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Crash Immelmann vs. the Dread Pirate Holt!

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Executing a rarely employed bit of sexual judo, Crash pulled himself and the Kommisar Captain to a standing position, planting her in front of him while keeping erogenous contact to a minimum, then withdrawing completely. “All right, Kommisar!” Crash exclaimed as the now untouched Holt rattled and buzzed with her back to him, sparks leaping from under her ushanka. “I think it’s about time you had a break!”

Lose panels across her voluptuous frame rained bolts and screws as she moaned in a paroxysm of pleasure. “Crash, I sink I…“ electricity flitted between her breasts, over her steaming sex. “…I sink I’m goink to..!” He eyes flickered in and out as her buttocks clenched with a metallic squeal, her tits becoming hard hemispheres of riveted steel, her body stiffening as it threatened to shake itself to pieces. “-oh, mein leben!” Holt’s chassis suddenly released the tension, staggering as she cried out in electric ecstasy, her rubber sex flooding with lubricant while steam hissed from every gap in her frame — and despite it all, she held together, her body humming with cooling fans. She finally relaxed, gripping the railing as her dangerously arousable sensors were stimulated only by the open sea air.

“Oh… oh Crash,” the Kommisar Captain panted, her processors beginning to cool from that supernova of sexual data, “Zer is… somesink you should know…” She bent over slightly, leaning toward one of the broken pirate-bots.

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