The Maid

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When Susan came back to home after a long day of work, everything seemed normal in her small house. When she entered, she heard the buzzing and the clicking of the robotic maid, nicknamed "Sara", that activated every thursday for house cleaning. Except that the day was Monday.

She take a look in her living-room and saw the gynoid walking in like if it was drunk, but the maid wasn't able to consume alcohol, and even to drink. Most of the stuff was thrown on the ground like if it had a sudden manifestation of anger, but robots didn't have feelings.

"-What's going on here Sara ?

-Hello mistress, how was your day ? The fembot replied with an innocent smile.

-Well, it was good. Now please answer..

-Hello mistress, how was your day ?, the dumb machine interrupted.

-What the... Sara, go to your charging stand and run a system check.

-At your service."

The maid headed to her station, while Susan tried to put back some order in the romm. She never really liked the gearhead, but she was too lazy and too busy to take care of the house.

"-System check completed. No errors detected, the gynoid said in what seemed to be a gleeful tone.

-What ? Sara, re-run another check and connect to internet to find solutions.

-Hello mistress, how was your day ?

-My day was fine, thank you. Now run your bloody diagnosis !

-Mistress, do you want to have sexual relations with me ? Sara said as it was extricating herself from its maid uniform.

-WHAT ? Susan screamed. This is too much. Desactivate, I'll send you back to the factory tomorrow.

-Mistress, do you want to have sexual relations with me ?


Indeed, Sara was not a sexbot. Where a vagina was supposed to be, there was nothing else than a plastic imitation of skin. Same for the nipples. And its throat was limited to a speaker in the back of her mouth.

"-Hello mistress, how was your day ? Hello mistress, how was your day ? Hello mistress, how waaaaas youuuur day ? Dooooo youuuuuuuuu...... CRITICAL ERROR, the gynoid said with a cold and monotonic voice. MAIN SyyYyyyyySTEM FILES CORRUuuuuuuuuuuuupted. SHUTTING DOWN... PLEASE CONTACT TEEEEEEECHNICAL SUPPOOOOORT..."

The robot made an acute sound and fell on the floor, smelling like burnt plastic and iron. It was definitely out of order, and Susan would have to paid the security deposit. That would learn to her to engage an highly advanced robot for her housecleaning.

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