Better than Human

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Sonia Evans' mechanical body strode flawlessly with every step she took. A sub-routine in her gel-suspended CPU briefly loaded, allowing her to realize just how incredible the transformation from human to machine had been, and she briefly calculated just how satisfying it would be in two years' time when her contract of service would be finished, and it was all her's. However, it wasn't as if obeying the person that currently held her remote was all that bad. It gave her a chance to try out her new programming and functions, not to mention it being a great excuse for others to really, intimately appreciate how wonderful her synthetic body was.

She had gotten her new body five months ago after approaching MythTech about their 'Better Than Human' program. Sonia was less then pleased with her current looks. At five foot five with short, all too-straight brown hair and a little bit of a gut, she'd often fantasized about signing up for the program, but it was when her appendix had nearly burst two weeks before her first appointment that she'd decided she was finished with being human.

The process wasn't easy. She had to undergo psychological evaluation to ensure this would be for her benefit. Once she got cleared, she endured a couple of months of chemical treatments that were designed to alter her brain matter slowly into a gel-based silicate that not only held her memories, thoughts, and everything about herself, but also could be interfaced with a mechanical body properly. Finally, after months of testing and medical treatment, she was ready.

Sonia remembered almost crying when she saw the robotic body she'd designed for herself the day she got transformed. She got to run her hands over the inanimate robot and imagining herself inside of it almost drove her to tears. Right up until she was put under for surgery, she was a mess of nervousness, excitement and she even felt a tiny bit turned on. When she 'woke' up from her surgery, she was looking at the world through an HD HUD. “Sonia Evans online. All systems green. Personality online.” She was thankful that her body didn't have incredible robotic strength like in the movies, otherwise she might had accidentally crushed her doctor with a giant hug!

After another month of practice and acclimation with her new body, she was ready to begin her contract.

Unable to simply outright buy herself a new robotic body, the 'Better Than Human' program allowed members to pay a fraction of the cost for the upgrade they wanted, and in return they agreed to sign on for an extended period of time as indentured servants for long-term renters. Interested patients filled out a form detailing the maximum length of service they wanted to perform, age groups and genders of acceptable masters, who would be responsible for their finances while they served, and other details. Once a match was found, they began their service. When their contract was up, they were completely free and owed MythTech no further debts on their body.

Sonia looked down at her new body. She'd been ordered by her master to wear a bright string bikini. Her small but perky breasts were cradled by the shiny red top and her wide, juicy hips were hugged so tightly by the bottoms that were chosen for her. She ran her hands down her torso, fingers splayed and sensors fired off, indicating that she felt wonderful touching herself. The bikini matched her fiery red hair, which had been cropped into a sexy, well-cropped bob. Biting her bottom lip, she gently curled her fingers into a few hidden seams on her smooth belly. The synthetic skin hardened into a plate and clicked free. Underneath was a shiny metal plate which opened with a small hiss. Inside, wiring and circuits designed to run balancing programs were stored. She felt a sudden rush of pleasure as she admired herself.

She was a robot. A perfect machine.

Sonia placed the panel aside and looked around the tidy living room. She had cleaned it, along with the rest of the house, only an hour ago. Before her master left, he simply pointed a remote at her and hit a button. Just like that, programming dictated that she cleaned the house while he was away. It was incredibly arousing for her, knowing that she was under his control. If he'd ever allowed her to break through willful act or negligence the contract was terminated, and he'd have to foot her repair bill, but outside of taking care of her, he could order her to do anything. Sex, cleaning, cooking, outfits, it was all at his fingertips.

Sonia had to admit that being his perfect robot servant was quite arousing at times.

With her chores completed and no more standing orders, she simply sauntered around the house, her hand on her swaying, peach-shaped hips. She indulged herself a little, and with a 'click' her noise dampening systems came offline. With each sexy stride of her long, shapely legs, her servos now buzzed loudly. The whir of spinning systems inside of her body filled the air around her. When she spoke, her natural voice took on a robotic inflection. “I am Sonia, the perfect robotic girl. I was once human, but now I'm a smokin' hot machine programmed to pleasure humans. That makes me so wet.” She spoke in a calm cadence, almost like an automated operator from the 21st century. Her hand slipped down in between her legs, and as she continued to walk she casually stroked her sex through her tight red outfit.

“My synthetic pussy has over thirty thousand sensors in my clitoris alone. The entire sexual sleeve has over three hundred thousand. I have never been so keenly aware of pleasure. My robotic body is so sexy.”

Her wide hips sway, straining her tight bottoms against her perfectly curved butt. Her servos keep sounding out, and her green eyes flicker with light. “I love being a machine. I'm better than real. I'm a work of art.” Her free hand slips over her breast, and she gives herself a brief squeeze. With her sound dampeners off, the squeeze to her chest makes her internal cooling systems loudly activate, and Sonia shivers as she feels an icy rush through her body. Suddenly, the arousal catches up to her and she climaxes. Drips of synthetic lubricant drool down her inner thighs and she trembles once more.

“Well done, Sonia.”

Sonia gasps as she hears the voice of her owner, her head making a mechanical buzz as she turns to look to the doorway. She had noticed him come in, and he was holding her remote. It's then that her processors put together what just happened. This show, her building arousal, talking out loud about being a perfect robot and masturbating... it was all a pre-programmed demonstration her master had put her through. He was perfectly controlling every aspect of her mechanical body, her programmed emotions... and that made her incredibly hot.

“Sonia, clean yourself up, go into the bedroom and assume position number two. I want shy and submissive.”

When he ordered the personality change, her blush deepened and she nodded demurely. “Y-yes master.” The whirs coming from her hips were quick and short as she speedily scooted off towards the bedroom, suddenly embarrassed but inexplicably turned on. That night, she pleasured her owner in a variety of ways. He used her as a reserved, innocent virgin. He switched her personality to a party-loving slut. Then he had her use him as a dominant, rough vixen. After that he had even turned her personality responses off. Though she spoke like a machine as she pleasured him, inside she still felt the wonderful joy of servicing the man with her remote. She was put to almost every sexual task imaginable until her batteries wore down, and they kissed good night as he plugged her into the wall.

Before she powered down, Sofia considered perhaps having the contract extended for a while...

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