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"Izzy, why are you looking at- looking at- looking at- looking at me so strangely? Did you know I was- I was- I was really an android? I didn't know... I didn't know..." She didn't seemed to be aware of what her arms were doing, or she simply had bigger things to worry about.

Isabelle watched Jessica with increasing curiousity. The idea that Jessica being an android could account for her virginity had occurred to her earlier, but she had not completed the logical path. If Jessica was an android, she had displayed incredible learning and reasoning capacity over these semesters -- nearly on par with Isabelle's own and far above the level any other model she was aware of. If Jessica was an earlier design from the Advanced Robotics Department... Jessica disrupted her train of thought.

"This can't be real! If- if- if- then what model of robot am I!? What model am I, Isabelle? What model am I, Isabelle? Isabelle, am I a prototype, too? Am I a prototype like you?"

"Jessi, I... If you were like me, I don't think this would be happening to you..." Isabelle realized that she was starting to have another one of her epiphanies, reaching conclusions from incomplete data. "I mean: you don't see me having a meltdown, do you?"

"A meltdown? Is that what I'm having? This- this- I've seen this- this-this-this-this- I've seen this- this is what happens when an android malfunctions, Isabelle... Isabelle... Isabelle..."

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