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The Roommate:

I was happy to have graduated from West Valley College after only 4-semesters and that I was now on my way to a major California State University. The University of Sacramento was not too far from my home, but just far enough that I would have to stay in a dorm room. After moving out of the house I spent my entire life in, I finally got my room assignment and unloaded 20 years’ worth of belongings into what would be my home for the next 4-years. It took me over an hour to settle in, but by lunchtime I left my room and then passed the empty bedroom which would be occupied by the time I got back.

I had lunch at a small restaurant located on the campus, seeing several people but not making any friends. I got back to my dorm room at 1:00, only to discover that not only was my new roommate inside, but it was a girl. She had dark brown hair that went down past her shoulders, with a matching pair of eyes. Her face was smattered with freckles and she had a somewhat serious expression on her face as she looked at me from her room.

“Hi, my name is Rebecca Sullivan, your new roommate,” she said, walking out of her room and shaking my hand.

“My name is Phillip Gregson, I’m from San Jose,” I told her.

“I’m from San Francisco, although my parents migrated from Ireland,” she said, showing off a hint of an Irish accent.

Still stunned by her beauty, it took me some time to say something else. “Well, I already have my room set up; did you want me to help you with yours?” I asked.

“No thanks, I am almost done. See you later,” and she walked back into her room and closed the door behind her.

Even though I only got a brief look at her, I was able to estimate that she was my age and that she wouldn’t be a roommate from hell. When she finished setting up her room an hour later, she walked out and joined me in the living room, where I was watching the news. “What are you watching?”

“The news. I’m keeping up on all the politics."

“Oh, who are you voting for?”

“Hilary Clinton You?”


We talked about politics for several hours before she headed back into her room to get ready for school the next morning. The next morning, she and I both left for our classes at the same time, though we didn’t have any together. When we got back, we helped each other with our homework and then talked about current events. We did the same thing almost every day, though every day she would retreat into her bedroom at precisely 10:00 and not come out until she was ready. When I put my ear up to her door one night after she was in bed, I could not hear much, though I did hear a steady humming sound, which was probably her computer.

After the semester was over in December, we both spent some more time with each other during the time off, since she and I had both failed to pick up any friends. Although she and I were friends, she would not allow me to go into her room and she would not let me get close to her. After Christmas, in which we not only received presents from our relatives but from each other as well, we got ready for the New Year and the impending next semester.

On New Year’s night, we both went to a nearby bar and toasted the New Year with many drinks. By the time we got back to our dorm room, it was past 1am and a storm was building up, sprinkling us with a little water.

“That was a good party, wasn’t it?” Rebecca asked as we walked into the room, she sounded drunk.

“Yes, it was,” I said, also sounding drunk.

“Well, I will see you in the morning," she announced, "night ‘flip!” She gave me an awkward hug, letting me smell some of the beer sweat on her large chest before heading into her room and closing the door behind her.

I stayed up another ten minutes watching the news before going to bed. By the time I crawled into bed, the rain outside had become a downpour and there were periodic flashes of thunder. Sometime during the night, a strong bolt of lightning struck a nearby power line, shutting off the power.

When I woke up the next morning, it was only because of the analog clock on the wall that I knew that it was 9am. After checking to make sure that nothing had overloaded, I stepped out into the living room. It was dead quiet when I stepped out of my room, and it appeared that Rebecca was still asleep in her room. I waited nearly five minutes before knocking on her door. When she did not respond, I listened and then opened the door to see if she was even in there. Upon my first look into her room, I saw that she was somewhat of a neat freak, though due to her drunken state last night, she had carelessly thrown her previous clothes on the ground. Her computer was set up in the corner near the window, though it was powerless. Shifting my gaze to her bed, I nearly jumped out of my skin in shock. Rebecca was sitting up in her bed with her eyes wide open and staring at me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude! The power went out and I was making sure you were alright.” I said, calming down a bit. After a few seconds, I started to get confused, since she had not moved an inch since I saw her and she did not appear to be breathing, “Rebecca, are you alright?” After closer inspection, I saw that she was not even looking at me, but at some point on the wall.

As I slowly walked over to her, her eyes did not move and as I walked to the side of the bed that she was closest to, I tripped over an unseen cord, pulling it from the wall. When I recovered and got to my feet, I realized that although I unplugged the cord, I did not hear the thing it was powering clatter to the ground; although I was assuming it was connected to a bed lamp. When I turned to look back at Rebecca, I saw that she had moved a little closer to me and had slightly fallen over.

“Rebecca, what's going on?” I asked, leaning over and looking directly into her face.

She still had not shown any signs of life, and when I waved my hand in front of her face, she did not blink. Her skin was also somewhat cold to the touch. After I pulled myself away from her face, I bent down to pick up the cord I fell on and then wondered where it came from, so I followed it until it disappeared into the bed. After mustering up some courage, I reached my hand out towards the covers and ripped them off, revealing an astonishing sight.

Rebecca was wearing a simple pair of cotton shorts with an equally simple black cotton t-shirt on. Since I only uncovered up to her waist, I could not see anything else. After I got over seeing her like this, I continued following the cord until it disappeared under…or into her shorts.

“What the hell!?” I made sure that she was still not making any moves, and then reached out and pulled down her shorts. “Oh my god!" The cord actually ended with her, or rather in an opening in her realistic skin. “Rebecca, you’re a robot!” I stepped back and looked at the machine that I had spent the last 5-months of my life with, even called my friend. I knew that androids existed, but I had no idea that they were this real.

Now I had a dilemma, for I did not know why she was here or whether or not whoever made her would come to retrieve her. I also had no idea what was wrong with her. She still had the wide-eyed, serious expression on her face, and there was still a slight aroma of alcohol in the air. After I accepted the possibility that Rebecca, my friend, was an android, I began wondering what had happened to her.

“Okay, the power went out sometime last night; so, maybe she ran out of power,” I started saying to myself, “No, if that had happened, she wouldn’t still be in her bed, something else must have happened when the power went out,” I said, and I started examining the end of the power cord and the inside of her panel.

After not finding anything conclusive, since I had never seen an android before, I got off the bed and looked around. I was searching in her room for several minutes before I finally noticed something, the power socket that the cord was plugged into looked blackened and charred. If there was a bolt of lightning, it would have travelled to the outlet with the most power consumption, and if Rebecca was that dependent on electricity, than a sudden surge would have overloaded her power systems and expedited her power consumption.

“So, that’s why you look so surprised,” I said, leaning towards her face and taking another look.

Now, after this much time, my male hormones finally caught up with my scientific curiosity and said, -hey, why don’t we see how real she is- so I began to feel the bare skin showing on her arms and face and was amazed with how real the skin felt, though my skin was the only frame of reference I had. I was just about to remove her shirt when all of a sudden, the power came back on.

“Nice, now I can see what's on her computer,” I said, walking away from her and logging onto her computer. It only took me several minutes to log on, since she had set up an encryption algorithm. Since I was studying just that sort of thing, it was like a homework assignment, only with a better prize.

When her computer finally logged on, it simply showed me a simple windows operating system with a few icons on the desktop. After browsing through her files, I finally found a hidden folder labeled: Synth-tech. After I cracked it open, I discovered that she was built by a company called Synth-tech, along with several hundred others, and sent to this college to study the human condition in the college environment and to see if she could fool people.

“Well, you certainly fooled me,” I said aloud, though I knew she could not hear me. It was also a stroke of luck that she was assigned to be my roommate, since I was studying cybernetics and advanced computer programming skills.

After more digging, I found a schematic and saw that her systems were relatively simple. She was able to produce sweat and tears, and she had a multitude of features designed to give her skin a realistic look and feel. After I finished looking at her schematics, I walked back over to her and then plugged her into a different outlet. She came to life almost immediately, her face turning to a more stoic look and her body relaxing its position.

“Synth-tech model 4158 starting up….running diagnostics….memory files okay…personality files okay…power systems…error in power systems, diagnostic reveals a power surge has overloaded main power sub circuit, please replace….all other systems are okay, initializing OS…Rebecca Sullivan coming online….” “Hi, I’m Rebecca!” she said, probably her default greeting since she did not say it to me in particular. “Phillip, what are you doing in my room?” she asked, suddenly coming back to life and seeing me standing next to her bed.

“Rebecca, the power went out last night, and I believe that the power surge caused by a lightning bolt and that it overloaded your systems,” I told her, hoping she wouldn’t freak out with me knowing about her true nature.

“My systems, so you know about me then?”

“Yes, in your boot-up dialogue, you said your power sub-circuit needed to be replaced, is that true?”

“Yes, right now I am only functioning on AC power."

“Can you move around, at least?”

“Yes, although if I come unplugged, my secondary battery will only keep me on for five minutes, then I shut down,” she told me, and she pulled the covers off of her legs and then slowly rose to her bare feet. “Do you find me attractive?” she asked, looking down at her body and then looking at me.

“Yes, I was attracted to you the second I saw you, didn’t you notice?”

“Sort of," she admitted, "my program was designed to make me analyze multiple college students at once, mostly in the class. My programmers never thought of making me analyze the interactions between me and my roommate, so I've had to improvise."

“Do find me attractive?”

“I don’t know, I don’t really know what attractive is."

“Well, attractiveness is not only linked to a person’s physical appearance,” I explained, “It can also be linked to a person’s interests and personality; and based on the past few months, I say we have had some serious chemistry."

After I finished talking, Rebecca seemed to zone out for a second, before smiling, “Oh, I see, in that case I do find you attractive."

“You know, I have gotten the impression that you don’t really trust me."

“Oh, in what way?”

“Well, this is the first time I've ever been in your room, since you haven't ever let me in."

“Well I thought that that would be obvious, now that you know about me,” she said, “Every night I have to plug myself into my computer for about half an hour, then I plug myself in before going into sleep mode."

“Oh, I see."

“Also, I have several spare parts that you might have discovered,” she said, looking under her bed.

“You know what part of you I like the best?"


“Your feet, I have a foot fetish."

“Really, I was wondering why your eyes wandered towards my feet whenever I wore sandals or was barefoot,” she said, looking down at her feet, “Did you want to see them up close?”

“Sure, I was hoping you would ask,” and she sat down on the foot of her bed and extended her legs so I could see and feel her pretty feet.

In my past experience in seeing feet, I was able to come up with certain categories: Nice; for slim, perfectly manicured feet usually found on celebrities, Pretty; somewhat large with toenails un-pedicured but still looking nice, and other; which are feet that are unkempt and usually have veins popping out. Rebecca’s feet were pretty, since they matched her somewhat larger than average size and had toes of increasing size. The added fact that they were artificial, along with the rest of her body made the experience that much better.

“How do you feel?” she asked as she saw me feeling her feet, which as far as she knew served her only to help her walk.

“I’m having the time of my life,” I said, smelling her feet and getting a whiff of sweat. Once I was finished with her feet, I allowed her to get back to her feet.

“Did you want me to do anything else?”

“Sure, could you take off your clothes?”

“Okay,” and she slipped the t-shirt off, revealing the fact that she was bare-chested underneath, and then she slipped the shorts off, revealing her slightly plus-sized features.

“With a body like yours, I’m surprised you haven’t had people lining up for you,” I said, looking at her large breasts and her perfect figure.

“Well, it seems that I am considered to be a little chubby, so people tend to go for the skinny girls,” she told me, feeling my hands touching her breasts.

“I can’t stand skinny girls, I love girls who actually have meat on their bones, so to speak,” I said, moving down to her waist.

“Well, moving back to myself, I do have a replacement part for my power systems, but it would be nice if you could fix me yourself, since you are studying cybernetics."

“Sure, but can I see what happens when I unplug you?”

“Sure, but why don’t you let me do something first,” and she reached out and started taking my clothes off. Once she had all my clothes off, she took a look at my naked body and then said, “Okay, if you push the cord in, then it will detach from my body and activate my backup battery. After five minutes, I will power down."

“Okay." I reached down to the only area on her body which showed her android nature and did what she told me to do with the cord. Once the cord was removed, she froze up and said, “AC power disconnected, five minutes to shut down,” and then she returned to normal.

“Okay, I might slow down a bit in the last few seconds, but let’s make the best of it,” and she led me out into the living room and into my room. “Wow, you have some impressive equipment,” she said, looking at my computer station.

“It serves me,” I said, knowing that she was the most advanced computer in my room now.

“Is it alright if I link up to your station? It'll only take me a few seconds to assimilate all the data.”

“Sure." I watched as she connected a USB cord that was attached to my computer to a port in her head and then downloaded all the data. “Did you find anything interesting?” I asked, when she unplugged herself.

“Yes, I read all the ASFR stories and know how I can please you,” and she walked over to me and grabbed my penis in her warm, right hand. “I've never seen one before, let alone felt one,” and she bent down and examined my penis the same way I examined her. “And I see that it can fit inside me,” she said, looking down at her vagina.

“Well, why don’t we save that for later,” I said, starting to blush.

“Sure, I have about two-minutes left,” and then she suddenly got up and then tackled me onto my bed where she began kissing me and hugging me. Due to her forcefulness, we eventually rolled off the bed, with me on the bottom. We were having the time of our lives when Rebecca finally ran out of power and she slumped onto me. As nice as it was having a beautiful, naked android girl deactivated on top of me, she also happened to be heavy. After I struggled a bit, I finally managed to roll her inert body off of me and then lift her up onto my bed. After taking a new look at her gorgeous body, I was unable to find any evidence that she was an android other than her still open AC port. Once I was finished with my look, I managed to heft her into my arms and carry her into her room, depositing her on her bed. Once I finally managed to get her plugged back in, there were a few seconds of silence before she came back to life. After her boot up speech, she returned to her human emulation.

“Hi, I’m Rebecca,” she said, and then her eyes focused onto me. “Oh, did we have fun?” she asked me, getting a smile on her face.

“Yes, although I sort of wish you hadn’t run out of power on top of me."

“Why? My studies indicated you wished to see an android like me deactivate."

“Well, not to be rude or impolite, but you are a little heavy."

“Oh, 180 pounds of synthetic flesh and machinery,” she said, “I’m sorry."

“Don’t worry, I did enjoy it."

“So, did you want to fix me now?”

“Sure, but nothing I have ever studied comes close to you."

“Don’t worry, just press my belly button twice,” she told me, and once I did so, I watched the skin surrounding it lower down into her stomach and then rise up, revealing a dazzling array of electronics; Wires, steadily blinking lights, cooling fans, circuit-boards and hydraulics. “What do you think?” she asked, looking at my face.

“I'm amazed with what I am seeing, you must have taken a long time to build!” I said, feeling the area where her skin became metal.

“Actually I only took a couple days to be built, my creators have much experience in building androids."

“Do they make males as well?”

“Yes, but there aren’t any at this school."

“Wait, does that imply that there are other female androids here?” I said, looking up from her panel.

“Yes, both my friends are androids who were sent here with me, but they were assigned the same dorm room,” Rebecca said.

“Do you think they suffered the same damage you did?” I asked, suddenly worried about these girls I had never seen before.

“Yes, but we will get to them later, now you must fix me."

“Okay, where are your power circuits?” I asked, confused with the circuits.

“Just below my left breast, where a human heart would be,” she said, and I carefully bent down and looked, and sure enough, there were a couple of batteries and a circuit board. After taking a closer look, I saw that one of the circuits was singed.

“Okay, I see the damaged component, now what?”

“Pull the red box from under my bed, then take the replacement part out and replace it,” she said, and after I pulled the red box from under her bed, I opened it up. Inside lay a multitude of circuits and other computer chips. After searching, I found the right chip and then replaced it inside of Rebecca’s body. Once the chip was inserted, Rebecca straightened up and said, “Power Sub-circuit replaced, now beginning rapid charge,” and then all of the lights within her began blinking rapidly and then suddenly slowed. “Charge complete, rebooting this unit,” and then they all shut off, leaving me waiting for her to reactivate. Once she finished rebooting, she said her default greeting and then said, “Thanks for fixing me Phillip, now open my bedside drawer and take my gift to you."

Once I opened the drawer up, I saw a few stray pieces of paper and a remote, which I took. Upon closer examination of it, I saw that it was her remote. “Go ahead, play with it,” she said, and I looked at the multitude of controls and pressed the command button. “Awaiting command,” she said, losing the look of humanity in her eyes and looking like an automaton.

“Disconnect yourself, close your panels and then stand up,” I said, and she wordlessly unplugged herself, closed both panels and then rose to her feet.

“Good, that was my command button; it will override my programming and make me do whatever you command."

“Cool, now this,” and I pressed the Pause button. She immediately froze up, and after I had some fun playing around with her frozen body, I picked her remote back up and then un-paused her.

“You must have found my pause button. That’s just in case you need me stopped in a hurry, without deactivating me."

“Cool, and what does this menu do?” I asked, looking at the touch screen with different subsections.

“Oh, that is kind of like my manual…you can see all of my features with that."

“Oh, I see…” I said, perusing through all of her many features. Some that popped out at me were the ones explaining the removal of her parts, as well as certain panels.

“How old are you?” I asked, trying to pass the time.

“I was built to look like a 20-year old girl, but I have only been online for 4-months, 10-hours, 13-minutes and 52-seconds."

“Wow, so you were built shortly before term started."

“Yes, they had to forge my credentials and everything…I was actually registered here before I was ‘born’, so to speak."

“Interesting, was it the same with your friends?"


“You know, I can always play around with you later, why don’t we go and see how your friends are doing?”

“Alright,” She said, and after she got dressed, we grabbed a few tools and headed out.


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