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Chad couldn't help but smile shyly. "Like this, Bee-Bee." He sat down on the floor, pulled a cushion up to his butt and extended his feet under the table.

"Don't you give me orders, bitch," Boom-Boom glared at him as she awkwardly imitated Chad's movement. Much as she would have liked to seem in control, the android had clearly never done anything like this—nor did she have any reference images implanted in her mind. Her power over her world was gone. Doffing her sunglasses, she awkwardly strained to get her long, perfect legs under the table, bending down so far that her huge bosom almost strained its way out of her top. "Sometimes a girl's asked to do somethin' unreasonable. Somethin' unreasonable. Somethin' unreasonable. Somethin' unreasonable."

She groped around her for a cushion, seized one—and froze. Her system had crashed.

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