Wardrobe Malfunction

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“Yes, of course Master. Right away.” The six foot tall Sarahbot confirmed her master’s orders in a husky, slightly lustful tone and rose up from her polite curtsey. By today’s standards, she is a robotic marvel of engineering and programming, but in the year 20XX, she was considered a reliable and well-made but dated model. Externally, she looked like a real woman with long, black hair that went well past her shoulders and lovely, icy blue eyes. Her chest was around a C cup and much of her height was in her long, slender legs. Internally, she was wiring and cables, servo motors and stacks of circuitry. She was a machine, designed to look like an attractive woman and function in any way master desired. And though her looks were spot on, her unblinking stare, the way her hips swayed with perfect rhythm as she walked well-calculated steps, her arms remaining rigid at her sides, and the very quiet whrr-whrr-whrr she made as she walked were tells that this supposed human being wasn’t what she appeared.

Sarahbot entered the room where her clothing was stored in, the same room she was stored in herself when she wasn’t needed. A small twin-sized bed was in the middle of the room. To the left was the thick cable that Sarahbot plugged into her recharging port when she defragmented her memory files for the night. To the right was the rack of clothing that she had available. Each hangar had a different outfit hung on it. Most were rather causal! Jeans, shirts, panties… the things she would wear when she was required to emulate a human, which she was rather good at thanks to a few programming upgrades. A few were racy. Lacy bras, panties and suggestive lingerie. After a quick scan of the rack, the icy blue color in her eyes flickered as she recognized the outfit her owner wanted. “Ooh. This looks sexy. Hmhm!” She said this to no one in particular, mindlessly reciting a programmed response that was meant for the benefit of humans.

Her perfect little robotic march continued right up to the rack of clothes. With a smooth lift of her right hand that ended abruptly at the level of her outfit, she reached out and took it off the rack. It was a tight, two piece black bikini with little hearts over the nipples on the top, and a third little pink heart on the groin of the bottoms. She set the beachwear aside, onto the bed, and proceeded to get undressed from her current outfit, a black English maid’s uniform with a white apron. She slipped the apron off, then her black dress. Each movement in the quiet room enhanced the small mechanical sounds her servos made, and Sarah stared ahead blankly as she disrobed. When she was only in her bra and panties, she reached up to tug her bra loose and the material brushed the swells of her breasts, making her jaw drop and a sensual, sudden moan escape her vocal processor. “Hnnnh. Master forgot to turn down my sensors after last night.” She wasn't allowed to change her settings herself and planned to wait until later to ask if master wanted her pleasure sensors turned back down from 11.

By now, Sarahbot was utterly nude. Her breasts stood perkily without the help of a bra, capped by small pink nipples that were still stiff from having her swells brushed by her bra. Looking down at herself, she had no capacity to enjoy her own perfection. She was simply a well-programmed machine, designed to obey and service her designated owner. With a swift turn, she stepped out of her maid’s clothing and faced the bed where her bikini lay. Picking up the top off the bed, she slipped it on and tied it behind her back, finding the tight material was so tight that it was forcefully squeezing her breasts… rubbing her nipples… increasing her sensory data input by a lot! Sudden hot flashes of synthetic pleasure raced through her chest, making her moan again, this time harder. “Breast stimulation is… is… outside acceptable parameters. My perky tits are so hot…” Her jaw dropped and a mechanical click could be heard from her mouth, her body shivering as she feels the intense squeeze that top is putting on her!

Moaning again, she reached towards the bed once more. This time her movements were jerky, more robotic as her processors were busy working, interpreting all the data being sent to them from her bust's sensors. She managed to grab her panties as she turned her trembling body back to the bed. Sarahbot found herself unable to calculate a more gentle program to sit down, so she executed flop01.exe and just fell back onto the mattress. Her back hit the bed and her legs were pointed up stiffly, arms still outstretched with the bottoms in her grip. “Continuing wardrobe switch. Switch. Switch.” Each time she repeated the word ’switch’ her head twitched to the side, until a sudden and sharp “Oh!” broke the cycle. That particular pleasurable gasp took a while to load thanks to inefficient storage on her memory system.

She slipped the bottoms on after a struggle, and her light shivering began to intensify as they brushed up against her inner thighs. “Hnnngh, pleasure data is 17% backlogged, unable to catch up…” She bit her bottom lip and watched, trembling hard as she pulled those bikini bottoms snugly up against her wet synthetic pussy. They closed in tight, as well as hugging her ass in a way that made her silicone rump look like a perfect upside down heart. Her jaw dropped again, and she was wordless for just a moment before… “A-a-aaahn! Pleasure… sensors… my vaginal unit! Clothes too-too-too tight!” Sarahbot’s body whirred loudly as she sat up and looked down at her snugly-held sex. A pre-programmed look of worry came over her face, something that was designed in so that her human owners might know at a glance that something is wrong. “Pleasure input increasing beyond the means of my processing power to complete. Begin troubleshooting procedure.”

She held up her hand to her face, holding it an inch away, and started to fan rapidly, each positioning of her arm executed with robotic precision. Her wrist made little whirs as she fanned, a hot blush coming to her cheeks. “Heat levels still rising. Attempting to resolve wardrobe issues.” Her free hand went to tug at her bikini, those perfect silicone globes jostling and swaying as she messed with the bikini, trying to alleviate the pressure. Unfortunately, the bikini slipped her fingers and SMACKED against her breasts sharply, which made the HUD displayed in her field of vision flicker rapidly with error messages. “Error! Overload in breast sensory network! So.. Hot..! Must continue troubleshooting. Attempting to…” Her head jerked hard to the side, a loud whine came from her neck motors and a spark fired from her ear, followed by a small stream of smoke. “Must attempt to resolve pleasure iss-issue with climax!”

She unceremoniously stuffed her fingers into her bikini bottoms. The blue in her eyes lit up as she gasped in shock when her fingers touched her wet slit. The sunk into the moist, tight synthetic sleeve, curling back as she stroked herself over and over, wet schliks filling the air along with her loudly buzzing processors. “Oh, fuck yes!” Another pre-programmed response to please the human using her, it was even programmed to go off when she was performing self-pleasure during maintenance or, in this case, trying to get her systems to induce an orgasm so they’ll stop building pleasure responses! Her hips lifted and fell, breasts wobbled like the perfectly shaped gel bags they were as she groped at herself. It was all for nothing though; the program for her climax was trapped in the line for responses to be processed that was thousands of files long…

Smoke started to rise from her open mouth and her other ear as the whirring sound inside her head started to get more desperate, the sound skipping and grating. “Processors malfunctioning! Efficiency reduced by… by… fuck me harder! By 54%… Buffer overflow detected… cannot resolve climax… overload imminent!” She let out a squealing sigh of pleasure and another glitch caused her right eyelid to tick rapidly as her pumping fingers simply jutted in and out of her pussy like a simple piston. Sparks danced around a rectangular micro-seam in her chest just before a sudden blast blew out that hidden panel. Behind it was a hyper-efficient battery cell connected to a melted cooling system that was dripping plastic onto circuits underneath it; circuits that regulated her transformer and thus the flow of power through her body was going out of control! More sparks raced down her arms, her legs whrrr-thunked as they opened and closed, her head whipped side to side and her nipples blew out with a pair of electrical blasts. Frayed, smoking sensory filament remained where her perfect and pink little nubs once were.

“Unable to- unable to- unable to resolve. Unable. Continue function. Overload. Sensor blowout on breast module one and one and Master will love my sexy outfit. Outfit. Plunging my robot pussy with my sexy, sticky fingers is going to make me overload.” She spoke in a pleasant monotone, a wide smile on her face. She stood up just before her back panel exploded off, causing heat and smoke to rise from it. Thick, sparking cables dangled from her back. A few partially melted circuit stacks showed a string of red LEDs on the device they were plugged into. Sarahbot tried to walk, each step lurching and awkward, making her breasts wobble.

“Sarahbot is so hot. Too hot. Way too fucking hot. Cooling systems offline.” Her ‘breathing’ ceased, and the moment it did the trail of black smoke coming from her lips darkened ominously. Her stomach panel blew off next, clattering to the floor. The magnetic seals that kept her paneling closed was reversed by blasts of electricity, causing the panels to blast off violently. Inside her stomach, a small screen was flickering, showing status readouts for all of her systems. Various parts of her body were highlighted red and came with little status reports. ’Processors overloading and 45 degrees Fahrenheit hotter then recommended.’ ’Cooling systems offline.’ ’Current control offline.’ ’Sexual systems overloading.’

By this point, Sarahbot’s mechanical body was on a slippery slope. There was an eruption of sparks and bolts of electricity from her stomach opening. The screen inside of it was just blinking ERROR over and over again before it went totally white. “Ooh! Malfunction!” A second blast fired out of her back, sending big parts tumbling out in smoking heaps! “Error, all systems compromised! I’m Sarahbot, a perfect mechanical fuck me fuck me your robot toy is so horny-oh fuck Orgasm02.exe complete! Loading! AAHHHHN!” She arched her back and her breasts pressed so tightly and suddenly into her bikini top, the straps snapped and it blew off like a pressurized bottle top. Her, quite literally, smoking hot tits jiggled like jello as heat from inside of them caused them to glow bright red. There was gush after wet, hot gush from in between her legs as she simulated an intense orgasm, the sticky lube running in sheets down her inner thighs. Steam rushed from the micro-seams around the circumference from her neck, and a high-pitched sound of a tea kettle whistling briefly joined the cacophony of whirs, clicks and buzzes that came from Sarahbot's body... before her head exploded off!

Still moaning, her head was catapulted across the room and slammed into the wall. Her orgasmic expression was utterly frozen, even as her face plate was smacked off by the impact, revealing a pair of camera optics hidden behind realistic eye lenses. Her wire frame jaw was stuck open, smoke rising from the components. Her CPU, housed inside her mechanical head unit, was still smoking and glowing red hot. Meanwhile, her headless body took a stumbling, shuddering step forward before a final electrical shock raced along its surface. All the joints blew out nearly at once, and with the sound of a dying jet engine, utterly collapsed into a pile of arms, legs, torso and perky ass that separated and poured busted circuitry onto the floor, looking more like a junk pile then a fembot.

She's going to need a few days in the shop.

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