The New Girl

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Written by Mirage

The New Girl

She was cute.

That was the best description Tom could come up trying to tell his high school friends about the new girl that just moved four houses down from his. She, her parents and her 15 year old brother.

She was about 18, Tom would think, if not, pretty close to it for sure.

They bought that nice little old Victorian-style house that old Miss Wilbur owned when she passed away last summer. They looked like nice people, a good happy, normal family.

Tom was happy about them, they brought new life to their small community. Tom's parents invited the new family to his home for tonight. Tom was thrilled at meeting the new girl. Since the first time he saw her, he had a crush on her. She had beautiful long, light brown hair, a pleasant smile, and a pretty sexy body.

After school, Tom rushed home to get himself fixed up for supper. After a long shower and all being fixed up, he ran down stairs the second he heard the doorbell. Beating his father to the door, Tom opened the door with a smile.

The new couple was there, standing and smiling. To his disappointment, they were alone; just the parents. His father invited the couple inside and took their coats.

The evening still went well though. Tom learned the names of the new family. The Horsens was their name, the father was Charles, the mother was Evelyn and the kids were Sandra and Michael. Tom asked why their children didn't attend tonight. They smiled and replied that the kids had too much homework to do and could not go out tonight.

Tom nodded and ask to leave the table.

He decided to go outside for a small walk.

"I'll stop by their house and introduce myself to them." Tom was thinking. Reaching the old house, Tom noticed all the lights were off. He looked at his watch and saw it was only 7:37pm.

He went up the stairs to the main doors and rang the doorbell. He waited and listened for any footsteps. He waited a good five minutes until the light on the porch light up and the door opened.

Tom stepped back a bit being nervous.

"Yes?" asked a young lovely girl standing in the door frame.

"Hi, my name is Tom Warwick, and I live down the street. Your parents are having dinner with my folks right now and I was wondering if I could meet you also?"

The girl smiled and let Tom inside the house. Coming from the basement, her brother came out the door.

"Welcome." the young boy said.

Tom nodded and introduced himself to them the nicest he could. After spending some minutes with chit-chat, he felt more comfy. "Your parents told me that you were swamped with homework tonight." Tom told them.

They looked at each other and nodded. "We were in the basement, in the learning room," they said at the same exact time.

Tom felt that was just plain weird.

They smiled and asked Tom if he wanted something to drink or to eat. Tom asked for a glass of water. Michael left the room and quickly came back with a glass of tap water.

Tom sat quietly and drank the water. Michael and Sandra were both sitting beside him and the couch, staring at him. Tom felt even weirder after finishing his water. He asked them what school they are going to.

They looked puzzled and responded that they don't go to school.

"What? But you told me you had homework to do!" Tom said confused.

"We learn from our parents and learning programs." Michael replied.

Tom looked at them even more confused that before "you don't go to school? Do you go out sometimes?" he asked them.

"Mother and Father don't think we are ready yet to interact with society yet." Sandra told Tom.

Tom got up, walked a bit in circle and sat back beside them "WHAT?'"

"Yes, our programming is not yet fully developed to the fullest our AI can process." Sandra continued.

"WHAT?" Tom repeated his question.

"Me and Michael, we are androids. We were purchased last week, the day before the Horsens moved inside this house. We are programmed to be their children. They were not able to consummate, so, they decided to buy us to fill the void." Sandra answered to Tom.

"I must go." Tom said while going for the door.

"Thank you for your visit." Sandra and Michael told him while waving goodbye.

Tom closed the door and walked quickly back home.

Avoiding the parents, he managed to sneak back up to his room. Staring at his ceiling, he wondered about Sandra. "She is an android.... I wonder if she can... I wonder..."

For the next few days, daily life was normal. School was normal, even home was normal. But on Friday, he walked in front of the old house and saw Sandra and Michael raking leaves.

"Hello Tom." both said at the same time to him.

Tom smiled and replied the same. Tom starred at Sandra. His mind started to be filled with questions. "Would you both like to play a bit of soccer with me?" he asked them. They smiled and agreed. Tom ran to his house and grabbed his soccer ball.

"Do you know this game?" He asked them.

They replied yes and moved in a rectangle formation.

"Are you ready, Sandra?" he asked her before kicking the ball.

"Yes!" she smiled.


Tom was in shock. He kicked the ball too hard and it went flying directly into Sandra's face. The ball hit her so hard that she fell flat on her back. Tom ran to her, feeling so bad about himself. "ARE YOU OK????" he asked her quickly.

"I am ooook kk kkkk.... ookkk... I ammm ookkk.... amm... okkk..." She stuttered.

Michael kneeled beside her and stared at her.

Tom was scared shitless "What is wrong with her???"

"I ammmm ooookkk..amm.... mal...malfunction...system error....error...I am okkkk...." she kept saying, while smiling like an angel.

Michael moved his hand beside her head and inserted his finger inside her left ear.

A small click was heard coming from her head. Her eyes lids opened wide and she starred directly in the sky.

"I" she muttered softly until no more sound came out of her.

"I think the ball knocked some of her circuit boards loose," Michael told Tom, "Can you help me carry her inside the basement?" he ask Tom.

Tom, still a bit in shock from the moment, nodded and carried Sandra inside the house to the basement.

Michael cleared a long table where Tom laid her softly.

"Is she ok??? Am I in big trouble???" he asked nervously to Michael.

"No, I think this will take only take a few minutes to repair. Since my parents are not here, you will do the repairs on her." Michael said to Tom.

"ME??? WHY???" Tom asked nervously.

"I am not allowed to touch my sister's systems. Only you can at this moment. Please don't worry, I'll walk you through it," the young android said.

"Ok... so... what I do first?" asked Tom.

"Remove her shirt first. Then press your finger inside her naval. This will open her chest panel to her main brain component. After this, you will see a small screen. Press the damage repair icon to see what his wrong with her." the boy said.

Tom, slowly removed her shirt and exposed her chest in the open. She had beautiful perky breast. About c-cups. Tom became erected the second he saw them. He nervously inserted his index finger in her naval. She jerked when a panel opened right under her breasts. Tom look inside her in disbelief. She was truly a machine. He knew androids were becoming common in this time, but he never saw one in person. Her circuits were blinking like a Christmas tree. He was simply amazed.

"Well?" asked Michael.

"Sorry... here are the icons.... it's saying her data-feed coordinator circuit is not responding." Tom replied.

"Ah! I knew that was it!" Michael smiled, "Insert this inside her right nostril until you hear a beep" Michael told Tom while giving him a long small screwdriver.

Tom did as instructed. Slowly, Sandra's forehead opened in two the second the beep was heard. Tom looked inside and saw more complex circuits.

"Great..." Tom said worried.

After about 40 minutes, Tom was sitting beside the deactivated female android, feeling less stress than before, "Can we activate her now?" he asked.

"Yes, of course, you did an excellent job in the reconnections," Michael pressed inside her right ear and she regain consciousness.

She blinked and sat up right in a jerk.

"Systems rebooting.... loading... loading... Hello, my name is Sandra Horsens." she said in a very soft voice.

Tom smiled and sighted with relief.

"Hi, Tom. Did we finish our game of soccer?" she ask while looking at her naked chest.

"Where is my shirt?" she asked.

Tom gave her shirt and blushed.

"I was offline for 47 minutes. Should I report this to my parents?" she questioned.

"Noo!!!!" Tom told her! "I fixed you! It was an accident! Please don't tell no one!" he begged her.

"Ok," she smiled putting her shirt back on.

Tom said he had to go and left the house quickly.

The next day, Tom opened the front door to find Sandra standing there, waiting for him. "Please come in." He said.

"Can we talk in your room alone?" she asked. They went quietly inside his room and sat on his bed.

"You want to talk?" asked a bit confused Tom. Sandra smiled and removed her shirt off. Tom gasped and almost fall off the bed.

"Tom... please open me up... I need you to do something to me," she begged him. Tom was staring at her breasts.

"Yes... of course... What can I do?"

"First, come sit close to me, don't be afraid." she smiled.

Tom sat beside her and became fully erected.

"I... never seen breasts before...not in person." he told her.

"Do you like them?" she asked while taking his left hand and squeezing it on her left breast.

Tom's blood started to boil at the touch of her nice firm perky breasts. His fingers touched the nipple, it was so soft and pink.

"See... I don't feel anything.... That is what I want you to do to me... to activate my sexual response circuits." she pleated to him.

"Ok.... how do I do this?"

"First, open my chest panel, then press a small switch you will see at the left side of my inner torso. Then, move the switch up and open my main AI circuit box. You will see it, it's big and red. Inside it, you will see my main processor and all my AI circuit boards. Remove my fifth circuit board and remove a small data chip written on it "block". Can you do this?" She asked him.

While caressing the curve of her breasts, he nodded and did exactly what she asked him. While doing the process, he stopped for a second and look inside her stomach. "This is you... your brain. Your soul. What makes you live," he laughed out.

Sandra smiled "Yes... remove any of the red circuit boards and I will not function anymore,"

Tom finished her instructions and sat in front of her.

"Systems re-configuration...." Sandra said while closing her eyes. "Finished... but not totally.... I need you to program me to know what sex is...since I was activated, I discovered that sex plays a very important role in human nature. I want to know.... what is pleasure? I have the parts, the functions, but I was blocked and programmed never to know what sex is. When you told me you repaired my circuits, it opened doors I wanted to explore. Please... show me what is love, sex and pleasure." she begged him.

Tom was blown away by Sandra's request. He sat and wondered, how can he start? He slowly touched her breasts, but this time, it was different. Sandra sighed at the touch. Her nipples became erected and she blushed.

"Ooohhh.... please do it again!" she begged.

Tom's hands slowly squeeze her soft breasts again. Sandra moaned even more than before. Tom could not control himself and kissed her deep. His tongue was deep inside her mouth, lips pressed hard. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

While kissing, he pushed her on her back on his bed. They rolled back in forth in his bed, kissing and hugging hard. Tom was in heaven.

"Do you have a pussy?" he asked her a bit shy.

"A pussy? A cat?" she asked confused.

"No... a vagina?" Tom laugh.

"Oh... yes, I think so." she replied back.

Tom got up, locked his door and walked up to Sandra's feet. He opened her pants and removed them. She had a small black panty hiding her pussy. Sandra smiled and asked what he was doing to her. Slowly, Tom removed the underwear and saw her delicious pussy. He moved close to it to inspect it. It look real. Sandra was looking at Tom, hoping he would touch it. Slowly, he inserted his index finger in it. It felt real.

Sandra let out a small scream out, feeling for the first time penetration. His finger moved in circle deeper inside her until it reach a small bump at the end.

"Press it.... please," Sandra begged.

Tom's finger pressed the small bump and suddenly, his finger was covered in warm liquid. Sandra moaned like a banshee. Tom was now totally gone in ecstasy. He got up, almost ripped off his pants and underwear and fully penetrated her deep. Sandra could only screamed "YEEESSSss!!!!!! YYESSSssss!!!!!!" and enjoy the new sensations she was having.

After a few minutes, Tom ejaculated inside her with such force, she screamed out more in passion. Then, she had also her first orgasm. "Ahhhhh.... Ahhhh...... ... malfunction... malfunction..... I am not program for this.... ahhhh... malfunction..." she moaned out. Tom looked at her and continued fucking her.

"Malfunction.... please don't stop... error....error.." she continued. Tom exploded again and laid beside her.

"Aahh.... yes.... erroorrr....errroorr....yyeess..." she kept saying while her head twitched a bit.

"Are you ok?" Tom asked her.

"Error....Please open my breasts panel and deactivate for a few seconds, my systems are overloading. I need to reboot." she asked with a smile.

Tom opened her panel under her breasts and stared inside her.

"Please press the green MALFUNCTION, NOT PROGRAMMED FOR THIS... button beside my main processor," she asked.

Tom did and looked at her eyes.

"Errrooorr....errrro.o.?.orr....rrrr...." was the last word she said before being totally off-line.

Tom got up and looked at her. In his bed, was a beautiful, naked female android and he could do anything to her that he wanted. He walked up to his computer and turned it on. After a few minutes of booting, he went on the net and downloaded tons of sexual material. He then connected a cable from his computer to her CPU unit. He looked at her and reactivated her.

"Systems rebooting.... loading... loading... Hello, my name is Sandra Horsens." she said with a smile.

"Sandra, I have got some data for you." Tom told her. Sandra looked at Tom

"What do you mean? Why did you connect me to your computer?" she asked worried.

"For this!" Tom told her while pressing the enter button, downloading the data directly to her main CPU.

"What??? PROCESSING… PROCESSING.... DATA LOADED..." She said with a straight face. She blinked and got up from the bed. "FUCK ME!!!!!!!" she yelled at Tom. She pushed Tom against the wall and grab his crotch.

"FUCK ME!" She said again, her eyes open wide.

"FUCK ME !, FUCK ME ! FUCK ME ! FUCK ME !FUCK ME ! FUCK ME ! FUCK ME!" She kept saying over and over, while squeezing his dick harder and harder. Tom, in terrible pain, pushed her away and was scared shitless.

"FUCK ME ! FUCK ME !" she screamed at him, coming toward him. Tom panicked and pushed her on the bed and held her there.

"FUCK ME !" She repeated and repeated. He looked inside her and pressed her green button. She blinked and was finally deactivated.

After an hour of deleting all the data he had downloaded inside her CPU, he carefully reactivated her.

"Systems rebooting.... loading... loading... Hello, my name is Sandra Horsens." she said out loud.

Tom looked at her, a bit scared "How do you feel?"

"I am fully functioning. Why?" she asked puzzled. She got up and got dressed, "I must go, thank you for having me as a guest." she smiled and left the room.

Tom was confused and went to his computer and inspected what he erased inside her.

"SHIT!!!!!!! I erased all her data that mentioned sex, including her curiosity about it this afternoon!" Tom screamed at himself in disbelief, "Maybe I can reprogram her again, but less crazy this time," he wondered to himself.

He ran downstairs until he was outside and saw her walking slowly to her house. He ran to her "Sandra! Wait! I need to check something!" he begged her.

"Yes?" she asked nicely. He moved his hand quickly under her shirt and squeeze her left breast.

"Oooohhh…." she gasped.

His fingers reached her nipple and it became erect. He then quickly removed his hand from her shirt.

"Yes! You still have the sensations!" Tom smiled.

"What was that feeling???? I am not programmed for this!" Sandra ask Tom confused.

"Come tonight and I'll show you more," Tom whispered to her.

Sandra blushed and walk home confused by the feelings she just felt.

That night, Sandra was lying on a table, in sleep mode. Suddenly, her systems booted up and she became fully operational. She was confused by this. She looked around the room and saw Michael still deactivated on the other table. She ran a self-diagnostic on herself and found nothing wrong with her systems.

"Tom wanted to show me something…I can't tell father or mother, they'll get angry at me for going at Tom's house in the middle of the night." she thought to herself. She managed to sneak outside and went to Tom's house. She threw some pebbles at Tom's window until he heard her and let her in.

Tom let her in and they went to his room in secret. "I'm glad you came, I could not stop thinking about you." Tom told her. Sandy smiled and asked what Tom wanted to show her. Tom asked her to remove her shirt. She agreed and removed her shirt. Tom sat beside her and slowly pressed inside her naval. Her stomach panel opened slowly and Tom stared inside her a bit.

"What are you doing to me?" she ask politely.

"Well…I sort of erased a bit of programming this afternoon, I wanted to restore it." Tom told her. Sandra sat there silently while Tom connected a cable to her CPU.

After Tom uploaded the deleted files inside her, he looked inside her and started randomly touching her circuits and buttons. She gasped, realizing she could feel everything he was touching inside her.

"Please be careful... my circuits are delicate..." she told him softly.

Tom climbed on top of her and started to open her main AI circuit box. She closed her eyes and felt his fingers touching her CPU circuit boards.

"Do you think you are a living being?" Tom asked Sandra, slowly pulling a circuit board out of place.

Sandra's eyes opened wide "SYSTEM MALFUNCTION! ERROR!" she blurted out the second the circuit was removed.

"I AM SCARED TOM, WHAT ARE DOING TO ME?" she said in a robotic voice.

"Scared???? I guess you just answered my question!" Tom smiled putting the circuit board back in place. He kissed her softly and sat beside her. Sandra sat up and looked at Tom.

"Why did you do this to me? I may be an android, but I am not a simple machine without feelings!" she said disappointed.

"I needed to see if I could truly fall in love with you. I needed to see how much you were real." Tom told her.

Sandra looked at her open systems and wished she was not an android. Tom's hands caressed her face and he kissed her more.

He started to fondle her breasts.

"Ohhh.... I am not programmed for this kind of interaction.... yes.... not program.... yes," Sandra told Tom softly. Sandra was so confused by the sensation and data flooding her processors. Tom started to lick her nipples and breasts with his mouth and tongue. She moaned and lied on her back, stretching her legs open.

"What is happening to me...? Error.... malfunction.... not program for this behavior.... please don't stop... error...." she contradicted herself.

Tom's finger pried her pants open and pulled her underwear and pants off. He slowly inserted his fingers inside her.

"Ahhhh.... please... not programmed for this.... don't stop.... please," she begged, reaching bliss. She moaned and left a small gasp out when Tom's fingers touched her clitoris.

"Malfunction.... not pro... grammmm... yessssssss.... oooohhh...." she said softly.

Tom got up, removed his pants and inserted himself inside her. She screamed in joy, reaching ecstasy to the fullest she could. After a few minutes, both of them were lying naked in his bed, eyes wide open.

"What have done to me?" she whispered to him, her systems trying to make sense of her sensations she just had.

"I did what a man and a woman are supposed to do to each other." answered Tom, laughing.

Sandra lied there puzzled "Yes, I now remember... Sex... I was curious about it... so, this is sex.. Very good,"

Tom came on top of her and kissed her more. They rolled more in the bed and continued kissing.

"Shit... Tom... Bad news... my batteries are dying… Do you have batteries here?" she asked him. Tom looked around nervously and nodded

"Yes, I think in the basement! Wait here until I get them!" he told her.

"Hurrry... alllmmooossttt... emmmpppttyy..." she started to slur her speech.

Tom got up and ran naked downstairs.

After a few minutes of looking in the dark, he found the batteries and ran upstairs and lock his door. Sandra was lying naked on the floor, on her back.

"Sandra?" he looked at her quickly.

Her eyes and mouth were wide open, a completely blank look on her face. Tom lied her in his bed and started to look for an opening for a batteries panel on her naked body. After a few minutes of probing her, he felt a seam in her spine. He pressed it hard and a small panel opened above her neck. He looked inside and saw two batteries.

"Super!" he exclaimed.

He replaced the batteries and sat beside her. Before he reactivated her, he needed to try something with her. He sat her on the floor, facing him, while he sat on his bed. His penis was in perfect alignment with her open mouth. He slowly pulled her head toward his penis and inserted it in her mouth. He felt her warm wet tongue rubbed again his dick. He continued pulling and pushing her head back and forth.

While he was in ecstasy, he looked at her vacant wide open eyes. After a few minutes, he exploded inside her mouth and laid in his bed recuperating. After a few moments, he sat up and reactivated her.

"Systems rebooting.... loading... loading... Hello, my name is Sandra Horsens." she told him with a smile.

"What is this in my mouth?" She asked spitting the sperm out.

"My sperm... sorry, I could not control myself," he told her a bit embarrassed.

"Sperm? Did I blow job you?" she asked blushing.

"Kinda..." he smiled. She reach and touch his penis and started to lick it.

"Mmmm I like the taste sensation... may I continue?" she asked stroking his genitals with her hands and tongue.

"Please," he begged her.

"I think I am more fun when I am functional, right?" she told him inserting deeply his dick inside her mouth and forming a perfect circle with her lips around it.

He started to almost scream when he reach his climax, exploding all over her face. He lay in his bed almost died from the orgasm he just had. She slowly crawled inside the bed with cat-like movement and laid beside him.

"I love you." he told her.

"I...I... love you too... EERRRORRR... MMMAALLLFUUN CTIOOONN!!!!!!!!" she replied.


"Sandra! Show me how to fix you!" Tom asked her while holding her.

"Tom... I.. ERROR... Pull out the last circuit board in my CPU and remove all the blue chips.....ERRORR...." she begged him.

Tom did this and wished for the best.

"Systems re-configuration....warning. All restrictions been removed," she said again in a robotic voice.

"Tom.. I love you.... thank you.!" She smiled and kissed him hard. "Please... let's keep our love a secret, people would not understand." she asked him.

He agreed and kissed her more.

The next few weeks went pretty good for them both. Able to keep their relationship secret, able to make love when they could, everything was great. Until one day. Tom knock on the door at the Horsens to ask for Sandra to come at his house. Her father opened the door and let Tom in.

"What have you done to my daughter?" the father asked angrily to Tom. Tom turned around and saw Sandra sitting on the couch, breasts exposed, her stomach panel open, starring at the wall with an empty look in her face.

"What have you done to her!" ask Tom also now angry.

"Did you think I would not discover what you did to her? She is my property! You little sick bastard! Give me all the missing chips and I won't sue your ass off!" the father screamed at Tom.

"No! She loves me and I love her!" Tom exclaimed.

"Love you?? She's a robot, a fucking machine! The only reason it's alive it's because I paid for it! Stupid boy!" the father snickered.

Tom exploded and punched the father in the mouth. The father landed on his back hard.

"You little son-a-bitch!" the older man shouted trying to get up, massaging his jaw.

Tom kicked him in the stomach next and kicked him one more time in the skull. The father was now unconsciousness. Tom went to Sandra and reactivated her. When she came back alive, she screamed when she saw her father lying on the floor in front of her.

"Sandra, you must come with me, your father wants to make you like you were before!" Tom told her while grabbing her hands.

"No... I’d rather be erased than be like before!" she said distressed.

They both ran to Tom's house and hide in Tom's room.

They sat on his bed, both of them very quiet, until Sandra spoke "You know... my father will find me... and have me reprogrammed or even send me back to the company." she told Tom.

"I know...." he said softly.

"Tom... you know what you must do," she asked him.

He nodded, kissed her deep one last time and removed her shirt. She closed her eyes and felt him open her main panel. She then felt some of her circuits and her CPU panels being removed and chips reattached. She then felt many files of her memories being deleted.

"Systems re-configuration...Systems rebooting.... loading... loading... Hello, my name is Sandra Horsens" was all Sandra said to Tom. Tom hugged her, but she didn't hug back. She smiled and left the room.

Tom hugged his pillow and cried all night long.

Tom tried his best to hide from Sandra for the next few weeks. One night, he was walking home, he saw Sandra walking with her brother toward his house.

"Hello, Tom, we wanted to tell you goodbye before we left." they both said at the same time.

"Goodbye?" Tom asked puzzled.

"Yes, we are being taken by the repo-man. Our parents declared bankruptcy and we are being sent back to the company. We will miss you. Thank you for your friendship." they both said with a smile.

Tom looked at his feet and smiled back, "Well, I'll miss you too."

He started to walk away and turned around to look one last time at Sandra. "Sandra... I will always keep you in my heart!" He screamed at her.

She looked at Tom in the distance "..ERROR..ERROR... me too..." she whispered to herself with a tear coming out of her left eye.

The end

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