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"First day of my new school today and I am feeling good about it." I said to myself in the mirror.

If my reflection could laugh, it would. In reality I felt nervous. I just moved from the city to this small country village with my father. My folks just got divorced and I decided to move with my dad to this new place he found in the country to escape city life.

The air was good and the weather was a perfect late summer breeze. I took a long breath and ran downstairs, where my father was preparing breakfast.

"Sam, hurry or you'll be late!" my dad smiled to me, giving my plate. I wolfed down my plate and thanked him for the food.

"See you later, dad! Love ya!" I told him quickly, grabbing my school bag.

"Wait! I'll drive you to school!" he smiled.

"But.... Sure…" I smiled.

Dad just had a hard time because of mom. We caught her one night arriving from a hockey game, sleeping with another man. It was too much for my father to take and he almost had a nervous breakdown. He really loved Mom and never thought she would do such a thing to us. So, I supported him the best I could, I knew he was the innocent in all this mess.

"Nervous?" he asked.

"Yeah..." I chuckled.

"Don't worry, things won't be so bad here... small quiet village... Your school is the only high school in the entire region and it’s got only about one hundred teenagers like you in it." he tried to make me less nervous.

I nodded and kept quiet until we arrived at the school.

"Have a good day, Son!" my dad waved to me.

I reached to him and hugged him hard, "You too! Love ya!" I told him back.

"Aren't you shy hugging your old man in front of the new kids?" he asked surprised of my actions.

"Fuck, I'm 18 years old, 6’3, and full of muscles. I'll cream anyone who tries to make fun of me!" I laughed out.

"That's the hockey player in you talking!" he also laughed out. "Bye!" he said, leaving me behind.

I turned around and already saw other teens talking about me in the front entrance of the school.

I took my bag and entered the school quickly and went to the main desk to ask for my class schedule.

"Here, Mr. Alliston, you'll see, this school is even better than those awful city schools!" the secretary said to me with a smile.

"I hope so...Thank you." I smiled back nervously. I went to my assigned locker and put my stuff in it.

"Hey, New kid, from the city?" someone asked me.

I turned around and saw a few teens my age looking at me as if I was something from another galaxy. "Yeah, is that a problem?" I told them with attitude.

"Yo! Relax! Just asking!" the head of the gang quickly said, realizing I could make him a crater in the cement if I wanted too.

"Mmmm A big bad man from the city...Cool." A beautiful blond said, giving sexy eyes.

"My name is Sam, nice to meet you all." I smiled politely.

"Football player?" one of them asked.

"Hockey." I smiled back.

"Then you'll love our winter here in this small place at the creek, best ice for hockey you'll ever have." the leader of the gang smiled to me, shaking my hand. "Pete's the name."

So, things were not as bad as I had imagined. I was sitting beside Pete in science class. "The blond is nicknamed Barby, but her real name is Valery. She's a sex machine, watch out for her!" he warned me.

I laughed a bit, because I knew Barby already had the hots for me.

"Class, today we continue on experiment #8!" the teacher said out loud.

He then came to me at my desk and took out a book for me, "Sam, since you were not here when we started classes last month, I'll group you with my best student to get you to speed here, okay?" my new science teacher asked me.

I nodded.

"Morgan, can you come here?" the teacher asked loudly.

"Fuck, you're getting Porky Morgan!" Pete whispered to me from my back.

"Porky Morgan?" I mumbled to myself.

"Yes, teacher?" a young girl asked with glasses.

She was just a bit bigger than the normal girl but still not fat to my eyes.

"Morgan, can you help Sam here get ready for our studies?" the teacher asked her.

She turned her head and looked at me and then looked back at the teacher, "Of course, Mr. Charles." she smiled. She sat beside me and introduced herself, "Hi, my name is Morgan Smith, I know already that your name is Sam. Nice to meet you." she said with a pleasant smile.

"Nice to meet you too. So, can you help me get to speed? Science is not my best subject." I chuckled.

"Of course, do you want me to help you after school hours?" she asked.

I again nodded.

"Cool, now, come with me, I'll show you what we are studying right now!" she said, grabbing my left hand and dragging me to a work station.

"Hey, Fatty, what do you think you are doing?" Barby hissed at Morgan.

Morgan ignored her and continued at my lessons. The other girls also were jealous of Morgan, getting to be my teacher. Surprisingly, Morgan was almost my teacher for the rest of the other classes. She was obviously the smartest girl in the entire school. I didn't mind being with her, she was nice and somewhat pretty. Of course, she had the reputation of the School nerd and fatty.

Again, she was not that chubby, like many said she weighed a ton like an elephant. At the end of the day, she ran to me and said she just needed to go at her house first before we could study more.

"So, were do you want to study?" she asked.

"Your house?" I asked her.

She look at me surprised and said yes, "You are not like most guys here in this village. Doesn’t it bother you that you are seen with me?" she asked.

"No, of course not!" I smiled to her.

She grinned a bit and we walked to her house.

Her house was a lovely Victorian style house. We got inside and her father was there, studying some books. He was surprised to see someone with his daughter.

"Hello, young fellow." he mumbled out quickly.

He then asked if he could talk to Morgan alone for a few moments and that I step outside the house. I then forgot that my Dad was at home waiting for me.

"Can I use the phone?" I asked nervously.

Morgan's father pointed to the main corridor where the phone was on a cabinet. After calling my Dad and telling him I'd be a bit late for supper, I hung up and crept up in the corridor and listen to Morgan's father giving her orders, "And make sure he doesn't touch you!" was what I heard him saying, finishing his phrases to her.

I then walked in the room and Morgan showed me to the kitchen table where we would study.

After a glass of milk and crackers and a few hours of studying, we decided to take a break. "Want to watch TV?" she asked to me, sitting beside me on the couch.

"Sure, but what about your dad?" I asked.

"Sleeping hard, always napping at this time." she smiled, flipping through channels.

"Ooooh! I love this old movie!!!! Can we watch just a bit of it" she whispered quickly.

"The Titanic??? Sure." I shook my head at that sappy movie.

We sat there quietly watching the movie until Morgan reached at me and lied her head on my shoulder. I blushed, but enjoyed the attention she gave me.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she whispered to me.

"" I asked back.

"Never." she said quickly.

I turned my neck to face her directly and moved in to kiss her. She closed her eyes and let me kiss her deep. She blushed with me and smiled at me, enjoying it. I then moved my left arm around her neck and hugged her a bit. I felt her breasts rubbing on the left side of my torso, giving me an erection.

She noticed my crotch getting bigger and she opened my zipper of my jeans.

"Morgan..?" I mumbled, confused at her actions.

"May I? I never saw one." she asked me.

I mumbled out "Only if I can play with your breasts later."

"Deal." she whispered, pulling my hard member out of my jeans and grabbing it with her right hand and stroking it gently.

I moaned out lightly while she then engulfed my penis with her mouth and licking it slowly. I breathed hard when I finally exploded and sperm shot out from my penis and landed right in her face and mouth. She gasped in delight and took a few tissues to clean my semen off her face and mouth.

I looked at her surprised "Morgan... holy shit! first blow job.. Thank you."

"Now, my turn!" she smiled to me.

I looked at her, scared somewhat.

"But first, let's go in my bedroom." she whispered to me.

We walked silently to her bedroom upstairs. Her room was like a girl's room you always see in movies. Pink walls along with stuffed bears on her bed. She closed the door and asked me to lie on her bed.

"Close your eyes." she then directed me.

Doing what she wanted, I heard her switch off the lights and her removing her clothing. I then heard in the dark her coming on the bed beside me. She grabbed my hands and directing them to her chest.

Suddenly, in both hands, I felt two delicious breasts appearing. I quickly became erect again. Her breasts were nice and squeezable. Firm, but also soft enough to squeeze them good, making her nipples erect hard.

I then moved my head up and licked her nipples and breasts long and good. She then pushed me on my back and she removed my jeans and underwear. I then felt her climbing on top of me and grabbing hard my penis and inserting it in something very moist and wet.

I then realized I was inside her vagina and I felt her body weight on me. She was not a light girl, but I enjoyed every second of it. She moved up and down on top of me and we synchronized for maximum penetration. She squealed a bit in ecstasy, breathing hard.

We both were almost reaching our climax until she said, "Shit!!!! My battery is almost empty!"

She got off me quickly and turned on the light, searching in her desk for a battery.

"Morgan?" I asked confused.

"I'll be with you quickly... don't go limp!" she joked. She finally found a battery and turned off the lights off. Confused, I look in the darkness her movement.

I saw she sat with her back facing me and taking the battery and inserting it in somewhere. She gasped a sigh of relief and then climbed back on me.

"Sorry about that." she whispered to me, "Let's continue." she asked.

I said yes and we returned to our actions before the strange disruption. We then both exploded and we lost our virginity together.

Part 2

"See you tomorrow at school!" she said, kissing me on the lips lightly.

"Good night. Morgan." I smiled to her.

I ran home and arrived to my house late. My dad was a bit worried but I told him I had lots of catching up for the classes that I had to study.

"So, any cute girls?" my dad joked.

"One in particular." I laughed out.

"Oh really." Dad joked more.

"Her name is Morgan... and she's different in some way of all the girls I ever meant." I told him, eating me reheated supper.

"Well, in the country, things are bit different." he said, grabbing the remote for the TV.

"Games started already!" he quickly said at the TV.

"Shit!" I said, sitting beside him on the couch, cheering for our home team.

The next morning, I arrived at school early and went to my locker. Morgan was standing there waiting for me.

"Hi!" she simply said.

I moved to kiss her secretly but she moved away. I got confused by her action and asked what was wrong.

"What do you mean?" she asked confused.

"Aren't we a couple?" I asked quickly.

"I don't know? No one has ever asked me that question before." she replied.

"Well, do you want to be one?" I asked frustrated.

"I don't know... I need to talk to my father first." she said, getting confused at my question.

"Can't you decide without him?" I asked by her answer.

"I..I...don't know... Processing..." she jerked out her phrases, showing frustration from my questions.

But before anything else, Pete arrived in my back and made a stupid comment, "Morgan, aren't you needed at the farm to be milked?"

I turned around and was about to punch Pete but Morgan stopped me, "I...I..." Morgan kept repeating. She then ran into the women's washroom.

I looked at Pete "Never say anything bad about Morgan ever or I'll make you eat your words!"

Pete looked surprised and excused himself.

I ran and knocked on the door of the women's washroom. No one answered, so, I entered it "Morgan? Are you okay? Pete's an asshole! Don't pay attention to him." I said over the closed stall. I’d say that she was in the third stall, the door closed. I then smelled smoke "Are you smoking?" I asked her.

"Kinda..." she simply said.

"Let me in." I begged of her.

"I can't." she said, her voice shaking.

"Please..." I begged her more.

"Sam... I like you so much... but..I am scared..." she continued.

"Scared of what?" I asked her.

"Scared of your reaction..." she said.

Confused, I managed to open the stall door by pushing the lock with my keys. She gasped out loud when she saw me get in the stall and closing the door behind us.

"Morgan... I like you so much! I know we just met, but you are like no girl I have ever met before!" I whispered to her.

"That's because I am not like girls you ever meet before." she said, removing her books from her chest, where smoke was coming out from.

I gasped at what I saw. Her blouse was open and behind it, was her left breast. But the top of the breast was melting like butter and circuits and wires were showing and they were sparking electricity out.

“My main logic circuit has fried... I am malfunctioning.... Help me...." she begged out.

"You're a robot??" I asked shocked.

"An android... My father is a scientist and my creator. I was built to study human teenager’s interactions in rural communities." she whispered to me.

I looked at the burning circuit and blew on it until it stopped burning and smoking.

"Morgan.. Are you okay?" I asked her puzzled at the situation.

"No... Main logic circuit is fried… Can't think straight... data corrupted... hard for me to talk and understand your questions." she mumbled out, sounding that she was on drugs or something.

I closed her blouse her and helped her up.

A girl come in and saw me helping Morgan out, "I'll call the nurse!!" the other girl said quickly.

"No! I am taking Morgan home, please tell the teachers!" I quickly said, helping Morgan walking.

Morgan didn't say anything, she looked like she was a thousand miles away. Some people offered to help but we managed to get to her house alone. Surprisingly enough, her father was not there. I got in the house with her key that was in her left pocket and brought her to her bed.

Morgan looked at me, "Thank you...Maxxx....Plleaassee deactivate prevent moreee damage..." she asked me.

"How?" I asked her.

"Remove my blouseee and sit me in a seating position, then insert a finger in my bellybutton..." she mumbled out.

I removed the blouse and saw she had clear separation lines on her belly that showed where the panel would open. I now understood why we made love in the dark now. Seating her against the wall with pillows, I then pressed the inside of her bellybutton and heard a click.

Like a drawer from a cabinet, a piece of her stomach came out. About the length of her torso came out, but instead of blood and guts, it was circuits and wires. It really looked the inside of a computer without its casing.

I knew androids were somewhat common now, but still, I was amazed. "Morgan, still with me?" I asked her.

She looked at her circuit box that was pulled out from her stomach, "Press that red button. That will do a complete deactivation of my systems.

I looked at Morgan and pressed the button. She suddenly opened her eyes wide, "Systems deactivations commencing... closing programs... processing... deactivation completed..." she then closed her eyes and laid there deactivated. I pushed the stomach panel back inside her thorax until it locked in place.

Sitting there, I got worried of what her father would do to her now. Obviously, he would be pissed. So, I decided on something that might be stupid. I took Morgan in my arms, rolled her in a bed sheet and carried her to my house. I waited for my father to leave for his new job and snuck to my room.

I laid Morgan in my bed and looked at the damage circuit. "Maybe I can repair her?"

I carefully removed the damage circuit and took it out. I looked in the yellow pages and started to call the closest computer store. I was lucky, there was one in the next village, 40 minutes by bike. I rode out quickly and made good time. Arriving at the store, I showed the burned circuit.

"Mmm.. Yup, we have that circuit.. The main logic one...this one burns the most often. It's like a fail-safe. It's like when an android can't stop processing a question, instead of the main CPU burning out, this circuit will burn out before any other damage happens to more expensive parts." the owner explained to me.

"And what about the skin melting?" I asked.

"Use this. It's like flesh colored plastic rubber sheets that will fix any damaged skin. It's like nothing ever happened." he smiled.

I paid the nice man and rode my bike home.

I delicately placed the new circuit and placed a small plastic repair sheet over the melted part. I was amazed, it looked like nothing had happened. Now, the true test. I pressed her bellybutton again and reactivated her by pressing the red button.

She opened her eyes "Systems activated.. Booting main programs and files... loading...booting finish, activation of A.I.: Morgan Smith....Booting finished..." she said, eyes wide open, sounding like a machine.

She then blinked her eyes and looked at me, "Sam? I am functioning normally. Did my father repair me?" she asked confused by her state.

"No! I repaired you! Did I do a good job?" I asked her quickly.

She stopped moving for a second and process a self-diagnostic, "Everything is working good... Wow! Thank you!.. Mmm... Am I in your room?" she then asked.

"Yes.. I was scared of your father finding out I damaged you, he would have freaked out." I told her, sitting beside her.

"Yes.. He would have... but, it's our secret now." she smiled.

I looked at her circuit box out of her stomach and asked her what everything was. "That is my main CPU, and this is my A.I. circuit box, this is my motor control circuit, and this is where my batteries go." she continued showing all her main circuits.

I then looked at her brown eyes and bent over to kiss her. She closed her eyes and we kissed deep.

Part 3

After kissing, I put my hand on her stomach panel and started to push it in her thorax. "Wait! Want to see something funny... pull my battery out." she smiled.

"What?" I asked her.

"Do it!" she said.

I pulled out the battery and she started to sing, but the longer she sang, the slower she sound.

"Ddddooonn'ttt IIII.sounddd liikkeeeee Daartthhh Vvaadderrr nowwwww.w.w..w?" she said, trying to laugh out at the same time.

"You're crazy!" I told her, replacing the battery. But by accident, I dropped the battery trying to put it back in place.

"" She laughed out. She then went limp and fell on the floor from my bed before I could catch her.

"Morgan???" I asked her. She was on her back, smiling, eyes now all dark and empty. She had run out of energy.

I placed the battery and she started to laugh out loudly, "Sam! My hero!!!"

She then sat beside me and let me close her stomach panel. To be honest, I was also distracted by her exposed breasts the entire time.

"One last trick!" she barked out. Stand behind me and grab my head with both hands." she directed me. Knowing she was having a ball, I did what she asked.

"Okay, now turn my head left on a 30's degree angle, okay, now do the same to the right." she said. Doing what she asked, she continued, "Now, then put my head straight and pull up!" she laughed out.

I did and I almost fell on my butt, her head in my hands. "Nice... I decapitated you!" I chuckled.

I turned to see her face. Her face was frozen with the same face she made when I pulled her head off. Her body got up and grabbed her head from my hands and put it back on. "Cool, eh?" she said after she realigned the head to her torso.

Morgan smiled to me and kissed me deep, "Now you know all my secrets."

I smiled and started to kiss her neck and breasts. She removed her pants and underwear and asked me to get naked too. This time, I climbed on top of her. She snarled a bit, being sexually excited. I reached inside her pussy with my finger and stimulated her more.

"Come inside me... please." she begged.

I did and we fucked long and hard. Both having multiples orgasms, relaxing, we smiled, looking at each other.

"Don't mind if I am a bit over-weight?" she asked.

"I know in this society, we think slim women are the sexiest, but I find women with more than bones and skin sexier..." I honestly told her.

"Even if I am an A.I., it does hurt when people call me fatty or cow..." she said, sad.

"Why did your father build you like this? Every time I see androids in magazines, they are slim and taller than you." I asked her confused.

"I don't know... I was just created like this." she said confused.

"Well, it doesn't matter to me.. I..think you are beautiful and sexy.." I whispered to her, grabbing both her breasts hard.

"Just one last question... how come you are so sexually active? Did your father made you like this?" I mumbled out.

"My father?? If he knew I was having sex with you, I would be a toaster the next day!. I don't know.. Sex is a very important thing for teens and I was built with the parts. When I met you, I was sexually attracted to you, like all the girls at the school! You're HOT!" she said, kissing my chest.

She got up and looked in a big mirror I have on the wall, "I am not so ugly, right?" she asked.

"Of course not.." I told her, grabbing her from behind and kissing her neck.

While exploring her naked body from the back, I felt a small bump in her back between her shoulder blades. "Do you have a button here?" I asked her.

"I don't know? Press it!" she asked confused.

I pressed the bump and she froze up. Then, a panel in her back opened and a keyboard came out of it, along with a small computer screen.

"Morgan?" I asked her. But she was not responding.

I looked at the screen and it was showing icons of Morgan's systems. "It's your control unit!" I told her. But I forgot, she was now in LALA-Land, frozen like a statue.

I pressed a few icons, bringing up to the screens more icons. From this, I could change her moods, her ways of thinking, almost everything about her A.I... But to be honest, I changed nothing. I liked her the way she was.

Just for fun, I did check her sexual attributes and they were very high. I just wanted to see something. I inserted my finger inside her pussy and stimulated her clitoris. The more I stimulated her, the higher her attributes went. When she reached almost 100%, I stopped and repress the bump on her back. The panel and small keyboard folded and disappeared in her back. She gasped when she returned to normal.

"Fuck me!!!!" she gasped out. She pushed me on my bed and she climbed on top and we fucked again like crazy.

Relaxing in my bed, she looked at me, "Next time you change my attributes, don't raise them up more than 90%, or I might fry a circuit or two!" she laughed out.

I excused myself and promise not to do it again.

So, we planned that she told her father she was not feeling well, but it was a small system crash and she rebooted herself and still no one (including me) knew she was not human.

The next day, I waited for her at my locker but she never showed up. I went to my first class and she was seating at her seat.

"Morgan! How are you?" I asked her, happy to see her.

"Fine." she said coldly.

"Are you okay? How did it went with your father?" I asked her, troubled.

"Fine." she simply repeated herself, showing no interested in me.

"Morgan, did your father did something to you last night?" I whispered to her in her left ear.

"It's not your business, Max." she told me, without even looking at me.

I knew he had done something to her. So, I spent the day trying to focus on my classes and waited until after school to confront her. I saw her that she was already walking home alone. I ran to her, saying her to wait for me.

"Morgan! Let me help you!" I told her quickly.

She turned around and look at me, "Max, I am an android built to study teenagers like you. I am not here to please you or anyone else but my creator and his ambition."

"BULL!" I screamed at her.

"I love you! Don't you love me?" I whispered to her.

"I...can't...I...processing..." she mumbled, trying to say something but couldn't.

I grabbed her by the arms and dragged her the nearby woods. Morgan was still trying to answer my question.

"Processing..." she repeated.

I pulled her shirt off half way to uncover her stomach and pressed her belly button. Nothing happened. I did again, nothing happened.

"Processing..." she repeated.

"Morgan! Open your stomach, please!" I begged her, knowing she was going to do a circuit burn out again. She nodded and her stomach opened. I press the red button and deactivated her.

After a moment, I reactivated her, but with her back facing me. Before she was fully self-aware, I pressed the bump in her back and made the small keyboard and panel open in her back. I typed some lines and check her status.

Her father changed most of her attributes last night. Remembering most of her attributes were last night, I reset them like they were before her father changed them. I reactivated Morgan after.

Morgan turned around and hugged me hard "I am so sorry! I could not help myself!" she cried out to me. "My father realized I was with you and turned me around and changed my settings. He then deactivated me for the night.. He was really pissed." Morgan continued, kissing me hard.

"Let's go confront your father right now!" I told her.

"No..." she said scared.

"Morgan, he'll simply change you back to the way you just were. I need to tell him that I love you this way." I told her.

She looked at me and knew I was right. Arriving at her house, I entered it with her.

"Dad, I need to talk to you." she said loudly. He came in the room and was surprised to see me again.

"Please don't change Morgan again!" I asked him loudly.

"So, you know she is my creation." he snickered.

"Yes, and I love her the way she is." I told him, Morgan hiding behind me.

"Interesting... okay, but on one condition... You let me interview you sometimes on your relationship with her." he asked me with a strange smile. I agreed to it, not sure if it was right to agree too.

"Now, I must go to my job, I'll leave you two alone.. No trouble, okay?" Morgan's father smiled. "And Morgan, please clean the kitchen." he said, grabbing his coat and leaving the house.

"Thank you, Father... of course I'll clean the kitchen!" she smiled, relieve by her father's answers.

Morgan hugged me hard and kissed me long. “Sit down, I'll feed you something and I'll clean the kitchen fast”

"Doesn’t it bother you, your father’s control over you?" I asked her, eating the sandwich she made for me.

"I exist because of him. He gave me freedom to learn on my own. True, what he did last night to me was bad, he was just pissed off at his creation going after a teenager boy." she said, smiling while cleaning the dishes.

Finishing my sandwich, I went to her back and put my arms around her. "We have lots of homework to do." she said, knowing what I wanted.

"But Morgan..." I mumbled, reaching for her breasts.

"No! Later! We have homework to do!" she scolded me, while finishing washing the last plate.

"Oh reallyyyy..." I whispered to her, pressing on the bump in her back.

"Don't you DAREEE...E....." she froze up, the keyboard and screen coming out of her back.

Whistling, I went to the icons that control her sexuality "Sexual Libido : 28%" the icon read "No, that won't do!" I snickered. Pressing on the "+" icon on top of it, I increased it to "Libido : 86%". I repress the bump and the keyboard and screen folded up and re-entered her spinal cord.

"Eeee.... ooohh...Sam... My pussy is so hot and wet now... Fuck me right now on the table." she moaned out.

I grabbed her and removed her shirt and her breasts came bouncing out. I grabbed them and squeezed them hard. Morgan moaned in ecstasy. I laid her on the kitchen table and pulled off her pants off and underwear.

"Lick me..." she begged.

I moved my head between her legs and started to lick her clitoris well. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders and I continued eating her hot and wet pussy. Moaning hard, she then begged me to penetrate her deep with my penis. I did and we both exploded. Lying on the floor, we looked at each other and laughed

"Now can we do the homework???" she asked, laughing hard.

Things went pretty good for me and Morgan for the next two weeks. Her father sometimes interviewed me in his study room, asking how I felt about her and what other kids said about Morgan at school, things like that. I didn't mind, I knew he was collecting data for his work.

"Do you care about Morgan?" I asked him once.

He looked at me and smiled "Morgan is like the daughter I never had."

For some reason, I felt strange from that. I don't see him as a "father" figure.

The school now knew me and Morgan were a couple and we didn't care. Of course, she still got ridiculed sometimes, when I was not there.

One night, Barby ambushed me alone at my locker, "Sam, what are you doing with someone who's fat and short and not perfect like me?" she asked.

I look at her disgust and turned around. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. Of course, at the same time, Morgan just came in the corridor and saw Barby kissing me. I saw Morgan turning around and leaving for the exit running. I pushed Barby away and ran to Morgan.

"Morgan!!!! Morgan!!!" I screamed at her.

She was running hard in front of me in the street. Then, she simply collapsed hard on the street. I ran to her and lifted her up, worried. Her eyes were dark and she was limp. She had no more power, she had burned her battery running the fastest she could away from me.

I carried her to my house.

"Son! What's wrong with her?" my dad asked nervously.

"Do we have batteries here?" I asked him quickly.

He went to get a few and I grabbed the right ones that she uses.

"Dad, this might shock you!" I told him, unbutton her shirt off halfway. I pressed the bellybutton and her circuit box came out.

"Sweet Lord! She's a robot!" my father yelled out shock.

"An android.. And I love her." I mumbled, taking out the dead battery.

"Son! She's a machine! Are you nuts? You can't love a machine! It's just wrong!" my dad said confused.

"Look! I don't care if she is a machine or not, all I know is that she is the best girl I have ever met in my life and I care for her!" I yelled out in frustration. "Son..." was my only father's comment, obviously disappointed with me. I inserted the new battery and Morgan came back to life.

"SAM! SAM!" she yelled out, confused.

"Morgan...Shhhhhhh... relax...Barby ambushed me and kissed me without me knowing what she was planning.. I am sorry you saw that.. But you must believe me when I tell you that you are the only woman I love in my life!" I explain to her.

"Damn it, Son! She's a robot!!!!! You don't need to explain anything to it!!!!" my father said pissed off.

"DAD! Leave us ALONE!" I yelled to him, Morgan started to cry.

"SAMUEL! I need to talk to you right NOW!" My father screamed at me.

I never saw my dad yell at me or act this angry. He went in the kitchen and I followed him. "Son... there is something you must know." he paused. I nodded.

"That robot in your room... it will leave you one day... it's a machine. It doesn't know what real love is. It's just programmed to look like it does... Believe me..." he continued.

"But she does love me..." I told him.

"It might, but someone just will reprogram it to love someone else instead... it's only a machine, codes and programs are its feelings! It's not real!!!!" he mumbled out, now tears in his eyes.

"Dad?" I asked confused.

"Sam...Your mother was an android.... your real mom died when you were born." Dad said, sobbing.

"What?" I asked freaked out.

"I bought her a long time ago as a companion and a nanny for you and I fell in love with her, even though she was just a machine. Many years passed and we were a happy family... until someone managed to hack her and reprogram her to be his secret sex slave..." he mumbled out, sobbing hard.

"Mom was an android...." I said, lost in clouds.

"I loved her so much.... Trusted her.. Never thought someone could reprogram her like that bastard did..." my father continued.

"What happened to Mom, Dad?" I asked him.

"I destroyed her... I deactivated her and pushed her in a metal shredding machine at the old dump. She was shredded into thousands of pieces." my father cried out.

I hugged my dad we cried a lot. Morgan heard everything from my bedroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and despised her existence.

Part 4

I was removing tears from my eyes when I saw Morgan run downstairs and exit the house quickly.

"Morgan! Wait!" I yelled to her.

My father was lost in his memories and pain. I ran to her outside.

"Morgan...I..." I staggered.

"Sam...Your father is right... My father might just one day decide to erase my A.I. and POOF! I'll be gone!!!!! No more Morgan!" she screamed out.

"I am willing to take that chance!!!!" I yelled to her.

"Sam! Look at your father! He's so messed up because he did the same you are doing with me!" she screamed back at me.

"Morgan!!! DAMN IT! I LOVE YOU!!" I screamed so loud, the entire street heard me in the night.

"So do I... but until I get reprogrammed or something... my already father changed my settings once to make you lose interest in me..What if he does erase my A.I. next? This is no life for you or me." Morgan mumbled.

"Let's just enjoy the present together then, right now, right here.. Let's worry about the future the next day... not now." I responded, hugging her hard in my arms.

"Sam.. I am so scared of losing you..." she cried in my arms.

The next day, Morgan never showed up at school. I skipped school and went to her house. No one was there. The house was empty. She and her father were gone.

It's been more than two weeks that Morgan and her father had disappeared. My heart was broken, of course. I cried myself to sleep almost every night. My father did his best to console me, but knew he could do little.

One night, I was watching a game with my father on the TV when the phone rang.

I answered it and it was Morgan. "Change the TV to channel 26." was the only things she said before hanging up.

Confused, I quickly asked my dad to switch channel. He asked why, I just told him to do it.

Tonight on 50 Minutes, we have a special report called, "Teenagers, still assholes to over-weight people?"

Meet Morgan, 18 years old, high intelligence, nice girl, but somewhat short and a bit over weight for her age. She goes to a small high school in a rural country side village. The teenagers around here act like any teenagers do in our school systems around the country. Things here are somewhat more relaxed than city schools. Low crime rate, almost unheard of drugs, nice neighborhood, you might think.

But here, in today's age, we would think that teenagers would act better than the teenagers did 50 years ago. Sadly, the truth, things are just the same.

Reporter: "Morgan, how do the kids treat you at your school because of your weight?"

Morgan: "Well, they constantly make fun of me... calling me Porky, cow.. Mean stuff..."

Reporter: "Just because you are slightly over-weight compared to the other girls at your school."

Morgan: "Yes... it's hurtful.. I wish people could be more thoughtful.. I hate it being like this."

You see, we have all heard of Teenagers being mean to others. But here is the surprise. Morgan is not your typical teen. She is the creation of Doctor Thompson. Doctor Thompson created Morgan many years ago to collect data on how teenagers are in today's society.

Reporter: Doctor Thompson, why create a slightly over-weight female android?

Doctor Thompson: Well, I myself was a chubby teenager when I was young and I was hoping in today's advanced technology and society, things were now different. So, one day, I built Morgan to help me gather the data I wanted. To my surprise, the teens were assholes to her on her first day of school. Things were just like I remember when I was in High school too!

Reporter: Fascinating! So, Morgan is everything you hoped for!

Doctor Thompson: Oh yes... she got so much data for me. Even now the school system and government is analyzing my data. But not all things were bad... I was surprised at one thing that she did that I was not aware that she could do.

Reporter: and what is that?

Doctor Thompson: She made a boy fall in love with her! Really cares for her! And very good looking lad too!

Reporter: Did that boy know she was an android?

Doctor Thompson: Yes, but he didn't care... Even as we speak, they are together! True love! Man and Machine! So proud of them! That is what I call advance romance!

Reporter: That is nice! So, to anyone who's over-weight out there, real or artificial, you still can find true love sometimes!

Doctor Thompson: Exactly!

Reporter: Thank you and Good night, Doctor Thompson!

I turned off the TV and look at my father confused. He gave me "I don't know anything!" look.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I ran to the door and opened it.

It was Morgan! She hugged me hard and we kissed. "SAM! SAM! I missed you so much!!" She cried out.

Tears in my eyes, I asked her what had happened.

"It does not matter...We are together now! Here is a letter from my father. He wants you to open it!" she smiled, with tears of happiness.

"To Sam, please take good care of Morgan, she is now yours. Have a good life with her and I hope she brings you great happiness.


Doctor Thompson"

I look at Morgan and kissed her deep "Never leave me again!"

My father walked to us and hugged us "Welcome to your new home, Morgan."

Maybe my mother was an android and now my girlfriend is one too, but I don't care... as long I believe that the love I had and have is real, that is all it matters to me.

The end

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