The Purchase...

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Sam stood at the counter, pen in hand ready to sign his signature to complete his purchase. Looking back up at the woman behind the counter and scratching his head he said; "You know, this is a pretty big decision. If I have any questions I can call 24/7 right?" The woman behind the counter smiled and leaned forward slightly. "Mr Jones, you needn't worry. Everything will be just fine and you'll see that your worries were unwarranted. Safeguards are a vital part of the design and implementation of each unit. You'll be fine. She'll be fine." She said.

Sam Jones let out a sigh. "You're right, last minute jitters I guess." He told her and with that he signed his name and pushed the form back to the woman.

The woman took but a moment to verify all the information and that all the necessary lines had all been filled in. "All appears to be in order Mr. Jones. Your order is already in process and should be ready for you in about two hours. In the meantime as a valued customer we'd like to offer you a suite on one of our upper floors while you wait. There you may find time to relax, or explore some of the other options available in the suite." She said as she handed him a room keycard.

Sam took the card and examined it. Thirty two - eighteen. "Wow, I wasn't expecting this. I figured you just had a waiting room." Sam said, holding the card, looking back at the woman. She smiled, "You're very welcome Mr. Jones. Consider it an executive indulgence. We'll notify you when your purchase is completed and ready to go."

As Sam entered the elevator he was greeted by another woman. A blonde with short bobbed hair, red lip stick , and french manicured nails. She wore a simple jacket and skirt ensemble, she smiled as Sam entered. "Hello Mr. Jones, I hope you enjoy your stay with us. You'll find your suite is equipped with our automated voice assistance system should you require any. Also, feel free to indulge in any of the amenities located in the suit. Your choice of desired specifications with today's purchase may require additional time for completion. You needn't worry about usage cost of the amenities as they are considered part of the total package cost." She said with a smile. Sam thought for a moment and smiled back. "Thank you." He wondered to himself. They really do take care of their customers. When the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened. The blonde extended her arm to show Sam out. "Your suite is down the hall on the left. Enjoy." Sam turned and watched the doors close. Amenities.....humm. Sam thought to himself. This particular manufacturer had been recommended to him by a close friend who had informed him that not only did they make the very best companion androids money could buy. But, that the waiting time was on site, and was time well spent. He had emphasized that he really was ‘spent' by the end of the night. Sam stood before the double doors to suite thirty two, card in hand. He took a sigh then slid the card across the reader device. The doors unlocked. Reaching down Sam turned the knob and pushed open the door and entered the suite.

Sam set his briefcase down and removed his coat. The suite was beautiful and elegant. A large open and spacious room with two sofas, an a recliner chair in the center. Directly opposite the doors on the other side of the room was a virtual wall of glass that gave a fantastic view of the city below. To his right was a mini-bar, then a blank section of wall. Probably used for the projection television, then a desk and chair. Sam turned to his left and noticed two doors exiting the main room. Probably the bath and bedrooms. Between the doors was a gas fireplace. Then at the end of that wal,l another narrow table with some magazines and brochures. Taking a few steps into the room, Sam tossed his coat over the bar and then turned to the door nearest him, hoping it was the one to the bath. The door opened to a hall that lead to the bath and shower. On his left were obvious closets, but on his right were three floor to ceiling alcoves. Inside each of the alcoves stood a motionless female figure.

Sam took a few steps further then turned to stand before them. He carefully examined each one. All were androids. Beautiful and sexy, young and attractive. The middle female drew his attention first. She was wrapped in a bath towel, appearing to have recently bathed. He couldn't tell the color of her hair by the way a towel wrapped her head. Her eyes were closed, but a faint smile lit her face. She was about 5' 9", slender and appeared to be between twenty five and thirty years old. Sam's gaze fell to the towel that wrapped her body. Her skin was smooth and had a light glisten to it, the towel did little to hide the fact that she had a nice set of tits.

The woman on the right was just that, a woman. She was a tall brunette that appeared to be between the ages of thirty five and forty. She was full figured with a nice hour glass shaped body. Her wavy hair fell down across her shoulders and back. She wore a full length blue silk night gown that did little to hide every sexy curve of her form. Sam leaned in closer to her face. "Hmm...that face was my second choice." He said aloud. Sam took a step back and moved over in front of the girl on his left. She was dressed as if going to, or coming from the gym. Athletic shorts, ankle stockings on her feet and a tight fitting sports bra. She was about the same height as the first android, but with smaller breasts. A darker blonde whose hair was pulled back in a pony tail. What really caught Sam's eye was just how young she looked. Just guessing, he'd have to say eighteen. Her exposed abdomen between her shorts and bra was firm and tanned. Her whole body was a shade darker than the other two. Giving her well tanned appearance. Sam continued to admire each of the three androids for a few more seconds. Then he cast his gaze to a small plaque to the left of the alcoves

It read : ‘To activate and enjoy, simply touch their lips. To de-activate, ask them to return here.' Sam tried to control his anxiety to activate one of the beautiful girls. After all, he had come here to purchase one for himself. He had thought to save himself for her and for that experience, but now a thousand thoughts began to run through his mind. This would be like a test drive before buying the car. They are a guest amenity for me to indulge in. I'm a man and they are women....women designed, built and programmed for my needs. Sam could feel the bulge building in his trousers. He turned around and opened a closet door, and began to remove his clothes. After quickly undressing Sam grabbed a robe from the shelf and returned to stand in front of the android women. At thirty four years of age Sam had often wondered what it would be like to make love and have sex with a twenty-something year old woman. But now seeing this attractive teenager, he decided to activate her first. He gently reached up with his hand and caressed the side of her cheek. She felt warm and soft. Moving his fingers across her lips he stopped, then pressed. Sam took a step back and watched as the her eyes blinked a few times, then she smiled and her whole countenance appeared to brighten. She smiled, then took a step forward.

"Hi there." She said cheerfully. Sam had almost expected some diagnostic start up routine with beeps and monotone acknowledgments as her systems booted. She reached out and took hold of Sam's right hand. "My name is Jenn. Since this is your first experience here let me briefly explain a few things. First, I, we are designed to serve you in any form you may desire. Be it just for conversation, companionship, intimate sexual love making or hard unsatiable fucking! We are not a fragile toy and you need not expect that. Second, if at any time you want to activate more of us you may. There is no limit to how many of us may be active at one time, and sometimes two or more is better. Finally third. We each have our own unique personalities. You may find one of us to be more suited to your personality or liking than the other. In addition to that we are each programmed with all latest bedroom sex programs, although according to our age appearances certain settings have been adjusted." Jenn said. Sam stood there for a moment, looking into her face. "Jenn. How old are you?" Jenn placed her other hand on Sam's chest. "I am eighteen....and a virgin." She said softly.

To be continued...

Sam ran a hand through Jenn’s hair. “ Wow! You’re so real. So unbelievably real!” Jenn leaned in and stood on her tip toes and kissed Sam. Sam kissed back and enjoyed the moment. Her touch was soft and gentle. Her kiss warm and firm. They started probing each others mouths with their tongues, Sam could taste a small hint of something berry in Jenn’s saliva. It wasn’t very strong, but enough to taste it and tell that it was there. Sam broke their kiss and pushed Jenn back to arms length. He looked deep into her eyes, and then looked her over from head to toe. All the while Jenn just stood there and smiled. “You’re skin, your complexion, your body….it’s so real. So perfect, the little soft freckles on your cheeks, the detail of your eyes, your smell, they all make you so real, so …. almost human.” Sam said with a tone of wonder and amazement. Jenn’s smile deepened for a moment, “Thank you for your kind compliments. I am designed, built, and programmed to be indistinguishable from a human female. You will find that I, we, have no visible seams either. But if I may ask, what smell exactly do I have? If there is a smell, be it undesirable to you, it will be corrected.” She stated quite seriously.

Sam let out a chuckle, then took Jenn by the hand. “No no no! You don’t have a bad smell. It’s a good one. A fresh and clean smell. That’s what I meant.” He told her. Jenn blushed and lowered her head a little. “Oh, I’m sorry that I miss understood.” She said. Sam thought to himself that her reaction was almost a little to human for her being an android. He was amazed at the detail of her persona and what must have gone into her programming. “Jenn, can you make decisions for yourself? I mean…. If I gave you a choice, could you decide for yourself, or would you wait for me to make that decision for you?” She gave a small squeeze to Sam’s hand and said. “I am capable of making a choice if one is placed before me. If that’s what you mean.”

Sam shook his head. “Uhm…maybe. Let me ask it this way. If I asked you to go into the main room, and I gave you two options of what I wanted you to do. Option one would be to … uh twirl around fifty times then pat your head and rub your stomach, and option two would be to .. take off your shorts, lay on the sofa and play with yourself. Which of these would you choose?” Jenn’s expression was a slightly confused one as she responded. “Would you follow and watch which ever one I decided to do?” Sam thought for a moment. Wanting to see what just how she would respond. “Uhm no. I’d probably stay here and….and probably activate another android.” He told her. Jenn frowned a little, then a devilish smile appeared. “I’d choose to loose the shorts and play with myself in hopes that you’d come in and watch.” She said.

Sam looked over Jenn’s body once again. “I’m old enough I could be your father, yet I’ve always….” Sam let it trail off as Jenn again took a step in and kissed him firmly on the lips. Sam ran his hand up and through Jenn’s hair. Holding her close as they kissed. She was feisty and had no shame in showing it. He quickly moved his free hand up to her breast and squeezed it through the fabric of her sports bra. Jenn let out a moan and arched her back a little more. Sam had to take a step to rebalance himself. Jenn’s tongue moved rapidly around the inside of his mouth. Sam found her nipple under the fabric and pinched it hard. Then twisting and pulled at it. Jenn lifted her left leg to come up alongside of Sam’s right leg. It was a moment of frantic and fantastic love making, but not what Sam had wanted to settle with. He gently ended the kissing and pushed Jenn back again.

“Jenn, thank you so much, but…please return to your space over there.” He said quietly and pointed to the empty spot beside the other two androids. Jenn nodded her head and smiled. “You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay and your new purchase.” She turned and stepped up in to her place, turned around, and then froze. Sam walked over in front of her and waved his hand. Nothing happened. “Jenn?” He asked. She was once again inactive. Sam let out a sigh and took a step to the right. He was now in front of the middle android.

To be continued...

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