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The spice room was immaculate, every cookware and surface had been cleaned to a shine. Gary Sat alone in the bright room and flipped the toy puzzle over in his hand, inspecting it with mild curiosity. The freshly printed metal was so clean that every touch left fingerprints on its surface. Setting the toy down, Gary wondered how he had became so bored so quickly. His recent reassignment to the deep space luxury liner should have been a huge upgrade from running the kitchen in an office complex. But reality quickly set in that on a year long journey, the passengers tend to hibernate most of the voyage. Occasionally un-freezing to see the sights, and only if they happen to stop at an interesting planet or whatnot, all while the engines recharged for the next stop at some distant star with some random letters and numbers for a name. Partly because hibernation and food together is like throwing water into a deep fryer. So, during the boring bits of a long space travel, only the crew occasionally comes down and orders some hand made food. The few members of the crew that actually needed to eat ofcourse. Much of the kitchen sits unused for the majority of the time, and thus so was his expertise.

"So what's this thing?" A sweet and girly voice rang out behind him.

Turning around Gary saw a G13 Android hunched slightly over examining the toy puzzle. The liner had thousands of them serving every needs of the ship and it's passengers. It, or rather, her, rectangular head turned and twisted to look at the toy from multiple angles, all the while keeping a distance away from the object. Gary were always amazed at the way the G13s moved with such grace and precision. Not robotic, but not human like either. The same was with their bodies, milky white soft plastic and metal skeleton like any ol robot. But on her they were arranged and shaped in a way to give them a womanly look that suggested otherwise. Their heads were a simple rectangle box with rounded edges however. A front screen displayed either information or more often, a simplified animated drawing of a cute face.

Gary paused in hesitation for a moment.

"What do you think it is?" He said quizzically.

The Android looked up at him briefly, her face flashed into one of confusion, before going back onto the object. Gary could catch glimpses of various lenses extending and retracting behind the semi transparent face screen of the G13.

”This looks like a part of a machine. But it doesn't resemble anything as far as I can tell." She answered after a moment of contemplation.

"What do you think it does?”

Her answer came almost immediately.

"Under certain configuration of its parts, it transfers force to extend its entire structure outwards and a small metallic sphere is released from the device. Though I don't know why it would perform such a simple function through such complicated..."

She stopped halfway and picked up the toy with her long slender hands. Each of her digits tipped with a black soft rubber like substance that gently, but firmly, held on to the small but heavy toy. She held it with straight arms in front of Gary, twisting her wrist in an odd way as if to show him something. Below the plate of her forearm he could see a strip of red plastic string oddly tied around one of the many gray colored wires.

"It's a puzzle!” she said excitedly. Her face flickered and her expression matched her voice.

Gary breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the string hidden in her arm.

"So do I get a reward for guessing right?" She said looking up at him striking a pose. The bright ceiling light reflected off her face screen, blocking much of her expression from his view.

The cue she gave him couldn't have been more obvious. Gary moved in and gave her a wide and tight hug. As he squeezed her body against his, he could feel her soft but also rigid bosoms press against his. Her body plates compressed closer together between his arms, and in the silent room, beneath the noises of satisfaction she made. He could hear metal and plastic parts squeezing and grinding against one another under his strength. He closed his eyes and held her like this for a long moment, enjoying the sensation it gave him until his arms grew sore. He wondered if she could feel his growing erection on her stomach.

"How come you didn't pick me up last week? I was so excited, waiting too see you." She said as she made a sad, but slightly angry face.

"...umm" was all he could manage, while his head spun a million excuses.

"Was it because you couldn't pick me out amongst the others?”

She made an even more sad face, almost dejected.

"Im sorry…" he said as if there was more, but left the sentence hanging.

The Android stood up on her toes, bringing herself surprisingly higher, and closer to him. She moved to point a finger on the upper middle section of her chest, Gary read the series of letters and numbers that was faintly etched onto the smooth plastic surface.

"Ending with: Nine, E, Six." She said to him slowly.

Gary wanted to say he didn't forget, as if hanging out with a robot for six months was bad enough. But he thought it would be even more embarrassing to admit that he was too shy to stare so close at every android idling at the service bay while at risk of being discovered by some person.

"But that's okay! Can't be helped if your hardware is a little flawed." she said as she tapped his forehead lightly.

Her movements were so graceful that it felt like he was being brushed by a feather. But Gary liked it when she mocked him like this. He found it cute and endearing instead of irritating or annoying. Perhaps it was because at the end of the day, she was still an obedient robot just like any other. That fact made him feel much more confident around her. In that way, no matter what she said or did, he was invulnerable. But lately to his dismay, he had found that she had began creeping into his heart.

" she made her way through half of the ship on her hands, what's worse, some child saw her and ran away screaming on the top of her lungs." She said as she laughed.

"Can't wait to see what the parents would leave on the review page.”

He replied with a lazy chuckle. They had been gossiping but his attention had been on her body again. He couldn't help but think that she was standing "naked" before him. Her chest was soft and matte smooth, all the way down to her crotch that was being pressed and deformed by the edge of the hard metal table that she was leaning against. He wondered if she had put on the display for him to see on purpose. Or perhaps it was due to the lack of chairs in the small spice kitchen. Although he had thought and day dreamed about it, she was definitely not capable of sex.

“The best part was watching our tech getting scolded pretty badly by management, even though it wasn't her fault. So she's already came up with a software patch for all of us. Most likely with more tactfulness in mind.” She said, her mood seemingly shifting.

Gary noticed as she began to grind her crotch visibly against the table.

“Do you even feel anything down there?” He said impulsively, almost not believing the words coming out of his mouth.

She cocked her head at his question, her face flashed a question symbol that was quickly replaced with a closed-eyed smile.

“Maybe… perhaps you want to help me give it a test?”

She said as she walked up and pressed her nudeness against him once more. Her hand deftly gripped his wrist as she moved his hands under her crotch. Obligingly, he gripped her below and felt the softness of flesh. Using the opportunity he pushed a finger upwards and felt the usual hardness of plastic two inches deep. Almost to his surprise she gave a loud moan and pressed into him harder. Now grinding into his finger with bent knees and waving hips.

"If you fucked me here no one would know…" she said quietly, barely audible between her groans of pleasure.

The idea ran through his mind for half a second before he began pulling his pants off. Before long he was on his second lap, grinding into her soft crotch. His hard member sliding between her folds. Her bare milky smooth body was splayed on the equally artificially perfect metal table. He enjoyed the feeling of freedom that came from pounding her so roughly, forcefully, not worrying if he would hurt her. In reaction she made such intense and continuous sounds of pleasure that Gary had only heard in porn vids. When he shot his final load that dripped smoothly off of her hydrophobic skin, he noticed that she was no longer moving or making any sounds. He tried to move in and take a look at her face but she stood up at the same moment pushing him away. Her face display completely empty except for the faint backlight of the screen.

"Thanks for that Gary…" she said as she handed him the red piece of plastic string that was tied inside of her arm.

She waited a few moments for him to speak. But Gary couldn't think of anything between her weird state and his tired breaths.

"Don't try and find me again… The update… requires a memory and personality reset."

She waited a long moment again for him to speak. But now Gary didn't know what to say, he wanted to be kind, but at the same time he always thought something like this would happen, eventually. She turned around and opened the door. The light reflected off her back in a way that exasperated words etched into her upper back. "G13 Multi Function Android" it said.

"I really enjoyed our time together." She said as she closed the door behind her without looking back.

Gary glanced at the metal puzzle left by the door. He hadn't noticed that it had been solved with a circular metal marble on a pedestal that protruded from the center of the toy. He could hear faint sobbing that accompanied metal footsteps that faded quickly in the distance.

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