The Time With My Stepsister/Chapter 1

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So, my first story in some time. For those of you who were wondering where I was, well, this is what I have been working on! Before everything else, I hope you enjoy it.

So, on we go with the first chapter of my biggest, perhaps kinkiest work yet!

Chapter 1

Nineteen year-old Arata Inoue leaned against a guard rail just outside Jinkoushima International Aerospaceport. He felt the wind slip through the locks of his breezy brown hair as he watched a plane rise almost lazily into the sky. Carried aloft from the combination airport/spaceport, Arata stood up and watched as it ascended into the heavens, eventually becoming a formless black speck to his amber eyes. His thoughts drifted away from the aircraft, though in truth they had never been about the plane to begin with. Arata was no airplane enthusiast. He had been thinking about a passenger on the craft in particular.

When his stepmother told him her plans to get a new job far away, Arata was intrigued. Although he had planted his metaphorical roots in Jinkoushima, he had always been enamored with the idea of travel. Some two and a half miles from Japan's western shore, Jinkoushima was an artificially-created island that had expanded out from the initial spaceport to include a city, a suburb and even a large park. But it was the only place Arata had ever known. He had always wanted to visit distant lands, embark on adventures in foreign climes. But, to his surprise, she had told him to stay here. She was not bringing her family with her.

He had been in shock for days, argued it. But when she told him the job opportunities that were available in Europe, the money that she could make and send home to the two of them, he conceded that it would be the better option than staying here. Yet he could not shake the feeling that there was more to it than that. Was she leaving the family? Abandoning them? Arata, at times when his thoughts were plagued with dark clouds of doubt, at times wondered if she loved him the way she loved her daughter, his stepsister. But that just made the departure, under that theory, all the more unusual. So, even if he approached the cynical position that his stepmother did not love him as much as his stepsister, he knew that she would have never left her behind. So, convinced in that much at least, he listened to the distancing sound of the engines, going from a distant if loud whine to a echoing hum in the wind.

His focus turned instead to the blue sea, to the distant blue horizon. Nothing but ocean for miles on all sides, and this being the western side of Jinkoushima, there wasn't even the faint outline of a distant shore. He could see far enough away that the horizon seemed to curve, obscured by the sparkling sunlight reflecting of languidly shifting water on a calm and quiet ocean. At least, quiet if one shut out the sound of the bustle of the airport in the distance, along with the occasional cry of a sea bird. The road behind him was little used. It was a corner that wound along an old construction route when the city was first being constructed, and although later integrated with the main roads, few people used the single-lane side road curving down a tiny peninsula to make leaning on the guardrail all that dangerous.

Still, the thought did occur to him to put the blinkers of his blue electric scooter on, should the unlikely occur. The last thing he wanted, now that his stepmother was gone, was to have to call to her and explain how someone ended up crashing their car into his prized possession. He lightly tapped his fingers on his matching helmet. It had been a gift from his father's.

Could it have really been three years ago? It seemed like such a long time, yet he remembered his stepmother explaining the accident to him like it was yesterday, the words echoing in his head as the memories came back to Arata's mind. His eyes drifted down, to look over the edge of the cliff, it's rocks sculpted in such a way to resist the eroding sea wind. Below, a short beach, too short to enjoy, was lapped by the blue waters of the Pacific. He raised his head and closed his eyes, letting out a sigh as he felt a cool sea breeze brush against his face.

Arata's eyes opened, however, when he heard the sound of a small electric engine putter up behind him from above the curve. His focus completely returned, he turned around and watched as a yellow scooter of an identical make and model with a few more vanity stickers came down the road. It's passenger, with a yellow hat on their head, was a young woman. Goggles obscured her eyes, but Arata would know her from a hundred yards out.

“Miyu!” The woman on the scooter turned her head up at the sound of Arata calling her name. She smiled and eased on the brake, stopping next to where he had. She pulled her helmet off, and despite the theme of the color yellow with the bike and helmet, Miyu's hair spilled out to reveal itself as long and blue. Going to the end of her back, it flowed with the breeze and matched the color of the sky. She was gorgeous, in every sense of the word. Her body was curvaceous, ridiculously so. Her rear pushed out some, against the denim of her skirt. Her shapely thighs and legs were covered by black stockings. And then there was the matter of her chest. It made the fabric of her blue shirt strain, and the open denim jacket did little to hide their impressive size. Her pale skin caught the light beautifully.

Arata scolded himself for thinking of her like that. His sister. Well, technically his stepsister. There was of course another matter that did not help his feelings towards her. The feeling of what he could only describe as lust. That became apparent when she pulled the goggles away from her eyes.

The eyes underneath had the general dimension and shape of human eyes. But there were differences. First and foremost, her eyes were a shade of purple. If one were to look closely, and Arata could see just from his familiarity with her, he could tell that the seemingly human iris' were in fact made of different layers, each one rotating in its own direction to adjust to the change in brightness on the fly. They even dilated, the pupils widening, but that just let one see the tiny purple light in the center. These were features that most robots in Japan had, both to identify them as such and as points of pride among its sizable “emancipated” population, of which Miyu and her mother—Arata's stepmother—were a part of.

Her “mother” (though every bit a mother to her, in point of fact) was much the same way. Modeled to be somewhat older of course, but similar in body dimensions, hair and eyes.

Miyu's eyes in turn looked down to see a young and attractive man. An athletic build, not overly muscular, though Arata never had much interest in sports. His face was youthful, the breezed hair matched well with it. He had a fondness for dark t-shirts and jeans, the former showing off his toned arms rather nicely. His skin slightly tanned from days spent wandering and exploring the city, he knew all of the interesting places like the back of his hand. Such as this one, Miyu thought. It was relaxing to look out at the calm water, and quiet too. No wonder he liked coming here so often, she thought. It had been her first time out here, her stepbrother having been reluctant to show her for reasons he never elaborated.

Since the death of his father, Arata had been quiet, kept to himself. Not exactly brooding, but he wasn't quite as active with other people. Miyu supposed that, practically being an orphan might do that to a human. But she never brought it up. She presumed that might be too hard for him to discuss, though it had been a little over three years.

The soft sounds of Miyu's boots hitting the asphalt gave Arata the chance he needed to look away from her. To stop thinking about her as anything other than his stepsister. Miyo stopped at his side and took a look at the airport. She let out a little sigh, and crossed her arms under her well-endowed chest. Her purple eyes scanned the distance. “I figure I must have missed her flight, huh?”

“It's alright,” Arata said, leaning on the railing and looking not at the airport, but once again out at the water over the horizon. “Mom knew you had the rehearsal and all to do, so she understood why you couldn't make it. Besides, didn't she specifically tell you to practice for your role in the play?”

Miyu smirked as she too began to lean on the railing. Her shirts were always high cut, but it mattered little to her stepbrother. Arata at times hated his fondness for breasts. The fact that it made him feel as shallow as he was sure it would make him look if anyone knew for sure. It was a common male thing, perhaps, he nevertheless disliked it. If only because it just made his desire for Miyu all the stronger. But it was already there in her voice, her personality.

The fact that she was a machine.

“Yep,” Miyu said, voice slightly downturn. “Still. I would have canceled it to see her off. Might be a while before I get to see her again.” She shifted her position slightly, as she simulated sensations of desiring comfort. She looked out over the water.

“Might be?” Arata looked over to Miyu for a moment, putting aside his feelings to better speak with her. It was difficult at times, but this situation seemed particularly set for it. “She said herself that she's going to be gone for at least two years while she takes that job for the company in Europe.” Arata looked back out at the sea. “Sorry. It's just, I don't want you getting your hopes up. We're going to be alone for quite a while, it seems.”

Miyu smiled. “Could be worse. It could have been one of us here, all alone. Truth be told, I hate the idea of being alone. I'm more of a social android.” She smirked, looking to her older stepbrother, though for Miyu, age was more a concept than an actual application. Externally, she was a typical eighteen year-old senior at her high school, admittedly with some rather exaggerated proportions. It was typical of androids, though. Male or female, they all had rather idealized, some might even say sexualized bodies. Arata certainly could, though his thoughts were going elsewhere.

“I don't think I could do that to you, Miyu. I wanted to go with her, to see the world outside of the island. But I wouldn't have gone if you weren't coming with me.” He sighed. “I love mom. She just made dad's life so much happier.” Arata had never known his biological mother all that well. She died when he was just a toddler, and Arata spent most of his life without a mother before Miyu's 'mother' came along. “But if I had to choose between staying with her or you, well...” He smirked and smiled. “You are my sister, stepsister or not, android or not. I'm not abandoning you to go see the world.”

Miyu smiled at that, reached out and pulled Arata over. He was a bit surprised by it, but welcomed it. “That's sweet, Arata. I don't think I could ever leave you behind, either...” She sighed softly. “Still, I bet it must be nice. Where's she going, anyway?”

Arata couldn't help but feel a blush cross his face as he felt the warmth that his sister generated. The physical warmth and the emotional. She wasn't quite as warm as a human, of course, a consequence of needing to keep her core components nice and cool. But Arata did not mind. If anything, that just...he killed that line of thought. No. Just enjoy the moment, you horny fool. “Prague.”

“Oh? That's in the Czech Republic, right?” Miyu smiled. She was always proud of how good a student she was, one of the top in the school, even amongst her fellow robotic classmates. Androids like her could attend school, though they were often taught in separate classes, as certain qualities of the robotic mind gave them an edge over other students. They were otherwise allowed to interact and mingle with the rest of the student body, however, and in certain classes they were co-ed. Such as the Studies in Drama summer course that she was currently taking. Arata knew nothing of “The Tempest” beyond what Miyu had told him, but he was still interested in seeing her performance as Miranda.

“Yeah. It's one of the cultural centers of Europe. Kind of like Kyoto, or Tokyo. They say in the central square of the city, you can walk down fifty feet of sidewalk and see five hundred years of history.” Arata had thought about that when he was researching the place after his stepmother announced where she was going, much to their shock and surprise. That had been about two weeks ago. The thought was enough to distract him from how close he was to his stepsister at the moment.

“Oh? Hmmm. That sounds pretty cool...” Miyu let the words hang there. Neither one spoke for a moment or two. The sun was still fairly high in the sky, but it was two hours past noon. Arata gently pulled himself away from his sister and picked up his helmet off the double guardrail.

“Well, no more sense in staring at the ocean. Mom's gone and we've got things to do. Plus they say it's going to be storming in a few hours.” Arata placed his helmet on his head, and turned to look at Miyu. He was surprised to see that she was still staring out at the ocean. But he said nothing. He simply admired the way she looked. The way her hair fluttered in the breeze, the shine of her skin in the sunlight. The way she just looked like she was straight out of a modeling magazine. Her face perfect as she stared longingly out to sea.

“You alright, Miyu?” The words made her raise her head and let out a 'hmm?' But then she smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I guess I'm just waiting for my Ferdinand, that's all.” She smirked, and then ran to her scooter, with Arata watching as she had parked ahead of him. “You can follow me home, I've got to pick something up, but then I'm going to head to the arcade, maybe hang out with Chise.” A friend of hers from school, a fellow android. They made for quite a duo, that was to be sure. Arata was pretty sure that Chise had a thing for him, but his thoughts were focused...elsewhere.

“Works for me, I'll see you when you get home.” Arata smiled, and started the engine on his scooter. Both he and Miyu left the scenic overlook together, with Arata following after Miyu on her yellow scooter, once she managed to finagle her long hair in under her yellow helmet, save one strand hanging in front of her face.

If there was a passion that Arata had beyond exploration, not counting the one he continued to suppress with his stepsister, it was photography.

He had spent the rest of the day after seeing Miyu off taking photographs in and around the city. He had no interest in the humans of the city, though at times he got a shot of a particularly interesting individual here and there, he mostly preferred landscapes. Most of his time was spent in the local city park, though in recent years he had gone beyond that. Today, feeling particularly bold, he had gone down to the Jinkoushima beaches on the island's south side. Usually packed with tourists, the storm clouds had started to roll in at around four PM and the beach goers had packed up and moved on. Arata had taken some amazing pictures of the clouds rolling in, the distant rain pattering the ocean. But he eventually had to leave as the winds continued to grow. Now, here he was, safe in his apartment a little after midnight, looking over the photos that he had taken. The glow of the computer monitor contrasted with the darkness of the room. It helped him focus. Besides which, he had planned on going to sleep after this, and it would have been more convenient for him to just turn the computer off when he was done.

He thought about earlier in the day, when his sister met him at home. He smiled at the thought.

“Someday, you're going to have to sit down and show me what it is you take pictures of all day,” Miyu said teasingly as she sat on the couch watching her favorite show. It was a foreign drama about a wealthy woman managing the loves of her life, set in Victorian England. Miyu was always a bit of an Anglophile, it seemed. He remembered how her favorite gift was an English tea set her mother had purchased for her. Never drank tea, never needed to, but the android considered it one of her prized possessions.

“Nah,” Arata had always retorted. “It's nothing terribly interesting. Besides, the way they are, before the touch ups? They look like an amateurish mess.” He flipped the flat camera with its prominent telephoto lens in his hands. This, too, was a gift from his father, to replace an earlier camera he had given him. It was his cherished possession, as much as he used it.

He looked down at the camera as it lay on its back, lens pointed up at the ceiling. Hard to believe it had been three years. Three years, and he still felt the way he did. Still felt like he was in mourning.

It was much cooler than it had been in prior days, but it was still rather warm. Arata was without a shirt now, wearing only his deep green boxer shorts. He'd be in bed soon. His sister was 'asleep' a few doors down the hallway. Arata knew that he was fortunate to be living in a two story apartment. His parents were both rather well off, but it said something about the sort of people who lived in Jinkoushima that they weren't considered particularly affluent by the standards of their neighbors. Still, it beat living in that cramped Tokyo apartment he called home when he was just a young boy, moving to Jinkoushima when his father got a new job here.

“You know,” Miyu had once said to him, apropos of nothing when they were discussing some schoolwork-related issue he had been struggling with, “you're pretty handsome. I bet you could get yourself a girlfriend if you ACTUALLY tried.”

The words had been a tease, the kind that brothers and sisters have all the time. But Arata could only think of how that applied to her. About what he meant to her. She'd never know and, in a way, that hurt him more than the playful tease had. It must have carried over, because Miyu was apologetic immediately afterwards and the whole day after that.

Arata paused a moment at the thought. He stood up and walked over to his bedroom mirror, staring into it with the light of the computer monitor behind him. He looked at his own body for some time. He was a virgin, still. He had never shown much interest in women before Miyu, or anyone else for that matter. That wasn't to say he was asexual. He had pleasured himself in the past. He had more than a few questionable sites bookmarked on his computer. But as far as a real woman went? Well, it wasn't like even tried. He wasn't some otaku holed up in his apartment, collecting those little dolls or whatever it was they did. No, photography was his passion. And it had become that more so since his father died.

Still. He wondered if it perhaps was time to move on from his little obsession. Was it that? Well, it had to be. And he was self-aware enough to know that it was, perhaps, unhealthy. Questions he wrangled every night for the past three years. Was it unhealthy? Was it obsessive? Was it lust, or had he fallen in love with Miyu? After all, Chise was just as attractive, and just as much a machine as Miyu. He was even sure that they had come from the same model line. So why did he want one and not the other?

He thought about this as he placed his hands on his waist. Tilting his head to the side, he began to think. Could his sister want this? It was a perverted thought, to be sure. And it was a perverted thing to do. Checking himself out in the mirror? This was the sort of thing that those self-absorbed pretty boys tended to do, wasn't it?

Trepidation kicked in. He thought about how odd, how strange, yet how exciting this all was as he slowly eased his boxers down his hips. The thought of Miyu doing that instead of himself flashed through his head, and he found himself deeply aroused by the thought. It was a strange notion to evaluate one's own body, but as he found himself looking down at his own erection, he could not help but wonder what Miyu would think of it.

Probably something along the lines of 'you're a creep'.

Still, he didn't let that thought interrupt him. He found his hand traveling downwards, starting to stroke, unable to stop himself as he thought of things. Of Miyu's body naked. Of taking her to bed. And his thoughts further gravitated. He'd never want to see his stepsister hurt, he thought. But he still thought to a time when he was younger, when Miyu had hurt her leg.

Such an inconsequential thing. Running around the house in summer shorts, the two of them just messing about, when she banged her knee hard against a table. Not enough to do any actual damage, but enough to cut the synthetic skin there. Arata thought of the sight of it. The colored wiring poking out, the metal visible underneath. He could even hear it as she bent her knee, the sound of the mechanisms buzzing. So faint, he barely heard it over the sound of her annoyed voice talking about the damage. She didn't feel pain. Never expressed as such, and it made sense to Arata.

Yes. He thought of how his sister looked dismantled. Like on the websites. Taken apart. Malfunctioning. Panels open...

He let out a sharp little gasp as he felt his pleasure spike. He tried to keep it down...

Suddenly, everything went dark in time with a crack of lightning. Arata stopped dead as darkness completely enveloped him. From down the hallway, he heard something fall. It sounded like it came from Miyu's room...

Despite being in the dark, Arata knew exactly how to navigate his room, and was soon bolting out into the hallway. The only thought he had in his mind as he approached his stepsister's room was that something must have happened while she was charging. His thoughts raced through his head as he gripped the handle to the sliding door and threw it open.

At first, he could not see anything in the room. But then a bright spark illuminated the darkness. Arata narrowed his eyes and walked forward, slowly and carefully crossing the room. As he did so, he could hear something thumping against the floor, along with what sounded like a voice. His sister's, though it was distant, electronic. A touch tinny and erratic.

Arata paused. Hesitation welled up inside of him as he realized what and who it was on the floor. He rushed off back to his room, and snatched the only device that he had which he knew might help illuminate the room. He quickly went over to his computer desk and fetched the camera. At first, thinking for a moment that the camera might not work, he was relieved to find that it did. When it came online, he quickly worked through the settings he knew like the metaphorical back of his hand. He activated the flash settings, and kept the flash light on. When kept constantly on, he had to admit that he was surprised when he saw how brightly it lit up the room. Only one thought occupied his mind after the initial surprise, and that was Miyu.

Running back to the room, he aimed the camera at the floor. It took him about a second of searching before he found her. Miyu lay face down on the floor, her limbs twitching and sprawled out, her voice muffled as she lay with her face down. Her body was covered solely with a long shirt, which due to the erratic twitches of her legs had hiked up somewhat. He looked down at Miyu's prone form with a degree of hesitation. He closed his eyes and focused.

What do I do? What do I do?

He remembered what his stepmother had detailed to her, on the off chance she began malfunctioning. Always, he remembered, she needed to be shut down in order to prevent further damage to herself or potentially to others. But how to do that? He suddenly remembered how in his concerned thoughts. He remembered that Miyu's model kept a power toggle switch at their neck just underneath their left ear. He adjusted the camera in one hand as he attempted to reach out and depress it, but Miyu kept twitching too much to do that. He put the camera aside on the floor for a moment and, thinking quickly, sat himself down on her waist. Straddling her hips, he held the twitching android down with his own body weight. It cut down on the twitching effect on her systems, but she was still twitching rather sharply with her head.


He didn't think anything of the sound of her voice looping. In his private fantasies he had always wanted to hear it loop electronically. But for now he was focused on repairing her. It was still difficult with her head twitching so sharply. The soft mechanical clicks and whirrs audible underneath were a distant thought to Arata, as he placed the camera aside on her desk. It lit up the room, and while he had only rarely been in his sister's room, there was no other thought in his mind other than Miyu.

He held down her head carefully, feeling it twitch in his hands. Careful not to potentially damage her neck, he reached down and pressed firmly on the spot where he remembered the shut-down switch being. He felt something depress, something firm. He even felt a slight click as it worked into place.

Miyu went still.

“S-S-System-tem Shut-Shutting-ting D-D-D-Dow-Dow--”

She then went silent. Arata swallowed hard. He stood up and pointed the camera down at her to better examine her prone form. If it weren't the only light in the room, he might have felt strange doing this. But he had no idea if the family even had flashlights. Arata saw nothing that would indicate the damage, but as he brought the light further down, he saw a scorch mark on the underside of her foot.

He looked over to the charging port. It was plugged into a power strip. He cursed. He remembered the incident that got him this camera, where he had plugged a charger into a power strip and the city had a brownout. The power strip had canceled out the charger's internal circuit breakers, causing the entire thing to short circuit.

He had to throw that camera out.

Worry shot through his body as he swiftly set the camera aside, rolled Miyu over onto her back and looked her over. Her eyes were wide and colorless, the intricate workings behind her eyes were now visible without the purple light obscuring them, highlighted now by the light coming down from the camera. He looked further down, away from the expressionless face, and down to her chest. In the light, a small wisp of smoke rose up from underneath her shirt. He quickly got back down again, straddling her hips, and placed his hands on the buttons of the overly large white shirt, the camera set down again nearby to provide light.

Miyu's expressionless face made no protest, and she voiced no concerns in her shut down state. As Arata unbuttoned her shirt, more and more of the naked chest underneath was revealed, until the valley between her breasts was almost totally exposed. One slip and he may have exposed her. But he had no thoughts, for once, of his stepsister's bared breasts. Instead, his direction went to an access panel situated above them. The roughly trapezoidal seam that covered most of her upper chest was one of a few outward indicators of her robotic nature, along with a few other visible panel outlines and the nature of her eyes. There was a scorch mark near the flat bottom.

He felt for the first time the softness of her skin as he reached down and pressed his fingers to the panel's release points. The panel popped up with a soft click. He hesitated briefly, swallowing as he reached down and gently pulled the panel back and away with both hands. He set it aside, then fetched his camera. His hands shook and the camera made a digital shutter click sound. He had barely noticed it as he peered into the electronics inside.

Miyu, to him, seemed as human as any other girl he had known. And to that end, so were many of the other robotic women and men in his school. It was easy to think of them as such. They conversed with him, other humans and androids. Pursued hobbies. Miyu participated in plays for fun. Thus, it was something of a shock—though not an unpleasant one—to see the interior of his android stepsister's body.

There were tightly packed wires throughout. LED indicators, all of them dark now, could be seen situated amongst the green crystalline circuitry that was studded with microprocessors of the highest quality. Cables ran to sections of Miyu's robotic framework that acted as a “skeleton”, mixtures of metal and polymer.

There he was. Confronted with the truth, the real fact that his stepsister was a precision-engineered machine. It was, at once, both intimidating and deeply arousing.

But he had to focus.

He stood up and began to look around the room. He knew Miyu kept spare parts, repair tools, that sort of thing. But where? He began looking through her dresser, then opened the closet and checked the shelves. He found nothing, but a thought to check under the bed proved fruitful. He pulled out a metal box that was marked “Spare Parts And Repair Stuff!”

It was funny how his stepsister's personality displayed itself even when it dealt with the part of her that she tried to draw the least amount of attention to. Miyu never talked much about being an android. Arata had always equated that as to how he never talked about being a human until he got into high school. Chise, her friend, spoke rather liberally about her robotic side however. That was when he started to become aware that Miyu's lack of focus on the subject of her nature was more reluctance on her part than anything else.

He brought the box over and brought it to her side, before opening it. The light from the camera came over at an odd angle, and he had to rotate the case to better light the interior. Inside was a manual of some sort. Thick as a telephone book. But as he discovered, most of that was because it was in a wide range of languages. Soon, he found the section he wanted in the language he wanted, and set the book down next to him. He read over it as he straddled his stepsister's hips once again, peeking over to the manual as he looked into her chest.

Deep inside, recessed back a ways, were a stack of circuit board-like devices, labeled as 'Primary Motor Function Junction Processor TND-341'. The six circuits inside were labeled 341-R through W. That was where the damage was, he saw. The circuit boards needed replacing.

Arata reached in and checked each one. They were clearly labeled, R through W and were then closely examined. They were burnt, singed, but it seemed that everything else had survived well enough. If there was something else he had not seen, it could prove problematic. He didn't want to send her to a repair center. He wanted to repair her, to prove that he could be reliable. To, in a way, rescue her.

He looked over to the case, and stacked inside were the circuits. The undamaged crystal glinted in the light, looking like emeralds engraved with gold circuitry. Looking carefully at the instructions, he gently set each one in with a soft metallic click. One by one, each of the crystalline circuit boards was replaced.

Set into place, Arata let out a soft breath. This would either work, or he could be without her for a week or more as she was repaired at a repair center. The thought of some heartless mechanic working over Miyu's body like it was just a machine once strangely exciting and unappealing. A mixture of emotions that were of the sort that seemed to plague him. Arousal and guilt mixed together enough to make him want to curse aloud.

He reached down and pressed firmly down on her power toggle. At first, nothing happened. For a second, he felt worried. As he watched, however, the lights in her chest began to slowly flick on. Blocks in sequence, going from red, to a flickering between red and yellow, to a yellow-green flickering. A single pinpoint of purple light at the center of her pupils began to expand as the logo of her manufacturer flashed over them. Then, her eyes stared directionless up at the ceiling, as her voice piped directly out of the missing section of synthetic skin and chest plate.

“System Activating. Loading OS. SUZUME 3.4.05 Initialized. New Hardware Recognized. Initiating BIOS Check...Complete. Error--”

The word made Arata's heart stop for a half second.

“--Registered And Logged Within System For Future Analysis. Wi-Fi System Cannot Find Local Connection. Error Report Cannot Be Sent At This Time. New Hardware Integrated Into System. Loading Personality Emulation...Initializing...”

Arata breathed a sigh of relief as he watched his stepsister's face go from expressionless to shocked. He began to feel her chest rise and fall in simulated breath, an accompanying series of whirring and whining coming from her open chest panel. She closed her eyes for a moment, looking stunned or surprised. Arata had never thought much about his sister's behavior before this. How so much of it was so...human. Was that a preset of her programming, or something developed over time? She looked so human, the way she was panting in shock and relief, and yet he knew the breathing was unnecessary and that her mind had surely recovered from any form of shock by now. The contrast of her human reactions and the obviously robotic nature of her body, coupled with the glow of her purple eyes, was now clearer than it ever had been in the past.

“Miyu? Are you okay?” Arata's voice made Miyu turn her head to look up at her stepbrother. She looked into his eyes for a moment, then silently nodded.

“Yeah, Arata, I'm fi--” Her words were cut off not by a technical issue, but by what was revealed at the end of the nod. In the light of the camera's flash, she could see that Arata was straddling her hips. Whats more, he was naked and erect. She said nothing for a time, just staring with eyes wide as saucers. Arata didn't think of his own nudity and still hadn't, much less the clear signs of his arousal. At first thinking that perhaps she was suffering another error, he didn't think to look down at himself until she let out a quiet, surprised “A-Arata...”

At the moment of his realization, Arata reflexively looked down between his legs and suddenly yelped. He threw himself from his stepsister's body, searching for anything to cover his nudity. Before long, he spied a sitting pillow and snatched it, pressing it between his legs and curling up slightly on the floor. “M-Miyu, it isn't what you think!”

Miyu, quite similarly feeling the sensation of exposure, scrambled to find her chest panel as she sat up. She found it on the floor and brought it to her chest. She had to flip it in her hands, so flustered was she at the exposure of her inner workings, then slipped it into place with a soft click. “Upper Torso Access Panel Re-Attached.” The monotone announcement and the override of her vocal processors had brought with it a sort of clarity, calming her down if only slightly. She turned her head to look at Arata, who was now sitting up with the pillow still pressed against his hips. “Just...Tell me what's going on! I was charging and then suddenly I'm on the floor. At least, I think I was on the floor. My memories are...are a bit fuzzy.”

“Um,” Arata let out a sigh and tried to calm his racing heart. He placed his hand on his chest, keeping the other firmly pressed between his legs to avoid any accidental exposure. “I was...Was getting dressed, when the power went out. I was about to get into my bed clothes,” he said as he internally justified the little lie, knowing that the truth would have just put him in even hotter water. “When I suddenly heard you fall from your charger. When I came in, you were twitching and stuttering...You were malfunctioning pretty bad, Miyu...”

She listened to this and nodded. As Arata spoke, she had brought up an error report. The report was read to her in her mind in under a second, processed already and stored as if by recollected memory. She closed her eyes and sighed. Miyu buttoned herself up. “It's okay, Arata...”

Neither of them wanted to address the obvious arousal Arata displayed. Miyu was just thankful that her own was a bit less obvious. She tried to chalk it up to a side-effect of the malfunction, but she could not deny the low-level arousal programs that had automatically activated. The beginnings of feminine arousal were evident to her now, and she was soon finding that in spite of their presumably malfunction-derived origins, she could not dismiss them so easily. In fact, the more she thought about the situation, with the danger now past, the more those sensations began to grow and the more programming activated in regards to sexual intercouse. She had only had those systems unlocked two years ago, and in all that time had never once processed sensations of arousal.

Arata let out a sigh. “Um...You might want to test everything, see if it is all working. The systems affected were your motor functions, so you might want to test those...” Arata watched as Miyu nodded. She looked hesitant, but she then began a rather stiff and rigid series of movements. Bending forward and back, her arms bending at the elbows stiffly, turning at the wrists, fingers flexing individually and all at once. She pressed her hands to the floor once this was done and swiftly stood up. She bent forward, then back, raised her legs one at a time and bent them forward and back at the knee. She stood in place and announced in a monotone “Motor Functions Recalibrated. System Returning To Normal Functionality.” Her voice was pleasant, and she soon let out a little sigh as she returned to a full human behavioral pattern. She looked over at Arata. She could not tell in the darkness that he was beet red, and that his erection had grown ever more intense.

“Arata...Thank you. You...You saved me. I know I'm covered by insurance, but I'd probably lose over a week or even a month's worth of memory...I really need to make a new memory backup at the repair center.” She smiled softly, having not even thought to button up her blouse. “I just...Thanks, Arata. You're the best brother an android could ask for.” She smiled.

Arata nodded. His voice came out as a squeak at first, but he clarified. “Ah, yeah...It's what I'm here for, right? And...Er, what you are here for...You mind if I go to the bathroom? I really need to take a shower.”

Miyu blinked, and then turned her head, disguising her blush. “Oh. Sure, you go ahead.” She turned around to give Arata some privacy. He was soon standing up and practically rushing out the still-open door of Miyu's room. He exited out into the hallway and was soon in the bathroom. He could feel his precum had stained the pillow, and soon he was climbing into the shower. He couldn't turn it on in the dark, and had no real intention to. His hand was almost immediately on his member. The danger over, he could think about all he had seen. The dark only helped with his visualization of what he had experienced. It didn't take long before he came, a powerful orgasm that rocked his body and almost sent him collapsing to the floor. He had to press his hand to a nearby wall to keep from falling.

His breaths were heavy, intense, as the post-orgasmic high rolled over his body. He bit his lower lip for a moment to drown out the sounds of any potential moans. He waited for a minute or two, before regaining his composure. He almost immediately wanted to masturbate again, but simultaneously felt too tired, too exhausted to do so. Leaving the dirtied pillow on the floor of the bathroom, he walked out. Returning to Miyu's room, he had fond that she was gone. Perhaps she had gone downstairs?

He walked over first to his camera, picking it up and directing the light coming from it to the charger. He unplugged Miyu's charger, the foot pads he noticed tailored exactly to her size, yet the markings on the white plastic indicated that they were perhaps a factory preset size. The thought that Miyu had any “factory standard” parts was one he had to dismiss quickly, even as he continued to recover from the post-orgasmic high. He unplugged it, and tied the cord up. He'd buy her a new one in the morning. Besides, he knew that charging this way was only an option. She had other methods of recharging, but he did not know them in detail.

Otherwise, Miyu had put everything back where it had belonged. It seemed that she had not even thought to question Arata about the nature of the shower, given the obvious blackout and the shower's own controls being computer-operated. He chalked it up to some sort of shock or surprise and that even an android's thoughts could be preoccupied. It had seemed that way on more than one occasion.

He soon went back to his own room. Arata used the light of the camera to fetch his boxers from the floor, and slipped them on. Leaving the door open, he turned with it in hand to look down the staircase. The second floor overlooked the living room and attached kitchen from a sort of balcony, with a white metal bannister matching the white walls, the wooden top railing matched the hardwood floors. It was downright luxurious compared to most apartments in Japan, yet it still wasn't the most luxurious or even the largest one saw here.

He could see from the bannister that Miyu had lit a few emergency candles downstairs. The rain pattered now against the windows. Another thunderclap was heard, the rumble far in the distance this time. Arata turned the light off on his camera and shut it down. Standing only in his boxers, Arata was about to head downstairs when he spied something.

It was Miyu. What's more, he could see from his position, though somewhat obscured, that it was Miyu with her oversized sleep shirt completely open. She was leaning back on the couch, one hand slipped between her legs, the other pressed underneath one of her breasts, hefting the heavy breast up from underneath. Between the soft light of the candles and the angle at which she was sat, he couldn't see much in the way of detail. But it didn't take a genius to know that she was masturbating.

Arata stood there, silently, just watching as his android sister undulated and squirmed under the pleasure of her own fingers. He wondered just why she was doing this. Couldn't she activate some system and just orgasm whenever she pleased? Maybe she couldn't. Despite his fantasies, he never thought much about how her mind worked when it came to sex and he certainly hadn't asked. Still, Arata's curiosity got the better of him. He turned the camera back on, careful to hide the light. He brought the camera to his eye and looked down at her through the viewfinder.

Zooming in, the details were blurry. But he could still make out a few things. The pale color of her skin, her lightly colored tan nipple from the free breast that was heaving up and down as her body arched its back, rising and falling. But perhaps the most surprising thing about it all was that he could see that Miyu had opened her access panel. The bare circuitry, the wiring, the cabling that ran through her body would have been visible to her, admittedly at a somewhat awkward angle. She could see the flashing status lights of her LED indicators. The speed at which they flashed increased and increased until, finally...

Arata watched as his stepsister stiffened on the couch for a moment, her body quivering as she remained, it seemed, in state. At first, the concern of a malfunction shot through his mind, before he suddenly realized that she too had achieved orgasm. He watched as she slowly eased herself back down onto the couch and swiftly recovered. She placed her chest panel back on as Arata turned away from the bannister, out of the risk of Miyu's sight. He shut the camera down, walked back to his room, then set the camera on his computer desk.

He paused a moment, thinking about what he had just seen. Relief, arousal and tiredness all swirled together as he made his way over to the bed. He knew he could trust his sister not to leave the candles burning before she ended up falling asleep, or more accurately entering sleep mode. Her programming alone would see to that, but he knew that Miyu was responsible enough to be trusted there.

He slipped underneath the covers and let out a heavy sigh. Arata slipped into a deep sleep faster than he thought he might, given all the excitement of the evening.

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