Remaking Rebecca

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Needless to say, Eric and I made love that night. Several times. It was fantastic, utterly beyond description... Eric was able to bring me to screaming digitized orgasm again and again; as soon as he was ready again, we'd start back to it. My new body was specifically designed and programmed to receive pleasure from my husband. Feeling him moving in and out of my synthetic sex was phenomenal. Eric had always been a considerate lover, but his attentions now felt absolutely incredible. My own performance was greatly improved, as well; apart from being programmed with a vast repertoire of sexual technques, I had been constructed with the latest oral-sex enhancements, and Eric was amazed at the pleasures I could provide when I went down on him. I finally had to override my sexual programs in order to let poor Eric get some rest.

Being a sexy android woman was wonderful. Every day, I interfaced with my ASU, lying there motionless as my power cells were recharged, my data streams were backed up, and my software received new updates. It was a powerful reminder that I was a machine, and after disconnecting from the ASU I often couldn't stop myself from masturbating. Lying in bed, touching and stroking myself with my access panels open, was intensely pleasurable.

My new sexual programming was a lot of fun. I was totally insatiable--a robotic sex machine that couldn't get enough pleasure. I found my bisexuality programming very interesting. A week or so after I became an android, my friend Julia stopped by for coffee. I couldn't help myself; I had always thought Julia was quite lovely, but now her delicate beauty aroused new feelings in me. She was tall and slender, with long dark blonde hair. The miniskirt she was wearing accentuated her long legs; I watched those legs crossing and uncrossing as she drank her coffee and offered idle chat. Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself kissing her passionately... and being overjoyed to discover that she wasn't resisting. Soon we were in the bedroom, caressing and kissing and touching each other's naked bodies. We found ourselves in a classic 69, licking each other with wild abandon. My sexual technique database guided my synthetic tongue to all her most sensitive spots, resulting in cries of ecstacy. It was my first lesbian experience, as well as hers... though she swore that I must have been with another woman before. I smiled and said that I had just done what came naturally. Ever since then, Julia and I have made love frequently... and I've begun to consider encouraging her to become a machine as well. I know she'd make a superb android.

Soon enough, I returned to the Institute for an emergency service session. It seemed that I had, in following my enhanced sexual programming a little too enthusiastically, slightly damaged my robotic clitoris. It began to malfunction, becoming incredibly sensitive; the slightest touch--even of underpants--sent intense waves of pleasure through my circuits. Corrupted pleasure data was causing software conflicts, and I began to function erratically. The fault became a crisis when I became aroused beyond control, masturbating furiously. My sexual programming took complete control; I was so aroused, I no longer had voluntary control over my body. It was the most amazing sexual experience; I felt so robotic, having orgasm after orgasm while malfunctioning. "Ooooohhh... yes... yes... yes, oh yes... Oh! Ohhh! I--error. Sexual system failure. Unit RX8236 system error. Android system overload. Out of memory. Bad function call at 880:0239efc:001. Ooooh... I am Rebecca Harte Unit RX8236... I am (oh my God yes) an android. I am a perfect machine. I am an android. I am an android. Unit RX8236. Android. Error. Perfect. Malfunction. Rebecca. Failure. Android. I. Perfect. Am. RX8236. Android. Android. Error. Error. Rebecca. Machine. Perfect. Malfunction. Android. Error error error error errrooorrrrrr...." Finally, I went into emergency shutdown followed by an auto-reboot. "Subsystem boot sequence beginning...Unit RX8236 is active...Software demons initialising. Loading subsystem files in safe mode... Boot sequence complete, all systems show normal safe mode status, no boot anomalies reported, no demon aberrations present." My subsystem automatically launched a diagnostic routine, part of the safe-mode reboot. My sexual system had failed entirely; I was no longer able to experience sexual pleasure at all, my circuits having overloaded with climax data. I called and scheduled a service session at once, and was taken to the Institute.

There, a team of android technicians--led by Joanna--began to disassemble me. They detached my legs, and then my entire pelvic module. A new module was prepared, but first a series of intensive diagnostics were run to ensure that my malfunction hadn't affected any of my other android systems. They opened my abdominal panel and plugged in a series of data feeds. The Institute computers interfaced with my robotic systems, determining the full extent of my system failure. Several components had to be removed from my torso, and replaced. I watched, secretly aroused by the extensive servicing. I enjoyed being taken apart and repaired like this. Soon my new components were installed, and my replacement pelvic module was reconnected. I was, at least in my mind (my sexual systems being offline) enormously excited as the lovely robotic women re-attached my beautiful, sexy artificial legs. I was soon restored to full operating capacity, at least according to the diagnostic scans. Joanna was not fully satisfied, however, and ordered a full testing sequence. I caught a hint of a smile from the beautiful brunette as my motionless synthetic body was wheeled away to a testing suite.

In the suite, Joanna carefully disconnected my torso from my pelvic module. Several wires and optical data fibers still communicated between the two halves of my body; Joanna connected several cables to my abdominal interface, and then opened my paplexus interface to plug in a few more. She worked at a keyboard for a few moments, and I saw message windows appear before my eyes. I announced that my sexual systems were now fully active. My motor functions remained offline. Joanna smiled and peeled off her uniform (tight black leather pants and gray top). Her android body was so beautiful... as much a work of art--of superior craftsmanship--as my own. She then kissed me passionately on my motionless lips, before moving to my large, full breasts. My speech systems were active--had I wished Joanna to stop, I could certainly have said so... but rather than protest, I merely answered with a soft sigh of arousal. She was so beautiful and sexy... Her tongue teased my nipples, sending spikes of pleasure data to the display screen next to my unmoving robotic form. Soon she moved between my legs, gently pushing them apart. She gave my pussy a single gentle kiss. Joanna then began to lick, suck, and eat my lovely synthetic sex like no one had ever done. I cried out, as the sexual pleasure data readout beside me went wild. This was without comparison; I was motionless and partly disassmbled, and an extremely beautiful woman was eating me out. The fact that the beautiful woman was also an android made it even more erotic. The lovely machine ate my robotic pussy until I shrieked with electronic orgasm.

Joanna, leaving my torso disconnected from the lower half of my body, rose from between my thighs and tapped new sequences into the keyboard. I found my motor functions restored, and automatically announced the fact. Joanna then carefully removed her own lovely head module, leaving a cable connecting it to her body. She placed her head between my legs once again, positioning it so that her tongue could resume its attack on my sex. She--her body--then moved up to straddle my face. I could not help myself; the beautifully-sculpted, hairless android sex before me was irresistible. I began to lick Joanna's pussy, my sexual programs automatically loading my cunnilingus subroutines into my active memory. My tongue found its way to her most sensitive spots, gently lapping at her tiny synthetic clitoris. I was intensely aroused to hear a soft moan from Joanna's detached head module, even as her tongue probed my most intimate regions.

Joanna and I 'tested' each other for hours on end until she finally declared my sexual systems to be fully functional. I always look forward to my servicing sessions with Joanna.

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