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Jo-Ann and Brandy


A man orders two valley-girl robots to his suite.

“In a sec. Let me give you a hug first.”

“Oh…kaaaay…But Jo-Ann and I can do a lot more than just hug you.”

Brandy put her arms around me. Her cheek was soft as it brushed against mine. As she rested her head, I reached around and depressed the mole on her right shoulder.

“CONTROL PANEL OPENING,” Brandy said lifelessly. She put her arms down to her side. The panel started to open but her shirt was in the way. It was about halfway open when the shirt arrested its progress. “CONTROL PANEL OPENING,” she repeated. The straining panel was pulling her spaghetti-strap shirt tight against her breasts. “CONTROL PANEL OPENING.” I heard the panel’s motor whine in high-pitched frustration.

After a few amused moments, I help by slipping the straps of the shirt down her shoulders. The shirt fell to the floor. Her breasts pointed out at me.


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