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The bell on the door frame jingled as Connor entered the shop. The outside blended in with the rest of the generic American strip-mall, but the inside was anything but ordinary. He stood in the door and looked around the clean, well-lit store. The back wall was covered with racks of, well, racks. Small breasts, large breasts, perky, saggy, big nipples, small nipples. Every size and shape imaginable. On the wall to the left were three small computers with a young couple huddled and whispering between themselves in front of the farthest. The center of the room had a couple of locked glass display cases. To the right was a man behind a counter on the phone. He looked up at Connor and nodded.

"Welcome to 'Pimp My Ride'; be with you in a sec." and he was back on the phone. He looked like he'd be more at home in a tatoo parlor than this place. His hair was sticking out of a knit cap and looked unkempt and frizzy and his salt and pepper beard looked long enough and scraggily enough to be harboring small woodland creatures. Completing the outfit was a plain white t-shirt covered with a silver-studded black leather vest.

Connor walked a few paces into the store and started to look around more. Along the front of the shop, viewable from the outside, were several pairs of legs on stands. Some short, some long, one even looked a little overweight with thick calves and thighs. Most had on stockings, all had on high-heels. As he was looking at them, comparing the different styles of shoes, the one closest to him shifted positions. Startled, he jumped back, bumping a display case, and realized the legs weren't there to show off the stockings or shoes; it was the other way around. They were 'bot legs, all for sale.

"Yeah, we can get them. Special order, though, and the programming is extra." The man behind the counter was still on the phone. His voice carried so to overpower the relatively small space. "Six to four weeks. They come in from France. Most of the, um, more exotic stuff does nowadays. If you really want to do it, and if it were my money, I'd pay the extra for the imports."

Connor turned to look in the display case he had backed into and saw several sets of hands, all set up on their wrists with their fingers pointing upwards. Every few seconds, one of them would assume a different pose, going through a seemingly infinite set of gestures. There were also a couple of arms, sans hands, but these were just laying on the bottom of the case. Without the motion, they did look dead or plastic, starkly contrasting with the ever gesturing hands above, one of which was now flipping him off. He chuckled at the sight.

"No, we outsource that. We contract with certified and bonded guys who will do the installs, unless you want it done down here. But there are a lot of 'bots who don't know, you know, and for those we usually do it on your site. Most of the sleepers would never set foot in a place like this." Connor nodded to himself. Yeah, he'd driven past this place before, and Madie went off for a few minutes on how dumb it was and how stupid some people can be for spending their money on something like this. There's no way she'd ever come in here without modding her first, and he wasn't too sure he could do that himself.

"OK, well, we'll still be here. Call me back when you are sure." The man behind the counter hung up the phone. "Sorry 'bout that. I'm Vince." He came out from behind the counter and extended his hand. "What can I do ya for?"

Connor took Vince's hand and shook. "I'm Connor. Well, I'm curious about some upgrades for my 'bot."

"Sure, sure. So, tell me about her. What type is she, what's she need?"

"Well, I got her about nine months ago from my Grandfather. She was his nurse before he died, and I got her from his estate."

Vince took off his cap, revieling his mostly bald head. "Sorry to hear about your Grandfather."

Connor we briefly taken back at his sincerity. "Um, thanks. Anyway, she's been modded to be my companion, and that's working out just fine, but her body style really isn't to my taste. Besides, she still acts like a nurse, not a housewife, so she's rarely, um, in the mood, for much else. And when she is, she's very pushy about what she wants."

Vince nodded. "Most nurse models are programmed to be in charge to be sure they don't get railroaded by their patients. Makes them great nurses. Do you have her serial number with you?" He grabbed a tablet PC from the counter behind him and tapped a few times.

"Yes, here." Connor pulled what looked like an ID card from his shirt pocket. "It should be on here."

"Even better." Vince took the card, which had Madie's picture on the front along with her manufacture's information, warranty terms, and a serial number. Flipping the card on it's side he swiped it through a slot on his tablet computer, grumbled, swiped it again, and was relieved when Madie's naked image appeared on his screen along with all of her measurements, part numbers and a list of programming options installed. "So, what about her body isn't to your liking?" He handed the card back to Connor.

"Well, let's see. She's about 5 foot even, which is about 6" too short, she's flat-chested, her butt's a little out of proportion with the rest of her and she doesn't wear glasses. And, well, she's not very, um, sensitive, you know?"

Vince nodded. "Let's start with the height. Would you like her whole torso to be extended, or would longer legs to the trick?" Vinnie was now standing side-by-side with Connor, he selected her legs and increased their length.

Connor smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that's good. I like that."

"Great. Let me check something here." He clicked on her new legs and a pop-up window appeared. "Yes, we have that in the warehouse, but not here in the store. So no extra shipping cost." He moved the stock status window off to the side. He figured he'd need it later. "And the boobs? You want them bigger, right."

"Um, yeah, bigger. She's an 'A' cup now. I'd like her to be a 'C'."

"No, you don't." Vince was shaking his head and clicking on the screen.

"I don't?"

"No. No one ever wants a 'C'. You want a 'D' or 'Double-D' but are too chicken to ask. You like that?" Vince showed the screen to Connor. Madie was sporting a set of larger breasts.

"Yeah, those look good on her. Are those 'C's?"

"Those are 'D's. And they are nice. They are the ones right here." Vince walked to the back wall of the store and grabbed one of the sets of breasts. "These come in 'D' though 'FF' and they are some of my best sellers. And there's a good reason for that." He was massaging the breast gently now, and the nipples started to became erect, the aureole crinkling under the attention.

"They do look nice," Connor grabbed the other breast of the pair, "And they feel, wow, nice. But I still don't know. They look awfully big."

"They ain't gonna hurt her back, so no worries there. Put your finger here." Vince pointed to the skin between the two breasts.

Connor put his pointer finger on the display.

"So, when you are fucking her tits," Vince grabbed the other breast and smashed them together, "your little guy is barely covered."

Connor saw what he meant. He pulled his hand down from the display, which was now blushing and had both nipples engorged. Nodding to Vince. "OK, you've convinced me. 'Double-D' it is."

"Now we're talkin'!" Vince clicked again on his tablet. "We always have those in stock. Ok, what's up with her ass? What's not to love?" Vince was zooming in on her backside on his tablet.

"Yeah, OK, it looks better now. With her small breasts, it always looked too big and out of proportion to me."

"Good, good. I think you're making the right choice here. No need to spend money to fix somethin' that ain't broke." The phone started ringing behind him. "Just a sec." He jogged around the back of the counter and grabbed the handset. "Pimp My Ride; Vince here."

Connor turned back to the display of breasts in front of him.

"You what, sir? No, we didn't know you owned two 'bots. So, what happened?" Vince was looking concerned.

The woman of the couple from the corner of the store brushed past him and smiled. She was very beautiful, maybe 22 or 23 years old, with pale skin and jet black hair pulled into a tight pony tail. Her halter top was straining with their contents. Connor recognized them as Vince's best sellers, likely the DD or E models. Her legs were covered with a pair of very stylish hip-hugger bell-bottom jeans with strappy flat sandals on her pedicured feet.

Vince was getting agitated on the phone. "No, I suppose you wouldn't. No sir, I wouldn't want those options installed on my mother either; they would be very inappropriate, like you said."

The brunette woman leaned towards Connor. "So, can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What do you need?" Connor replied.

She turned to face Connor. "I'm getting an upgrade as a surprise for my husband, and I was hoping to do something a little out of the ordinary."

Vince was scribbling on a pad of paper, trying to keep up with the person on the other end of the connection. "No sir, that's our fault for not asking. I suggest you shut her down if her new options are making you uncomfortable, and you wife, too, if she's not handling it well."

"So, I was thinking about flavored nipples or maybe a fourth sexual opening." Connor hoped his poker face didn't give away his shock. "Joey over there did the installs," she nodded past Connor to the man still sitting at the computer. He waved briefly and went back to what he was doing. She continued, "but I'm not sure which one he'll like better. Care for a taste?" She flipped down her halter top and cupped both breasts, presenting them to Connor. "The right one is cherry. The left, strawberry."

Connor hesitated for a moment, then leaned forward and took her right nipple in his mouth. The tactile sensation of flesh along with the fruity flavor was disconcerting. They were out of context with each other. Still, it was a pleasant taste, and the delivery method was exceptional.

"Hmmm. Thank you. Now, the other." She twisted her body, pulling the nipple out of Connor's mouth with a mild pop and shoved the other nipple in his face. Dutifully, he suckled. The strawberry wasn't nearly as odd to him. Could have been because he had already had a fruity nipple in his mouth? "Mmmm. Oh yeah," she sighed.

He disengaged and stood up. "Well, I like the strawberry better, but both tasted nice."

Vince was done scribbling and stood up straight, trying to give off a good presence over the phone. "No sir, we will make it right. I will come out and take care of it tonight. I tell you what. Next time you are in the shop, please remind me of this and I'll make it up to you."

"OK, now, now about this?" She took Connor's right hand in her left and guided it towards her abdomen. She looked into Connor's eyes as he looked into hers. She bit her lower lip in anticipation, and quickly pulled Connor's hand towards her belly. Her eyes lit up, her cheeks flushing with the sensations as her breathing immediately became hurried and uneven.

Connor's hand felt warm and wet and compressed, like it did when he had it deep within Madie's pussy. He looked down and saw it was inside of her, but not her pussy. It looked to be inside her belly button.

She was panting now, her eyes pleading with Connor to do something, anything. Connor flexed his fingers into a fist and pulled. She yelped and grabbed her hips and then a breast from the the nearby display wall to steady herself. His hand came out moist as he expected, and her navel looked to be about an inch in diameter and deep, although it was already shrinking in size and back to a normal looking belly button.

"So," she was still catching her breath, "which one?"

"I'd go with the belly button. It adds, um, possibilities. And you certainly seem to enjoy it."

"Yeah, yeah, that sounds good to me, too." She was getting her wits about her pretty quickly. "Thanks love." She grabbed Connor and gave him a soul-wrenching kiss. She broke the kiss slowly and looked back up at Connor. "Thanks bunches!" She walked past Connor, sat back down next to Joey and pointed at the screen. "I'll take that one," she said to Joey with confidence.

"Yes sir. We'll make it right. Of course. Good bye." Vince was shaking his head in disgust. "Damn it. That'll cost them. Morons." Vince grabbed the tablet and walked around the counter back to Connor. "Sorry 'bout that."

Connor nodded, wiping his hand on his pants. "Anyway, about the glasses."

"Yeah, right. So, do you want her to need glasses or just wear them?"

"Just wear them is fine by me."

Vince started clicking on his tablet again. "Yeah, it's easier, too. Calibrating optical sensors is hard enough to do when you are trying to get them correct. Doing it so the 'bot needs a specific prescription is even worse. Best to do it in software. Now, what other software changes do you want?"

"Well, I like Madie, I really do. I liked her when she was my Grandpa's nurse. I don't want her to lose her assertiveness. It's part of what makes her, well, her."

Vince nodded. "I get ya. So, what do you want to change?"

"When I make sexual advances, I want her to be submissive. She'll be her strong willed self most of the time, but when we are intimate, she'll do whatever I want when I want it to whomever I want her to." Connor was getting a rise just from thinking about it.

"Ok, that's pretty standard, really." Vince was checking some other things on his tablet. He read over her current installed software. "So, she's capable of vaginal, anal and oral right now, so there's really nothing to add. And she's willing to do men, women, trannies, pansexuals, and multiple partners. Have you tried any of those?"

Connor shook his head. "No, we haven't. Since she's so stubborn, and she's been programmed to love me, she isn't interested. But I would be able to order her to do those things now, right?"

"Sure, sure, as soon as the programming is modded, she'll do anything you want once she's in the mood. Anything else?"

"Can you make her more sensitive and more, well, vocal during sex?"

Vince nodded and made some final clicks on his tablet. "No problem. That's very standard." Vince kept clicking and checking the screens as they popped up. "Says here she's a sleeper. I'd suggest we do this at your place." Connor nodded his consent. "Here's the total, including installation."

Connor took the tablet from Vince and looked it over. It was a pretty sizable sum, but about market price for these kinds of changes. "Looks good to me. When should I expect your guys?" He handed the tablet and a credit card back to Vince.

"Next week. You'll get a phone call on your cell. They'll tell you what to do and what excuse to give to her." Vince swiped the card in the side of the tablet once, then twice. "Usually it's a plumbing or HVAC cover. The biggie is just getting into your house without raising any alarm with your wife." The second swipe of the card seemed to take.

"Can they do it when I'm not at home?"

"Sure, sure, that usually works best. Some folks get uneasy seeing their loved ones in pieces on the floor." Vince handed the tablet back to Connor, who pressed his thumb into the fingerprint reader. The orange background of the transaction window turned green.

Vince looked up and smiled. "Thanks for doing business with 'Pimp My Ride'!"

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