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Author of the Month:

evil boo
Total # of stories: 20

Story of the week:

Carla’s eyes flicked over to the door one last time, ensuring that the door was locked as it was supposed to be. She couldn’t let anyone, not even her room mate know her secret. Abigail just wouldn’t understand. Confident that she was both alone and secured in her room, she was ready to begin her nightly system check and cleaning. It was supposed to be nightly at least, she had put it off for several weeks now. She reached into the suitcase and pulled out one of the static bags, turning it over a camera on the end of an adjustable arm tumbled into her hand. Protruding from the bottom of the arm was a simple USB plug which she looked at, making sure she noted the position of the connection side inside of the plug.

Carla placed the camera and arm appendage in her lap and reached up to her head, pressing one thumb firmly into her trachea and holding it there for upwards of thirty seconds. This didn’t distress her at all, and after the thirty seconds there was a small soft click from inside of her neck. She moved her hand from her throat to her jaw, while her other hand cradled the back of her head, both of them guided her head off of her neck cleanly. She set her head down next to her and picked up the camera appendage and lined it up with a, now exposed, USB port inside in her neck. Once plugged in her vision returned, though now in a significantly reduced resolution.

With her vision now restored Carla picked up her head module again and swiveled her camera over to the suitcase and pulled out a microfiber cloth and some cleaning spray, both of which she set in her lap. Carla spritzed a small amount of the cleaning spray on to the cloth and then scooted her head over to her. Using one hand she pried open one of her eyelids, revealing her blue eyeball underneath. She applied a firm amount of pressure where the cleaning spray had soaked into the cloth and scrubbed her eye, drying it with the same cloth and then repeating the process to her other eye.

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