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My Tutor

She blushed and enjoyed the moment. She then sat facing opposite me and instructed me to press a bump behind her left ear. To my surprise, the back of her head suddenly opened, the lower part of her scalp become a door with a small keyboard and the other top part, a small view screen. In the between, was circuits flashing quickly.

"Holy shit... it's so beautiful.." I whispered.

She smiled and let me type a few commands in the small keyboard. "Jenny, where is your Main CPU mother board?" I asked her.

"In my stomach panel." she answered nicely.

I typed in the open command and pressed enter. Then, Jenny's stomach opened like a garage door right under her breasts. I looked in her and she smiled, "you see that big board? That is me. All my data files, personality, everything that makes me ‘Me’, that is it" she chuckled.

"Remove it...." she told me.

I gasped "Why?"

"To let you realize what I am.."

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