Tara's Visitor (Story Snippet)

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Tara lay on her boss's bed. Her right leg was bent slightly and rested against her left; her arms were at her sides, her lips curved upward, and the look in her eyes spelled submissive lust.

Tara herself was aware of none of this, of course. For the moment, her body was an all-but-lifeless shell, her mind shut down to conserve power until she was needed. Only one processor remained active, collecting inputs from her aural and visual sensors and analyzing them to determine whether it should alert the rest of her system.

But even had she been fully active, she still would not have understood the meaning of her own lovely position. Tara was a 2052 IPM Model FC-7B, sold under the name "Summer's Day." She was one of the first models of fully relaistic companion androids ever sold to consumers, and as such, her mental processes were quite primitive. She could speak and respond to English, if it was spoken clearly, and under many circumstances she could simulate a full understanding of her environment and an almost human set of responses. She remembered her experiences, categorized and related them, and altered her behavior based on them. But she had no real understanding. She simply followed her programming, wherever it led. Once the subroutine called "household chores" had completed, she had entered a subroutine called "idle until needed." That subroutine had evaluated her environment and standing orders, then selected a place and pose in which to idle. It had instructed her navigation system to bring her to that place (atop her boss's bed, normal alignment, left side) and her servo system to pose her (supine, submissive, lightly seductive). It had then instructed her power system to enter idle mode.

A circuit in her idle processor closed. A signal flashed to her power system; another to the mental processors that composed her "mind." Her power system began drawing more power from her batteries and feeding it to her computing system, while ensuring that motor power was available should her mind determine that movement was called for. Her mental processors did a quick self-test, loaded status information from the chip where it had been stored for safe-keeping, and connected to her sensors. Now she was able to determine what had alerted her.

It had been a sound that had alerted her: the sound of approaching footsteps. Her idle processor didn't have enough information to identify them any further, but with her full mind and memory available she was able to recognize the pattern as that of Caitlyn, her boss's roommate's android. She confirmed that identification by turning her head slightly to see Caitlyn's face.

"Hi, Tara," Caitlyn said cheerfully. "Are you feeling talkative today?"

Caitlyn was a newer android than Tara. She was built larger than Tara, with very long legs and a sexier build. Like Tara, she was all but indistinguishable from a human woman, except for the glowing status indicator embedded in the base of her neck. Her features were those of a somewhat older woman than Elyse, perhaps in her mid twenties, while the older android actually looked barely out of her teens. She had dark, wavy hair tied back in a frilly hair frob. The more important difference between the two androids, however, was that Caitlyn not only was much more self-aware and intelligent, but she had a donated personality -- in other words, she had all the knowledge, drives, and self-will of a human woman.

None of this mattered to Tara, except for the fact that despite her appearance, Caitlyn was not human. Therefore, Tara was not required to engage in behavior in her presence. She could not return to idle mode as long as Caitlyn was there, since her idle processor would simply wake her again, so she simply lay still.

"Of course not," Caitlyn said, sitting on the edge of the bed next to Tara and laying her hand on the older doll's thigh. "You never talk to me. You're just a silly little doll. Well, that's okay. I always liked playing with dolls. Ironic, isn't it? Oh, but of course, you don't understand irony, do you?"

As she spoke, Caitlyn began to caress Tara's thigh. Now she reached up to Tara's arms and bent her torso up. Tara neither cooperated nor resisted. She had no instructions or programming on how to respond to being played with by another android. If she believed herself to be in danger of damage, she would act to protect herself, but so long as Caitlyn was careful with her, she had no reason to react. She felt the other android's fingers on the straps of her baby-doll top, sliding them over her smooth shoulders and peeling the soft fabric away from her breasts. That she was required to respond to -- the touch of warm hands on her bare breasts automatically initiated a level of simulated sexual response, even though she did not intend to participate in sexual activities in the near future. Her breathing deepened, and fluid began to build up in her sex. Caitlyn noticed.

"Ah, that's got your attention now," she purred, stepping up her attentions to the doll's bare flesh. "I wonder, do you really feel excited now the way I do? Or is it all just automatic responses in you? Do you want to respond as much as I do when Marco makes love to me?" She leaned in and softly kissed Tara's unresponsive lips. "I hope you do. You can, you know. Come on, kissme, Tara! Kiss me! That's an order!"

Tara knew perfectly well she was not expected to obey orders from androids. In fact, she was aware that under some circumstances she was expected to giveorders to Caitlyn -- not that those circumstances had ever occurred. She was not even tempted to yield to Caitlyn's demand, even as the newer android's tongue pressed its way between her lips, and she kissed Tara fiercely. But after a moment, she gave up.

"You stupid doll," she hissed. "I might as well be all alone. I guess I'll just go turn myself off like you do, eh? Why'd they bother making you look so human when you act like a doorstop?" With that, she stood up and left the room. She started to slam the door, then caught it just in time to ease it closed silently. Marco had told her not to slam doors.

Alone again, Tara's breath rate returned to normal, and she drained what shecould of the excess fluid from between her legs. She adjusted her clothing, and lay back down on the bed. She instructed her power system to enter idle mode, and a moment later her mind went blank.

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