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Family Matters

...I came up behind her and began to gently massage her neck. "Uhmm, feels good. But aren't you going to. . . . Entering Command mode" She trailed off in a monotone voice. I firmly pressed and held my thumb at the base of her skull where her spinal cord attaches. Her hidden service button.

I came back around and sat down in my chair next to her. Spinning around, I faced Lorissa's now immobile form. I paused for a moment to appreciate her beauty, her perfection, her feminine features. She continued to breath, the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Time was halted as Larissa sat here before me. "Larissa, please disengage primary sternum service access please." I stated. Her posture straightened slightly as she answered. "Opening primary sternum service access." There was a slight hissing sound, then a seam began to appear on Larissa's chest, just above her breasts, about two inches by two inches square. A second later the patch of skin pushed up and out. I reached over and gently pulled the portion of her chest away. There was a slight sucking sound as it freed itself from her main body, a solitary fiber optic cable went into the cube of skin. Inside, her service access revealed her access ports. Three darkened LED's sat adjacent to the two ports. Turning around I opened a drawer and removed a cable end, confirming I had the correct end I reached up an connected it into Larissa's service port. "Confirm connection please." I asked. "Link has been established." I turned back around and picked up the data disc, then placed it in the drive of the computer. After a few seconds of spinning up the dialog box appeared. "Larissa, prepare for software update. Authorization Epsilon Mark 1158." I told her as I clicked the mouse to begin the file transfer. "Receiving data. . . transfer will be complete in ten minutes. Do you want transfer to install upon completion?" She droned. "Yes please." I said with a hint of excitement. I peered into her access port and watched the LED's begin to blink rapidly. Acknowledging the transmittal of data.

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