The Fantasia Club

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The phone only rang twice before Andy snagged it and picked it up.


A sweet sounding woman's voice was on the other end “hi, is this Andy Crawford?”

“Yeah, this is Andy, who's this?”

“This is Crystal, from the Fantasia Club, I'm happy to tell you that your hired.”

“Wow, that's great, thank you so much!”

It had been nearly a year since Andy had been laid off from the school district, servicing educational android units.

“If you wouldn't mind coming down to the club, there is some more paperwork to sign and we can talk a little bit more about duties and schedule.” Crystal said happily.

“Sure, I'll be right there, see you in a little bit” Andy replied a little hastily.

Andy was spending his afternoon lounging around before his call had come, so he figured the grubby t-shirt and jeans weren't the best things to wear to the first day on the job. So he changed quickly into a nice polo shirt and some less disgusting jeans.

After a quick drive to the Fantasia Club Andy met Crystal at the front entrance. She was the same beautiful woman who had interviewed him. She seemed to be perpetually happy because Andy had never seen her not smiling warmly. Her shoulder length dark hair seemed to change shades as she walked.

“That was quick, well follow me and I'll show you around.” Crystal said in her high pitched voice that always seemed to make Andy feel like they had been the best of friends.

After signing the usual tax forms and new hire paperwork Crystal led him out of her office and down to the main club floor. There were dance cages and a large polished dance floor with two separate poles erected in the center. The stage led back to a curtained doorway where the performers could enter and exit easily. Crystal and Andy hopped up on stage and through the curtain. They were obviously in the back dressing room where a few of the nights girls were already applying whatever make up and sultry outfits they felt would coax the most money out of the customers.

“And through here is your domain.” Crystal had walked him through the whole dressing room to a back door. She pushed it open and waved her hand for Andy to enter. He walked though the door past Crystal into a room with a large wrap around work bench on the half the back and left wall. There was a surgical steel reclining chair in the middle of the room along with a little cart of tools, instruments and a laptop. There were also four girls standing stock still along the back wall next to the work bench. Each wearing a pink tank top and white shorts.

“Ok, well, I'll just leave you to get acquainted with you're new, erm, work space. If you need anything my number is programmed into the phone on the workbench and there is a pager there for you. If any of the girls has a problem it'll page you. Listen, we are opening in about half an hour, why don't you come find me out there a little later and check in.” and with that Crystal gently closed the door and left Andy with four gorgeous women who he could order to do anything he liked. Now, however, was not the time to let his manhood do the thinking for him, he did have work to do. Thats when Andy noticed that each girl had a name tag with the girls name written in pretty, obviously feminine handwriting stuck to their chests.

“That's helpful.” Andy looked over to the first girl. A beautiful blond with a smooth almond shaped face and a knock out body from Andy could tell. She looked like a typical stripper, though he had to admire the D cup breasts. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra so he felt he could appreciate the rack under the shirt.

“Ok, Scarlet you are first.” Andy said, a little surprised at the nice gesture from his new employer.

As soon as her name was spoken the first girls eyes glided open and a smirk crossed her face. She sauntered over to him and held out her hand. Andy took it, and shook, looking a little puzzled at her behavior.

“Hi, my name is Scarlett, you must be our new tech. I need you to set a new supervisor code for me before we can do anything else” she then gave a quick wink to Andy.

“uhm, ok... 33751207.”

Scarlet smiled for a second then said “Data stored, new supervisor code accepted. What can I do for you today?”

“Well, I would like to get a baseline on all you girls, remove yourself from the list of online girls for the night and lie down in the chair. I'll also need to connect to your data port please.”

“Supervisor code please.”

Andy sighed, personality or not, some things never changed. “33751207”

“confirmed, data port open”

Scarlet swung herself onto the chair in the center of the room and held out her left arm. Just below the wrist a small patch of skin had lifted up slightly to reveal a rather standard looking USB port. Andy tapped the space bar on the laptop to start it up and then plugged a USB cable into the computer and into Scarlet's data port. The android management application automatically started on the laptop and after a few seconds displayed a readout of Scarlet's current software and firmware versions, late service date, fluid levels, and a small wire-framed graphic of her body. Andy wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly so her started running a full diagnostics sweep, “can't be too careful” he thought to himself. He also noticed that her saline solution and lubricant levels were not topped off, not that she needed them but Andy liked to have everything running in prime condition, besides he had time to kill, the scan would take an hour or two at least.

Andy walked over to the workbench and found several containers of lubricant and a large jug of saline solution. He didn't feel like spilling saline all over the place so her poured a small amount into a plastic cup he scrounged up from one of the many cabinets under the bench. He also made a mental note to someday take inventory of all the spare parts in the cabinets as well. A chore in itself! He stepped back over to the laptop and saw all the different sectors of her hard drive that had been scanned so far and took a quick review. It looked like the club had spent a lot of money keeping things like her sexual matrix and firmware up to date as well as installing several scenario packs. Normally this wouldn't much matter, but this was a club, customers weren't supposed to touch the girls, let alone have sex with them. Andy brushed it off, maybe Crystal used them on the side for her own personal use. That got Andy a little hot for a second but he shook it off again realizing he was standing there holding lube and saline.

He set down the saline and tapped the wire-frame model of Scarlet on the belly, which brought up a list of commands and a command prompt. Andy tapped on 'service panel' and then apply. No sooner had he clicked his mouse button that a small hiss issued from under Scarlet's shirt and a portion of it lifted. Andy reached over and pulled the shirt up to just under her breasts to reveal a section of skin from the sternum down to just below the belly button had lifted off her body and set is aside. Andy reached over and peered inside. There was a thick looking rubber like tube running down further into her body, “That'll be her vagina and fluid removal system” Andy thought to himself. The tube ran up further into the mess of wires and disappeared towards the back. Andy knew that on this model the fluid intake system dumped everything into a tank that had to be accessed from their back side. Though the read out said Scarlet's was empty right now.

On the right hand side of the cavity there were two small rubber stoppers held in place by a small clamp. One had a small graphic of a mouth on it, the other had a small droplet. Andy undid the clasp on the stopper with a droplet on it and tipped the nozzle of the lube bottle he was holding into the opening. He held it there until it stopped filling and then restoppered it. Glancing over at the computer Scarlet's lubricant tank was now full. Andy repeated the same process for the saline.

With Scarlet out of commission for a while Andy decided to take up Crystal on her offer and meet her out on the floor. He strolled through the dressing room which was now packed full of girls in all states of dress and undressed to the back door which led out behind the bar. As he passed the bar tender introduced himself and offered Andy a drink, which he took.

He didn't have to wait long, he took a seat on the upper level over looking the dance floor. He spotted Crystal before she spotted him and he found himself watching her dreamily as she interacted with the other customers. She finally did catch his eye and made her way up to his table.

“So, how are my girls doing?” she said flopping down in the chair next to him.

“Oh good, I'm just trying to get a base line on them before I stamp my seal of approval on them.”

“well, if you need to do any kind of, shall we say, private testing on them. We have four suites up here on the top level for you to use. And feel free to blow off a little steam with them if need be, one of the many perk we offer our employees” she gave him a cheesy smile bobbed her eye brows.

“uh, thanks...I actually had a question about that. There is an awful lot of sexual software on Scarlet, I thought patrons weren't allowed to touch the girls, only look.”

“well that's true, for girls. Human girls. Congress was rather mum on the subject of artificials. We don't advertise them and they don't come cheap, but we do have some high paying customers who do enjoy a little roll in the hay with someone who never leaves the club and never gossips to anyone. It's a good way for them to have a fling without the wife finding out.”

“hm, good to know. So what about you? You look more like you should be dancing than managing.”

“What a line!” she said with a cute smirk and a twinkle in her eye that let Andy know that she had liked the compliment “But, I used to dance. Right here at this very club. They guy who owned it before me was retiring and mentioned he was going to sell the business. So being single and making good tips I offered to buy the business from him. I enrolled in a few business management classes and here we are. I've been in charge here for nearly three years now.”

Andy's pager went off, giving him a small jolt as he wasn't expecting it.

“Looks like Scarlet's done, back to the grind”

“Hey, maybe we could get some coffee after the club closes tonight?”

And let the smile creep across his face “yeah, that sounds good” and he stumped off to the back room again.

Scarlet was indeed finished scanning. Andy disconnected the USB cable and rolled it up next to the laptop. As soon as it was free of the data port Scarlet turned her head and smiled at Andy while the port in her arm closed.

“May I have my stomach back?” She said toyingly.

“oh, uh, yeah here, let me.” Andy reached over and grabbed her panel covering and fitted it back onto the two clips that lifted it off. As soon as it clicked into place it was pulled back towards her body and fit snugly back where it was before. Scarlet closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose and smiled.

“mmmmm, that feels better. You know I love having you guys poke around inside of me. I love the feeling. Did you enjoy yourself too?”

Andy blushed a little and managed “uh, yes, it was very nice. Scarlet why don't we go to one of the private rooms so I can test the rest of your systems.”

“sure thing, stud” she smirked and hopped off the chair. She walked past Andy into the changing room and quickly lost her top and shorts. Andy had to admire the perfect curvature of her breasts and the smoothness of her skin. He knew she was built that way, and that she was just a bundle of wires and circuits, but that didn't stop him from staring. Scarlet slipped into a slinky red dress and glanced over her shoulder at Andy. She winked again then wagged her finger to indicate she wanted him to follow.

She led him out through the bar and up to the top level, into one of the suites Crystal had mentioned earlier. If he didn't know better he would have sworn he just walked into a small house. The walls were painted a warm cream color and a nice king sized bed with red silk sheets took up most of the room. Scarlet quickly flung off the dress and stepped out of her panties but left her spiked heeled shoes on, then sat on the edge of the bed and fell backwards sprawling herself out before Andy.

“C'mon big boy, lets see how hot we can get my systems to run!”

Andy gulped slightly. “Well, that's not what I had in mind, my dear. Open your abdominal access panel again and await my command”

“Confirmed” Scarlet's abdominal panel once again slid open and she waited for Andy to remove it. He stepped over and took it off, setting it on the floor.

“Now, lets have you initiate manual sex with yourself. Do not enter an orgasm sequence without my confirmation, understood?”

“Confirmed, tech supervisor code required to over-ride orgasm auto start sequence.”


As soon as Andy had uttered the last number in the sequence Scarlet slid her hand down to her sex and began rubbing it, along with a sharp intake of air. She continued rubbing and slid her fingers inside her wet folds. Her breathing increased as she picked up the pace. Andy looked inside of her open access cavity. He could see that the rubber like tube leading down to her synthetic vagina was gently expanding and contracting with each thrust of her fingers. He could also see fluids rushing along through the small lubricant tube. “good, no leaks” Andy thought. He pulled out a small flash light from the tool case he had brought up with him and shined it inside of her. Andy scooted some of the wires out of the way with his finger, making sure not to disturb the rubber tube that was still pulsating. He finally found his was though Scarlet's inner workings to the middle of her torso where he could glance the saline tank and he saw that the small pump in it was working flawlessly. He glanced up at Scarlet's face, she was licking her lips to moisten them and moaning softly. Her other hand had reached up and was rolling her nipple in between her index finger and her thumb.

“Ok Scarlet, everything seems to be running just fine. Go ahead an initiate an orgasm for me.”

“Scarlet let out one more loud moan “c-confirmed” she said in a shuttering whisper of a breath. Her back arched and she let out a squeaky moan of pleasure and finally removed her fingers from her pussy.

“Please test your esophagus seal, Scarlet”

She smirked and put her two fingers into her mouth and sucked gently while using her tongue to lick of the remaining lube from her fingers. Andy, still peering inside of her body saw the fluid travel down a small clear tube leading down from the top of the opening and into the mess of cables. Andy knew that it dumped into the holding tank.

“Are you sure there isn't anything I can do for you hot stuff?” Scarlet asked in a deeper than normal husky voice, causing Andy took look up from his examination.

“I think I'll have to pass for now, maybe next time.” Andy smiled and snapped her panel back into place. Again it slid down and fit snugly back into her abdomen. Andy took out a small aerosol can from the tool bag and sprayed it along the seam the panel had left. The seam disappeared at once as if nothing was there. He also sprayed some seam sealant on the data port on her wrist.

“Ok, go ahead and get dressed, then go back to your charging station and plug in for the rest of the evening, unless someone calls for you.”

Andy walked out of the suite and bumped straight into Crystal.

“Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! Are you ok!?”

Crystal giggled and blushed a little “I've had worse, I think I'll survive. So how is our girl doing?”

“Just fine, I just finished up with Scarlet. She'll be out in a bit and then she's going to charge until someone calls”

“Well I was just going to tell you to start another scan going and then we could knock off a little early. My evening shift manager is here and it's a little slow tonight. So how about that coffee?”

“sure, yeah, of course. I'll meet you down stairs in about ten minutes.”

Scarlet smiled at him and walked on. Andy felt flustered for a moment, he couldn't believe he had a date with his boss. He walked back down through the dressing room and into the back room. He let his eyes fall onto the next girls name tag.

“Lisa, please lie down and open your data port.”

again she asked for a new supervisor code, but wasn't nearly as chatty as Scarlet had been. Andy started a full scan on her. He guessed she would just have to be offline for the rest of the evening. He grabbed his coat and walked out to the dance floor where things looked in full swing. The music was pumping, two beautiful women were twisting and writhing around the poles on stage. The tables looked full of people ready and eager to spend their hard earned money on an evening of pleasure.

Crystal was waiting for him by the front door, and she eagerly linked her arm around Andy's and led him outside. She led him to her little sedan. They chatted a little as they drove to a little coffee shop a few blocks away. The coffe was average, but the conversation was great and the company even better. Crystal was really growing on Andy, and you couldn't get much better than dating an ex-stripper. They walked around for a while after coffee and kept talking. They finally made a loop back to the coffee shop.

“I've had a really nice time Andy”

“I did to we should do this again some time”

“Mmmm, I was thinking more like why don't we go back to my place?”

“I couldn't say no to that” And said with a dopey grin on his face.

They drove a few blocks up the road to a nice looking apartment building. Crystal dropped her purse on the floor as soon as the door to her apartment shut, she swung her arm around his neck and kissed him deeply. She slid her tongue into his mouth, which he did very little to resist. Andy spent the first few seconds trying to get his brain to catch up with what was happening. He eventually started kissing her back, he let his hand fall on her ass and squeezed it. It was firm and perfectly proportioned with the rest of her rock hard body. He could feel her smiling through the kiss and she let a short quiet moan escape her lips. They somehow managed to kiss and fumble their way to the bed room. Crystal pushed Andy onto the bed and straddled him while unbuttoning her blouse as quickly as possible. Andy went to work getting his pants and boxers off as well. By the time he had done that Crystal had her bra off and her C cup breasts out and inches away from Andy's face. He kissed and licked them with such passion that And y wondered the last time he did this. Crystal was already moaning and grinding her hips into Andy's crotch. Andy reached up and hooked his fingers into Crystals panties and yanked then down. She rolled off of him and let him pull them the rest of the way off. Andy rolled his hand over her stomach and down to her pussy, he massaged his hands into it and stroked her clit gently.

“Fuck me, Andy, I want you inside me now!”

And was more than happy to oblige. He climbed on top of Crystal and inserted himself into her. Andy thrusted rhythmically while grabbing and squeezing her breasts. Crystal moaned loudly and balled up the bed sheets in her fists. Crystal began rolling her hips in time with Andy's thrusts. She reached up a long slender arm and pulled Andy into a passionate kiss.

Andy thought the time went too quickly. He had no actual recollection of when they stopped, but he knew that being with this woman made time slip through his fingers. After they had both caught their breath and heart rates returned to normal Crystal rolled over and looked and Andy, who was still smiling at what had just happened. It was the best sex he had had in months, years, perhaps even ever.

“Well? Are you going to tell me how I measure up?”

“What? Measure up to what?” Andy was caught a little off guard at the question.

“To Scarlet, I saw you were doing some testing in one of the suites, you dog” she winked at him again and gave him a reproachful but playful smile.

“Scarlet and I didn't do anything, she was, uhm, self testing...”

“Oh, well, then how do I compare to the other androids you've slept with”

“Ha, to be totally honest I haven't ever slept with a 'droid”

“What? A big nerd like you?”

“Well, they are really spendy and I just never had the cash.”

“You mean I was your first!?”

Andy laughed a nervous kind of laugh “heh, w-what do you mean 'my first'?”

“I am an android too. I am just as mechanical as the girls in my club. I am just built a little better”

Andy thought she must be kidding. This must be some kind of first day hazing that she was giving him.

“You can't be an android, you don't have any visible seams or data ports. And trust me, I have an eye trained to spot those kinds of things.”

“At each of my connection points there are small pores that dispense seam sealer right as it is connected, no need to spray on to try and hide it.”

“I've never even heard of that kind of thing, and how were you planning to recharge with me here, hmm?”

“It was a new upgrade I just had installed a few months ago, and as for the charge I was planning on telling you what I was all night long. As soon as you knew seeing me charging wouldn't be shocking at all”

She's good, but I know how to catch her at her little game. Andy thought to himself. “Ok then, lets see some circuitry. You want me to think you're a robot, then lets see it” Andy gave her a 'lets see you dodge THAT one' kind of look. Crystal just smiled at him and sat up a little. “Fine then.” She let her hands flow up over her thighs, across her belly and onto her breasts. She cupped both of then and gave a little squeeze and let out a soft, playful moan while closing her eyes for a moment. She opened them and winked at Andy again and moved her hands to both sides of her head. She gave a firm but sudden tug and her head popped immediately of at about mid neck. Silver support bar was left on the stump of her neck along with several other connection ports as well as some quick connection plugs for fluids. She held out her head in her hands for Andy.

“Do you believe me now?”

Andy was thunderstruck and turned on all at the same time. She was the most human looking android he had ever seen. His mouth fell open as he took her head from her hands and stared into her eyes. He rolled her head a little and examined the connections on the bottom of her head.

“I needed a good tech to keep the girls up to date, but I need certain things too.” she said. “I don't plan on breaking down or malfunctioning, but it is a real possibility. I need someone who can maintain my systems as well as the girls in the club.”

Andy was still holding Crystals head and examining it like it were a friends gadget who he was allowed to hold only for a little while, soaking in as much of it as he could.

“Can I have my head back please? Not that I don't enjoy this or anything, but the internal battery on my head only lasts so long”

“o-oh yes, of course, here, sorry...” Andy placed Crystals head back into her waiting hands. She lifted it up and set it back onto her neck with only the kind of precision that comes from being an android. And just as Crystal had said just as the two pieces of flash met there was an almost inaudible hiss and the seam was gone in an instant.

“So, you aren't going to run out screaming on me?”

“I-no, no of course not!”

“Well good, the last tech did when I told him about me, he said he couldn't work for an appliance.”

“I don't mind, I mean you are beautiful, and the work isn't hard. It seems like the perfect job to me”

Crystal smiled warmly at him “that's a relief. Now I DO need to charge, and you should get to sleep. You've got work in the morning and if you don't mind coming over again tomorrow night I had a few other, more personal, upgrades I needed a little help installing.”

“Tomorrow sounds good.”

Crystal slumped back down into bed. A small panel opened right above her left breast. Crystal reached inside and pulled out a standard looking plug and reached down next to her bed to plug it in.

“good night” she said in a sing song voice and pushed the plug into the socket. “Shutting down for charge cycle.” the change in her voice was nothing but sexy to Andy. It may have been monotone, it may have been robotic, but it came from Crystal. And that was ok with him.

“Good night. See you in the morning.”

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