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The fluorescent lighting and skylights shone down on the aisles as the customers made their way among the merchandise, stopping occasionally for friendly conversation.

Kelly wasn't looking for anything in particular today. She just felt an impulse to go shopping. It was a nice enough store. They carried a wide variety of products, and she knew she'd meet a friend or two. She always seemed to bump into someone she knew.

Kelly's mind was mostly unoccupied as she wandered around without any singular direction. Things weren't very eventful in the store. The PA system let out a gentle chime as an announcement was made.

"Attention customers, this is an announcement for your convenience. Code 241-B. That is all."

Kelly didn't really pay any attention to the announcement. She had just noticed her friend Susan in the next aisle, and was already making her way over to her.

"Hi, Susie!"

"Kelly! It's so good to see you, how are you doing?"

The two young girls continued milling around the store. They stopped to admire the nice looking blonde as she finished undressing and continued to shop in nothing more than a pair of high heels. Susan commented on how nice the girl's tits had looked, and Kelly had to agree. The two of them dutifully gathered up the girls discarded garments and deposited them in a nearby trashcan.

Kelly hadn't ever quite thought about it, but she didn't really know why this particular store had the occasional nude shopper. Well, nude wasn't quite the word, she decided. After all, they were usually wearing a thong, or stockings, or pantyhose, or a nice pair of shoes. The store seemed to have a "clothing optional" attitude, though, and she supposed that it probably attracted it's share of exhibitionists.

These idle thoughts continued through Kelly's mind as she walked the aisles chatting away with Susan. She became so distracted that she barely even noticed the PA system pinging again.

"Attention customers, this is an announcement for your convenience. Code 223-G. That is all."

Susan stopped dead in her tracks, blinked a few times, and calmly started to undo her blouse. Kelly noticed that her friend was no longer by her side, so she turned to look. When she saw what was going on, she giggled. Susan was already topless by this point.

"Susie, what are you doing?"

"I have to get undressed," Susan replied simply. She didn't even pause to reply, but said this as she unzipped her skirt. Kelly was a little surprised to see that her friend had forgotten to wear panties, but not too surprised. She herself was only wearing a garter belt and thigh-highs. Susan seemed to not notice that she was already naked, though, as she was moving as though to remove the panties she wasn't wearing.

"I must remove my panties." She stopped. Stood at attention, ran her hands up and down her sides, stopped again, and stared straight forward.

"I must remove my panties," she repeated. Kelly was starting to get concerned for her friend. She seemed to be getting confused.

Fortunately, a sales girl was nearby, and happened to notice. She came over and, after observing for a few moments, got out a long, thin probe of some sort, and forcefully jammed it in Susan's right ear, sliding it fully four inches in before it clicked into place.

"I must remove... I... panties... my... remove..." Susan trailed off. Kelly watched on, fascinated.

"May I ask, what are you doing?" Kelly inquired of the pretty sales girl.

Without looking away from Susan, the girl replied, "I'm fixing your friend here. She's had a minor glitch. This won't take long." The girl pulled off Susan's face, trailing a tangle of wires to an electronic skull. There was a crackling sound, like a shorted out circuit. Susan jerked, causing her tits to jiggle slightly, and her electronic voice managed a severely distorted "Pan...ties..."

"Fixing her?"

"Yes, she malfunctioned." The girl looked over her shoulder and noticed the confused look on Kelly's face.

"I never knew she was a robot. I didn't even know there were robots like her."

"Is your name Kelly Miller?" the sales girl inquired.

"Yes, that's right."

"Code 322-Q."

Kelly blinked a few times, then calmly pulled her top off and began stripping down to her stockings. Really, she thought to herself, it was silly of her to wear so much to the store in the first place. She didn't need to wear clothes, especially not in this store. It made far more sense for her to show off her wonderful ass, especially to the nice man who was now approaching the sales girl. She dutifully moved to stand at attention next to the sales girl, who now had removed Susan's head. The man idly stroked Kelly's thigh, snapped her garter, then turned to the sales girl.

"Problems, Jenny?"

Jenny, the sales girl, looked up from peering inside Susan's now open torso. "Looks like a blown fuse in the stabalizer unit. We'll have to replace it." She indicated a small component inside the open android.

"Do we have any spares on hand?"

Jenny seemed to stare off into space for a few moments before responding. "No, not in storage. We have several currently in use."

The man turned towards Kelly, staring straight at her tits. He stroked a finger around one nipple, and traced it down her body. "Is this one compatible?" he called over his shoulder.

Jenny straightened up and approached Kelly. "Excuse me, miss Miller. I wonder if you'd mind bending over and grabbing your ankles. We need to take a look at your ass."

Kelly nodded. Of course she would bend over. It hardly was the sort of thing she'd object to. She obediently did exactly as she had been told.

Jenny inspected the serial number printed on Kelly's left buttox. "No, I'm afraid she won't do. She's a 230 series. They eliminated the need for this component."

The man thought for a moment, then flagged down a random shopper. "Excuse me miss, could you help us?"

The pretty girl he had flagged down smiled pleasantly as he explained that he'd like for her to hike up her skirt and take off her panties. Kelly watched, upside down, still bent over and grasping her ankles, as the girl hitched up her miniskirt, showing off her thong, and cheerfully pulled it off. Jenny came over to inspect the girl's ass.

"No, looks like she's another 230 series. Miss? You can go back to shopping."

The girl nodded and wandered off, leaving her panties behind and her skirt hiked up around her waist.

"Well what about you, Jenny?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Are you compatible?"

"I don't understand the question, sir. I'm not an android."

The man looked confused for a moment, then smacked his forhead and smiled. "Of course, I don't know what I was thinking. Nevermind, forget it. Just out of curiousity, would you mind taking off your dress, Jenny?"

Jenny smiled. "Of course I wouldn't mind, sir." Jenny began unfastening her summer dress. Kelly was amused to see that the pretty sales girl wasn't wearing any underwear at all, just a pair of stockings with her high heels. Kelly could just make out the writing "JennyX210s" printed on Jenny's left butt cheek.

The man was now inspecting Jenny's ass. "Is a 210 series compatible?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, that would be perfect if you could find one of those." Jenny said, halfway looking over her shoulder.

"What's the procedure for opening the main service panel on a 210?"

"Insert the probe in the unit's left ear, remove the faceplate, and press the yellow button on the unit's forehead." Before she had finished saying it, the man had already shoved the tool into her ear and pulled off her faceplate, trailing a mass of wires to her head.

"It is advisable," she continued, oblivious to his actions, "to deactivate the unit via the power control located in the unit's anus before removing any internal componananananana tits ass excuse me miss we need your panties this isanannouncementforyourconvenience..." Jenny's voice raised in pitch and speed as soon as the man had removed the part from her torso. There was a pop, then she staggered backwards a few steps and fell flat on her back, her voice dropping several octives before grinding to a halt.

Kelly watched all of this with calm fascination. Finally, she spoke up. "That's very impressive," she said to the man. "How many androids are there here?

The man seemed mildly surprised to hear her speak. He walked over to her. Kelly could feel his hand on her ass. It felt nice. She was glad he was nice enough to feel her up like this. It was very polite of him, especially to stick his fingers up her ass like he was doing right now and feel around like he was searching for someth

Kelly Miller started another ordinary day working at the BeautyBot testing facility. Here, she helped the technicians work out the bugs in the embedded command systems for the androids. The droids were pre-programmed to respond to certain phrases in specific ways. Each droid had a series of codes, which when heard, would cause various actions.

The facility had the appearance of a largeish clothing store, with small apartments nearby. The droids would shop in the store, and respond to the coded commands given to them via the PA system.

Inwardly, Kelly wished her job were a little more interesting. All day long, all she did was pretend to be a store clerk, helping the "customers" with any questions and fixing them when they broke down. Currently, she was having trouble with a 210 series named Jenny, who had suffered a severe breakdown the day before.

Kelly's biggest comfort came in the fact that the droids were frequently undressing or naked, and she would often get a chance to take advantage of that fact. In fact, her employer had point-blank told her that it was perfectly acceptable for her to masturbate while on the job, or sexually explore any of the androids on site. That was part of the testing process, and it was completely understandable if she became aroused. Funny thing, though: She never had to report anything about her activities. She'd have to ask her employer about that, after he finished playing with her tits.

It really was a wonderful place to work.

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