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Lost but Found - Chapter 4 - Nekomimi

Instantly the monitor when white, but it was the loud gasp from the girl that drew my attention and made me snap my head toward her. Before my eyes, her hair seemed to glow a pale shade of blue, her eyes lit up, and panels all across her body started to open up. Her arms seemed to open into segmented panels revealing all sorts of intricate mechanics underneath. On top of her head, two stylized cat-like ears popped up, matching the color and material of the tail. She arched her back and threw her arms out to her sides as though she were being electrocuted. With her body stretched out, she began to groan almost as if she were in pain. The lights in the room dimmed as she gasped again, letting out a short yell. It was pretty terrifying!

In all, the episode probably lasted about 5 long minutes, although it felt like 30. I had to scramble to make sure the computer didn't lose power, and worried the neighbors would hear. No matter what I did, I couldn't get Erin to come back online. The monitor just stayed white and she failed to respond. Even April was freaked out by the display and hid under the bed. I didn't blame her and considered joining her under there.

Finally, when I was beginning to feel that this was going on too long and was about to literally pull-the-plug, she let out one last gasp and the lights went back to normal. Shortly after, her eyes closed and her hair returned to the dark color it was before. She stood there breathing heavily, looking up at the ceiling for no particular reason as the ports on her body closed and blended in perfectly with her skin without leaving even a trace of an outline. Even the ears on her head recessed inside again.

At last, the monitor went back to normal, but something was wrong. Erin was glitching out on me; the 3D head was breaking up with digital corruption and her voice was labored and slow. Almost like she was drunk.

"Oper-rrr-ration complete" she announced almost giddy.

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