The Replacement

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The Replacement


This is a story I've been working on on and off for over a year now. It is a spinoff of my Spaz Studios Presents "Forbidden Fruit", in the aspect of HRM (Human Replacement Model) type androids, and the DPM (Donated Personality Model) type androids from Spaz Studios Presents "Substitute". As this is my most recent work, I am incorporating entirely new elements in order to make my androids fit in with more modern conventions and concepts.

Because of how long this story is going to be, I am splitting it into seven major parts, most of which containing sub-parts, as well as a prologue, epilogue, and an extra segment at the end detailing where each major character is after the events of the story, since some of them will be spun off into an upcoming Spaz Studios Presents.

This story follows the life of two lovers, one of which dies in an accident and is replaced with an HRM android. Their story continues over the course of several years, as the world suddenly changes around them...

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Glossary of terms

  • HRM: A HRM, or Human Replacement Model, is an android built in the image of a real person who has died. These models are programmed with an A.I. designed to emulate that person's memories, personality, and sum life experiences. This features sets it aside from converts, who are living people who willingly transferred their mind and soul into a machine body.
  • DPM: A DPM, or Donated Personality Model, is an android built in the image of a real person who is still alive, or who once lived long ago. These models are usually commissioned by the person, or family of the person, to perform a series or pre-programmed tasks and earn income for the donor while they go to school or take care of their kids. In addition to having the same physical appearance, they are also programmed to emulate the donor's personality, but not necessarily all of their memories.
  • Convert: A convert is an android built in the image of a real person who is still alive. Unlike the HRMs, a convert is someone who willingly has their mind and soul transferred into a machine, usually because their organic body is severely injured or sick, or in some cases, if they have recently died. Unlike the other two types, these androids are completely autonomous and do not have an A.I. emulating them or determining their actions.
  • Artificial Human: An artificial human is an android that was conceived from the genetic information of two individuals. They are born as infants and gradually grow up, learning from their peers, environment, and experiences just as a human child would. These androids are completely autonomous, but are also A.I. based.

Forced evolution


This is an idea which sprung into my head several months ago and is the basis for the massive transformation this previously simple story underwent.

Basically, if humanity is threatened by biological, or radiological devastation, instead of leaving the planet or using genetic engineering to survive, they could instead build exact robot duplicates of themselves and basically copy all of their memories and experiences to an artificial brain, as well as their soul. Basically, the artificial bodies would permit humanity to live free of sickness, starvation, and thirst, but still allow the individual to feel like a Human, move like a Human, and act like a Human. Humanity would survive in more durable, maintainable, customizable, and evolvable bodies.

Similarities between Humans

These are only the most fundamental similarities:

  • Artificial skin
    • Looks, feels, and acts like human skin
    • Is capable of healing itself
    • Sweats to keep down body heat, and hairs warm the body when it is cold
    • Watertight
  • Artificial musculature
    • Contains a nervous system and facilitates in the human-like movement of the skeletal structure
    • Can be toned, or can atrophy, depending on how well it is taken care of
  • Artificial brain
    • Operates under the same fundamental principles as the human brain
      • Two hemispheres (Right and Left) that control logic and creativity
      • Multilobed, with each lobe controlling different aspects of the human psyche, and each lobe developing with growth and experience
      • Organic storage medium that mimics brain cells
  • Looks exactly like you
  • Primary vocal systems are the same as human vocal processes
  • Food and drink can be safely consumed
    • The effects of certain legal drugs, such as alcohol, can be perfectly and safely simulated without the usual deleterious effects
  • Age realistically
    • Eventually the artificial life terminates
  • Fully functional and anatomically correct

Differences from Humans

These are only the most fundamental differences:

  • Can't be infected by viruses, bacteria, or parasites
  • Limbs are removable/replaceable
  • Titanium alloy skeletal structure
  • Access panels for easy maintenance
  • Skin is enhanced to be resistant to sunburning
  • Decentralized brain
    • Organic brain in the head which stores the consciousness and memories
    • Mechanical motor control brains in each limb connecting to a primary hub brain in the torso which links up to the organic brain in the head
  • Capable of operating without sustenance indefinitely, but only if they plug in to recharge every 18 hours
  • No organic organs, only mechanical equivalents
    • Capable of being easily manufactured, upgraded, or repaired
    • Do not cause discomfort when they are having trouble performing their functions, or are breaking down
  • Physical appearance can be easily modified without painful or life threatening surgery
  • Capable of assexual reproduction

End game

Eventually, after all of humanity either dies out or converts into artificial bodies, the artificial bodies would become a completely natural way of life. The rules set forth dictating humans continue to improve themselves and the planet would permit the company, or companies, manufacturing them, to improve life expectancy or dramatically change the design based on evolutionary models.

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