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Valentina Messes with her Tech

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"I need a technician," Melissa said softly. "I can't attempt repairs unless I at least know what model I am. Do you know what model I am, Valentina?"

Valentina was looking at Melissa's chest panel. The screen was cracked, and it flickered chaotically with warnings. "No, Melissa. I really don't. I didn't even know you were an android at first."

"I still can't believe I'm a robot too," Melissa said, her voice just beginning to subtly slow down and deepen. "But I guess it makes sense. I've always been a sort of cut-out character. And I did behave kinda like robot would behave. I could never point to anything interesting or unique about myself. I just kind of felt a responsibility to my job."

Melissa sighed a bit electronically and looked disappointed. Her voice had deepened and slowed down very appreciably.

"I'm pretty messed up now. You made me malfunction, Valentina," Melissa croaked

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