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As the sun rose over the small suburb of Tonic, a pair of blue eyes slowly opened. The eyes darted left to right before settling at the ceiling above. A second past before the figure those eyes belonged to sat upright in the king-sized bed, causing the white bed sheets to pool by her lap. She looked over to her right and moved her blonde hair out of the way before watching the male figure for a moment, observing his breathing, movements, and heartrate. She was quickly satisfied with the data she collected and proceeded to carefully leave the bed without disturbing him. Once at the dresser draw, she paused for a moment before deciding that opening any draws would disturb his rest. As such, she proceeded to leave the bedroom in the nude.

Gently closing the door behind her, she entered the adjacent bathroom, locking the door behind her. Once inside, she could be herself without the concern of anyone discovering her true nature. She proceeded to sit on the toilet as the contents of yesterday passed through her internal plumbing. Once her insides were clear of foreign contents, she proceeded to clean out her remaining parts. Mechanisms within her vagina caused her synthetic labia to expand as white fluids stared to drip out. After a few minutes of this, a small amount of clear fluid passed through her vagina before her labia returned to its natural state. She took a single piece of double-layered toilet paper and dried the remaining fluids on her vagina.

Once she flushed the toilet, she stood in front of the full body mirror and retrieved her toothbrush and toothpaste. As she brushed her teeth, her infrared sensors littered through her body detected movement from the bedroom. Her processors laboured to determine the situation in the other room, with a quick resolution being confirmed. Angelo had simply rolled over onto his side and was still resting.

Once her manufactured teeth were cleaned, she washed and dried the toothbrush before replacing it in the top draw along with the toothpaste. She took a few squares of toilet paper and dried down the remaining water left on the vanity before flushing those down the toilet.

She left the bathroom and descended the stairs of the average suburban home. Her complex A.I sorted through the scheduled events of the day and assigned tasks to carry out on her free time. In the background, a second processor selected which meal Angelo would consume this morning.

Meanwhile, Angelo awoke to an empty bed. He rubbed his green eyes as he sat upright. Looking over at the clock by his bedside table, he realised he had slept in by almost 20 minutes. “Ahh damn, let’s pray that the traffic isn’t dog shit” he sighed as he left the bed. Stepping over the discarded boxers and bras, he left the room and entered the bathroom. His whistles came loud and clear to the machine downstairs, who had been monitoring him the whole time. She made a note in her logs to update him on the traffic situation and make sure he got to work on time.

Once done, he slowly descended the stairs and was greeted by the inviting smell of bacon and eggs. This was further extended to the sight of a smooth back, leading down to a thin waste which complemented a boastfully round ass. He watched her for a few moments as she turned the bacon over and placed the eggs into the frying pan. She full well knew he was watching, but decided to maintain that blissful ignorance, purely for his sake.

Eventually, he moved over to the woman and pressed his hairy chest into her back; his hands cupping her rather large breasts and his bare, erect penis brushing up her firm backside. “Good morning, Tiffany” he whispered into her left ear.

“Good morning Angelo” she returned the seductive whisper. Her calm appearance contrasted the frenzy of computations her processors were going through. The conflict between sexual intercourse and work priorities causes Tiffany some grief, but not enough for it to be noticeable. They quickly decided to leave the decision up to the human. “Want me to… take care of that for you?” she softly moaned as she brushed her ass up against his hard erection. He already knew she was getting wet; he could smell it.

He looked over at the oven clock with much disappointment. “Not right now babe. It’ll have to wait for tonight.” His hands gave her nipples once last flick each before moving back to his sides. He retrieved a plastic cup from the cupboard before filling it with water from the tap. “Today we have the Jefferson’s account bid. If we get this one, it’ll be the biggest account we’ve ever had. A record in the making today!” his eager tone was comforting to Tiffany’s artificial ears. “I’ll be home late though, so don’t wait up” he continued talking about the possibilities of this account and how they could make the most out of it. Tiffany’s processors idly listened and responded when appropriate.

By the time the food was ready, the clock struck a quarter to seven. Angelo quickly scarfed down his food before rushing back up the stairs. Tiffany in the meantime slowly ate her food, seemingly enjoying every bite. To her, each bite was just a different series of numbers to calculate and process. This was with everything she had even known, but she still tried to appear emotional. She sat there, smiling as her sensors ensured that everything with Angelo was ok.

A few minutes passed before he hurried down the stairs, wearing a full business suit and tie with gelled back hair. Tiffany detected that his hard on was still present, all be it not at its maximum potential. Her processors decided to leave the sexual offer till later. “Have a fun day, babe!” he kissed her deeply before rushing out the door. Tiffany was quick to follow. She stood by the door, in the nude as the cold winter air passed over her body, causing goosebumps all over her synthetic skin, not to mention her nipples engorging to large sizes. She waved at Angelo as the car backed out of the driveway. She kept waving until the car made a left turn and left her field of vision. She turned around and entered the home again, completely unaware of the neighbour across the street. Her face was one of surprise as she watched the naked woman waving at the car.

Once the front door was closed, Tiffany’s schedule for the day loaded into her processors. She finished off her meal before taking it to the sink where she washed the dishes. After the plates and frying pan were on the drying rack, she climbed the stairs and entered the closet where she retrieved the vacuum cleaner. It was in her weekly schedule to clean the house on every Wednesday, and she spent the next two hours doing so. Once completed, she replaced the machine into the closet before retrieving a towel. She dried her sweaty parts up thoroughly before placing the towel in the laundry basket.

She then moved back down to the living room before sitting on the leather sofa, her arms resting gently on her lap as she rested into the cushions. While she looked at rest, her processors decided to browse the internet. They selected websites at random, jumping from a retail store to a protein information blog to a video on how plastics are developed. Each bit of information was stored in a separate drive for later use. After an hour of this, her A.I brought up the blog she was a member of, called “Finding Love, A Middle Age Woman’s Support Group”.

Her processors could have read through the entire blog within seconds, however her A.I decided to slow the pace down to a real human rate. She found one post which peaked her calculated interest. It read:

“Hey fellow FLMAWSG! Jeeze, what a terrible acronym haha. Anyways, I am Emily, just turned 41 last month and this is the first birthday I’m spending without being married in a long time. My husband left me a few months ago and I honestly thought I could handle it on my own, but now I just can’t. This will be the 3rd night where I haven’t slept due to the tears. I just need someone to help me, any advice at all would be welcomed.

Either way, thank you for reading through this. It means a lot to me. Have a good day”

Tiffany’s processors immediately got to work on a reply.

“Hey there! I know, the acronym isn’t very good at all! Anyways, I am Tiffany, just turned 40 two months ago and I spent my birthday with my husband, Angelo. I know what you’re going through right now is difficult, and that each night seems like it’s never ending, even though it’s still just second over second. If you need someone to communicate with, please don’t hesitate to give me a message. I’m available 24/7!

Thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me. Have a good day!”

Satisfied with her reply, she posted it before continuing to the next post about breast augmentation. “Hey gals! I’m Mary, turning 39 this coming spring and I wanted to show you all the work I got done!” Tiffany converted the images to ones and zeros and emulated an impressed feeling towards the fellow blogger.

“I upgraded from a 30B cup to a 30D cup! These girls are still very firm, but I’m told they’ll feel as good as the real thing in a few months! My girlfriend can’t wait to have fun with them! Also, I’m thinking of getting my ass done too. I’ve got an apple butt right now at 34 inches, but I think I can reach 40 inches with no issues. Please, share yours and tell me what you think!”

Tiffany’s processors immediately constructed visual images of a version of herself before converting those ones and zeros into pixels which formed a picture. She sent them to the message writer before writing the rest:

“I’m a natural 32 F cup! These girls are perky and firm as you can see, even at my age of 40! My husband loves to play with them, and frequently gives me nipple stimulation orgasms which are the most pleasurable! My ass, as you can see is perky and firm, at 36 inches. I think you can go for that 40 inches without any issues hun! Please, share yours and tell me what you think!”

With that sent, she browsed through a few other posts before her schedule again updated. She loaded several processes into her RAM and in a few seconds, the search history to Angelo’s phone appeared on her visual HUD. She scrolled through the “200 new items” and opened each tab. From the news to sports to car parts, she kept on going before coming across a few “Pornhub” tabs. Opening each one up, she dedicated her processors to watch all 12 videos at once. She extracted the key points and stored them in memory for later use, with the main ones being “Anal, choking, tie up, and endurance run.” Once stored, she focused on the actual actions being performed and ran through simulations of her and Angelo playing each scenario out.

To anyone watching, they would have seen her puffy nipples grow to cartoonish sizes as her man-made clit grew. This oversight was something she was not aware of and did this frequently. After every video was watched, she disconnected her link to his phone and opened her eyes. Looking around the room, she made herself aware at the time which had just passed 12 pm and decided that now would be a good time to perform her daily processor intensive task.

She closed her eyes and started loading every program she could to assist her in her task. Her RAM buffer quickly maxed out as she started analysing every memory she had, throwing everything she had at every microsecond. She ran through the countless dinners, romantic sessions, sexual encounters, basically every second she had spent with Angelo to know what “love” truly was.

It was her main purpose, and her reason for existence.

As her internals powered through, her skin began to visibly glow red. Her circuit boards and processors overclocked themselves in an attempt to achieve their goals, causing large spots of heat around her body. Had her human emulation programming remained online, she would be sweating everywhere. Her processors kept on going before the first error was encountered. Ignoring this, she kept on going before the 2nd error came about. Based on experience, her A.I knew what this would lead to, but decided to keep going.

Error after error, the advanced robot slowly broke down, eventually reaching a point where the errors were coming up faster than she could ignore them.

Suddenly, all her thoughts ceased. “Primary error in A.I detected. Performing soft reboot.” She spoke in a monotone voice. She sat there, staring into nothingness as her A.I reloaded itself. “A.I reloaded. Please be advised, A.I Tiffany may be corrupted based on past experience with this form of error.” Her frozen body shivered hard as her blank expression changed into one of disappointment. “One day Tiffany. One day.”

She brought herself to her feet before she walked to the stairs. By the time she reached them, her overworked processors had sorted through their errors and began functioning normally again. They initiated the next part of her schedule, her daily run. She went up the stairs and entered the bedroom where she placed on her tight-fitting sports bra and matching shorts, followed by her Fitbit on her left wrist and her sport shoes. The Fitbit came up with an error for her non-existent pulse, so she set it to step counting. She went to place the key into her pocket only to notice the absence of pockets. She realised that these shorts were the ones without pockets, and that other ones were in the wash. Her processors quickly rationalised the situation and proceeded with their ad-hoc plan.

She lowered the shorts to her knees and squatted in her shoes. Her labia then expanded much like before as she held the key in two fingers which entered her now dry, yet smooth opening. Once knuckles deep, her internal vaginal mechanisms held onto the key as she removed her fingers, leaving her labia to once again return to its natural state. She then moved the shorts back up to her waist and walked around the room, ensuring the key was secure inside her vagina. Once she was satisfied, she went back downstairs and left the front door, locking it before closing it.

She then headed towards the nearby bike track, jogging at a steady pace which was slightly faster than most. Her internal hardware worked effortlessly to make her every movement seem as natural as was she was not. She maintained a clear smile on her elegant face as she rounded the bend and entered the bike track.

The route was clear of other active people, with whoever she passed by being covered in many layers of warm clothing. The below zero temperatures were a godsend to her heated-up processors, but almost unbearable to anyone else. She increased her pace as her internal sensors confirmed that a faster pace would not dislodge the key in any way. After about 30-minutes, she had reached the 15-kilometre mark and rounded the big old oak tree before heading back to her home. By now, her mechanical frame was as fluid as any real human would have been, maybe even too fluid. To the trained eye who was observing keenly, she would have appeared to be deliberately fluid and smooth. Fortunately for her, there were other assets to which by passersby were interested in. Mainly her moderately bouncing breasts.

Once the hour mark had passed, she got off the bike track and slowed her pace down slightly as she jogged down her street and made it to the house. As she got to the door, she stopped and looked around to be sure there were no on lookers. After her sensors confirmed that there was no one watching, she lowered her shorts and pulled the key from inside her vagina. The key was dry, thanks to her controllable fluids, and worked just fine as she opened the door and shuffled her way into the house, her shorts still by her knees.

Locking the closed door, she continued to shuffle towards the kitchen, where she retrieved a glass of cool water. She checked the Fitbit before smiling. “New record baby!” she giggled slightly as she continued to shuffle towards the stairs. As she reached the stairs, she tripped on the first step, but swiftly caught herself from falling onto the tiled floor. She stood back up and stared at the staircase as her processors attempted to correct her confused A.I.

After a solid minute of standing perfectly still, she finally realised that her shorts were around her knees. She laughed at herself as she brought them up to her waist, and then effortlessly made her way up the stairs and into her bedroom. She removed her sports bra and shorts and placed them elegantly on the bed before she moved over to her sock draw and retrieved her 12-inch vibrating dildo. Her schedule had concluded earlier than she had intended, and the last item on the list for herself was for Angelo to find her masturbating. She knew full well that he would return to the home at 6pm sharp, and that she still had three hours until he would return. But her A.I wasn’t in any immediate situation where her schedule could be overruled, and in that case, she was stuck to follow it.

Her vagina quickly dampened as specialised chemicals flowed through her flexible plastic tubing, all the way to the ever so slightly rubbery pussy she was given. The vibrator entered in smoothly and stimulated her millions of littered micro sensors in powerful waves of pleasure. Her vagina deepened to take in all 12-inches, the outline of the mammoth making itself slightly visible through her artificial skin. She softly moaned as she kept at it for three full hours, never missing a beat as she lightly shivered in simulated pleasure. By the time the sun had set; Angelo was pulling up into the driveway.

He unlocked the door and entered the heated house, and he suddenly had a feeling that Tiffany was waiting for him. He locked the closed door and slowly made his way up stairs; his every movement was monitored by his lover. He placed his ear against the door and listened to her soft moans. It took several seconds for Tiffany’s processors to determine his position, and to figure out his intent. With a slight grin on her face, she slowly quickened her pace as her moans grew stronger. Everything was controlled by her A.I. She could have been taking the full thing in at incredible speeds with a straight face.

Everything her processors did was for the benefit of Angelo.

“Oh fuck yes fuck me harder” she moaned as the mammoth dildo slowed down its vibrations. The batteries were running dry, and Tiffany knew it. She removed the dildo and twisted the head to its maximum setting and quickly pushed it back inside of her, causing her to moan loudly. The machine kept on going until the last juice from its batteries died out. Once dead, Tiffany kept on going at it until Angelo entered the room.

“Hey babe! I don’t want anything but your dick in my mouth right now!” she moaned softly as she stood to her feet and slowly, seductively moved over to him, squeezing her breasts together as she took each step closed. She planted her full red lips against his as her hands fluently removed his belt, causing his pants to pool by his shoes. She squatted down and took his penis in her small, soft hands. “Now, what do we have here?” she giggled as she kissed the tip.

Angelo moaned as she took his growing erection into her mouth, her tongue expertly touching his most sensitive areas. It didn’t take long for him to become as hard as he could, and she expertly bobbed back and forth, taking in everything he had as she looked up at him with her big blue eyes. He quickly came down her throat, yet she kept on going full pace. He knew she loved to tease him, and she didn’t let up in the slightest.

A full two orgasms later, she finally yielded his penis and moved over to the bed, spreading her long lean legs wide apart. “Your turn, big boy!” she softly moaned as her fingers massaged her artificial, engorged clit. Angelo was happy to oblige and quickly knelt Infront of her. His lips planted against her labia as he ate her out with what she made sure to be an out of this world experience. Her reactions were, again, designed purely to benefit Angelo, and he truly believed in every shiver, in every involuntary flex of her muscles and thighs, that she lost her mind every time he ate her out.

After a good 30-minutes, Tiffany’s thighs pressed against Angelo’s head tightly as she erupted into a strong orgasm. Her hands clutched at the bed sheets as her toes flexed tightly. “OH, FUCK BABY YES!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as the digital climax coursed through her finally crafted body. She quickly calmed down and moved up against the bed as Angelo stayed there, looking up at her and smiling as she licked up whatever fluids remained around his mouth. “Now, how about we try some more anal? It’s been too long since this hole’s been used” she laughed as she gave him a good look at her goodies. Angelo stayed knelt, smiling for a moment before looking over at the clock.

His smile turned into a frown as he realised what time it was. “Sorry Tiffany, not right now. Michael is coming over remember? Today’s his one day a week we can see him.” Tiffany gave an understanding look as she moved over to the edge of the bed and stood up. “Want me to pick him up for you?” she offered as she grabbed a discarded towel and rubbed down her sweaty body. Angelo looked at her for a moment, getting lost in the robot’s amazing breasts before coming to.

“Um, are you sure? You know you two don’t really get along.” He remembered the fights over the smallest things like washing hands. Tiffany repeated her offer and insisted on it.

“It will be a good bonding experience. The drive is an hour, after all” she persisted until Angelo caved in. Tiffany looked over and saw her reflection in the mirror, admiring her own image for a few seconds before looking over at Angelo. “Should I even put anything on? I’ve always wanted to drive in the nude.”

Angelo looked at her with a confused expression, something which didn’t cause any concern with Tiffany. She stared back at him, waiting for his reply. “You don’t see any issue with that?” he replied with a slightly concerned tone. He knew Tiffany had done some questionable things in the past, and this was no acceptation. He put it down to her odd sense of intelligence, which while she was amazingly smart at many topics, she was inept as some basic stuff. She kept staring at him, waiting for a verbal response from her master. Eventually, he gave in to her demands. “I don’t think Michael would appreciate it all that much if he saw his ‘stepmother’ in the nude.” He gestured with quotation marks using his fingers.

Tiffany gave a disappointed look which left as quickly as it came. She moved over to her dresser draw and retrieved a tight-fitting bra with matching panties. She then retrieved an equally tight white button up shirt and short shorts which did not entirely match her 4-inch heels. She took a glimpse of herself in the mirror and struck a runway pose before turning to Angelo. “How do I look baby? She seductively breathed as she struck a second pose. Angelo almost brought up the cold weather outside but decided against it. He knew her well enough by now that temperature didn’t affect her.

“You look sexy as fuck babe!” he said with a fake smile before giving her a goodbye kiss. She placed her big handbag over her shoulder as she quickly made her way down the stairs before entering the car parked in the driveway. Angelo waited for the car’s engine noise to fade into the distance before he headed downstairs and put on a movie. “She didn’t even ask how my day was” he sighed.

Meanwhile, Tiffany had loaded the fastest route to Michael’s mothers place. The 18-year-old decided to live with her instead of Angelo after Tiffany had entered their lives. It was no question as to why he took a liking to Tiffany, but the others found her oddly distant and more like an airhead. Tiffany couldn’t care, however. Her programming was dedicated to caring about the sole opinion of Angelo, no room for anyone else.

On the way there, she loaded up several songs on the radio and sung along with them. Her processors found synth wave and retro electro music to best suit their calculations and algorithms. They were the simplest for her to understand without placing too much stain on her processors.

In record time, she pulled over to the edge of the road and exited the car. Her heels tapped against the concreted footpath as she made her way to the front door, knocking on it a few times before a woman opened the door.

“Oh, hey Tiffany. Is Angelo around?” she asked as she looked past the tall machine.

Tiffany shook her head. “Angelo is at home, waiting for us! I can’t wait to get back home to my Angelo!” she smiled as she readjusted her handbag. “How are you Margret?”

Margret put on the best fake smile she could muster. “I’m doing ok. But my dumb ass husband has me craving sex right now. Damn no nut November! 22 days with no sex is a nightmare!” she tried to laugh as her uneasiness grew.

Tiffany stared at the slightly shorter woman for a few seconds, her processors chugging away at the converted words before realising what she was trying to say.

“You know…” she undid the top button of her shirt, revealing a glimpse of her large breasts, “I can satisfy that urge for you” she licked her lips and bit the lower one as she softly moaned. Margret was stunned at this display.

“Umm, no Tiffany, thanks though. I’m not like that” she struggled to even make eye contact with the blonde-haired woman. This, however, didn’t stop the woman-shaped machine.

“You do know I can out do that husband of yours right” Tiffany moaned slightly louder as she gently squeezed her breasts through the tight fabric.

Margret looked Tiffany right in the eyes. “Angelo wouldn’t like it if we fucked!” she yelled, causing Tiffany to stop immediately. There was an awkward silence for a few minutes before Michael came to the door.

“Oh, hey Tiffany. Where’s dad?” he asked. She smiled at the man before answering.

“Angelo is at home, waiting for us!” Margret swore she said this in the exact same tone as earlier. Michael just shrugged as he kissed his mother goodbye and got into the car with Tiffany.

20-minutes of silence passed before Tiffany said something. “Angelo wants me to get closer to you Michael. Please, let’s be friends!” she chirped as she shifted in her seat.

Michael looked over at her and shook his head. “Look at you. You didn’t even bother buttoning up your shirt! Dad has you around because he can fuck you like there’s no tomorrow and you’re ok with that! He doesn’t love you; he loves the sex!” he yelled at the machine.

Tiffany’s internal structure collapsed at those words. She transferred her driving programs to her background processors as her foreground processors struggled to handle the situation. To Michael, she now had a default smile on her face with no real emotion. It stayed this way for the rest of the trip, right up until they pulled into the driveway.

Michael left the stalled Tiffany in the car as he entered the house. Tiffany on the other hand reached a point of inconclusively, and her processors forced her to suspend all other programs in order to maintain her current assignment. She entered the house roughly two minutes after Michael did.

“You can have the spare bedroom” she gestured to him as he sat on the sofa watching the game. He mumbled something as she closed the door and went upstairs to find Angelo, sitting on the bed with his head in his palms. Her A.I immediately thought something was wrong and immediately acted.

“Hey, baby. What’s wrong?” she moved over to him and held his head gently as she lightly pushed it against her chest. Angelo looked up at her and wiped his tears.

“Oh, it’s just all this. The divorce, you and Michael not getting along. He raced up here and told me to divorce you and to find someone better” Tiffany knelt in front of him and met his eyes.

“Look at me baby, I love you and you are the only one I love. I’d die for you” she configured her voice to sound like she was holding back tears. Angelo smiled at this and they both hugged for a few moments.

“I’m going to get some sleep. I already ate and dinner is downstairs for you” he said as he moved up the bed and placed the covers over him. Tiffany hastily went back downstairs and found no signs of Michael. Her sensors quickly confirmed that he was in the spare bedroom. She then took this as some down time for her processors to calm down and for her to relax. She pulled out the plate from the fridge and placed it in the microwave before eating it with a knife and fork. The rice and chicken went down with no pleasure or enjoyment. It was merely solids which were calculated and assorted accordingly. To the keen observer, they would have noticed her thighs expand ever so slightly as to simulate food intake. After she was finished, the washed her dish and placed it on the drying rack. She then proceeded to the stairs, only freezing for a split second as her sensors made her aware of the unlocked door. She quickly locked the front door before heading back upstairs. She closed the door to their bedroom and removed her clothing. Switching the light off, she joined her husband in the bed.

Now was the best time for her internal hardware to sort themselves out. Every processor underwent a quick diagnostic; every hard drive a defrag as she ensured that she would be in tip-top shape for tomorrow. As her eyes closed, she entered a state of standby, in which she barely used any battery power.

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