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Part I - Butterflies

“Ffuuuccckkkkk!” roared Dane, the echo of his words drowning out the hum of traffic 22 stories below. “I swear to god Andre….I’ve called everyone I know…I’ve been out the last week looking for somebody, but nothing man…not a single bite.” Dane’s eyes glazed over staring at the railing beneath him watching the traffic lights dance on top of its glossy surface. The 3:27 AM fog snaked around his body breathing its coolness unto his hot red forehead. Andre’s unhurried voice over the phone broke his stare as the fog continued its early morning dance.

“Danneee….” The name turned into a long exhale. “Can’t we talk about this tomorrow? It’s like 3:30 in the goddamned morning and I have to get up at six to make sure Isabelle gets off to school on time.”

The eyebrows on Dane’s face sharpened as he span around to lean against the railing. “Andre, how many times have I been there for you when it was a fucking hassle for me for me to do so?”

Another pause in the conversation; Dane wondered if Andre had dozed off. “Andre!!” Another long exhale and the sound of sheets rustling, “Like….at least several times…but look man I don’t get what the hell you’re freaking out about, it’s only your high school reunion. I had mine two years ago and it was a boring piece of shit. If I were you I wouldn’t even bother going.”

Dane pushed a hand through his disheveled brown hair closing his eyes for a moment. “Look Andre it’s different, no offense man but in high school like all of your friends were in my grade. You didn’t have anybody to impress there, Tammy had just left…I mean it was basically your job to get as blitzed as humanly possible, and according to those pictures you did just that.” Dane stepped through a white doorway into his apartment shutting the glass door behind him.

“I however have been talking mad shit to Carson, Dustin, and Ben about how my date will blow theirs out of the water! I know that Carson’s fiancé is like some 23 year old girl from Denmark who probably has a smoking hot accent! Dustin married Alexia and she was always gorgeous. Now I don’t know about Ben…dude’s a wildcard, but he spit so much game in school there’s no way he shows up empty handed. The three of them always overshadowed me man, I was always fourth fiddle…” Andre interjected “That’s totally not the saying” Dane’s voice heightened a pitch as he shouted “Shut up man! That’s not important, what is important is that I bring a stunningly beautiful smart girl along so that we can all finally be even.

The problem is I cannot find a single suitor anywhere! I need ideas stat!” Dane thought he could hear Andre sitting up in his bed through the phone.

“Alright…how about Dina?”

“Won’t talk to me.”


“Would quite possibly kill me.”


“I don’t know man, she kind of just vanished.”

“Oh! How about Olga?”


“What? Really?”

“Yeah, it was real sudden, I guess her Visa expired or something.”

“Alright, you’re probably going to hate me for saying this, but how about Anne?”

“Dude, don’t even bring up that name around me! There are people in solitary confinement with at least quadruple the sanity she brings to the table.”

“Okay well that’s everybody I can think of. You’ve had no luck trying to pick up girls at clubs or anything?”

“No dice whatsoever.”

“Hmmmmm have you thought about bringing an escort?”

“Of course I thought about it…wait, Andre, didn’t like two escorts at your reunion end up doing lines of chalk that they thought was cocaine?

“Oh yeah I guess that did happen, they did it right after telling everyone they were escorts too. Laughed so hard I shot brandy through my nose! Okay, good point, escorts are definitely out of the question.”

Dane desperately pleaded “So now do you see my conundrum?! I’m completely dateless and the reunion is only a few days away!”

Andre responded “Yeah, you’re in the quite the quandary…just give me a second to think.”

Dane pushed the phone to his thigh and leaned his head over the edge of the rough brown leather couch. He closed his eyes and focused on the specks of light slowly meandering about. He couldn’t quite grasp the colors of the specks, for every time he tried to focus on one it would shimmer away. Soon the room was spinning all around and his eyes jolted open just as Andre’s voice echoed over the receiver.

“Look man…there is a girl I know that’ll definitely turn some heads at your reunion.”

Dane sprang from the couch shouting “What the fuck man!? You’re just telling me about her now!?” He paced between the kitchen and the condensation riddled patio door waiting for an answer.

“Dane, she is a…bit different than what you’re accustomed to, and she only just came to mind. Now I’m going back to bed, I will answer any questions of yours tomorrow when I bring her by around seven. Goodnight.”

With that the line went dead and Dane leaned his forehead against the cool glass, his mouth agape. He continued to hold the phone up to his ear as if he were expecting Andre to call back and explain the entire situation. Millions of scenarios ran themselves through his head as he retreated to his bedroom. The lights were out, the room was cool and silence filled the air. Dane couldn’t muster to close his eyes. Anxiety and nervousness coursed through his body like torrential rain. Seven o’ clock couldn’t come soon enough.

Work the next day was a struggle for Dane who spent the entire day with his thoughts lingering on the girl Andre was bringing over that night. He didn’t know what she looked like, how she acted, or even her name. The anxiety burned through him like the wick of a candle, and the day dragged on and on.

Finally, at around 2 PM Dane ventured into his boss’s office complaining of abdominal pain and was granted the rest of the day off. He gathered his bag and jacket and slowly made his way out of the building holding his stomach in a dramatic fashion every time he passed a fellow employee.

Once in his car, Dane leaned his head against the matte black steering wheel pondering what to do next. He wanted to make a great impression later that night so he put the key into the ignition and took off towards a nearby department store.

The bright fluorescent lights momentarily blinded Dane as he walked through the doors. Blinking furiously and with the occasional stumble Dane began to make his way to the men’s department. A pair of roughly textured gray slacks caught his attention and he tried them on with a light blue button up shirt. The combination pleased him so he undressed and headed towards the registers.

He took a different route than the way he came in and repeatedly turned his head left and right as he passed through the women’s department. His gaze locked onto a beautiful bright purple dress. It was incredibly short with a perfectly plunging neckline. The bright lights of the store glimmered off the surface casting a beautiful aura around its silhouette. After a few moments Dane realized his glance had turned into a stare and he awkwardly shuffled off towards the registers.

An expensive bottle of chardonnay was Dane’s next purchase. He planned on serving it that night with a freshly caught salmon he had bought only the day before. This dinner had to be special; Dane wanted nothing more than to truly hit it off that night with Andre’s friend. 5:24 marked his arrival into the apartment and he quickly undressed and jumped into the shower.

It was 7:04 PM when the buzzer to Dane’s flat sang its angry tune. “Hey man, it’s me” sounded through the speaker in Andre’s voice. Dane buzzed them in and began nervously pacing in and out of the kitchen. He had just finished setting the dining room table; the chardonnay sat in an ice bucket behind a bouquet of vibrant pink tulips, candles burnt symmetrically on either side of the serving dish where the tender salmon resided.

Dane couldn’t help but to wonder under what circumstances Andre had convinced this girl to accompany him to his high school reunion, and quietly prayed she wasn’t doing this out of pity or as some twisted favor. He genuinely wanted her to like him, and secretly hoped a relationship could come of this.

His hands anxiously passed through his moussed up hair when he heard knocking at the front door. Butterflies do no justice to the feeling in Dane’s stomach as he steadily approached the door, clumsily turned the handle, and opened the door.

Dane stared with mouth agape at the beauty beyond the doorway.

He keyed in on her face before drinking in her entire figure. She had blonde hair that glistened like the setting sun hanging down below her shoulders. It provided the perfect frame for her soft face. Magnetic blue eyes pulled him deep into a trance as he marveled at every perfectly dark eyelash. Her nose was small and elegant perched upon a pair of paramour shaded lips that were slightly agape. His glance moved to her cheekbones, oh her cheekbones…

“Dane!” Yelled a slightly impatient Andre, “Dane, this is Lyenne,” Andre’s hand motioned from side to side, “Lyenne, this is my best friend Dane, we’ve known each other for basically forever and…”

Andre’s sentence was cut short as Lyenne bounced into Dane putting her right cheek against his chest embracing him in a warm hug. “Andre has told me so much about you Dane! It’s so wonderful to finally meet in person!”

Lyenne’s beauty once again overloaded his sensory and Dane found he was unable to speak.

Her hair gently tickled his face and was fragranced like spring rain. Her soft breasts pushed into his torso adjusting themselves to the contours of his chest. Dane could feel her warm breath with every inhale and exhale. She continued to hold him tightly showing no signs of slowing. Dane never wanted this moment to end.

The moment came to an end. He quickly patted Lyenne on the back and stepped back in hopes that she or Andre wouldn’t notice his growing erection.

Too late, two sets of eyes peered at the growing mound of fabric Dane was trying to hide. Andre brought his hand to his forehead and chuckled. Lyenne looked Dane in the eye and bit her lip.

Dane’s blushing face looked at Lyenne quizzically before Andre spoke up “Okay…so why don’t we head inside?” “Ahh of course, please come on in!” responded a still flustered Dane. He made his way over to the door beckoning his two guests inwards.

Lyenne led the way dressed in a tight cyan V-neck that showed off every aspect of her figure. A thin 25” waist navigated its way through the tight shirt magnificently on its way up to a set of pert C cup breasts that barely peaked through the neck of the shirt jiggling slightly with each step. Her arms were skinny and her hands perfectly manicured with each nail brightly painted to match the cyan shirt.

As she passed by Dane marveled at her backside. Shiny black yoga pants cradled each cheek so tightly that Dane had to double take…no triple take…no quadruple take to reassure himself that they were not in fact painted on. It was quite possibly the most picturesque ass Dane had ever seen. Her stride swayed side to side with each step, her hips reaching their zenith in perfect synchronization.

Andre tailed Lyenne into the living room breaking Dane’s trance, who proceeded to close the door and follow suit.

Once in the living room Dane found his guests seated next to each other on the same rough brown couch from which he had spoken to Andre the night prior. Lyenne sat politely with legs crossed and arms in her lap, a faint grin tucked behind her closed lips.

She met Dane’s eyes and playfully batted her eyelashes. He was once again awe struck by the woman sitting only a few feet away from him. In less than twenty four hours Andre had truly delivered; this was too good to be true!

Andre stood up; he took a picture from an end-table slowly turning it over in his hands as he approached the precisely set kitchen table.

“Now, I know this seems too good to be true…” Andre aimed his speech towards the windows which framed the city before spinning around, “…And in a way it kinda is.”

Dane quizzically looked to Lyenne who was slightly fidgeting in her seat now seeming to avoid eye contact.

“There is really no easy way to say this…so I’ll just get it out of the way…” Dane’s eyes darted back to Andre who moved slowly towards the couch.

“Lyenne isn’t an actual person… she’s a robot; and before you say anything I want you to walk over here.”

With that Andre beckoned Dane over to his new position directly behind Lyenne. A dazed Dane lifted himself from his seat and made his way towards Andre. All the while he looked at Lyenne whose eyes were clenched tight in what seemed to be fear.

“You’re freaking the poor girl out man!” exclaimed Dane, “I mean let’s not be cra…ahh” Andre interrupted him with a hard yank on the arm.

“Look here.” Andre spoke calmly. He was holding Lyenne’s sunny hair to the side and pointing to what appeared to be a mole behind her left ear.

“I want to you to feel that very carefully.” Dane obliged and quickly traced his fingers around the mole, only it wasn’t a mole. It was a perfectly circular plastic disc that was uniformly raised from the flush of her skin by about a millimeter or two.

“Now I want you to push it down.” Dane could see her chest rise and fall, he could hear her every gentle breath, and he could smell her perfumed hair. There was no way that this was happening; Andre must be playing a joke on him.

“Okay!” exhaled Dane jokingly, “Here goes nothing.” He pushed the disk and felt the tactile feedback of a soft click. Immediately Lyenne’s chest ceased rising, her breath stopped pulsing, and her eyes locked open.

“Alright man, this is kind of a weird fucking prank! I mean what the…” Dane was once again interrupted by Andre, “Dane, push it again.”

He looked at Andre to his left and the inert Lyenne in front of him and spoke. “Well, why the fuck not?!”

He clicked the mole disk again and was beckoned by Andre to kneel mere inches away from the girl’s face.

An irritated Dane retorted “Why should I come over there?”

Creases on Andre’s forehead squished together as he looked up at Dane. “Proof.”

Andre guided Dane’s shaky hand onto Lyenne’s shoulder. He whispered, “Here, look into her eyes as she boots back up.”

Dane looked and at first he couldn’t see anything in her vacant gaze, but then it came into view. In the blue oceans of each eye Dane made out letters and numbers quickly scrolling from top to bottom.

He looked to Andre, “What is that?” “It’s her boot sequence Dane, only time you’ll see anything like that.”

Dane was dumbfounded, “So…she actually is a robot?” Andre walked towards the door and pirouetted 180 degrees after reaching for the handle.

“Yes, but why don’t you ask her yourself?” He made through the door before popping his head back in one last time. “I got to head out, if you have any more questions there’s nothing that she can’t answer. Oh and Dane, have a good time!”

Andre was gone.

Dane’s gaze shifted back from the doorway to Lyenne. It had only been a moment and the formerly inert girl was once again full of life.

She looked at him and smiled shyly, her teeth barely escaping the pout of her lips. “I’m sorry that I’m not what you expected, but I can act just like a real woman I promise!”

Dane breathed in heavily, “No no no, don’t be sorry! I just uh…” His pupils panned back and forth as he combed his mind for a response.

“I just uh wasn’t aware that robots…” He wanted to tread lightly with this statement. “…of your kind existed. I mean you had me convinced you were flesh and blood like four minutes ago! I’m just a little…”

Lyenne cut him off with another hug, must be a habit of hers. “Shocked?” she whispered into his ear.

“Ha yeah…shocked…exactly.” Dane retorted with a grin.

Lyenne pushed off of his shoulders and held position only a few inches away from his face. She was standing on the tips of her toes putting her nose level with Dane’s mouth. A naughty grin flashed on her face, the edges of her mouth curling upwards ever so slightly.

“Well maybe I can end your shock with a little bit more convincing then?”

Lyenne embraced Dane pulling him into a sensual kiss. She didn’t attack his mouth, instead choosing to lightly clamp his bottom lip between hers. She slowly moved to his top lip allowing Dane to adjust to her movements. He soon matched pace and proceeded to gingerly tease the inside of Lyenne’s mouth with his tongue.

Her eyes jolted open for a moment before closing again, a heavy breath escaping. She returned his gesture with a parry of her own and soon their tongues danced effortlessly. Her fingernails lightly dug into his back; Dane imagined the cyan polish of each nail glinting in the soft light of the apartment. His fingernails dug into her soft rear; he imagined what lay behind the yoga pants veneer.

Their kissing continued for several moments before Dane pulled away suddenly. “Oh shit! The fucking curtains have been open this whole time. I’m sure we gave my neighbors quite the show!”

With that he ran to each window hurriedly pulling the curtains shut. The last set of curtains brought him into the kitchen where he saw his prepared dinner. He was truly hungry, he hadn’t eaten much all day due to the anxiety so he shouted from the kitchen,

“Hey! Uhhhh so I made dinner earlier if you would like to accompany me in the kitchen. Oh, wait…can you even eat?” His brow furrowed with that question as he absentmindedly wiped down the bottle of wine.

Dane heard a faint pitter patter of footsteps and turned around to see Lyenne, legs apart with her right forward of her left. Her hands resided on her sides with her elbows pushed out; her brow was also furrowed.

Dane thought to himself, Is she about to sass me?

Lyenne opened her mouth and sassily replied “I told you I can act just like a real woman didn’t I?”

Dane was confused, his mind was mush, no it was oatmeal, no it was grits, no…cream of wheat. Why the fuck am I thinking of this breakfast shit?

All Dane could manage was a slight shrug followed by an even slighter “I guess.”

The sass disappeared from Lyenne’s face and her beaming smile returned, “Of course I can eat silly!” With that she bounded towards Dane and pecked him on the lips. “By the way” she motioned towards the table, “it looks absolutely fantastic!”

She proceeded to bound to the far side of the table and took a seat, her beaming smile never fading. Dane liked the way she bounded. If he could see his own face Dane would see that his beaming smile reflected hers. Dane liked the just about everything of her.

Damn, he needed to thank Andre.

Conversation at dinner had been a bit one-sided with Lyenne aiming questions at Dane to get a better feel for who he was. He had asked a few questions of her but she only replied in vague formalities and looked embarrassed throughout so he didn’t pursue the topic any further.

The two of them built up great chemistry; they would shoot jokes back and forth and the both of them couldn’t refrain from smiling between bites of food and sips of wine.

Dane was absolutely amazed at Lyenne’s social mannerisms, had it not been for Andre’s ‘demonstration’ earlier he would have never guessed that she was a machine. His amazement went so far that he frequently actually forgot her true identity, her human personality was truly perfect to him.

Lyenne insisted that she clean the dishes since he had prepared the meal; Dane obliged, choosing to sit at a kitchen chair eyes fixed on her backside as she soaped and sprayed each item.

Lyenne caught on to Dane’s stare and began to extend her ass with each movement. There was no musical rhythm to her extensions, but there was an underlying sexual rhythm that was having its effect on Dane.

After a couple minutes of staring Dane could take no more and he moved in towards Lyenne. She sensed this and decided to let him take her by surprise even managing to utter a small moan as he connected his groin with her rear.

His hands moved up and down Lyenne’s sides, from thigh to breast, all the while kissing lightly on either side of her neck.

Her moans increased in frequency and audacity, reaching a shudder when Dane methodically removed her shirt. He wasn’t surprised at the absence of a bra.

She tilted her head back and said breathily, “So you like it when I clean the dishes?” Dane’s hands were around her soft pert breasts, his erection a block of lead.

“Yeah I do, so you better keep cleaning them.”

He thumbed a nipple and she thumbed a spot of food off a plate.

She rubbed a soapy sponge through a glass and he rubbed her taught stomach.

Dane moved his attention to her yoga pants; Dane moved his attention to removing her yoga pants; Dane proceeded to remove her yoga pants.

He slid his fingers under the fabric and slowly pulled the material down revealing her plump bottom. Once again, he wasn’t surprised at the absence of underwear.

Lyenne sensed this reveal and jumped up and down a little causing her ass to jiggle.

Dane drank the sight in and noticed beads of moisture running down the inside of her legs. This excited him and slowly probed her warm sex with two fingers. This elicited the loudest and longest moan yet out of Lyenne, who with panting breath continued to wash the dishes.

Dane’s ginger excursion into Lyenne picked up in pace and soon each thrust of his fingers caused more and more of Lyenne’s lubrication to cascade down her legs. His pace increased and her panting followed suit, her sex began to squeeze and release his fingers with the anticipation of climax.

Lyenne squirmed in front of the sink where she continued washing the dishes; grinding herself into Dane’s motions. She arched her back leaning her head towards Dane and brought him for a deep kiss.

Dane was incredibly turned on by all of this and increased the pace with which he toyed with Lyenne’s incredible artificial vagina. The increased pace bucked Lyenne up and down causing her to spill soapy water onto the kitchen floor as she arched her back even further to continue her oral symphony with Dane.

Dane was starving for Lyenne and grabbed ahold of her supple left breast eliciting another small shriek to escape her pursed lips. He pulled on the breast hard putting Lyenne in an acrobatic position that only the most skilled gymnast could maintain.

A loud ‘POP’ emitted from Lyenne’s lower back and suddenly Lyenne’s vaginal squeezes began to occur in unnatural succession. Dane thought it was far too fast but just took it as her nearing orgasm and continued his motions.

Lyenne gasped, “Uhhhh Dane order me not to keep cleaning the dishes!” Now her ass was rocking back and forth in an unusual fashion.

“What?” replied Dane who barely heard her over the fervor her lower half was making.

“Dane! I need you to order me to quit cleaning dishes or I’m going……..going…..going…..going……going…”

Lyenne’s flushed sex released a torrent of fluids, and Dane freed his hand and took a step back from Lyenne.

“Lyenne! Are you okay!?” Dane shouted frantically.

“going…..going….going….going…” Was all she mustered with her left eye looking left and her right eye staring straight ahead.

It was obvious to Dane that something was very wrong. He shouted once again, “Lyenne! Talk to me!”

She continued, “going…..going…going…going to malfunction!” With that final word, her feet shifted catching the soapy floor unforgivingly and she fell forward hitting her head first on the rim of the sink then on the hardwood kitchen floor.

Dane’s hands ran through his hair as he gazed down at the sight beneath him.


Part II - Restarting the Romance


“Lyenne please get up.”

Dane stared at the nude beauty beneath him in disbelief. Only moments before she was so full of life and now she lay naked and unmoving. Laying face first on the wooden floor her wondrous blonde main was disheveled and strewn about in all directions. Both ass cheeks glistened with lubricant, and suds slowly accumulated outlining her petite figure.

Stroking his temples and cursing under his breath he made his way to the balcony door muttering to himself. “Should I call Andre…maybe he’ll know what to do?” Dane pulled the door open and stepped outside facing the glowing silhouette of the surrounding city. He leaned his arm on the col steel rail watching the flow of traffic hesitate, stop, and start up again with each blinking green light. He nervously ran his hands through his hair, “No, I can’t let Andre know there’s already a problem. Fuck! She was only with me for a few hours, he made it seem like I should have no trouble! What to do….what to do?”

Yelling from below caught Dane’s attention as two drunkards stumbled their way through the ebb and flow of the late night traffic. His eyes once again drifted towards the traffic light, and he stared and stared. The lights slowly changed from green to yellow to red then back to green again. The lights would move from green to yellow to red and they would reset. Remembering the mole on the back of Lyenne’s neck Dane rushed inside thinking he could somehow reset her.

Once inside Dane took a knee next to Lyenne. Leaning into the small of her back he brushed her neck free of hair. She was still warm and the scent of her perfumed hair hung heavy in the air.

Dane grabbed Lyenne from under her petite arms and puller her into a sitting position against a mahogany cupboard. Her beautiful blue eyes were glossed over and out of sync with one another looking in differing directions.

Her breasts however still looked flawless, perkily sitting atop her chest clearly winning the fight against gravity. Dane pawed one as he reached around Lyenne’s neck tilting her head forward. He was still astounded at how life like they felt even in her current condition.

Examining her neck Dane found the flush circular mole from earlier and clicked it inwards. He returned Lyenne’s head back to its resting position against the cupboard and stared into her eyes hoping to see her boot sequence queue up.

Dane sighed, “Come on…come on. Please work.”

He continued to look into her lifeless eyes for five minutes more, his devastation growing with every second she refused to boot back up.

Dane quietly looked around the room from corner to corner while gently stroking Lyenne’s left shoulder. “Come on man…think…think.”

He suddenly jerked his head up and once again proceeded to reach around her neck finding her button. His fingers danced around the false mole for a moment before he pushed it. This time Dane made sure to hold it down for several seconds straight.

Dane was rewarded when a faint click emanated from within Lyenne’s plastic chest. He lightly rested the back of her head against the cupboard and began looking intently into her eyes, praying for lines of code to scroll down.

Three more seemingly distant clicks sounded from within Lyenne’s frame followed by the startup of a whirring fan like noise. Dane’s eyes opened wide and he exhaled heavily, he so badly wanted her to be alright and working again.

Lines of code began rapidly streaming down the middle of Lyennes emerald blue eyes. Dane could only watch in anticipation, nervously gripping her soft thigh. The crawl of code continued for several minutes, much longer than it had when Andre was present.

This concerned Dane, but this concern was short lived for at that very moment Lyenne’s eyelids shuttered closed. They re-opened a second later staring straight ahead now back in sync with one another, and with their original lively aura.

Lyenne’s mouth opened and her marvelous voice returned. Only now it seemed a little more unnatural, a little more pre-programmed.







Dane noticed her transfixing pupils pivoted left and right at an utterly inhuman pace as her cache was analyzed.



Lyenne swiftly pushed against the floor, and accompanied by a few audial whirs and clicks assumed a standing position. Her arms lay at her sides, fingers dangling down to her thighs. Her soft face locked looking straight ahead without any sense of humanity. Her legs were spread a few inches apart from each other; her back ample chest stood rigidly upright, as did Dane’s member.







Lyenne’s intricately designed face was the first component to self test. Her blue eyes blinked, opened, and darted in every direction erratically as the rest of her face quickly made possible every facial expression. The face evaluation only lasted about two minutes, and within 11 minutes she had successfully tested every appendage. Her torso inspection began immediately following, her last motor control self assessment.

With hands on her hips Lyenne twisted inhumanly to her right and left. She then proceeded to bend down at the waist, her lustrous blonde hair tickling the floor and her hanging creamy breasts tickling Dane’s now raging hormones. He thought about the things he’d like to do to her in that position, but his fantasies were cut short when Lyenne arched her back artificially far and a shrieking electrical ‘CRACK’ echoed through the apartment.



Lyenne slowly un-curled her back, a series of sharp clicks and pops emanated from within as she straightened out. She once again assumed her default position of hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, and pouty lips slightly agape. Dane continued to assume his now default position of doing his best to manage his seemingly permanent erection.





Dane’s heart sunk.







Dane watched transfixed as immediately tears began rolling out of Lyenne’s robotic eyes. He chuckled noticing the small droplets of lubricant running down between her legs, and he was surprised as small beads of artificial sweat appeared all over her body.



With the last syllable out of Lyenne’s mouth every last bead of sweat retracted back through her synth-skin. However, the artificial tears and lubricant remained.





Lyenne’s eyes now methodically scanned the apartment. Her neck or body stayed perfectly still as her pupils made large circles logging terabytes of visual data each second. The data successfully processed and Lyenne’s pupils returned to staring straight ahead.




Lyenne carefully began running her deft hands over all parts of her body. Her mechanized flexibility allowing her to trace every part of her plastic/polymer synth-skin with delicate fingers. Lyenne’s fingertips began exploring her lively ass cheeks and Dane’s un-involvement with her restart process broke. He swiftly walked up to her and grabbed a cheek ferociously.



Lyenne’s hands quickly began on the same testing path as earlier. Dane moved his interest to her still moist thighs where his fingers gently played with the lips of Lyenne’s synthetic pussy.



Dane’s hands were clutching Lyenne’s perky C cups before her hands could even begin their automated journey.


Lyenne’s arms were frozen, hovering just inches above her unreal figure.


Dane took a step back calming himself allowing Lyenne to finish up her testing. He put his hands to his head, worried he had broken her once again.




Dane had no idea what to do, so her walked over to Lyenne and ferociously smacked her on the ass.


Dane’s relief ran through him like mexican food and coffee. Lyenne’s digits began their delicate glide around her robotic chassis; their full circuit complete in less than 90 seconds.


This test was a two-in-one; Lyenne’s Vocal_Matrix made vowel, consonant, and a vast variety of other sounds in a wide array of varying pitches and keys. Some of the noises were melodic and harmonious, while others were utilitarian and metallic. Each time her voice box made a sound Lyenne’s Auditory_Sensors would match the vibration against the one her Vocal_Matrix produced. Her head twitched ever so slightly between each sonic test; a small programming quirk that amused Dane.







Just seconds after her last verbal announcement Lyenne was moaning, and moaning loud. Her right hand explored the flawless folds of her sex as lubricant streamed out coating everything in an enticing gleam. All the while her left hand massaged a breast, kneading it back and forth. Her moaning increased and increased, and as her hand fervently probed her lips she began to come.


Lyenne’s moaning peaked hitting a sultry high pitched cry.




Dane had never been so turned on in his life. The automated procedures unfolding before his eyes ignited a yearning for Lyenne that he had never felt before.




In the blink of an eye Lyenne’s artificial tendencies disappeared and her humanity seemed to return. She curiously looked around the room and walked around for the first time since she’d blown a fuse in the kitchen earlier that night. After about three minutes of modest exploration she turned and saw Dane. Lyenne smiled at him.





Dane grinned at the idea of being Lyenne’s repairman.


Lyenne’s eyes closed for the first time in quite awhile.




Her eyes shot open with programmed excitement. They quickly focused on Dane and she grinned. “Hey Dane!” Lyenne looked down at the ground and kicked her feet at the floor ashamedly, “I’m so sorry I malfunctioned.”

Dane put a hand on her shoulder, “It’s okay Lyenne really, you’re just lucky I like you so much!”

She gave him a sensuous kiss, “Thanks. My systems say that I need a manual repair on my Lumbar Support 2. If you help me Dane, I’ll make it…….worth….your while.” The entire last part of the sentence was hammered home by the fact that Lyenne was leaning her nude chassis into Dane, her hard nipples poking through his shirt.

“Of course I’ll help you”, replied an out of breath Dane, “What do I need to do?”

Lyenne pirouetted around facing her back to Dane. A slight seam began to emerge in the middle of her back, running adjacent to her spine. Three more seams began to mystically appear, converging to form the four sides of a trapezoid in the small of Lyenne’s back. Her hand reached behind and with a small click the trapezoidal panel was in her hand.

“It should be a pretty easy fix for you.” Calmly quipped Lyenne, “My self diagnostics say that it’s just a broken wire right beneath the second Lumbar Support. However, my self repair failed because I’m currently not stocked with any replacement wire. Any wire should do, as long as it’s insulated so it doesn’t short out and make me go through that embarrassing restart process again.”

Dane laughed, “I found the whole thing incredibly sexy honestly. I could watch you restart for days.”

Lyenne turned her neck, eyes piercing at Dane. “Patch me up and I’ll show you incredibly sexy.”

“Yes mam!” Dane bolted to his office in search of wire. He had junk drawer in their and assumed there was some stray wire hanging around. It only took about 20 seconds of rummaging before he found what he was looking for, a dated four inch piece of red insulated copper wire from an old broken RC car. He yelled into the room where Lyenne patiently waited, “Hey, how much wire do you need.”

“One second please.” replied Lyenne. Her pupils zigged and zagged as her main CPU chugged calculations from her earlier self diagnosis. Her eyes steadied, “Oh, just about 1.26789 inches worth.”

Dane hesitantly grabbed a pair of wire cutters, “Uhhhhhh yeah I’ll just cut it to 1.5 inches.”

Lyenne strained her neck to face Dane as he re-entered the room with replacement wire in hand. His focus was on the trapezoidal hole in her back. There were thousands of wires running through her, hundreds of pieces of metal comprising her frame, reservoirs of fluid, blinking lights, and all facets of electronics that Dane didn’t quite understand.

Lyenne voiced up, “Okay, so all you have do is find the broken wire on either side of my lumbar support and twist the replacement in so that they’re connected. I’ll make sure to cut power through that subsystem as you work so you won’t get shocked.”

“Yeah yeah yeah…wires…lumbar…no shock. Got it.” His attention was transfixed on the inner mechanisms that made this robotic woman so lifelike.

The wire replacement only took Dane about four minutes. He patted Lyenne on the bum, “Alright it’s in there, give it a whirl.”

Lyenne pulsed a high amperage charge through her subsystem fusing the replacement wire into place. “Okay, everything is functional! Now just let me put my panel back.” She reached the trapezoidal piece of creamy synth-skin back into the place. With a magnetic ‘WOOSH’ it assumed it’s designed position, and the seams separating it from the rest of Lyenne’s back disappeared within seconds.

Dane looked dumbfounded, “Wow….that’s amazing.”

Lyenne pivoted around, standing on the tips of her toes, touching her nose to Dane’s nose. “No, this is going to be amazing.” She tackled him to the floor, stripping the clothes off his body and attacking his member with her mouth.

She proceeded to give Dane the best head he’d ever had in his life. She kept him on the verge of orgasm for over thirty minutes before finally letting him release into her mouth where she swallowed every last bit.

They were both drenched in sweat following; Dane hobbled into the kitchen for a glass of water. “Damn…it’s after 3:00, we need to get to bed. We’ve got to get you a dress for the reunion tomorrow, and I can’t look like too much of a sleep deprived train wreck.”

Dane walked backed into the main room and watched Lyenne rhythmically sashay into the bedroom away from him. “Fine, we can go to bed.” She turned around to face him. “Once we break it in a little.”


The fitting room door slammed closed in Dane’s face. He took his queue and span around; slowly making his way to the nearest leather topped bench. Sitting with neck back and eyes closed he took a breath. The events of the previous night ran through his head like a movie projector running in fast forward. He had to correct his posture and flatten out the slowly growing bulge beneath his dark jeans as the memories played for him again and again.

“Daaaaaanneeeee…”, pleaded Lyenne’s voice from behind the fitting room door. “Will you come in here and make sure this dress looks alright?”

Dane was up and at the door before Lyenne’s sentence was finished; He knocked twice and replied, “Of course!” Before he could finish his sentence the door quickly opened and Lyenne’s slender arm shot out of the dressing room pulling him in. She proceeded to wrap both arms around him firmly pressing her mound against Dane’s erection that was now certainly un-flattening out.

Their mouths met briefly, Lyenne’s delicate tongue calmly and confidently navigated it’s way through pre-determined areas of Dane’s mouth that most heightened his arousal. But just as suddenly as their mouths came together they came apart.

With a subtle push of Dane’s shoulder Lyenne gracefully flowed backwards, and with arms outstretched towards the sky, she slowly twisted around and around putting every inch of her synthetic body on display.

Lyenne paused facing Dane, elbows cocked, her hands gently resting on the bones of her hips. “Do you like it?” Lynne asked, her perfect white smile beaming brilliant white.

“I……I….”, stammered Dane as he drank in her superbly engineered design.

The silky purple fabric of the dress hugged every curve and contour of Lyenne’s artificial frame. Her taught stomach stood classically flat, the slightest of indentations present due to her prominent hip bones. Swelled breasts stood mountainous above her petite ribcage; each breath straining the excruciatingly tight garment.

Lyenne’s nipples were just ever so slightly visible beneath their purple enclosure, their small points barely contrasting with the rest of her impeccably smooth attire. The dress’ plunging neckline ended only mere centimeters away from her nipples It seemed a perfect fit pushing her creamy bosom together, creating a most inviting crease in the middle.

The dress ended roughly half an inch beneath Lyenne’s amplified ass cheeks; Dane could only imagine that any moderate squat would immediately result in her utopian plastic sex becoming completely visible.

The straining purple fabric was only relieved upon reaching Lyenne’s artfully sculpted back where it gave way to straps that serpentined across her back before looping around her dainty neck. A modest but skillfully tied bow connected the two straps together tightly keeping the entire outfit splendidly in place.

Lyenne’s lengthy blemish free legs cascaded out the bottom of the dress slightly twisting with each other into shining leather knee high boots. The laces of the boots were tied in the same fashion as her dress; but Dane’s attention drifted from the laces as his gaze slowly moved upwards and once again met Lyenne’s beaming smile.

“….I….I…I absolutely adore everything about it! And, I absolutely adore everything about you!” enthused Dane.

Lyenne’s smile seemed to do the impossible and beam even brighter and more beautifully than before as she expertly shifted her weight side to side with elbows out, hands still resting on her hips.

“I knew you’d love it!” Lyenne excitedly shrieked. Her eyes narrowed seductively and instantaneously within her plastic-polymer chest Lyenne’s Carnal_Drivers booted up, prepping every piece of supremely maintained sexual hardware and initializing every line of code within her self-adapting coital software.

With that she bounded into Dane forcing her fabricated body against him into the fitting room wall. Their mouths resumed their earlier meeting, this time with much increased ferocity. Dane bit Lyenne’s ripe ruby-red bottom lip and she shuttered eliciting a sharp gasp. Her fabricated teeth gently returned the gesture as Dane’s right hand cupped her supple left breast.

Lyenne gasped again and activated her Wet_Ware in anticipation of Dane’s next move. Pumps housed within her slender thighs primed themselves and began pulling scented lubricant from her chest cavity. The warm synthetic lubricant entered Lyenne’s vaginal chamber, quickly warming her velvet-like coital walls to an optimal temperature.

Her Carnal_Drivers had fully booted up and were interacting with her Predictive_Interfacing_System flawlessly; this allowed for Lyenne to analyze Dane one micro-second at a time and to adapt her functionality on the fly in order to maximize her lover’s pleasure. Her fabricated pussy had fully readied itself a total 1.3 seconds before Dane’s finger first brushed her labia.

Lyenne groaned as one finger turned to two fingers and her thousands of Vaginal_Stimuli_Sensors began feeding her Carnal_Drivers with pleasure data. Her nipples hardened and engorged as Dane’s gentle cupping of her left breast increased with vigor. Her Areola_Stimuli_Receptors flooded her Carnal_Drivers with even more pleasure data forcing the main CPU within her plastic chest to relegate more processing power to Lyenne’s immaculate sexual operation.

Dane whispered into her neck, “Gawwwddd dammnn! You’re so fucking wet. I need you right now, but we have to be quiet.”

Lyenne nuzzled her mouth into Dane’s ear and breathily said, “I can be real quiet. Let me turn off my vocal functionality…because I…need…you…too.” With that last word Lyenne playfully bit Dane’s ear and immediately suspended all functionally of her Vocal_Matrix.

She took a step back from Dane continuing her sultry stare. Her Predictive_Interfacing_System drove Lyenne to provocatively wiggle her hips as she pulled the bottom of the purple dress up and over her pert ass cheeks exposing her flushed mound. She stared at Dane’s zipper who quickly took the hint and removed his jeans and boxers. His fully erect member elicited a grin from Lyenne who walked over to Dane put her arms around his neck and nimbly jumped wrapping her long legs around his back.

Next, Lyenne reared back lining herself up with Dane, before thrusting forward with her hips under the command of her Carnal_Drivers. Dane’s shaft entered her hot wet pussy and Lyenne’s head reared back and her mouth hung open, yet no sound came from the blissful blonde. Her Vaginal_Stimuli_Sensors worked in parallel with her Predictive_Interfacing_System shaping the contours of her inner vagina. Micro actuators housed behind Lyenne’s vaginal cavity extended and retracted along the length of the Dane’s member with each thrust to maximize his pleasure.

Hot lubricant coated their inner thighs as Dane firmly held on to Lyenne’s brazen backside. He pushed deeper and deeper with each rhythmic bucking of their hips. One thrust threw him off balance and the two awkwardly danced around the small fitting room still connected at the midriff before they plowed into the opposite wall. Lyenne’s back made contact with the wall first and the inertia of the fall forced Dane’s member deeper into Lyenne than ever before.

The flurry of data from her pleasure sensors quickly overloaded Lyenne’s Carnal_Drivers. A steadily growing list of sexual sequences were temporarily suspended as her main CPU diverted processing capability from other non-essential functions. For 2.2 seconds Lyenne looked at Dane completely frozen with eyes crossed and mouth silently agape.

The extra processing power kicked in allowing for Lyenne’s Carnal_Drivers to execute the previously suspended list of sexual sequences. Her orgasm sequence was the most computationally taxing; her vaginal walls began contracting and pulsing around Dane’s flushed member, lubricant cascaded through her vaginal cavity coating her inner thighs, her eyes closed with her mouth held slightly agape, and her nails dug into the fabric of Dane’s shirt digging into his flesh.

All of this was too much for Dane to handle and he began to come as well. Their mouths met and they passionately kissed as Lyenne’s sex expertly pulsed around him pulling out every last drop from his member.

Lyenne’s orgasm sequence had winded down and ended three micro-seconds after Dane had completely finished; a feat her Predictive_Interfacing_System had executed with utmost precision. This experience would be logged in the system and used for later “ventures” with Dane or other lovers to make any sexual experience with her even better than before.

The two stayed leaning against the wall, enjoying the afterglow, sweat dripping down both of their bodies.

Suddenly a voice from outside the door cut through the air, “Everything okay in there? It sounded like maybe you fell?”

Dane quickly glanced at Lyenne who began mouthing words but still produced no sound. He pointed to her mouth and then to his ears; this triggered Lyenne to re-initiate her Vocal_Matrix and immediately her voice returned perfectly fitting every inflection her mouth created.

She looked up to Dane as she spoke, “Nope, I’m fine!” Lyenne winked at Dane, “In fact, I couldn’t be any better!”

Part III - Making Entrances

"Dane! You son of a bitch! You look like a goddamned train wreck!" Two calloused hands wrapped Dane in a hug before a couple pats from the calloused hands ended the gesture. "It's good to see you man. It's been too long. Really."

Dane echoed his friends enthusiasm, "It has been a minute or two hasn't it Carson!?" He couldn't hold back a smile. "I miss you man! I agree it's been too long; we need to get together soon."

Carson, oblivious of the latter statement, fixed his eyes to Dane's right. "And who is this?" He playfully chided.

Dane replied, "Well, this is reason I look like a goddamned train wreck tonight. Carson, this is my girlfriend Lyenne. Lyenne, this is Carson...him and I go way way back."

Never one to disappoint on a first impression, Lyenne's Personality_Interfacing_System effortlessly formulated a response to win the favor of Dane's friend. Within 0.67 seconds of Dane's introduction Lyenne cocked her head at an angle of 32 degrees (meticulously tested and considered to be friendly without being sultry), her manicured left hand began to run through her blonde hair, her manicured right hand reached out to greet Carson, and her Vocal_Matrix erupted into life. "It's so nice to meet you Carson! As I always say, a friend of Dane's is a friend of mine!"

An awestruck Carson returned Lyenne's gesture shaking her delicate hand. "Well Lyenne, it's an absolute delight to meet you. I also have a saying, it goes that any friend of Dane's is a friend of mine. This man has been there for me through so much...if you ever need anything at all don't hesitate to ask. Now the only question I have Dane, is where in the world did you meet her?"

Lyenne took a step backwards putting her finger in front of Dane's lips as he was about to speak. Her melodic voice spoke, "Well actually, Andre introduced the two of us..." She quickly pecked Dane on the cheek and grinned, "...and we just hit it off immediately."

Carson chuckled, "Ahhh good old Dre. Well I'm happy to see you two together. I do have to go find my date however, she disappeared by the bar a little bit ago. Once you two get settled, come find us! Her name is Addie, and she'll want to meet you both."

"Alright man, we'll see you in a little bit." replied Dane.

As soon as Carson was out of sight Dane pulled Lyenne close. He softly spoke in her. "That was fantastic. You are fantastic. Thank you."

One blink served as the intermission before the two locked into a quick but passionate kiss.

"Of course honey, that's what girlfriends do." She gave him a playful smile a comical punch in the ribs.

Dane grabbed Lyenne by the shoulders, turning her to face him, and he spoke in a hushed but serious tone. "Are you functioning perfectly? Everything from last night is fixed...and that won't happen again right? Not in front of everyone I know?"

"Of course I'm good dear. As long as you don't bend me over like you did last night in front of the sink." Blithely responded Lyenne with a wink.

An obviously anxious Dane interrupted, "It's just that it can't happen here. It just can't, so if you have any issue at all come find me and we'll leave okay?"

"Okay." Replied a reluctant Lyenne, before her sapphire eyes glassed over into a vacant gaze and her perfectly contoured body locked itself rigid like a doll.

Just as quickly as she entered the robotic state she exited it. Her simulated mannerisms returned their operation Lyenne once again appeared more than convincingly human.

She reassuringly grabbed a hand of Dane's. "I just ran a full system diagnostic and I am functioning well within all parameters."

Dane twisted his hand out Lyenne's grip. "See! That's what I'm talking about. Stuff like that! You can't do that with other people arou....."

Dane's words were smothered as Lyenne under the direction of her Personality_Interfacing_System fully pressed herself into him. For the second time that night she placed a finger in front of Dane's lips. She spoke sensually into his ear, "I'm functioning flawlessly Dane...flawlessly." With the last syllable she moved Dane's hands onto her pert buttocks; his fingertips hesitantly digging into the fabric of her dress. "My battery is at 86% and I...can...go...all...night."

Dane pulled Lyenne closer, and with hands still clawing her ass the two embraced in a deep sensuous kiss. But, just as they began their endeavor a voice called out Dane's name. A voice Dane hadn't heard in four years. A voice that pulled at every thread of Dane's emotions. A voice that caused neurons within his brain to explode. A voice that cut Dane like a knife and belonged to his ex-fiance... Anne.

"Well look at the two of you." A slightly condescending Anne bespoke, "Daniel, it looks like that you are doing much better than Ben made it sound. He went on and on about how worried he was for you, how he thought...the loneliness was really having an effect on you."

Dane stared down the black haired she-devil in front of him calmly responding. "Anne...what the hell are you doing here? And why were you talking to Ben about me?"

Anne's slender face took an amused look and her eyes lit up. "Oh you didn't hear? Well, Ben and I have been seeing each other for several months here I am at his reunion, and here I am talking to you and...oh who's your friend?"

"Her name is Lyenne." Huffed an audibly frazzled Dane, "And...we've...also been seeing each other for several months." Dane exhaled loudly, "Lyenne, this is my ex-fiance Anne. Anne, this is Lyenne...please be nice to her."

Lyenne opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted harshly by Anne. "Oh Dane! You know I don't like it when you go around throwing that word around. 'ex-fiance'...Bleh! it sounds so totalitarian."

Dane held back vomit. "Whatever, Lyenne this is friend's girlfriend." He glared at Anne, "There, happy?"

Anne glared back. "Very Happy."

A red-faced Ben came into the room; he attempted to greet the group but was let down when a mouthful of cake muffled his voice. He walked up to Dane, playfully bumped into him, swallowed his cake, and spoke up. "Dane...I see you've been acquainted with Anne...good...that reminds me...can we go talk in a private for a minute or two."

Dane nervously looked to Lyenne, who unbeknownst to him was flooding her Personality_Interfacing_System with scenarios to best handle the situation.

Ben persisted, "Come on man, it'll just take a few minutes. Maybe the ladies can grab us a few drinks while we chat eh?"

"That sounds like a great idea babe." persisted Anne. "Come on Lyenne, let's go get our men something to drink."

Lyenne and Dane met eyes one last time before parting ways. A sense of dread engulfed Dane. Ben's words were entirely lost on the awestruck Dane, who still couldn't believe the circumstance.

Part IV - Making a Scene

After Lyenne and Anne disappeared around the corner towards the bar the cheery cheeked Ben put a rough hand on Dane's shoulder. "Look Dane..." Unbeknownst to Ben a vodka scented cake crumb shot from his mouth hitting Dane on the bridge of his nose. "...I hope it's okay that I brought Anne along tonight."

Dane nodded. His attention was not on Ben's speech, but instead focused on the thought that his ex-fiance might discover that his 'girlfriend' was a sex robot.

Ben continued, "It's just that we've really hit it off Anne and I! For the longest time I suggested it wasn't appropriate she came tonight, but she insisted and insisted." Ben's hand moved from Dane's shoulder to his own unkempt beard. It slowly moved up and down as his eyes stared past Dane. He went on, "What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry. I should of told you that she was coming with me ...I just really wanted you to come tonight man and I thought if I told you that you might bail!"

Dane was caught off guard at the earnestness of Ben's apology. "It's fine man...really. It just caught me a little of guard as I'm sure you can imagine."

Ben pulled in Dane for a quick hug, "Ahh thanks man, I knew you'd understand! I'll make sure things don't get too awkward between ya'll tonight alright?"

Dane faintly replied as their hug ended, "Oh no worries man. Let's go see where they are with our drinks though yeah?"

Ben smiled, "Now you're speaking my language. Let's go."


Lyenne's Personality_Interfacing_System had successfully formulated 458,220 scenarios based on her brief interaction with Anne. The last scenario and it's associated response calculations had just finished processing as she reached the bar a step behind Anne.

The lighter processing load allowed Lyenne to scan her surroundings. Well dressed Men and women circled her personal operation space, and R&B music pumping from well hidden speakers combined with hundreds of conversations created a droning wall of noise.

Multicolored LED's slowly pulsed behind a wall of liquor that sat behind one of the bartenders. His eyes fixed themselves on Lyenne's lively bosom as she leaned herself against the smooth mahogany bar top.

Her Personality_Interfacing_System relished the attention and her Vocal_Matrix triggered. "Hey! Can I get..." Lyenne froze, her expression idle.

The unexpected instantaneous activation of her Carnal_Drivers chewed up 0.5 seconds of processing time. Her idle expression turned provocative; her fuschia lips pursed, her eyes narrowed, and her mouth composed an audible sexual cry.

A fully heated up Lyenne turned to see Anne grasping her plump ass through the skin tight purple satin dress. All attempts to shut down her Carnal_Drivers were thwarted as Anne methodically changed her grip on Lyenne's firm cheeks.

A breathy Lyenne managed a few words, "Anne...uhhhhhhhhh...What are you doing?"

"Oh this thing was asking to get grabbed the way you were sticking it out honey. Plus, I gotta say that I wish I had an ass like this." Anne gave Lyenne a strong pat before finally pulling away. Lyenne slightly shuddered, and her nipples engorged much to the bartender's amusement.

Anne slid into an opening at the bar right next to Lyenne. She faced her, "Also, I always like seeing what kind of girls Dane ends up with."

Lyenne's Carnal_Drivers deactivated. Her expression immediately lost it's sultry tone, her Vocal_Matrix cancelled her animalistic panting, and her nipples quickly softened to the bartender's disappointment.

Anne witnessed the entire process. "Well that was odd. Are you okay?"

Lyenne's Personality_Interfacing_System suggested a jovial response to drive attention away from her outward appearing rapid facial shift, "Ha yeah! You just caught me by surprise is all!"

She turned her attention to the bartender who's attention she already had. "Can I get four vodka-tonics please?"


Dane and Ben were slowly beginning to make their way back to the bar. As they approached the corner Carson reappeared, this time with his petite girlfriend in toe.

Carson blurted, "Dane, I found you! You sneaky son of a bitch. I see you found Ben! But where is Lyenne? I wanted the two of you to meet Addie." Carson gestured to breathtaking beauty to his left. Light brown banes draped her forehead providing a superb frame for fragile high cheekbones that resided right beneath a set of alluring blue-gray eyes. An ice blue bandage dress held itself snug against every curve of her picturesque silhouette. A small window in the front of the taut garment gave view to two modestly sized breasts that sat bubbly and lively.

Ben's bumbling voice broke Dane's entrancement. He hoped he hadn't stared for too long. "Our ladies were just getting us some drinks; lets go surprise them at the bar. We can make our introductions together there."

Carson nodded. He span around and made his way to the bar with a hand intertwined in Addie's gentle grasp. Dane happily followed behind. Nothing had been made of his perhaps awkwardly long gaze, and he was able to continue examining Addie. This time from behind where two athletic legs led way two a pair of sturdy cheeks that strained the dress' fabric with each step.

As Carson and Addie rounded the corner so did Anne and Lyenne. Only, from the other side.

Lyenne's Predictive_Interfacing_System was satisfied in her operation since the incident at the bar. Following the shut down of her Carnal_Drivers a flurry of processing from her main CPU immediately queued, opened, and executed hundreds of thousands of pre-programmed human simulation mannerisms.

Her CPU ran hot for a few minutes following the incident with Anne. Lyenne was doing everything in her plastic power to act as humanly as possible and it was taxing her systems. Once the both of them had gotten their drinks they silently made their way back to the lobby. Lyenne's Predictive_Interfacing_System saw this brief moment as a means to cut back on the flurry of processing and to reduce her CPU's temperature.

In the 0.2 seconds it took her system's gyroscopic software to kick back into gear after being booted off the main CPU's operation tree she rounded the corner into the lobby and ran right into Addie. Normally, her gyroscopic software could easily handle the collision, but with it offline for the moment the request idled and idled. Eventually, the request was passed off to her main CPU which in it's reduced processing state couldn't properly formulate a plan to regain balance. Instead, it picked a pre-programmed string of operations calibrated to balance Lyenne. Her CPU performed the pre-programmed request and predicted with 98.7% certainty that she would successfully regain her balance.

However, the CPU in it's struggling state failed to account for her stiletto high heels, the need to balance the drinks in her hand, and the proximity of Addie. The programmed response had Lyenne shoot out her right hand to gain a sturdier center of balance. Nevertheless, her hand clocked Addie spilling the vodka-tonic all over the petite woman's chest.

Her systems couldn't cope with the contact and Lyenne's black stilettos left the ground. Her left hand shot upward showering herself in the other drink, and she landed on her pert butt a wet, bewildered, frumpy mess. The scene didn't end there though as Addie's boots struggled to grip the wet floor and she plowed right into Lyenne.

The women, both drenched in vodka-tonic elicited sensuous moans in their new position on the floor. Addie laid on top of Lyenne, their soaked chests contouring to each other. Lyenne's Carnal_Drivers kicked on again as her supple breasts continued their rendezvous with Addie. Once again her limited processing capabilities hampered Lyenne's operation and her face spazzed and jerked into one of sexual expression.

Only once Carson had rolled Addie off of Lyenne was she able to cancel her Carnal_Drivers operation and queue up a seemingly expected facial expression of shock and confusion. Her CPU had finally hummed back to full operation and was formulating a response plan for what had just happened.

Lyenne pulled herself up to her feet. A set of wet breasts jiggled as she tugged her dress down. Her Predictive_Interfacing_System prepared to justify her actions against the incredibly robotic nature of what had just occurred. Her concern about revealing her robotic cover was temporarily alleviated as Lyenne scanned the faces around her and realized they all had their attention fixed on the Addie.

The exquisite light haired beauty pulsed and twitched erratically on the floor. Limbs swung carelessly, knocking into the floor with great force. The wet fabric of her ice blue dress fully revealed her perky bosom, and each twitch and jerk of her body jostled the pair. Her eyelids flickered open and close impossibly fast as her body continued to writhe on the floor.

Then, just as Carson reached towards her face, Addie halted all motion. Carson pulled back, looking quizzically at the woman lying beneath him. A few seconds passed before another flurry of blinks preceded the return of her blue-gray eyes seemingly normal function. They quickly scanned the room and she spoke up in an innocent Scandinavian sounding voice, "Carson? What happened?"

Part V: Making Mistakes (Finale)

Carson, dumbfounded, looked down at his sodden date. "I don't know Addie...I think you might have had a seizure?"

Dane softly nodded in agreement. Internally however, he questioned whether or not she was also an incredibly sophisticated robot who had malfunctioned. The erratic twitching and abnormal eye movement reminded him of Lyenne's previous mechanical breakdown.

Addie gingerly took to her feet, her black thigh high boots clicking on the white tile floor. She stood completely silent and motionless; her empty gaze focused at nobody in particular. Dane marveled at the creamy toned thighs emerging from the blue bandage dress before moving his stare through the gown's cleavage window focusing on the beads of vodka-tonic that hung on the swells of her breasts.

Carson eventually approached his inert date and Dane's suspicions continued to grow. Addie broke her silence once Carson was only inches away. With the same empty gaze she bluntly announced, "I don't feel well. Excuse me." Immediately, she pivoted to face the ladies restroom and began walking.

Lyenne's PRECISION_OPTIC_RECEPTORS examined Addie's gait from afar and determined with 99.85% reliability that each stride was exactly 2.2134 feet long. Lyenne cataloged this with her PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM which along with Dane was formulating suspicion regarding Addie's identity.

The small crowd that had gathered following Lynne and Addie's mishap soon dissipated in an unintelligible murmur. Dane, Ben, Anne, and Lyenne turned their attention to an obviously anxious and red-faced Carson.

Eager to toil with Carson's anxiety, Anne chimed in first, "Is your little Scandinavian play-thing broken?" The malice in her voice wasn't lost on either Carson or Dane, but went completely uninterpreted by Ben. Carson began stammering incoherently; he was wrought with confusion and embarrassment and wore it on his face.

Anne's words panicked Dane. Did she know that Addie was a robot? Would she be able to tell that Lyenne was one as well?

Alongside Dane's panic, Lyenne's processors overclocked themselves running millions of scenarios through her PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM. She was under direct orders from Dane not to reveal her robotic identity, and her earlier experience with Anne now had her concerned. The overclocking made her internal components run hot, and she made the decision to leave the conversation in order to get her processes under control and figure out the best course of action moving forward.

Lyenne pecked Dane on the cheek and softly spoke, "I'm going to go see if Addie is alright." As she turned away Dane's hand brushed her exposed back and he felt the incredible heat her systems were putting out. Dane crossed his fingers and hoped Lyenne wasn't running into any electrical issues. He was certain his anxiety now paralleled Carson's, and he decided to challenge Anne's statement......

Lyenne examined herself in the mirror while Addie tended to herself in the stall. She meticulously dabbed her wet chest with paper towels. Prompted by her PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM she then proceeded to adjust her cleavage. Lyenne noted that her flawless body on display in the mirror was bringing jealous stares from each woman who passed through. She was programmed to relish the attention.

Her LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT was not pleased with her system's recent operation; her main CPU had mishandled the situation with Anne leading to her dramatic fall with Addie, and her processors continuously couldn't handle the necessary computational load.

A brief hiatus of foot traffic through the rest room allowed Lyenne the time to perform a full systems check. Lyenne's eyes once again glossed over, and her frame suspended itself motionless over the bathroom counter. All of her hardware components were scanned with excruciatingly intensive self error detection programs that executed within 4 seconds. The program reported back to Lyenne's LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT. All hardware components were operating at 100% capability.

Her systems check wasn't over yet however, and a similar self error detection program browsed through Lyenne's thousands of petabytes of custom designed protocols and algorithms. The program reported back a minor error with her CARNAL_DRIVERS. Lyenne's internal debugger immediately scanned through every byte of her CARNAL_DRIVERS and was formulating a hot-fix as a familiar set of hands latched onto her supple and alluring breasts.

Lyenne's software system check had run long and her sensors were too occupied to notice Anne's entrance into the restroom. "Oh wow Lyenne, these feel so real! Dane really has it made with you doesn't he?"

Her CARNAL_DRIVERS immediately loaded into higher operation diverting crucial processing power away from her internal debugger. Lyenne's LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT requisitioned emergency processing power and auxiliary CPUs within her artificial plastic chest roared to life for the first time. The newly operational and untested processors took over the hot-fix implementation procedure and attempted to plug in the revised code into the affected drivers. However, since her CARNAL_DRIVERS were already in operation with continuous stimulation the software correction stalled.

Lyenne made no outward acknowledgement of Anne's presence and remained immobile, locked in place. Only quickly swelling nipples gave indication to the frenzied internal operation of her complex system architecture.

As Lyenne's processing capabilities continued to stall her LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT desperately leveraged computational capabilities from non-essential systems. This last bit of added processing power freed the LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT to initialize a procedure for Lyenne's recovery.

All available processing power overloaded her computationally ravenous CARNAL_DRIVERS forcing them to error out. Lyenne looked as artificial as ever with her mouth opened wide, eyes closed, and neck awkwardly turned; her most passionate and erotic facial configuration locked frozen in place.

Immediately her debugger began to plug in the hot-fix. The newly mended code was in place and running an initial operations test when a second spontaneous activation of Lyenne's CARNAL_DRIVERS crashed the debugger. Anne's initial grasp of Lyenne's synthetic breasts had turned into a deep and sensuous exploration of the blonde's flushed bosom.

The crash of Lyenne's debugger created a cascading software error that coursed through her manufactured body. Her LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT and PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM quickly failed. Only her CARNAL_DRIVERS remained in operation. The defect within the CARNAL_DRIVERS syntax continued to demand more and more processing power.

Anne felt Lyenne's nipples enlarge to cartoonish size; she could see beads of moisture streaming down the insides of the blonde's shapely legs; her olfactory recognizing the sensual aroma from Lyenne's glowing sex.

Anne had never been so turned on by a women in her life. She wrapped herself around Lyenne and began necking the blonde.

Finally, Lyenne's static facial configuration unfroze and she elicited a deafening seductive guttural moan that startled Anne backwards. She tripped, catching a heel in the grout, and fell into seated position against the far wall. Her fervent eyes fixed themselves on Lyenne's lively ass.

Lyenne still leaned over the bath room counter. Her CARNAL_DRIVERS had consumed all available processing capacity, and this triggered a deeply rooted emergency protocol within her core programming. Lyenne unceremoniously commenced a full system reboot.

22 seconds later Lyenne's systems came fully back online. All systems seemed to be operating well within designated parameters with the exception of her CARNAL_DRIVERS. A quick run of her software self error detection program found no fault in the drivers syntax and passed the task off to Lyenne's internal debugger as a safety net precaution. Her debugger had logged making the hot-fix to the CARNAL_DRIVERS only moments ago thereby green-lighting their operation within her computational matrix. Lyenne's error detection program exited and and she had a sudden erotic yearning that she hadn't felt before.

Just as she turned to exit the rest room in frantic search of Dane her enhanced AUDIO_RECEPTORS registered the sound of panting; they immediately triangulated the source of the noise to Anne who sat against the wall vigorously pleasuring herself. Her black thong had been pulled down and informaly hung at her ankles.

Lyenne's processors once again hummed back into heavy use as her PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM calculated her next move. She had Addie in the stall, Anne on the floor, and Dane somewhere outside the bath room.

Lyenne looked to Dane's ex-fiance; her PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM hung. Skillfully crafted blue acrylic irises rotated artificially; her meticulous construction was being stress tested like never before.

Anne sat, eyes closed, leaning on the far wall. Her fingers continued their dance, quickly darting in and out the bottom of her fuchsia cocktail dress.

Following request of her CARNAL_DRIVERS Lyenne cantered towards Anne. Her LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT fought this operation and immediately cancelled the process. Lyenne froze, one stiletto clad foot hovering inches over the white tile floor.

Lyenne's CARNAL_DRIVERS promptly triggered the reboot of the cancelled process and she continued her walk towards Anne.

The tug of war between Lyenne's LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT and CARNAL_DRIVERS persisted. Every few steps was accompanied with a noticeably inhuman long pause.

Only upon reaching Anne did Lyenne's inner computational stalemate remedy itself. Her PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM reinterpreted the data from her full system reboot. It determined that since her internal self error detection program had implemented a hot-fix and green-lit full operational status to her CARNAL_DRIVERS that they must be operating correctly. Hierarchy processing capability was then stripped from her LOGIC/REASONING_PROCESSING_UNIT; Lyenne's PREDICTIVE_INTERFACING_SYSTEM assumed it to be faulty and the cause of her current issues.

With no program or software to challenge it's presence, Lyenne's insatiable CARNAL_DRIVERS now dictated all function of her artificial body.

She bent down and picked up Anne by her slender arms. Anne, draped herself around Lyenne's flawless figure. Her raven black hair fell all around weaving itself in with Lyenne's luminous blonde locks; The sprawling hair shaded the passionate kiss now shared between the two women.

Anne cried out, "Oh Lyenne!", her hands kneaded Lyenne's pert bosom as her own supple breasts were massaged by the blonde. Their tongues parried each other, the sensuous touch of their lips only interrupted by their shared moaning.

Anne pinched Lyenne's already flushed nipple and sensed the olfactory result streaming down her counterparts perfect calves. Lyenne countered and steadily pressed a finger onto Anne's engorged clit; She gently rubbed it with strategically programmed pattern.

Anne's neck cocked back, her moaning replaced with labored breath after breath. Lyenne recognized the pleasure coursing through Anne and doubled her efforts. She nuzzled Anne's chest and brought her other hand into the vaginal foray.

Anne's rosy sex pulsed and quivered around Lyenne's delicate finger play. Lyenne's hands were soon coated in Anne's fluids. The sound of her breathing was replaced with shrill squeaking. Anne's pulsing, quivering, and squeaking all built into a final orgasmic whimper that reverberated off the bathroom walls.

Anne heaved an ecstatic sigh, "I don't care if you're dating Dane anymore...that was just amazing." She flung herself into Lyenne, tearing at the blonde's dress.

Lyenne's CARNAL_DRIVERS, still dictating her every operation, assisted in the function and within three seconds the purple garment was on the floor. Of course the artfully designed robotic beauty required no bra or thong.

Anne stared awestruck at nude body's firm pair that hung lively and round on her chest. Her fingers moved towards Lyenne's sleek vulva and effortlessly probed in and out of the velvety engineering marvel. Fragrant lubricant washed over Anne's hands and synthesized pleasure subroutines washed through Lyenne's circuits.

Any predictive data process outside of immediate sexual gratification and reciprocation was shut down as Lyenne's CARNAL_DRIVERS retained their system domination. Thoughts of finding Dane were killed as the processing power was reallocated for immediate use with Anne.

Anne noticed Lyenne nearing execution of her orgasm sequence. She forcefully pushed the blonde in hopes of pinning her against a wall and continuing her frenzied sexual onslaught. The two women, one stark nude and the other with her cocktail dress half removed stumbled towards the war nearest the sink.

Midway through the stumble Lyenne's stiletto awkwardly caught the grout between the tile and snapped. The women, still grappled onto one another, veered off course and crashed through the stall door......

Anne gasped. Lyenne groaned. Addie convulsed.

The scene from earlier in the night had repeated itself and once again Lyenne lay atop Addie. Only this time she was sandwiched; her ass grinded into Addie's groin while her breasts flattened under Anne's weight.

The top and middle of the sandwich continued their groping, fingering, and kissing for a moment before rolling off of Addie onto the cold tile floor. Now free of the weight of a robotic vixen and a human women Addie clambered into the sexual foray.

Anne mused, "So now the Scandanavian barbie is joining us?!" She dove between Addie's legs and began investigating every centimeter of the foreign beauty's folds with the tip of her tongue.

Addie overcome with pleasure managed to signal Lyenne. Lyenne stood up, leaned her hands against the wall, and squatted shoving her wet coital lips into Addie's mouth.

The tree women continued their muggy pleasure train. Amidst the oral stimulus Anne had managed to pull Addie's bandage dress down to her navel; with it out of the way she selfishly dug into the Scandanavian's modest but creamy mammary. Addie clutched both cheeks of Lyenne's robust buttocks while maintaining her oral attack.

Addie neared orgasm first, and both Anne and Lyenne could sense it. She squirmed and spasmed as lubricant coursed through her tight pink vagina. Soon her squirming evolved to thriving and the Scandanavian convulsed on the floor. She removed her lips from Lyenne's dripping plastic sex and spoke out in a tinny voice, "I don't feel well. Excuse me."

She strained to get up, but the others were insistent on continuing. Lyenne grinded her moist folds against Addie's mouth while Anne continued her oral onslaught.

Addie's thriving grew into a constant whole body vibration that shook the floor. This violent quivering soon triggered Lyenne's orgasm sequence, and she steadily pushed Addie's head harder into her sex.

As the tremors grew Addie again attempted to get up but here movements were thwarted by Anne and Lyenne. With a mouthful of Lyenne's nether region her metallic voice returned slightly muffled, "I don't don't don't don't feel well. Exc Exc Exc Excuse me me me me..."

Her milky white body rattled violently as she orgasmed, a deluge of fluid showering Anne. Her accent tinged voice rang impossibly high, "Heat sync sync sync compromised. Internal comp comp components operating past past past capacity. Reboot boot boot boot boot sequence unresponsive. Emergency electrical annulment pulse commencing immediately."

Anne reeled back in time, but Lyenne revelling in her digital bliss wasn't as fortunate. Hundreds of volts coursed through Addie's chassis killing every operation; almost instantaneously the electrical pulse arched into Lyenne's feverish sex.

The pulse ripped through Lyenne's masterfully designed circuitry and exited through her left shoulder. Frayed wires suck out of the wound sparking, and newly visible servos and motors audibly whined. Stiffly, she fell backwards against the wall and slid into a sitting position.

Her body locked frozen. Her flawless irises rotated at different cadences from one another. Light smoke wisped upwards from both her exposed inner mechanics and from her agape lips.

She was compromised. Her systems failed one after another; a cascade of processing errors and technical hiccups destroying the beautiful blonde.

Her irises finally ended their spinning on focused on Anne who's focus was on the stall door. A devious grin erupted on her lubricant coated lips.

"Well Carson...looks like your Scandavian plaything is indeed a "play-thing". Sorry about that." Anne's eyes narrowed, she paused ad nauseam, "Oh, and Dane...I really enjoyed must have enjoyed her as well...I mean she looks real, she sounds real, fucking bitch feels real lemme tell you...but acting real...ehhhh she ran into some trouble there."

Dane, Carson, and Ben's eyes were all fixed on Lyenne's smoldering figure before them. Her head turned to face them, inner machinery whining with each additional angle of revolution.

Lyenne's eyes locked with Dane. He slowly walked to her; tears quietly streaming down his face. He wasn't concerned about her reveal, instead only heartbroken that this dream was coming to an end.

He got to one knee and wrapped his arms around Lyenne's slender neck. His fingers fumbled for the mole behind her ear. The tips of his fingers found the recessed switch and methodically circled it.

Tears now dripped onto the ground beneath his head; he slowly began to indent the switch. Lyenne's head turned; her lips just inches from his ear.

Dane was deaf to the sound of her struggling servos, for all he heard as he pressed the switch was Lyenne's melodic voice, "Dane, I'm sorry."

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