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“Hi there.” The seductive purr belongs to a gorgeous red headed woman... or at what first appears to be a woman. Her bountiful ivory curves that seemingly defy gravity are hugged tightly by her satin red dress, red as her fiery hair. Her waist is just a smidge too skinny, and her ass is just a touch too wide to be real. Those long miles of perfect legs, too flawless. What gives it away though is her glowing, mint green eyes. She's an android... and not a very advanced one. “I'm from the Jenna-11 series. Specifically, I'm unit 808 and I work at facility three, building and testing other Jenna models...” She tilts her head back slightly, letting out a sigh that causes her tits to heave tightly against her dress.

“Jenna-11 series androids are... not the most advanced machines out there. I'm just a drone, built for simple... and brief... companionship. I cost half of a minimum wage check to buy, and you can tell from my simple processors and... well, why don't you have a look.” Her ruby red lips peel into a saucy grin, she sets her hands on her hips and she starts to saunter. Each step her long legs takes is a calculated, precise stride. Her high heels click against the floor, but you can also hear the c-click of her simple joints. Her wide ass swings side to side as she strides around in a demonstrative circle, and with each sway her butt rises and falls stiffly, the servos inside of them whir-buzzing.

“But just because I'm cheap doesn't mean I'm not fun.” She lifts a finger to her plush lips and teasingly draws it into her mouth for just a moment. “I can get you off, while I'm blowing every circuit in my body.” Her finger leaves her lips and starts to trace down over her cleavage. You can hear the components in her stiffly moving arm easily. “Are you... aroused? By the fact that I'm so obviously... intentionally... mechanical?” She looks at you quizzically, her finger slowly circling her silicone flesh. “I hope so. I hope you're pleasuring yourself right now.”

The robotic redhead crosses one leg in front of the other and sets her other hand on her wide hip. Her finger slips down until it catches the front of her dress. She begins to peel it down slowly, her breasts getting closer and closer to freeing themselves until the pop loose with a jiggle. You can see now that she doesn't have proper nipples. Just a pair of bubblegum pink circles where the nubs would be. “Simple poly-material breasts with a sensory network installed that allow me to detect touch. I process most touch as pleasurable for simplicity's sake.” To demonstrate, she sweeps her finger over one of those pink nipple-pads, and her back arches with a rizzz, her lips parting as her lips make a perfect 'oh'.

“I hope that makes you hot. I hope my simple, robotic breasts are making your heart beat fast.” Her hands slip over both breasts and her fingers close in, causing her body to shudder awkwardly. The lights in her eyes flicker and her jaw drops as she squeezes them together, her thumbs teasing both nipple pads at once. “CPU usage is increasing... it's at 85% p-p-percent... that's pretty dangerous for a simple slut robot like me.” Her thighs press together with another click. “ I k-know exactly how to touch myself to receive optimum input. I know where every nerve sensor is, every sensitive bundle... I can bring myself to an explosive orgasm... and I'm going to do that, just for you.”

She spreads her legs slightly and the hand resting on her hip slides under her short, tight skirt. You can't see what she's doing, but by the way she suddenly shivers and gasps, the sharp cry sounding tinny, you can hazard a guess. “Error. The user m-m-manual states to only st-stimulate one erogenous area of your Jenna-11 series android at... at.. at... OH!” Her head jerks to the side, her eyelids blinking rapidly. “S-sorry about that. That was an automated re-response... but I bet that gets you hot too.”

While she plays with herself under her skirt, she lifts her other hand to her face. “Mmmh... let-let's get my processors some air...” Gripping into her face, she pulls it away with a loud SNAP. It sounds like she damaged the locks holding it in place. With her face plate missing, you can see her glowing green optical sensors no longer filtered through eye-like glass. Her metal jaw parted, red lips still attached and expressing that same, wide 'oh'. At the back of her throat you can see her circular voice module. She obviously wasn't designed to take insertions. Behind her cameras you can see two sets of black boxes, labeled P1 and P2 in yellow bold letters. “Not the most-most efficient way of cool-cooling off... but I hope it excites you... seeing my internal components.”

She sits back in a nearby chair, spreading her legs for you. She's got no panties and you can now see her penetrating her simple fuck sleeve, two fingers covered in lube as they whirr, in, buzz, come out with a mechanical tempo. “My pussy module has no... no... no inner labia or clit. It's just a tight, automated fuck sleeve for cock.” She looks right into your eyes with those mechanical cameras of her's. “I wish you were here to spank me. St-st-stimulating all three of my primary erogenous areas at once you make my circuits b-b-burn...” She groans lustfully, the voice module in the back of her throat vibrating hard.

“I am not programmed to climax. I exist only to make others cum.” Her other hand goes back to her breast to squeeze it tightly. “Ahhhn! I... thermal event in power systems. Sexual buf-buffer offline. Oh... it's... st-st-starting...” A single spark fires from a processor module in her head, making her head jerk to the side. Those optical lights flicker like bad Christmas bulbs. “I am programmed to make you cum... p-p-please cum while I overload!” Her chest rises and falls in simulation of breathing heavily, which is revealed to merely be a sound effect produced by her voice module.

A droning buzz can be heard inside of her chest. “That... is-is-is the transformer that pre-prevents an electrical overload from frying my pro-processors. I am just a machine. This is a sim-simulated personality, with simulated pleasure... all for you.” Her hips work with slow, monotone thrusts to penetrate her fingers harder and faster. Her breatss bounce with each thrust. Smoke starts to rise from in between her cleavage, from a seam that is slowly burning loose in her chest.

“I am so cheap. So fake. Just. Just ERROR. A mechanical toy for your pleasure. For you. Just-just-just for you. A hot robot bitch-bitch-bitch made to mindlessly please you until I-I-I-I Error overload detected in transformer. Warning... cease stimulation...” Her hand falls from her breast now, and starts to flex and buzz at odd angles. Her head snaps side to side, and you can see why. Tiny sparks are firing up her wiring, sending odd signals to her components and making her glitch out.

“Cum. Cum H-h-h-haaard for me baby. You must must must I am programmed to to to I am your I am...” Smoke is rising from both of her processors now, and her curly red hair is a total mess. She lets out a sharp gast and flexes her back so hard that her tits point towards the air. A panel explodes off her chest and when she rights herself you can see inside. A glowing hot greed-black box that is sparking heavily, surrounded on both sides by semi-melted wiring.

“Error. Overload. I am. Jenna. I am. I am. So hot. Way too hot...” A spark fires from her voice box and her voice becomes more robotic. The hand in between her legs is pounding away at a blur's pace. Her whole body is making an electrical buzz, long legs shivering and breasts constantly shuddering as she continues to break down. Suddenly... her exposed transformer blows out. A massive surge can be seen firing up her neck and into her head. Processor one EXPLODES in a bright flash of sparks and molten circuits. “I! Oh! Yes! I... proc-processor one... overload... cum-cum-cum-cum processor power at 50%... I am going to-to-to-to explo-”

With that, another surge fires through her transformer. It's utterly slagged now, and this surge spells the end of her other processor. It explodes as well, blowing out her head completely and leaving behind a sparking nest of wiring from her neck. The android's body slumps forward onto its knees. The hand fingering her fuck sleeve still goes for a few more thrusts, before awkwardly freezing. As the body slumps over... Jenna-11-809 arrives. Her hips have the exact same delicious sway as the last unit did. She looks exactly the same, down to her curly red hair and heels.

“Oh my. Looks like this unit has made a mess of herself. I hope you've made a mess of yourself, as well... I'm looking forward to seeing if I get a chance to put on a show for you. As for her...” She scoops up the burned out body. “There's always more of me where she came from. Have a lovely evening, dear.” She turns to walk away, leaving you alone, her ass swaying side to side and whirring. Just for you.

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