All Wrapped Up

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It was that time of the year again, that time when everyone had a song of joy in their heart. Most everyone. I never really cared for the holidays. People were too artificial, everyone was more concerned with gifts and shopping and money than they pretended to be, and tensions were high. I hadn’t celebrated Christmas since I moved away from home a decade ago. I’m sure people called me a scrooge or whatever, but I didn’t care. I was happier not having the pressure and stress of the holidays, not to mention I couldn’t stand my family, especially during this time of the year.

However, this year, something was different. I was strangely looking forward to the holidays. I put up a few lights, a wreath, and even bought a tree! It was anyone’s guess as to why old Charles Wallace decided to suddenly pull a 180 and change gears. Maybe it was because I was starting a brand new job at a large technology firm and was making more than I ever dreamed. Or perhaps it was because I just broke up with my long-time girlfriend at Thanksgiving (another holiday I detested) because she was cheating on me. I knew for a long time, but I decided to face the facts and call it off. And I did it in front of her entire family. It was glorious.

Ultimately it left me both sad and happy. It was upsetting to lose someone so close after years of being together, but I was now free to do what I wanted. Free to be whom I wanted. Free to fuck who I wanted. Plus I was out of a one-sided relationship I secretly knew was toxic. I guess I was just scared of being alone. And yet, now I had no one, while she had her boy toy.

But whatever the reason, I decided this year I deserved to have a proper Christmas, all by myself. I needed a change. I didn’t bother with the gifts, shopping was never my thing. And I had no one to shop for anyways. I just wanted to be in the mood, watch cheesy holiday cartoons, drink eggnog and hot chocolate, and play overplayed holiday songs. Well, some of them anyways. For once in a decade, I was sitting at home, alone, enjoying my solitude on a cold winter night, without anything to worry about.

I almost forgot when Christmas itself was, since it was on a weekend this year. Everyone got a week off of work between Christmas and the New Year, and so this was the start of a long vacation in which I planned to do absolutely nothing at all. That morning, I got up, tossed on some sweats and a t-shirt, and shuffled downstairs. I flipped on the lights, the tree, and made some coffee. The smell of fresh coffee woke me up, and the taste warmed me. It wasn’t until several seconds had passed that I realized something was off.

Puzzled, I shuffled back to the living room, and looked at my Christmas tree. Underneath, there were presents. I swear didn't put anything under there. But one in particular item caught my eye and set my heart racing. Before my very eyes sat an adorably sexy girl with brown hair in a ponytail resting on her shoulder and reaching to mid chest. She wore a Santa hat and a large red ribbon with a big bow covering her chest as she sat with her knees and feet together under her. She was seated just in front of the tree and at the corner of the fireplace. Her eyes were closed, and she was as still as a statue, wearing a permanent subtle smile on her face. Her pale skin was almost flawless, and her figure was slim and athletic, feminine and alluring.

I just stood there for a minute or 5 staring at her, wondering if she was alive. She never moved, not even to breathe. I didn't know what to think, or do. Finally my brain panicked realizing something was wrong, and I dropped my coffee as I hurried into the room to check on the strange girl. As I reached out to touch her I noticed two things. First, she had a tag on her hat that read “To: Charles” and was signed “SC”. The second was that her skin, now that I was so close to her, was not as smooth as I thought. Subtle almost invisible lines traced around her body in geometric shapes.

Could she have been a robot? She was so perfectly human, maybe too perfect. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. My company builds robots like these, but I didn’t think they were quite this life-like, although I've never seen one this up close before. She was probably one of the top-end models, and didn't have one of the standard default faces. Her face was long and angular but young, with inconspicuous freckles, a straight and yet petite nose, and even peach fuzz.

I touched her shoulder and she swayed gently. Her skin was cold but soft. Very soft. I touched her arm again, shocked at how soft she was. My ex was a prissy thing that used all sorts of makeup and lotions, this girl was more beautiful and soft without any of that. She was captivating, a real natural beauty, except she wasn’t natural or real at all.

I couldn't help but stare at her body. She wore only the hat and the ribbon, which covered her privates, and the tag dangling next to her face. I pulled the tag away and looked at it closer. On the opposite side, it had a drawing of feminine nose and a finger touching it.

It was odd to say the least, but curiosity had me. I reached out and gently pressed in the tip of her nose. She swayed a little, but a moment later I heard a distinct chime coming from somewhere inside her body. There were no other computer sounds, no fans spinning, no hard drives whirring, just the sound of her taking a long slow breath.

It was as if she suddenly transformed before me as her skin darkened slightly with a healthy glow. Her complexion looked alive, and the subtle geometric lines faded away entirely. She was still paler than me but seemed to glow with life.

I was startled when she suddenly opened her eyes. They were enormous and round and friendly with light brown irises. She seemed to look around aimlessly at first not concentrating on anything or anyone, but I guessed looking at the layout of the room. She did this for at least a full minute before finally settling her gaze toward me, grinning sweetly.

“Merry Christmas” she chimed full of enthusiasm.

I stood there a moment with my mouth hanging open, stunned.

“Ummm… Charles?” Her cute voice asked.

“Y-y-yes?” I stuttered.

“Merry Christmas” she repeated shrugging.

“M- Merry… Christmas…” I slurred as my brain tried desperately to make sense of things. “Wait… What is this? Who are you?”

“I’m your Christmas present” she explained with another shrug.

“But who are you. Why sent you? Where are you from? How did you get in here?”

“Santa sent me. He’s trying something new this year. You see, a lot of people have lost their Christmas spirit and have been very bad. His naughty list is full! So he sent me to help guide you on the straight and narrow, and provide that little extra Christmas cheer!”

Oh god she was cute, and bubbly. This couldn’t be real.

“Santa isn’t real. And this is a trick. Did Frank put you up to this? What’s your name? Where are the cameras?” I asked looking around for hidden lenses or microphones.

“No tricks, Charles. Santa really sent me. I don’t know Frank, and I don’t have a name yet.” She sat up a little straighter and wore an almost demure look of sophistication. “My future master must name me.” She looked up at me as I wandered the room looking for recording devices. “What are you looking for? I’m over here.”

I looked back at her holding a nutcracker upside down which I had been inspecting for a bug. “This isn’t real, you aren’t real. Or rather, you are real, or I’m insane. This has to be a prank or something. And I will find out who is so keen on pranking me even without your help.”

She looked genuinely puzzled for a few moments as I finished inspecting the decoration before a burst of realization filled her features. “Oh!” She exclaimed. “You think this is pretend, that I’m pretending! That this is a game. Am I really that convincing as a human?” She asked blushing. “Well I do not joke around. This is serious. I’m here to help you be a good boy. And I can prove it. Come here and I’ll show you this isn’t make-believe.”

She nodded to the spot in front of her, and reluctantly I decided to go along with it. I put down the nutcracker and couldn’t help but admire her pretty face and alluring body. Maybe she was a human, maybe not, but at least she’s cute and in such a skimpy getup. I shuffled over to her and plopped down Indian-style before her.

“Now it is natural for a human to be scared, but don’t be” she began with an almost better-than-thou attitude. “I might look like a real girl, but I’m not… I mean I am a girl, just not real. Well I am real, but not a human girl” she said getting flustered. It was adorable. “I mean I am a girl… clearly. But I’m not a human. I’m a robot!” She declared.

I sat there contemplating this, but still unconvinced. Sure I thought I saw lines on her body earlier, but where were they now? Maybe I was just seeing things. Maybe I wanted her to be a robot so my mind played tricks on me. She looked, sounded, moved, talked, and acted perfectly human now. And a damn cute one at that! And my body reminded me of that.

“Still not convinced? Let me show you…” The girl lifted her chin, and suddenly her face split into 4 parts, lifting away from her head. They spread open from her nose down and out, revealing what looked almost like delicate bone and muscle, but I soon realized were artificial constructs. I stared into the faceless mechanical wonder, noticing her incredibly attention to detail in recreating the human form. It actually was more than a little freaky. It didn’t look anything like in the movies where some actor wears a mask they try to make look like is under their skin. This was clearly her head missing her face, with gaps and holes peering further in.

She quickly closed her face again and looked away as all the seams faded into nothingness. Her cheeks grew bright red and she seemed flustered.

“I- uh… I’m sorry… I’m… that just… It’s kind of uncomfortable. And embarrassing. I hope I didn’t scare you off.”

On the outside I must have been staring at her in stunned silence. I’m sure I looked shocked, maybe even horrified. But on the inside, I was nerding the fuck out! Holy shit! There was a real life robot girl in my living room! And she was hot! And she was mine?!

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” she whispered, reacting to my stunned silence.

“No. No!” I cleared my throat almost choking on my spit. “That’s…. AWESOME! You’re awesome! I’m convinced, this isn’t a prank. But how-?”

I smile spread quickly across her features as she looked back toward me. “I’m glad you are so pleased with my nature” she responded with a giggle, but swallowed it down. “But I don’t have many answers for you if you want to get technical or anything. I don’t know how I work, or where I’m from. Other than the North Pole of course.”

“Wait, so the big guy really is real? For real?”

She nodded coyly, with a half grin. She seemed a little apprehensive to talk about him, or maybe it was my sudden excitement and interest in her that scared her.

I sat there in front of her studying her features as she looked between me and the room. Silent moments went by as I contemplated her, and everything. My life was just turned upside down. She was a robot, and the most realistic one I had ever seen, or even heard of. She was years away from where our most advanced robots were. And Santa was real?! How? What? My mind could only take so much… I was going to have to figure out everything I could about her, like how to fix her if something breaks. How to charge her. What she could do.

What COULD she do? Why was she built? What was her primary purpose?

“So…” I began, breaking the silence before clearing my throat. “Why did he give you to me?”

“Santa feels that you have been very naughty, and lost your Christmas sp-”

“I’ve been naughty? Wait, I’m the one that was getting cheated on, and have been working hard at my new job. I never cheat, I don’t steal or lie, I don’t hurt people… And have you seen this place? I’ve had more Christmas spirit this year than the rest of my adult life put together. And besides, I’m an adult, Santa doesn’t give gifts to adults!”

“I already told you” she began sounding impatient, “He’s trying to do something different this year” she sighed. The girl looked around the room at all the decorations. “You do seem to have a lot of holiday goodies around… But I’m sure he knew what he was doing when he gave me to you. I am all about helping you become a better person, and guide you-”

“On the straight path, yeah you told me that” I interrupted.

She looked flustered and scoffed. “Well I’m sorry if you don’t like your gift before you even opened it. Maybe you should just scrap me if you don’t want me.”

I gave her a quizzical glance. “Open it?”

“Well yeah. I’ve been sitting here this whole time wrapped up in ribbon, and you never opened my packaging or named me or anything, and now you are already complaining that my primary purpose is useless to you!” She looked angry. “This is not how to be a good boy!” she scoffed with a sniff. Was she starting to cry?

“Wait wait…. don’t cry. I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t say you were worthless to me!” I begged.

“Well you have a lot of making up to do” she added. I raised an eyebrow at her. “You know… good deeds to counter the bad… for all the times you ignored Christmas, and… for making me cry.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I made you cry.” I apologized. She sniffed one last time and straightened her posture again.

“I accept your apology”

I waited for her to say or do something else, but she just sat there, chest out, patiently waiting. ” Well now what? What do I need to do?”

She looked up at me and gave me a weak smile. “You can start by opening your present and giving me a name.” I hesitated, but she grew impatient. “Well? Aren’t you going to open your gift?”

I small sound escaped her lips as she pushed her shoulders forward in anticipation, twisting her torso side to side letting her breasts and cleavage bounce around a little. My eyes were instantly drawn to them. Wow… The movement of her boobs were so natural and human, her breasts looked as real as she did and not stiff at all. They weren’t overly large, nor were they ridiculously bouncy like so many sexbots had. Buxom and Buoyant seemed to be the motto of all the sexbots on TV, and I hated it. But not this girl. No, she looked completely human with breasts that matched her natural looking figure. But… Was she serious? Did she want me to undress her? Or did she have on something even skimpier underneath?

“Are you sure?” I hesitated. “I… uh… I mean… it looks like you aren’t wearing anything-”

“It’s fine” she said. “Santa wouldn’t send me to you naked” she assured me with a laugh, although she sounded like she was trying to convince herself. She looked up at me with her head slightly bowed and grinned. “Just pull the ribbon. You’ll see.”

I swallowed, and reached out nervously as she sat there, squirming a little in anticipation. The large bow on her front covered most of her chest except her cleavage, leaving much to the imagination. But not for much longer. I delicately grasped one end of the bow, and gave it a gentle tug. Slowly, the bow started to shrink, until it popped out of existence, and began to unravel from around her body.

She looked down in anticipation at her body as it was being slowly exposed, breathing heavily. The end of the thick wide ribbon uncoiled around her body once… twice… and finally.

Her chest was as amazing as I imagined it to be. Her breasts were perky and buxom, with a nice shape to them that fit her slim body perfectly. They were tipped with a perfect pair of pink nipples that looked like they were begging to be played with. And boy did I want to. Based on the condition of her nipples, I’d say she was either cold, or horny. Maybe both? She was almost naked now. She looked down at her now exposed torso and blushed bright red.

“I… uh…. Oh gumdrops… I was sure… umm….” she seemed completely caught off-guard. “Well this is embarrassing. Could you maybe… not stare so much? Or at all?”

I coughed, realizing I had indeed been staring at her, possibly drooling even. I couldn’t help it. With every subtle movement, her breasts would bounce and sway, and it awoke something inside me. She was easily 10 times sexier than my ex. “I- um… sorry. I didn’t mean to stare” I mumbled as I struggled to take my eyes off of her, turning to the side to keep her in my peripheral vision.

“There must have been a mix up at the factory” she reasoned. “I was supposed to be a Punition model… but I think I’m in a Pleasure model.” She looked down at her body twisting her torso to look around. Something was weird with her movement, like she was stiff in some places, but I was too preoccupied looking at her chest, or trying not to, to really figure out what it was. “Something is definitely different than my programming told me… I think… this is the… girl next door? Or the companion. Is my hair brown? I am definitely in the wrong body!”

“Well, it looks good on you. I mean… you look good.”

“I… do?” She squeaked, and I could practically hear her blush. “But… this isn’t… me… is it?” She let out a forced sigh. “I mean… I guess it is… I suppose they changed their minds after programming me… There’s nothing to do about it now. Santa doesn’t take returns, and I’m hardwired in here now. This… is the real me. This is my body.”

“It’s a cute body” I added, feeling my face get hot.

“Ah… Thank you. It is, isn’t it?” She sat there looking down at herself, still blushing, as I caught glances of her from the corner of my eye. She was incredibly sexy, and I couldn’t stop the rise in my pants.

“Alright. This is me now... I can do this. I’m adaptable” she reassured herself. “A new body, a new role, It isn’t that different... It can’t be that hard to cook or schedule or clean… or… uh….” she hesitated in thought. “Geez, how accurate did he make me? Am I supposed to…?” She whispered.

I looked back at her, this time getting a good look at her. She was still squirming, trying to come to terms with her unexpected unveiling. She calmed down as she looked back at me and studied me back.

“You’re staring again.”

I nodded. “I can’t help it. You’re very sexy” I told her. She giggled and let me keep looking.

“So… Charles… you say you are a good guy, right? I mean you haven’t been mean to others or anything?” She questioned.

I shook my head. “I try not to be mean. Although I admit I did enjoy breaking up in front of Amber’s parents....”

“Well... you were treated poorly by her, right?” She chose her words carefully.

I nodded again.

“And clearly you’re showing more Christmas spirit than I expected.” She sighed again. “I guess the big guy doesn’t make mistakes. I think I figured it out. I WAS going to be a model to whip you into shape, but now I’m your new personal helper to assist you throughout the year!” She said trying to be perky and excited although the apprehension was obvious.

“Just a year?” I panicked.

“No… My system is modularly based, internally. So just ask Santa for upgrades every year and I should last forever!”

I nodded. “So you’ll be like… my personal assistant?”

“Yeah. But more. I guess it’s not that bad. I would have done most these tasks anyways. I guess the biggest difference is instead of disciplining you I’ll… uh…. anyways. Once I’m registered, I’ll do anything you need me to.”

“Anything?” I pondered to myself.

“Well, just don’t ask me to hurt anyone or break myself.” She sat there, still fully exposed. “Like I said, I can be your maid, or your cook, or your driver, or teach you something, or… umm… give you a… massage… why are you staring at me like that?” She started to blush.

Stars were in my eyes. She was perfect! I was just too amazed by her and what she could do, not to mention her amazing body, that I couldn’t think straight. I must have pitched a full tent just thinking about it. I blinked when I realized she was giving me a look which meant I was staring at her again.

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to stare again…” I muttered.

“No… no… it’s ok. I mean… It is a nice body. And you own me now… so… you can… look all you want. Why else would I have it? Right? So… you like what you see?”

I nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, a lot!”

She smiled as she studied me back. Once her eyes rested on my pants, her eyes went wide and she started to stare herself. I realized she was looking at my erection, but it didn’t take her long to realize it herself as she started to dart her eyes around the room randomly as though she wasn’t just burning a hole in my pants with them a moment ago. Was she embarrassed, upset, or excited at my obvious arousal? I couldn’t tell, but I think she didn’t know for sure either.

“Do you? Like what you see?” I asked back.

She looked at me and smiled. “I… um… geez…. I’m sorry...”

I was devastated. I mean sure I wasn’t exactly dressed up and my hair was a mess still, but I just got up not expecting company. It must have shown because she got all flustered.

“No! No... I didn’t mean it like that! I mean… I don’t know. I think so. But I’ve never… I mean I’ve only been online for a few minutes. I… never met a man… or anyone… before just now. You are my first. And I wasn’t programmed for this… but something inside me… inside this body… yeah… I think I do… like what I... *ahem* see… But I haven’t... really… thought about…” Her eyes gravitated back toward my junk as she seemed to lose herself in mind.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Mmm?” She asked raising her chin but never looking away from my privates. “Oh!” She exclaimed catching herself again. “Yes! I’m fine. Psh! I’m good. It’s all good. I just… don’t know… umm… This feels so awkward... I mean…”

“Awkward? Can you feel?”

“I… uh…” her eyes kept darting back down, and honestly it kept arousing me knowing she couldn’t keep her eyes off of me. If only I dressed up. “I think so… apparently. I think I do. I mean I can register hot and cold and pressure and… and…” she swallowed hard before closing her eyes and shaking her head. “I’m sorry, I was just distracted. Yes. I can feel physical and emotional things. If you want me to.”

“Like pain and pleasure?” I wondered.

“Yes. I can turn it all off if you want, but… I’d rather keep them on if you approve.”

“Even pain?”

She nodded. “Some pain is good. Why do you ask?”

“I just thought… maybe you were in pain.”

“Mmm? Pain? No” she replied. “Why?”

“Well by the way you’re squirming and your odd position…” I looked closer and realized that even though the bow around her chest was gone and now exposing her chest, she still had a ribbon around her waist which also covered her most private places like a thong, another was around her legs tying her knees and feet together, and yet another was wrapped around both her arms from the elbow out, Behind her back! That was why she jutted her chest out so much, and why she looked to stiff and awkward without ever getting up. I don’t know how I didn’t notice until just then that she never had her arms by her sides, and they were only ever behind her back.

With all the talk of pain and pleasure, and now noticing she was tied up so much, something stirred inside me. And I think she noticed.

“Oh… um…. this. Um…. I don’t mind, really. I mean if you want to untie me, I’d appreciate it.” Her big round eyes pleaded with me.

I thought about it for a moment, putting my hand to my chin and stroking my non-existent beard. “Maybe not just yet.” She looked worried suddenly. “I mean, look at all these unexpected gifts under my tree I didn’t expect to see. Now that I opened my first one, I should see what else I got. As long as you aren’t in pain or anything.” Oh I was a bastard. I wanted to tease the hell out of her suddenly.

“Oh…. umm... Ok. If you insist Charles. Just… I’m pretty sure they are accessories for me, like clothes…”

“Accessories you say?”

“Wh- Why are you looking at me like that?” She stuttered. “It’s probably boring stuff. Really. Wouldn’t you rather play with your newest toy? I mean…. um…play… um…. with me? I mean talk… talk with me.”

“Play? Well…. of course. But first… I think I need to get this big full stocking down and see what’s inside.” Directly over her head was my stocking, which I never expected to have anything in it, but actually was stuffed full with gifts and candy. I stood up, walked dangerously close to her, and reached for the stocking behind her head.

She looked up at me at first, faking a smile, but my still hard erection caught her attention. While on her knees like that, she was the perfect height. She gazed at the loose sweat pants I wore and inhaled sharply through her nose, letting out a small coo. Hey eyes focused on my crotch as she studied it intently. Silence filled the room as I awkwardly stood there pretending to grab my stocking in front of her bound and kneeling form. Her face was an in inch from my cock.

“I… uh…” she softly murmured. “Umm… You’re standing so close…” She sniffed again, bringing her head closer to me, until she was almost touching me. “”Sir?” She cooed. “I…” This was insane, what was I doing? I just met this girl, and yet I was already sticking my crotch in her face? What was wrong with me? I moved away, taking half a step back, to end the perverted proposition and prepared to apologize, when she pressed forward, keeping close to me. “Wait…” she panted. Sighing deeply, she spread hot breath on my pants. I paused, a little startled that she actually reacted so strongly to me, and let her continue.

To my shock, she gently rubbed her cheek against my hardening member through my pants, arousing me further. Her eyes closed and her mouth hung open as she touched her nose against me.

“Sir… you smell so good… I like it.... I can’t control… can I… taste you…?” Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she was taken by my musk, resulting in a lustful gaze.

And with barely a nod of approval from me, she used her teeth to pull at my loose pants until my now hard cock popped free, hitting her face. She froze for a minute, just looking at me as my little man twitched erect before her. She was studying it closely, as though it was something completely alien to her. Finally, she smiled and sighed as she rested my dick along her cheek.

“Wow… I’ve never seen a man’s… candy cane before... it’s so big, it’s almost as big as my face!” She admired with lust in her eyes. I was aching now as she teased me. I wanted to do a lot of things with her, and while I worried she wouldn’t like it, but she already seemed really receptive to the idea. In fact she seemed eager all of a sudden.

“What am I doing” she suddenly snapped. “I was programmed to… discipline you… to keep you from… making bad… choices…” her old programming was trying to fight back, but her mind seemed to have been slipping away again at the smell and proximity of my cock. “It’s this body… it’s so… aroused right now… I can’t think straight anymore… Why would you do this to me Santa? I didn’t… want… I want… this...” She sniffed again as she licked her lips. “Big and full… Yes…”

Her lips were soft as she started to run them along the side of my shaft. Her heavy breathing through her nose tickled and aroused me even more as she stuck out her tongue and gently licked me. Pleasure ran up my spine as her surprisingly warm and wet tongue made contact with me. It was awkward at first without the use of her hands, but she managed just fine as she got me more aroused.

It didn't take long for her to start using her lips and tongue together, and soon she started taking me into her mouth entirely. At first it was only the tip, but she naturally started to go deeper until she took me all the way to the base with each stroke. It was amazing, and she felt like she knew exactly what she was doing. Or at least her body did. She was giving me an outright blowjob, and a really good one at that, and I barely knew her! I didn't even know what to call her! This wasn't right, it was all out of order!

She took me in faster, bobbing her head in and out, coating my cock with synthetic saliva, when I grabbed her head and stopped her, moving her off of me, knocking her Santa hat to the floor. She looked upset at first like I had just taken away her favorite toy. Her big eyes looked up at me as she pleaded silently for more.

“Did you not like it?” She wondered.

“It was… amazing. But this just feels wrong…” I pointed out, tucking myself back in my pants.

“I- Wrong?! Did I hurt you? I can learn. What did I do incorrect? I was actually starting to…”

“It’s not you. You were amazing! But… I don't even know your name” I clarified.

She closed her mouth and eyes and inhaled sharply through her nose. “Of course. I apologize sir. I lost myself somehow.” She struggled internally to compose herself, and won out. “Well now that you've unwrapped me… well part of me… it is your right to assign me a name.” She never opened her eyes as she said this.

I thought for a moment. “How about Mary. It's the first thing you said to me.”

“Mary?” Her eyes opened as she thought about this. “Oh! Merry…” She giggled. “I guess it was. Mary. I'm Mary. My name is Mary” she grinned trying it out.

I smiled back. “So what now? I gave you a name, do I have to register you or something?”

Mary shook her head. “No, you are already registered. I guess we can do anything you want. Maybe… um… we could continue where we left off? Neither of us were fully satisfied from the encounter.”

I thought for a moment at her words. “Us? So… you’re saying you liked it?”

Mary blushed but nodded. “Since I can experience both pleasure and pain, I can like and dislike things. Thing like food, games, art… umm… your taste...”

My taste? Fuck she’s kinkier than I thought. She was driving me crazy, and my erection was getting painfully big. “Sex?” I asked eagerly.

She thought for a second before blushing. “I assume so, but I wasn’t programmed with knowledge about it and I’m still getting used to my body. I don’t even know if I can have s- sex yet.”

“Would you like to try it out with me?” I suggested. Please oh please!

She hesitated at first. “Will it hurt?”

“I won’t lie, it might at first. But it usually feels better the more you do it.”

Mary looked up at me. “Something took over my body and mind just now… but I liked it. A lot.” She looked down. “I think I can… take the pain, if you are ok with me…” Mary nodded. “I will… give myself to you as my Christmas present to you, if you will have me.”

“Well based on that blowjob you gave me, I think we’ll both enjoy it a lot.”

“Blowjob?” she wondered.

“Oral sex. That think you did when you were putting my penis in your mouth?”

“Oh… I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t know what I was doing, I just… wanted to do it.”

Interesting. She has a natural tendency toward sex acts? It was like her body was taking over her mind. I was going to have to test this out.

I stood up silently before her, and helped Mary to her feet lifting her up from under her arm. Her eyes were large and full of wonder, captivating me as she stared intently at mine. Without further hesitation, I kissed her. Long and hard. As she tried to respond, I slipped my tongue inside her mouth. She tasted slightly sweet like peppermint, but also very natural, and it only took her moments to respond with a French kiss of her own. She soon began to seek it out, pushing toward me with more force as she sought the pleasure. I complied, but her sudden interest in sex drove me wild.

I pulled away and kneeled down, placing my shoulder against her belly, and then lifting her entire body up. She was surprisingly light weight. Her body bent over my shoulder and she squealed while I held onto her and walked her over to the other side of the fireplace and plopped her down on the sofa. I’m sure she would have been kicking had her legs not still been bound together. She looked up at me in surprise, but then smiled.

“You’re stronger than I thought” she chimed as she sat up on the couch. I once again helped her to her feet, but this time turned her around and leaned her over the large soft armrest, exposing her butt. “What are you doing?” She panicked as I made sure she was comfortable and stable. I grabbed her butt with my hand, and squeezed, getting a yelp of pleasure from her. “What…” she wondered but didn’t finish.

I ran my hands up and down her legs, enjoying her soft and now surprisingly warm curves. I needed to be inside her, but first... I grabbed the ribbons by her hips, and pulled them down like a pair of panties. She gasped and went stiff for a moment, but soon relaxed.

“Is…. is everything… there?” She asked. It was common for bots, even sexy ones like her, to lack genitalia. In fact, in many places it was illegal for robots to have them. But not here. And not with her.

I kneeled down and took in the view of a perfect vagina. It was delicate, wet, pink, and flawless. As I squeezed her butt cheeks apart, I got a perfect view of her inner folds and the delicate petals that looked almost laser precision cut. I dived in, and started licking her gently.

“OHHH I take that as a yes! Oh Yes! Oh YES!” She began to squeal as she experienced the pleasures of a vagina for the first time. I kept licking her hole, running my tongue around the outside, and dipping the tip inside her, before lowering down and reaching for her clit. She suddenly jerked, her legs tensing up, as she held her breath in big loud gasps and moans.

“WHAT!? HA! Uuuhhhh! What is that?!” She gasped.

I smiled to myself and pulled away. “Your ‘on’ button” I teased, running my hands back and forth over her clit.

“I don’t haAAAHH! Ahh! … Have an on button! Ohh!”

“It’s your clitoris” I explained as I took off my pants the rest of the way and pulled off my shirt. “I’ll tell you later. Are you ready for the real thing?”

“You mean that wasn’t…? What were you doing?” She squirmed as she looked back to see my fully exposed body.

“The same thing you did for me.”

“Oh. So what’s… uh… next?” She panted, eyeing me like a slab of meat.

“We join together at the hip.”

“Join… together… you mean… You stick that… giant… inside my…. wait… will it fit? Is this the part that hur-?”

I gently pressed my dick against her hole, getting a feel for her. She was dripping with clear juice, well-lubricated. It appeared she had no hymen to break, which was fine by me, so it wouldn’t be as bad for her as it could have been. She was lucky. She might even enjoy it. As I pushed myself gently against her, never going inside, she gasped and mewed. Her body wanted this, and it wanted it bad. And I think her mind did too. Her pussy was so excited, it was opening and closing to a hidden beat, eager for sexual relief. So much liquid pushed out of her hole with every beat, it was starting to run down her legs.

“I’ll be gentle, I promise” I told her, eager myself to enter her warm inviting hole.

With a gasp and a deep sexy moan, she nodded. “I trust you, Master.”

Master? Now that turned me on. I carefully pushed in harder, spreading her fleshy folds, and spilling her honey. It seemed to take forever, but at last, the head slipped in, absorbed abruptly by her soft folds, eliciting a squeal from Mary. She stiffened again.

“Wait…. don’t move…” she begged. “It… oh gumdrops… it’s so big! Hah… hah… hah… ooooohhhhh jingle bells!” Mary began shaking her head back and forth with her eyes clenched shut.

“Is something wrong? Does it hurt?” I asked as she struggled.

Shaking her head she breathed “No… It’s too much! It feels too good! Something weird is happening… I don’t… I’m scared.”

“Let it happen… it gets better. And don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. If you ever feel pain you can’t handle, just… uh... say ’mistletoe’.”

“Ok” she gasped. “I’ll try.”

I slowly pulled out a bit, popping out of her body, and pushed back in. It was agony going so slow. Her legs were still bound together, so she couldn’t move much, so I decided to try something more intense. I pushed in farther, and increased my speed, bouncing my hips off her round shapely butt. With every thrust, I send waves of pleasure, as well as waves of motion, through her body. Every time I pulled back out, her pussy would wrap itself around my rod and grab on, trying not to let go.

Mary’s voice increased, breathing heavier and louder, with moans and grunts every time I thrust. “Oh…. Maaaaster…. AHH! Uhhh! It’s so intense!”

I instinctively grabbed her arms, still tied together, and pulled back, holding her body up off the sofa, and pulling her harder and deeper into me with every movement of my hips. She started to scream in bliss.


Soon I was spanking her butt with my free hand watching her artificial skin get red, and increase her pleasure. She loved it! And so did I! She was perfect! Although we might work on her cussing…

I untied her hands, letting her elbows loose and free, but leaving both ends of the ribbons tied around her wrists, allowing her to grab the sofa and brace herself even more. Grabbing her ponytail, I pulled at her hair and brought her head back. She started to shake and lose herself entirely as I pulled at her hair and plowed into her.

“NNNUTCRACKER!” She yelled. “I’m... I’M-! Something…Mmmm” She gasped and held her breath as her first ever orgasm washed over her body. It was an amazing sight to see as her entire body convulsed in pure joy. I pounded her relentlessly while pulling her hair as she started to weaken from the sensation. Finally, I pulled out, and let her ride the wave to completion, keeping my hands on her hips to make sure she didn’t fall.

She collapsed over the side of the sofa and lay there breathing, glowing in the aftermath of orgasmic bliss. She was wearing the biggest smile on her face as she caught her breath. “Ooohhhhh Master… that was amazing! What was that?”

“You just orgasmed” I explained as I untied the ribbon around her legs and feet.

“Orgasm? So that’s why people have sex…” she mumbled. “Can we… can we do it again? Wait… did you orgasm?”

“Not yet, but it’s different for guys. I’ll cum when I’m ready.”

“Come where?”

“Cum is slang for orgasm. Except when I do it, I… well, you’ll see.”

I lifted her body up and reached above us. I had installed hooks along the entry of the room to hang garland, which was still there, but right now I was using it to place the ribbon still tied to her wrists. With a tug, I lifted her arms above her head, and tied it off, leaving her dangling high enough to just reach the floor on her tippy toes. She squeaked, but I was getting a huge kick out of this. With her arms now tied above her head, I studied the shapes and curves of her stretched out body.

I eagerly caressed and stroked her breasts, pinching and kissing her nipples. She moaned and cooed as I took control of her body again. She didn’t seem to mind at all, in fact, she pressed herself harder against me with every movement.

“Ohhhhh That’s amazing! I didn’t know my breasts could feel so good!” She closed her eyes and let me just play with her body. I spent probably 10 minutes caressing her, licking her, kissing her, and rubbing her, before I raised one of her legs and placed it on the sofa.

“Oh wow… this position is so… revealing. I… I really do have something down there, don’t I?” She proclaimed trying to get a good look at her pussy for the first time. I got a real good look at her naked body now, and noticed her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a tiny Christmas tree shape. Of course the real gift was under the tree.

I started to kiss her lips deeply as I ran my hand down her cheek, her neck, past her throat, her collarbone, over her breasts, past her rib cage, down her abs, around her belly button, over her tree-trimmed mons, past her clit, and right inside her undulating cave. She wanted to gasp but I refused to separate our lips as I reach inside, and started caressing her, looking for that spot that would drive her crazy from the inside.

Her hips started to buck as I slid 2 fingers easily inside and out, rubbing her juices over her body. It was almost impossible to see this girl as a robot. She was so full of life and need. I increased the speed and pressure of my movements, releasing our lips, and letting her breathe again. She gasped and moaned with every thrust of her hips against my hand, throwing her head back with her mouth hanging open.

“Uuuuhhhhhhh!!! Yess!! YES!!! Master!! MASTER! Faster! Yes! Right there! Oh sugar that’s good!”

Fuck she was cute! I increased my effort making my hand ache in the process, but to great effect. She orgasmed, again, but this time, squirting small amounts of clear liquid from her pussy with every undulation of her hips. Her hips pushed back and forth, sending droplets of honey onto the floor, and reaching her climax for almost a minute.

As Mary completed her orgasmic subroutines, she hung lifelessly from the hook above, her legs no longer holding her up. She looked a mess, a wonderful happy ecstatic mess.

“That’s… not fair” she panted heavily. “You… didn’t even… try to… cum… yourself...” she could barely keep her head up. “I want… to make you… feel good too.”

I smiled at her, and she smiled back. This was going to be a wonderful relationship. She was already more kinky and sexy than my ex, and more receptive, not to mention she actually wanted me to enjoy myself. I embraced her and kissed her, lifting her body up.

As I pulled away from the kiss she looked deeply into my eyes with a look I had never seen in a girl before. Passion, love, trust, joy… all of it and more was conveyed in this look.

“Come on… your turn” she smiled.

I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my hips, aligning myself to her honeypot. She pushed down, pressing me inside her, with another moan. This time from both of us.

“That isn’t fair” she protested. “You’re going to make me orgasm again and we only just started.”

I laughed and held her body tighter, enjoying her warm soft flesh with her hands still tied above her head. With a thrust, she was already shaking, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t planning on stopping this time. I thrust again and again, feeling her juice run down my legs as well, as she strained against her restraints.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhh milk and cookies! You are making me lose my mind! Oh YES! No! YES!” She squeezed her legs around me in, and pulled herself up against her restraints, but hooks made for holding up Christmas garlands aren’t as strong as ones made for holding up Christmas gynoids, and it snapped out of the stud and sent her falling.

I caught her. Barely. But we ended up on the floor with me under her. She sat up covered in garland and ribbon, tossing it off her.

“Oh Mistletoe! That hurt!” She exclaimed.

“Me too.”

She looked down at me and checked for injury, while I checked her as well. Somehow, we were still attacked at the hip, and despite her brain telling her that it hurt and she should check for injuries, she came again instead.

“OOOoooohhhhhh SSSsssugar!! I orgasmed again. Are you ok?”

I nodded, looked up at her as she tried to sit up, not realizing herself we were still joined. I grabbed her hips and held her down, and that’s when she realized, and started to giggle. And even laugh. It was a wonderful laugh, full of joy and merriment. I joined in.

“We’re still... Ha ha ha! How did that happen? Hee hee!” She giggled. I reached up and caressed her face and her breast, and she pressed herself against me with a moan. “It’s like you were made for me” she cooed. “Well I guess I was the one that was made.”

Somehow, this moment turned me on even more, making me see some gentle caring even human side of her, and I grew three sizes. Mary’s eyes widened, with a sly grin.

“Charles! How are you… even bigger?” She wondered, and I began to push against her. “Oh my…. Oh My Gumdrops! OH MY GOD!” She proclaimed as she started to move with me.

Soon, she was hopping up and down on me, letting me watch her body bounce around as I caressed her. I particularly loved the way her ponytail bounced off her chest with every movement of her breasts. I felt every inch of her inside and out as she began to increase her speed and take over all the motion. She had to lean over me, letting her amazing tits dangle over me and press into my chest, as she tried to find a better angle. I helped, but grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks apart, and thrusting as hard as I could into her.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” She came, her hips and legs failing her as I pumped my way inside her.

Finally, I exploded my seed deep inside her and she gasped, cumming yet again from the sensation of it, as her legs shook wildly and her arms failed her. She lay on top of me, still connected, breathing heavily for a while, before she finally managed to whisper.

“What happened? What was that inside me?”

“I came” I grunted. “Men ejaculate semen when we cum.”

“Wow… that was amazing…”

A few moments later, she was pulling herself off of me. I rolled her over onto the floor and watched as she lay on her back, her arms spread out haphazardly, and her legs apart, as her pussy slowly pushed in and out, open and closed, spilling my white liquid down her butt crack and onto the floor.

Mary tried to look down and see her own body, curious as to what she had down there, but was too exhausted to manage it. I would have to show her later somehow. But I knew having Mary with me was going to be the best time of my life. And by the gigantic grin on her face, I think she would enjoy it too.

“You lied” she said, sticking out her tongue at me. “That wasn’t gentle at all. But don’t you dare be gentle...” She giggled wearing only a nerdy Christmas sweater, and I knew that she was perfect for me.

“So since you are my gift this year” I said to her as she snuggled by the fireplace later that afternoon, “and you are my newest and closest friend, sad as that may be, what do you want from me? What gift can I give you?”

“A gift? For me?” She chirped, popping a candy cane from her lips she had been sucking on. She already had a ton of gifts, even though they were all labeled to me. We were surrounded by clothes, chargers, manuals, and every device an advanced gynoid like Mary would need. But they were all from Santa. Not me.

I nodded. “Well, I didn't know I was going to be getting anything from anyone, let alone Santa. And I sure didn’t know I’d get you. I don't have much to give, but I haven't given a present to anyone in years, so I might as well start with you. And since you are giving yourself to me, don't hold back.”

She looked pensive for a moment or two and then turned red in the face. “I uh… umm… I can't ask for that…” she dismissed.


She grinned playfully as she looked up at me, taking the candy cane out of her mouth. Leaning close to my ear, she whispered “I want to do what we just did every day, Master.”

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