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Everyone in a man's life are robots.

“Why are you talking like that?” he asked.

“Like what?” she moaned, as he massaged her ass, sweet beading across her skin.

“Like… a robot?”

She froze and straightened, her head cocked slightly askew, as she stared blankly. “Potential failure in critical task: conceal non-human nature. Suggested response: denial.” She blinked and looked at him, smiling. “John – do I look like a robot?”

When John didn’t respond, she pulled off her blouse, unfastening her undersized bra – her body was now covered in a layer of perspiration and she was panting heavily.

“Are you OK?” John asked, his hands growing wet as warm sweat raced down her body.

“John, I’m human – c-c-can’t you see that?” she insisted, her hands faltering as she struggled to remove her panties.

“I think you’d better lie down.” Smoke was now rising from her mouth in thin white tendrils.

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