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Anika smiled gratefully at the grey-skinned waitress-bot and accepted the small soda she’d ordered. As she looked around, she noted that she’d attracted the attention of nearly every man seated outside the café. She devoted a portion of her CPU time to reveling in how perfectly sexy her artificial body was. A slim waist, long legs, and a massive pair of tits might not be the most original way into a man’s heart, but they did the job. Her skintight PVC pants, off-the-shoulder crop-top, and heels didn’t hurt, doing little to disguise those features.

She took a moment to look around again. Her facial recognition software struggled with the sheer number of faces surrounding her, between the busy café and the sidewalk there must have been nearly sixty people visible, but by the time she’d finished she was sure John wasn’t in the crowd.

She bent over and took the straw between her full, deep red lips, drawing ice-cold soda out of the old-fashioned glass. She savored the complexity of the sensations the bubbly liquid triggered in the thousands of touch sensors in her mouth; turning up the gain, she lost herself in exploring the endless layers of analog experience until her processors exceeded their thermal tolerance and a system alert brought her back to the outside world. Almost as an afterthought, she swallowed the soda, storing it in an internal fluid reservoir for later disposal.

“Hi, are you Anika?” A broad-shouldered man asked. With one hand he shielded kind eyes from the glare of the sunstrip running down the colony’s axis.

Surprised, Anika’s processors spiked back past their redlines as the parallel but interlinked needs to scan the man’s face, answer his question, determine the correct emotional response, and decide what to do next piled up in her CPU. “I-I-I-I-…” she stuttered like a busted sales kiosk.

“Um, are you okay?” The man asked. His expression shifted from friendly to worried.

Anika’s higher executive functions kicked in and started killing processes left and right. “…I-I am! Yes!” She looked around and noted a few raised eyebrows. “You’re John, right?” she asked, standing suddenly and reaching out her hand as the result of the facial recognition analysis finally passed to her higher functions for review. With her other hand she brushed away a few strands of pale lavender hair that had fallen over her face.

John smiled and took her hand into his. He squeezed, but Anika could tell that he was carefully using only a tiny fraction of his strength. She simulated what he could do if he really exerted himself and had to manually cancel the initialization of her sex systems. She licked her lips. “It’s so nice to finally meet you in person,” she said.

“You, too. Are you sure you’re all right? You were glitching out a little there.”

Anika smiled. He seemed genuinely worried about her, and the puppy-dog look it brought to his face was irresistible. “Oh, I’m fine. You just surprised me in the middle of a thought; I don’t always switch gears well.” She gestured at the table and sat back down.

“Sorry,” John said, and sat down across the tiny table from her.

Anika’s emotional analysis software identified a high probability that he was expressing remorse, and her higher functions connected it with her earlier malfunction. She leaned forward and took his hand in hers. “Oh, honey, I didn’t mind. It’s nothing you have to feel bad about.” She squeezed slightly.

John squeezed her hand back. “I was worried that the very first thing I’d done was annoy you.”

“Nah, just silly robot girl stuff. Happens all the time,” Anika said. She noted the signs of physical attraction on his face and the way his eyes kept flicking down to her cleavage every few seconds. Several behavioral options passed the filters she had in place, and after a few more clock-cycles she settled on one. Instead of letting go of his hand, she tugged it gently towards her. John’s smile changed slightly, and he let her draw it to the middle of the glass table-top between them. She turned her hand so that she could hold his fingers while stroking his knuckles with her thumb. “Thanks for coming.”

“No way was I going to pass this up,” John said, “Every morning the first thing I do is check my inbox to see if there’re any messages from you. I’ve been dying to meet you.”

Anika looked down with an embarrassed expression. “Really? I don’t think I’m that interesting.” Internally, she was updating the complex data object that represented John in her synthetic consciousness. As far as she was able to determine from his facial expression, skin temperature, and the heartbeat she felt through his hand, he was being sincere.

John shrugged. “You’re brilliant, you’re witty, and… you have such a unique way of looking at things. I can’t get enough of you- of it,” he corrected himself, then looked bemused for a split second. “Of you,” he said with greater surety and a slight nod, as though he were just realizing it himself.

“That’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” Anika responded after performing a high-level search of her long-term memory system that considered sincerity and context as well as pure semantic content.

The pair stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before the waitress bot stopped beside John. She asked if he wanted anything in a chipper, digitally-tinged voice and regarded him with a fixed, molded-plastic smile. John ordered some iced coffee and handed the waitress his menu. “Thanks,” he said as she headed towards the kitchen with a whirr of servomotors. Anika caught the way his eyes lingered on her smooth rubber backside under the puffy, too-short skirt before turning back to her.

“She’s just a dumb doll, you know. No need to say please and thank you,” Anika said, tilting her head with a curious expression.

“I like to be courteous even when I don’t have to; maybe especially when I don’t have to,” he said.

Anika bit her lower lip before continuing. “You’re sure you don’t mind that I’m…”

“A robot?” John asked. “I definitely don’t mind.”

Anika saw the flash of mischief in his smile when he said, “definitely don’t mind,” and correlated it with the way he’d looked at the waitress. She grinned and squeezed his hand tightly, then leaned in and whispered, “you like that I’m a robot, don’t you.” She gave him a dirty look and waggled her eyebrows, “into pounding the plastic, huh?”

John swallowed heavily and opened his mouth as though he didn’t quite know what to say. “I… yes, I mean, ah… shit,” he said and sagged a bit. “I like you for a lot of other reasons, too.” He looked disgusted, “Shit, that sounded lame even to me.”

Anika giggled. “I know you like me for other reasons, honey, I only told you a week ago and we’ve been trying to set up this date for a month.”

“I guess… you really don’t mind?” He asked, “I really don’t want this to come across as some sort of…” his voice dropped, “…creepy fetish thing.”

Anika put a hand in front of her mouth and looked shocked, “oh no! My boyfriend thinks I’m inherently sexy! What can I do about this terrible predicament?”

John rolled his eyes, “I know, I know, but it’s creepy to have someone be attracted to you just because you fulfill some weird fantasy, right?”

“The key word there was ‘just.’ You don’t ‘just’ like me because I’m a fetish object to you. And… that actually makes it really cool to be a fetish object to you.”

John nodded, paused, then raised his eyebrows. “Wait, boyfriend?”

“I wondered when you’d catch that. I kind of figured from our conversations that you were on the market. I wasn’t wrong, was I?”

John shook his head. “Just not used to things moving this fast. You’re just as decisive as I thought.”

Anika took a sip of her soda. This time she turned the sensory gain down; she was busy simulating and comparing various options for where to take the conversation.

John looked curiously at her. She caught the expression and after swallowing said, with full awareness of the connotations, “I like the way it feels in my mouth,” then gave him a wicked grin. Through their clasped hands, she felt his heartrate increase.

The waitress bot arrived and wordlessly dropped off John’s coffee. Anika watched her turn to leave and quietly said, “I’d fuck her.”

John fumbled a creamer pod and dropped it into his drink, then almost knocked the glass over when he went to fish it out from among the ice-cubes.

“You know, if she had a pussy or any of the relevant software,” she continued.

John laughed, “I guess that might be a problem. I love your outfit, by the way.”

Taking his last statement into account, Anika calculated a high likelihood that, though she’d increased his arousal, she was succeeding in making him much less nervous. “What’s your favorite part?”

John thought while he mixed the creamer into his coffee. “Tie between the pants and the shoes. I’m a sucker for heels but I like shiny stuff, too.”

Anika smiled, “Wow, me too. I’ve got some much nicer stuff back at my apartment, not really the kind of thing I’d wear in public. You like latex?”

“Yeah, I can’t imagine how hot you’d look in it.”

Anika took another sip of soda while she computed what to say next. Once, for fun, she’d developed an ideal profile for a mate, taking into account hundreds of criteria. John matched it better by an order of magnitude more than any other person she’d ever met. She made an almost imperceptible nod and leaned back in her chair. “Why imagine it? Let’s go back to my place and I’ll show you. It’s not that far away.”

“I’d love to,” John said. He downed the last of his coffee. “Ready?”

“Eager, I like that,” she said.

The pair paid for their drinks and headed down the sidewalk towards Anika’s home. “So,” she asked him after a few minutes of small talk, “tell me what you like about robot girls.”

“I knew that one was coming,” John said, “I don’t know, it’s complicated. Thinking about what’s inside you… wires and circuit boards and electric motors, that you’re like a…” his face reddened slightly.

Anika smiled, and leaned close to his ear. She whispered, “Like a little plastic fuckdoll for you to play with?”

His face went very red and Anika detected a hitch in his step. He carefully read her expression. “Yeah. I…”

“C’mon, don’t clam up on me now. What?” She punched him in the arm, a little harder than would be considered playful. Though she judged a very low probability of its occurrence, she waited hopefully for him to return it.

He rubbed his arm and cocked his head at her. “I’m a pretty strong guy, and I always worry about… about hurting the women I’ve slept with if I really let go. My whole life, I’ve needed to be careful, to keep that strength in check.”

Anika raised an eyebrow. “Oh, you know robots don’t feel pain, so you think you can pound me until I come apart?” She saw him reel from the statement and imposed a tighter constraint on her response-generation algorithm, suppressing some of her smartass tendencies.

“No, I…” he floundered.

She stopped walking and turned to face him. While he stammered, she kissed him gently on the lips then whispered, “because I think that would be really fucking hot, actually.”

He looked utterly shocked and took a moment to catch up after she started walking again. After a long pause he asked, “really?”

“You do know you’re not the only person in the system with a few kinks, right?” she answered, smirking, and took hold of his hand.

They walked silently until they reached Anika’s hab block, though she could tell that he was tamping down questions better asked in a more private environment. She evaluated making out with him in the elevator, but since she lived on only the third floor there wouldn’t time to do more than give him an embarrassing erection. She heard him take a deep, relieved breath when he walked through the door behind her, and he took the liberty of closing it behind them.

“So, it’s just us now,” she said, turning to throw her arms around him. He pulled her into a deep, forceful kiss, his powerful arms bringing her up onto her toes. She finally released the manual holds she’d placed on her sexual systems and they briefly locked up her CPU with the intensity of their responses. Lubricant gushed into her synthetic pussy and she ground her hips against John with enough force that her servos whined audibly.

Anika calculated that if she gave into her programmed instincts, John would waste his energies against her with manic intensity and be altogether less fun for the remainder of the afternoon. She overrode them and broke away from him with a smile. She watched him battle his own impulses to keep from pulling her back before he closed his eyes and took several ragged breaths.

“Anika, I’ve never wanted anyone as badly as I want you right now.”

She gave him a sultry look and reached down to quickly stroke his crotch, “the feeling’s mutual, honey. Why don’t you come back to the bedroom and I’ll slip into something fun?”

John followed her into a sparsely furnished bedroom and had to tamp down his urges yet again when she casually pulled her top off, revealing a pair of unnaturally large and perky breasts. She turned away from him and unzipped her pants, pulling them down and bending over to reveal her smooth, glistening pussy. After stepping out of the pants and her shoes, Anika went to her closet and took out a pair of long black latex gloves and a matching set of stockings. With the aid of a little silicone lubricant, she started working one of the gloves onto her hand.

“So,” she said as she pulled it up past her elbow and began smoothing out air bubbles, “you said you like robot girls, but is there anything you ever fantasized about doing to them?”

John had followed Anika’s lead and had stripped out of his shirt. He looked up from unzipping his pants and asked, “other than the obvious?”

“Yeah,” she said, and started putting the other glove on.

A look of concern and even guilt flashed across John’s face. “I guess I’ve always had kind of a thing for rough sex and…”

“And you were afraid to try it with a human girl?”

He nodded, swallowing as he watched Anika shine her gloves with more of the lubricant until they’d taken on a mirror-smooth gloss. “Like I said, I hate the idea of hurting someone.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that with me. And I like it rough, too,” she said, “really rough.”

John pulled off his pants, freeing the erection he’d been trying to suppress for the last half hour. Anika’s jaw dropped open at the sight of his rock-hard shaft. “Wow,” she said, squeezing her thighs together.

Anika sat down on the bed and lubed up her legs to ease the stockings on. “Why don’t you pick out some shoes for me?” she asked and pointed to the closet.

“Huh, sure,” John said. He walked over and opened the door to reveal a shallow closet packed full of the sort of outré footwear only worn in bedrooms and strip clubs. “Whoa, you were telling the truth when you said you like heels,” he mused, picking up a pair of ridiculous platform pumps. He looked over the collection for a few seconds before pulling out some black ankle-boots of a more reasonable height.

“Ooh, nice choice,” Anika said as she finished polishing her stockings. John sat on the bed next to her, his erection protruding up from between his legs, and watched as she put on the boots and laced them tightly. When she was done she stood up and walked to the other side of the room, heels clacking loudly on the hardwood floor. She turned and bent her arms at a 90-degree angle and walked stiffly back to him. “I. Am. A. Fuck. Doll.” She said in a harsh monotone. “I. Am. Made. To. Suck. Cock.”

When she’d come back within arm’s reach, John pulled her down to sit on his lap. He gave her a long kiss, savoring the way his cock glided over the latex stockings. Barely controlling himself, he took hold of one of her breasts and squeezed it harder than he would have dared with a human partner. Anika just moaned and writhed against him.

Anika took hold of John’s forearm and guided it up until his hand was around her neck. She smiled sweetly and said “squeeze.”

John did so, tighter and tighter until the plastic structure of Anika’s neck was creaking with stress. He’d completely closed off the flow of coolant to her cranial subsystems, which were beginning to overheat and throw warning messages to her CPU. She overrode the warnings and deactivated all the fail-safes that would shut them off in case of overheating. “Harder,” she begged as she started stroking his cock with her gloved hand.

John let go, his face clouded with worry, and kissed her apologetically on the cheek. “Won’t you break?” he asked.

Anika rubbed his head affectionately and stood up. “Sorry, I should have explained better.” She went to another door and opened it, revealing a contraption that almost filled the walk-in closet inside. At the center of it was an enclosed cylinder, big enough to fit a person, with clear windows. Inside, John saw an array of multi-segmented robot arms and what looked like a cushioned surface. To either side were metallic drums that looked like they could be removed, and a screen that was currently dark.

John’s eyes widened. “That’s an auto-rep unit, isn’t it?” he asked, “it looks like a full-function one. That thing could practically build a copy of you from scratch!”

Anika nodded and walked back to him. She dropped to her knees in front of him and kissed the inside of his thigh. “When I said I liked it rough, I meant it,” she said. “As long as you put all the pieces in there when we’re done, I’ll be fine. You can do anything you want with me. Anything.

John blinked, thinking through the implications. He took Anika’s chin into his hand and turned her thin, feminine face one way, then the other. Letting go of it, he brought his hand back and slapped her on the cheek, just hard enough to turn her head.

She gave him a fierce look. “Harder.”

John slapped her again, using more force this time. His teeth were gritted barely restrained desire.

“I thought I said harder,” Anika said.

This time she was sent sprawling by the blow. Several of her sub-systems crashed and began their automatic reload cycle. She pushed herself up off the floor, her vision still a confused mass of colored blocks, and found that one of the servos in her neck had been wrenched out of its mounting. She looked up at John, who’d rushed to her side, and grinned. “That’s more like it.”

Something changed on John’s face in that moment. Anika watched desires and urges that he’d tamped down his whole life come flooding to the surface, and she knew that she’d found her ideal match.

He bent down, no longer fearful but calm and determined. He grabbed Anika by her purple hair and yanked her up to cock level. As she scrabbled to get her knees under her, he rammed himself into her mouth and down her throat. Several more warnings came into Anika’s CPU as John’s violent thrusting exceeded the safety limits of her rubber throat. There was a plastic crack as he broke one of the restraints that kept it from intruding into the space occupied by the circuit boards for her visual and speech systems.

“You like that you fucking slut?” John asked.

Anika gurgled a laugh, her facial servos failing to do more than twitch the corners of her mouth around him.

John let go and she pulled herself off him with a wet slurping sound. “I love it when you fuck my face like that,” she said, and took his head into her mouth to give him a more traditional blow-job. She stopped after a minute or so, stood and walked the few steps to the bed, then bent over, exposing her tight artificial pussy for him.

John took the hint; he came over and abruptly pushed himself deep inside Anika, causing her sexual sub-processors to choke on the sudden influx of data. He started fucking her with savage intensity, gripping her around her slender midsection to keep her steady.

On the bed, Anika moaned, her eyes rolling back unevenly as she struggled to process the incredible intensity of the experience. She pushed herself up and felt John’s hands close around her neck with crushing force. Plastic supports snapped, and servo-rods bent as he began to climax inside her with a roar of animal ecstasy. He’d gripped her so suddenly that coolant had burst its tubing in her head, spraying out over hot circuitry. As he finished his last few thrusts, the pale liquid trickled out of her eyes and nose.

When he pulled out, followed by a gush of his hot cum, he roughly turned Anika over to lie on the bed surface. “Did you like that?” he asked.

“I-I-I-I-” she stuttered, unresponsively, her body stiff. She was struggling to process the hundreds of warnings and priority alerts from the crushed and torn components in her neck and head. Her coolant reservoir was rapidly emptying itself into her cranial cavity through the burst tubing, and the sudden temperature change had caused several electronic components to burn out. One of her auditory processing circuit boards had even cracked under the strain. Her main CPU was able to take on those tasks, if less efficiently, but the sudden influx had caused it to hang, temporarily disabling the programmed prioritization of tasks and leading to yet more buildup. Further, she’d disabled all her safeguards, with the result that her processors were starting to overheat.

From John’s perspective, white liquid was leaking from Anika’s eyes, nose, and ears, and if he listened carefully he could hear crackling and buzzing noises coming from her chest. He was rapidly softening after the release of orgasm and, despite her permission, deep down he still felt a measure of guilt for the damage he’d caused Anika.

“-I-I-I-I-Ahhhhhh!” Anika came as her remaining processing capacity finally caught up to real-time. She shuddered and jerked on the bed as she intermittently lost control of her motor systems.

John’s eyes opened wide at the display, and he took a relieved breath when she matter-of-factly sat up and gave him a loopy grin. Her head was leaning slightly to one side, and he could see the shiny metal end of one of the broken servo-mechanisms poking through a small tear in her skin.

“That was fucking AWESOME!” she said, reaching down into the mess John had made in her pussy to rub her clit. “What are you-you-you gonna do to me”

John swallowed and knelt in front of her. He looked into her eyes. “Anika, are you sure you’re okay?”

Anika spread her legs farther apart, so she could slip a pair of fingers into her hole. “Ok.k.k.kay? You fu.u.u.u.ucking trashed me-me-me-me!”

John laughed and rose to sit beside her on the bed. “That was just… just…” he shook his head, unable to find the words.

“Mm, I lo.o.o.o.ove having your cu-cu-cu-cum inside me,” Anika said, looking down at the sticky fluid seeping out around her fingers. She reached over with her free hand and started jerking John off. Much to his surprise he soon found himself hardening again. “Such a ni-ni-nice, big fucking cock,” Anika complimented.

John looked over at the thin seams in his partner’s skin and tried to pry at one with his fingernail. “I… I kinda want to see what’s inside you. Can I?”

Anika giggled. “Sure, bu-bu-bu-but you have to do it yourself. Do it yourself. Do it yourself. Do it yourself.” Her head jerked hard to one side and she momentarily made a strange grimace. After recovering her composure, she stopped playing with herself and got up onto the bed. “I’m like a pre.e.e.e.esent; you have to tear off the paper to ge-ge-get at the fun inside.”

Gamely, John tried to lever open the seam around the panel on her chest with his thumbnail. “Harrumph,” he concluded after failing.

“You ever hear the saying, ‘if vi-vi-violence doesn’t solve your problem you’re not using enough of it,’” she teased him.

“I have, actually,” John said and went to where he’d left his pants. He took a small folding pocketknife from one of the pockets and opened it before returning to sit next to Anika.

“Mm, and what are you-you-you going to do wi.i.i.i.ith that?” Anika asked.

John worked the blade into the seam, prying up Anika’s artificial skin until he could see the dark-colored plastic beneath.

“Oh, that ti.i.i.i.ickles,” Anika joked, grinning. She began stroking John again while he worked, quickly bringing him back to a nearly full erection.

John pushed the blade of his knife into the seam between Anika’s sub-dermal panels now, and he forcefully levered it open until the latch broke with a loud pinging sound. The panel pulled away easily into his hand, exposing a set of diagnostic ports along the top of the opening and the upper part of a large circuit board whose surface was crowded with boxy processor blocks and other electronic components. John could feel waves of heat coming off it even with his hand several inches away.

“’s my motherboard,” Anika breathed. “My main memory is down here,” she continued, pointing at a spot about halfway to her navel. “Everything that ma-ma-makes me, me.”

John swallowed, unsure of what to say. Coolant was dripping from Anika’s chin down into the opening, hissing as it boiled off on the overheated circuitry.

“Do you-you-you-do you want to break me?” Anika asked, staring at him lustfully through a series of worsening head twitches. Her systems were on the ragged edge of continued functionality, and she knew from prior experience that any further stress would send her over the edge.

John took a deep breath, the corners of his mouth quirking upwards. He collapsed his knife and tossed it to the head of the bed. The damaged servos in Anika’s neck made a whining, buzzing noise as she turned her head to watch its flight with a confused look.

John took hold of Anika’s waist and lifted her up to a standing position, then turned her around and bent her over. Grabbing her upper arms, he pushed the head of his cock into the tight opening of her ass.

Anika made a broken, digitized giggle that was cut short by a simulated gasp as John forced himself almost all the way into her rear. One of the components on her motherboard flared with a small white flame and burst of sparks, then burnt down and streamed thin white smoke up past her face. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh,” she repeated mindlessly as her eyes rolled back.

After a few preliminary thrusts, waiting for the orifice to properly lubricate itself, John quickly ramped up to a machine-like pounding, then upped the intensity even further. The various modules of Anika’s already critically unstable cognitive software began to completely diverge under the combined assault of sensation data and error messages.

What was left of her digital mind managed to process amazement as the violence of John’s thrusts began to derange the precisely assembled mechanisms of Anika’s sexual hardware. Soon, each blow to her backside was accompanied by metallic jangling sounds as parts were knocked loose to rattle around her insides. Lubricant lines were torn, and the fluid leaked out into nearby electric motors and sexual sub-processors with catastrophic results.

John didn’t waver as the panel on the front of his lover’s pubic mound dropped open, revealing a sparking, crackling mass of shorted circuitry.

“…Fu.u.u.ucking me to-to-to pieces,“ Anika said from between twisted, unmoving lips. Another component on her motherboard burned out and there were several sparks from other systems inside her chest.

John came with a surprisingly quiet groan, given the intensity of his orgasm, and gave a few more, gentler thrusts before withdrawing and letting go of Anika’s arms. She stood stiffly and overbalanced, falling back into John’s arms.

“I li.i.i.ike it rough. Like it rough. Like it rough. Critical Er-er-er-error. System-tem-tem Unstable. Cannot-not-not compensa-sa-sa-sa-sate.” Anika babbled, her voice mangled with digital distortions.

John turned her back around to face him. “Anika?” he asked, wondering if the woman he’d met was still somewhere in this jumble of short-circuited electronics.

“Ye-ye-ye-yes?” she responded, looking somewhere over his left shoulder. Half of her face smiled while the other half twitched repeatedly. Something deep inside her chest, out of view, was spitting and buzzing, illuminating the entire inside of the cavity in blue-white light and making a steady stream of smoke.

“Good,” John said. He reached inside her chest, above the motherboard, to the place where the wiring from the hardware in her chest gathered together before heading up through her neck. He worked his fingers into the mass of multicolored strands, ignoring the painful heat radiating from her motherboard below. Making a fist, he ripped the whole lot out. He winced and pulled his hand clear just as a wild cascade of sparks burst from dozens of places.

Anika’s head slumped forward, bereft of power and commands, but her body spasmed and jerked frantically for a few seconds before falling back to the bed. There, its motions slowed as the fizzling, popping, and crackling noises died down. The hum of electricity through Anika’s systems came to a fitful halt.

John sat down next to the defunct gynoid and stroked her face tenderly, still in the afterglow of the most powerful orgasm he’d ever known. He looked up at the auto-rep in its closet and smiled, then gathered Anika up into his arms and carried her to it. He hit the on-button with his elbow and read the instructions on the screen as the repair chamber lifted open with a hiss.

He hoped it wouldn’t take long to bring her back to him.

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