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A technician performs maintenance on a friend's android so she can babysit his children

The young woman’s eyes followed the seam forming in her body, then went wide as I opened her up. “Mr Astor, I can see right inside me! Oh God, I feel so weird!” I put a restraining hand on her chest and pushed her back, “Verity, try not to move. This is perfectly safe but your internals are very delicate, just sit still while I check you over.”

I hooked her up and ran some targeted diagnostics to track down the problem. Knowing Rich, it would be some off the shelf software not set up properly. As the programs ran I watched Verity sitting pertly on the sofa. She sat still as I told her, still staring wide eyed with wonder at her own robotics, hands resting gently on her smooth thighs, her arms framing the open panel, its cover swinging to one side. As my PC rummaged through her system she exhibited classic random movements, her human motions interrupted by momentary freeze ups, twitches and little jerks. Her speech also was glitchy as well as interrupted by the tiny beeps from inside her.

“I can feel th…i…i...ings happening Mr A… A… A… Astor. I feel strange, I don’t kn beep know what to… twitch …to feel.”

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