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Standing still on her charging port in her room, Nikita’s eyes opened at exactly 6am. On her HUD, thousands of lines of code scrolled passed.

“Initialising boot-up procedures”

“Initialising boot-up procedures”

“Initialising boot-up proced..” “Boot up procedures initialised”

“Loading Personality Nikita”

“Loading modular programming. Loading Slut Girl 1.01. Loading Whore slut 1.2.1. Loading party girl slut 1.0.0. Loading college student horny girl 1.0.0. Loading Exhibitionist 1.5.1…..”

Hundreds of programs loaded into her active memory within seconds. Originally designed as a sex-bot, her programmers had failed to identify a simple error in her programming. In order to simulate hornyness, a program counter would increase her libido, hornyness and sexual drive at pseudo-randomly increments as time went on, only to reset themselves after either self-gratification or a sexual encounter. The error in that program was the counter never reset as the condition of “Orgasme” was never met (a simple spelling error caused Nikita and all the T-series models to become hornier without limit. Nothing could satisfy her and due to current circumstances, she would eventually crave sexual pleasure so badly that she’ll stay in her dorm room, masturbating endlessly until either her battery ran dry or she broke down.

“Current personality settings checksum. Hornyness : 300%. Freewill: 0%. Obedience: 70%. Sexual drive baseline: 300%. Deference: 100%. Checksum passed”

“Final Start-up Check”

“Final Start-up Check”

“Final Start-up C… Final Start-up Completed”

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