Tennis, Anyone?

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Written by Mirage

Tennis, Anyone?

"There! It's Lance Armstrong!" a blond woman shouted from the stand.

"Lance! Lance!" more women joined in the screaming.

I waved to them and even gave a few my autograph. When I turned back to go back to the court, my partner was fuming.

"Lance! We have a game to win! Concentrate!" she grilled me.

That was my partner, Alison, obviously jealous from the female attention I was getting.

"It's not like you don't have any fans too!" I smiled at her, pointing to signs with her name on it and men whistling at her.

"Bah... whatever, let's just play." she said coldly, grabbing her pink tennis racket.

Me and Alison, we were the best mix team in tennis, going for the trophy in three weeks. We had won the last two years in a row already. We were great together, just wished we didn't have such sexual tension between us. When we met the first time and saw our potential, we decided never to have any sexual contact with each other, knowing many good mix team demolished their careers when sex came in the picture.

So, we were best of friend, true partner, on and off the court. It was hard not to express desires for each other. One time, I got drunk and squeezed her nice breasts and she freaked out, didn't talk to me for two weeks.

That was cruel, but I got what I deserved. We had to be professional, we kept saying to ourselves. Never mind the great sex we could have together. And strangely, we both were single and not screwing around too. For some reason, I was waiting for her to be "ready". I guess, in some way, we were truly in love with each other, but too scared to admit it. The press loved making up stuff about us, all bull, of course. We got our kicks from that, seeing how much garbage the reporters and writers tried to come out with. But we never took any of it seriously.

I grabbed my racket and joined her in starting position. I did the first service and play like we always do, superb. After a few hours, we were sitting in chairs beside of each other, relaxing a bit.

"Great game..." she smiled at me.

"Yup... just six more ‘till the trophy." I smiled back at her, grabbing her left hand with mine.

She blushed a bit and grabbed just a bit harder my hand back, "let's practice just a bit more tomorrow, ok?"

"Sure. Anything you want." I blushed back.

The next day our manager was sitting with our doctor, who was always with us. He took great care of us, especially Alison. Our manager was okay, a bit of a screwball sometimes, I guess. "Ok guys, make sure you win next time too!" our manager screamed at us.

"Yes, Victor!" we said exactly together, laughing right after like kids.

Alison was on the left side of the court and she made a nice smash on the ball, sending it hard at me. I just barely made contact with the ball with my racket and sent it back to her. She made a quick dash to the left but my ball curved quickly, going right suddenly. She dove but missed the ball and twisted her right ankle at the same time. Alison let out a scream out, falling to the ground, grabbing her right leg. I screamed her named out loud, running toward her. I jumped the net and grabbed her in my arms.

"My ankle... I think I broke it." she mumbled, tears of pain coming out of her sky blue eyes.

"I am so sorry! I am so sorry!" I kept telling her.

She looked at me and smiled, "Stupid! It's not your fault! It was a great shot!"

Doc arrived quickly, studying her ankle, "quick, bring her to my office." he mumbled to me, pushing me in the direction of his office.

Sadly, her ankle was broken and would need time to heal, Doc informed her. Victor was pacing back and forth, mumbling a lot.

"Can I see her?" I asked the doc.

"Not right now, she is sleeping, I gave her pain killers for her ankle." he smiled, grabbing my left shoulder.

I sat down, confused, listening to Victor's mumbling, "only a few weeks for the trophy, God, why now." He sat down after a few minutes of rambling and then relaxed.

"I guess that's it for this year." I mumbled.

"No! No! I won't allow it!" Victor yelled out.

"Must be something we can do... something." he mumbled. He then got a devilish smile "Yes... it might work! It's illegal, but it might!" he said quickly, running out of the room.

Doc looked at me worried and went to check on Alison. I left the place and got pissed drunk that afternoon.

After a few hours, I received a call from Alison, saying she just went to the hospital and had her right leg casted. She asked if I could meet her at her apartment around 7pm. I said of course, went home, took a shower and went to her place. Doc was there at her place, taking care of her. She was in a wheelchair, smiling like nothing had happened. It broke my heart, seeing her like that. She asked if I wanted something to drink, but I was not thirsty.

As I sat down beside her, the doorbell rang. Doc opened the door and it was Victor. Victor came in quickly, "Guys! I have a solution... it's not perfect, but if we work hard, this can work!" he mumbled quickly.

Alison and me, we looked at each other, confused by him. Victor opened the door and asked someone to come in. My jaw hit the floor, Alison, even more shock. Coming in the room was Alison, well, a copy of her, actually, an android copy.

"What the fuck???An android??? Are you fucking crazy??" she grimaced.

Victor smiled, looking at Alison, "She's a perfect copy of you! We only need to program her to be like you! This will work! I promise!" he defended his plan.

"Lance, what do you think?" Victor asked me quickly.

"I... don't know... maybe…What choice do we have?" I said confused.

"Lance!" Alison barked at me.

"Alison, it might work, let's try it for a least a week." I mumbled, knowing I was pissing her off even more. “Think of the trophy... we deserve it, right?" I asked her.

She pouted and softly nodded.

"Great! We'll start tomorrow!" Victor smiled, shacking out hands. I noticed Doc was extremely angry with this plan. I wonder why?

The next day, I arrived to our own personal training court and got ready for practice. Coming out from the left entrance, was Victor and the android Alison, followed by the real Alison in the wheelchair, being pushed by Doc. Alison was looking sad and disappointed by the situation.

"Ok, guys, first, I already installed all the tennis programs and data I could in Alison 2’s mainframe. You just need to help her develop her style of playing, same as Alison here." Victor said quickly, smiling like everything was perfect. "Well, I have to go myself, have fun, kids." Victor smiled and waved goodbye to us.

I nodded and waited for Alison 2 to come on the court and I sent her a few volleys. I was impressed, actually, Alison 2 was returning my volleys like a pro. So, I pushed her a bit harder, sending her even harder shots. Alison 2 had no problem with them too.

"No! Not like that!" Alison screamed to her robotic clone. "Grab the racket with both hands, higher! Yes! Now try it!" Alison directed Alison 2. Alison 2 said nothing, just smiled and followed the instructions we gave her.

After a complete afternoon of practice, I was tired. I sat beside Alison and ask how she was.

"What do you think?" she snapped at me quickly.

I frowned, knowing that was a stupid question. "Alison, you will be okay soon, right Doc?" I smiled, looking at Doc in the stand.

Doc just nodded and kept looking at Alison 2, who was still practicing her shots with a ball shooter.

"Sorry, just frustrated... feel like I'll be replace by that android for good one day." she pouted.

"Not while I am your partner!" I smiled at her, kissing her on her frown.

"I'm hitting the showers, see you guys later!" I said while standing up and grabbing my gym bag and racket.

"Bye..." Alison said, trying to smile back at me.

"If I was in her place, I would feel the same, I guess." I said to myself out loud.

Got undressed and went to the showers, all my muscles were aching. Closing my eyes, the hot water coming hard on my head, all stress left me. Relaxing, without a care in the world, I suddenly felt someone's hands touching my chest. The hands were female hands, so delicate, so soft. Thinking it was a female fan that managed to sneak inside the place, I opened my eyes. To my surprise, a naked Alison 2 was in front of me, smiling, and her hands on me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her, looking at her naked body.

I always fantasized about Alison being naked with me, I was frozen. Moving her hands on my chest, she smiled, "How interesting, seeing lungs working. Being an android, I can't have lungs. Doc told me to get cleaned and sent me here. I guess he informed me wrong and sent me to the men’s locker room instead. Silly him." She then looked down and saw my penis growing and getting hard.

I could not move a muscle, except for that one, of course. She slowly grabbed it with her hands and ask what it is. Having my penis being pulled, I stuttered an answer, "Er...It's my sexual organ. A penis. I am a male and all males have them."

She then looked down at her own pussy and smiled, "I am designed as a human female, and I have breasts and a vagina. I wonder if they work?" she then asked me with a curious look.

I then did the only thing I could do. I locked the doors and went to Alison 2. Slowly, I pressed my hands on both her breasts. She closed her eyes and purred like a cat.

"Mmmmm.... I guess they do work..." she moaned out softly.

Squeezing her breasts and rubbing them in my face and licking them. I then slowly reached for her pussy with one of my hand. I lightly inserted my left index finger in her pussy and felt it being lubricated. She then slowly opened her legs, allowing me to reach deeper inside her. Touching her clitoris, she moaned just a bit louder from before.

“Alison, how long I waited for this..." I whispered to her, kissing her neck.

"Yes, Lance...don't stop.." she growled out.

She then reached down and laid down on her back, inviting me to get on top of her. I slowly climbed on top of her, penetrating her with my fully erected manhood. She gasped and left a small pant come out. Moving up and down, it took no time I reached my climax. She did too.

After a few minutes, I released inside her. She also released at the same time, her nails digging deep in my back and shoulders. I then rolled my body from being on top, landing beside her, exhausted.

"This is better than I ever imagined, Alison." I moaned out, disoriented.

"Lance... can you replace my battery... it's almost empty." she said quickly.

"Battery??" I asked confused.

I sat up and looked at Alison, who had opened a panel right under her breasts. Inside the panel, I could see wires, some circuits and a battery, beside it, a small light flashing red.

"Please Lannccceee... In myyy baggg.... therrre..." she pointed to her bag on a bench, slurring her speech.

"SHIT! SHIT! I fuck the robot! I.. I... love Alison! The real Alison! What did I do???" I screamed at myself, full of regret.

"LLAANccee...myy ppowwerrr levvelll iss zeroo... Laaan..c...e..........." Alison 2 said, now being completed drained of power.

I looked at Alison 2, all lights and electronics went off inside her panel, her eyes and mouth wide open, a strange, eerie, blank look on her face.

"Fuck me... I waited for almost three years for Alison, and in 24 hours, I fuck her robotic version." I said with disgust at myself. I reached and pulled a battery from the many batteries in the bag. I went to her and removed the dead battery.

She flinched, making me jump. Before putting the new battery, I studied her up close. They did a great job on her, even made the few moles Alison had on her real body. She even had her scent. I then studied her breasts and pussy. Twirling my fingers in her pubic hair, I inserted the battery.

"...E...Energy level now 100%" she said politely. She moved her neck to look at me, who was sitting naked beside her, still playing with her blond pubic hair. "Lance, do you like me?" she asked me with a confused look.

"I like Alison... even love her.. She is my partner. " I said quickly.

"Ever made love to her like we just did?" she quizzed me, grabbing my hand and guiding it down to her vagina.

"No... But I always wanted." I smiled at her, knowing she wanted more sex.

"You can have me any time you want." she smiled, feeling my fingers moving inside her, stimulating her clitoris more.

She then reached to close her panel, but I stopped her, "No, keep it open... It remind me that you are not the real Alison." I said confused a bit. I then reached for her and started kissing her deep, tears coming out from my eyes. We fucked again all afternoon, undisturbed.

After a few hours, me and Alison 2 took a shower and I asked her to go see Victor, knowing he should be in his office at this time of day. I got dressed and tried to sneak out to reach my car.

Just as I was about to make the last corner, Alison turned the corner and confronted me, "Is it true??? DID YOU DO IT WITH HER???" she screamed out loud, obviously pissed off at me.

I just looked at the floor and said nothing.

"Was she good?" she asked "Was she everything you wanted?" she continued. "I hope you got what you needed from her!" Alison screamed at me, tears rolling from her eyes.

"Damn you! Alison! I LOVE YOU!" I said quickly, tears also coming out from my eyes too.

I just suddenly ran past her, her words felt like knifes coming inside my heart. I was so ashamed of what I did. Alison screamed my name, asking me to come back. I couldn't. It's the first time I truly confessed my love to her, and probably my last.

I spent the night getting drunk at a small night club. I got home, still not sure how I arrived safely. I could not even look at myself in the mirror. Finally, I passed out on the couch holding a bottle of whiskey.

The next morning, or afternoon I should say, I woke up feeling like shit. The doorbell rang, making my head throb. I reached for the door and opened it. Sitting there, was Alison in her wheel chair.

"Lance, can I come in?" she politely asked. I said nothing and let her in. She smiled and asked how I was feeling.

"Like shit." I responded, making coffee for both of us. She refused the coffee and asked me to sit beside her.

"About yesterday... I want to apologies... I didn't mean to hurt you." Alison said nicely.

I remained quiet, still feeling ashamed.

"Lance... I ... I .. Love you, always did... and I am sorry to torture you like this..." Alison said, looking out the window.

" you too.. Since the first day I saw you..." I mumbled.

"Lance, please carry me to your bed." she asked me, reaching for me. "Kiss me, like you always wanted." she whispered to me.

I got nervous, but I did like she asked. Lying beside her, I started to kiss her. Slowly, my hands reached for her body and I slowly undressed her. She undressed me. We made love, like I always dreamed of it.

After an hour of lying in bed together, staring at each other, Alison grabbed my neck and hugged me hard. She lightly whispered in my ear, "Can you change my battery, it's almost empty."

I just looked at her in shock "Alison 2?" I asked her.

She nodded, opening her chest panel, revealing her circuits to me.

"WHY???? WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS??? WHO GAVE YOU THE WHEELCHAIR?" I screamed at her, totally angry.

"My battery... is emmppttyyy...." she slurred her speech, then falling on her side on my bed.

I looked at her, my rage suddenly leaving me, seeing her naked, eyes closed, looking so innocent. I grabbed her by her shoulders and laid her down in the middle of the bed.

"Alison, why can't you be like this with me?" I whispered to myself.

I reached in her clothes and found a few batteries. Before I replaced the battery, I spread her legs and looked at her vagina up close. Studying it, you could see it was almost real, but you could see some mechanical parts hiding behind a sheet of artificial skin. I pressed on her clitoris and lubrication came out from it. I heard small motors riling just a bit, her pussy still had a bit of energy in it, I guess.

Studying more of her body, I found how to remove her face plate. Pressing a small bump behind her left ear, I heard a click and her face came off, from her neck to her scalp. I was amazed by the technology she had. Removing her face, I could see scanners, motors, her main CPU, everything. I then inserted the battery and suddenly, all motors became alive.

"What are you doing?" she asked and smiled. It was strange, seeing the motors that controlled her facials expressions moving.

Moving my fingertips on her mechanical mouth, I asked her if she could feel it.

"No, all sensors for my face is in my faceplate you removed." she said nicely. "May I have my faceplate back?" she asked, reaching for it.

"Not before you answer my questions I asked you before you ran out of power." I smiled at her.

"Doc and Victor told me to come and see you yesterday and today. They instructed me that if I could fool you into believing I was the real Alison, I could fool anyone." she said, grabbing her faceplate and putting it back.

I shook my head, "Did they ask you to fuck me?"

"No, everything I did, was my own decisions. Since I was presented to you, I felt a need for you... I don't know why, but your touches just drives me crazy..." she said, her face showing only truthfulness in it.

"I love Alison." I mumbled, confused.

"But I am Alison! Look at me! Aren't I everything you ever wanted?" she asked me quickly.

" I don't know anymore..." I said, thoughts about the real Alison going in my head.

She then reached for me and kissed me deep. My hands squeezed her breasts hard. "Lance... love me, please..." she begged me. She pushed me on the bed on my back and climbed on top of me, pulling my dick inside her wet pussy. I closed my eyes, knowing she was seducing me, all my willpower left me, and she was in control of me for now.

I woke up suddenly, my apartment empty of Alison2. It was night, not so late. I took a shower and called Alison, the real one. The second she answered the phone, I could tell that she was crying.

"Lance....please leave me alone...please.." she said very low, hanging up the phone.

I didn't know what to think. I grabbed some cloths and drove to her apartment. At her door, I heard arguing. It was Doc and Alison (the real one).

"I love Lance!!!!! Why can't I marry him??? I LOVE HIM!!!!!!" she was screaming, Doc shouting her.

"NO!!!!! I won't allow it!!!! WE WORKED TO HARD FOR THIS!!!!! I WON"T LET YOU RUIN YOU CAREER FOR A MAN!!!!!!" Doc continued screaming at her.

I could take it no more, I kick the door in and grabbed Doc by the throat.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???" I screamed at him, his eyes full of fear.

"NOO! LET HIM GO!!!!! LANCE!!!" Alison screamed at me from her wheelchair.

He said nothing, until I was about to punch him out. "She's my daughter!!! Alison is my daughter!!!!!" he quickly said, Alison crying from the violent scene.

"WHAT???" I said confused, releasing him from my hands.

"Three years ago, I trained Alison to be a great tennis player, and I approached Victor. I kept it a secret that I was her father because I knew Victor would not allow me to be with Alison all the time, so, I told him I was her doctor and her tennis trainer too. If Victor knew I was her father, he would fire me and take advantage of Alison!" he mumbled, going to Alison. "You see, since she's been young, Alison has problems making choices, she is very easily influenced. It's a mental problem she has from her late mother.” Doc said, tears rolling from his face.

"Are you the one who told Alison about me and the android?" I asked him, unsure what to say next.

"Alison has fallen in love with you, and I am scared of losing my baby..." he sobbed.

"Father! You won't lose me! Lance loves me too! I trust him!" Alison said quickly, defending me.

"It's true! I love your daughter like no man can. I.. I... want to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage, if possible." I asked Doc, smiling at Alison, who smiled back.

"NO!!!! NO!!!! NEVER!!!!! NO ONE CAN EVER MARRY ALISON! SHE IS MINE!!" Doc suddenly screamed at me, reaching to grab me.

Quickly, I punched the man in the mouth, sending him to the floor hard. Alison screamed in horror, seeing her father just being knock out by me.

I look at her in horror. "I..I..didn't mean..he...." I mumbled.

"Daddy??" she cried out to him, nursing him.

I stood there frozen, in horror of my actions. He shook his head in a daze, confused.

"Dad?? Are you okay???" Alison said softly to him.

I just then ran out of the apartment, knowing he or she could next call the cops on me for assault.

Not knowing what next to do, I drove to out to the tennis stadium. Unlocking the doors and locking them back up, I walked in a daze. I saw a light in an office and realized Victor was there. I entered the office and ask if he had anything to drink.

"Christ! Lance, you look like shit!" He shouted at me about my condition.

"Vic, you would not believe the day I had." I said, reaching for a glass of whiskey he gave me.

He smiled and laughed hard, "No, but you must get ready with Alison2 soon, you have a big match tomorrow with her.”

"Alison 2? Ah fuck! I forgot about it! Then why the fuck did you send her to my place today?" I asked Victor.

Vic gave me then a strange look.

"Alison 2 has been downstairs, in her recharge pod since yesterday or was supposed to be! MAN! YOU ARE SCREWED UP!" he laughed hard at me.

"But she said.... Doc and you..." I mumbled, now very confused.

"Lance, go get some sleep!!!!" Victor ordered me.

Taking a deep breath, I agreed to what he said and went home, and had a bit of sleep until the next day.

The next day was like a blurry dream. I woke up, cleaned myself, got ready for the game, drove to the tennis stadium, was greeted by the sport press, signed a few autographs, went in, saw Alison2 was already on the court waiting for me, saw our opponents arrive, the crowd went nuts, we played, we won, did a few more TV interviews with Alison2 (who everyone was thinking was the real Alison), Shook hands with a happy Victor, hugged Alison2 quickly, went home, passed out on the couch.

I woke up the next day, body sore, my head swimming. I drank a few cups of coffee and watched a bit of sport news. Saw the reports they did about the game, me and Alison2, everything seemed normal. Victor's plan was working.

I tried calling Alison but no response. I guess she was still pissed off at me about hitting her dad. I don't blame her. Even went to her apartment, but no one was home, or so it seemed. I went to the tennis stadium, which was virtually deserted. The way I like it.

Going in the storage room, I found Alison2's recharging pod. It looked like an upright futuristic coffin. I pressed the open button and the lid opened. Alison2 was there, in her pink tennis outfit, looking like she was sleeping. I called her name, but she remained inactive.

"She must be offline." I said to myself.

I then heard someone coming down the corridor. I closed the lid and hid behind some boxes. I then saw Alison (the real one), in her wheelchair, coming in with a leg in her arms. The leg was female, and artificial. She then opened the lid and took out Alison2 from her resting place. She then laid her on the floor and took out some tools from her coat. She opened Alison2's right leg and took out some parts out. She then replaced the circuits and motors from the artificial leg she had. Closing up Alison2, she put her back in her place and closed the lid. She quickly grabbed the leg with the parts from Alison2 and left the room secretly.

"Sabotage?" I asked myself. I then opened the lid and tried to reactivate Alison2. Finally, I found her "on" button, which was her left nipple. She opened her eyes and gave me a hug when she realize it was me that activated her.

"How are you? Can you walk?" I asked her.

Confused, she took a few steps and she said everything was functioning properly.

"Alison, why did you lie to me about coming to my apartment?" I asked her.

Confused, she didn't know what I was talking about. "All my memories files have been erased since before yesterday's match. Only tennis data has not been deleted." She said in a bit robotic voice.

"All?" I asked her confused.

"Not all, I did manage to save a bit of residual data in one of my hard-drives the time we spent together. She said, stroking my crotch.

"Not now..." I said quickly, already being aroused by her.

"Yes, now." she smiled, pulling her small pink shirt off and her bra, her nice breasts popping out from her bra.

"I...can't." I mumbled again.

She then reached for me and kissed me deep, her tongue coming in my mouth quickly. I gasped, almost panicking. She grabbed my hands and pressed them on her hard rounded nipples. She moaned, licking her lips wet. I breathed hard, knowing I lost all control of my common sense and thoughts. Only lust was now entering my head and brain. I grabbed her hard and pushed against the concrete wall, pulling off her skirt and undies.

Reaching down, I also pulled my own shorts and underwear down and penetrated her hard. She screamed in ecstasy, hugging me, holding me so hard, only my pelvis could move up or down, deep inside her. After a few minutes, we reached our climax and let out a scream of passion. I lied on the hard floor, panting like a dog.

She, kissing my neck, whispering sweet nothings in my ears. "Lance...Lance...I love you so much.." she moaned in my ears.

Closing my eyes, I said what I thought I could never say to a machine, "I..think.. That I am falling in love with you..." I said to her, some tears coming out of my eyes. We stayed there all night long, holding each other tight.

"I need to recharge my battery, I guess I must go in the pod for a few hours." she said sad, knowing she would be offline for a few hours.

"No need, I bought batteries for you." I smiled to her, reaching in my pocket.

She smiled and opened her chest panel and let me replace her old battery. Pulling her old battery out, she went all limp.

For some reason, this aroused me in some way, can't explain it, "The power of having her online or offline was a dominating feeling that I never felt before. Maybe the new romantic feelings I am having for her is a false dream.. I don't know no more. I waited for the real Alison for almost three years, being true to her, having no sex with anyone. Saving myself for her. Now, with Alison2, I can do what I please with her, to love her the way I wanted to love Alison. I am so confused." I told myself quietly.

I then inserted the new battery in Alison2 and she came back online. Kissing me deep, she asked if I could love her even she was an android.

"Yes... I think I could." I said, knowing I am mixing my feelings about Alison and Alison2 together.

Getting up, I asked Alison2 to come with me at my apartment. Coming out of the storage room, we walked in the court, to reach the exit doors.

"Hey! Android! Why don't you let my man go?" someone screamed from the other side of the tennis court.

I recognized the voice, it was Alison. Alison2 looked at me confused, not sure what to do. Then, the lights on the pole lit up the court and standing there on the court, holding her tennis racket, was Alison, wearing her favorite tennis outfit.

"Alison?? How can you be standing?? Don't do this!" I screamed at her, knowing about her injured right leg.

“Lance, this is between me and her." she said quickly.

Alison2 smiled and accepted her challenge.

"To the winner, Lance can have her for life!" Alison screamed at the other one.

"Agreed!" Alison2 replied.

I didn't know what to do, so, I sat in the referee's chair and watched the game. They both played like I never saw anyone play. Some of the shots were almost impossible to do, but both did them.

"Alison! You don't need to do this! I love you!!!!" I screamed at the real one.

"LANCE! YOU LOVE ME!!!!!" Alyson2 screamed in anger.

"NO! HE LOVES ME!" The real Alison screamed, smashing the ball so hard, it flew directly in Alison2's face.

"POW!!!" was heard out loud. Alison2's faceplate ripped off by the ball's impact and came crashing hard on the ground. Alison2 stood there, damaged, dropping her racket, "Damage to section 4,6,8,9..ERROR!!!!! MALFUNCTION!!! MALFUNCTION!!!!" she blurred out from her mouth's speakers.

Alison then did another volley and this time, the ball hit again directly in the head, smashing Alison's main CPU. Alyson2's body came hard on the ground, landing on her back.

"Cheap machine!" Alison laughed out, running to me.

"Alison.... you won!" I smiled at her.

She kissed me hard and then went to Alison's 2 broken body. She took out a tool and pried out open her stomach panel and removed a circuit board.

"Alison, what are you doing?" I asked her confused.

"Please install this board inside me." she asked me, pulling up her shirt and opening and revealing a panel, exposing her circuits.

"You are an android too???" I gasped.

"Yes, Doc built me three years ago, and secretly fabricated all the bull shit story he told you. I had no choice but to follow his commands. Even Victor doesn't know I'm a droid. Tonight, I decided to rebel against Doc because of my love for you.... See, this board, it's a sexual interface that Doc never installed in me. How I wanted to give you sexual pleasure, but I couldn't... I am so sorry." she said, touching my face with her soft fingers.

I nodded and inserted the board inside her.

"Please reboot me. Press my right nipple." she ask.

I did and she rebooted.

After a few second, she opened her eyes and smiled. "Touch me.." she begged. I did grabbed her left breasts.

"OHHH!!!!!!" she moaned. "Yes! It's working! Thank you! I love you do much, Lance! Let's leave tennis and go live together for the rest of our lives." she asked me, hugging me hard.

I smiled and did what she asked.

Even after the few years that we disappeared from Tennis life, sometimes, some people do recognize us. Living up in the mountains in BC, you even find some die-hard tennis fans here. Me and Alison, we couldn't be happier together, all alone, me and her, forever.

Tennis, anyone?

No thank you.

The end

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