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Persona Tests: McKenzie One Point Zero

Doctor Simmons checked her tablet computer. McKenzie was currently simulating a heartbeat of 70 bpm. The doctor increased that pulse to 160 bpm and then down to 20 before returning to her normal resting heart rate. In quick succession McKenzie—or more properly P-017-4-KM-317—began to sweat profusely and pant before the moisture returned to her body and all motion ceased.

McKenzie was like every permanent resident of Fairlane. She was a sophisticated machine, one built to help create simulacra of human beings that were indistinguishable from the real thing. For the past seven months she had been activated inside a slightly different reality every day. It was always April 25th. It was always 9:02. Doctor Simmons scrolled through McKenzie’s personality profile. No last name yet. Personable, outgoing, good at her studies. She liked being tied up. She liked being bent over a knee. These would change and develop as her new neural net was put to the test. It was designed to create new personality traits and new memories on the fly, developing a fully-formed person who was meant to perform perfectly in any situation. Simmons and her compatriot did not know what the final use of these artificial people would be, and they attempted to not care where someone (someTHING, Simmons reminded herself) like McKenzie would end up.

Before they left the house, the two figures told McKenzie to walk to the kitchen. No, no need to change out of panties and her sports bra. Simply go there and begin chopping vegetables. Then they were off. There were sixty more girls to program this morning.

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