right at the wrist behind his back as he was cautious, believing this to be a really thought out prank. She stuck her hand out and stood on her toes, bouncing on them lightly. “I won’t break. Please, take my hand.” Once he was about a foot from her, he took her hand with his left and she brought it to her round, ripe right breast.

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