Demonstration Unit

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Demonstration Unit

“Oh YESSS!” Miah shouted into the room, her voice filled and echoed through the narrow confines of Roga’s apartment. Roga however did not share such overwhelming enthusiasm. His vigorous thrusting stutters as he cums into Miah’s clit. He gripped onto her sculpted hips and pushed into her ass firmly and silently. Miah in turn climaxes at the same time. Her loud exclamation of pleasure would startle the neighbors if there were any. Quickly Roga’s grip softens and his thrusts turns into a slow wiggle. His attention now focused on the barcode printed on the smooth and glossy artificial skin of his partner. Below it was a series of letters and numbers that he could not decipher. Miah sighed and cooed sounds of satisfaction, rubbing her face into the blank gray sheets. Roga wondered why she had now given him the cold shoulder. Lost in thought, he pulled out of her sex and flipped onto the bed, staring at the blank white ceiling.

“Oh fuck your good.” she muttered to him, her face now close to his. He could smell; he could taste the sweet nectar that was in her breath.

“Say…” Roga started and paused. His senses were overwhelmed by the sexual nature of Miah. But his mind were on someone else.

“Yes honey?” Her voice with an undulating undertone that signaled that she wanted more.

“What kind of android are you?”

“The kind that was made for you darling.”

The response made Roga chuckle a laugh out under his breath. He had heard of that one before.

“No I mean, like… I don’t know… Your model or something.”

“Oh!” Her tone audibly changed.

“My body is an Ocean Systems M series model 9 with randomized features.”

Miah said as she stood up by the bed, her arms curled upwards, pushing her breasts together. They did not need to be squeezed to appear large, but she did so anyways. She swayed her hips in a slow, circular motion. Her glossy skin reflecting bright blues and violets highlights that crept in from the outside world. As she displayed her nude body for him to see, she looked at him expectantly, as if awaiting for his praise.

“Huh.” Roga replied, noting immediately that they had the same manufacturer. “What about your AI?”

“I am running a Brilliant 4th generation composite core with various sub programs. Would you like for me to list out the details?”

Roga could not understand what she was saying. He knew that Brilliant was a major company that created android electronics. Composite core also rang some bells. He had a vague memory of being taught about them in AI classes during high school. But he could not remember any details.

”What is a composite core?” He asked.

“Sorry honey, I am not so sure myself either. But aren’t you more interested in this?”

Miah moved in slowly for a kiss. Her large, glossy lips half open. Roga did not withdraw from her advance. Her lips pressed against his. They were wet and slippery with artificial scented lubricants. Her tongue reached into and explored his mouth, twisting and wriggling in the taste of strawberries and lavender. Roga wondered what Laura tasted like, did she have a distinct scent too? He had not paid attention during their last encounter a few days ago. Sensing his indifference, Miah slowly withdrew, licking her lips. She looked at Roga and gave him a large pout.

"What's wrong, you seem to…."

"Nothing, you can leave now." He said, cutting her off.

In a fleeting moment as if struck with an epiphany, Miah stood up. Her eyes straight ahead in a blank, confused stare.

"Dar.. darling… whats… seem to be wr…. wrong"

Miah stutters for a brief moment but she quickly comes to and face Roga again with a faint smile. Her steady and fiery lust gone from her eyes. Her posture straightens, no longer seductive.

"Thank you for your business. Would you like to give feedback on your experiences with my services?"

Roga shook his head silently. Just what he expected from an android. Their emotions were just a sick facade, no matter how real they can be on rare occasions.

“Have a great weekend Mr. Barret.”

Miah collected her clothes quickly and efficiently while heading for the door. With a tap of a switch, the steel panel slid into the side of the wall with a hiss. She stood at the doorway and looked back at Roga, their eyes locking. For a moment Roga thought she was going to say something. She had a look of dissatisfaction, he could tell. Instead she simply bowed her head as she went into the hallway, the doors sliding shut behind her with a loud thump.

Roga himself could not stand being stuck indoors any longer either. After four straight days of lazing about his apartment he was itching for some fresh air. The day before he had stopped taking the pain medication. The nano-machines had already healed the bone and tissues in his foot. The nerves on the other hand would take much longer to be healed. With his boots on he took a few cautious steps and a few measured stomps. He was going to be fine. Putting on his thick jacket and extra layers of clothing, stuffing his pad into his pocket he felt like he was going on an adventure. It is an adventure, he smiled to himself. At the lobby of his apartment he tapped his pad against the bike storage repository controls. The control chimed, he could hear the machines behind the walls come to life. A loading symbol played it self cheerily on the screen, but his attention was drawn to something written below it.

“Storage Contents: Hey Rogs, I hope your recovery was agreeable. I enjoyed our little ride. I hope we can see each other at work again soon. -Laura”

The metal doors opened to produce a metal case, his bike in its weathered glory nestled perfectly within. Looking at the message Roga furrowed his brow, how can she go from perfectly cute and charming to completely apathetic just over a few days? With the friday afternoon coming to a close his last chance to call Laura was fading away. But he had other plans. The night had come earlier than he had expected as he biked towards the industrial district nearby. Anti-gravity vehicles ran to and from his destination with their containers with various products and materials attached to their oversized clamps. One of them drove straight towards Roga, only to veer off missing him by mere meters. Leaving an extra strong scent of ozone from its engines to blow over him. The vehicles were autonomous of course and accidents were almost unheard of. When they did run over someone most people think of murder and assasinations, not AI errors. The industrial district were even more devoid of people, but overall were the most lively. With a massive android population that was perpetually stationed to their posts the development of services and commerce naturally followed. They were now the centers of development in the megacities. The world revolved around robots more than people.

Biking down the wide streets Roga felt a sense of prestige. As he rode all manners of denizens and small vehicles made way for him, he could drive blindfolded and the only thing that he would hit would be the immobile buildings that rose into the clouds. Here there were no trash on the streets and no ads on the walls. Everything was clean and utilitarian, with colours reserved for the marking of traffic and public services. Roga continued with his pad attached to the handles, without GPS there would be no way for him to navigate such a maze of a city. As he progressed further into the center of it all there were notably more and more security cameras and various devices. Every nook and cranny of the place had a camera pointed at it. His destination now loomed over him. A tall stone white building with a slight stylish curve arched into the clouds and skyways above.

The entrance for the base level was sparsely decorated. Spartan, just like the environment outside. An enormous sign told all guests that they were now in an ‘Ocean Systems’ facility. There were two security droids with huge smiles on their screens that acted both as their face and interface. They stood in the middle of the room, both intimidating and welcoming. They acknowledging his presence with a perfectly synched bow.

“Please proceed to the lobby via the elevator.” One of the droids spoke loudly and clearly, pronouncing every word. The words came a little too slow for his comfort.

“You may leave your vehicle with me, it will be available when you return.” The other one spoke and approached him. Roga could feel the weight behind every step the droid took. He was not fazed one bit by its advance.

Once in the higher lobby the mood quickly changed as he rode the hundreds of levels upwards. The spartan walls gave way to decorated trims with artworks, exhibits, and screens. The security droids were replaced with countless workers and sales staff in their simple yet elegant uniforms. They attended to guests who wore equally clean and simple clothes. For a moment Roga felt out of place. His rugged attire made him stand out among the crowd. He felt like he was some sort of caveman, wearing protective layers after layers enduring a harsh world that only he was exposed to. The spectacle only lasted a fleeting moment though, he had all seen this before, the place felt familiar. Like a dream or a faint memory of a TV show, he had been here before.

"Good evening Mr Barret, what are you looking for today?"

The sales girl had quietly snuck up on him, giving him a slight startle.

"Hi, I am umm…"

Roga had planned out the whole conversation beforehand. But with the sudden confrontation he had lost his composure.

"... Looking at possibly purchasing an Android."

He hoped his lie sounded legitimate enough, he rather not be thrown out back onto the streets after coming all this way.

"Sure thing! Looks like on here it says you don't currently own an android, is that correct?”

"Yeah, first time, was hoping I could get some information about em first."

"Ofcourse, that's totally part of what we do here. Now do you know what kind of android are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for something to help with my business. Perhaps an assistant of some kind. To help with customers, mostly."

"Yup, we got tons of models that could be suitable for that kind of use. I can bring some of them out here to show you or you can see them in a private room. Which choice would you like?"

"Private room sounds nice."

"This way please."

The sales girl started off towards one of the many hallways that split off from the main lobby. She led him through a path lined with endless doors, where after what seemed like way too long of a walk, she finally brought him inside one of the rooms. The place was spacious, slightly larger than his own apartment. Furnished with a large sofa big enough to act as a bed on one end, the other a coffee table with a few chairs scattered around it. On the shelves and an extremely large table were various drinks, liquor, snacks, and fruits. Everything looked minimalistic, but expensive at the same time.

"Feel free to make yourself at home and help yourself to any of the amenities. Don't worry they are all free." She said to him with a wink.

Roga felt albit self-conscious, no doubt the sales girl had his info on the pad that she was holding. It would include his name and address and credit ratings, all public information of course. By his address and attire anyone could easily surmise that he would not likely be able to afford anything but the most basic android automaton.

"You can find all the information you need from this console here.”

The girl waved her hand slowly in the air in a peculiar pattern. A light flashed in the center of the ceiling and emitted a holographic screen in front of her. With another wave the projection faded.

"The system is a fully integrated AI, with full knowledge and control of our androids. And all the information during your session will not be recorded for any purpose. For your privacy of course."

"Got it." Roga nodded.

Soon enough he was finally alone in the room. Taking off his jacket, he sat down on the extra wide couch. Even though he did not carry out his plan initially, everything worked out okay in the end. After catching his breath and taking a sip of what looked to be an expensive whiskey, he waved his hand and brought up the console.

"What is a composite AI." He said in a calm and steady voice, pronouncing every word clearly so that the hologram can understand him. The screen flashed and an animation played on it.

"The composite AI is the most effective way to create a general artificial intelligence capable of operating in any situation and environment that a human can."

The console spoke in a manly voice, reminding Roga of the voice from one of those generic commercials.

"The composite AI is composed of its core, and an array of various support intelligence networks."

The animation zoomed into a cross section of the chest section of a generic looking android girl. Finally settling on the electronic eternals. One large electronic chip with a dozen small data cards surrounding it. Roga imagined that the hooker bot he was just with, her 'brain' was just like this.

"The core itself is a powerful artificial mind capable of reasoning and thought. But by itself it is unable to effectively understand and interact with the world."

The animation zoomed onto one of many smaller cards, each had their own labels.

"That is where the composite in the name comes in, these various chips contain the experiences and control operations that the AI can utilize to interact with the world. Things like, vision, movement, speech, emotions. All the way to complex skills such as playing instruments and even operating starships. With a vast array of options a composite AI can be upgraded to accomplish whatever task is needed at hand. With the modularity of these electronic components, production can be kept at a minimum so that every citizen can afford their own android."

All this information was easily understandable enough for Roga. But it did not tell him what he wanted to know.

"For personal customer service needs we recommend the standard personal assistant package with the publics relations addon. A wide array of personalities and chassis is available for your choosing. As Composite AI androids are able to easily adapt to any body or personality plans that they are installed in. These highlighted options are the ideal choices for your needs."

A large amount of categories displays before him. Most of the non humanoid options were dulled in color. The highlighted ones were mostly pretty looking females and a few refined looking males. But he was looking for a specific one. Pulling out his pad he looked at the notes he had taken down.

“I heard from a friend that this model is very good…” Roga said, wondering why he was lying to a bodiless, non judgemental AI that wasn’t even recording him.

“The number was… HE47791-A91OE2E7639000B-NAC70008B73K7D” He said, carefully reading out every number and letter as to not have to start over again.

“Yes sir, I have a match.” The screen in front of Roga now displayed a picture of Laura wearing a tight fitting one piece suit in the same fashion as the sales girls wore, with the words: “Oceans Systems” printed on it.

“The number you gave me is the identification number of a unit assembled in our facilities. This model indeed would suit your needs perfectly. Would you like to see a product of this model?”

Roga gulped, this was it, what he was looking for.

“Yes, please.”

“The unit is on the way. Please note that this unit is configured to run a Human Emulation core which is a different architecture than that of composite androids.”

Roga stared at the screen blankly.

"Human emulation androids on the surface can be indistinguishable from composite androids. But their Intelligence are fundamentally different. Like the name says the Human emulation cores achieve human like intelligence and reactions based on human reasoning and neural structure. HE for short, these androids do not require any addons to operate efficiently, the advantage is that they are quite adaptive and very human like. The downside is they are difficult to reprogram and rather expensive to produce."

"Expensive huh…" Roga said, raising a hand to cover his mouth.

“Do not worry, the model you have chosen is one of our most economic human emulation models.”

The voice assured him as the door chimed and opened. Laura wearing the same skin tight suit walked inside and stood still in the middle of the room, facing straight ahead. Roga tensed and the whisky in his hands slipped, almost falling. The hologram spoke again.

"This unit is currently in maintenance mode for your convenience. When you are ready to start interacting with the unit please let me know."

As Roga stood up and approached the android, a holographic display appeared around her. Most of the information was mumbo jumbo to him. The only thing he could understand was the large letters that appeared by her head. "Maintenance Mode". He knows this android was not the same one that he knew. But her body shape and hair looked exactly alike. Looking close at her face though, he noticed subtle differences in facial features that set this one apart from Laura. If they stood side by side you could say they were sisters. Even knowing that, standing this close to her had his heart pumping and his mind racing, in a way that no other android no matter how real or pretty. Roga found himself looking into her un moving eyes for a long moment, expecting her to look at him suddenly at any moment. Having never owned an android he had never paid attention to when they were like this, awake, but not acting. Her complete stillness in this state was unearthly eerie.

Reaching down Roga grabbed her hands. As he pulled them towards him he noticed they were incredibly light, as if she is moving her arms in motion with his movements. They were exactly the same, her hands compared to Laura’s. Lights flashed again, a holographic console appeared beside the hand that he was holding. On it displayed a cross section and a transparent version showing the inside. Ignoring the many paragraph length of text next to it he noticed that she had muscles and bones like a human. Just like the anatomy pictures of real people, with the exception that these ‘muscles’ and ‘bones’ came in opaque white wrappings, covered with writing and markings. As if reading his mind, the voice spoke again.

“The E7 standard model comes with basic economic construction for HE units. Upgrades are available for stronger or more precise controls, temperature and chemical resistant variant are also available addon options.”

Dropping her hands he reached up and touched her face. A similar holographic console appeared. Ignoring it, he reached and brushed her lips just like Laura had done a few nights before. Tentatively he pushed his index finger into her mouth. To his surprise the android opened her mouth wide, displaying the inside of her mouth cavity.

“All HE units come with a full set of human like orifices, capable of emulating eating and sexual functions.”

The AI assistant explained again. Withdrawing his finger the android closed her mouth emotionlessly as she had opened them. Sighing heavily Roga retreated and sat down in front of the table with his whiskey.

“You can waker her up. Turn her on, whatever.” He spoke, looking at the bottle. Reminding himself of what he was here for.

“Activating the unit. Please wait one moment.”

Roga waited a few seconds, hearing nothing he looked up from the bottle. The android had a face of slight confusion, her mouth agape and her eyes blinking excitedly. Then she took a deep breath and her eyes looked quickly around the room, spotting him quickly. A smile came across her face.

“Hi! You must be Mr Barret, nice to meet you.” She said, bowing.

Her voice sounded like Laura, but she wasn’t. Roga bit his lip and gestured at the seat across from him. It was starting to get awkward looking at her standing there in the middle of the room. She took a seat and sat down gracefully. He wasn’t sure what was supposed to come next. Were they supposed to talk? Was he supposed to interview her like he’s the head of some human resources? He did not care about any of that, he wasn’t here to actually buy an android. With the android still looking at him expectantly he began…

“Hi there, I am going to ask you some questions okay?”

The android nodded, her smile was unwavering.

“Let's say you are working as a receptionist for my small business with under a dozen employees.”

The android blinked a few times. Her eyes locked on to his.

“Then an employee during after hours makes a sexual move on you. What would you do?”

“Having a relationship with a coworker can negatively affect the performance of said coworker. But depending on the workplace policy I may have intimate interactions during times when it will not affect normal business.”

Roga expected such an answer, but he was far from done.

“Okay, now let's say that this coworker had been injured and will be taking a week off. You help him get home and you…" Roga gestured with his hands in a fisted stroking motion over his mouth. "A little action." He continued...

"Then, two days later, when he calls you during your off hours. How would you respond?"

Looking at her now Roga could see her shifting in her seat, cheeks flushing. She takes a long moment, her eyes darting around in thought.

"I would ask how he was doing and if he needed anything." She replied.

"Okay… And then he asks to see you during the weekend when you have time off. Do you arrange a date or turn him away?”

She stared at him blankly. Roga thought she was staring him down, coming up with something witty. Instead she suddenly broke into a thinking pose.

“Humm… If my owner has allowed me to interact with others sexually, which at this point I believe the answer would be yes. Also if I am currently, in this situation, not in a relationship. I would agree to go on this date!” She replied with an enthusiastic smile.

It was his time to think. Even though her answers were expected and logical, they did not solve his conundrum. He tapped his fingers on the table while the demonstration unit waited patiently for him. Not having come up with any better ideas, he questioned her further. Pulling out his pad he quickly found the transcript of his previous call.

“In what case, in that phone call… would you say: ‘Sorry, our relationship has come to its conclusion. I really enjoyed our encounter, but for your sake I cannot continue with our relationship.’”

Roga took a deep breath through his nose, collecting himself. He continued, his voice as if he was reading from a book, clear and loud, echoing through the small room.

“I cannot tell you why, but please know it was not your fault. Things just sometimes don’t go the way we planned. I hope we can continue working together the same way we have before.”

Roga finished, he looked at Laura’s duplicate angrily. No longer able to contain his frustration. Repeating Laura's words in front of this clone made him feel justified in his bitterness. Instead the duplicate looked at him blankly, her mouth agape about to say something, but silent. She eyelids fluttered furiously.

”So… sorry, I… I don't think I can answer that question." She replied, apologetic.

"Well you are her right, you two should think alike, right? Same mind and everything..."

Roga said, tapping his head with his fingers.

“Yes. But this is a little too complicated for me, I’m not very good at imagining complex things.”

"Try any ways, thats a command! Give me an answer, I deserve to know!" He said as he clenched his fists, pressing hard on the table.

The android seem the tremble under his words. She lowered her head avoiding his gaze, her hands gripping her suit legs.

"Umm… I guess…"

She continued after a few long seconds. Her passivity fueling his frustrations.

"The relationship… Target. Situation complications aside… If she bypassed function… I cannot create context... "

"Your not making any sense, just give me an answer. Why, would, she, say that to me?" He said word by word, hoping she would stop being so difficult.

The android looked up Roga. He could see her face was strangely stiff as she looked up at him. Her mouth seem to be stuck, looping in an "ah" movement. He was at the edge of his seat, she was going to tell him the answer. The lights in the room flashed and the calm and soothing voice spoke again.

"Sorry for the inconvenience. The demonstration unit seems to be malfunctioning. It would only take a moment to reset her AI for her to function proper…"

"No wait!" Roga shouted into the room and continued.

"Don't do that, I still need to talk to her… Also, don't interrupt again and leave us alone."

"Very well sir, all monitoring stopped. The console is still active if you need further assistance. " The voice replied.

The lights in the room dimmed into a dull, warm colour. The console on the table showed the words 'Privacy mode'. Looking back at the android there was a display hovering beside her head indicating that her AI was paused, and a malfunction had been detected. Reaching over he pressed on the the smaller unpause button that asked him again if he wished to continue. Not reading the warning, he pressed yes. The android came back to life immediately, although still stuck in her silent loop, facing where he was moments ago.

"So?" He asked, less hopeful this time. He had never seen an android malfunction before. It seemed like she had zoned out, thinking of something else, lost in her personal thoughts.

“What were you going to say?” He asked again, waking her up from her trance. She seemed to focus on him, her head movements slow and sluggish.

“The most likely reason is… ah… I seem to have forgotten what I was going to say.”

Before Roga could come up with a reply, she continued.

“Sorry, I am having… Thinking errors… I should have been reset by now."

The words that came out of her mouth were no longer synched with her lip movements. Roga watched with both interest and pity. The android was now looking at him with a confused look, thinking of what he could not tell. It could be possible to reset her and have this conversation again. But from where it was going, it seems like he would get the same answers and ultimately be a waste of time. Also someone could be on to his game, that he was not here to buy an android.

“So, like I was saying…” Roga began, putting both his hands up, trying for the last time.

“Ah yes!” The android practically jumped off her seat.

“So you’re the injured co-worker that's about to get some action.” She purred as she began climbing on the table, heading towards him.

“So tell me mi... mister… identity pretext missing, where are you hurt?”

As she continued crawling towards him across the large smooth table. Roga noticed that she was leaving behind a trail of clear fluids that was dripping from both her mouth and crotch area. She was practically foaming at the mouth as she came face to face with him.

“Okay, Okay! Relax!”

Roga exclaimed as he put both his hands on her shoulders stopping her advance. But she persisted until he was pushing on her hard enough that her hands and legs began sliding on the table as she continuously tried to get even closer. The android was not strong enough, nor heavy enough for Roga to feel really threatened.

“Why would you reject me then? I thought you liked me.” He questioned her, if she was getting in character, he could too.

“I of course conflict resolution missing with you!”

She said as she began sliding her legs forwards. With a quick and smooth motion that was too fast and precise for Roga to anticipate and react to, the android landed on top of his legs, straddling him. Roga still managed to keep her face away as he could now feel her wetness penetrating the fabric of his pants rapidly.

“I only rejected you because…”

Her movements suddenly became completely still, her mouth stuck on some unrecognizable syllables. Compared to the slow drip of lubricant falling from her mouth she was completely still. Roga could see the movements of his own breath in her body as she came to a standstill wrapped around him. Her eyes were wide with confusion, or fear, he could not tell. A few seconds passed by as he sat completely still, waiting for something. Perhaps she would automatically restart, reset, or wake up. Or the AI salesman could suddenly appear out of nowhere. But the dimly lit room remained silent. The whisky bottle that was knocked on its side was also still, the fluids wobbling inside had also came to a stand still as the time passed.

“Hello? Restart? Wake up?” Roga tried to no avail as he was now pinned between the couch and the android wedged on the edge of the table. He had now lost hope in his plan, he was not going to get his answer. Seeing the malfunctioned android wrapped around him he felt some empathy towards her and repulsed by his own behaviour. She had tried her best to answer his questions, even though he did not relent in the face of all the signs of warning. He was acting like the foreman on the offworld planets that he had escaped from not too long ago. He sighed heavily as he let go of his anger and frustration. Remembering some user interface motion that he saw someone had used before, he waved his hand and gestured in the air. The holographic console in the middle of the table slid towards him, stopping right before his fingers.

He pressed on the now enlarged bell symbol on the screen.

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