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A man picks up a schoolmate on the way home in a thunder storm.

"Lastoneinsarottenegg!" she cried with child-like enthusiasm and pushed through her balcony doors, springing over the railing. Jake rushed after to see her splash into a pool elaborately themed as a tropical lagoon. Uncertain precisely what he was doing, he took a step forward and jumped, crashing into the water beside her.

He swam to the surface and found her laughing with glee, her eyes flickering again with emerald light. Suddenly there was a loud electrical <pop> and smoke began to rise from her ears. "Well, that's not good..." she snickered, still smiling. Jake pulled her to the shallow end and up a set of stairs leading out of the pool. He tried to get her to a patio chair, but Jenny flung herself toward a small bubbling pond that fed into the pool. Landing with a splash on her hands and knees, Jake saw that it was only about a foot deep.

She laughed again, and he saw a red light throbbing beneath her pale skin at her neck, two additional lights from her pert derriere like strobing taillights. "Swimming was a really bad idea!" she stated, her cheerful tone at odds with the statement. She shuddered as her head ratcheted unsteadily to look behind her. "Jake, can you g-g-give me a hand?"

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