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Through My Eyes

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I followed the welcome bot onward through the strange hot room. No-one seemed to notice me as they were all too busy with each other. I was lead through a curtain into a black room only lite by the blue light of machines. There was a beautiful Sym attached to the wall. Her long blonde hair fell round her shapley breasts and metalic nipples. All down her back were ports conected to wires which were contected to a mass of droid types writhing on the floor. She must have been verging on droid to be as metalic as she was.

There are 4 types of robot these days: Bot - completely artifical, no mind, takes orders, High-droid - 100% artificial life, strong, quick, intellegent and even the later ones with feelings, Sym - when nanotech got advanced enough it made it possible for male high-droids and female humans to bare children. A 10% sym may be human but able to process faster or may have a port, a 100% becomes a high-droid. Percentage isn't tested till you are 18. A droid is any sym over 80% because the body is never human by then, just the brain.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the opening of a large door. There were only females in here and Lordus. Lordus was huge. 7ft tall and built like the strength model he was. His skin baring a metalic sheen and his eyes imposible metalic purple. He stood up as I was nudged forward.

"And you are?" He asked in a comanding voice

" I am Alta." I replied shakily

" I ment your make and mode!" Lordus snapped

" 48%, speed 63%, strength 32%, full brain, wrist ports.." I stuttered

"Stop, You are just a sym why would I want you? Whats your sexual function?"

"Unused" I muttered

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