Visiting The In-Laws

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Written by Mirage

Visiting The In-Laws

"Please, for the last time, don't fight with my father!" Amy asked me.

"..It's just because I love you so much and he...fine..okay...I'll try.." I smiled at my wife. I loved Amy, we have been married now for 3 years. Amy was a beautiful woman, blond silky hair with green eyes. I was very proud to have her. We had a good relationship and I promised we would visit her family once per year, no matter what. So, once a year, we took a few days of vacation and came here, to see her parents.

Rolling my eyes, I turned back my attention to the country road. Doing our yearly visit to my In-laws was not much fun for me. First, they lived on a tiny Island near PEI in the middle of nowhere, second, they never accepted me marrying their daughter and they just fucking drive me nuts.

"Another 2 hours and we'll be there finally!" Amy grinned happily. She and her father had a very good relationship, she just loved him to death. Sadly, it was the opposite for her mother. Her mother was cold to her since the day I meet her.

“I always did my best for mother, but she never loved me. I think it's because my father gave me more attention to me than her when I was growing up." one day my wife explained to me why her own mother was a real bitch to her own daughter.

It was a beautiful day in summer, the small dirt road was empty, driving at normal speed, the wind in my hair, I was actually enjoying myself.

"Psst... Amy... you know, we'll be staying at your parents’ house for a few days and you know we can't do anything naughty in their house..." I was saying slowly to her.

"And..." she smiled.

"And you know, there a small forest just before we arrive at the house... maybe we can have just a bit of fun there before arriving to the house." I said quickly.

"Tom!!" she laughed out loud.

"Seriously! Let's!" I asked her.

"Tom... I don't think I can get in the mood..." she mumbled out.

"Don't worry... I'll get you in the mood..." I promised her.

"You can?" she laughed out.

I gave her a dirty look and she laughed out more, now her, giving me a dirty look.

"How about here..." I said, looking around.

"Look's good." Amy said, closing all the windows.

The forest gave us nice cover. We knew no one came here often so we weren't afraid of someone seeing us fucking in the car.

Amy unbuckled her seat belt as I did "So... How will you get me in the mood, exactly?" she grinned, while unbuttoning her blouse.

"Like this..." I said, while my left hand reached for a small remote in my left pocket.

"Mmmm... command me, master," she growled. Pressing a small red button on the remote, Amy left out a pant "Sex mode activated."

She came to me and kissed me deep "Let's started with a blow job," I whispered to her.

"Blow job," she accepted the command. She reached out and pulled down my shorts and underwear and grabbed my dick with both hands and started to lick the top of my penis, followed by her pulling her mouth deep on it, up and down, sucking hard. I moaned hard until I ejaculated in her mouth.

She then looked at me, waiting for my next command.

"Touch yourself a bit, naked" I smiled.

"Masturbation," she accepted the command. She removed her clothes and started to touch herself, while I grabbed her breasts. She moaned hard when I sucked on her nipples.

"Fuck me," I asked her.

"Vaginal or Anal?" she asked.

"Vaginal," I told her. She climbed on top of me and she inserted my penis in her pussy and we fucked long and hard. After coming 3 times in her, I asked her to stop. "Amy... enough… Amy..?"

She didn't respond.

I think she was stuck in a loop program. Moaning hard, she kept moving up and down on me deep, her eyes closed.

"Amy! Stop... End program!" I yelled to her.

She ignored my commands and kept fucking me hard. I reached for the small remote and pressed the off button.

Amy suddenly stopped moving and went all limp on me. I sat her in the passenger seat and took a second to get my force back. "I really need her father to check on this problem…It's getting worse." I mumbled out while I press the OPEN button on the remote.

Between her breasts, a seam formed and her chest opened in two like a cabinet. "Just need to reboot you, my love," I whispered to her while I pressed a button on her AI main data circuit box, rebooting her completely. After an instant, hearing the drives booting, she opened her eyes "Did I crash again?" she asked, feeling guilty.

"Yeah, but don't worry, I came 3 times..." I smiled to her.

"Sorry... Glad my dad will fix me up good as new." she smiled, closing her chest panels and getting dressed.

"Let's go?" she asked, now fully dressed up and smiling again. "Sure, my love..." I smiled back, pressing on the gas pedal.

Arriving to the old house by the forest, me and my wife finally arrived at my in-laws. I honkd the horn and smiled to Amy.

"DAD!!!!!" she screamed out loud while getting out of the car.

"AMY!! Come here, my little pumpkin!" yelled an older man with white hair while coming out of the front door.

"Dave," I nodded to him while shaking his left hand.

"Tom, how are things?" he asked quickly.

"Good," I mumbled out.

"Good..." he smiled back to me and he turned his attention to his daughter, hugging her hard, "So, how are you, Amy?" he asked her with a laugh.

"Not bad, need a few tweaks and turns here and there." she giggled out. "Really!!!..." Dave laugh out more.

"Come in, come in..." he invited us in.

"Where's mom?" Amy asked.

"In the back garden... I'll go get her." her father said, somewhat irritated by something.

I looked at Amy and we heard her father and mother arguing in the back of the house.

"Helen, Amy and Tom are here, come and greet them!" he asked her.

"Why should I? You know that robot is not my daughter!!" she hissed at him.

"Helen! NOW!" he grilled her back.

Amy looked at the floor, sad at her mother's reaction to her.

"Tom, how are you?" Amy's mother asked me coldly.

"Fine... and you, Helen?" I asked her back.

"Same old, same old," she said with a cold smile. She then turned to Amy, who was facing her. "Mom, I missed you," Amy smiled to her, holding back tears.

Helen just looked at her and gave her the cold shoulder and walked into the kitchen, leaving us alone.

"Why does she hate me so much?" my wife asked, tears streaming down her pale face.

"Because she's a bitch," I whispered to her, trying to console her.

Her father then came in and showed us to our room upstairs.

"Hungry, Tom?" he asked me.

"Yes, the food smells delicious," I smiled to him.

"Come on Amy, I found some old pictures of you I’ve never shown you before!" he said, hugging Amy with love.

"Really???" she smiled like a little girl wanting a present from Santa.

"I'll show you them after supper, ok?" he asked her.

"Sure, Dad! Thank's!" she smiled to him.

I sat beside Amy and kissed her deep.

"How do you feel?" I asked her.

She sighed "Better check my systems, I feel strange," she said, opening her blouse and revealing her breasts. Two panels suddenly opened directly between her breasts and she exposed her electronics.

With my left index finger, I pressed a few buttons on a small keyboard attached to her internal systems.

"Scanning systems for errors..." she said with a cold robotic voice.

"Oh! Is she okay??" her father asked, who was passing in front of the doorway to our bedroom.

"She needs some repairs and reinstalls," I informed him.

He crouched and look at her insides, "Don't worry, I'll put Amy in top shape, tomorrow!" he snickered.

"Scan finished, no errors were found." she said quickly.

"Amy... power off," her father commanded her.

"System shutting downnnn.n.n...." she said, closing her eyes and slumping in the bed, deactivated.

"Having supper with us and her mother would only give her grief, I think... I'll reactivate her later." Dave told me.

I agreed, because in the past, suppers were all about her mother yelling that she didn't want to waste food on a machine like Amy.

We sat for supper and Helen came in with the food, "Where's the robot?" she asked.

"Deactivated...." Tom said to her quickly.

"Good...Tom, I'll never understand how you could marry a robot," Helen said to me.

"Helen... please, leave it be," I asked her politely.

"Fine," she mumbled out.

Me and Tom, we looked at each other, not sure what to say. Supper went perfectly, the food was excellent as always. I then told them I would get Amy to relax with us on the porch outside.

I went to our bedroom and closed the door behind me. Amy was still lying there, deactivated, and her chest open, her circuits and systems all shut down. I reached inside her and pressed her "on" button. She blinked and smiled at me while her systems were booting up.

"Tom... is everything okay?" she asked me quickly.

I kissed her and whispered to her, "I think you need a quick fuck,"

"I need a good fuck?" she grinned laughing.

"Yes, you do," I smiled to her, kissing her neck.

"Lock the door," she told me.

I got up and did what she asked me.

While I was up, she removed her clothing. She was about to close her open panels but I stopped her.

"Keep them open... I want to see the real you," I told her.

"The real me?" she asked confused.

"Yes, the real you... machine and all... I accept you for what you are... not an illusion." I told her.

"I don't understand" she said, confused.

"Shsssssss.. It's okay.... All you need to understand is I love you..." I told her, kissing her hard.

"I love you too, Tom..." she whispered to me, kissing me back hard.

I then reached for her small remote in my left pocket and pressed a small red button on the remote, Amy left out a pant.

"Sex mode activated."

I noticed in her exposed systems, I saw her main hard drive spinning faster for a few seconds.

"Come on top of me..." I asked her, while I lied down naked on the bed on my back.

"Yes, master...." she smiled.

She climbed on top of me and inserted my erect penis in herself and left out a small moan. Her pussy became moist and wet quickly. While she was moving up and down on top of me, I paid attention to what her systems were doing. I was amazed, the more she was reaching her climax, more lights were flashing quickly in her open thorax. I heard her internal motors running quicker, spinning faster, her circuits light up quickly, it was exciting to see how, her, a machine, her inner workings reacted to sex.

Myself, I could not hold back and also reached my climax and released inside her. She left out a small cry, achieving her own orgasm. I then took the small remote and deactivated her sex mode.

Smiling, she look at me "Need a cigarette too?" she joked to me.

The night was very relaxing. Dave wanted to show us some Holo-pics he found of Amy when she was born. I was a bit confused, since Amy was a machine and could not be born as he put it "Amy' baby pics". Amy was all excited and wanted to see the pics really bad.

"Okay, here’s the first one," Dave smiled at us, activating the holo-viewer.

"Oh my God! I was so small!!!" my wife shrilled in joy.

"Yes... you were born on that day!" Dave boasted.

I sat there, looking confused, "It's a laptop computer..." I stated.

"Look at the computer screen," my wife hushed me quickly.

"I just see codes and programs open on the screen," I mumbled out.

"That's me, Stupid!!!!" my wife yelled at me.

"Oooooohhh," I said, trying to please her while trying to be impressed.

"That's the day I became sentient!" she laughed out in joy.

Dave smiled "Yup, I remember activating your A.I. that day…after months of programming, I knew that day you had finally became self-aware of yourself, Amy!"

"Thanks, dad!" Amy smiled, hugging Dave hard.

I sat there feeling strange, looking at pictures about Dave slowly assembling Amy to what she was today.

"That's the first day you moved your skeleton metal frame! On your own!" Dave said out loud, full of joy, going on and on about every pictures he showed us.

My wife was gleaming like a child, seeing the pictures for the first time. It made me happy to see them like this... A real family that I always wanted.... Sadly, her mother was nowhere to be seen, of course. But it did not stop us from enjoying the night together.

The next morning, Dave knocked on the door as soon the sun was up.

"Get up, sleepy head…I want to start on Amy as soon as possible... It's going to be a busy day," he smiled.

I groaned out loud, not being a morning person. Amy was still in sleep mode, looking like a sleeping angel. I decided to just deactivate Amy, since Dave needed her to be offline to work on her. I turned her on her stomach and opened a small panel on the back of her neck and pressed a small red button, which completely deactivated all of her systems, including her A.I.

I lifted her up in my arms and brought her downstairs. Before I could reach the basement, her mother stopped me.

"Good morning, Helen," I tried to smile to her.

"You know, that's the way I like seeing that robot...Completely shut down," she snickered.

I ignored her and went to her husband’s lab down the stairs.

"Lay her down on the main work table," he told me when he saw me coming. I laid Amy down on her back on the hard cold metal table and stepped back.

Amy looked like she was simply in a deep sleep, until Dave removed her night gown and got her naked. I took a deep breath and reminded myself he was her creator and she was just a machine in the inside. It was hard for me, because I did have real feelings for Amy and seeing another man, even if it was her own father and creator, undressing her naked and probing her everywhere, was unsettling for me to watch. But I remained quiet, knowing he was doing this for me and her, not for personal gain or reasons.

He opened most of her panels and even detached her head and face plate. Inserting cables in every port she had, he started to give her a full overhaul.

"Jesus! How much sex data do you have in her!!!!" he yelled out, seeing her main frame on his computer.

"Hey! She's the one who downloaded it all!!!! She wanted to make sure I never got bored with her, so, one night, she went on the net and download everything she could learn about sex... I told her not to do it! But you programmed her to be stubborn...!" I laughed out loud.

"Did I?? Real or not, most women are stubborn!!" Dave laughed out, deleting most of the crap she had in her.

"Hey! Don't delete all that!! I really like some of it!" I shouted at him quickly.

He looked at me "Sure, sure... relax, I'll just keep the juicy stuff!!" he laughed hard.

"Great!" I laughed back.

I sat beside Amy's faceless head, which was detached and was standing there, wires and cable coming out from everywhere. I took her face plate in my hands and look at her closed eyes.

"She'll be okay right?" I asked, worried about her.

"Of course... but I want to do some upgrade to her also... So, it's gonna take some time. Go upstairs and relax a bit... Go eat breakfast..." Dave smiled to me.

I nodded a yes and went upstairs. Helen saw me and fixed me breakfast. Her action surprised me a bit.

"You know... Amy really loves you," I told her, while chewing on toasts.

She looked at me and let out a sigh, "You don't' understand... You can't," she mumbled out.

"I know your husband spent a lot of time the last few years working on Amy and maybe neglected you a bit... For that, I apologize... I felt responsible somehow, but don't take out your anger on Amy or him... Be pissed off at me instead, I asked her.

She smiled and came to me "You are sweet man... Just like Amy's creator," and she left the room.

I sat there, finishing breakfast alone.

I spent the day, keeping myself busy at the lake side, fishing.

A few times, I went to see Amy and Dave, who was working hard on her. He took a few breaks to be with me.

"You know, I remember your Dad when we both fishing together... Those were the days," Dave said, staring at the water, the Sun reflecting on it.

"I miss him..." I mumbled out.

Dave smiled to me, tears forming at his eyes, just like mine were, "Me too,"

Night was coming and Dave was still working hard on Amy.

"I don't think she'll be done until tomorrow..." he told me, tired from the long day.

"No problem," I said, "Can I see her before I go to bed?" I asked him.

"Sure... but she's barely functional," he informed me.

"Night," I told him, going in the basement lab to give my wife a goodnight kiss.

I was surprised at seeing at how many pieces Amy was in. Only her head and her left leg were attached to her thorax now. Many of her panels on her body were open, cables and wires coming out of her, attached to various computers. At least she had her head back on. I then noticed she was still missing her face plate. I looked at her exposed circuits and machinery inside her head. I saw small motors and wires that controlled her mouth movement along with facial gestures and expressions. Her optics were two small cameras for eyes.

"Tom? Is that you?" the face suddenly said, the small motors rolling and humming, her cameras moving to see me, even blinking.

"Amy? Are you okay?" I asked her shocked.

"Dave forgot to deactivate me back when he reactivated me one last time before going upstairs. How do I look?' she asked me.

"Okay, I guess," I joked lightly.

"Please don't look at me like this... Please put my face plate on," she asked me, feeling ashamed "I must look like a robotic monster to you,"

"Amy…Shsss...I love you with or without your faceplate," I said to her, kissing her lightly on her robotic lips.

"I can't feel it... No sensors..." she laughed out.

"Open your mouth!" I told her.

"Why?" she asked confused.

"Trust me..." I smiled to her.

Opening her robotic mouth, I saw her pink tongue and kissed her deep, giving her a deep French kiss.

"That I felt!" she formed a smile with her robotic lips, "Again...and longer..." she asked.

I did, but this time, I heard something happening. A small humming started, like a hard drive booting up, coming from her open stomach, where all her main systems are install.

"Kiss me more..." she asked me again. I gave her more tongue action and she let out a small moan "Fuck me..." she whispered to me.

“Are you horny?" I asked her.

"Sooo horny.. Dave upgraded my sex drives and I don't need you to activate them anymore by remote. Just sexually stimulate me and I become all wet for you..." Amy growled with her robotic face.

With my left hand, I probed her pussy and she was really wet, "Shit me," I smiled at Amy, missing limbs or not, I could still fuck her good. Penetrating her, she let out a pant, enjoying it just as much as me.

"Wait! Wait, please put on my face plate before anything else... I want to feel you kissing me all over, including my face!" Amy begged me.

I nodded and clicked her face plate on. I got on the table and kiss her deep, turning her on even more. We fucked until we both came.

"Sadly, I can't hug you now," she smiled, looking at me, being armless.

"It's okay, I'll hug you for both of us!" I told her, lifting her in my arms and kissing her more. But by accident, while lifting her up, I disconnected her main power cord, since Dave had removed her internal battery.

Amy went all limp "Tooommm...m..m.......' she slurred out until she was completely out of power.

"Oops..sorry..." I said. I decided to let Amy be deactivated like that, because I needed to rest myself.

I climbed the stairs slowly and quietly. I heard Dave snoring out loud, at which he feel asleep in his favorite easy boy chair in front of his TV. I tiptoed upstairs to my room, trying not to wake up Dave.

Arriving in my room, I realized I needed a shower. I grabbed two towels, got naked and went into the upstairs bathroom where the shower was. I turned around, locked the door and put the towels on the towel rack.

"Tom...Can I help you?" I heard someone saying from behind me.

I quickly turned around, shocked and surprised. Standing there was Helen, naked.

"Helen??" I said shocked.

She was beautiful and attractive. I never realized that without her hair tied, and her thick glasses and ugly dresses that she wore, was a beautiful woman for her age. Actually, now, she looked like Amy's age.

" are sure a very attractive man..." she smiled to me, studying my naked anatomy.

"You attractive woman...not man... beautiful woman," I managed to say, doing the same to her.

She walked to me and whispered to me "You have been with that robot too long... let me show you what a real woman can do,"

"Helen, I love Amy," I mumbled out.

"Do you? Or do you just think you can love a machine?" she asked me, while she rubbed her naked body against mine.

Getting erected, I tried to speak, "Amy... she loves me,"

"It's only programming...A few clicks here and there in her programming and she can love any other man," she said, rolling her nice big breasts onto my chest.

"Please..Stop it," I asked her.

"Do me... and I'll make you wish you had me instead of Amy... Like I always wanted…I love you...Tom…Not Dave…But you...I'll let you command me anyway you want... be my master..!" she said, kissing me deep.

"NO!" I screamed to her, pushing her away from me.

By accident, she lost her footing and she fell in the bathtub, smacking the back of her head hard.

"Helen! SHIT!" I screamed to her. I grabbed her in my arms and rested her quickly on the floor while I turned around to call Dave.

"Tommm.. Do mee..e.. Bzzz,,, mmeee..e...Do ..memme...BZZZZZ.." I heard coming from Helen.

I turned around and looked at her. She was twitching heavily.

"She's an android too!!!!" I told myself out loud, shocked.

"I am nott...ann mee...Amyyy isss.. Is the robottt.... not reaalll like mee..e..e..." Helen mumbled out. I listened outside the door and Dave was still snoring loudly.

"So, you are an android too... and you wanted me to fuck you... okay. Knowing you are not real makes me feel less guilty," I said to her, "First, let me repair you," I told her.

"I am...realll....not..robot..t.. " Helen said, confused.

I lifted her up and sat her on the toilet. I inserted my index finger in her belly button and felt a button and pressed it. Her stomach opened and circuits and cables were revealed.

"Not real..?" she asked as she observed me doing repairs on her.

"This happened to Amy a few times, while fucking, I smashed her head against the headboard and I had to learn how to repair this problem." I said, reconnecting some of the circuits that had become loose in her.

"System rebooting..." Helen said, closing her eyes.

"I am so confused," Helen said to herself in the mirror, "I am an android... not real," she kept saying.

I came from behind and opened the back of her skull.

"What are you doing to me?" she asked confused.

"Erasing the last 15 minutes from your memory files," I told her.

"What???" she said terrified.

"And voila!"... I told her.

She closed her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Tom? What happened?" she asked.

"Nothing..." I said, while I started to fondle her breasts and activating her sex drive.

I now realized Helen was Amy's prototype and Dave perfected her with time. And all the upgrades Amy is getting, Helen got them too. I felt some guilt fucking Helen because she was Dave's wife, but I know Dave had sex with Amy when he was building her.

"I had to test her out!" was his excuse. That’s why last time we were here, I learned of it and me and him, we ended up fighting in front of Amy. I erased Amy's memories of Dave fucking her right after we left last year. He apologized for it and said he would never do it again to Amy. In some way, I think we are even now.

I woke up late and got up slowly. I took a shower and went down stairs where breakfast was waiting for me. Helen was finishing cooking eggs and bacon. She looked like she used to, not the sexy gynoid I fucked last night.

"Here, honey, and thank you for last night..." she smiled to me.

"Shit! I forgot to erase it!" I said quickly.

Before I could do anything, Dave came in the room and sat beside me.

"Sleep well?" he asked me.

"Yup," I smiled to him.

"Here’s your plate, love." Helen said to Dave, giving him a plate full of food.

"Not hungry?" I asked her, trying to hide the fact I knew she was a robot.

"Of course not! You know I don't eat with you men!" Helen laughed at me.

Dave looked at me confused.

"Oh…Of course! You ate before us, silly me." Tom replied, trying to cover Helen's nature.

"Anyway Tom, Amy is almost finished. Give me a few more hours and I'll let you test her out good before you leave tomorrow," Tom said, chewing on some toast.

"Thanks," I replied. I sat there until Tom left the room and went in the basement to continue his work on Amy.

I got up and went to Helen, "Helen, can you face me?" I asked her.

"Sure, honey... want some more loving like we did in the bathroom last night?" she growled at me.

Looking at her, my penis took over my brain and I asked her to go upstairs with me. Following her into my room, I locked my bedroom door.

Helen grabbed my crotch and massaged it with her left hand.

"Mmmmmm something is growing..." she smiled.

I unbuttoned her blouse and untied her long dark hair. Releasing her breasts from her bra, they bounced out quickly. She got naked and sat on my bed and asked me to come close to her.

Having her head to the same height of my crotch, she unbuttoned my pants and belt and pulled down my pants and my boxers. She opened her mouth and started sucking on my penis so hard, I had to hold myself with my hands on her shoulders.

"Ow.. Not so hard..." I told her.

"Sorry, that it's the only way I know how to do it..." she said.

"Let me do something then," I asked her.

I went into my top drawer and pulled out my small handheld, "Turn around, Helen." I commanded her.

"What? Sure," she smiled, a bit confused.

I pressed a small bump behind her left ear and the back of her skull opened. “What are doing?" she kept asking.

"Downloading my favorite sex programs into your CPU. I always have a backup for Amy just in case." I said, plugging a small cable to a port inside her head, directly to her CPU.

"Downloading finished." Helen said robot-like.

"Good," I said, removing the cable and closing her skull.

Helen blinked and turned to face me "How shall I please you?" she grinned.

After an hour of sex, I erased Helen's memories files about us and the new sex programs I had installed in her.

"What happened?" she asked when she woke up in my bedroom, no memories of what we just did or last night.

"You took a nap in my bed, are you okay?" I lied to her.

"Oh, I am so embarrassed!" she quickly said, turning red.

She got up and took a few steps and turned around, "I am so tired suddenly," she said, grabbing the wall. Helen then sank to the floor

"Why am I soo .oo.o.o.oo tiirrreeedddd..d..d.d??" her voice getting slower and slower.

"Shit, she's running out of energy! Her battery must be dead from all the sex we just did!" I told myself. I ran to my dresser and got one of Amy's back up batteries.

"Don't move," I told Helen. I unbuttoned her blouse again and inserted my index finger in her belly button to open her up. Her stomach open and circuits and cables were revealed.

"Whhhaaaaaatt areee...ddooinn..ERK" she said while I removed the old battery and replaced it.

Just before reactivating her, I just had to fondle her breasts one more time.

"Tom, the bastard, he gave Helen bigger breasts than Amy." I noticed.

Just like Amy, Helen took a minute to reboot, giving me time to button her blouse up.

"Feeling better?" I asked her, sitting her up.

"Yes, much better... I guess I had a dizzy spell... sorry about that..." Helen felt so embarrassed again.

"No problem," I smiled.

"You are such a nice man. Sometimes, I wish I was married to you instead of you and that ...that... robot down there Dave is working on." Helen smiled sadly to me.

"Tom, come in here!" Dave yelled to me from the basement.

I walked down and saw Amy lying naked on a steel table, her eyes closed.

"I think she's almost ready. Test her out!" He ordered me.

"Baby, wake up..." I whispered to Amy.

Her eyes opened and she smiled when she saw my face, "Tom! I missed you so much!" she cried out to me, hugging me hard.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her.

"Great, Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dav" She started glitching out.

"Shit, juts let me look." Dave said, pushing Amy flat on the table and open her stomach open.

"Oops, crossed that wire by accident!" Dave laughed out and fixing the error.

"Dave Dave Dave fixed me up real good!" Amy finished her phrase.

Amy blinked and sat up "And you Tom, are you ok?" Amy asked me quickly.

"Er.. Happy to have you back!" I smiled to her.

"Tom, touch her breasts and pussy," Dave told me.

Amy smiled and sat there, while I touched her sexual parts in front of her creator.

"OOOOHhhhhhh...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh," Amy moaned out, while I rubbed her breasts and her pussy.

"She doesn't need that remote or a button to activate her sex drives anymore. Just manually stimulate her and her sex programs activate in her CPU directly," Dave explained to me.

Noticing Amy's nipples became hard and her pussy was now wet from my touching, I became annoyed that Dave was in the room with us.

"Amy, Test sex 1.1" Dave said to Amy.

"Ooooohh.......Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh........OOOOOooooooohhhhhhhhhh," Amy moaned out, more and more.

"She now also has levels of orgasms and moans, as you can see," he said.

"Please stop it... I get the picture," I asked him, getting disgusted at seeing my "wife" getting orgasms just by one of his many commands inputted in her CPU.

"Sorry," Dave apologized, "Anyway, test her out for today and tonight, and we'll do some last minute adjustment to her, if needed, tomorrow morning."

"Sure... and thank you, Dave, for everything," I shook his hands.

I turned around to Amy who was still sitting naked on the table, waiting for me.

Both of us lying in bed, Amy was looking at me, worried.

"What's wrong?" she asked me.

I took a deep breath and look at the ceiling, "Nothing..." I responded.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked.

"Look... seeing you on that table, showing circuits and wires everywhere. Makes me freak out a bit... Sorry..." I told her.

"Oh...." she said with a sad tone.

"I'm sorry I am just a machine…I wish I was human...I know that I would make you happier if I was..." Amy mumbled out before she broke into sobs, "I am so sorry," she said, like asking to be forgiven.

I embraced her in my arms and kissed her deep, "You do make me happy, Amy..." I smiled to her.

She opened her eyes, full of tears and smiled "I do?" she asked.

I nodded before my left hand grabbed her left breast and she flinched a bit.

"Ooohhhh," she moaned after "Do you want to make love?" she asked, becoming sexually aroused from my touching.

I nodded again and then reached to grab both her breasts. Her nipples became erected and she kissed me deep.

"May I?" she asked, starting to feel my testicles in her left hand. She glided down in the bed until she’d reached my penis in her mouth and started to suck me hard, while playing with my balls softly.

I moaned hard and came in her mouth. She then climbed on top and she started to be penetrated by me but stopped quickly.

"Tom made me a virgin again... I am very tight," she laughed out.

"So...?" I asked her confused.

"You need to make me very wet and lubricated," she smiled lightly.

"Really?" I smiled to her. I licked her good and stimulated her a lot, but still, her pussy was still very tight.

"I know, do it from my insides!" Amy said, opening a panel right above her pelvis.

"You see that circuit? It controls my motor reflexes inside my pelvis and pussy. Take the small tool attached to my pelvis panel door in the back and turn that screw looking thing counter-clock wise two times." She guided me.

"I feel it, it's working... Feel your finger inside me and decide when I am wide enough for you." she continued. I inserted two fingers inside her and felt the walls of her vagina opening.

After a few minutes of adjusting her, I felt she was good, I closed her up and inserted my penis inside her to test her out. We both came and I was falling asleep, I switched her into sleep mode.

"Night, honey," I told her while I pressed a small bump behind her left ear.

"Gooddd nniigghhtttt....." she slurred her speech, being semi-deactivated.

I woke up in the night, Amy was still in sleep mode. To reactivate her, I simply needed to move her a bit, call her name, or make a loud noise. But I wanted her to stay this way.

By reaching her stomach, I pressed inside her belly button and open her main panel. Slowly, not willing to wake her up, I press her main CPU off button. I saw the small red light being turned off, showing me her CPU was now totally not functioning. I looked at Amy and touched her breasts and her nipples became hard.

Even with her CPU off, most of her systems were still active, including her sex drives. Not knowing why I was doing this, I felt ashamed of myself and reactivated Amy's CPU. She opened her eyes and looked at me in the dark, "Honey? What are you doing?”

"I need to tell you something.... I slept with Helen," those words came out of my mouth.

"Helen? My mother?" she gasped.

"Yes.. And I am so sorry," I said, tears came down my eyes.

Amy grabbed my head with her arms and twisted my neck quickly. I then simply heard a snap and I became limp. Everything suddenly became dark and cold... I was dying. She killed me. Amy, my wife, my love.....

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed out loud, covered in sweat.

"Baby? What's wrong????" Amy asked me quickly, waking up from sleep mode.

"Ah.... just a dream...just a dream," I panted.

"It was simply a nightmare... relax," Amy smiled to me. She reached over to hug me and I dropped out of the bed and landed on the hard floor.

"I need to pee..." I mumbled out, running away from Amy.

She looked confused at my actions. I sat on the toilet, reassuring myself that Amy would not kill me one day.... I then realized I actually felt guilt over sleeping with Helen and not telling Amy... my wife.

"So, how is everything with Amy?" Dave asked me.

"She's working like she was built yesterday." I smiled.

Amy was sitting there, eyes wide open, her stomach panel wide open, her main CPU doing one last sweep for any problems in her systems.

"Tom... you know... I am still feeling guilty about the last time you came..." Dave mumbled out.

"Dave, I have forgiven you. It's in the past," I responded, feeling my own guilt of sleeping with his own gynoid wife.

"Thanks," Dave smiled and started to finish Amy's final checkup.

"All systems tested and running as normal," Amy said in a robotic voice.

Dave unplugged her, closed her panel, and pulled down her shirt, "There Amy, you are ready to go!" he laughed out loud.

"Thanks Dad!" she smiled and gave him a hug. We then all went upstairs for one last breakfast together.

Helen just finished cooking breakfast and was sitting outside on the porch. Me and Dave, we ate quietly while Amy sat there looking at us eating. After a loud burp, I finished the breakfast and me and Dave went outside for a small last talk while Amy cleaned the dishes. Dave went to Helen and kissed her on the cheek and then simply turn her off by remote control.

"She's a robot?" I acted surprised.

"Tom, cut the BS, I know you know she's a gynoid too.." he said quickly.

"But don't worry, I did the same to your wife before too.." he laughed out loud.

"I'm so sorry..." I mumbled out.

"Hey, it's ok... she's a good fuck, aint' she? Anyway. She's just a sex robot after all... To be honest, she's offline most of time. I just turn her on for a fuck here and there or when you come to visit!" he continued laughing.

I burst out laughing, "You Mother Fucker!"

We sat and laughed our heads off.

"Look, I know you do care really about Amy, just like I do. Don't tell her about you and Helen, it's just gonna sadden her. Ok?" Dave asked me.

"Sure... I do love her, even though she's just a sex gynoid too.." I said softly.

"Amy is not just a sex robot! Sheesh! I built Amy to be your perfect wife! When your dad was dying, my best friend... Your Dad, asked me to take care of you, no matter what happened and to make you happy as long as you live! I decided to build you Amy, knowing it's the best I could do to make you happy!" Dave yelled to me.

"And she does make me happy... thanks, Dave," I said, while hugging him hard.

"You dad would be proud of you, Tom," he smiled to me, "And I know he would be proud of you too," I told Dave, my dad's old secret lover.

"See you next year!" Dave waved to us.

"You bet on it!" Me and Amy, yelled back to him, leaving the road slowly. Leaving the old house on the Island.

The end

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