Processor Test

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Processor Test

Hayle adjusted her shirt once more, making sure the fabric was tucked in nice and neat under her skirt. She was going to meet the development team for the first time, and at a tech company like this, those were the people that needed to be impressed if one was seeking promotion.

"Ah! I have been waiting for you."

At the entrance of the research floor a young contemporary dressed developer greeted her. She had done her homework and knew he was Elliot Steinbach, one of the three senior developers.

"Hi Mr. Steinbach, I was told to come here?"

"Yes, you have been..."

Without any formalities he handed her a stack of paper and a pen.

"This is the NDA and various other waivers and whatever. Please sign every page."

As Hayle began going through the stack of paper she wondered what could require such a significant amount of paperwork, she was afraid to ask, but she was more curious.

"So what's all this for? What kind of secret research are you guys doing up here?"

Elliot turned and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You're actually interested huh? The last couple of... Ah… subjects… weren't as enthusiastic."

"Yeah I'm totally interested! Not sure who isn't, with all that hush hush secrecy going on here."

Elliot almost yanked the pile of paper from her hands and tossed them aside.

"Wonderful! What you see or hear, or anything from past this point stay here. You are not allowed to talk about what happens here outside of this floor, me included. Understand?"

"Yeah, no problem."

Elliot led Hayle through the doors to what could easily be mistaken for a e-waste recycling center. Endless types of circuits and data chips adorned the shelves, desks, and even the floors. Along the far side of the floor was a wall replaced completely with glass. On the other side looked like a filming set of a sitcom living room attached to a kitchen, the only thing missing was the hanging lights and recording cameras. It was impossible for Hayle to miss the hot brunette android sitting motionlessly on the couch. It was wearing a bland strechable tanktop and pants that all human-like androids wore when they got shipped for the first time.

"We are entering the preliminary testing stages of our new prototype processor. With its dynamic uh… adapting capabilities… it should save huge amounts of processing power."

Eliiot said with pauses in between, Hayle could tell he was still trying to keep certain parts of the project secret. But she was still curious, and he seemed eager to tell more.

"That's really cool, so that means not only can it save energy, it can do more processing as well right?"

"Yes, you got it, as you can see we have been rigging various models of androids with this new processor to test their compatibility with older software."

He pointed to the far corner of the room where Hayle had not noticed before. It looked like a crime scene with all the insides of the poor victims torn out. It was a bit horrific seeing all of them like that, but nothing bad was going to happen to them, likely the researchers would just put them back together when they were done.

"Okay! Your main assignment is to interact with the test unit. Lets see here...”

Elliot flips through a series of files too quick for Hayle to make out on one of the many computer screens in the laboratory. Finally the senior developer stops and flips back and forth between two pages in quick succession, as if trying to see if the two pages had any differences.

“... These two options will do. You can choose to be a co-worker staying overnight due to a breakup with your boyfriend. Or you can choose to be the roommate who just recently started a romantic relationship with our gal here.”

Hearing about the second option sent Hayle into a cascade of thoughts and imagings. Her face flushed and her gaze drifted for a brief moment before she shook it off.

“Ah, the first option is fine. So is that all I need to do, I just pretend with her?”

“That is the essence of it, yes. Most of the work is handled on my end here so all you have to do is spend the night with her. But do try to talk and engage her in whatever activity you wish.”

Elliot led Hayle into the mock up room where the motionless woman waited. The glass wall became a single continuous mirror reflecting everything making the place seem twice as big. Hayle reminded herself to not look at the reflection too much as it made her feel nauseous, last thing she needed was to embarrass herself in front of the senior developer. She also held back the thought of telling Elliot that she was never good with make pretend.

“The test will run for five hours.” He pauses and checks his clock. “I’ll get it started and I will be leaving for dinner, I'll be back before the test ends. But just in case…”

He puts a small metal stick in Hayle’s hands.

“Press this to activate the power kill switch for this unit. You most likely will not need it but safety protocols have to be followed.”

Stuffing the metal stick in her shirt pocket Hayle sat on a smaller couch across the android. She rubs the fake leather in anticipation and begins thinking of the stuff that she could do or talk about with her.

“Okay, the instructions have finished uploading. You are now her best friend.”

Elliot said with a sarcastic wink as he backs himself out of the mock room. Hayle wanted to ask more questions, but the developer seemed eager to get on with the trial so he held back her hesitation and braced herself.

The android woman in front of her jerked to life almost at the exact moment the locks on the one way glass doors clicked in place. For a brief moment the two locked eyes and Hayle panicked for a moment as she wasn't prepared for how sudden it was.

“Oh! Sorry Hayle, I fell asleep for a moment there, had a long day you know? Here, do you want anything to drink?”

Hayle breathed a sigh of relief, the android had started things off, saving her the trouble of coming up with something on the spot. While the android had programming to go off of, Hayle had to use her imagination. But since it was a processor performance trial, it would be productive to throw some curveballs into their interactions she thought.

“Yeah, no problem Lucy! I’ll have something fancy, you know what I like, we are best friends after all.”

Hayle smirked to herself, she had just given her a new name, that of her own manager’s dog, and having the android try to come up with something it cannot possibly know about her is sure to throw some wrenches into her brand new circuits.

“Aww that's so sweet of you to say so! But unfortunately no amount of compliments is going to fix the fact that I only have this crappy brand of coffee, or this equally boring brand of tea.”

Lucy held up a bronze tin and a paper bag, each in one of her hands. Both of them were expensive, not the cheap brands. Maybe Lucy was not connected to the internet to check though, it did make sense to not have your secret project connected. Hayle thought as she nodded and beamed a smile at Lucy.

“I’ll have the cheaper one then!”

“All right! One cup of cheap, but made-of-love cup of tea coming right up!”

Hayle gave a chuckle at her reply. Lucy was definitely adjusting fine with her mischief. Throwing the pot of water into the boiler she made a gentle kiss on the side of the glass container and threw a smile back at Hayle. Hayle caught a glance of Lucy’s glistening lips against the glass and thought about how sexy she looked. Judging from her body Lucy was definitely a pleasure or companion model, assistants and workers would never be made with a body like that. Hayle’s mind was too preoccupied to notice as she downed the cup of hot tea, bruning her throat on the way down.

“Aow! Hot! Silly me, I was lost in thought there for a moment.”

Hayle shot a shy smile at Lucy as her friend pulled a napkin to wipe the small drops of tea that fell on her skirt. Lucy sat herself close beside Hayle and asked with genuine concern.

“Careful there, so what happened between you two? I only heard rumors about your breakup.”

“With who?”

Hayle looked quizzically for a moment at Lucy before remembering the conditions of the test.

“Oh, right. With uh… Ben!”

“Yeah, you think it will be permanent this time? You always were going on about how you were going to break up with him, just didn’t realize how hurt you would be.”

Was that part of the story programmed in her? Elliot never fully explained the scenario, it was kind of hard to guess what the set up situation was. But in the end, it didn't really matter, it was just a fake make belief Hayle told herself.

Hayle suddenly realized that she had drifted off again, and Lucy had been nice enough to quietly wait for her to come around.

"S.. Sorry, I was just thinking about Ben again. I am breaking up with him for his now, I even deleted his contact info. "

Hayle pulled out her phone from her small handbag and waved it. Lucy in turn clasped both of her soft and warm hands over Hayle's holding her phone.

"That's so courageous of you!" Lucy said sweetly.

"I'm sure you will be over him in no time."

"How would you know that?"

Lucy wrapped one of her arms around Hayle and pulled the smaller girl even closer. "

"Oh I just know darling."

Hayle savored the feeling of such caring affection. She couldn't remember the last time she was cared about like this. Lucy seems to notice her enjoyment as she hugged her even closer, their bodies squishing into each other's. The bliss she felt lasted only a moment before Hayle suddenly remembered that she was in a trial. She was going to need to push Lucy's processors if she was going to impress the senior delevoper Elliot Steinbach.

"So what do you think, what is my next one going to be like?"

Hayle decided to push Lucy's imagination, something that is known to take up a lot of processor power.

"Definitely someone who cares more about you, someone who will give you their attention whenever you need it."

Hayle nodded in agreement, it sounded nice. Lucy brushed a stand of hair off of Hayle's face and asked her in return.

"Let's say this person was here in front of you right now what would you do?"

Hayle thought about it for a moment.

"I would tell them I'm not…"

Hayle stopped herself, she had to give an answer that was hypothetical in character with a version of herself that would actively be dating. Not the real version of herself.

"I would be their girlfriend and obey…"

Hayle stopped herself again. Why would she obey every command of her lover? It wasn't the right answer either.

"I… Error!"

Hayle suddenly felt herself tense and pull herself straight on the couch. The answer was on her mind, but the words wouldn't come out.

"I… Error!"

Her mind went over the same question over and over again. She felt a sense of panic build up within herself.

"Fatal error! Emulation stopped. Entering standby mode.“

Hayle found herself unable to move. She felt her body was completely stiff and unresponsive. The horrible sensation of panic however vanished completely. She stared into the ceiling, unthinking, like a passenger in someone else's body and mind.

"Oh Hayle you poor thing."

Lucy said as she turned to hug her once again. This time Hayle didn't feel any emotion under Lucy's embrace, though the physical sensation came across the same.

"As if breakups aren't bad enough already. Now youve crashed your EMU as well."

Lucy said as she reached behind Hayle's neck feeling for something. Not finding was looking for, she pulled apart Hayle's skirt and shirt and looked at her navel. Hayle's didn't complain however , with her eyes straight ahead she felt Lucy's fumbling but was completely apathetic.

"Ah, there we go!"

The world dissapered before Hayle's eyes only the reappear again in a rush of emotion. Lucy was standing in a different place in the room, holding Hayle's phone. Lucy looked back at it as if to double check something before putting it down.

"Oh, what happened?"

Hayle said while rubbing her head.

"You crashed, so I lowered your processor speeds and restarted you."

"What? Like you restated by phone? I am not an android you know."

"Shh… take it easy, of course you're not. Just letting you know that's all."

Lucy moved in for a kiss, and to Hayle 's surprise, she retured it, passionately too.

"Hayle, take off your clothes, all of it."

Hayle didn't hesitate and began stripping. She worried about the senior developer seeing her naked, but there was nothing wrong obeying your lover' s commands. With all of her clothes off she stood in the nude in front of Lucy who also stripped out of her simple tights. Hayle felt strong waves of lust wash over her. Lucy was gorgeous, everything from her long hair to her shapely breasts, all the down to her full hips and shaved pussy. Even the laser etched barcode and words on her body made her more beautiful.

"Do you want me to pleasure you?" Hayle said.

"Maybe later, I noticed the way you were looking at me earlier, so for now… "

Lucy guided Hayle's legs open.

"it is time for me to pleasure you."

Lucy kissed Haley's folds and slowly pushed her tongue inside. Haley felt the intense pleasure and could not think of anything else. She could only manage to focus on the pleasure that dominated her thoughts.

The three senior developers watched with bemused smirks as their test android brought the office android to climax over and over. The bland looking office droid's cries of pleasure echoed loudly through the monitor speakers. They all agreed that when the two girls finished Elliot was the one that was going to go through the trouble of selecting and deleting unit 179's memories of tonight and write the apology letter to the android manager.

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