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The scene fades in to a pristine kitchen. To the left is Mister Johnny, a muscular, tan man with brown hair and a wide grin, a guy known for being a porn-star turned infomercial jockey. Displayed in the middle of the kitchen is the GearGal, a curvy, sort-haired blonde gynoid with green eyes. Her chrome colored body is clad in a blue bikini and she waits, inactive.

Mister Johnny turned and smiled towards the camera. “Alright folks, I've got this amazing new device, it's gonna revolutionize the house and the way you live, you'll LOVE it.” He pats the deactivated robot on the shoulder. "This here's the new GearGal version four fembot, but she'll go by 'Gear' or whatever ya wanna call her. Gorgeous, isn't she? She cooks, she cleans, she'll even make julienne fries! But that's just scratching the surface!” Johnny mugs for the camera, winking. "You'll never believe it if I just tell ya, so lets give it a demonstration!" He slides his hand down Gears back, giving her backside a squeeze to turn her on.

GearGal V4 's eyes flutter and blink with lights a few times as a gentle chime plays. She stands up and runs her hands down over her full, plump breasts. "Mmm... I feel great, Johnny! What do you have for us today?" Mister Johnny beams with as much fabricated enthusiasm as he can muster. “Well, we've got some people who might not be convinced that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, the toaster and the melon baller. Why don't you give us the hard sell?” GearGal winked at Johnny suggestively. “Loading routine.” Her cherful visage stupefied for a moment and her jaw went slack as those pretty synthetic eyes flickered with light. “Routine loaded! Well, hun, I'm sure you've already told them about my extensive domestic programming, that includes cleaning, cooking, budget management, household chores, babysitting AND more, but I think we should get into the finer details of what I like to call…” GearGal V4 then ran her hands down her chrome-colored, yet inexplicably soft body. "The Total Package." Mister Johnny did his best to look amazed, as if he hadn’t rehearsed this a few hundred times. “Now what's in 'The Total Package'? You're already a fantastic deal, and easy on the eyes to boot!”

GearGal V4 turned to the side, allowing the camera to get a good look of her silhouette. She ran her hands over her curvy rump, and gave herself a playful slap. "Well, sweetie, the Total Package is all the standard equipment that each GearGal unit comes equipped with not only to keep your house affairs in order, but your bedroom affairs as well. I'm, simply put, THE most sophisticated sexual recreation device available.” Mister Johnny laughs, running a hand down her side. "Honey, this is TV - you can't get away with just tellin' the audience what you can do! Ya gotta go into more detail!"

GearGal V4 mmmm'd seductively as Johnny touched her. "Ooooh, well, how about instead of just telling... we show them?" She started to walk a little closer to the camera, running her hands up and down the sides of her gleaming body, and over her silvery breasts, letting them bounce as they fell from her hands. Once again, her facial expressions slackened for a moment. “Loading sexual performance package and related protocols.” With a soft chime, she smiled again and Gear swung her hips seductively side to side as her hands run up through her hair and let it fall back into place. She stares into the camera lens with a needy, lusty expression, her eyes slightly obscured by bangs and her mouth hanging open slightly. "Mmm... Johnny... I'm soooo turned on... come on over here and let me show the audience everything they need to know..."

Mister Johnny smiles to the camera, hand already unbuckling his belt. "Ain't she wonderful, folks. Sexy, seductive, and willing to please." He steps up, unleashing his hardening member. "Show 'em, sexy." The GearGal took in a sharp, hot breath as she looked down at his pulsing member. "Mmm... I think first I'll show them how I'm designed to give oral pleasure. I've got over seven hundred different programs for fellatio..." She knelt down, licking her lips over his throbbing tip like a lollypop. "And I... mmm... love the taste of cock..." Gear locked her lips over his thick, hard member, slowly taking it's length into her mouth, lapping at his undershaft with her hot tongue. Mister Johnny groans, one hand gripping the counter while the other rests on her shoulder. "She's got... the latest in erotic materials science built in her," he gasps out, hips involuntarilythrusting down the fembot's throat. Clearly he’s got more stage presence then technical know-how. "She sucks like-- like a vacuum, and..." his internal thesaurus fails him. "It feels great..."The GearGal V4 's throat clenched gently around his member as he thrusted it deeper into her, and she shudders as if she gagged a little, but keeps right on going. She tilts her head to theleft to allow more of his shaft to slip into her mouth, and then down her throat as she deepthroats him. "Mmm..." She looks up at him sensually, her hands running up and down his thighs. Mister Johnny moans, body slouching over her as the rest of his shaft is swallowed by her wet mouth. "Isn't-- isn't she perfect? Guys, you will a-a-adore her cocksucking skills..." His head rolls back as he grabs the top of her head, taking a fistful of hair. "An' don-don't worry ladies, she'll eat you out just as good..." The blonde fembot suddenly ceased oral pleasure, leaving Johnny’s shaft slick with saliva. “Vagina not detected, Mister Johnny!” She said with a giggle as the now VERY frustrated ex-pornstar grit his teeth and plunged her back onto his shaft. “J-just get back to work damn it!” GearGal obliged after a moment of confusion, and gently started to massage Johnny's sack as she slipped his rock hard member in and out of her throat, each time pushing in deeply before she starts to pull away, only to dive back onto him just as voraciously. She spoke directly from her vocal systems so as not to interrupt her intense sucking. "Mmm, I know we're having a good time right now, hun, but I think we should show off my other features before you totally lose yourself..." She did have a routine to follow after all.

Mister Johnny pants, reluctantly releasing her head and pulling out of her mouth. "Good... good idea." He shrugs off his jacket and shirt, shaft rock-hard and shiny with saliva. "And I know what the audience's next question is - she swallows. No fuss, no muss." Clearly the infomercial’s director put little stock in the intelligence of their intended audience. GearGal V4 turned to the camera and gave it a wink, wiggling her backside for the audience at home and slapping her ass playfully. She slips her hands around behind herself and unzips the leotard she's wearing, pulling it away. Her metallic nipples are perky, and her realistic chrome pussy is dripping with juices. "That's absolutely correct! Now, as the audience at home can see, I'm also designed for vaginal penetration. My robotic pussy is guaranteed to always remain hot and tight for your pleasure, and for the women so inclined, I can be commanded to activate Girl-Cock mode. But I think Johnny's more interested in trying my tight pussy right now, aren't you, hun?"

Mister Johnny nods and grins, sitting up on the counter. "Don't forget anal penetration as well. And she'll shift her personality to fit your needs. Want a virginal housewife who screams like a banshee when she cums, or a cockthirsty dominatrix? It's all here in one tight package." He pats his lap. "Show 'em what you got!" The GearGal V4 strutted up to Johnny, keeping her chest pushed out invitingly. She slowly started to ease herself down on him, gently wiggling her hips when Johnny's cock was entirely in her hot, tight, honeypot. "That... That's right... tell the audience how it feels..." She started to buck back against him rhythmically, enticing him to push back against her as her chrome ass pressed into his hips. Mister Johnny grabs her waist, rolling his hips to thrust his length in and out of her wet pussy. "She feels PERFECT," he grins, chin resting on her shoulder. "Don't let the chrome finish fool ya - she feels as soft and fleshy and fuckable as any porn star." Although chrome-tex was available as a common material for fembot design, this infomercial seemed to be geared towards first-time fembot purchasers. GearGal V4 moaned softly, and turned her head to kiss him. "Oooh... that feels good. I love feeling cock inside my tight little…” She stopped for a moment, her head tilting to the side and frustrating Johnny to no end. “Searching vocabulary for appropriate synonym for vagina… synonym found.” Taking Johnny off guard, she went right back to work where she left off with a sharp moan. “…Cunt!... mmmph..." She turned back to the camera and started to make lewd sounds pf pleasure, staring right into the lens as each thrust caused her breasts to jump forward. "Oh yeah... keep going..."

Mister Johnny 's tongue rakes across her lips as he starts thrusting, pumping his member in and out of her meltingly-hot pussy. His hands trail up to her chest, squeezing the full globes as he bounces her up and down in his lap. "Just think... of what she can do for YOU..." The curvy chrome gynoid moaned hotly when her breasts were squeezed, her warm, soft chrome mounds conforming to his grip. "Oooohhh... I love it when you squeeze my breasts..." She started to bounce faster, and her eyes slipped closed. Her hot, juicy, synthetic inner walls starting to conform to Johnny's searing, throbbing shaft tightly. "Ummmph... Come on, big guy... fill me up with that hot cum... oooh, yes..."Mister Johnny grinds against her, the room filling with the sound of skin slapping against skin as he bounces her up and down. "M-modifiable chassis," he stammers out, tugging and gripping on her breasts, "means that, that you can customize her..." He pants, close to losing control even as he goes through the sales pitch. "Your-- your own modifiable mate to fornicate..." GearGal V4 was lost in ecstasy, or at least did a great job of simulating appearing to be so. Her wet pussy tightened once more and her back arced, pressing her breasts further into his hands as she let out a piercing gasp. Hot, sticky cum burst forth from her flower, drenching Johnny's member in warm cream, the juices from her pussy dripping down the counter. "Ahhhhh! Mmmm... keep going, Johnny... I still need you to fill me up…" Mister Johnny thrusts like a madman, pistoning in and out, in and out... it's not long before he lets out a gasp of his own, burying his cock to the hilt into her dripping wet pussy before unleashing a torrent of cum into her. "FUCK!" He grinds against her back, still thrusting as their combined fluids fool on the counter. GearGal V4 mmmm'd delightedly, leaning back against Johnny and drawing a hand across his jaw line. "As you can see, I'm not kidding when I say I'm perfectly designed to fulfill your every pleasure... but just in case you're not totally convinced, we have a little demonstration set up in the next room, don't we hun?" Mister Johnny nods, head resting heavily on her shoulder. "You better call now if you want to order from our limited stock. If our next demonstration doesn't convince ya, well, more for me."

The camera fades out, then back in to another scene. This stage is simply a leather couch with an abstract painting in the background. GearGal is here, and standing to her right is the SonySoft android, leading competition of the GearGal series. The SonySoft unit is tall with wide, curvy hips, large, perky breasts and grey skin covered in a fine circuitry pattern. Meanwhile, in a separate control room, this particular unit and her new robotic guests are having their more advanced processes and functions monitored by a few interns at control panels. Should testing get out of hand they can pull the plug in an instant and shut both fembots down.

GearGal V4 traced a hand down the front of the SonySoft machine's chest. Her index finger trails down her cleavage, and over where her navel would be. Pressing into this soft spot on the gynoid, she activates her. The SonySoft unit turns on and whirs loudly for a moment, before her eyes click on with a yellow glow. A sensual chime momentarily plays from her body and she assumes a sensual pose, hands on her hips as she shows off for the camera. "This should be interesting. Why don't you tell the people at home what they can expect from a unit like you?" GearGal says with a playful hint of a challenge in her voice. The SonySoft gynoid is only too happy to comply and with a prideful smile she explains her functions. “Unlike older units, this new frame is capable of withstanding 25% more stresses along all axes of movement. In addition, new programming allows to better multitask to satisfy multiple partners.” SonySoft looks over to GearGal, a metallic sigh coming out of her chromed mouth. "While older units such as this were quite capable of providing....satisfactory...experiences. For your complete pleasure needs, a newer frame is highly recommended. A frame.. much like mine!” The competition looks over to GearGal, as a metallic finger runs down her chromed arm and down to her silvery thigh. "I'm sure this unit was able to provide...adequate. Satisfaction.. at one time. But the best choice is clear.”

GearGal V4 smirked, and shook her head. "While it's true that your protocols are optimized for multiple partners, the technology you're composed of hasn't been through trial and refinement like my systems and programming have. I'm tried, true, and I provide better sexual gratification, and for longer. Besides... you haven't mentioned that you're prone to shorts and crashes, and that GearGal tech is 56% more reliable for sustained use." The SonySoft robot throws her head back, a slightly metallic laugh emanating from her vox unit. The posturing and playful insults are delivered in an over-the-top manner, and seem forced and preprogrammed. "Goodness. That's quite a boast. You might want to add in that my SonySoft Programming and heuristics can be far more adaptive in anticipating a partner's needs. I would seem that this unit isn't aware of the recent advances in materials technology and reflex dynamics that has greatly improved my performance from initial specifications. Instead of us just standing here, perhaps a more comprehensive "system comparison” is needed.” SonySoft looks over to Gear hammer her hips slightly moving to a more sensual pose. "Time to show why you can't stop progress." Meanwhile, the interns in the control room get ready to prep the two machines for their demonstration.

GearGal V4 turned slowly to the SonySoft gynoid. Her hand slipped gently over her left breast, and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Hmm, is that a challenge? Alright. But don't blame me when you're a smoky heap on the floor, choking on your overload sexual buffers." GearGal V4 took in a deep, simulated breath. Gear pressed herself into the gynoid tightly, her large, silvery breasts mashing with her competitor's. Slowly she started to lap over her jaw line in long, sensual strokes, her hands caressing the gynoid's sides. SonySoft moved her hands around the sides of GearGal's sides and slowly over the silvered curves of her ass. Metallic fingers slowly closed over each cheek and slowly knead and squeeze the shiny cheeks. “My dear....the closest you are going to get to an explosive orgasm tonight is just having an explosion. Quite a shame too. After I'm done with you, you won'tbe in good enough shape to be turned into a microwave.” GearGal V4 giggled as she wiggled her hips into the gynoid's hands, pressing her firm buttocks into her fingers. "Awww, is that so? Well, then you won't feel threatened if I do... this." She stepped away gently and started to lick down the gynoid's ample cleavage, her tongue pressing into her metallic cover and leaving a warm trail of synthetic saliva. She tugged the robe her rival was wearing away to reveal her artificial nipples. She sucked one of the sensitive nubs into her mouth, rolling along the areola with her tongue with she teased the other stiff nipple with her thumb. "Mmm... A little nipple teasing... nothing your processors can't handle, right?"

SonySoft 's optical sensors blink several times as she rolls her head back, mouth open and a low soft moan coming from between her lips. "MMMMm..that IS very nice. Basic...but very nice." In response she raised her leg slightly and pressed her thigh up between the smooth, silvery thighs of her competitor, slowly rubbing her own metallic-colored thigh against the junction of the GearGal's thighs. GearGal V4 gasped gently as she felt the other gynoid's thigh starting to grind into her. "What's the matter? Not programmed for foreplay? That's alright. I have enough for both of us..." The tip of her tongue started to send sensual sonic pulses into the competitor's sensitive nipple as her other hand slipped down her torso and over the curvy, plump ass. She squeezed tightly, and hummed into the gynoid's breast. "Each GearGal unit is equipped with a Multi-Tongue, which can vibrate, pulse, heat up and cool down. What is your oral capacity?"

The SonySoft smirked. “Oh, my cute little appliance...I've deleted more files of foreplay techniques then you've ever executed.” The SonySoft 's wide hips began to gyrate slightly as GearGal's fingers worked and groped against her own chromed ass. Her fingers firmly grasped the leg hole hems of the other gynoid’s small, tight outfit and with a sudden and strong rip, she tore the sheer clothing in half, exposing the GearGal's ample breasts. One hand moved up, firmly grasping and squeezing one of GearGal's exposed, silvery orbs, kneading and pressing the tips of her silvered fingered firmly against the pliable metal breast. Stepping back for a moment, still clutching the breast and rubbing the other gynoid's nipple against her own metallic palm she leaned down and slowly circled a circuit traced tongue in low long circles around her other nipple. "I would say that my SonySoft DynaTongue is more than a match for your ...pedestrian. attentions. " She pulled her tongue back, no more than a half an inch and a small arc of electricity leaps out from the tip of her tongue, arcing to the very end of GearGal's chromed nipple. GearGal V4 gasped as her clothes were torn away, then again, louder as the electricity shocked her, causing her to jump. Her eyes flickered erratically, and her torso started to hum gently. "Mmmph... nice..." Meanwhile, back in the control room, another intern walked in with a tray of coffee lattes for those running the delicate equipment. It’s just sort of bad luck that his foot hit a snag in the carpet and sent him toppling forward, the coffee falling from his tray and dousing the monitors and control inputs for the two gynoids’ systems. As the boards shorted out, all the men in that room could do was watch the sputtering monitors as things out in the stage started to get out of hand…

Suddenly, the GearGal’s tongue, circling and teasing the competition's nipple became icy-cold, and she lapped earnestly into her breast, pillowing the other gynoid's circuitry-covered breast around her face. "Mmm... did I mention my Multi-Tongue’s capabilities also extend into my fingers...? My Multi-Touch fingers can do anything my tongue can... watch." The hand that was caressing the other gynoid's luscious backside slipped around her midriff and pressed into her red panties. She let her index finger trace gently around her synthetic clit, the fingertips suddenly buzzing with vibration and intense, sensual heat. SonySoft stiffened slightly, a small twitch running up and down her entire form is joined by a deep moan. Her left leg bended at the knee, her heel almost coming back to her own buttocks as another small twitch shakes her frame. "OOOOOhhh...I.. I see. B..but I think you're forgetting that such a feature like that would..would surely be incorporated into later models.” SonySoft pulled her hand back from it's clenching and kneading of her competitors metallic breast. Small arcs of blue electricity shot out from the tip of each finger, slowly dancing over the surface of the chromed orb before all five small arcs concentrate, and center on her nipple. Lowering her leg back to the ground, she planted her feet slightly farther apart, giving GearGal better access to the junction between her legs, while at the same time she slowly moves her own hand to Gear's abdomen, SonySoft pressing against the soft metallic covering and working it's way down.

GearGal V4 shuddered as the electricity played against her breast, and her hips jerked forward, back arcing as the arcs centered on her silvery nipple. Her mouth hung open gently, her eyes half-closed and blinking wildly. "I... Mmm... Y-you're very good..." She glanced over at the couch behind them, and gently started to nudge the other gynoid towards it, as the vibrating, heated fingers playing on her clit gave it a sharp squeeze. "I... mmm... have to admit, you're really working me up... I w-wonder if you can keep this up..."SonySoft slowly started to back her way toward the couch, glancing behind her for a brief moment. She moved her hand down the side of Gear's breast, small short bursts of blue electricity still arcing out of her fingers. She slid her fingers over her rival's hips around to her bottom again, firmly grasping one of the ample cheeks and dragging her back with her towards the couch. SonySoft’s simulated breathing makes her chest rise and fall heavily, small shudders running through her body as she lets out small moan." Ohhh.... are.. most pleasing. I'm.. I’m almost going to feel sorry for ruining you. I'll make sure I reserve at... least a few bytes of memory to remember this." Lowering herself to the chair she spread her legs and pulls the other chromed robot towards her. Leaning forward, she planted her silvery tongue against Gear's stomach, her own synthetic saliva dripping down as she blazes her way down and to her rival's bellybutton. She plunges her tongue deep, circling it and wriggling it around in that small sensitive divot.

GearGal V4 took in a sharp gasp as her bellybutton was lapped into. "Ahhh! MMMMM!" She started to squirm gently, her hips thrashing as the SonySoft unit dug in. "Nnngh... S-so hot..." She cradled her head with one hand, her other stretched out to her side, fingers splayed. "Unnnh... You're... you're making me so hot..." She pulled away from her tongue, her body twitching a few times as she tried to stabilize herself. "Mmm... Lemme taste that synthetic pussy of yours..." GearGal V4 knelt down and dug into the other gynoid's red panties with her teeth, ripping the fabric away and exposing her glistening, circuitry covered cunny. She started to lap along her folds in long, bold strokes.

SonySoft leaned back, a small bridge of synthetic saliva connecting the tip of her tongue with GearGal's belly button. "Of course you're good at this. I AM.. I mean I AM good at this. Every little bit of my programming is dedicated to achieve optimal performance." SonySoft’s hands reached out to her sides, firmly grasping the leather of the couch. A tearing sound was heard as her fingers dig deep and penetrate the leather. She raised her hips to meet the MultiTongue of her rival, a deep metallic moan coming out of her mouth as she feels her rival's tongue working it's way between and over the metallic folds of her pussy. "AAAAAhhhh.. ohhhhh.. Goodness...Y..your tongue.. it's .... Incredible." GearGal V4 moaned into the SonySoft's folds, letting it cause vibrations that would spread though her hips. One silvery hand took her synthetic clit and pinched it sharply, her fingertips rhythmically pulsing heat and cold into the sensitive nub. Her MultiTounge pressed past the gynoid’s labia and into her sex, twisting and lapping at her inner walls. "How are you holding out up there?" She asked through her vox so as not to disturb her ministrations. Her free hand slipped up the gynoid's stomach, and pressed a finger into her own sensitive navel, twisting gently. SonySoft arched her back, thrusting her ample breasts out. Her hands shot back up, and pinched her own silvery nipples between her metallic fingers. Tugging and twisting on them she rocked her head back and forth, the whine of strained servos is just audible above her deep moans and grunts. " are... doing...wonderfully.. this feels... *Unable to access response thesaurus*". Her stomach flexes and twitches as Gear's finger gently plays with her own belly button, in time with the bucking of her hips as her synthetic pussy and clit are expertly stimulated, by her rival. GearGal V4 giggled at the glitch in her rival's speech. She drove herself deeper, her silvery mouth sealing over the SonySoft unit's crotch. Gear's MultiTounge started to rotate slowly, like a drill, yet still retained it's dexterity as it twisted and lapped, trying to find her most sensitive areas. "Hmhm, you okay up there?" Gear didn't let up for a moment, tugging and teasing at that clit, and pressing into it deeply while her other hand started to vibrate and pulse into her rival's bellybutton. "You taste so nice... and your body was built so beautifully... I could eat you all night..."

SonySoft's optical sensors opened wide, the protective sheath over one of them fluttering erratically. Metallic fingers pull tightly on her large breasts, pulling them out far enough that each breast looks like a stretched, circuitry covered cone. "’ll.. get that C..chance. But.. I.. I’m going to make you..melt in thermal shutdown f..first. Let's see..let's see how you do under a..full load." Letting go of her nipples, they snapped back into place, making her chromed breasts jiggle as they take their natural shape. She reached down, hands firmly pressed into Gear's sides, and began to lift her up. Turning slightly, she grunts as the strain of lifting the other gynoid taxes her servos. Deftly flipping her around as she lies back, herself now completely prone she lowers Gear back down, her rival's head still firmly nestled between her own legs and her own head now between Gear's thighs, the other gynoid’s pussy only inches above her waiting face. The GearGal squirmed in her rival's grip, doing her best to keep her face buried in her synthetic pussy as she was manipulated into place. Her rotating tounge started to go faster, whirring gently as it picked up speed. Then... it started to extend, becoming longer and longer as it's rotating drilling mass squirmed and snaked around in the other gynoid's sex. Her hands rubbed up and down her juicy thighs, squeezing into her silvery frame. "C'mon sexy... show me what that DynaTounge can do!" SonySoft twitched slightly as the Multitongue begins to work it's way deeper into her sex. Synthetic fluids begin to leak out from deep within her, as she feverishly bucks her hips against the deeply penetrating tongue of her competitor. Opening her mouth wide she firmly placed her lips around the nether lips of her rival. She slid her metallic tongue along the cleft in Gear's pussy, slowly parting the lips of her metallic flower. Her strong hands attach themselves to Gears ass cheeks and firmly dig into the soft metallic mounds. Like GearGal, her own vox-unit is capable of working despite her own mouth being firmly wrapped around the pussy of the other gynoid. ".. I..I have you right where you want to be. ..<bzzz> No. where I want you! ..t..This is where this contest ends... obsolete.. AAAAAAAhhhh..oh.. .. oh maker! ..... ..unit!"

GearGal V4 started to moan loudly, her back arcing and forcing her synthetic folds into the SonySoft's mouth. Gear decided to see if she could stimulate her rival with dirty talk. While her hot, penetrating tongue forced itself deeper into the other gynoid's juicy folds, she took her clit between her thumb and forefinger and tugged, stretching it out and letting it snap back into place a few times. "Mmm... Unnh, oh, yes, your tongue IS wonderful... You're gonna make me cum so hard... can you imagine it? My perfect, sticky synthetic cum is going to run all over your face and breasts... you're going to be such a mess... mmmph..." Her metallic inner walls pressed into the other gynoid's tongue tightly, giving her a small squirt of her synthcum as a sample SonySoft lifts her hips up high, pressing her sex harder against the face of her rival. Deep within her, her own synthcum begins to leak out in abundance, coating and lubricating her massively long tongue that probed deep inside her. "Oh... give me all of your cum you nasty little gynoid! I'm going to cum so hard, I’m going to flood all of your sub processors and even your back ups! You're I’m going to make you *sexual expression failed to generate*.And now.. now you’re going to see why the DynaTongue is far superior.. OHHHHHhh oh..oh... your....w..wonderful..t..talended..a..amazing. I.. I mean..a..adequate..Multitongue."

SonySoft pulls her head back slightly, letting the lips of her mouth separate from the juicy robotic netherlips of her rival. Her tongue snakes out, and begins to plunge into the pussy of the other gynoid, writhing and snaking it's way up. With a bit of a static filled chuckle the tongue splits in two, right down the middle, now TWO tongues work their way up into GearGal, each one writhing and wriggling differently and in opposing ways, stretching out the inner, metallic walls of her rival. GearGal V4 pulled off of the other gynoid's sex as her tongue split, her mouth hanging open gently and her eyes flickering wildly. Sparks dance along her forehead and smoke wafts from her ears. "I... I... OH! T-that's... OHHH!" She pulled herself into a sitting position now, squatting over the SonySoft’s face, her hips gyrating slowly into her two long, wriggling tongues. Moan after lusty moan lift from her lips, her synthetic coming forth freely now. "Unnh... S-so... close... I'm... unnh..." Her hips started to jerk erratically as her ever building climax reached it's peak, showering her rival with hot, sticky synthetic cum, the thick cream running over her face and down her neck and breasts, "OHHHHHhhhhmmm... T-that was so good... mmmph... let me return the favor..." Quickly, she pulled forward, off of those two wriggling tounges, and pivoted around so she could bury herself in the SonySoft's folds. She jammed her face in hard, enough to make her whole body jiggle, and her tongue went right back to work, extending and lapping at her innermost depths, one hand finding her belly button again and sending a quick jolt of pleasurable electricity through it, her other roughly flicking over and tugging her clit. After a minute of rough play, she slowed down, not quite allowing her rival to reach orgasm, always keeping her on the brink. SonySoft opened her mouth widely to accept the shower of her rival's synthetic juices, drinking deeply and swallowing them as her own mouth was filled. Wet gurgling sounds escape her lips as she convulses, eyes shooting open. " <BBZZ> NNNNGgg...oh.. oh you..You... you taste.. *thesaurus fail-fail-faaaaaaaa-*. " As GearGal once again plunged her tongue deep into her own depths she throws her head back, a deep and pleasured moan coming out of her vox-box. Hips writhe and her entire body shakes and quivers, her large breasts jiggling as she feels each circuit come alive. The jolt of electricity only threw her over the electronic edge more, the scream and yelp gaining a crackling quality to it as each servo begins to fire off, making her whole body shake uncontrollably. " W..what are you *processor buffer overload*... D..doing to me. can you do *buffer override* this. You're...s..supposed to be obselete!"

GearGal V4 suckled hard on the other gynoid's quavering lips. Her tongue doubled back and drilled into her rival's g-spot. "Because, each GearGal goes through one-hundred hours of continued use to ensure proper operation. Now why don't you go back to playing with your tits like a good little slut-bot?" She reached up with the hand that was teasing her clit, and spanked her rival's breasts to make them jiggle. "The way you stretched them out was actually pretty sexy, I have to admit. What is your synth-cover made of?" SonySoft’s metallic sounding grunts and groans come from her vox, while she grits her teeth in a imitation of being pushed to the limits of pleasure. She bites down on her lower, chromed lip as her nostrils flare, the simulated breathing program pushing air in an out of her chest at a furious rate. Hands reach back up grasping the silvery nubs of her nipples and she pulls them taut again, pulling them a good ways out from her chest. "My... outer..c..covering is.. is composed of... nano weave polymer.. over..a.. A duranium s..sheath. It''s rated at.. NNNNGGGggg.. oh.. could you be programmed THAT!!!!! *critical malfunction detected, unable to compromise*.” Desperate to not fall behind, her mouth opens and her tongue snakes out, lengthening and stretching out a great distance to find the metallic folds of her rivals. With great force she jams her tongue up parting the wet metallic walls of the GearGal.

GearGal V4 let out a blast of hot air though her mouth as that tongue pressed into her again. Her body quivered under that tongue finding her again, and she gripped onto it's length with the hand that was in her rival's navel. Her tongue started to lash violently in and out of the SonySoft’s folds, and she activated it's vibration setting, heated it to a sensually hot temperature, and small, studded bumps grew along its length as it started to rotate and lick inside the other gynoid with all her programmed and learned skill. The hand on her clit stretched it out 'very' far, and her other hand rubbed down it's length as she held it extended. Swirling arcs of electricity dance around SonySoft’s tongue and shoot their way up and into the parted lips of the GearGal. The bolts of electricity pulse and gain in intensity, while her tongue continued to ply it's way deeper into Gear's synthetic pussy. Her legs spread, nearly perpendicular to her body now, gave the GearGal unit unrestricted access to her own sex. A raspy and somewhat static filled shriek pierced the air as her own metallic clit is tugged inhumanly far out, stretching out an incredible distance. The twitching throughout her own body becomes more pronounced, servos now whining loudly in protest at the strain they found themselves under. Synthetic cum spurted out of her pussy, and up into Gears’ face, where it drips off back down onto her rival's body. "....M.. must.... M.. make you.....C..cum again.. before .. S..shut down.. I.. imminent. "

GearGal V4 nodded, and pulled her mouth away from the SonySoft’s headed folds. She sat back on the couch, legs spread wide to let that electric tongue please her. "Mmmph... Y-you're gonna do just that... lick me out..." Her hips started to thrust and her ass slapped back against the leather couch as she bounced into that tongue. Her walls clenched again, a second spray of synthetic cream coating the long tongue and puddling on the cushion under her. Her rival's synthcum glistened of her face as she stood up and looked down at the other gynoid. She opened a small panel on her own thigh, and pulled out a long, thick dildo, and handed it to the malfunctioning SonySoft. "Here, finish yourself off with this. I want to get a good seat for your 'finale'." With that, Gear stepped back, and looked on at the clearly beaten machine. "Go ahead and show me how you play with that, hun."

SonySoft 's optics twitched, each protective covering rapidly closing and opening at different rates. Her voice, the pitch slightly elevated and sounding a bit more tinny, stutters slightly out of her vox box. "..AAAA... T..taste so.. so good… m-must.. process. Process...more." Her tongue buried deep within Gear's pussy pistoned in and out, the small arcs of electricity dancing over it's surface occasionally lashing out to make contact with her competitors silvered lips and her clit, her hand clumsily reached out, fumbling slightly to grasp the dildo. Taking it in one hand she manages to place the large object against the silvery lips of her own sex, slowly shoving it as far as it will go into her own sex. "<BBBZzzzz> ...... Oh.. oh *expletive failure* this .. this is.. *expletive failure* F..fantastic. C..can you.. see.. I'm ..b..beating you.'re just..sitting there.. W..while I'm...."

GearGal V4 ran her own hands up her breasts, taking each nipple in hand and giving herself a gentle squeeze as that tongue kept coaxing more and more of her juices from her dripping cunny. "Mmm... Y-you better keep going if... mmph... you're gonna win..." Gear's panting became ragged, her clenching sex tight against that invading tongue, her juices flowing down it's length and dripping into the floor. SonySoft head twitches from side to side, the sound of her neck servo grinding quite evident. Her tongue still plunged deep inside the GearGal unit, but occasionally spasms, it's movements jerky and seemingly random. Electricity still arcs off of the writhing tongue onto and into the pussy of GearGal at random intervals. SonySoft’s own pussy is filled with the large dildo, being pistoned in and out of her self with her own hand, her synthetic juices flow easily out of her around the seal between her lips and the object and onto the couch, soaking it completely in synthetic cum. SonySoft’s voice is halting now, and distinctly more 'robotic' sounding. ' will cum...for..this unit. This unit...continues to pleasure..itself..and you.. T..This unit... has ...has won..contest..."

GearGal V4 quavered, her own eyes starting to blink erratically. She moaned hotly, her pussy squeezing tight as she orgasmed again, more synthcum flooding out of her body with a gentle hissing sound to indicate she was starting to run low. "Ummmph... S-so you think it's like THAT, hmm? Ahhh... Allow... me to knock you down a peg..." She took hold of the tongue electrifying her folds and yanked it out, holding the quivering robotic muscle in her hand. With her other, she forcefully took the dildo from her rival, and started to jam it in roughly, twisting it as she penetrated the SonySoft roughly. "I wonder if your systems will survive the next orgasm you have to process..." SonySoft haltingly and in jerky motions, thrusted her hips up off the couch. The dildo pushed deep into her, pushing the metallic walls of her sex apart to their near limit. "...F..foolish..def..def..def..def..defective unit. I.. have you...W..where you want me. *error* ..W..where I want you. T..this is the end!. " As her mouth opens even wider, a ball of electricity begins to form within it. However. instead of the intense voltage traveling down her tongue and into the hand of the GearGal, the electricity began to play out across her own face and mouth. Soon her whole body is alight in dancing arcs of blue electricity. A large bolt arced between her silvery nipples, and her body began to writhe uncontrollably. Her entire supply of synthcum comes bursting out of her, nearly in one massive explosion of liquid, shooting the dildo out of her sex, and freely flowing all over the couch.

A raspy, hollow, metallic voice comes from her vox, broken by static and garbled words "...N.. not fair. .G..Geargirl unit... ..s..superior. ..." SonySoft optics grow dim and the unit falls limp. She seems to be completely inert, but then suddenly, a panel on her chest explodes open, revealing the LED-lined circuitry within. It smoked with dark wafting fumes, and made an audible sizzle as lights inside dimmed and went out. GearGal V4 leaned down and kissed the ruined gynoid's forehead gently. She turnedaround and waved at the camera in all her glistening, nude glory. "There you have it folks!The GearGal unit may be an older model, but I'm still superior to the leading competitor! I hope you had as much fun watching as I did showing off. Have fun and guy YOUR GearGal toda-… I smell… burning." The GearGal looked perplexed, raising a finger to her lips as she tried to decipher where the intense smell was coming from… then suddenly, her teeth grit and her eyes crossed sharply before her arms were held extended at her sides. “I-I-I-I Gear Gal Gal agaaaaal Today-ay *Error, processor damage detected, power surge detected cannot comp-comprooooo-OH!” With that last surprised gasp, her head exploded in a shower of plastic scrap, leaving her body’s arms pinwheeling as it tried to remain balanced, until a web of sparks traveled over the jiggling, curvy frame and it pitched to the floor, the sexbot’s ass pushed up into the air suggestively.

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