FembotWiki:General disclaimer

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FembotWiki contains original content from artists and authors from both Fembot Central and Fembot Labs. Images, stories, or links of any kind that include underage androids, robots, holograms, or anything in between (under 18) are not allowed.

The specific rules for the underage rules are as follows:

  • Aged up versions of underage characters are permitted in both art and story form.
  • Underage characters are permitted in story/art form so long as they are not presented in an explicitly sexual way, or are not the focus of the artwork/story (IE: Nude, raped/molested, etc).
  • For live action content, as long as the actor/actress playing the character is over the age of 18 at the time of filming, it is permitted.
  • While FembotWiki was opened in 2008, it contains content that was created many years before it. Therefore, any content created before May 10, 2009, when the No Underage Fembots Rule was enacted both here and on Fembot Central, is grandfathered in if it contains underage content.

Keep in mind, the rules for FembotWiki may differ slightly or greatly from both Fembot Central and Fembot Labs.