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Arthur closed his eyes and exhaled.

Back against the trunk of a great pine, he held a rifle against his chest. He pulled out the worn magazine, examined it, and slotted it back into the gun.

He did three Hail Marys and fervently grasped the collection of dog-tags hanging around his neck. He whispered to himself, "Three bullets left Arthur...make em count."

His breath clouded the cold, dry air.

Arthur pivoted around the trunk, leaning his left shoulder into the rough bark of the tree. His right shoulder pushed hard against the stock of his rifle as he looked down its scope.

Through the lens he quickly spotted his targets. Two humanoid forms gestured to each other, communicating, in front of a long dilapidated garage. Their frighteningly long and tendril-like arms moved so fast they seemed to vibrate the air around them. The white snow at their feet contrasted against the deep, polished, leathery brown of their "skin".

They were unaware of his presence some 200 meters away.

Arthur trained his scope up and down their bodies over and over. Their appearance was simultaneously riveting and revolting. Intelligent design truly of an other-worldly evolutionary gene-path.

With his scope still fixed, Arthur's heart skipped a beat. The figure on the right had turned giving him a clear view of it's back. The blue-fluorescent gleam of an alien fungus spread out radially from a center point near it's "spine". A deep, violet, unearthly blue marked the entry point of a bullet from Arthur's last encounter with the monster.

His friends who had become family over the last 14 months had been gruesomely extinguished from existence at the hands of this strider only weeks before.

Arthur sought revenge. He thanked the heavens his final bullets were coated with an aluminum finish. His adversaries surfaces were strong and resilient, often requiring dozens of rounds to bring down. However, they healed through the application and self-growth of the glowing blue fungus that coated his target's back. Darryl, one of his now deceased squad mates had discovered that this fungus was composed primarily of potassium dichromate. Aluminum and potassium dichromate reacted...very spectacularly.

His fingers squeezed the trigger of his rifle and sent the first projectile flying straight into the middle of the fungus. He moved his sight to the other strider and squeezed off his second shot just as the first landed. A brilliant explosion of vibrant cyan, cerulean, magenta, and fuchsia rocked the long limbed humanoid. The chemical reaction was bright and violent; most of it's body disintegrated in the ferocious blow and fell in a heap on the now discolored snow.

The second bullet ripped through the shoulder of the other strider, but without hesitation it immediately traced the source of the projectile and began lunging towards Arthur's position.

He exhaled and fired his final round catching the quickly approaching strider in the lower leg. It tripped and fell, but quickly rose and resumed the hunt of it's assailant.

Arthur threw his rifle around his back and sprinted as fast as he could. The strap of his weapon dug into his chest as it bobbed uncontrollably against his shoulders.

Striders were fast. Even injured they often had the agility and stamina to easily catch any human. Arthur just prayed his two shots had been enough to slow his pursuer and allow him to escape. Along with his rifle, his two sidearms, a Glock G41 Gen4 and .45 Colt Revolver were also out of ammunition. All he could do now was run and run.

Arthur panted, breathing heavily he trudged forward as fast as he could. His boots sinking into the deep snow with each step. He never looked behind him, knowing that if he was caught by his pursuing strider he would be as good as dead with no means of fighting back.

He ran for what felt like hours, until the winter cold stung his lungs so sharply and ferociously he fell to the ground coughing, spitting, exhaling forcefully. After getting his breathing under control Arthur listened intently. All he could hear was the steady cold blow of the winter wind. He thanked God, performed a Hail-Mary, and got to his feet. He scanned the horizon. Off in the distance a cluster of small buildings caught his eye, and he methodically began walking in their direction.

--- ---

After scoping out the cluster of buildings, Arthur determined it to be a homestead. Confirming it was clear, he moved forward and walked through the space. There had been fighting here previously. Blood, both human and strider alike was splattered on the walls of a one story house and the small barn that faced it. There was a small shed as well; he peered into it quickly and saw nothing of interest.

Arthur decided to enter the house first, thinking he could use it as a resting place and base of operation as he planned his move.

He stepped inside and found her lying face down against the floorboards. Her great mane of brown hair poured from the top of her head, shielding her face from view. Thin, toned, legs emerged from the bottom of a high-waited, pleated, black skirt. Certainly odd attire for the local climate, but Arthur found himself drawn to the figure nonetheless.

He was certain she was deceased, the way her body sprawled across the ground was unnatural and sent the primal portion of his brain reeling. He hesitated before approaching. Striders usually left their victims completely torn apart and eviscerated. Yet, here she lay fully in tact and seemingly untouched, an apparent exception to his rule.

He thought for a minute that maybe she had passed away for reasons other than the striders. Suicide? Sickness? Although Arthur found this unlikely considering their markings were all over the homestead. Striders had been here, he was certain of that. They usually defiled every human body they came across, which made her intact-ness all the more bewildering.

Maybe it was a trap, but he doubted it. Although they were certainly clever, he had yet to witness striders spring any kind of trap or pre-mediated trickery of this nature.

Regardless, he shook all doubts out of his mind and gripped his rifle tight. Remembering the lack of ammunition, he exhaled defeatedly, but still cautiously stepped forward.

He prodded the feminine body beneath him, gently pushing the butt of his rifle against her shoulders through her tight white top.

Arthur waited several seconds, there was no response.

He prodded her again. This time adding his voice to the mix, "Hello! Are you uh...." He hesitated, "...Alive?"

He waited another several seconds, and still there was no response.

He cursed himself silently for letting his optimism get the best of him. He didn't even want to see her face, he had seen enough death in the weeks and months prior. He turned to leave the room and gave the body one last frustrated poke.

The butt of his rifle caught her shirt and moved it up to expose her slender lower back. Arthur thought nothing of it and left the room.

Something had caught his eye, just enough for him to pivot and return to the body, peering closely at the newly exposed skin of her lower back. There was some kind of seam or gap that ran perpendicular to her spine near her bottom lumbar. Arthur rolled her shirt up further and uncovered the top of what he now thought was some kind of well camouflaged panel.

He looked dumbfounded. He had never seen anything remotely of this nature. Reaching through his bag he found a small flat head screwdriver, and very carefully, he pushed it's edge up and along the seam of the panel.

Within minutes he had removed the slice of artificial skin and stared mouth agape into the innards of what he now took to be some kind of robot. Even while looking at the intricate assembly of her electrical components through the hole in her back, he was amazed at how realistic she felt. Her skin, although cold, was soft and springy to the touch of his hands.

Arthur re-focused his attention, "There has to be some way to turn her back on." he whispered quietly to himself.

He thought about turning her over, but the idea of accidentally introducing particulates into her complex mechanical systems made him think twice. He instead opted to re-examine her components through the open panel in her back with a renewed sense of diligence.

Arthur first rid himself of his several layers of winter attire. The shelter of the house and his newly found sense of excitement had warmed him greatly. In his socks, long-johns, t-shirt, and beanie he buried his face in the female robot's exposed backside.

With the help of a small flashlight from his bag Arthur began methodically mentally cataloging every wire, tube, motor, and component he could see.

He was impressed at the organization of her complex internal architecture. Thousands of wires were bundled together and routed in, around, and in some cases through a skeleton composed mostly of what Arthur guessed was a mix of titanium and carbon fiber. The wire bundles were neatly tucked away from stacks of circuit-boards and several servo-motors that governed the motion of her lower back. He saw several hundred LEDs. Not one blinked. They were all dim from a lack of power.

A small analog gauge caught his eye. He shined his light and squinted to discover it was volumetric. The needle read roughly 3000 mL out of 5000 mL capacity. He traced it back to it's source where he immediately made out the complex design of an internal fluid reservoir.

Arthur quickly grew excited at the idea of what functionalities the surprisingly large reservoir supplied. He realized in that moment that he had subconsciously pivoted himself such that his groin now rested between the robot's rubbery bottom. With a greedy hand he grabbed a cheek through the pleated, thin material of her skirt. Her softness felt good in his hands. Arthur craned his head downwards, curious to see the what internal systems operated between her legs. However, he found that her battery, a slender matte black block, obstructed his view. With a small grin he chuckled, "Now that you have me all turned on, let's see if we can get you turned on!"

He searched for a switch, a button, anything that would turn her back on. However, after noticing a small digital readout that was attached to the battery, his hopes sank. It faintly flashed 00.00%. The flashes were so dim Arthur expected the last morsels of her power supply were being used on this display.

He sighed and thought to himself. Another inspection of her battery and Arthur discovered what he thought to be a positive and negative terminal.

He tried tracing components from her battery outwardly in hopes of finding a charging port or some kind of removable panel where she could be plugged in. However, the seemingly endless jumble of wires and circuits led him nowhere.

He stood up and chuckled, "Fuck it. She has terminals. Maybe I can jump her."

Arthur proceeded to scour the entire house. With it's relatively small size, he was able to search every nook and cranny within the hour. He found no charger, no electronics, not even an electrical outlet. The designers of this house had obviously wanted it to be off the grid and electricity-free. "Well I guess I couldn't charge her up even if I wanted to." Arthur whispered to himself. "What an awful place for a robot. Why the fuck is she here?"

He decided to go check out the barn and see if he could scavenge anything worth using from there. The sun was beginning to set and the already cool air had begun to chill even further. The cold bit at his exposed arms and face. He quickly shuffled to the barn, opened the door, and slid inside.

Immediately he was overwhelmed with a dreadful stench. His eyes located the source of the smell; a cluttered pile of human and strider debris interwoven with one another sat on the cold ground. Frost had hardened the remains, but it couldn't hide the deep burgundy red of some poor soul's blood splashed on the walls.

The multi-colored glow of the strider's blood hung on the walls as well. It could have been a modern art exhibit had it not been for the god-awful smell and pile of dead, rotting organic matter.

Arthur quickly deduced that some form of explosion had ripped through the strider and human alike. He was shocked the walls of the barn had held up. The barn's wood framing was splintered radially, making it simple for him to trace back the source of the explosion. Unsurprisingly, he found it led to the confusing mess of alien and human debris at his feet.

Arthur pinched his nose, performed yet another Hail-Mary, and with a sense of renewed purpose began looking around the barn.

In the far corner of the barn was an old, rust-worn jeep. The explosion had eaten away at it's trunk and rear tires. It's heavy frame now sagged, the rear axle touching the ground. This car was going nowhere anytime soon and Arthur almost dismissed it.

However, the front of the jeep looked in surprisingly good condition. He managed to pop the hood and take a look inside. Everything was well worn with age and heavy use except for one seemingly new component...the battery. Arthur muttered under his breath while nodding enthusiastically, "Well now there we go!"

With an even further stroke of luck Arthur opened the jeep's rear door and thanked the heavens. Whoever had come before him had been stockpiling. A set of five car batteries and a handful of jumper cable spools sat neat and pristine against the back seat; they had narrowly avoided the explosion.

Upon further examination Arthur found that four of the five batteries had been written on with thick black marker, "DONE". He grabbed the one unlabeled battery and began to bring it out of the barn and into the house when he thought better of it. Without an inverter box, which he hadn't seen lying around, hooking the battery directly up to the robot would do absolutely nothing.

He thought about bringing her into the barn and using the running jeep to jump-start her systems. But, he decided against it, not wanting to bring her unblemished form into the stench-ridden barn of death. He returned to the back seat, eyed the multiple jumper cables and got creative.

Arthur realized he would need to start the car and with another good stroke of luck he found the jeep's keys still hanging in the ignition. He did a Hail-Mary and turned the keys. The motor coughed, spit, and wheezed. He tried it again, this time not stopping as the mechanisms seized, hitched, and eventually caught traction engaging their stroke sequence. He left the car idling and moved out of the barn.

He ran back inside, with the energy of a child's first day of summer in his eyes. With a daisy-chained string of jumper cables woven through the kitchen window, Arthur carefully maneuvered the clamps through the slight opening in her back and attached each lead to it's corresponding positive and negative terminal. He gave her a pat on the rear, admiring her springy firmness one last time before attempting her reactivation.

Arthur ran back to the barn and jumped into the truck. He delicately pushed down on the accelerator for several seconds before letting off. He repeated this several times before leaving the car idling and running inside to check on his progress.

Arthur jumped with glee upon walking in the room where the robot lay. The hundreds of previous dormant LEDs now blinked with colors vibrant through the small slot in her back. Reds, oranges, yellows, and greens all flicked into and out of existence again and again; a repeating cycle signifying the flow of energy running through her circuits.

With more careful observation he peered down at her battery. Beneath it were 32 LEDs lined up horizontally; the first LED, furthest to the left was yellow and the remaining 31 red. Arthur deduced that this was the status of her battery's charge and decided to go back to the barn hit the engine some more.

In the jeep he eyed the fuel gauge and found it at about a half tank. He gently hit the accelerator again. He repeated this a few dozen times. However, he quickly grew impatient. He looked into the backseat and grabbed one of the many car batteries, putting it down near the pedal. He then got out of the car and picked up a cylindrical piece of piping. He carefully placed it behind the accelerator pedal and then placed the battery on top. The engine revved up with a constant hum and Arthur moved into the house.

He tried to preoccupy his attention by getting settled into the house and searching around for any supplies he could make use of, but the picturesque feminine "sleeping beauty" was all he could think about.

He checked the status of her charging again, the farthest left LED was now green, the next one yellow, and the remaining 30 red. She was charging, albeit at a painfully slow pace for Arthur's aching curiosity. He lay down next to her with a hand on her back.

He gently traced shapes against her ultra realistic polymeric SynthSkin. A small flesh colored disc behind her ear caught his eye. He pushed it. Nothing happened. He held it for several seconds. Nothing happened. He clicked it twice repeatedly. Nothing happened.

Puzzled, he yawned and returned to lazily tracing shapes against her smooth exposed back.

Lulled by the distant hum of the idling engine, he quickly dozed off to sleep.

--- ---

Arthur woke in the middle of the night. It was cold. The air cut at him with sharp precision. The sound of the jeep's engine was gone and he was momentarily disoriented. His unfamiliarity of the space soon melted to remembrance as he found himself spooning the robot, his arms wrapped around her slender waist.

He pulled himself closer against her. She was soft and very warm. He didn't remember her being warm like this earlier. Before he could give it more thought though, he noticed his aching erection. It sat stiff, nestled in between the silicone synthflesh of the robot's buttocks.

He swore he could feel her grinding into him, pushing the malleable softness of her cheeks around his manhood. He exhaled sharply and noticed the jumper cables had been removed from the recessed cavity in her lower back and sat on the floor above her head. Was he having a fever dream?

For the sake of his own reality, he turned his eyes, diagonally peering into her lower back. The bank of LEDs were half green and half red. None were yellow. She was half-way charged.

Again he recognized the absence of the jeep's heavy idling and figured it had either died or run out of gas. However, his mind was soon elsewhere as his erection, now almost painful, slowly pressed against her elastic derriere. Soon, his member was enveloped in the lovely robot's backside. He could feel her rocking, pulsing against him gently.

Slowly coming to his wits and desperate to see current happenings to their conclusion, Arthur reached down and peeled the thin black fabric up and away from her ample buttocks. He also quickly unzipped and pushed his drawers down to his knees. His erection sprung out and lodged itself against her soft synthetic labia. He could feel her dampness now, hot and slick against the tip of his head. She sighed and pressed into him even deeper, with more urgency.

Arthur sensed her breath, the warm air brushing over the tops of his hands. He couldn't believe how real she felt, how real she moved, how real she sounded.

Greedily, Arthur moved a hand over the sex-bot's pert breast and grabbed at it, kneading her supple artificial mammary between her fingers. He found a stiff plastic areolae poking rigidly through her sheer white top and pinched it. This elicited a shrill moan from the synthetic woman.

Arthur leaned in and kissed the nape of her slender neck. Her soft blemish-less skin felt smooth and creamy against his lips. He bit her gently, his teeth slightly distorting the spongy silicone polymer that composed her outer dermal layer. He pulled away and grinned once again at her realism. Her synth-skin slowly receded back to its original un-tampered form-factor, rendering the bite mark non-existent.

The artificial woman continued her moaning as he continued playing with her firm yet pliant breasts through the fabric of her top. Unbeknownst to him, the sex-bot was emitting precision-formulated pheromones from a dozen pores around her body. Each one was delicately plumbed to her internal fragrance bank. His grinding became more urgent as his arousal reached new heights. He reared back, adjusted his angle of attack and gingerly pushed into her slick artificial pussy.

Her authentic warmth and fresh-off-the-factory-floor tightness overwhelmed him. He pulled out and thrust himself in again, a wet slap echoing off the walls of the room. He exhaled deeply, feeling the elastomers of her vaginal walls contract and pulse against his firm manhood.

Arthur pulled out and slid in again several more times before noticing the lack of response from his robotic companion. Then suddenly, with a slight spasm and a violent whine of protest from the servos embedded within her delicate arms and legs, she lifted herself on all fours. Arthur was lifted as well, perched on her back still piercing her perfect plastic sex with his rock hard cock. He was simultaneously turned by both her feat of strength and her robotic behavior.

The sex-bot slowly spread her knees wider and wider. The tight compression of her inner walls around his erection subsided, albeit only slightly. Arthur put his ear to her upper back and swore he could hear internal drives spinning up in intensity.

The artificial woman spoke, her voice was deep and sensual while also being light and friendly. Her speech was hauntingly familiar and gentle. As a child playing baseball in the hot summer evenings, he could hear her voice murmuring in the stands. Standing atop the slide at the neighborhood pool, he could hear her encouraging on a swimmer. In the halls of his school, he could remember her calling out friendly reminders as he walked by.

"Please disengage from your K1MB3RLY_M84U Companion-Bot. Sexual intercourse with the Dermal Lumbar Panel removed is not recommended. Severe damage to your K1MB3RLY-M84U Companion-Bot may occur. Severe bodily harm to the user may occur."

Arthur removed himself from the compromised sex-droid as her vocal routine started back up, identical in every which way to the first, "Please disengage from your K1MB3RLY_M84U Companion-Bot. Sexual intercourse with the Dermal..."

Her voice stopped abruptly.

Arthur realized his stomach was pressing into the recessed cavity where her Dermal Lumbar Panel should be, he instinctively pulled away, falling into a heap on the floor. He scanned the room quickly. He didn't see her missing panel where it had been. "Odd." He thought.

His synthetic lover, still on all fours, remained frozen in place for several seconds. Then there was an audible click and she smiled at the wall, "Thank you for disengaging from your K1MB3RLY_M84U Companion-Bot!".

Speaking in the same familiar voice to the still empty wall, the alluring sex-bot continued, "Would you like to see what your K1MB3RLY-M84U Companion-Bot can still do for you with her Dermal Lumbar Panel removed?".

Arthur blurted out, "Yes!".

She froze momentarily again, her eyelashes batting repeatedly. Then, with an increased whir of electronic circuitry within, she pivoted to face Arthur.

"Okay!", she replied. Her voice carried a more seductive timbre to it this time around. Arthur hardly had time to notice, for the gynoid jumped on him, lowering her mouth over his still flagpole-like erection.

She pistoned up and down pneumatically. Her delicate tongue moved up and down his unwavering shaft, her soft rubber cavity was hot and slippery. She felt so amazing, bobbing up and down in iterative learning cycles aimed at developing a 3-Dimensional model of his manhood to at maximize his pleasure. Her pert breasts hung from her chest, standing proud and taught on her lithe frame, they jiggled slightly with her every movement up and down.

Arthur was in ecstasy. He could hardly process what was happening around him anymore. His surroundings melted back into obscurity. His only focus was on the precision engineered sex-bot currently going down on him.

Her beauty overtook him.

Her scent compromised him.

Her sounds leveled him.

But most of all, her touch became one with his very own thoughts. He grabbed for her mane of chestnut brown hair and pulled at it furiously as he climaxed into her mouth.

Arthur expelled his every worry and concern right then and yelled the name he had only just learned until the house shook, "Kimberly!!!".

--- ---

The next morning the jeep once again idled wildly. Arthur had replaced the battery with the only remaining one that wasn't labelled with the thick black sharpie "DONE".

Kimberly sat idle against the wall, charging to full capacity. Her eyes stared empty and doll-like up at the ceiling.

Apparently she couldn't be active while charging for some reason or another. Arthur had missed the details of the conversation from earlier that morning. She had been giving him a massage during her dialogue, and whether intentional or not, had been gently grinding her smooth artificial labia into his lower back. Arthur guessed it was intentional, and combined with her soft and strong hands working the soreness from his back he had paid little attention to her speaking.

Looking through his pack of supplies, he found his last remaining morsel of food. A long expired energy bar. He bit into the stale block of calories and thought a plan forward for the two of them. A trip to the city would allow for him to stock up on supplies for himself and his newfound Companion-Bot. He wasn't sure what she required other than power and was more than happy to learn on the way to Denver. Maybe they could hunker down in the federal library, he could learn more about her upkeep and maintenance if he could manage to power some of the digital archives. It was decided, they would immediately move down from the foothills into the city, staying away from roads and trails to avoid any strider presence.

After several minutes of packing and scavenging the house and barn for any remaining bits of useful junk, he killed the engine to the jeep and walked back inside to Kimberly. He pulled the jumper clamps out of her back and placed them carefully in his travel-pack. He then reached down and double-clicked the recessed button behind her ear.

Within several moments Kimberly whirred to life and smiled bright. Her smile was lustrous and inviting. Arthur had to focus on the task at hand to not get distracted with her. He replaced her Dermal Lumbar Panel which he had found easily enough that morning. He informed her of his plan, where they were going, where he thought they currently were, and the routes they needed to take to get there. She processed his words for a moment.

He wrapped her neck with a scarf and began digging through his pack for extra bits of warm apparel she could wear. Her current outfit of tight white top, pleated black mini-skirt, and pumps was outrageous for the weather outside. He found an old sweater and turned to hand it to her. She had been preparing behind his back, her top was up around shoulders and she had tied her new scarf tied tight against her buoyant breasts. They were almost bursting out their makeshift bra, the dingy scarf barely holding them back. 'Every moment is a sexy moment for a K1MBERLY_M84U'. At least that was the company motto for her line of state-of-the-art companion-bots.

Kimberly grinned at Arthur's confused look, "I don't need that gross sweater. My chassis is rated for full operation in climates ranging from -10 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. I'm also fully water-proof and impervious to most forms of electrical shock." She sexily threw her hips to one side to accentuate her point. "When I went outside earlier, my atmospheric thermometer registered a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius." She grinned, again beaming her perfect smile.

"So, may I make the trip dressed like this..." Her tongue lingered on the last syllable, and she pushed her hands against her breasts and slowly down the outsides of her slender thighs.

Chuckling, Arthur grabbed the scarf away from Kimberly, "Fine, but no scarf." Her perfect breasts bounced up and down momentarily before settling back into their default bubbly position. "You're too damn distracting. Please don't attempt to seduce me on the way there okay? It's dangerous and I want to get us both to the library fully in-tact." With that he pulled her tight white top back down.

"Okay...", she pouted. "But I can get us there!" Kimberly exclaimed excitedly, her tone shifting artificially. "My navigation systems are incredibly advanced!"

She paused and attempted to triangulate her position. Her body froze stiff. Her eyes stared glossily and vacant.

Traditionally, she would use her internal GPS to plot her movements. However, her vast array of wireless embedded senors and antenna neatly disguised into the cartilage of her plastic ears picked up only sporadic signal noise, and nothing her systems de-crypted contained usable information. This puzzled her systems. She had no idea a large portion of the world's communications satellites had been destroyed by the striders, and with no available wireless data connection she would never be able to connect and figure it out.

Her systems quickly improvised and shifted computational priority to a detailed analysis of her internal compass. Utilizing complex predictive analytics and a state of the art gyroscopic subsystem, Kimbery was able to assemble an optimal route for their trip with 87.6% accuracy. She also had rudimentary star pattern recognition software that could feed metadata into her manual navigation bus and increase her routes accuracy, but since it wasn't nighttime she shut the process down.

A full 12.07 seconds later she finally unpaused. Arthur jumped a little at her sudden burst of life.

"Follow me to Denver!", she said without losing a hint of enthusiasm from before.

--- ---

Arthur watched Kimberly from behind, each stride an intense calculation maximizing movement efficiency and male arousal. Her perfect symmetric hips swayed to and fro as her strikingly realistic artificial muscles tensed and relaxed with each meticulous step. Her long legs seemingly flowed down to the ground, her movements dripping with the utmost grace. Even her footsteps formed perfect prints in the virgin snow.

They had been walking for the better part of the day. Arthur was getting tired and was growing hypnotized watching the beauty walk before him. They were in the city, but he wasn't sure where. He had relinquished navigational duties early on when Kimberly's system had proved more robust and infinitely more efficient.

They continued walking, the sun was setting somewhere behind the sheets of clouds slowly making their surroundings more and more gray.

The bottoms of her round and pliable cheeks teased him, peeking out from the hem of her skirt with each raise of her artificial legs. The skirt tightly hugged her round bottom, slight ripples running through the fabric as each leg made contact with the ground, a reflection of the noticeable jiggles occurring in her cheeks underneath.

Arthur was so caught up in Kimberly's motion he didn't even notice that they had arrived at their destination. She stopped on a dime and pivoted 180 degrees. Her flawless smile beamed towards Arthur, she was proud of her performance in reaching their destination without the aid of her internal GPS subsystem.

Arthur, still entranced by the very idea of her movement, failed to notice she had stopped and he plowed right into her. The two stumbled a few feet backwards into the wall of the library.

Kimberly pushed her back against the library's cold bricks to steady their fall. Arthur's body pushed into hers and her precision engineered dermal sensors immediately recognized the presence of his erection. Her Main CPU determined that since they had arrived at their destination they were "no longer on their way there". It OK'd her frozen seduction subroutines to once again execute, and within the blink of an eye her sex-ware automatically activated. Her seduction protocols picked from a randomized list of intercourse initiation actions and plugged them into operation. She pulled Arthur closer, her full lips slightly parted, she wrapped a leg around his, she moved one of his hands onto the wall to act as a support and she greedily moved his other onto her buoyant right breast.

Arthur, absolutely floored by her sudden seduction attempt after hours of nothing was surprised at the sobriety of his next sentence, "No, not out here. We should get inside."

Kimberly frowned confusedly, her main CPU had calculated with 99.7% certainty that Arthur desired her in that moment. and that she had met the requirements needed to re-initialize her most erotic subroutines. Was she experiencing a glitch, some kind of hiccup in her state of the art software package?

Arthur noticed her frown and quickly amended his sentence, "We should get inside...make sure it's safe...then immediately continue 'this'." He emphasized the word "this" by pointing his finger and circling around their embrace.

Kimberly's powerful array of processors chugged momentarily trying the determine the meaning of his gesture. Her vibrant ocean blue eyes stared forward inhumanly for 2.23 seconds before her processors finished their calculations. With an 91% confidence interval they determined that Arthur did want to engage her in sexual intercourse. He had only rejected her initial seduction subroutine to ensure their safety, to ensure her safety. She cooed at the thought of Arthur protecting her.

Kimberly's systems were pleased with her function; of course she hadn't experienced a glitch or miscalculation, she was a K1MB3RLY_M84U, by far the most advanced and reliable companion bot on the market. She flashed a devilish smile at Arthur and followed him inside.

Breaking in had proven more difficult than he had anticipated. Massive steel doors were sealed barring their entrance. This only increased Arthur's swelling sense of pride after he finally picked his way through the last of a series of dead-bolt locks. Kimberly watched and listened intently, her ultra sensitive audio array detected the click of each rotating tumbler but she lacked the logical reasoning computational capacity to deduce where the sounds were coming from. Her Logic Reasoning Core flagged the audio logs as errant and prompted the execution of one of a dozen pre-progammed responses she possessed when responding to an errant audio log that couldn't be interpreted or processed correctly.

Kimberly struck a sensuous pose, one hand on a hip and the other cupping a breast, and spoke alluringly and inquisitively, "Do you think I'm sexy?!"

Arthur looked at her genuinely puzzled. Was she okay?

"Yeah. I do." He said with a hint of annoyance, and gestured for her to enter the door in front of him.

Kimberly grinned and trotted through the door, knowing she was sexy in the moment. 'Every moment is a sexy moment for a K1MBERLY_M84U'

The inside of the library was cavernous. High windows encircled an open space that let the gray-white light of winter pour in from the outside. A second floor mezzanine encircled the rows and columns of books and digital exhibits that lined the main floor. It was quiet. Arthur gestured to Kimberly, she followed him up the stairs up onto the mezzanine.

Once on the 2nd floor Arthur was easily able to scan the rest of the library for other survivors who may have holed up here as well, and with an even more vigilant eye he looked for the telling luminescent trails that betrayed the recent presence of a strider.

Kimberly's visual receptors methodically scanned the vast space in front of her as well. If Arthur had looked at her eyes he would have noticed a slight outward tell alluding to her robotic nature. Her glamorous ocean blue iris' rotated slowly and her pupils dilated and retracted repeatedly as her systems switched between several embedded sensory arrays examining a half-dozen different spectrums of light.

They reached their conclusions at the same time and turned to each other, managing to speak the same words to each other in unintentional unison, "Nobody's here."

They each processed each others words for a moment. Kimberly had a harder time with the processing, a faint whir could be heard as her main computational stack worked it's way through the thousands of most statistically probable scenarios for what she had just heard.

Her Logic Reasoning Core flagged again flagged her audio logs as possibly errant; the odds of her speaking the same words that Arthur spoke at the same time he spoke them were calculated as less than 0.71%. Her main CPU instead opted for her to instead smile and slightly accentuate her perky breasts. It was another one of the dozen pre-programmed responses she possessed when responding to an errant audio data log that couldn't be interpreted or processed correctly.

Before her main CPU had adjusted itself from dealing with the errant audio processing, Arthur plowed into Kimberly. This time it was very intentional. She squealed as he pushed her forcefully against a book shelf. She arched her back, the middle of her mechanized spine lifting away from the leather-bounds, and pushed her pelvis into Arthur's groin. The delicate array of sensors beneath her navel again registered the presence of Arthur's stiffening manhood.

Her sex-ware once again booted into operation with an instantaneous buzz of energy through a complex array of pumps, actuators, servomotors, and dedicated processing cores. Her seduction protocols reached an improvisational behavior branch and again calculated her intercourse initiation actions from a randomized list that could share no more than 20% in commonality with her previously executed seduction routine outside the library.

This time Kimberly locked her wet lips around his, momentarily letting their tongues dance, before putting a hand on his chest and pushing him away. With an alluring look in her blue eyes she bit her bottom lip and slipped the fingers of her right hand beneath her skirt. She began toying with her slick artificial vagina and moaned. She lifted her other hand to squeeze a breast and crossed her eyes momentarily as her processors stabilized themselves under the increasing computational load.

A series of side-chained auxiliary processors booted into operation and with a little brute force were able to stabilize her main computational stack. After a brief 2.7 second pause, Kimberly's eyes uncrossed themselves and cast their lustful gaze onto Arthur.

Her brilliant blue iris' beckoned him in and he obliged. Interrupting her self-pleasing seduction routine, Arthur moved in and picked her up by through her armpits. Kimberly flailed somewhat wildly, kicking quasi-randomly. Arthur found this adorable and chuckled. Kimberly instinctively giggled back, although she knew her flailing was actually a known glitch in the entire K1MB3RLY_M84U series of companion-bots brought on by faulty Y-axis gyroscopic sub-components that outputted garbled position information when picked up quickly. She decided not to tell Arthur these technical details and instead let him fuck her senseless.

Arthur spun around with Kimberly in his arms and threw her down on a nearby reading desk. Her processors hitched for a heartbeat and her eyelids fluttered unnaturally. She recovered almost instantaneously.

Arthur was incredibly turned on by Kimberly's minor glitches and slight robotic tells. With excited breath he grabbed her top and yanked it up and over her head. Her amber hair exploded upwards for a moment before falling about her shoulders and face messily. She delicately blew a few strands away and grinned at Arthur's hungry eyes. She spread her perfect glossy legs exposing her primed artificial sex through the bottom of her pleated black skirt.

Arthur pushed the skirt up past her slender hips and thrust himself deep within Kimberly's hot and lubricated synthetic pussy. He pulled out and pushed deeper. Again. Again. Again and again. He was rigid like the barrel of a howitzer and it felt marvelous slipping in and out of the sex-bot's slick plastic vagina. With each penetration, the pink folds of her torrid sex wrapped around his member with an overwhelming cushioned firmness.

He placed each hand on a breast and squeezed hard. They were bendable and malleable in his hands. Arthur let go momentarily and they promptly sprung back to their default perky position. He put a stiff nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, creating a small vacuum against the polymer-silicone of her fabricated bosom. It tasted faintly of plastic and this oddly drove him wild. He was becoming more and more turned on thinking about her artificial nature.

Kimberly was also beside herself, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, a non-programmed response to the overwhelming amount of pleasure-data coursing from her sex-ware through her svelte chassis.

Without the consent of her sex-ware's embedded CPU, her orgasm subroutine booted itself into operation. This was unprecedented.

She moaned first, a loud guttural howl dripping with sexuality and fertility. She moaned again, louder than the first. Small fragments of audio generated from her internal vocal-synthesizer-engine becoming distorted with a hint of digital noise. The elastomers surrounding her vaginal walls began contracting around Arthur's cock as waves of electric current pulsed through harder and harder. Arthur felt the rhythmic contractions of her snug plastic pussy and anticipated her approaching climax. He moved his face downwards and lock his lips with Kimberly's. Their tongues parried each other and they each gently sucked on the others lips.

With Arthur's iron erection buried deep within her hot slit, his hands triggering every embedded stimulus sensor in her supple breasts, and his mouth interlinked with her own, Kimberly's orgasm subroutine executed.

A wave of electricity flooded through her curvaceous body and she pulsed and twitched uncontrollably, grinding her mons against Arthur. This sent him over the edge and without warning he exploded into her. He continued pumping and pumping, thoroughly invigorated in the moment.

Kimberly was built for this. She was designed for this. She yearned for this. She was programmed for this, and still the waves of simulated pleasure took up her every last byte of processing capacity. Writhing on the desk, dripping with lubricant, her stimulus sensors maxed out, her familiar, tantalizing voice called out, "Ar-Ar-Ar-Ar-Ar-thur! I-I-I-I-I'm com-com-com-coming!"





Upon saying his name a third time, Kimberly leaned into Arthur, her exposed breasts flattening against his slumbering frame.

She nestled her lips up against his ear and spoke in a gentle whisper. "Arthur, wake up."

Arthur stirred momentarily but remained unconscious.

Kimberly paused for several seconds as her main CPU switched from pre-programmed scripting to her advanced improvisational decision pathways.

Her perfectly maintained acrylic fingernails pinched at Arthur's arm, not too hard, but with enough force to elicit a response. "Arthur! Wake up!"

His head shot upright and he stared at Kimberly with a brief instant of unfamiliarity before smiling as the recognition slowly crept in. Her nude body was exquisite. He was entranced by her form and for the first time noticed how her blemish-less SynthSkin was slightly shiny. The bright morning light cascaded through the library's vaulted windows reflecting off of her with a slight plasticky sheen.

Arthur pushed his fingers through Kimberly's lustrous brown hair and pulled her head towards him. He watched eagerly as her glossy lips moved towards his and the two of them kissed sweetly for several moments. Arthur grabbed a handful of her plump derriere.

Kimberly immediately pulled back, her main CPU closing the instantaneous activation of several programs within her sexual performance bus. Her Logic Reasoning Core deduced, from her constantly iterating visual analysis of Arthur's face, that he was confused.

With her familiar voice she spoke somewhat robotically. It was similar to how she had spoken the night before when he had tried having sex whilst her maintenance panel was open "Please discontinue from making sexual advancements on your KIMBERLY_M84U Companion-Bot. Sexual intercourse while in Low Battery Mode can result in abrupt deactivation of your KIMBERLY_M84U Companion-Bot. This can lead to corruption of cached memory files and negatively impact functionality upon reactivation. Currently, your KIMBERLY_M84U's battery level is ... 5%. Sexual intercourse is not advised."

Kimberly shook her head disapprovingly, her face hidden behind her dangling hair "I hate those pre-programmed responses." She looked up to Arthur, her face was pouty. Her voice had regained it's friendly and playful tone, ditching the robotic monotone of before. "I'm sorry, my system architecture forces me to make those announcements. I woke you up to tell you about my low battery. I estimate I can function normally for another one hour and 12 minutes or in a power-saving mode for another 4 hours and 48 minutes."

"That's all you have left? I fully charged you yesterday morning."

"My designed operational running time is 24 hours..." She locked her eyes with his and bit at her lip, smirking "...and last night left my systems pretty depleted. My fluids reservoir is currently at 10% capacity with 500 mL currently available for use."

Arthur thought for a moment, running his fingers down the artificial strands of her chestnut mane "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I'm programmed to self-charge when my battery reaches 15% and again when it reaches 10%. However, all 452 electrical outlets I attempted to plug myself into around the building had no power. I am not programmed to alert my user of my battery status until it reaches 5%."

"User? Are you referring to me as your user?"

"Yes. You are Arthur, USER_04."

"Who are Users 01 through 03?"

Kimberly's eyelashes fluttered and her aqua iris' spun "Searching...Searching...Searching...Data not available." Her systems prompted her to smile prettily, unsure of how to move the conversation forward.

"Kimberly, from now on I want you to alert me when your battery reaches 50%, 25%, 15%, 10%, and 5%. I also want you to alert me when your fluid reservoir reaches 50%, 25% and 10%.

"Yes Arthur."

"Can you tell me more about your power-saving mode?"

"Yes, only my most essential software and hardware packages are left running. I can move and talk, but you will notice a performance difference between my normal operation. All autonomous functionality is temporarily suspended in this mode. Function specific programs are loaded from memory when prompted and purged from my RAM after said function has been performed." She smirked again, this time the tip of her tongue playing with the corner of her mouth. "I work best when given commands in this mode."

Arthur's ears perked up when hearing this. "From now on, when your battery reaches 5%, I want you to switch into power saving mode."

"Yes Arthur."

Kimberly vibrated for several seconds as her complex software banks switched her operation state into power-saving mode. This was another "known-shippable" bug unique to her model line. Hundreds of actuators and artificial elastomer muscles twitched within her lithe frame as electrical paths shifted in priority, the switch caused errant noisy electrical signals to flood her digital systems.

Her perfect synthetic body was still pressed hard into Arthur. The vibration stopped and she looked into Arthur's eyes, awaiting a command. He noticed that their brightness had been slightly dulled, undoubtedly a small detail aimed at power conservation.

"Kimberly, get up and get dressed. We're going into town."

"Yes Arthur."

She got up and sashayed over to her clothes, each movement of her hips a calculated ballet of unrivaled sexiness. She pulled the pleated skirt up her legs and her white top over her head. "I'm all dressed Arthur. Shall we go?"

"Yeah, lets get moving."

--- ---

Kimberly trailed behind Arthur as they quietly snaked their way from the library to the downtown mall. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, but the wind was fierce, picking up snow and blowing it through the streets and alleyways. Arthur was bundled up with several layers and was still freezing, seeing Kimberly trotting along behind him in just a skirt and t-shirt was almost humorous. She wasn't lying about her chassis' cold weather durability.

They stayed in the shadows whenever they could, using the sides of buildings and the cover of trees to move across streets closer and closer to their destination. There were no signs of striders as they moved throughout the city, no tell-tale glossy trails or malformed footprints that spoke to their presence.

They reached a boarded up entrance to the mall and Arthur began splintering the boards with the butt of his rifle. He spoke casually "Kimberly, what's your estimated remaining battery life?"

The synthetic beauty tilted her head "Estimated remaining time before low power shutdown is...32 minutes."

"Fuck." Arthur breathed after splintering a few more boards "I didn't expect it to take us that long getting here."

Kimberly frowned.

He guided her by the waste through his makeshift passage "It's okay, we'll find something for you. I'm sure of it."

They walked through the mall's entrance and immediately passed several dormant diesel power generators. Someone had set up camp here at some point. Arthur checked their levels "All empty. Let's keep going."

Kimberly's frown deepened.

He naturally raised his rifle as they continued forward, aware of its lack of ammunition and inherent uselessness.

They quickly found a map of the mall's layout and Arthur poured over it. A store name caught his attention and a latent memory suddenly flashed through his mind. Old jingles and Holo-TV commercials from his childhood were suddenly crystal clear. "Kimberly, who is your manufacturer?"

She instinctively put a hand on her hip and accentuated her bust, her bosom tightly constrained by her white top. "I am an Avant Robotics KIMBERLY_M84U Companion-Bot Gen. II, Model No. 43T7Y."

"Ahh Avant Robotics, that's right!"

Kimberly looked puzzled so Arthur elaborated, "There's an Avant store right in this mall! I bet we can get you charged up and topped off there!"

Kimberly's frown disappeared. It was replaced with a beaming smile.

--- ---

Sitting beneath a modest skylight, the Avant Robotics store was easy enough to spot. Flanking either side of the heavily tinted glass entrance doors was a dazzlingly made up Companion-Bot dressed in revealing lingerie. A petite African American model stood confidently in its unlit display, her lips were pouty and her eyes alluring. A curvy ginger-haired with a generous bust sat bashfully in a chair in the opposite display. Arthur could make out dozens of freckles sprinkled across her ultra realistic SynthSkin.

However, as Arthur slowly moved inside he noticed something unsettling. Both glass display cases had been completely shattered. In the middle of each bot's back, just to the right of their artificial spines, frayed wires, ripped tubing and cracked circuitry were easily visible through gashes in their SynthSkin. Arthur looked to Kimberly for an explanation. She stared at each sexbot's damaged back with a fixed gaze, subconsciously reaching for the same spot on her own artificial body, a result of deeply embedded self-preservation software finding its way to the forefront of her complex algorithmic self-ware.

She turned her head to Arthur and in a steady voice spoke, "It looks like they had their main processing cores removed." She turned her head away, her programming eager to put the sight of the ravaged display bots behind her.

She confidently pushed against the double doors before checking to see if they were locked. It was most certainly an oversight brought on by the reduced processing capacity of her power-saving mode. With a heavy 'THUNK', she clumsily hit her forehead against the tinted glass door. She stepped backwards and froze.

Arthur tiptoed around Kimberly and looked at her face. She was blinking erratically, the movement of her eyelids errant and out of sync with each other. Instinctively he thumped her on the back with the bottom of his hand. He heard what he thought sounded like a fan whir to life and Kimberly's abnormal fluttering of eyelashes ceased. She tilted her head charmingly to one side, "I must have hitched up for a moment." She turned her gaze down towards her feet, "I'm sorry."

He grabbed around her thin waist and spoke with assurance, "It's okay Kimberly. I'll pick this lock, we'll get inside and get you all charged up and out of this power-saving mode okay?"

Her beaming smile returned, a tinge of programmed flirtiness present in the corners of her mouth. She pushed herself into Arthur, latching herself onto the strong musculature of his right arm, "Oh Arthur! Okay!"

--- ---

Once inside, Arthur immediately locked the door behind. No need for any striders or vandalists to sneak up on the two of them. For the first time he noticed large impact craters on the far side of the glass door; people must have tried breaking through but had been unsuccessful. If only the glass surrounding the display bots had been reinforced similarly, maybe their fates could have been spared.

He turned around to find Kimberly in the dark room. As his eyes adjusted his jaw proceeded to hit the floor. A dozen or so model-esque Companion-Bots were placed around the store posed in unique positions. They were all either sporting sexy outfits or in a couple of instances, nothing at all.

He found Kimberly at the far side of the store staring at a brunette model on a podium, a half dozen or so feet high, whose lively backside was facing towards him. He admired the floor model's soft elegant curves as he walked up to see what had captured Kimberly's attention. Arthur gasped as he turned and faced the floor model head on. There standing on the podium, fully nude and looking all too familiar was Kimberly. She stood with a hand on her hip, leaning slightly forward with her buoyant breasts accentuated. Arthur had seen this positioning before.

He looked back to his own Kimberly whose stance perfectly mirrored that of the display Kimberly in front of her. Her large round eyes stared blankly ahead at her identical twin Companion-Bot.

"Kimberly! Wake up!" He thumped her on the back again, hoping her batteries hadn't failed and that her systems had just momentarily glitched out upon seeing an exact duplicate of herself. "Come on Kimberly, I need you!" He double clicked the recessed button behind her ear, internally praying that she was just experiencing another minor operational hiccup.

"Did someone say they needed me?"

Arthur turned to face the the recognizable voice of the nude store-display Kimberly, who he gathered had apparently activated at the mention of her name.

"Did someone say the needed me?" She repeated herself with exact timing and pronunciation, this time leaning forwards and pushing her upper arms against each other to squeeze her generous breasts together.

"Did someone say they needed me?" She repeated the measured phrase a third time, now pushing the smooth mound of her precision-engineered sex out and running her hands up and down her glossy thighs.

Arthur stepped towards her with genuine curiosity. "Uhh Yes. I did."

The display Kimberly blinked several times before squatting down to reduce the vertical distance between them. Actuators embedded within her hips, knees, and ankles whined profusely as she lowered herself, years of neglected maintenance and missed tune-up sessions now audibly apparent to Arthur.

"What's your name?"


"What can I do for you...Arthur?"

"Can I ask you how you're still charged?"

Show-floor Kimberly pivoted 180 degrees, once again displaying a rear view of her slim, nude figure. Her whole frame rattled and buzzed with each choppy movement. Arthur was concerned she was going to come apart right there on the podium.

"I'm currently plugged..." Her voice twisted with digital artifacting "...in-in-in." Her head clicked sharply to the right, apparently nudging some component into correct alignment. "I'm currently plugged in to the store's independent graphene battery matrix!" She smiled brilliantly.

A thin black cable snaked up the back of her smooth left leg disappearing under her gluteal fold. She reached back and lifted her cheek, exposing the well disguised port where the charging cable terminated. "My power induction coils keep overheating, so until they're fixed they just leave me charging manually. I feel so naked with my charging cord un-spooled and outside my body all the time." She smiled coyly, batting her eyelashes with programmed cuteness before shrugging her shoulders with a slight but audible mechanized hum. "But what's a girl like me to do?"

"Hey Kimberly?"


"How does one access and un-spool your charging cord when its fully recessed and your charging port is closed?"

"One needs only to ask!" She licked her glistening cherry-blossom lips "You can ask me anything you know?" Her soft voice hung on the word 'anything'.

"What if you were offline or your batteries were dead?"

"Well you would open my Dermal Lumbar Panel and engage the manual release located on the back of my vertebrae support column."

"And where is that?" Arthur asked quizzically.

The floor-model Kimberly smiled alluringly, "Come up here and I'll show you." Her main CPU was expertly blending her sales software and adaptive behavioral algorithms to sell Arthur on her model, and her systems reveled in her success as Arthur climbed up and onto the podium.

She popped her Dermal Lumbar Panel off in a flash and grabbed Arthur's hand. She guided it deep within the gap in her artificial SynthSkin. "Here. Feel that?" she breathed.

Arthur felt two things. First was a thin but sturdy beam running vertically up Kimberly's plastic frame that he took to be her artificial spine. Second was the display Kimberly's cushioned derriere firmly pushing against his crotch. "Yeah, I feel it."

"Reach around it for a switch. You should feel it click."

Arthur triggered the manual release.

"Now that would normally do it. But, you can't release it my charging cable since is already un-spooled silly!

She spun around, grabbing Arthur's head and bringing him in for a kiss. She paused suddenly, her face only inches away from Arthur's. She blinked her eyes lazily several times, her ruby lips pursed. For the first time, he noticed the slight covering of dust that was all over floor-model Kimberly's body. She un-paused and stepped backwards. "Excuse me....Arthur. I need to go top off my fluid reserves!"

She stylishly pirouetted and bent down to unplug her power cable from an outlet neatly disguised near the back of her podium. Her servomotors again clamored and whined at the movement. Once removed, she cleverly folded the prongs of her charging plug flat and compact, and tugged on the the cable where it exited from beneath her shapely ass cheek. Smoothly, the cable retracted up and into the camoflauged port where it disappeared into its housing embedded within the upper portions of her plastic thigh.

Display Kimberly walked to the edge of the podium. "I can top my systems off with some of the stuff from over there." She pointed towards a nearby wall stocked with boxes, jugs, pouches, reservoirs, bladders, and cartons. She looked at Arthur and winked, "I'll be right back!"

As she lowered herself to exit the podium a loud crack emanated from within her un-maintained chassis. Her left knee buckled inwards as its primary stabilization actuator blew out completely, and with a sharp pop she crumpled forwards. Her gyroscopic subsystem crashed under the sudden influx of errors and aberrant data streams. She buckled forward and fell off the elevated podium awkwardly.

She smashed into the smooth cement floor with head first and her hands outstretched. Her wrists snapped in half with the utterly inhuman sound of fracturing carbon fiber, bending plastic, and scraping metal. She tried to change position, a litany of newly broken components clattering inside her petite frame. With her mouth un-moving her vocal synthesizer continued, "I'll be right back! I'll be right back! I'll be right back! I'll be right back! I'll be right-right-right-right-riw#$$*$..." Her voice fizzled out as several arcs of electricity ran up and down her body frying every electrical component in its path.

As the the surge of electricity ceased, light wisps of white smoke bellowed out from the wrecked synthetic beauty. She twitched and spasmed at irregular intervals as more and more circuit boards shorted out and electrical subsystems triggered erroneously.

Arthur felt pity for the poor display bot. He jumped down from the podium and stepped over her where he pressed the recessed button behind her ear, turning her off. Her movements and noises stopped immediately aside for the occasional crackling overloaded circuitry. Standing over her he began to notice the smell of ozone, melted silicon, and charred plastic. The stench stung his nostrils as he leaned down to examine the damage up close. Both of the floor-model Kimberly's wrists had been sheared in half, only the embedded mesh network of her sub-dermal sensory array connected the top of her hands to her wrist. Next, Arthur turned his attention to the display Kimberly's head, which was cocked sideways at an inhuman angle. A mangled servo-rod and a knot of frayed wiring protruded through the SynthSkin near her delicate collarbone.

Arthur stepped away from the pile of ruined sexbot. The acrid smell was becoming too much for him, making his eyes sting and his nose burn. He walked back over to his own Kimberly, who still stood motionless, in the exact spot he left her. Running his hands through his hair he spoke, "I didn't know you were so fragile. You should have told me!"

He pulled her close taking in her familiar plasticky scent. "Ugh I need you turned on real bad Kim." With deft hands he removed her Dermal Lumbar Panel and carefully set it aside. He then triggered her manual charging cord release as he had only just been taught and dragged her closer to the podium. He savored her rubbery softness in his hands as he leaned her against the short wall of the podium, facing away from the carnage of her now defunct twin. He un-spooled the cord, unfolded the plug, and connected her to the same power supply he had seen display Kimberly disconnect from only moments ago. He leaned around her back, verified the first LED was yellow and that she was charging properly. He patted her on the shoulder and slowly moved out of the store gathering his thoughts about what had just happened.

--- ---

Arthur walked through the meandering walkways of the mall silently, the soft tap of his boots on the faux ceramic tiling the only sound filling the vacant halls. The relic of pre-invasion capitalism was dark, only the regular intervals of skylights made the labyrinthine consumer maze of hallways, corridors, food courts, and shops navigable.

He checked through the food court thoroughly for several minutes. Most everything had rotted, spoiled, or had been already scavenged. But, he managed to find a handful of cans filled with soups and a couple bottles of water. He put everything in his large backpack and carried on, moving towards the sporting goods store that the map directory showed as being at the far end of the mall.

After passing a seemingly endless number of clothing, toy, and appliance shops, Arthur finally found himself in front of his destination. Heavy steel doors had been pulled down over what Arthur assumed were glass windows. However, the chains locking the double set of entrance doors had been cut. Somebody or something had been here.

He stepped inside cautiously and quietly, crouching low with bent knees and a ducked head. Dim lights flickered at the far end of the store. Large skylights caked with snow filled the space with immense flat light.

"Guns & Ammo" signage pointed towards the far corner of the store. Arthur headed that direction, guns and ammo were the main priority of this trip aside for getting Kimberly a full charge.

His thoughts wondered to her. He felt her soft curves in his hands, her toned body underneath his own. He could smell the slight plasticky scent of her skin and the formulated juices of her sex. He could hear her delicate voice echoing through his head.

With a quickly stiffening erection and Kimberly on his mind, Arthur stopped, tucking his member behind his waistband. He realized he was walking directly towards the women's winter attire section.

He wanted to conserve space in his bag for necessities and he knew that Kimberly's resilient chassis did not require cold weather gear, but a nagging feeling in the back of his head prompted Arthur to pick out at least one temperature appropriate outfit for Kimberly. So, he jogged over to the store's camping section and quickly grabbed a durable looking charcoal gray travel backpack before running back.

Unsure of her size and fit, Arthur just decided to go with small, he whispered to himself, "I mean they're either gonna fit too tight or they will fit perfectly..." he grinned, "...either way, I win." He grabbed an insulated pair of snow-white leggings and a matching long-sleeve athletic top. They looked warm, ultra flexible, and like they would camouflage well with their winter surroundings.

Arthur instinctively grabbed a fuchsia-pink deep V push-up sports bra and matching sports thong for Kimberly. He chuckled knowing both articles would be easily visible through the white leggings and top, "I mean I'm the only one that's gonna see these anyways."

He then found a pack of simple black athletic socks and a charcoal-gray pair of thick-soled waterproof boots. Once again he was unsure of her size and just defaulted to grabbing a pair one step down from the median.

He finished up his clothing haul with a slim yet practical furry beige jacket for Kimberly. After shoving it all in the new bag, he continued on towards the 'Guns and Ammo' section.

As he approached the somewhat concealed firearms department, his hairs stood on edge; he grimaced as the familiar stench of both human and strider decay floated into his nostrils. He found the translucent multi-colored gleam of strider blood first. He kicked the source of the blood, a dried out alien husk, with his foot and it didn't move. He exhaled sharply, he could feel his heart beating through his chest. The dried blood meant the attack had occurred long before his arrival.

The deep leathery brown skin of the strider husk caught his attention, its tendril appendages had shriveled up. The entire carcass was about half the size as normal, a result of it being completely void of all internal moisture that had poured onto the floor.

Arthur eyed the ammunition for his two sidearms just behind the un-moving alien remains. He pinched his nose, and wincing, reached over the husk to grab several boxes of each ammo type. Gagging, he shoved them in his bag and stumbled away.

Around a narrow row of shelves the thick scent of decaying strider dissipated. Taking in several deep breaths, Arthur regained his composure. He looked up and down the aisle that had been picked clean of all firearms and almost all ammunition. He paced back and forth between the shelves several times, each time looking more and more carefully for the rifle bullets he desperately needed.

He gave the plastic storage rack closest to him a frustrated shove. It wobbled. Grunting, he hit it harder. It wobbled violently and two plastic boxes slid off the shelf knocking him on the head.


He looked down at his two cubic assailants and grinned; 128 rounds of his particular rifle ammunition were staring him right in the face.

Arthur did a Hail Mary and pointed to the sky. The arrival of extraterrestrial aliens on Earth may have fried his previous religious views, but he had since found a renewed sense of faith in some distant cosmic deity that he felt constantly reigning over him.

He grabbed the two boxes of ammo and tossed them into his bag.

With a skip in his step, he made his way out of the store and back towards Kimberly.

--- ---

Sneaking back into the Avant Robotics store Arthur found Kimberly halfway charged, 16 of her 32 battery indicator LEDS lit up green, 1 yellow, and the remaining 15 red. He decided he should let her re-energize as much as possible before leaving, so he took a detailed tour of the fembot showroom.

He spotted a banner in the corner of the shop labeled 'Power Management' and walked over. In front of a shelf filled with electronics were several chairs of differing styles, a small twin bed, and what looked like an ironing board cut in half and stood up on its side. Arthur peered at a plaque next to an expensive looking leather arm chair.

/'Avant Robotics - Induction Charging Living Room Ready Arm Chair' - $3,500.00

Have your Companion-Bot charge discreetly and in luxury. Compatible with Tessa_M84U, Natalia_M84U, and Kimberly_M84U Companion-Bot models, this elegantly designed all leather arm chair is equipped with embedded dual induction charger coils capable of quickly re-charging your Companion-Bot. Without the need for messy charging cables the Induction Charging Living Room Ready Arm Chair is perfect for owners who anticipate having friends or family over for extended periods of time and want to keep their M84U Companion-Bot functioning flawlessly and realistically throughout the entire visit!'

Please see store attendant for all electrical specifications, and installation questions.\

Arthur noticed each piece of furniture had a similar plaque near it describing its function and operation. He whispered to himself, "Hmmm don't think we can make use of this at the library.

He looked past the furniture to the shelving behind. There his eyes quickly found two items that could be of immediate benefit to Kimberly and himself. He grabbed both of them impulsively and pulled them closer to read.

The first item, about the size of a tissue box read

/'Avant Robotics - External Power Brick' - $300.00

Compatible with all Avant Robotics models, this simply designed charger pack can easily be brought on-the-go for discrete charging of your personal fembot ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. When fully charged, the External Power Brick can supply over 2.5 full recharges for your personal fembot with the reliability and consistency you come to assume from Avant Robotics.

Please see store attendant for more External Power Brick specifications.\

The second item was about the size of a cereal box and read

/'Avant Robotics - Mobile Solar Charging Station' - $1,200.00

Compatible with direct charging of all Avant Robotics models and External Power Brick, the Mobile Solar Charging Station is ultra portable and can be easily unfolded allowing for charging anywhere the sun is shining. Perfect for campers, survivalists, and for keeping your bot running during those pesky rolling blackouts. Take your fembot with you OFF THE GRID!

Please see store attendant for more Mobile Solar Charging Station specifications.\

Arthur shoved both boxes into his bag and continued walking the perimeter of the store. He picked up a couple mechanical grease cartridge specifically made for the completely redesigned internal mechanical oilers of the Kimberly_M84U model line. He supposed he would just ask Kimberly to tell him when she needed the replacement.

In large, neatly stacked jugs, Arthur found some Avant Robotics M84U All Purpose Emulation Fluid. Remembering Kimberly's comment from earlier regarding her low fluid levels, he picked up a jug and set it next to her. He almost stuffed the extra jug into the new backpack before stopping. He pulled out all of the clothes and shoes out of the bag and sat them down on the side opposite Kimberly. He shoved the extra jug into the bag, which was quickly reaching its carrying capacity; Arthur determined he could save room by having Kimberly change into her new outfit before they left.

Casually continuing his stroll around the shop, while Kimberly further recharged, Arthur passed another tantalizing display model. This one was dressed in a silver low-cut sequined mini-dress that glimmered brilliantly. She had long blonde hair that flowed past her shoulders and bright emerald green eyes. She was positioned leaning over a bar top. Her generous cleavage was slightly glossy, spilling onto the flat false marble surface. She was stunning, almost impossibly pretty.

Next to her was another plaque, it read

/'Avant Robotics - Natalia_M84U Companion-Bot - Benevolent Series [REFURBISHED] - $22,000.00.'

As the predecessor to the Kimberly_M84U Companion-Bot, Natalia shares over 93% functionality in common with her younger sister and at half the price!

Natalia_M84U sports a completely redesigned main processing bus that, in combination with overhauled improvisational behavior subroutines, allows her to engage socially and hold conversation so realistically that even your parents won't realize she's a bot!

Utilizing the same induction charging hardware pioneered on the Tessa_M84U Companion Bot model line, Natalia_M84U is capable of charging discreetly through the SynthSkin of her upper thighs. Through any fabric of clothes, Natalia_M84U can fully charge just by sitting down on an easily concealable induction charging mat!

With 15 body types, 15 facial templates, and thousands of customization options at your fingertips, YOU can design Natalia_M84U as YOU see fit. Our 5th generation SynthSkin is ultra realistic, and with Avant's industry renowned sex-ware, "Any Moment Looks Good On An Avant Natalia_M84U."

Please see store attendant for Natalia_M84U specifications.\

There was a large red button embedded beneath the plaque labeled 'Demo Mode'. Arthur pushed it down, curious to see Kimberly's preceding model in action.

POP! The Natalia unit's head shot up abruptly. She focused her eyes on Arthur and blinked them lazily. "Hi! What's your name sugar?" Her simple, confident voice was tinged with a southern accent.

"Oh, I'm uhh Arthur."

"Well nice to meet you Ar-Ar-Ar..." Natalia's face screwed up wildly as the thousands of embedded control mechanisms interpreted a bevy of errant electrical signals before quickly recovering. "...Arthur!"

She pressed herself further into the bar top, her soft, pliable breasts flattening against the flat surface. She batted her expertly crafted eyelashes at Arthur, staring at him with programmed allure.

"So Arthur, do you want to come up here? You're allowed to touch me you know?"

"Uh sure." Arthur stepped up onto the podium. The unit was smaller than he had initially noticed, he guessed she would only come up to his shoulders, even in her exaggerated heels.

With a whir of servos and a realistic bounce of her ample bosom, the display Natalia pushed herself up and off the counter top to face Arthur. "Here." She confidently grabbed both of Arthur's wrists, guiding one hand onto a breast and the other underneath the hem of her mini-dress onto the bare spongy posterior of her perfectly round left buttock. "Touch me here."

Arthur squeezed, feeling the plastic and silicone flesh of her erogenous regions slightly bend and deform under his firm grasp.

Hundreds of micro-sensors, tuned to detect the slightest change in pressure, flooded Natalia's main processing core with the stimulating data.

"Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju..." The display bot briefly glitched again. Her face contorted bizarrely for a moment before a cluster of fast-acting internal debuggers rectified the issue. "..Just like that." Her inviting smile and alluring eyes immediately returned to their pre-malfunction positions. Arthur was impressed at how quickly her facial actuators could change the expression on her pretty face.

He renewed his attention to the blemishless SynthSkin that he gripped in his hands. He glided his hand down to her smooth upper thigh and pulled back in searing pain. The surface was burning hot.

"Uhh Natalia. I think there's a problem with one of your batteries. Your thigh is burning hot!"

She pulled back and winked at Arthur, slightly swaying in her new position. "People just love my long legs. Some say they're my [hottest] feature." She ran her manicured hands from her hips down to her knees.

"No Natalia! Your legs are scalding. I think something is wrong!"

Her face paused for a moment, giving her processing core time to incorrectly parse meaning from his statement. In a single fluid motion, she pivoted 180 degrees and bent forward dramatically, displaying her perfectly round ass to him. "Oh Arthur, you should know there's nothing wrong with scalding me! I like it when you treat me rough!" She then leaned forward even deeper, knowingly exposing the delicate pink lips of her plastic pussy.

Arthur instinctively moved in and grabbed Natalia's haunches, her engineered magnetism drawing him in. Arthur recoiled and jumped backwards. The surface of both thighs were now even hotter than before.

"Natalia you should turn yourself off. There's something wrong with your batteries!"

She remained frozen for several seconds as her processing core again erroneously interpreted his statement. Standing completely still she looked doll-like, fragile, and inhuman.

Natalia turned her head back over her shoulder, "Oh you're not turning me off Ar-Ar-Ar-Arthur. Quite the contrary actually! My ba-ba-ba-batteries are fully charged, and if you come back over here I'll show you what I'm really designed for!"

Arthur knew the bot was obviously malfunctioning. In an attempt to save her he stepped off the podium and pressed the red button that had originally activated her. He hoped it would have the reverse effect and shut her down this time.

He was wrong. Pressing the button sent another stream of electricity directly through Natalia's power management subsystem. The raw current overwhelmed her few remaining functional parallel resistor banks and ran directly into her graphene batteries.

Arthur watched in horror as each one failed catastrophically. With a roaring bang the battery embedded within Natalia's glossy left thigh exploded, bursting open a well camoflauged access panel. It hung open on its hinge as dark black smoke billowed out of the hole. The battery installed within Natalia's athletic right thigh caught fire internally. The intense heat began melting away her SynthSkin, exposing the complex array of wires, hydraulic tubing, pneumatic hose, and metallic framework that made up her upper leg.

Arthur stepped forward and smothered the fire with a rug underfoot. The crackling of electrical fire stopped and the flow of thick black smoke eased. He coughed several times, several mouthfuls of the acrid vapors stinging his throat.

He looked at the display Natalia's face one more time. It was nothing if not serene, albeit stuck with a look of bewilderment and surprise. Her shiny, ruby lips were still parted elegantly, plump as ever. He patted her gently on the small of her back, "I didn't know you were all so fragile. Sorry about that."

Moving further around the store, Arthur found several small packages of dice-sized cubes labeled 'Avant Robotics - M84U All Purpose Emulation Mineral Block'. They were advertised with the slogan "Resupply every two weeks to keep all of your M84U's fluids chemically stable with balanced pH for her function and your enjoyment!" He shoved a handful of the packets into the last remaining crevice of his bag and moved on.

He continued through the round display room, curiously examining each inch of the shop as he passed by.

"Ahh here we go!" Reaching down, Arthur grabbed a small took-kit. It was labeled 'Avant Robotics - M84U Multi-Tool and Replacement Components'. He jogged over to the extra backpack, one he would make Kimberly wear, and forcibly shoved it inside. After several seconds of squishing, squirming, jostling, and shaking he was able to close the straining zipper.

He continued exploring around the shop's edges. He passed another display unit. This one was dressed in a slutty air stewardess outfit with her strawberry-brown hair pulled back in a tight pony-tail. The shiny cerulean blue uniform tightly hugged her artificial figure magnificently; a zipper running the length of the dress was zipped down just beneath her round, ample breasts, exposing her bubbly cleavage for all to see.

She was posed with one had on her hip and with the other grabbing at her laughably inexpensive looking air stewardess hat. Her long slender legs poured out from the bottom of her high-cut dress, ending in a pair of porcelain white stilettos.

As expected, there was another plaque next to her podium.

/'Avant Robotics - Tessa_M84U Companion-Bot [REFURBISHED] - $9,999.99'

As the first model of the incredibly successful Avant Robotics M84U Companion-Bot line, Tessa's improvisational behavior subroutines and induction charging hardware are pioneering in their own regards, setting standards still unmatched elsewhere in the fembot industry.

Priced conveniently below $10,000.00, Tessa is more affordable than her direct competition and all refurbished units are reliable as they come with a minimum of over 10,000 hours logged without serious hardware error.

Tessa's industry-leading social mannerisms and conversational-performance bus are so sophisticated, that combined with her ultra-realistic 4th generation SynthSkin and refined facial actuator system, she can pass as human even to the most avid observer!

With updated coital sex-ware, an identical sexual performance chassis to the world-wide best-selling Avant S3X_BOT-4, and upgraded lithium-ion batteries "Tessa_M84U is guaranteed to satisfy your each and every need."

Please see store attendant for Tessa_M84U specifications.\

Arthur spotted another 'Demo Mode' button on her plaque and impulsively pushed it. He hoped to turn a corner and not leave this particular display-bot completely totaled.

It was as if life itself had suddenly flowed into the bot. Her eyes fluttered open and she took a deep simulated breath, her chest rising in perfect synchronicity with her mouth to convincingly emulate the human behavior. The latex of her uniform tightened against her provocative frame her systems "breathed" air into her bellows-like artificial lungs.

Tessa's eyes met Arthur's for a brief second, a perfect shade of hazel, they were equal parts inviting, intoxicating, and electric. She cocked her head and pursed her lips alluringly.


Tessa's face contorted as an emergency access panel blasted out from her lower back. She slumped forwards, hinging at the hips. A near perfectly rectangular hole had been melted through the synthetic cerulean material of her uniform. Sparks, thick black smoke, and small tendrils of flame streamed out of the stewardess-bot's slender back.

Arthur stared ahead at the wreckage of the third bot he had inadvertently destroyed while in the store. He was shocked, confused, and the slightest bit amused, "Well...I'm not taking the blame for that one at least."

He stepped forward and examined the damaged robot's back. Her melting SynthSkin disagreed with his nostrils and he coughed hard.

Not enjoying the site of yet another smoldering sexbot and convinced the fire within her was dying down, he decided it was time for him and Kimberly to leave. He walked over to the familiar bot, equal parts beautiful and serene in her frozen state.

Peering into the exposed wiring and circuitry in the small of her back, Arthur found 25 of her 32 battery indicator LEDs glowing green, 1 yellow, and the remaining 6 red. "Good Enough," he quietly whispered to himself. He carefully replaced Kimberly's Dermal Lumbar Panel and tenderly retracted her charging cable into her camoflauged port just as the display model had taught him. Gently brushing strands of her brunette hair aside, he double clicked the small button behind her ear and waited for her to boot.

Arthur could see Kimberly's body pulse and flutter with electric life well before her eyes ever opened or her artificial lips drew breath. Millions of electrical connections surged with power simultaneously, bringing her dormant body to life.

Less than 15 seconds had gone by and more than 99% of Kimberly's intricately woven pieces of software had fully loaded into her volatile, instant-read memory. Her main CPU successfully queried hundreds of thousands of sensory imprints, software patches, hot-fixes, and personality files concurrently through her robust solid-state memory banks. Satisfied, it then green-lit operation of her human emulation hardware through the submission of neatly packaged digital information packets.

Her tight synthetic lips pulled back revealing a radiant smile just before her eyelids opened. Kimberly's electric blue eyes were danced back and forth with frenetic energy; they swept across her entire field of vision horizontally before mechanically indexing down five degrees repeating the process over and over again. After 1.4 seconds she had completed 32 passes, generating a fully reactive and dynamic 3-Dimensional virtual rendition of her surroundings. Her Kinetics sub-processing core used this iterative 3-Dimensional model to plan every millimeter of her movement before relaying commands to her Motor Control Computational Bus. The complex apertures embedded within her eyes enabled a field of vision of 162 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees horizontal, essentially giving her superhuman peripheral vision.

She blinked her eyes several times in quick succession, and with surprising fluidity, jumped to her feet. Her breasts bounced realistically behind her tight top. Arthur choked on air, forgetting the full effects of what seeing her body in motion could do to him.

She wrapped her arms around him and pushed in a for a wet kiss. They let it linger for a moment, their tongues leisurely wrapping up around one another. Kimberly pulled away, cocked her head to the side, and stated matter of fact-ly, "Currently, your KIMBERLY_M84U'S battery level is ... 88%. Power saving mode has been suspended. Normal functionality of your KIMBERLY_M84U has resumed." She grinned absently for a second before cocking her head the other direction, "Warning. Your KIMBERLY_M84U's fluid reservoir is currently at 9% capacity, prompting notification of user. USER_04, do you acknowledge this warning?"

Arthur chuckled, "Yes, er...uhhh...acknowledged." He grabbed the jug of All Purpose Emulation Fluid at their feet and handed it to Kimberly. She held it in her hands momentarily, staring at it only briefly before her powerful ocular sensors scanned the QR code printed on the container's label, prompting a series of pre-programmed subroutines to execute within her plastic chassis.

She convincingly executed a 'blush' subroutine, staring at Arthur with her large innocent eyes. "Can you...turn around Arthur?"

"Uhh...yeah. Sure."

Arthur spun around to face the far wall, impressed at the realness of the sexbot's simulated embarrassment. Within several moments, a loud vacuum noise emanated from Kimberly's direction, accompanied with what sounded like several pumps firing up in quick succession.

The noise stopped just as quickly as it had started; Arthur turned and caught a fleeting glimpse of thin, clear, polyethylene tubing retracting up and into the underside of Kimberly's slender forearm, a few rivulets of emulation fluid dripping onto the floor as the seam in her SynthSkin sealed itself.

"That should last me for quite awhile. Thanks Arthur."

Kimberly grinned and began sashaying towards him, but halted as he gestured towards her with a long, dull gray cylinder. Her large eyes instantaneously parsed the text on the object passing on the information to her Main CPU which identified it as a mechanical grease cartridge made specifically for her nubile model line.

"Oh wow!" She cheered, I've never had one of these replaced. My systems are beyond overdue!"

Arthur marveled at now naturally the peppy sentence came off of her artificial tongue.

She snagged the canister from his hand and immediately pulled her top over her head, causing her hair to fall down explosively around her shoulders.

Her face went blank, all imitative facial expressions drained away, and a small panel hinged open on Kimberly's toned stomach. Arthur peeked in, spying the old grease cartridge, black on the outside from must have been an extended period of minor seepage. It hooked into a cradle that fed a dozen or so thin plastic tubes running up and out of the cartridges recessed compartment.

With a slight pneumatic POP of compressed air, the cartridge disconnected from it's cradle and Kimberly's expert fingers swapped in the new cartridge which slotted into the cradle with a momentary hiss. Her small stomach panel then closed and self-sealed, the complex formulated polymers of her SynthSkin working harmoniously to render the seam completely unnoticeable.

Arthur wondered why she didn't feign shyness over this act of self service, when the replacement of her emulation fluids drove such a visceral reaction.

His thoughts were immediately interrupted as Kimberly bounded into him, her perky breasts compressing against his chest. He noted that expression had returned to her face-place; she wore a sultry grin before diving in for his mouth with her soft, yielding lips and strong polymer tongue.

"Mhhmmhmnmmm. Kim. Kim. Kim" He struggled to talk over the sexbot's oral attack. "Kim. Kim." Whether her systems were hearing his words or not, she continued to explore Arthur's mouth with her own. "Kim. Kim!"

This time her systems registered the urgency in his voice and she pulled back and cocked her head in concern at Arthur. "Arthur, what is it?"

"We should get back to the library," He pointed up towards the stores skylight, "It's getting dark. I don't want us to get caught out in this."

Kimberly's main CPU interpreted Arthur's statement as a direct command; immediately she withdrew her hands from around his neck and took a step back. "Okay Arthur, should we get going then?" As she finished her sentence she reached down and picked up her white top.

"You won't need that right now Kimberly."

She looked at Arthur with confusion in her eyes, then back down at her shirt, then back to Arthur, then back to her shirt, then back to Arthur.

She grinned electrically and bounced with faux excitement, her main CPU confident it had solved the reasoning behind Arthur's request. "You would like me to walk back to the library topless, wouldn't you?!" With that, she pursed her lips like a pin-up model and pushed her breasts together, their buoyant softness folding up onto each other accentuating the delicate crease separating them.

Arthur grinned, "Well, yes I would like that, but that's not why you won't need that top."

She cocked her head towards Arthur, wearing the exact same confused expression she had shown just seconds prior.

Arthur gestured towards the bag of supplies that was filled with clothes. Kimberly followed his gaze, walked over to the bag, and scanned its inside. Her systems quickly determined that the womanly articles were for her.

She turned her head back around towards Arthur, effortlessly. "Oh Arthur! Thank you!"

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