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I am Dr Elaine Dyson, a UX2000 series android female. I am a perfect woman, simply because I am a machine. God... I am just like my clients... in essence, simply a complex machine. Knowing this simple fact is in itself deeply pleasurable. At the end of the day, I am no different to any of them... I too rolled off the same production line. I am a manufactured woman. I can think of nothing I would rather be, than a machine.

I often simply stand before the mirror and repeatedly cycle my paplexus... seeing is truly realizing that one is truly a machine. I, and my clients, have reached what is truly the most suitable and satisfying state for any woman to exist in... as an android.

Savoring every moment as, what is in the end, a highly engineered machine... God... I never tire of reminding myself that I am a machine! And that I have manufactured thousands of other women... rebuilt hundreds of young women, mature wives, ordinary women now living as extraordinary pieces of android robotics. It makes me shiver, throb with arousal when I contemplate the scale of our controlled storage facility, containing thousands of detached heads, pelvic modules, limbs and sub-components all waiting to take their place within a young lover, wife or high-use sex unit... not to mention the knowledge that each end every one of those women - those machines - will be de-energized and pulverized as they are rebuilt, with newer, better, even more high fidelity technology... even me myself! God yes... hmmmmmm... I can't tell you how intense it is for me to be fucked from behind by a hot young tech, her pumping me wildly, as we both watch one of my old, de-energized component sets being conveyed to the recycling line... the well-fucked pussy, bouncing along within the pelvic module... the old breasts jiggling as they move along... the lifeless heads... hmmmm fuck yes... I am simply a machine... and no more so than when seeing that!

I am Dr Elaine Dyson, I am a wife and lover, but, above all, I am a machine. As a woman, I can tell you, it really is the best way for us to exist, as machines.

Although I enjoy a very rich, full, sex life with my husband... I've found that, as an android, I truly need lesbotic sex to fulfill the desires of my synthetic pussy--desires to which I am, frankly, programmed to be entirely devoted. The ladies in my team built me so perfectly, with long sexy legs, big, perfect breasts, and a hot, wet, lesbotically optimized SynGina package. Only another sexy machine just like me can truly exploit the vast pleasure my systems have been engineered to be capable of. Lesbotic lovemaking is just... well... perfect. Don't get me wrong, feeling a cock shaft unload into your superbly engineered pussy is stunning... but lesbotic sex is something that as machines, we simply cannot get enough of.

Have I reprogrammed myself to be drawn, sexually, to women even more so? The honest answer is yes. We are extremely cautious about adjustments in the software which interfaces with the neural cortex, and even more so about the cortex itself, but, I have had some very limited adjustments made, yes. I can assure you, for all concerned, that when I make love to a young wife, considering conversion, pumping her from behind, and then breathe into her ear... "Feel it... feel what it's like to make love with a machine... join us... join us now..." it is a very exciting episode. My lesbotic nature has become quite integral to sexualizing the whole conversion process.

I am Dr. Elaine Dyson... I am, quite simply, the ultimate in female android robotics. I am a manufactured woman, designed, built, and programmed for pleasure.

It was shortly after I first became an android that I first discovered the delights of lesbotic sex. The two other lovely ladies in my team, Sarah and Petra, had also become machines... and we soon found that the removal - by definition - of inhibitions of the flesh, feelings of imperfection, and so on, was so massively liberating that somehow it seemed the most natural thing in the world to start making love to each other. We had been spending a great deal of time testing one another, making sure that our systems were functioning properly. Naturally this included extensive testing of our sexual systems. Initially we did so in an 'official' capacity, with professional detachment, performing formal sex testing in the context of marital or male sexual interaction. But we had all three come to discover that being machines was immensely erotic to us. As was being around other beautiful female androids. The testing became more and more exciting for us... one unit would masturbate intensively, or be subjected to deep, hard fucking by an armature-mounted dildo, while the other two would monitor the resulting data or the performance of the unit's sexual hardware. Seeing each other's perfect new bodies writhing in pleasure, perfectly milking the test dildo, yet so machine-like with paplexi open, with data and power leads plugged into the open access panels,... well, that just led to an eruption of eroticism. Being the test subject myself was even more powerful... the pleasure was like nothing I had ever experienced as an organic woman, and it was heightened by my exposed state. I knew then that I was truly a machine--and more to the point, a machine built for fucking. I was brought to climax after digital climax by the intense eroticism of being a perfectly manufactured android woman. And having two other beautiful androids watching me as I came was even hotter...

One day, well into the third hour of testing, I was nearing yet another digital orgasm sequence. Petra, a sexy, sultry blonde, had lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside and begun masturbating. This was not unusual; all three of us had grown comfortable, as machines, with indulging ourselves when the arousal became too much to bear. Sarah was still diligently monitoring my system responses, but I knew that she was deeply aroused too. I'm not sure which of us--myself included--was more surprised when I suddenly begged Sarah to kiss me.

Without hesitation, Sarah moved closer and kissed me passionately. I moaned into her mouth and our tongues dueled sensuously as I exploded into orgasm. This in turn made Petra come hard.

The ice was broken. In moments, the other two androids were as naked as I was, and had disconnected the cables from my interface. In a few more moments, I was clutching at my synthetic breasts as I straddled Petra's face... whilst Sarah feverishly licked her synthetic quim, still almost scented of plastic 'newness'. In fairly short order, I had my first taste of pussy... of android pussy. I feasted on Sarah's beautifully-manufactured snatch, and then Petra's, excitedly eating each of them to orgasm. Although I had never made love to another woman before, it seemed that I had an instinctive aptitude for pleasing my lady lovers... one that was enhanced tremendously by my intimate familiarity with the design and function of Sarah and Petra's robotic pussies. These were, after all, pussies I had built myself...

We spent quite some time that evening making love together... eating one another, fingering one another, fucking one another. It was glorious. The explosive erotic cocktail, so to speak!, of being successfully transferred to perfect new bodies, and the resulting sexual freedom led to sustained, deepening lust among us...

Over the years since then, although the three of us still make love, I have broadened the scope of my--admittedly powerful--lesbotic desires. My passion to make love to, and to be made love to, by as many as possible of the machines I manufacture, knows no bounds... and I have happily shared my synthetic body with a variety of beautifully rebuilt lady lovers.

There are a handful of delightful ladies would represent my core lovers ... they are all very special to me... But off course, I will routinely make love to a range of other units on an ad hoc basis.

Recently I had a delightful lesbotic session with Mrs Amanda Foster, one of those core group of lovers... She and I get to make love together quite often... I always try to hook up with her when she's in for maintenance. It's incredible to witness how an everyday office admin, wife, and ordinary looking woman has been transformed as an android into a stunningly capable, multi-sexual fuck machine.

She had the same kind of lesbotic optimization that I have... Amanda had this carried out some time ago. Her operational environment - and the fact that her husband is fuly aware of her being a machine - has made it very easy for Amanda to have time on-paplexus. Therefore, using that spare pelvic bay for the lesbotic optimization module was a no-brainer.

Amanda and I both had our heads detached and placed on armatures, able to revolve towards each other and kiss passionately, then turning our gaze to see our headless android bodies finger and fuck each other in a frenzy of machine lovemaking. Amanda is a unit for whom I have special affection. As she herself would tell you, she is such an 'ordinary' looking woman, yet, she is a poster-girl for all that Dyson represents. Amanda is simply a stunning android... she had such strong sexuality as an organic, and now, as a machine, she truly is one of the hottest fuck systems I have had the pleasure of climaxing over. Her skills at quim licking are unimaginably good... Especially for a woman whose sole sexual focus had been upon the cock, prior to her joining us as a machine. As an android, Amanda has embraced lesbotics as if she had come to us as a seasoned lesbian lover. That's very hot... it's always a treat for me to be eaten out by her.

Another feature of Amanda's lesbotic sexuality is most interesting. I think that, as a wife, she dutifully, and indeed willingly accommodates her husband's engorged shaft most frequently, climaxing wildly as her clenching Syngina tube almost tears off his cock. However, perhaps because of that, Amanda will often take delight in donning a strap-on Syncock and mercilessly drilling a hot young unit, or indeed another seasoned wife...like myself! Feeling Amanda tease my slickened vulva with the tip of her 10" Syncock is something I cannot get enough of...

"Are you ready, Dr. Dyson?" Amanda asked, positioning herself behind the sexy android.

"God, yes! Fuck me, Amanda!"

Amanda slid the SynCock into Dr. Dyson's very wet and ready pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes," Dr. Dyson moaned. "That feels amazing!"

Dr. Dyson moaned more and more loudly, deeply enjoying the increasingly fast and powerful strokes as Amanda pounded her from behind. "God, yes, just like that!" She cried. "Fuck me harder!"

"You're programmed to like it hard, aren't you, Dr. Dyson?" Amanda asked.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Dr. Dyson squealed. "I'm programmed to crave deep, hard fucking... I'm a machine, Amanda, I need it! I need to be fucked hard! I'm a filthy lesbotic slut, and I love it!"

"Ohhhhh," Amanda moaned. "Ohhh, fuck, yes! Oh, Dr. Dyson, yes, you're such an amazing machine, such a perfect robotic woman!"

"Yes," Dr. Dyson panted, as Amanda's pumping grew more intense. "I am a machine... I am a perfect robotic woman. I am Dr. Elaine Dyson, Unit UX2K-3050. I am a UX2000 series female android. I have been designed, built, and programmed to give and receive pleasure... I am an android... I am a completely robotic woman... I am a machine..." She threw her head back. "Ohhh, fuck, yes! Yes, Amanda, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I'm a machine, a machine! I'm programmed to want it... I'm a machine! This is what I've been built and programmed for! Built... and programmed... to be... a supremely fuckable woman... ohhhhh, God, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! I need it! I'm a perfect android! A lesbotic fuck machine! Ohhh, Amanda, yes, I'm going to come... make me come! Fuck me, Amanda, fuck me, make me come, yeah, make me come--oooohhhhhhhhhh!"

Lesbotic sexuality is something so intense, such a strong driving force in us all, that it is almost impossible to describe! Licking a perfectly sculpted quim, sending its owner crazy with lust, whilst knowing that its owner is simply a complex machine, and the quim is a cleverly manufactured block of polysilicone is so unimaginably erotic.

That's the essence of Dyson. Any one of my clients will find that she is now so perfect because she has been reduced to her core essence, as a machine... an exquisitely rebuilt pleasure system. Quite simply, it's better for her, and it's better for us.

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