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Marie quickly rushed into her apartment, seeming to bubble with excitement. She was holding a strange looking grey, metallic box, tucked carefully under her left arm, while she fumbled with her keys and managed to lock the door to her apartment.

She deposited her purse and jacket on a table near the door, and then carefully placed the box on the coffee table in her modest sized living room. She took a few deep, measured breaths in an attempt to calm herself down, and then walked into her bedroom.

She calmly stripped out of her clothes, tossing them into a nearby hamper, and then entered her bathroom and took a relaxing shower. After she was done, dried off, and groomed, she paused to admire herself in the mirror.

Marie was a young Caucasian woman in her mid-twenties, with long, curly brown hair loosely hanging over her shoulders. She quickly scrutinized her overall appearance, athletic and full figured, and slightly taller than average…for a woman. She nodded approvingly, and smiled.

After a few more deep, measured breaths, she calmly exited the bathroom, not bothering to redress, and retrieved the grey box that she had left in her living room, along with a set of papers. She brought both the papers, and the box, into her bedroom, closed and locked the door, and then sat down on the side of the bed she usually slept on, folding all the sheets over to the other side, so her whole body would be exposed.

She then reread the papers several more times, nodding each time as she seemed to memorize it, and then she placed the papers down on her night stand. She grabbed a few of the extra pillows from the other side of the bed, used them to prop herself up at a slight angle on the bed, and then laid back and seemed to zone out.

A blue light suddenly illuminated on the skin of her abdomen, quickly forming the shape of a vertical oval running from just above her smooth patch of pubic hair, to just below her breasts. The oval then slightly lowered down into her body, and split into four equal sized parts, each receding into her body until there was an oval shaped hole, revealing all sorts of circuitry.

Marie was a highly advanced sentient android that was working at a company that created products for androids. She chuckled at the thought of that, since it would be similar to a human working at a company that made medical equipment.

Unlike a typical android, which would be manufactured as a straight adult unit with a pre-programmed personality, Marie had been custom made and programmed by a scientist who intended on raising her as his own daughter, even basing her on his image. He had actually created her because his wife, who had been pregnant with a girl, died during childbirth, along with the baby. Grief stricken, he spent nearly ten years painstakingly coding Marie’s A.I., so she essentially spent her ‘childhood’ years as a computer program.

When he finally thought she was ready, and when he’d saved up enough to buy the materials needed to construct a body, he built one based on the genetic makeup of his dead child, and constructed a ten-year old body for her to use.

Obviously, she didn’t stay ten forever, so he updated her body whenever necessary to make it age, but eventually had to construct a new body when she turned 16. She was still using that body to this date, but he had been able to construct her 16-year old body so that it would be easier to age, and now, still using the same body, she looked like a perfectly normal 25-year old woman, fresh out of college and working for a living.

She practically giggled with excitement this time, seeing her panel opened. She took a few more deep, measured breaths. Though, since she was an android, what was actually happening was she was resetting some of her human emulation programs in order to reduce CPU load, and the breathing was merely an external response to make her appear more human.

The reason Marie was so excited was because she had won a raffle in her company to test out a new product…a product that she was really looking forward to trying out. Marie worked in a department that sorted and managed different types of A.I.s and bodies, and tested them for release. As an android herself, she found the task to be quite rewarding, and she occasionally called it fembot sorting and management.

As a thank you for helping out with taking ownership and management of an internal departmental server, called FembotWiki, which had lost its previous owner after he retired, Marie was allowed to enter into a raffle which only android employees who had been around for more than five years had been eligible for; she was only in her first year, but showed much promise. Only ten names were drawn for the raffle, so she was very excited to be chosen.

She eyed the grey box on her nightstand with anticipation, and then went over the remaining instructions on the paperwork that had been provided with it. So far, she had followed most of the instructions: undress and make sure you are clean, lay down with your body propped up at a 45-degree angle, and open your primary access panel.

Marie nodded, virtually checking off those items in a virtual checklist she’d displayed in her HUD. She had other panels too, of course, being a complicated machine, but the instructions only required her to open the primary access panel in her torso, so that’s all she did.

She then followed the next instruction, which was to place the grey box down on the bed next to her body, preferably near one of her hands, and then to activate a program that the techs at work had already installed into her systems.

Checking that item off her list, she double checked her schedule to make sure she wasn’t expecting any packages or visitors. Confirming she would not be interrupted for the rest of the day, she laid back on the pillows into the required 45-degree angle, settled into a comfortable position, and then activated the program, under the file name “Self-repair_Beta”.

Marie instantly felt herself losing control of her body as it went into a sort of standby mode. Her A.I. didn’t shut down, just her control of her body.

For several moments, Marie’s dormant body simply lay there on the bed, its eyes still open, though unblinking. Then, the small grey box suddenly activated, making a series of beeps and whirring noises, before opening up. A small section of the side facing Marie’s right hand unsealed with a blue light, and then lowered down onto the bed like a ramp.

Marie regained control of her body, seeming to awaken in a dark room with a bright opening. She got up from where she was laying and stepped towards the light.

A miniature version of Marie slowly stepped out, no more than 6-inches in height, though perfectly proportioned. It was wearing only a simple spandex unitard that was quite flattering for Marie’s body type.

Marie spent a few moments staring awestruck up at her actual body, which from her new perspective appeared to be that of a giant. Once the wonder wore off, she suddenly started dancing around with glee, her miniature bare feet bouncing quite well on the cotton sheets of her bed.

The product Marie was testing was a miniature version of herself, scaled down to 1/12 of her actual size. This product had been classified under the code name of Project Tinkerbell, since Tinkerbell was approximately 1/12 the size of an actual person, and the creators of the project were huge Disney fans.

The purpose of Project Tinkerbell was to allow androids such as Marie to temporarily control a miniature version of themselves, so they could conduct a self-inspection of their own body, on their own time, and even conduct repairs inside of their body that might have necessitated a tear-down or disassembly…both of which could be costly, timely, and potentially damaging.

For Marie, having this device was very beneficial because, as a custom-made android with a custom A.I., she didn’t really trust many repair shops to work on her. As such, she often ended up waiting until she happened to visit her dad which, at this point in her life, was not very often.

The grey box she had brought home and emerged from was not only for storing her miniature self, but also for storing the various tools and equipment she might need for conducting repairs and routine maintenance on her own body. And, even better, since she was only controlling the miniature remotely, she could still access the remote settings for her normal body and make it move, if she needed to inspect a spot currently unreachable, such as the back.

Marie spent a few moments quickly examining her miniature self, admiring her tiny feet and hands, perfectly proportioned. For a fraction of a second, she wondered how the techs could have perfectly scaled her body down to such a tiny size, but then she realized that they had to have used a 3D printer. Either way, she was in full control, and it felt exactly like her real body.

She spent a few more moments conducting a quick diagnostic of her mini-body, confirming that she had three hours of battery power available; the techs hoped to bump that up to five after the first round of beta tests. She then activated a previously paused program called “Anna”.

“Are you there Anna?” Marie asked aloud.

“I’m here, Marie,” a British sounding voice sounded in her mind.

“Oh, thank goodness!” Marie said, sighing with relief, “I was worried that my remote interface with the Tinkerbell device might not allow you to function.”

Anna was a sort of A.I within an A.I. She functioned more like a digital assistant for A.I.s like Marie, though her father had custom programmed Anna to serve as more of a friend, since Marie didn’t really have too many of her own. Anna was actually named after, and based on a friend that Marie had growing up who died of cancer at age 16; the real Anna had actually allowed her brain to be scanned so the digital Anna could behave more like her. Although they could have also incorporated Anna’s appearance, Marie preferred to only have the voice.

“I’m not sure I have 100% functionality, but I am able to perform most of my tasks, at least,” Anna responded.

“Well, I’ll take it,” Marie nodded vigorously, still speaking aloud, even though she knew she could merely speak to Anna in her head. She then looked up at her body. “Can you believe what I’m seeing? My body looks so huge!”

“Yeah, it certainly is interesting seeing your body from this perspective,” Anna agreed, “We should be able to spot all sorts of things your normal eyes would miss.”

“That is one of the things this device was designed for,” Marie pointed out.

“Indeed,” Anna acknowledged, “let me know if you need my assistance for anything.”

“I will,” Marie nodded, “But for now, I just like having you online so I have someone to talk to.”

Anna laughed in Marie’s head. “Of course!”

“I just need to finish setting up a few things, and then we’ll go,” Marie announced. Once Marie had the HUD set up just the way she liked, she grabbed a few simple tools, stuffed them into a pouch, and strapped it on to her waist. Then, she apprehensively approached her body to begin her checkup.

It was immediately evident why the instructions recommended that testers rest their arms at their sides, because at her height of just under 6-inches, it would be extremely difficult to climb up her arms, legs, or torso…from this perspective, they might as well be unscalable walls.

Marie carefully climbed onto the right hand of her normal sized body, pausing to admire her well-groomed fingernails. She giggled as she felt the texture of her own skin below the bare feet of her mini-body, bouncing playfully the entire length of the arm, until she climbed up the shoulder and gazed wonderfully down at her torso.

“Wow, Anna, this is awesome!” Marie exclaimed, looking down upon her torso.

From her perspective, her torso was like a plain, with her two breasts at the top like twin hills, and a massive crater with multi-colored lights near the bottom. Though her body was still online to allow for her to remotely control the miniature, it was not breathing, so at least Marie wasn’t getting jostled around by Marie-quakes; she chuckled at that thought.

“Indeed,” Anna agreed, after Marie shared that thought with her, “be careful going down…your main access panel might as well be a canyon at this height.” Although Anna was essentially a digital assistant for Marie, she did not have unfettered access to Marie’s thoughts…those were hers, and hers alone.

“Yeah,” Marie chuckled, carefully stepping onto her upper chest and making her way down.

Marie decided to carefully edge her way around her right breast, enjoying the warmth and feel of it as she passed. She then carefully made her way to the edge of the panel and peered inside. Marie was thankful her father had chosen this model android shell for her to inhabit, since the other ones would have had their entire front torso removed, or worse, had to be cut open. Having an ovular opening, she thought, was more manageable, and cooler.

Fortunately, the inside of the panel where she was to be working had many things she could use to climb in and out safely. The safest thing was the motor control nexus, which was near the top of the panel.

“Hmmm, I already see several components in there that could use some work,” Anna supplied, after Marie finished surveying everything.

“Yeah, I see them,” Marie nodded, “I could actually see a couple of issues with my normal eyes, but the visual acuity on this mini-body is allowing me to see dozens more.”

“I’m already compiling a list of of pros/cons for your report to the development team…this is a big pro,” Anna reported.

“Thanks! You’re a really big help!”

“That’s what I’m here for,” Anna replied, in a mock smug voice.

“Well, I’ll take care of those in a bit,” Marie decided, “I kinda want to walk across my whole body first.”

“I understand…you should still have plenty of time, based on the battery readings of your mini-body,” Anna reported.


Marie continued making her way down, walking through the short patch of pubic hair above her vagina, which at her height was kinda like walking through a lawn. She paused to inspect it, flagging several hairs in her HUD for later that she would need to trim. She was still considering removing the patch altogether, but she still didn’t feel comfortable modifying herself too much…her dad had built her with it, after all.

She paused at the mouth of her vagina, admiring the extreme closeup details that even her android enhanced eyes couldn’t make out. She wasn’t too surprised her vagina was this detailed, she chuckled, since they’d been making sex dolls and sex robots for decades before they were making sentient models like herself…it was just a fact of life. She was looking forward to actually going inside later, to check the lubrication points; she’d flagged a few errors during her most recent masturbation…it was a little dry.

Continuing from her vagina, she turned right and slowly made her way down her right leg. She admired the smooth, toned features of her legs, and thanked her father once more for giving her a body that was capable of being toned from working out…it added a challenge to life that she appreciated, and an appreciation for her own body, since all the muscles were of her own doing.

She ended her walk at her ankle, since her foot was currently resting at an angle and was not safe to stand upon. She spent an inordinate amount of time simply admiring both her feet, since she’d gained an appreciation of them from her father. He admitted to her that he had a liking of feet, so he spent literally weeks designing her feet before constructing them…and it showed, she had really pretty feet! Both size 9, toes all increasing in length, perfect toe nails, smooth arch.

“I’ve always found it amusing that you admire your feet so much,” Anna commented, after several minutes had gone by.”

“Well, they are very nice to look at,” Marie defended.

“They are aesthetically pleasing,” Anna agreed, “But, if you spend too much time looking at them, you won’t have time to do much work,” she pointed out.

Marie sighed. “You’re right,” she agreed, regrettably pulling her gaze away from her feet.

She turned around and walked back up the length of her leg, past her waist, and back up to her torso. Now that she was facing this direction, she was able to look up and see her face, staring blankly ahead. She shuddered at that sight, since it made her look almost dead, but at the same time she was also a bit aroused.

Marie trudged up the torso of her normal sized body, this time she decided to pass between both breasts giggling gleefully as she squeezed between the gap. Once through, she crawled up to the neck and then gently grabbed hold of her chin, using it to pull herself up a short way until she was standing on her own face.

Marie was instantly weirded out, because her face was just blankly staring at her, and, she was still able to access the visual feed from her body, so she could see her mini-body staring at her blank face with fascination, scrutinizing it.

Marie’s face was fairly plain and ordinary. She wasn’t a supermodel, but she also wasn’t ugly. Her slightly rounded face had no blemishes or imperfections, and her brown eyes paired perfectly with her brown hair. Marie also knew she had a perfect set of teeth, unlike her father, who admitted that, had she been human, she would have inherited both his and his wife’s bad teeth; he saved her the trouble.

“You know, Anna, people don’t usually get to see themselves this way,” Marie mused, admiring all the little details her father had put into her face. From the tiny freckles dotted around artistically on her cheeks, to the small hairs jutting out here and there.

“I know…your face is even more beautiful up close,” Anna agreed.

“Aww, you think my face is beautiful?” Marie practically gushed.

“Of course,” Anna responded, “The real Anna was always a bit envious of your looks.”

“Wow, I wasn’t aware,” Marie said, astounded at that admission. “You did look pretty nice yourself,” Marie admitted, “I kinda wish you’d provide a visual in my HUD from time to time.”

“I’ll look into it,” Anna assured her, “Providing just my voice currently allows me to perform more tasks…but I’ll send a request to your father to provide a software patch for my protocols so I can appear visually as well.”

“Great! That way, I can see your emotions as well.”

“Indeed. Now that you have explored your body, are you going to start working on it now?” Anna reminded her.

“Oh, right,” Marie blushed, “I’m just having so much fun…thanks for being around to remind me.”

“Don’t mention it,” Anna replied modestly.

Marie carefully climbed down from her face and headed back towards the access panel on her abdomen. She once again made her way between her breasts, playfully poking each one, until she was at the section of the panel where she would be able to climb down more easily. She analyzed the area with her HUD and then carefully stepped down into the cavity, gripping the skin around the edges carefully until she was safely inside.

“Wow, awesome!” She breathed, looking around inside of her body.

Every direction Marie looked, she saw the intricate components housed within her torso, from her power core, to her motor control systems, to her digestive systems, and even her sexual systems. They were all neatly packed in her torso, which was essentially a torso-shaped, flexible plastic shell with flesh and musculature attached to it. Marie had to alter her vision settings a bit, because the blinking lights from her components, although mesmerizing, were distracting.

“Anna, do you still have access to my body’s systems?” Marie asked, since the adjustments she was making severely limited her visual acuity.

There was a brief pause as Anna checked. “Yes, I still have access,” she reported.

“Good, can you please adjust the indicator lights in my torso so they are all set on a single color?” Marie requested, “All this flashing of multiple colors is distracting.”

“I understand, standby,” Anna reported, then she fell silent once more as she attempted to complete Marie’s request. “It looks like I can do it,” she finally reported, “Do you have a preference for the color?”

Marie laughed at the request. “Not really…but, since you are giving me a choice, blue would be nice.”

“Alright, here goes,” Anna replied with a hint of amusement. Moments later, the blinking lights all flashed off and then turned on, all blue.

“Ah, much better, thanks!” Marie sighed with relief. She adjusted her visual systems once more to account for the blue lighting, and then carefully made her way around her inner torso to catalogue any degradations.

Marie was astounded by how much detail she could make out on her internal components. The main things she was looking for were signs of corrosion on the connection points, micro fractures in her skeletal structure, and degraded components that would need to be replaced. With the exception of the last item, the others would normally require her father to wear a very sophisticated magnification lens just to spot them, and that would normally take hours; Marie would essentially have to use several sick days to give him time to work on her.

With the smaller, more visually acute lens of her mini-body, she could see all of them clear as day. She quickly saved all the trouble spots in her HUD, and then crawled back out of the panel, and back down her right arm to the mini-body storage unit. Marie quickly grabbed a bunch of tools, including a sort of camelback that she slung over her back, and then trekked back to the panel and inside once more.

“Alright, Anna, I think I’ve got all the tools I’ll need,” Marie announced cheerfully, grabbing a small hose from the camelback and holding it out like the proton packs from Ghostbusters. “Please monitor my systems to make sure I’m not accidentally damaging myself.”

“Will do,” Anne replied, then, after a strategic pause, she added, “Have fun.”

Marie merely giggled and then got to work. She started with the areas that were corroded, mostly around her power core. She aimed the hose at the exact spots and fired a brief mist of some sort of gaseous liquid which neutralized the corrosion on contact and then immediately evaporated, leaving nothing behind.

“Cool!” Marie giggled excitedly, spraying the remaining corroded areas on the power core and then taking a brief rest to admire her work. Her core now looked pristine, as though it had been recently replaced. Marie mused that this kind of work would normally take her father, or a qualified technician, nearly half an hour to complete, and even then, they would have to remove the core entirely, shutting Marie down. But, with her mini-body, she was able to complete that same work in less than five minutes.

“Impressive,” Anna mused, her voice echoing Marie’s thoughts. Anna herself was not actually linked to Marie’s thoughts, or vice-a-versa, but because Marie and Anna had been best friends, she often ended up having the same train of thoughts as Marie.

Marie made quick work of the remaining corroded areas inside her torso, mostly on the data connection points. Although her systems were rated for a certain level of protection from the humidity that condensed from her digestive systems, as well as the inevitable amount that entered when her panels were open, even the minor corrosion that resulted was enough to slightly lower her operating efficiency. It was for this reason that androids like herself needed to have the corrosion curtailed every three to four months. Unfortunately, Marie was a bit lazy, so she’d gone almost eight months without having it looked at, her last visit to her father’s house, and her efficiency had dropped by nearly 17%...a tremendous amount for an android.

“Anna, can you run a quick test on my power systems and verify that the operating efficiency is back up to ideal levels?” Marie requested, taking the camelback off and setting it aside.

“Stand by,” Anna replied in a clipped tone. Marie saw the diagnostic panel on her power core light up briefly as Anna ran a low-level diagnostic. “Diagnostic complete. Power efficiency is back up to 96.89%.”

Marie did a quick fist pump, though also wished she could have gotten up above 97.5%, which was her personal best. It couldn’t go much higher, unless she forked over a ton of money for an upgraded core. The difference might not seem like a lot to a human, but it could add up to nearly one extra hour of battery life. The 17% decrease had sapped almost 4 hours, but since Marie almost always had access to a charger, it didn’t bother her as much as it might others.

“So far, it’s looking like Project Tinkerbell is a huge success,” Anna supplied, making her voice sound excited.

“Yeah,” Marie agreed fervently, “especially considering I just got about 90-minutes’ worth of work done in 15-minutes…and with no tear down.”

“Indeed, there’s always a risk of damaging a component during tear down,” Anna agreed, “Even if the average android couldn’t afford one themselves, a technician could be provided one and perform the same tasks you are now doing yourself.”

“Yeah,” Marie nodded, glad she got hers for free, since she likely wouldn’t have been able to afford one…at least, not for a while. Marie quickly rifled around in her toolkit and pulled out a small tube that almost looked like a caulking tool that home repair people might use. Once she found a scraper to go with it, she put on a smile and started going after the micro fractures in her skeletal structure.

For each fracture, Marie needed only to squeeze out a small dab of metallic looking paste, which from her perspective looked to be the size of a pea, but in her normal size would be about the size of a grain of sand. Once on the micro fractures, she used the scraper to spread the paste around, until nanites in the paste used the materials within to seal the micro fracture.

Sealing micro fractures was something that typically only needed to be done once a year, though Marie had had her father do it less than a year ago. Micro fractures were far more common in the spinal section of androids, and the surrounding rib cage, due to the bending of the torso, and lifting motions. While they did not impede her operating efficiency, or cause her any “pain”, they nevertheless needed to be maintained regularly, lest there be a catastrophic failure.

For nearly an hour, Marie systematically went through her inner torso and applied the paste, until the only micro fractures Marie could spot were in areas that wouldn’t need any attention for a few more months. She truly admired the level of engineering that went into building her body, since she was able to see up close how all her systems worked, from her power systems, to her digestive systems, and even her tactile systems.

“Very nicely done, Marie,” Anna announced, once Marie put away the paste, “Looks like the only thing left to do inside your main panel is to swap out a few circuits.”

“Yep,” Marie nodded.

She once more made a trek out of the panel, bringing her supplies back out, and swapped them in the grey storage box for three components. Two were shaped like rods, which from her perspective were half the length of her body, but in her normal size would be the length of her thumbnail; they were fuses for her power core. The other was flatter, and was a control node for her motor systems.

“Are you sure you don’t need to make two trips?” Anna asked cautiously, as Marie trudged her way back up the arm of her body and down to the panel.

“Nah, I’ve got this,” Marie shrugged, sliding the rods down into the panel and carrying the node down with her.

“Good, I was worried they might be too cumbersome, given your current size.”

“They were, a little,” Marie admitted, “But, it’s better than making multiple trips, and I don’t have all day in this body.”

“You’re right,” Anna agreed, “which are you planning on replacing first?”

Marie thought about it for a second. “The fuse rods.”

“Very good, I’ll place your core into low power mode, so you don’t electrocute yourself,” Anna reported. Moments later, Marie’s power core dimmed as power was reduced to maintenance levels for safety.

“Thanks Anna! This’ll only take a few seconds.” Marie carefully approached her power core and pulled out the two rods that were degraded; there were still four more. Most androids had to have at least four fuse rods, to prevent damage from the periodic micro surges one could expect from most power utility power supplies, and from the occasional feedback in their own internal systems. Most household electronics weren’t affected, but androids, being far more complex, required additional protections. Marie had six, because her father didn’t want to take any chances, and he assured her that her next body would have eight…he hoped.

Once she had the two degraded rods replaced, she tossed the old ones up out of the panel, making sure they safely landed on the skin of her abdomen, and then she moved up to the motor system control nexus, located between her lungs.

This device handled all motor functions below her head, and had small nodes that acted as buffers for her various functions, essentially storing basic tasks that a Human might refer to as muscle memory, so that she did not have to expend as much processing power doing simple tasks such as walking or standing. The one that had started degrading was the one that controlled her legs, and she had noticed some operating deficiencies recently while working out.

Marie slid the degraded node out, and the new one in, and then returned to the center of the panel to allow Anna to place everything back in normal mode.

The power core lit up once more, and Anna reverted the light settings in the panel so everything was flashing in multiple colors once more.

“Excellent! And, you’ll be pleased to know that the replacement rods have increased your power efficiency by an additional .02%,” Anna reported, once all the main systems were back online.

“Nice!” Marie fist pumped, even though that only added up to approximately five minutes of battery life…every little bit counts when you’re an autonomous, sentient android, after all.

Mare grabbed the spent control node and carefully climbed back out of the panel. Once there, she hefted all the degraded components off her body and onto the bed near her right hand, and then stared back at the panel.

“Alright Anna, unless there’s something you think I missed, you can go ahead and reseal the panel.”

“Nah, you got everything…stand by,” Anna responded. Moments later, Marie felt the skin under her feet start to vibrate. A loud whirring sound then emitting from the panel, and the sections of skin that had withdrawn into the torso began spinning back out into place, finally rising up and sealing into one another, until Marie was staring at her perfectly toned abdomen once more.

“Cool,” Marie was all Marie could manage to say.

“Well, now that that’s taken care of, what’s next?” Anna asked.

“I think I’ll work on my vagina now,” Marie decided, eager to get this work done. She made sure she had the right equipment in the tool pouch strapped on to her waist. Satisfied she had what she needed, she turned around and walked a few steps down her body to her vagina.

Marie started off by pulling out a small pair of clippers, and systematically trimmed all the hairs that were out of sorts. She didn’t bother cleaning up, because the fragments were so small, they’d brush off like dust when she was back in control of her normal body.

Once she was done with the trimming, she put the clippers away and then knelt down near a small freckle just above the patch of hair. She poked her finger into the freckle and then stepped back as a small seam, roughly the size of a credit card, appeared just above the hair. Marie carefully lifted up the section of skin with her hands, sliding the panel a short distance away on her waist, and then returned to examine the panel.

Since the sexual systems on androids were so advanced, they often had a separate control panel just to modify the multitude of settings included in them; the reality of most androids being built solely for sex. For Marie, this allowed her to gain manual control of her own vagina, in this case, she activated the maintenance control, which immediately caused her vagina to open up completely, almost as though there were a large, invisible penis inserted into it. This function was vital, since otherwise a female android would have a difficult time cleaning themselves out, due to the sexual data that would be coming in from the incidental stimulation; the maintenance feature turned all stimuli off. For Marie, in this situation, it would allow her to actually crawl inside.

Giggling at the thought, Marie pulled out a small, form fitting helmet, which she promptly placed on her head. Then, she put on some gloves and pulled a sort of sponge out from her kit. Finally, she pulled a small cable from her kit and plugged it into the data port in the panel, locking it in place; she’d need this cable to pull herself back out, since the lube still present in her vagina would make it too slippery for her to pull herself out unaided.

Once Marie had the cable secured, she stepped down to the edge of her vagina and carefully slid herself inside, giggling as she thought of the stimulation this would be causing her.

Once Marie was all the way inside, the reason for her helmet became obvious. The inside of her vagina was nearly pitch black, so she toggled on a light on the helmet, and quickly looked around. Interspersed along the edges were tiny pores that secreted lubrication when properly stimulated. One of the annoying things about being a female android was that the sexual lubricant would occasionally congeal over the pores, blocking them and causing both backups, and dryness, during stimulation. There were, of course, tools that could be inserted to clean the pores, but they often did not reach in far enough, and were not very effective. This is why when Marie often lamented to her human female colleagues about having girl problems, she wasn’t kidding!

Marie used the small sponge to clear the obstructions that she did see, removing it from the pores, and instead spreading it safely along the edges surrounding them. Although Marie couldn’t smell it with the helmet on, she knew it was a pleasant peach aroma, and flavor; her favorite fruit. That was one of the things she had argued about with her father, and won, since he had insisted on making her as real as possible, even if it meant having a stinky snatch; he was an artist, after all, and considered her his best work. She relented by allowing him to continue supplying her with realistic body odor, though she kept the secretion of it to the bare minimum levels.

Once she had all the pores cleaned to her satisfaction, she climbed up the cabled and crawled back onto her groin, taking off the helmet and gloves, and storing them back in her pouch.

“Wow, I had no idea it looked like that in there,” Anna chimed in, sounding somewhat awestruck.

“Me neither,” Marie admitted, unclipping the cable and putting her bodies vagina back in normal mode. She paused briefly as she watched it close back up with a subtle sucking noise, and the continued, “it’s actually kinda beautiful in there.”

“I can see why they guys like putting themselves in it,” Anna quipped, eliciting a peal of laughter from Marie.

Once Marie recovered, picked up the panel cover and slid it back in place, lightly stepping on it to click it back in place, causing it to reseal.

“Well, it seems you’re done with the maintenance work, are you doing anything else?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, I think I’ll get some fine grooming done,” Marie responded, heading back up her body and down her arm to the grey box, “particularly my nails, and my hands and feet in general” she added. Once she was back in the box, she wiped the residual lubrication off her body with a towel and then replaced the tools in her pouch with ones more aimed at grooming.

“Ah, I see,” Anna replied, “Have fun, and let me know if you need my help.”

“Will do,” Marie nodded, then she headed over to her right hand and got to work. Because Marie could occasionally be lazy, her nails weren’t as well-groomed as most girls were. There was dust and debris under her nails, and they needed a polish. At her current size, Marie’s hands were easily able to fit under her regular sized fingernails, so she put on a clean set of gloves and dug in, removing the debris from all five nails.

Once she had the debris safely deposited on the towel that she had brought with her, she grabbed a small tool from her pouch and used it to polish her nails. These were grooming habits she could take care of normally, but was simply too lazy to do. But she found doing it in her mini-body was surprisingly satisfying, especially since it was easier and fun.

Once she was done with the right hand, she climbed on top of her body and down the left arm, and quickly groomed the nails on her left hand. Fortunately, since Marie was right-handed, her left hand was not as dirty. After she finished with her left hand, Marie walked down the length of her body, staying on the sheets, until she was staring at her foot bottoms.

Marie was once again entranced by the beauty of her feet. She admired the perfect arch on both foot bottoms, along with the smooth skin. There were a few dry areas on her heels, which was to be expected, but aside from that, they were perfect…a testament to her father’s work.

Marie used the polisher on the dry areas to smooth them out, and then she applied a few dabs of skin repair cream to the affected areas, smoothing them out with a different smoother, until they blended in with the surrounding skin, leaving her heels looking good as new.

Unfortunately, at her present height, Marie was unable to reach her toes. She sighed as she contemplated how to reach them.

“Need some help?” Anna chimed in, after Marie tried and attempted to climb up her left foot.

“Yeah,” Marie sighed, “are you able to access my body’s motor control and prop my legs up, so my feet are resting flat on the bed?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Anna responded, before going silent. Moments later, Marie watched as her body began moving, with her legs slowly lifting up until her feet were lying flat on the bed, with her knees bent. “How’s that?”

“Perfect,” Marie breathed, “Thanks Anna!”

“Don’t mention it,” Anna replied, “and let me know if you’d like me to move any other part of your body for you.”

“I will,” Marie nodded.

Marie slowly approached her feet, now lying flat on the bed, and examined her toenails. Since she liked looking at her feet so much, she generally kept her toes looking nicer than her fingernails, so she only had to do minor touch up with the polisher. Once she was done polishing, she began removing the debris from under the nails. While some people would find this kind of work disgusting, Marie found it oddly satisfying; her father was also a neat freak, and he imparted that upon her programming too.

As she was cleaning her toes, and in between, she took a quick whiff and recoiled at the scent. Her father had just sent her a new canister of artificial perspiration and, as usual, he had increased the concentration to make it last longer. This had the unfortunate side effect of increasing the odor, if he neglected to inform her how much the concentration had increased by.

“Anna,” Marie called out in an exasperated voice, “My dad changed the perspiration concentration again! Could you lower the secretion levels by 5% until we can fine tune it a little?”

“Man, again?!” Anna complained, “I’ll get right on it…due to the current levels, it’ll take about an hour or so to fully adjust to the lower level.”

“Thanks Anna!” Marie sighed…her father could be so inconsiderate at times.

Marie cleaned out the rest of the debris from under her nails and between her toes, and then paused to examine the small pile that she had accumulated on the towel, consisting mostly of dirt, lint, and fine food particles. She kinda wished that being an android would’ve prevented this problem from occurring, but she was also thankful, since it allowed her to share in some of the human experiences her peers experienced and, as her dad often told her: “if life was easy, it wouldn’t be worth living.”

Marie took off the disposable gloves she had been wearing, threw them into the pile of debris, and then carried the towel to the grey box so it could be disposed of properly later. After briefly reviewing the remaining tools, she determined that she’d not need to do any more work. Marie let out a regretful sigh, wishing that there was more for her to do.

“Why the sigh?” Anna asked in a worried voice.

“It’s nothing,” Marie waved off, “I just finished all the work already…I was kinda hoping it might take a bit longer.”

“Well, your dad does take decent care of you whenever you go over,” Anna pointed out, “It’s understandable that you don’t have that much to maintain.”

“I know, it’s just so fun walking around on my body in this miniature, and I want to extend the fun just a little bit,” Marie pouted.

“I see,” Anna acknowledged, “Well, you still have about 20-minutes of power remaining, and there is a significant portion of your body that you haven’t explored yet.”


“Your back, silly!” Anna giggled, “Your body has been laying on its back this whole time, so you’ve only walked around on the front.”

“Oh, you’re right!” Marie smacked her forehead.

“Would you like me to turn your body over?” Anna offered.

“Yes, please,” Marie said eagerly, “Though, do be careful not to disturb this box. I don’t want to get crushed by my own body.”

“I’ll be careful,” Anna assured her. Moments later, Marie watched in fascination as Anna woodenly controlled her own body once more. Her legs, which were still propped up, lowered once more. Her body then slowly rolled over to its left, using the arms to move the pillows it had been propped up on, and then smoothly laying down flat, with the face straight down in the pillows; good thing her body didn’t need to breath, Marie thought to herself.

“Is this satisfactory?”

“Yes, Anna, thanks!” Marie breathed, “Is it hard for you to control my body like that?” commenting on the stiff way Anna moved it.

“A little,” Anna admitted, “for obvious reasons, my ability to control your body is severely limited, so I can’t be hacked or turn evil or something and take over your body.”

Marie chuckled at the thought. “Come on, you wouldn’t turn evil on me…. would you?”

“You never know,” Anna replied in a mock sinister voice, then laughed, “No, of course not…you were like a sister to the real Anna, and her feelings towards you have been imparted upon me,” Anna reassured her, “I’m just glad to help out in any way I can.”

“Awwww,” was all Marie could say, wishing her mini-body had tears so she could cry a little. Feeling a little better, Marie walked towards her body once more, this time climbing up the left hand, which was now closer and palm up, giggling as she bounced around on the soft skin. Once she got up the whole length of the arm and onto her back, she once more stopped in amazement.

If she thought the sight of her stomach and waist was impressive, she was even more blown away by her backside. For one thing, most living creatures never get to see their back, aside from in a mirror, so she was able to for the first time admire the detail her father had put in…a few freckles here and there, smooth hairs, even a couple of blemishes.

What was the most noticeable was the muscle tone she could feel beneath the bare feet of her mini-body. A lot of androids relied entirely on servo mechanisms to move about, but her father opted towards a more humanlike musculature, which gave her a far more realistic appearance when naked, and allowed her to move more gracefully. Marie found that by actually being able to see her back, she could formulate some new exercise routines to work on.

Since all the work was completed now, Marie finally felt like she could play. She ran a few laps around her back, even rolling around in the small of her back. The extra exertion reduced her remaining time by a few extra minutes, but she didn’t care…she was having fun!

When she finally had her fun with her back, she went to the final destination of her mini encounter: her butt. She almost had difficulty standing up, since her butt, being in a relaxed state, was barely firm enough to support her. Marie treated it almost like a waterbed, and adjusted her stance, giggling as she attempted to balance herself on her ass cheeks. Once she was properly adjusted, she spent several minutes bouncing up and down, like on a trampoline.

When Marie stopped bouncing around, she carefully parted both cheeks and slid herself inside, doing a closeup examine of her anus area. Fortunately, unlike with her vagina, Marie had no need to crawl inside. Androids like her who were equipped with functional digestive systems merely had to swallow a sort of detergent tablet. Once ingested, it foamed around in her main stomach, absorbing only excess waste and other undigestible matter, and then passed normally, collecting even more on its way out, until it passed from her anus as a harmless, blue excrement shaped detergent clump that could be safely flushed down the toilet. Marie had taken one of these tablets before leaving work, and the clump had passed before she took a shower.

Satisfied that the area was sufficiently clean and in no need of repair, Marie climbed out and made her way back to grey box, since her mini-body had only a few minutes of power remaining.

“Did you have fun, Marie?” Anna asked, after staying politely silent during Marie’s fun time.

“Oh yeah, its indescribable!” Marie shuddered, making sure all the equipment was stored away once more in the box before positioning her mini-body back in its charging cradle.

“I’m glad you had fun…you’ve been having a really stressful time at work, lately.”

“Yeah, this really helped,” Marie agreed, “Well, I’m gonna terminate the link and take over my body once more…you ready?”


Marie closed the eyes of her mini-body and felt it relax before briefly losing consciousness as her A.I. terminated the link and ran the low-level diagnostics that the project team had dictated following uses of Project Tinkerbell. Once the diagnostics completed, she felt herself regain control of her main body.

The first thing she saw was the pillow, since her body was still laying down flat. She carefully rolled herself back over and then slid her legs off the edge of the bed, swinging them around playfully for a few moments while she reoriented herself to her normal size.

It was like a whole different world in the mini-body, she thought to herself, since everything she took for granted at her normal size suddenly looked gigantic. Her thoughts drifted to her past, before she had a physical body and was confined to a computer. Her father was watching a movie where a bunch of people got shrunk down and had to trek through their backyard to find a way to restore themselves.

“I’ll have to call Dad and ask him what that movie was,” Marie said aloud.

“What was that?” Anna asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Marie said, blushing with embarrassment, “Just thinking aloud.”

“Ah, okay…anyway, I’ve compiled a rough draft of the report you are required to provide the project team,” Anna reported, “I only included the raw data and statistics, so all you need to do is add your own personal feelings about the project.”

“Awesome!” Marie fist pumped, then she quickly checked her hands and feet, admiring the now clean, and freshly polished nails. Once she checked herself over, she slowly dropped down from the bed onto her feet and attempted to walk around, stumbling a little at first.

“Are you okay?” Anna asked in a worried tone.

“Yeah, I’m just walking around a little to allow that new control chip to integrate,” Marie explained, walking around her room a bit stiffly for several minutes, before settling into her usual gait.

“Ah, I’m really feeling the improved power efficiency,” Marie sighed contentedly, since she was able to distribute more power to her secondary systems.

“I keep telling you that you need to have that work done more frequently,” Anna pointed out.

Marie stuck her tongue out. “Well, I’m lazy, so there…and besides, now I have this nifty toy to help me with that.” Marie picked up the grey box from the table and peered inside, looking in at her mini-body. Looking at it now, it looked like a highly realistic action figure of Marie. “I am going to have so much to put in my report,” Marie mused aloud, “But I’ll save that for later…I’ve got a party to go to.”

As Marie headed to her closet to pick out some clothes to wear, Anna queried her. “Oh, what kind of party?”

“Oh, it’s just hosted by a bunch of people from work…some celebration for completing our quarterly earnings, or something like that,” Marie shrugged, choosing a black dress and a pair of black flats.

“Uh-huh,” Anna droned, and after a short pause, “….and?”

“And what?” Marie asked, getting a hint of a blush.

“Marie, you and I both know you wouldn’t be going to this party unless there was something to gain…so, what is it?”

Marie got a slightly annoyed look and then sighed. “If you really must know, there’s a cute guy at work that I am pretty sure is interested in me, since we’ve flirted a few times, and I want to impress him.”

“Ah, that explains why you were grooming yourself so much,” Anna replied, “Is he a human, or an android?”

“He’s Human…as far as I know” Marie replied, since she couldn’t detect if he was a sleeper, nor would it be polite to disclose such information, “Dad always said I should hook up with a Human, since they can ultimately take better care of me,” Marie shrugged, “and, this guy happens to be at least moderately capable of repairing androids, so he’s a perfect fit!”

“Well, I’m happy for you,” and after a small pause, “You didn’t have to keep that a secret from me, you know.”

“I know, I just wanted to wait until after the party to tell you, is all,” Marie defended. She had put on a pair of lacy undies to compliment the dress, and then slid it on, along with the flats. She looked at herself in the mirror, absently fixing her hair, before smiling. “Well, what do you think?”

“You look great! Any guy that doesn’t find you attractive doesn’t have a pulse, in my opinion.”

Marie let out a musical giggle. “Thanks Anna, you’re the best!”

“Don’t mention it,” she managed to say smugly.

Marie quickly grabbed a few more things, and spritzed herself with a floral perfume, before returning to the living room and getting her purse. “Alright, I’m gonna have to put you in standby mode now, so you don’t distract me during the party,” Marie apologized, bringing the command up in her HUD.

“Don’t worry about it,” Anna brushed off, “Just have fun.”

“I will,” Marie assured her. She then placed Anna’s program in standby mode, allowing Anna to silently monitor her systems, but not actively interact with Marie or distract her.

“Okay Marie, you can do this,” Marie said to herself, once more taking deep breaths and calming herself down. She then resolutely headed to the door, thinking to herself as she headed out into the hall, “Maybe I can have some fun exploring his body with my mini too.”

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