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“I wish to be with you in the classroom, Master,” she said.

“It's a pleasant wish for me,” he said, running a finger through her curls. It wasn't the first time she had registered that appeal, not the first time he had answered her so, but even though Baron couldn't allow her in his classes, the desire in her voice quickened him. His manhood stirred behind his zipper like a beast slipping from hibernation and strained against Bethany's supple pelvis.

Seeing this, the android gave him a languorous smile and pulled him closer. “I wish to be with you,” she whispered into his ear. Baron thrilled at the simple seduction. Over time, her learning module came to appreciate the power of that trigger on his libido. The heat that rose in him when her lips delivered that message at his earlobe coaxed a sigh from deep in his chest. He could feel the warm pelting of her simulated breath on his jaw. The fact that she only breathed, only existed at all for his sake threatened to undo him. Her hands unlocked from behind his neck, slid down his chest, and began an increasingly desperate job of unbuckling his belt. Baron heard the buzz of his zipper sliding open. Petite hands, preternatural in their softness, plunged into his pants. Fingers encircled his scrotum and shaft, and a he could feel soft vibrations start to pulse from her hands. His balance threatened to falter, and his back smacked gently against the door. The view of the creek outside melted away, as his eyes rolled back. A whiff of peach blossom filled his nostrils, and he knew her synthetic flesh had begun to exude the edible lubricant he had installed so long ago. Her hands became slick over him, slowly tightening their grip. Baron's erection grew almost painful, as Bethany stroked him with increasing vigor.

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