New Life

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New Life

Part 1

I was an orphan as long as I could remember. I was found in a burning building and nursed to health. After the doctors couldn’t find anyone related to me, they released me to a facility which helped raise orphaned children.

I grew up in this orphanage, but then was transferred to a newer place when I got older. I spent some time in foster care, but after a while I eventually ended back up at the orphanage. Still, I thought my life wasn’t that bad…that is until I got sick.

Even though it was the 22nd century, there were still some illnesses that were untreatable. Mine was apparently genetic, so there was nothing doctors could do. Just before the end, I saw a kind-faced man enter my room and look down on me. He muttered something to the nurse which sounded like, “I’ll take him”, but then all went black.

Still, if this was death, it certainly wasn’t oblivion, nor was it heaven. I seemed to be nothing but pure thought, I couldn’t feel anything, however, I knew somehow that I still existed. I don’t know how long I was like this, but suddenly I saw a sort of portal appear, with a sign that read: “You have one-minute to enter”

Scared that this might be a door to the afterlife, I thought about it but after 45-seconds I thought I’d rather take oblivion over this boredom, so I stepped through…

It was not into oblivion…

The most curious sensation came over me, like I was being put together piece by piece. After a few seconds, I realized I could see, so I looked around. I was in a sort of lab; all kinds of equipment littered the place, all buzzing with noise.

“Where am I?” I asked, looking around cautiously.

“You are in my lab,” a voice said from behind, startling me.

“How did I get here?” I asked politely, looking into the kind face of the man who spoke.

“I brought you here from the hospital. You were dying of a terminal disease, but I am a generous soul who happened across your room and decided to save you,” he said.

“Did I die?” I asked.

“In a matter of speaking. Your body died of the disease, but I was able to save your soul by transferring you from your brain into my computers,” he explained.

“So this body I am in isn’t mine?” I said, looking at my hands.

“It is for now…you are currently in a holographic representation of your body, and while you are in it you will feel the same as you did…except you are confined to the lab,” he said.

“Will I get a more solid body?” I asked, not wanting to be stuck in a computer.

“That is why I sent you that message. If you hadn’t gone through that door, I would have deleted you…but, by going through that door you decided to live,” the man said.

“Actually, I thought it was the light at the end of the tunnel, so I chose it instead of boredom,” I said.

“Wow, nevertheless you made a choice, and your choice is for you to make another one,” he said.

“What is my choice?” I asked.

“I can either delete you, or I can do what my profession is, which is to create android bodies for dying children so they can live a full life,” he said.

“I didn’t know that such a company existed,” I said.

“Well, those shelters you were in didn’t exactly have news channels or newspapers circulating, so you probably don’t know too much of the outside world,” he said.

“No, only that there was a war about 20-years ago which left over a billion people dead, and thousands homeless,” I said.

“Yes, WWIII was devastating, but it brought about innovation which included Artificial Intelligence and cybernetics,” he said.

“So, you create androids for dying children so they can live?” I asked.

“Yes, although usually I do it for parents, you are the first orphan I have done…and it was out of the goodness of my heart,” he said.

“Thanks, Mr…” I said.

“Oh, you can call me Greg,” he said.

“So Greg, are you going to build me a body?” I asked.

“Yes, I already got most of the parts put together, but I wanted to make sure it was what you wanted before I made it look like you,” Greg said.

“Well, I do want it…don’t you have any assistants to help you?” I asked, looking around at the empty lab.

“No, but now that you mention it, I was hoping that since you don’t have a home, you might want to stay with me and assist me,” Greg said.

“I am only 18 years old, can I really help that much?” I asked.

“Yes, and I could even adopt you and treat you as my child,” he said.

“Thanks, I’d like that,” I said.

“Good, now would you like to see your body being made or would you like to be shut off until you are inside it?” Greg asked.

“I’d like to see it as it is right now, then be shut off so I the next time I open my eyes is from inside it,” I said.

“Alright, then follow me,” he said, getting up from his chair and walking to a door.

“Okay, I can leave this room right?” I asked.

“Of course, your emitters extend well past this small room,” he said, and I followed him into the next room, which had a bunch of shelves with parts on them. The room also had a table, which had a metallic skeleton on it.

“Wow, is that my body?” I asked.

“It will be, this is what they look like before they are customized,” Greg said, activating a few of the machines.

“It will have skin, right?” I asked, looking at the robot lying on the table. The robot on the table was about the same height as me. It was made of an odd metal-plastic alloy, which made it very light and durable. The parts were anatomically correct, with the proper joints, kneecaps, shoulder blades, and elbows…just no skin. The head had empty eye sockets, two slits where the nose was, two rows of real teeth, audio sensors near the ears, and dozens of servos around the cheek and eyes, which looked like could mimic facial expressions.

“Oh yeah, you will look and feel exactly as your current holographic body does. You will be able to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and even reproduce since I was able to save your genetic material, minus the disease,” Greg said.

“Cool, I’d just like to feel it for a few minutes before being shut off,” I said, getting in closer and feeling the hands and feet. The hands had all 5-fingers attached, but they looked skinny. The palm had a silicone material over it to give it a padded feel, and so did the feet.

“Okay Greg, I’m ready,” I said, standing in front of him.

“Okay Phillip, it should seem like only a couple of minutes have gone by,” he said, pulling a device from his coat.

“Okay,” I said, and then he pressed a button and I felt myself go back into darkness.

After what seemed like a couple of minutes, I felt myself sucked down into a hole and then I lost all consciousness.

“…Phillip” I heard through the void.

“Phillip, wake up,” I heard again, louder this time.

“Phillip, open your eyes,” I heard more clearly, and I suddenly realized I could feel, so I opened my eyes. At first, I could see nothing, but an instant later, I saw a brief storm of pixels, which rapidly formed into shapes, which I could identify. The most familiar shape was that of Greg looking down at me.

“Oh good, I was afraid I might have lost you,” Greg said, looking down at me.

“Am I in the robot?” I asked, speaking a little hoarsely; my throat felt dry.

“Yes, you are in your android now,” he said.

“Where am I now?” I asked, noticing that I was lying in a bed with very comfortable, very warm covers on top of me.

“I moved you into what will be your bedroom…I thought it would be a better place for you to wake up in than that table,” Greg said.

“Thanks, can I get up?” I asked, not having moved any part of my body other than my head.

“Yes, but do it slowly…your body hasn’t been online for very long and it may take you a while to get used to it,” Greg said, lifting up the covers to let me up.

“Okay,” I said, and I slowly sat up, hearing a mechanical whine while I did so.

“What was that?” I asked.

“That was your body…until you have broken it in, you are going to sound robotic every time you move,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, and I moved my legs off the bed and slowly dropped them to the floor until I could feel the carpet beneath my feet, then I used my arms to stand myself up.

“Very good, how do you feel so far?” he asked, looking at me from the end of the bed.

“I feel fine so far, this body seems to feel natural,” I said, feeling my face with my hands and hearing my arms and fingers whining at me.

“Good, that is the whole idea,” he said.

“I don’t even feel cold right now,” I said, noticing I was naked.

“Well, I have it room temp right now, and your body still hasn’t had time to adapt to your intelligence…I can assure you that within 24-hours, you will feel exactly like your organic body,” Greg said.

“Good, how much control do I have over the mechanical aspects of this body?” I asked.

“Well, you can access the internal diagnostics, open your panels and monitor your own power, but for major stuff you will need an outside computer,” Greg said.

“Okay, is there anything I have to worry about?” I asked.

“Yes, you are integrated into this body, so you can malfunction. You won’t have any control over yourself when this happens, but I have installed a few fail-safes to make sure you shut down before anything bad happens to your body,” Greg said.

“Can I be reprogrammed?”

“No, once I installed it into your body, it became integrated so it can only be removed or deleted if I take you out of it,” he said.

“Okay, what about water?” I asked.

“You are safe from water as long as you don’t let it into your systems. You can eat and drink, and that helps you get more energy,” he said.

“Alright, may I see more of your lab?” I asked.

“Sure, did you want some clothes?” he asked.

“Please,” I said, and then he handed me the clothes I was wearing before I was taken to the hospital.

“Aren’t you going to put your shoes on?” he asked, seeing me leave the shoes and socks behind.

“No, I like going around barefoot,” I said, wiggling my toes and hearing more whines.

“Okay, then on we go,” he said, and we walked outside my room into a hallway.

“Right now we are in our house, which is just outside the lab. We are actually in the backyard, and there is a large forest behind here which offers us seclusion,” Greg said, giving me a tour of the modest sized cottage.

“The lab is the size of a retail store, but most of it is for storage and power generators,” He said, walking me outside and into the lab.

“How many kids do you build each day?” I asked, wondering how many others like me there were.

“Not very many, fortunately,” he said, showing me the room where I was built.

“You don’t like your job?” I asked.

“I do, but I don’t like the fact that it needs to be done. The reason I started this little business was because I had a wife and kids, but my wife died in the war, and the kids did too. I wished that someone could have at least brought my kids back, since they didn’t have the chance to grow up, so I broke from the cybernetics company I worked for and started this sub-division,” he said, now showing me a large room full of parts.

“Do you do grown-ups too?” I asked.

“No, the ethics board said that only kids 18 or under could be rebuilt, since they didn’t get a chance to live a full life…like you,” Greg said.

“Thanks,” I said, patting his shoulder and noticing that I wasn’t whirring as much anymore.

“You’re welcome, I just hope I can be as good a father to you as I was to my children,” he said.

“You already are, since I never had a father,” I said.

“Yes, I read you were found in a burning building,” Greg said.

“Yes, I was told only that my name was Phillip Gregory White V, but I have never seen any relatives,” I said.

“Well, I am sure you have some, just some so distant that they have never heard of you,” Greg said.

“Yeah, well, just having you is good enough,” I said.

“That’s good, now in addition to your type of android, there are also androids that have artificial intelligence. Those are created by the parent company that I work for,” Greg said.

“Are they any good?” I asked.

“Yes, there are a lot which are sentient enough to have the same rights as you, but the rest are just smart enough to think for themselves,” Greg said.

“I’d like to meet one someday,” I said, always having had a fascination with science.

“Well, I actually have one of the latter, but it is more along the lines of a toy than anything,” Greg said.

“May I see it?” I asked.

“Sure, you can actually have it since I don’t use it at all,” Greg said, walking me to his office and then into a different storeroom. Inside this storeroom was a series of more human looking parts, and a few whole androids. Greg walked over to a crate at the end of the room and opened it up. Inside was a girl about my age. She had long dark brown hair, pale skin and a bunch of freckles around her nose. She wore a simple navy blue tee, denim crops and a pair of white socks and tennis shoes.

“She is a toy?!” I asked, looking at the realistic girl within.

“Yes, this was released as a toy/friend for teenage girls, but they were discontinued,” Greg said.


“Because people thought they weren’t being treated ethically. Boys would get them to have sex with, and so would adults,” Greg said.

“Can they have sex?” I asked.

“Yes, but unlike your model, they can’t conceive…they can by injured though,” Greg said.

“Well, I promise I won’t hurt her,” I said.

“I know you won’t,” Greg said, and he helped me carry the girl back to my room.

“Okay, so being a toy, she has a wind up key. It should keep her running for about two-hours before she will need rewinding. She can only work for three windups in a row, and then she will need 8-hours of rest,” Greg said, handing me her manual.

“Has she ever been turned on before?” I asked.

“No, so it will be a fresh friend for you,” Greg said.

“Can you show me a bit more of my body before I wind her up?” I asked.

“Sure, just take off your shirt so I can show you a few things,” Greg said, and then I swiftly removed my shirt and stood in front of him.

“Okay, I am going to open your abdominal panel first, since it is the one which will be opened the most often,” Greg said, bending down and pressing in on my belly button. After two presses, I suddenly saw a rectangular seam appear, and then I felt the skin lower down and slide back up.

“Wow,” was all I said. I could see circuits and wires, and I could hear the whine of the servos which had been used enough to be silenced by my flesh.

“This is your primary maintenance port. If anything goes wrong, this is where it is probably at,” Greg said, pressing a button, which made it close.

“Now, this panel is for access to your spine and other support systems,” Greg said, pressing in on my lower back and opening a panel.

“Cool,” I said, feeling it close.

“This panel is for easy access to your brain, and it can be used to run diagnostics on you,” Greg said, opening a panel at the back of my head.

“Do any of my limbs come off?” I asked.

“Yes, makes it easier to fix you…also, your head has a wireless connection to your body, so if you need to remove it, you will still be able to move around,” Greg said, closing the head panel.

“Any other parts?” I asked.

“Your hands disconnect above the wrists, your arms from below your biceps, your head below your Adam’s Apple, your legs from below the triceps, and your feet from above the ankle,” Greg said.

“How do I remove them?” I asked.

“Each of the connection points I pointed out has a switch beneath the skin. All you do is squeeze hard and then twist counter-clockwise and then remove,” he said.

“May I try with my head?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll show you where,” he said, and he walked over and positioned my hands so they were under the chin and supporting it.

“Now, do you feel a click when you press in?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Okay, now twist and remove,” he said, and when I did so, I felt my head detach from my neck, and then I was suddenly able to see both from my eyes and from a camera, which popped up from my neck.

“Wow,” I said, maneuvering my head into my arms and resting them there.

“Yes, this way you won’t be helpless if your head comes off. Your head has reserve power which lasts for about 12-hours, then it needs to be reattached otherwise you go offline,” Greg warned.

“Okay,” I said, placing my head down and walking around the room headless.

“I need to go and get some food and clothes for you now, so I’ll just leave you alone. You can activate her anytime you want, and since she is A.I. and a toy, she can be plugged into your computer over here and be configured,” Greg said.

“Can I be plugged into it too?” I asked, walking over and reattaching my head.

“Yes, and you can access the internet since you have antivirus and firewall installed, but always be careful,” Greg said.

“I will…dad,” I said.

“Wow, I haven’t heard that in a long time,” Greg said, his eyes tearing up.

“And I’ve never said it,” I said, mine tearing up too.

“Well, I’d better go…you have fun,” he said, and he quickly turned around and left.

After he was gone, I put my shirt back on and then I removed my hands and feet to get used to the feeling before I picked up the toy girl’s manual and started reading the specs. I saw that she was able to have intelligent conversations, as well as a full array of emotions. She was anatomically correct in every way, except no reproductive organs. She could get a little wet, but not be fully submerged. None of her parts could be removed, but she did have a few panels for gear maintenance.

After is finished reading her manual, I decided to have a non-invasive look at her body. I felt her soft skin, which was cold to the touch. I smelled her hair and skin and smelled exactly what a girl her age should smell like. Her face looked peaceful and serene, as though she were in a deep sleep. Her key was at the base of her spine, and after a moment of decision, I turned it until it stopped turning.

Suddenly, I heard gears start inside her body and then they sped up until I couldn’t hear them anymore. Her body slowly started coming to life until her eyes slowly opened. She looked at me with her clear blue eyes for a few seconds before saying, “Hi, my name is Crystal, what is your name?”

“Hello Crystal, my name is Phillip,” I said.

“Hello Phillip thanks for winding me up,” she smiled, speaking in a kind, gentle voice.

“You’re welcome, how much do you know about yourself?” I asked.

“I am a Realian-class toy designed for children ages 13 and up, this is my first activation,” she said.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I feel fine, did you want to play with me?” she asked.

“I want to talk to you, I was just activated too,” I said.

“Oh, are you a robot too?” she asked, looking at me curiously.

“Only since today…my real body died, and a kind man built me this body,” I said.

“So you aren’t another toy?” she asked.

“No, I’m my own person,” I said.

“That’s good, what did you want to talk about?” she asked, taking my hand with her smooth hands and walking me over to the bed.

“Do you have anything preprogrammed into you?” I asked.

“Yes, I have a lot of data on teenage girls programmed into me, and a little on boys, so you are a new frontier for me,” she said.

“I’m a new frontier for me myself,” I admitted.

“Really?” she laughed.

“Yeah, how would you feel if you woke up one day and were organic?” I asked.

“I don’t know, different I guess,” she pondered.

“That’s how I feel, for example I could never have done this in my real body,” I said, removing my head and handing it to her.

“Wow, even my head doesn’t come off,” she said, rotating my head around and feeling it and my body.

“Yes, I’m a mechanical boy now,” I said, taking my head back and reattaching it.

“How do I look to you?” she asked, suddenly changing the subject.

“You look pretty, attractive,” I said.

“Thanks, you look cute,” she said.

“Thanks, did you want to walk around with me?” I asked, looking outside.

“Sure, but what about your shoes?” she asked.

“I like being barefoot,” I said, taking her hand and leading her outside.

“I see,” she said.

We spent about half an hour exploring the forest behind the house before returning to my room. When we got back, Crystal sat down and removed her shoes and socks, revealing the prettiest feet I had ever seen.

“Wow, you have pretty feet,” I said, looking at them.

“Thanks, would you like to touch them?” she asked, looking at me with a sweet look on her face.

“Sure, if you don’t mind,” I said, getting a little nervous.

“I don’t, I am just a toy,” she said.

“Well, you don’t look like a toy to me,” I said, slowly bending down, hearing a few whining servos.

“Thanks, you sort of sound like one,” she said, looking closely at my legs.

“Yeah, my body still sounds a little robotic,” I said, now gently feeling her pale feet. They felt perfectly real; however, I noticed that while my feet had gotten sweaty, hers were still normal.

“You didn’t sweat,” I said, feeling her dry feet, which still smelled normal as well.

“I can’t sweat,” she shrugged.

“I can,” I said, looking at my sweaty and dirty feet.

“Well, you are more advanced than me,” she said, watching me feel her perfect feet.

“Yeah, did you want to look at one of them?” I asked, still feeling her feet.

“Okay,” she said, and then she watched as I let go of her feet, then brought my right foot in front of me, and twisted it off.

“Here you go, I can’t feel it when it’s off, so do whatever you want with it,” I said, handing my foot to her.

“Okay… it looks so real,” she said, looking closely at all the details, including the toe prints.

“Yeah, how does it feel?” I asked, resuming my probing of her feet.

“Wet and I can smell your sweat,” she said, wrinkling her nose a little.

“Does it bother you?” I asked.

“No, I’m just programmed to respond like that,” she said, continuing to examine my foot.

“I see, well your feet don’t really have a smell…at least not the kind of smell one would expect from a girl coming in from a walk,” I said, getting really close and sniffing them, even tasting them with my tongue.

“Yeah, I just have my default odor which is supposed to be an organic/perfume mix,” she said, bending the toes on my foot and listening to the sound they made.

“Well, you smell real enough,” I said, playing with her toes.

“Thanks, did you want your foot back now?” she asked, holding it out.

“Sure, I’m done with your feet too,” I said, taking my foot and reattaching it.

“How does it feel, taking your foot off?” she asked, watching the seams disappear and then watching me wiggle my toes.

“Well, the best way to describe it is that I can’t feel it when it’s removed, but it is kind of like putting a shoe on,” I said, standing up and then sitting back down in the chair I had been in.

“Do you like your new body?” she asked.

“I am glad I am able to still be alive, before I had no idea this technology existed…I was an orphan,” I told her.

“Oh, you mean you never knew your parents?” she asked.

“Yep, I have been in special care all my life. Greg is the one who found me and built me this body,” I said.

“He must have given me to you then,” Crystal said.

“Actually, he works for the company that built you,” I said.

“That would explain it,” she said.

“Hey, did you want to see my insides?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, and then she watched as I took off my shirt and then pressed in on my belly button twice.

“Wow, I can see your parts,” she said, walking over for a better look.

“Yeah, I’ve only seen this once before, why don’t you have a feel,” I said.

“Okay, I hope I don’t break you,” she said, cautiously putting her right hand inside my panel.

“Well, I’m sure Greg could fix me,” I said, not able to feel what she was touching. Suddenly, I felt a surge of energy and I momentarily lost control of my body and jerked around.

“Whoa!” I shouted, caught off guard.

“Did I hurt you?” Crystal asked, quickly recoiling her hand and looking at me.

“I don’t know, you must have touched a circuit which created a power surge…I feel fine now,” I said, moving my arms around.

“Good, why don’t we close that panel so we don’t break you,” she said.

“Okay,” and after concentrating, I found I could control it as though it were another arm.

“Wow, I think I have panels like that on me,” she said, watching my panel close.

“You do, same place as this one, another on your back and one more on your head,” I told her.

“Wow, I wonder what they do?” she asked.

“Would you like me to show you?” I asked, also wanting to see her insides.

“Sure, do I need to take off my shirt?” she asked.

“Yes, you don’t mind do you?” I asked, knowing how girls were protective of their own bodies.

“No, I’m wearing a bra and I trust you,” she said, looking into my eyes and then taking off her shirt. I was pleased that her realism extended throughout her body, I could see she had a flat tummy and a well-developed chest.

“Wow, you look perfect,” I said, looking at her torso.

“Thanks, I guess the people who built me did a good job,” she said, liking my reactions.

“Yeah, now your panel should open similarly, would you like me to do it?” I asked.

“Yes please, my programming is preventing me from doing it…probably to protect me from myself,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, and I pressed in on her well-crafted navel and then watched as her panel opened in a similar fashion to my own. Except, instead of wires and circuits in her panel, there were only gears and motors.

“Wow, is that really my insides?” she asked, bending forward to get a better look in herself.

“Yes, you have gears, I guess to make you more toy like,” I said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty noisy too,” she said, listening to the noise her gears were making.

“Yes, would you like me to open your back now?” I asked.

“Okay,” she said, and she stood up and allowed me to press a small mole above her key, which was still winding.

“I just felt it open, what do you see?” she asked.

“More gears, plus some controls as well,” I said, looking at a few controls, which were labeled after parts of her body.

“You mean you can control parts of my body?” she asked, turning around to look at me, all the while the gears controlling her arms and torso activated.

“Yes,” I said, and I manipulated the controls for her legs and watched as she started walking forward.

“Whoa, did you make me walk?” she asked, flexing her feet.

“Yes, it was pretty easy too,” I said, making her walk some more.

“Wow, why don’t you walk me over to the bed and make me pick up a pillow or something?” she said.

“Okay,” I said, and then I made her walk a short distance to my bed, then I had her bend down and reach out her arms. She still controlled her hands, so she did the grabbing.

“Wow, that was fun,” she said, once I closed both her panels.

“Yeah, would you mind if I put my ear to your chest to see if I can hear your gears?” I asked.

“No,” she said, and she laid down on my bed and allowed me to rest my head on her tummy. Although it was muffled by her skin, I could indeed hear her machinery giving her life.

“Can you hear anything?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s muffled though,” I said, letting her sit back up.

“Good, may I do the same to you?” she asked.

“Sure,” I told her, and then I laid down and she put her ear to my chest.

“I can’t hear anything,” she said, letting me sit back up.

“Good, then I can’t either,” I told her.

“I wonder how much time I have left before I unwind,” she said suddenly.

“Probably about ten minutes, I can actually check from your head panel,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then I carefully reached behind her hair and opened a panel at the back of her head.

“Wow, I can see a few more gears, and a monitor,” I said, looking at the monitor, which was showing how much time she had left.

“Does it show you how much time?” she asked.

“Yes, you have nine minutes,” I said.

“Can it do anything else?” she asked.

“Yes, there are settings to modify your personality and stuff,” I said, looking at the menu display.

“In what ways?” she asked.

“Well, to make you friendly or more outspoken,” I said.

“What setting am I at now?” she asked.

“You are set at one of the friendly settings,” I said.

“Cool, why don’t you turn the friendliness all the way up and see what happens?” she asked.

“Okay, did you want me to change it back if I don’t like it?” I asked.

“I don’t think I will care, but do what you feel is right,” she said.

“Okay, here goes,” I said, and I turned her friendliness all the way up. “Setting changed” flashed on the monitor a few times, and then her gears stopped for a moment and started again.

“Wow, I feel really good,” she said, looking at her hands.

“Really, do you feel friendlier?” I asked, leaving the panel open and walking back in front of her.

“Yes, it’s weird though…I feel like I have more energy towards you,” she said, looking a bit more alive to me.

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, when I look at you now, I feel happier and more calm,” she said.

“Wow, I guess that is friendly,” I said.

“It’s too bad I will unwind in a couple minutes,” she said.

“I can always wind you back up,” I said.

“I know, but even with my new settings, I want you to remember that I am just a toy…I won’t care if you never turn me back on, or if someone else does,” she said.

“I know, I might just wait until tomorrow, but why don’t we just make the most of these last few minutes?” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and after I closed her up and let her put her shirt back on, we laid with each other on my bed.

“I’m glad you said what you did before, I was starting to get feelings for you,” I said, turning over and looking into her pretty face.

“Really, I think you are cute, but I will always look like this…I am sure you will be able to age,” Crystal said.

“Well, I guess you really were designed for girls more than boys…girls just want someone to talk to, guys want a little more,” I said.

“Well, I don’t mind getting a little close to you, but I do ask that you not undress me…I promise the next time you choose to wind me up, I will undress for you,” Crystal said.

“I promise,” I said, looking sincere.

“I trust you,” she said, her voice starting to slow down.

“Hey, you’re slowing down,” I said.

“Yeah, I must only have a minute left,” she said, her voice getting deeper.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“A little tired,” she said.

“I hope I don’t slow down like this when I run low on power,” I said.

“You might like it…Phillip, kiss me,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, and then I leaned in and kissed her pretty lips. When I pulled away, I saw that she had frozen with a smile on her face.

I savored the look on her sweet, frozen face for several moments before I heard the door to the house open.

“Phillip, I’m back,” Greg shouted.

“I’ll see you later,” I said to Crystal, even though I knew she could not hear me, and then I left my room to see what Greg had got.

“Oh hey, how was she?” he asked.

“She was great, she just shut off before you came in,” I said.

“Did you have fun?” he asked, putting all the food away.

“Yeah, I showed her some of my parts, and she let me play around with her controls,” I said.

“That’s good, she must trust you a lot,” Greg said.

“Yeah, it must be because I’m an android now…she trusts me because of that,” I said.

“Probably, now I got you a whole new wardrobe of clothes to wear…fortunately I know your size since I literally built you,” he said, handing me a few bags of clothes.

“Thanks, are there any other androids you can show me?” I asked.

“You aren’t bored with Crystal are you?” Greg asked.

“No, but Crystal is just one type of android…I want to check out many,” I said.

“Sure, but first you need to eat something,” he said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, you have never eaten or drunken anything in your body. It needs some food this early on to initiate the fusion cycle,” Greg said.

“Okay, does it come back out?” I asked.

“Yes, but it is mostly water,” he assured me.

“Okay,” I said, and then I sat down while he cooked up some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for us to eat.

After we finished eating, he opened me up to check on my fusion system and after declaring it fully functional, he closed me back up and then took me back to his lab.

“So, how do you \feel so far?” he asked.

“Fine, I feel full, but I don’t feel any stomach aches,” I said.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about those aches anymore,” Greg said.

“Good, they are unpleasant,” I said, following him into the lab.

“So, Crystal there was supposed to be a replacement for the toy model, but they were discontinued before her model was released, so that is why I had her…she was the prototype,” Greg explained.

“Well, she didn’t seem to mind if I never wound her back up,” I said.

“That is part of the new programming…they used to get very sad about winding down, and then they would malfunction,” Greg said.

“Well, she said she would take off her clothes the next time I wound her up,” I said.

“I see, and what about you?” Greg asked.

“If she wants to see me naked, I will let her,” I said.

“Good, now the next android I am going to show you is slightly older in appearance. She is based on a teen actress from the early 21st century called Emma Watson,” he said, taking me to an alcove, which was sealed off by a metal door.

“How old is she?” I asked.

“This was modeled after her 18 year old appearance, and it also includes her memories and personality as well,” he said.

“What was she made for?” I asked.

“Well, Emma Watson passed away just before the war. She wanted to pass on her memories to another era, but the war scrapped those plans,” Greg said.

“So this android is sentient?” I asked.

“Yes, pure artificial intelligence. It is augmented by human soul, but the real Emma Watson is not contained within the android. The android will actually have a slightly different personality,” Greg said.

“Okay, may I see her?” I asked.

“Sure,” and then Greg opened the door.

Nestled in the alcove was an 18-year-old girl with shoulder length, light brown hair. She had a serene face and nice complexion. Her eyes were closed, so I couldn’t see what color her eyes were…but I surmised they would be brown.

“She’s beautiful,” I said, looking at her sleeping body. She was dressed in a pair of black leggings, with matching black dress shoes. She was also wearing a gray V-neck sweater made from some sort of wool.

“Yes, she was quite a famous actress in her day and she wanted this android and others like it to be part of her continuing legacy,” Greg said.

“Well, I think I would like to activate her then,” I said.

“I thought you might…Emma here has her own internal battery, though it is not as sophisticated as yours so she will need to be plugged in every day,” Greg said, gently lifting her from the alcove and setting her on the ground.

“Okay, will she care about turning off?” I asked.

“Probably, but she is still an android and does have programming she has to follow,” Greg said.

“I understand,” I said.

“So I am going to give you her manual and remote as well,” Greg said, pulling them from a shelf.

“Thanks, could you help bring her to my room for me?” I asked.

“Sure, then I have to get some work done…I have a patient arriving in two days so I need to get her body ready,” he said.

“Can I meet them?” I asked.

“Yes, of course. They usually stay here for a week to get used to their new bodies before they return to their families,” Greg said, gently lifting Emma into his arms and walking with me back out of the lab.

“Cool,” I said.

“Yeah, your presence may help them better adapt since they will see how well you have adapted,” Greg said.

“Well, it will just be nice to meet new people,” I said, opening the door to the house and letting him in.

“That too,” he agreed, walking into my room.

“Just set her down next to the bed,” I said.

“Okay,” he said, and after he set Emma down near the edge of my bed, he gave me a hug and then left.

“Well Emma, I am going to read up on your specs before I activate you,” I said, talking despite the fact she wasn’t even activated yet.

After reading through her basic specs, I saw that she could eat, drink, sweat and have a fully realistic personality. She had all of Emma Watson’s memories installed, and she had her own programming as well. Her limbs could be removed in the same fashion as mine could, and she could be plugged into my computer and have her programming adjusted. The remote could control various parts of her body, as well as turn her on or off.

Still, as real as she was, she could not be impregnated and she did not have Emma Watson’s genetic material within her.

“Okay Emma, let’s get you turned on,” I finally said, after having read through her entire manual. Disregarding her remote, I instead pressed into her right ear until I felt a soft click. After I took my finger out, I stood back and watched as she started coming to life. My new ears could hear the various systems starting up in her body and then her eyes opened.

“I knew you had brown eyes,” I said, looking into her dark brown eyes.

“Cybercorp prototype Unit XX01 starting up….starting check on all systems….diagnostic complete, no anomalies found….booting into setup mode…” she said, speaking in a monotone.

“Please state your name,” she suddenly said, looking into my eyes.

“My name is Phillip White,” I said.

“Hello Phillip, before I can activate, I need to ask you a few questions,” she then said, still speaking in a monotone.

“Okay,” I told her.

“How old are you?”

“I am 18 years old,” I said.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“We are in my bedroom. I think we are in Northern California in the Pacific Time Zone,” I said.

“And what time is it?” she asked.

“It is 10:23am on Monday, May 17th 2102,” I said.

“Thank you, I will now reboot and load my A.I….I look forward to seeing you,” she said, and then she closed her eyes and shut down. I only had to wait several moments before her systems powered back on and her eyes opened.

“Hello, are you Phillip?” she asked, speaking in a beautiful voice with a strange accent.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Hello Phillip, my name is Emma Watson,” she said, reaching out her right hand.

“Hello Emma,” I said, shaking her delicate hand.

“So, it took almost 30 years for me to be activated?” she asked, sitting down on my bed.

“I guess, there was a world war after the real Emma Watson died, and they eventually scrapped your project,” I said.

“Well, thanks for activating me….better late than never,” she said.

“Yeah, so if you have the real Emma’s memories, then how are you an 18 year old right now?” I asked.

“Well, 18 was the year I was most famous…and I wanted my progeny to be the appearance of adults,” she said.

“That’s cool…I was sort of born again today as well,” I told her.

“Really, how so?” she asked.

“Well, I died last night and a man built me an android body and transferred me into it,” I said.

“So, you are a robot too?” she asked, looking more closely at me.

“Yes, but I feel almost exactly as I did in my real body,” I said.

“Well, I always had a thing for androids…but I kept it a secret back then because the technology wasn’t possible and it was seen as a little weird,” she told me.

“Well, I am finding I like androids as well…even more so now that I am one,” I said.

“So, can you remove parts of your body too?” she asked.

“Yes, my arms, legs, hands, feet and head can all be removed,” I told her.

“Same with me,” she said.

“Would you like me to remove some of my parts?” I asked.

“Maybe in a little bit, who is she?” Emma asked, looking at Crystal who was still lying on the bed.

“She is a wind-up toy I was playing with before I activated you…she unwound in that position,” I said.

“I see, am I going to be left lying around like that when I run out of power?” Emma asked.

“No, you are much more sophisticated than her…she is programmed to know she is a toy, so she doesn’t mind at all,” I said.

“I see, part of me says I should be worried, but another part says I should accept it,” Emma said, looking confused.

“Emma, if you are as real as you appear and act, I will keep you on as my friend,” I said.

“Thanks Phillip, although keep in mind I am about four years older than you in appearance and behavior,” she said.

“I don’t mind, I have always been told I act older than I actually am,” I said.

“Well, you do a little, but your appearance still holds you back a little bit,” she said.

“So, why does your voice sound so funny?” I asked, changing the subject a little.

“Because I am British, we all speak with this accent,” she said.

“Oh, I’ve never seen a foreigner before so I didn’t know,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she said.

“So, do you have any memories of the real Emma Watson…I mean, any that can let you tell the difference between her body and the one you are in now?” I asked.

“Yes, I feel almost exactly as I did back then, except I think a bit differently,” she said.

“I see, I can’t get stomach aches anymore, or headaches,” I said.

“Yeah, me neither,” Emma said.

“So, what movies were you in when you were this age?” I asked.

“I was in a series of movies based off of seven books. There were eight movies and it really helped me later in life,” she told me.

“Wow, I’ll have to ask my dad if he can find those movies,” I said.

“They are really good,” Emma said.

“Yeah, did you want to take off your shoes?” I asked, looking down at her black dress shoes.

“Sure, did you want to see my feet?” she asked.

“Yes, I like seeing feet,” I told her.

“Okay, but be gentle with them,” she said, and she slowly bent down and took off her shoes. Her feet did not look perfect like Crystal’s, but they were beautiful nevertheless. They were very pale and clean looking, since she had only been active for less than 20-minutes. The toes were all smaller than the big toe, and her nails were large and unpainted.

“I will…wow, your feet are really nice,” I said, moving in to get a closer look.

“Thanks, I don’t usually show them,” she said, sitting back up.

“I’m honored, would you mind if I removed your right foot and gave you mine to look at?” I asked.

“Go ahead,” she said, and after I removed my foot, I handed it up to her and then removed hers and sat down with it.

“Wow, you’re foot is a little sweaty and smelly,” she said, wrinkling her nose.

“You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.

“No, my feet sweat too but I would need to have been running for some time to work up this much,” she said, wiping my foot off on the bed.

“I’ve been online for about 4-hours,” I said.

“Well, maybe you just sweat easily,” she said, bending my toes and listening to the sounds they made.

“Yeah,” I said, lifting her foot up to my face and smelling it. I could smell a little of her scent, mixed in with the smell of the shoes she had been wearing for thirty years. Her foot was only slightly moist, and it still had a little warmth in it from the time she had been active.

“How does it smell?” she asked, watching me press her foot up to my face.

“Normal, Crystal over there just has a slightly feminine smell mixed with perfume since she can’t sweat,” I said, now playing with her toes and listening to the sounds they made.

“Wow, you’re right,” she said, quickly leaning over and smelling Crystal’s bare feet.

“She is actually going to get naked for me the next time I wind her up,” I said, now rotating Emma’s foot around in both hands.

“Really, you didn’t look at her while she was offline?” Emma asked.

“No, and I haven’t with you either…I want you to trust me enough to do it yourself, not just be incapacitated,” I said.

“Wow, that is so sweet…although I thought you said she was just a toy,” Emma said.

“I did, but I want to treat anything that looks like a girl like a girl, with respect,” I said.

“Well, maybe I will get naked too…but after you have seen her naked,” Emma said.

“Okay, I can wind her up once and she will be online for 15-minutes,” I said.

“Cool, here’s your foot back,” she said, handing me my foot.

“Thanks, here’s yours,” I said, handing her foot over and then reattaching mine.

“Thanks,” she said, reattaching it and wiggling her toes around.

“Okay, so why don’t you stand off to the side while I wind her up,” I said, moving around behind Crystal’s back.

“Okay,” she said, and once she was away, I gave the key one turn and then stepped back. After I heard the gears start moving again, I saw her face go back to a stoic expression and then she got up.

“Hey, how long was I off?” she asked.

“About an hour…I only wound you up for 15-minutes, because I have another friend,” I said.

“Okay,” she said.

“Crystal, I want you to meet Emma, she is an android based off a real actress from last century,” I said, letting Crystal look at Emma.

“Hey Emma, my name is Crystal,” Crystal said, reaching out her hand.

“Hey Crystal, you look so lovely,” Emma said.

“Thanks, you do too,” Crystal said.

“So, Phillip was telling me that you were going to undress for him,” Emma said.

“Yes, would you like me to do it now?” she asked me.

“Yes, then you should get dressed so I can store you somewhere,” I said.

“Okay,” she smiled, and she slowly started removing her shirt, then her pants until she was only in her underwear. Then, she unclasped her bra and slid her panties off until she was completely naked.

“Wow, you look beautiful,” I said, never having seen a naked girl before.

“Thanks, you can feel me if you like,” she said.

“Okay,” We said, and then we slowly approached her and touched her pale skin. Her skin felt real throughout her body, but there was no sweat or moisture. Her breasts were about average for a girl her age, and they did not react to any touches.

“Wow Crystal, what is going on down here?” Emma said, looking closely at Crystal’s vagina.

“Nothing, I don’t have any working parts down there,” she said.

“Weird,” Emma said, coming back up.

“May I look?” I said.

“Sure,” Crystal said, and then I bent down and looked at her vagina.

Having never had any experience with this part of a girl, I didn’t really know what was odd about it. There was a little bit of hair surrounding it, and the hole looked real. When I stuck my fingers in though, she did not react and it was pretty dry and clean in it.

“Wow, you know what is supposed to go in one of those, right?” I asked.

“Yes, your penis,” she replied.

“Well, I can see they made you pretty real, with some small exceptions,” I said.

“Yeah, may I get dressed now?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, and then Crystal got dressed in everything, including the shoes and socks she was wearing before.

“Okay, if you don’t want to wait for me to unwind, you can press the key in and I will unwind faster,” Crystal said.

“Okay, I hope to wind you up later,” I said.

“Me too,” she said.

“Okay, I’m going to press it now,” I said, reaching around and grabbing the key.

“Okay,” she said, closing her eyes. Once I pressed in, I heard her gears suddenly slow to a stop and Crystal lost all signs of life.

“Wow, she looked and acted so real, only a few minor details make her look artificial,” Emma said.

“Yeah, she never got to see me naked,” I said, dragging her into my closet and closing the door.

“Well, I will want to see you naked before I will get naked,” Emma said.

“I don’t mind, although I don’t want you to feel you have to get naked for me,” I told her.

“I want to, that way we can savor our new bodies,” Emma said.

“Okay, well then I’ll get started now,” I said, and then I quickly removed my shirt and pants until I was only in my boxer briefs.

“Wow, you look pretty good for your age,” she said, eying my body up and down.

“Thanks, now I’ll finish,” I said, and I slid off my underwear and stood before her completely naked.

“That’s better, I can see they recreated your body well,” she said, looking at my penis, which was getting a little bigger.

“Yeah, I haven’t had much time to check my entire body out, but I suppose once you get naked we can do it to each other,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll go then,” she said, and she got up and slowly removed her sweater and pants until she was just in her bra and panties.

“So far, so good,” I said, feeling my penis stiffen up a bit upon seeing her disrobe.

“Now I’ll finish,” she said, and she took off her bra and slid off her panties.

Unlike with Crystal, I could see small amounts of moisture forming on Emma’s body. Her breasts were a bit more developed, and her vagina was as well. Her body was fairly slim, and she looked fairly athletic.

“Wow, you look lovely,” I said, looking up and down at her.

“Thanks, can’t you control your sexual systems…I want to be able to touch you without setting you off,” Emma said, looking down at my fully erect penis.

“I’m not sure, how do you do it?” I asked, seeing that she was controlling herself.

“Well, it’s hard to describe since it was programmed into me. Try focusing on your penis until you see a prompt appear in your mind,” she said.

“Okay,” and once I focused on my penis, I saw a sort of prompt appear in my field of vision, which allowed me to control my sexual systems. I found that I could toggle them on and off, change the intensity and a few other things as well. I decided to just shut it off, and once I did so I felt and saw my penis start shrinking back to normal.

“Wow, that was creepy,” Emma said.

“I know, I never had this much control over myself in my real body…I almost got into trouble a few times when I interacted with some of the older girls,” I said, reaching out and grabbing my penis. I could still feel it, but I no longer felt any pleasure from it.

“Yeah, I had to shut my systems down while you were undressing,” she admitted.

“Well, at least I know I am attractive,” I said.

“Well, it’s also because of the fetish…I know that underneath that real looking skin of yours is a bunch of machinery,” she said.

“Wow, I kind of felt the same way,” I said.

“Then you have a robo-fetish,” Emma said.

“And I am a robot now, so I can satisfy myself whenever I want,” I said.

“Yeah, me too,” she said.

“So, why don’t we just feel each other and then figure something else out later?” I asked.

“Okay,” she said, and then we both approached one another and began feeling our realistic bodies.

It was much easier to touch her womanly body with my sexual response systems offline. I liked how real her skin felt, how it reacted to my touches. At the same time, her smooth hands were also feeling my skin and I knew she was thinking the same things.

Her breasts were about average sized, and they felt as soft as they looked. Her nipples grew slightly harder when I touched them, but with her own sexual systems offline I knew she would not feel much pleasure from it.

We examined one another’s arms, hands, legs and feet. We also spent time examining one another’s private areas, and we delicately touched one another’s faces.

“Wow, I guess we are cut from the same cloth,” Emma said, finishing up with my face and then sitting down on the edge of my bed to rest her legs.

“Yeah, I guess even after several decades, your design doesn’t differ too much from mine,” I said, sitting down next to her.

“Well, Emma did want androids like me to be as real as possible,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m sure the only difference between us is in our hardware,” I said.

“Yeah, you probably have much more sophisticated components than I do since you were built later…skin can only get so real I guess,” she said, feeling her tummy with her hands.

“I don’t think I have a remote either,” I said, seeing her remote on the bedside table.

“Well, you are supposed to be a real person, so having a remote would take away some of your freedom,” Emma said.

“You don’t mind though,” I said.

“Not really, probably because of my programming…but I am not the real Emma Watson, only a copy so I don’t expect to have as many rights,” she said.

“I see, are you able to move your body with your head detached?” I asked.

“No, are you?”

“Yes, I was thinking we might have some fun,” I said.

“Really, how so if I can’t move?” she asked.

“Well, I could remove my head and place it in your arms, then remove your head and show you your body,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she quickly got to her feet.

“Alright, here goes,” I said, and I twisted my head off and then held it in my arms.

“Wow, may I look before you remove my head?” she asked, looking closely at my neck.

“Sure, just let me put myself down first,” I said, and after I set my head down on the bed, I let her move in and examine my neck.

“Can you still see?” she asked, looking around at the small camera that had popped up.

“Yes, it’s weird having a third eye,” I said, gently touching the small camera I was seeing out of.

“Cool and you can still feel and everything,” she said, feeling around my neck.

“Yep,” I replied, feeling her smooth fingers touching the area where the neck became metal.

“Amazing…okay, I’m gonna pick you up now and then you can decapitate me,” she said, walking away from my torso and picking me up.

“Okay, don’t drop me,” I said, looking up at her from her arms.

“I won’t…not unless you shut me off or something,” she said.

“I won’t, here goes,” I said, and I came up from behind her and twisted her head off. Because her body was less advanced, I felt it jerk a little when she was removed from it and then it kind of froze up.

“Wow, now you don’t drop me,” she said, looking down at my eyes while I held her over her body.

“Okay, I need to put you down first so I can move my head forward,” I told her.

“Okay, be careful with my hair,” she said.

“I know,” and I carefully set her down on the bed and then rotated my head so it was facing forward in her arms before I picked her back up.

“Okay, why don’t you let me see my back…people don’t usually get to see their own backs,” she said.

“Alrighty,” I told her, and I had my body walk around behind her and then I held her head out so she could get a good look.

“Wow, I have a good back,” she said, looking around at the various freckles and imperfections that dotted her back.

“Yeah, did you want to see something else now?” I asked.

“Yes, I want to lick my vagina,” she said.

“Really!” I said.

“Yes, that is something I can’t do on my own,” she said.

“Okay,” I told her, and I moved back in front of her body and then bent down. Once I saw her vagina, I held her head up to her vagina.

“Wow, I taste real…but great,” she said, gently touching her lips with her tongue.

“Yeah, anywhere else?” I asked.

“No, you can reattach me now,” she said.

“Alright,” I told her, and then I lifted her back up and gently reattached her to her body.

After a slight jerk, her body started moving again and I stepped back a little.

“Wow, that was fun…did you want to be reattached now?” she asked, turning my head back around to look at her.

“Sure, I’ll do it,” I said, and then I walked my body over and took my head from her. Once I reattached it, I moved my neck around and then sat back down on the bed.

“So, what now?” she asked, sitting down next to me.

“Well, my dad told me I could connect myself to the computer…I want to try that now,” I said, looking over at the computer station I had at the other end of the room.

“Sure, you know you can download updates for your software,” she said.

“Really, how about you?” I asked.

“Of course, and I am sure after this much time there are hundreds of updates for me,” she smiled.

“Okay, let’s try with you first then,” I said, getting up.

“Okay,” and she got up and walked to the computer with me.

While the computer was starting up, Emma and I took the opportunity to get our clothes back on and then I had her sit down at the computer.

“So, is there a cable or something?” I asked, looking around.

“Yes, it plugs in here,” she said, and then a small port opened behind her right ear.

“I see, this must be it then,” I said, grabbing a cable which was connected to the computer.

“Yes, go ahead and connect it,” she said, and then I brought it up to her head and plugged it in.

The second I plugged the cable into Emma’s head, a program activated on the computer which began to scan her A.I. systems. During this, she was still able to interact with me, but she said it felt like someone was going through and touching all of her systems.

Finally, a few minutes later, the scanning completed and the main program popped up which showed everything there was to know about Emma’s systems. Her model number, physical attributes, parts and software.

“Wow, I can’t believe it can tell this much about me,” she said, perusing through the basic info on her systems.

“Yeah, why don’t you look at the updates tab to see what can be updated?” I asked.

“Okay,” and she moved the cursor and opened the Updates tab.

“Wow, that is a lot,” we both said. There were updates for virtually every system you could think of: A.I., motor control, speech recognition, tactile, visual…etc.

“This would take almost 10-minutes to download, and nearly 15-minutes to install,” she said, scrolling down the long list.

“I wonder if I will have as many updates,” I said.

“Most likely not, you are still new and will most likely only have updates that came out after the components you were built with were built,” Emma said.

“Okay, so are you going to update then?” I asked.

“Yes, but even after all of these, there is an A.I. update which needs to be done last,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, and then she clicked the update button.

“Alright, once these are done downloading I will reboot to install them…as such, I won’t be able to interact with you in this fashion,” she warned.

“Okay,” I told her, and while the downloads were going, we chatted for a little about her systems before the computer dinged.

“Okay, I’ll see you in a bit,” she said, getting ready to press the Install button.

“Yeah,” I said, and then she pressed it.

“Cybercorp update procedure initiated…all systems powering dowwwwnnnn,” she said, the last word ending in a slow drone. In addition to the sound of her systems going offline, her eyes slowly closed and her head slumped down. Several seconds later, her systems rebooted and she came back to life.

“Cybercorp Unit XX01 update procedure in progress…estimated time of completion is 15 minutes…you may still move the unit during update,” she said, and then she fell silent as her systems updated.

“Emma, can you hear me?” I asked, looking into her lifeless brown eyes.

“Estimating 14-minutes to completion,” she said, showing no signs she knew I was there.

“Cool, I wonder if I will be like that,” I said, poking her face and getting no response.

After I felt her body like this for a while, I decided to open up her head panel to see if I could get a more detailed sense of her updating. After I opened the panel up, I could see on the screen a list of all the systems currently being updated. She was currently updating her language files with updated linguistic databases and speech recognition protocols.

“Wow, your sleep program can be updated too?” I asked, looking at the sleep and dream updates that were being cued.

After watching the last of the updates install, I closed her head panel and walked back over to look at her face.

“Updates complete, rebooting to A.I. mode,” she said, and then her body slumped again before powering back up. After her eyes fluttered open a little, she finally focused onto mine and smiled.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“Great, I can control my various components a little better…I also seem to be able to speak more easily,” she said.

“Really, so what will this A.I. update do?” I asked.

“Well, it looks like it is ten versions ahead, so it will allow me to use the new updates more effectively and it will allow me to be more sentient,” she said.

“Cool, let’s start it,” I said.

“Okay, this one will be a little quicker,” she said, and then she started it.

“A.I. suspended…now flashing the A.I. systems….flash complete, A.I. updated to XX01-10…loading A.I….” she said, stiffening up before coming back to life.

“Wow, that was fast,” I said.

“Yeah, caught me off guard a bit,” she said, feeling her head.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, I just skipped several versions so I have the android equivalent of a headache trying to get used to the new system which governs my thoughts and actions,” she said.

“Okay, now it’s my turn,” I said, unplugging her and letting her stand up.

“Alright,” she said, moving aside and letting me sit down.

“Okay, let’s see what I can get,” I said, plugging myself in. After several moments of feeling like someone was inside my head, the screen reset and I could now see my stats.

“Wow, I have a good amount of updates,” I said, opening the tab and seeing a list of updates.

“Yeah, but yours were all released a few days ago…should only take you a couple minutes of down time,” Emma said.

“Cool, looks like mostly motor system and visual updates,” I said, looking at the list.

“And one A.I. update,” Emma said.

“But I’m not A.I.,” I said, looking at the update which was listed as version five to update my version four.

“Well, your soul must use A.I. software to help you control your body and allow you the same sentience as androids like me,” Emma said.

“I’ll ask my dad later…I’m gonna start the rest of the updates now,” I said, and I pressed the update button.

After about five minutes, the downloads completed and the prompt for me to update came up.

“Well Phillip, I’ll watch over you while you are offline,” Emma assured me.

“Thanks, here goes,” I said, and I pressed the button. The second my finger released the button, the most curious sensation came over me. I suddenly felt myself growing very tired and light-headed before I suddenly blacked out.

Suddenly, I felt myself coming back to life and I opened my eyes.

“Well, how long was I off?” I asked, looking at Emma.

“About five-minutes…you really didn’t have many things to update,” she said.

“It was like I blacked out, but it seemed to last a few seconds,” I said.

“Yeah, it must be different for you having used to be organic. As androids, we have no frame of reference for what it is like to be organic, but you do,” she said.

“Well, I might as well get the A.I. update over with,” I said, getting it ready.

“Okay, I’ll be here,” she said, and then I pressed it and suddenly felt myself black out. Then, I came back to life again.

“Very fast, only took you about ten-seconds,” she told me, unplugging the wire from my head and helping me to my feet.

“Yeah, I kind of feel the difference, but I haven’t been in this body long enough to really tell,” I said, shaking my head.

“Yeah, some of my updates are actually making me slightly more energy efficient,” Emma said.

“Oh, I forgot we were on battery power,” I said, wondering how much power I had left.

“Yeah, I was going to run out of power in about five hours, now I’ve added another 20-minutes to that time,” she said.

“How do you tell how much power you have?” I asked.

“Well, you just focus on it and you should see,” she said.

“Alright,” I said, and I focused on my power systems and then a window popped up telling me I was at 80%, enough to last me until the next day.

“I’m at 80%,” I said, closing the window.

“Really, I’m at 60% and I’ve been on for less time than you…I guess your systems are better than mine,” she said.

“Yeah, but I also get energy from the food I eat,” I told her.

“Oh, so do I, but I haven’t eaten anything,” she said.

“Well, let’s get something to eat then,” I said, and then we left my room and had a small lunch before returning to my room.

“Thanks for the food, now I’m back up to about 75%...that should last me about 8-hours,” she said.

“I’m up to 85%, should last me another 30-hours,” I said.

“Stop teasing me!” she said, stomping her foot with a smile.

“Sorry,” I said, laughing.

“So Phillip, I don’t want you to get any ideas about considering me a girlfriend…I want to be as close to you as a sister…if you are willing,” she said.

“I can live with that,” I said.

“Good, now give me a kiss,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, and I moved in and kissed her perfect lips.

“Wow, you are a good kisser,” she said, breaking it and looking into my hazel eyes.

“Thanks, you and Crystal are the first girls I have kissed,” I said, staring into her brown eyes.

“I’m honored…so, since I don’t have a room, could I sleep with you?” she asked.

“Sure, I’m going to turn my sexual systems back on to see if I can resist you,” I said, and then I opened the prompt and toggled it back on.

“I just did as well,” she said.

“Well, I think I can keep myself under control now that I consider you a friend, but forgive me if I lose control at first,” I said, feeling my penis move a bit.

“I will, I might as well,” she said.

“Alright, my dad said that he is getting a new patient in a few days, want to go see him?” I asked.

“Sure, but I want my shoes on,” she said, grabbing her shoes and slipping them on her pretty feet.

“Okay, let’s go,” I said, and we left my room hand-in-hand and headed out of the house and into the lab.

It only took us a few moments to find Greg since he was working in the same area as where I was built.

“Oh hey Phillip, and Emma, what brings you here?” he asked, looking up from the robot on the table.

“Bored, I wanted to introduce Emma to you,” I said.

“Hello Emma, my name is Greg,” he said, reaching out his hand.

“Hello Greg, where you the one who gave me to Phillip?” she asked.

“Yes, I was actually the one who built you all those years ago,” he said.

“You know dad, I was thinking that you looked a little young to have built anyone thirty years ago,” I said, looking more closely at him.

Greg looked to be around 30 years of age. He had light brown hair, brilliant blue eyes and a good body.

“Well, I am an android…I was created 40 years ago as a prototype lab assistant, but I proved to be more sentient than they hoped so I was given rights and I later married the female technician who actually came up with my design and matrix,” he said.

“Wow, and you were able to have kids?” I asked.

“Yes, I have organic material and I had two kids…a boy and a girl,” he said.

“I see, would you consider adopting Emma here so she could be my sister?” I asked.

“Sure, she is sentient enough to be considered alive,” he said.

“Wow, looks like we are brother and sister now,” Emma said.

“Yes, but are you going to be considered older, or will I?” I asked.

“You are, since you were activated first,” she said.

“Fair enough, I can live with that,” I smiled, “So dad, who is this?” I asked, looking at the featureless robot he was working on.

“She is Annina Hammer, an 18 year old girl from Switzerland who is currently in a coma after an accident. She agreed to the procedure during a similar mind probe that I did to you, and her body is flying here for the soul transfer,” he said.

“What did you do to my body?” I asked.

“I put it into a cryo-freeze for storage,” he said, working on the robot again.

“I see, will I be able to help you a bit later?” I asked.

“Sure, you can help me with her skin tomorrow since I will be stopping in a few hours,” Greg said.

“Thanks dad, do you also think we could upgrade some of Emma’s systems to match my own?” I asked.

“Of course, but I think I will let you do that since you will need the practice,” Greg said.

“You’re letting him practice on me?” Emma asked.

“Yes, I’m going to upload some of the same files I got into his brain so he can know what he is doing and still develop his own technique,” Greg said.

“You can do that?” I asked.

“Yes, if I wanted I could upload foreign language files and allow you to speak any world language fluently,” Greg said.

“Cool, are you going to upload English files into Annina here?” I asked.

“Of course, we are going to need to understand her,” Greg said.

“Alright, when will you do it to me?” I asked him.

“Before you go to bed, I will upload them into your memory and then your brain will process the information while you sleep so when you wake up, you will be able to understand it,” Greg said.

“Alright, and do you think you could access the movies Emma acted in for us?” I asked.

“After dinner, right now I need to finish working,” Greg said, and then Emma and I left the lab and returned to my room until he finished.

After we had dinner, he plugged a data rod into my head and had me download some files from it. I couldn’t access them right away, but he assured me I would be able to after I woke up the next morning. By about 10:00pm, Emma started running low on power so we decided to go to bed. Greg got Emma’s power cable from his lab and then plugged it into a power port that opened on her left leg.

“Thanks dad,” she said, catching him off guard a bit.

“You’re welcome,” he said.

“I don’t need to be plugged in until tomorrow, right?” I asked, seeing I was still at about 75%.

“Possibly not until the night after, I still have your cable right here though,” Greg said, placing it on the computer desk.

“Thanks, see you in the morning dad,” I said, getting my pajamas on; Greg had managed to find some pajamas for Emma as well. She was wearing a silk bra and panties, and a silk nightgown.

“So, before I go to bed I will gather some components which should be compatible with your systems Emma, that way Phillip can install them in you,” Greg said, heading to the door.

“Thanks, and will I be getting a new battery?” she asked.

“Hopefully, although if you don’t some of the new components should be able to use less power so you will be able to stay on longer,” Greg said.

“Alright, see you in the morning dad,” she said, and once she and I were in bed, Greg turned off the lights and closed our door.

“Good night Phillip,” Emma said, rolling over and kissing me.

“Good night sis,” I said, returning the kiss and then rolling onto my back.

“I hope I don’t snuggle with you while I sleep,” she said, rolling onto her back.

“I won’t mind, let’s just sleep,” I said, and then I closed my eyes and fell asleep a few minutes later.

While I slept, I dreamt of my last memories before waking up in my new body. I also got a few flashes of a burning building and screaming. I also felt as though my head was getting a little thicker, and then I dreamed of Crystal and Emma. After what seemed like a whole years’ worth of dreaming, I finally woke up.

When I awoke, a prompt appeared in my field of vision telling me it was 6:17am and that I had been sleeping for just over 8-hours. I also felt some new memories in my mind, which felt more like instinct.

“Must be the files I downloaded last night,” I muttered to myself, closing the time prompt and then looking around my room.

My room was large for one person. It had a door directly across from the bed, and the bed was next to a window that looked out at the vast forest behind the house. To the left of the bed was about 20-feet of empty carpet before it hit the end of the room, which contained the computer station, closet and a door to the bathroom. The walls and carpet were painted a perfect shade of blue, which looked different depending on how much light there was.

After I finished looking around the room, I heard Emma breathing beside me so I turned to look at her. She was still sleeping, and she had fallen asleep on her left side.

“Emma, wake up,” I said, nudging her slightly and causing her to stir.

“Good morning,” she said, opening her eyes and smiling at me.

“Good morning, how do you feel?” I asked her.

“Fine, I’m at full charge now,” she said, unplugging herself and then sitting up with me.

“Good, I only fell to 73% last night…I guess I use less power sleeping,” I said.

“Of course silly, now let’s get up and see if Greg is making breakfast,” she said, and she pulled the covers off us and got to her feet.

“Okay, aren’t you going to get dressed?” I asked, seeing her head straight to the door.

“No, I didn’t usually get dressed until after I ate, and then I showered,” she said.

“I see,” I said, getting to my feet and joining her at the door.

“You might want to shower too, you sweated last night,” she said, looking at my nightshirt.

“Wow, it must have been those dreams I had last night,” I said, airing myself off.

“I had some intense dreams as well, but silk doesn’t get wet,” she said, walking with me down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Oh, good morning you two…I knew you would be coming down now so I started breakfast,” Greg said from the stove; he was currently cooking scrambled eggs and bacon.

“We aren’t programmed to sleep a certain amount of time are we?” I asked, sitting down at the table.

“Not usually, but those files you downloaded needed exactly 8-hours to integrate, so I knew you would be awake soon and that you might wake up Emma,” Greg said, separating the eggs and bacon onto three plates and bringing them to the table.

“Good, that makes me too artificial,” I said, pouring myself a glass of orange juice and digging into my food.

“My thoughts exactly, I only slept for about 6-hours, but I can go without sleep for a few days before my A.I. needs rest,” Greg said.

“So, when are you going to work on me Phillip?” Emma asked, taking a bite of bacon.

“Phillip and I will be going to the lab after we have finished eating and after you two shower up,” Greg said.

“What he said,” I replied, causing Emma to spit out some of her juice.

“So, what kind of parts will I be getting?” she asked.

“New toenails and fingernails that have solar cells in them, a new battery, new eyes with solar cells in them, new processors, new memory modules, new coolant systems, new tactile sensors for your hands and feet…to name a few,” Greg said.

“Wow, is there anything you aren’t upgrading?” she asked.

“Basically, the only thing I can’t upgrade is your brain…I can only upgrade the processors that your brain uses to let you think,” he said.

“I see. Will I need to be offline for all of this?” she asked.

“Only for the processor and memory upgrades,” Greg told her.

“Good, I want to be online while I am being worked on,” she said.

“I understand, whenever I am being upgraded, I need to be online to tell the computers what to do,” Greg said.

“You don’t have technicians come and do it?” I asked.

“No, I only go in if I need a body replacement. The last time I replaced my body was about 12 years ago when the parts got so old I could barely move,” Greg said.

“Why haven’t you aged yourself?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to look exactly as I did when my family died, and so I could do my work for longer…eventually, my brain will no longer function, but that won’t be for several decades,” he said.

“So we don’t last forever?” I asked.

“No, and we are not meant to…in order to have the same rights as humans, we have to be mortal,” Greg said.

“I understand,” I said.

“Do you think someday I can be reconfigured to reproduce?” Emma asked.

“Only if Emma Watson’s descendants approve…they might not want you to, but they did approve of you so I don’t think it will be a problem,” Greg said.

“Good, I want to have children again,” Emma said.

“You would be getting some of their DNA since we didn’t save Emma Watson’s genetic material,” Greg said.

“I don’t care, I just want to be able to reproduce,” Emma said.

“Okay,” Greg said.

After we finished eating, Greg headed straight to the lab while Emma and I showered. Because I would spend less time in there, Emma allowed me to go first and then she got to take her 15-minute shower. Once she was out, she dressed into a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes; she was now wearing her hair in a more straight fashion.

I dressed into a pair of navy colored sweatpants and a navy t-shirt; I stayed barefoot.

“Are you ever going to wear shoes?” Emma asked, looking at my bare feet.

“Not unless I have to,” I said stubbornly, and after we had a small laugh over that, we both headed out and into the lab.

“Okay, so Annina’s physical schematics are still compiling, so I will have a little time to help you Phillip,” Greg said, walking away from his workstation.

“Okay, I think I should be okay though,” I said, looking at some of the tools and instinctively knowing what to do with them.

“Good, but no matter how good you are you will still need help with her brain,” Greg said, helping Emma over to a chair.

“Yeah, why don’t you guys do that first,” Emma said, looking uneasy.

“My thoughts exactly,” Greg said, getting some tools out and handing them to me.

“Okay Emma, I’m going to have to remove your skull cover,” I said, picking out the right tools.

“My skull comes off?” she asked.

“Yes, your skull cover is what your hair is attached to, so your face will still be attached and working,”

Greg said.

“Okay, is there some way I can see what is going on?” she asked.

“Yes, I’ll attach a visual transmitter to Phillip so you can see what he is seeing on this monitor,” Greg said, pulling a monitor down from the ceiling and then attaching a wire to my head. After a few seconds my vision cut out and then came back online. Now I could see an image of the monitor from my point of view on the monitor.

“Cool,” I said, looking at Emma’s head.

“Yeah, now be careful with my hair,” Emma said.

“Your hair isn’t what I am worried about,” I said, opening her panel and then keying in the instructions for her skull covering to detach.

“Whoa, that felt weird,” Emma said, hearing a click in her own head and then feeling the top of her head go numb.

“Yeah, I’m removing it now,” I said, and I slowly lifted it up and then set it down on a nearby table. When I looked back down at her head, I saw everything that made her work. Her brain was an apple-sized component attached to a processor and memory hub. I could also see deeper down to where her optics systems were located.

“Wow, I look weird inside,” Emma said, looking at the screen.

“Yeah, we need to shut you down okay Emma,” Greg said.

“Okay, how long will it take?” she asked.

“No more than ten minutes, we are also going to replace your eyes while you are off since your head needs to be open for it,” Greg said.

“Okay,” she said, and then Greg pressed into her ear and shut her down.

Once all the components in her head were offline, Greg quickly removed her eyes while I got to work on her brain. It was actually pretty easy to remove the old processors and memory modules, and once all of them were removed, I carefully inserted the new ones which were about 25% more efficient than the old ones, and slightly smaller and lighter as well.

By the time I had all the new components installed, Greg was finished with Emma’s new eyes and he carefully inserted them.

“Okay, so we shouldn’t put her skull back on until we turn her back on because if there is something wrong with one of the new components and she malfunctions, we will need to shut her off quickly,” Greg said, looking over my work.

“Okay,” I said, and then I pressed in her ear and activated her.

“Cybercorp unit XX01-10 initializing….new hardware detected…running virus scan….scan complete, installing drivers….installation complete…loading new drivers…drivers loaded…diagnostic complete, all systems functional…loading A.I.” she said, and then she blinked and came back to life.

“Where am I?” she asked, looking around with a confused look on her face.

“Her short term memory was still in the old modules, she should be able to remember in a little bit,” Greg whispered to me.

“You’re in my lab Emma, getting your upgrades,” Greg said, walking around in front of her.

“Oh, that’s right…why couldn’t I remember that?” she asked.

“Because your short term memory was on the old memory modules we removed from you…you needed a bit more time to access them this first time,” Greg said.

“I see, how am I doing?” she asked me.

“Fine, you haven’t malfunctioned,” I told her, placing her skull back on her head and sealing it back up.

“Thanks, I seem to be thinking a little more easily now,” she said.

“Good, those components seem to be working perfectly then,” Greg said.

“I’m also getting power coming in from my eyes now,” she said.

“That’s the solar panels,” Greg told her.

“Oh, it’s giving me an additional 30-minutes to my battery life,” she said.

“So Emma, now we are going to need you to undress and lay on this table,” Greg said, pulling a table towards us.

“Okay dad,” she said, and she quickly stripped off all her clothing and laid down.

“Now we are going to replace your battery systems,” I told her, getting some new tools and the new components ready.

“I’m placing you on A/C power now,” Greg said, plugging her in.

“Okay,” she said.

“Now, we need to open you up…try not to move around too much,” I said, moving around to her stomach.

“I won’t,” she said, and then I pressed in on her navel and opened her front panel. After looking through all of her complex machinery, I finally found her battery and began to disconnect it.

“Whoa, I’m losing some power,” she said, looking alarmed.

“That’s your power switching to A/C,” Greg said, taking the battery from me and placing it in a storage container.

“Okay,” she said.

“Here’s your new battery sis, it should last you twice as long as the old one,” I said, showing her a slightly smaller device.

“Cool,” she said, and then she watched on the monitor as I connected it.

“Ooh, that felt good,” she said, once it was connected.

“How does it feel?” I asked, pulling my hands out of her.

“It just felt like a wave of energy when you connected it…it felt good,” she said, relaxing a little bit.

“You’re at full charge, I’m installing new cooling fans now so try not to move your lower body,” Greg said, removing a few cooling fans from her power systems and quickly installing new ones.

“Wow, that feels better,” she said, feeling the more efficient fans cooling her systems down.

“Yeah, now we need to remove your head so we can work on a few things,” I told her.

“Okay,” she said, and then after I disconnected myself from the monitor, I removed her head and placed it on a stand a few feet away from her body.

“Whoa, what are you guys doing?” she asked, watching us remove the skin from her hands and feet.

“We are upgrading your tactile sensors to be more responsive and we are installing the solar panels in your nails,” Greg said, working on her hands while I did her feet. I was amazed with how much machinery was contained in our mechanical feet and hands, but then I remembered that the feet have the most bones in a human body.

We spent nearly ten minutes doing the upgrades to her hands and feet, all the while she watched in fascination as her body was upgraded in front of her eyes. Finally, she watched as we slipped her skin back on as though it was a glove and then we got to work on her neck, both on her body and on her head.

When we finished the work on her neck, we put our equipment away and then walked over to her head.

“Are you finished with me?” she asked, looking at both of us.

“Yes, so you can reattach yourself now,” Greg said.

“No, I can’t move my body remember,” she said, looking annoyed.

“You can now sis, I’ll show you,” I said, and I walked over to her body and pressed a button in her open panel before closing it.

“Whoa, I felt something,” she said, seeing her hands twitch.

“Try moving your arm,” I told her, and after concentrating for a second, she slowly raised her arm.

“Wow, I can move without my head now,” she said, making her body get up and slide off the table onto its lovely feet.

“Yep, with all the upgrades we did, your processors are now powerful enough to handle the wireless connection,” Greg said, moving out of the way of her body.

“Thanks Phillip, and dad,” she said, picking up her head and reattaching it to her body.

“You’re welcome,” we both said, giving her a hug.

“Now, I’m going to get dressed so you can start working on her,” Emma said, pointing at the robot in an adjoining table.

“How long do you have now?” I asked, her, watching her get dressed.

“About 30-hours,” she said.

“Good,” I said.

“Alright, I’ll let you two get to work now,” she said, now fully dressed.

“See you later Emma,” Greg said.

“Alright dad, how do we go about doing this?” I asked, still trying to organize my new skills.

“Just watch and let your instincts take over,” Greg said, detaching all of the robot’s parts and getting a few tools out.

“Okay,” I said, and I watched as he picked up one of the arms and started to squirt some pink goo on it.

“You see this…this is what an androids skin looks like before it is formed. Watch as I shape it with my hands, while I am doing this…the nerves of the mechanism are merging with the skin so that this android will be able to feel everything,” he said. As he was molding it with his hands, it was also looking more realistic until it was identical to real skin…almost.

“It doesn’t quite look right,” I said, seeing the smooth arm he was holding.

“Glad you noticed…the hair and pigmentation will appear when I connect it to the torso, for now let’s finish the rest,” he said, putting the arm down and starting on the other.

“Okay,” I said, and I started on the legs.

After working for an hour, we had the arms, legs and torso finished. Greg told me to hold off on the hands and feet since they had different needs.

“Now, for this we need to have a machine sculpt the extremities since they are more detailed,” Greg said, placing the hands and feet in a special machine. After several minutes, he took them out and they looked like real hands and feet, except they were missing nails.

“Don’t worry, those will also appear when they are connected to the whole body,” he said, connecting them to the arms and legs.

“Well, let’s do that then,” I said, grabbing the left arm and leg.

“Alright,” he said, and once we had the arms and legs attached, Greg pressed in on the belly button. The second he pressed it, tiny blemishes and freckles appeared in random spots on the body. Hair sprouted from the pubic region, as well as the arms and legs. Also, toe and fingernails emerged from the toes and fingers.

“Wow, that was cool,” I said, looking at the headless female body.

“I know, now the head is a different story. The skin has to be lasered on…and the hair has to come out slowly,” Greg said, placing the head in a microwave-looking device.

“How long will it take?” I asked.

“15-minutes…in the meantime we need to hook up the fluid tubes to the body to fill the canisters. Those canisters will supply the body with skin replenishment, sweat and secretions,” Greg said.

“Okay, and when do we put the organic material in?” I asked, helping him open the panels for the first time.

“Once her body gets here,” he said, attaching tubes to various locations in the body.

Once the fifteen minutes was up, Greg opened the device and brought out the head. Now it had skin, but no pigmentation or hair.

“Now, time to stimulate the hair,” he said, placing the head on a pedestal.

“This should be interesting,” I said, watching him grab a tool and run it over the bald head. Slowly, hair started to sprout from the scalp and then it grew at an exponential rate until it went down past the neck. Also, eyebrows and eyelashes formed.

“Yes, now let’s attach the head,” Greg said, and after I disconnected the head from the pedestal and then lifted the torso up so he could attach the head. Once the head was attached, the seams vanished and the body finally looked complete.

“Wow dad, she’s beautiful,” I said, stepping back and looking at our work.

“Yes she is…her body should be here soon, then we will need to transfer her genetic material and scan her neural energy into the artificial brain…then, we will need to put her body in cold storage,” Greg explained.

“I see, and then we will activate her?” I said.

“Yes, she will remain here for about a week so she can get accustomed to her new body…your insight should help her adapt more quickly,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Now, there are a few things we need to do to get ready,” Greg said, and then we both covered up the robot’s body and got some more equipment out.

By the time we had the things we needed, Greg received a call from the transport alerting him that the they were approaching the house so we both headed out to assist them. Once they arrived, they backed up towards us and then opened up the back of the truck.

“Hello Greg,” the driver said when he stepped out.

“Hey Mike, how was the drive?” Greg asked, walking over and shaking the man’s hand.

“It was pretty nice, the forest looks really lovely this time of year,” Mike said.

“Yes, now let’s get this girl inside,” Greg said.

“Alright…oh, is this the boy you mentioned?” Mike asked, noticing me for the first time.

“Yes, I rescued him from a shelter and built him a new body…his name is Phillip,” Greg said.

“Hey Phillip, Greg and I go way back…he’s the one who got me this job,” Mike said, walking over and shaking my hand.

“I guess we both owe him,” I said.

“Yes, now let’s get this girl in,” Mike said, and while he and Greg lifted up the stasis pod from the truck, I held the door open for them.

“See you later Mike,” Greg called to Mike as he was leaving.

“Later Greg,” Mike called back, and then he got back in the truck and drove off.

“So, let’s take a look at her,” Greg said, closing the door and walking with me back to the tables.

“Is she actually dead?” I asked, looking at the stasis pod.

“Sort of…let’s get her out while I explain,” Greg said, and once we opened the pod we both lifted the inert body of the girl the robot was built for and placed it on the twin table.

“So, when a human dies there is still electrical activity in the brain for nearly 48-hours. This allows me to extract that energy and revive it with the computers…but because of that, it can’t be placed back in the original brain,” he explained, carefully scanning the girl’s body.

“I see, does putting the body in stasis extend that time?” I asked.

“Yes, and she isn’t completely dead…she just has no chance for survival if she stays in this body,” he said, now attaching devices to her head in various locations.

“So, how long will this neural transfer take?” I asked.

“About an hour…for now we will extract her genetic material and transplant it into her new body, as well as store some for an emergency,” he said, activating the machine and then grabbing some medical tools.

“Alright,” I said, and then we collected hair samples, as well as all the eggs she had and we placed them in cold storage.

An hour later, after we finished transferring genetic material so the robot body would be able to produce her pheromones, sweat and saliva, the machine beeped meaning that the neural energy was no longer in the organic body and was ready to be transferred into the artificial brain.

“Now, this should only take a few minutes, so let’s get the body into cold storage,” Greg said, and by the time we had the body stored away, the brain transfer was completed.

“Alright, now let’s get the brain installed and then disconnect the power and fluid cables,” Greg said.

“Alright,” I replied, and while he opened up the skull, I disconnected the cables and closed her stomach panel.

“Alright, now let’s turn her on…I installed English language sub-routines so she will be able to understand us, but she may still be a little confused,” Greg warned.

“I understand,” I said.

“Good,” he said, and then he pressed in on her ear and stepped back.

Unlike with Emma, this girl and me did not have robotic start-up speeches. While her systems powered on for the first time, I could see her skin pigmentation changing and I could see her start breathing. When her systems were fully powered up, there was a low beep and then it just looked as though she were sleeping.

“Annina, wake up,” Greg said, walking over to her head.

After he said this, her eyes slowly fluttered open and then her brown eyes focused on us.

“Am I alive?” she asked.

“Yes, you are in my lab…we just moved you into your new body,” Greg said.

“So, this isn’t my real body then?” She asked.

“It is now…this robotic body we built for you will feel and do everything your organic body did,” Greg explained.

“Why am I speaking English?” she asked.

“Because I installed a sub-routine in your Artificial Brain to allow you to understand us,” Greg said.

“Oh…my parents told me that your name is Greg, but who is this boy?” she asked, looking at me.

“This is my adopted son and new assistant Phillip,” Greg said, introducing me.

“Hi Annina,” I said.

“Hello, did you help build me?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“So, how do you feel Annina?” Greg asked.

“I feel okay…a little different, but okay,” she said.

“Good, I just rebuilt Phillip here yesterday and he is already used to his body. I adopted him to help me build my androids and to help people like you adapt to your new bodies,” Greg said.

“You mean he is also a robot?” she asked.

“Yes Annina, I am just like you,” I replied.

“Why don’t you try sitting up?” Greg said, since Annina still hadn’t moved.

“Okay,” she said, and then she braced herself with her hands and then slowly sat up with a mechanized whir.

“Wow, was that me?” she asked.

“Yes, your joints haven’t moved since we built you so they will make that sound for a while until you break your new body in,” Greg said.

“Don’t worry, my body stopped doing that after a couple of hours,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Well Annina, I had your stuff brought up to the guest room, why don’t you and Phillip head on up and get settled in?” Greg said.

“Alright, do you have something I can put on?” she asked, getting to her feet and looking down at her naked body.

“Yes,” Greg said, and he handed her a white robe and some slippers, which she quickly put on.

“Thank you Mr. Greg,” she said, giving him a kiss.

“You’re Welcome,” Greg said.

“Coming, Annina?” I said.

“Yes Phillip,” and we both left the lab and headed into the house.

“So Phillip, how old are you?” Annina asked as we headed up the stairs.

“I am 18,” I replied.

“Same as me then,” she said.

“Well, here we are,” I said, opening the door to the guest room.

The guest room was across the hall and down a little further from my room, and it wasn’t as big. Still, it had its own bathroom and a large closet.

“So Phillip, why did you need to be rebuilt?” Annina asked, once I shut the door behind us.

“I had some sort of genetic disorder…Greg decided to save me since I was an orphan with no one to account for me,” I told her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, sitting down on the bed.

“It’s okay, my parents died when I was an infant so I never got to know them,” I said.

“Well, at least you have Greg now,” Annina said.

“So, how did you come to need a robot body?” I asked.

“I was skiing in the mountains of my country and I was caught in an avalanche…a ton of rocks hit me and the next thing I know I am trapped in my head being given a choice of being transferred into a robot,” she said.

“I got the same choice,” I said.

“So, did you help build all of my body, or just some?” she asked.

“Greg and I worked on all your parts, inside and out,” I said.

“Well then, that makes you and him the only people I trust to see me naked,” she said, and she took her robe off and then slid the slippers off her feet.

“I’m honored,” I said.

“So, am I the first girl you have seen naked?” she asked, standing in front of me.

“No, but you are the first ‘real’ girl I have…so to speak,” I said.

“So the others were androids?” she asked.

“Yes, pure A.I…not soul-transfers like us,” I said.

“So, what do you think of me?” she asked.

“You are beautiful…I also like your accent,” I said, listening to her voice.

“I have never spoken English fluently before, I wonder what would happen if the sub-routine helping me with English were to break,” she said.

“Well, I can turn it off if you want to see,” I said.

“Okay, how will you turn it off?” she asked.

“I can connect you to the computer in here and modify your settings,” I said, walking over and activating the desktop computer.

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

“No,” I said, and once the computer was on, I grabbed the cable already attached and brought it up to Annina’s head.

“Wow, that felt weird,” Annina said when the port opened on her head and when she felt the cable connect.

“You get used to it,” I said, and as soon as I was reseated, the interface was already running.

“So, this program can control me?” she asked.

“Not completely…while you are in control, I can only run low-level diagnostics and stuff like that, I could only completely manipulate your body if you were in diagnostic mode,” I said.

“Good, I trust you…but I don’t like the idea of not being in control,” she said.

“Me neither,” I agreed.

“So, have you found the sub-routine yet?” she asked.

“Just did, so I can either shut it off completely or I can merely modify it so you will be able to understand me, but not be able to speak English,” I said.

“Why don’t you modify it so I can still understand you,” she said.

“Once I do that, I will install your language into my brain and then modify it so I can see sub-titles of what you are saying in my vision,” I said.

“Cool, will I know when the modification has happened?” she asked.

“No, I will tell you when,” I said, and then I made the modifications and saved the changes.

“There, I made the modification,” I said, unplugging her and then plugging myself in.

“Nun, das kann ich noch verstehen Sie," she said, speaking in her native language of German.

“I can’t understand you yet, hold on and I will tell you when,” I said, uploading German language files into my A.I.

“Entschuldigung,” she said.

“Alright, I should now be able to see a translation of what you are saying in my vision,” I said, modifying my settings and unplugging myself.

“Kannst du mich verstehen?,” she asked, and then I saw the translation in my vision.

“Yes, I can understand you,” I said.

“Gut,” she said.

“So, how come you never learned English on your own?” I asked.

“Ich hatte nie an.Meine Eltern nahmen mich nie nach Amerika und ich habe noch nie Kontakt mit Englisch sprechenden Menschen vor nun,” she replied.

“I see, is the town you grew up in small then…I can’t imagine a big city with no English speakers in it,” I said.

“Ja, es ist eine kleine Stadt. Es gibt nur etwa drei-tausend Menschen dort,” she said.

“Phillip, können Sie zeigen mir meine Teile?” she asked.

“Sure, why don’t you sit down on the bed and I’ll show you,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she walked over and sat on the foot of the bed while I wheeled the chair over.

“Now, I am going to open your abdominal panel,” I said, reaching for her bellybutton.

“Okay,” she said, and then I pressed it.

“Wow, das fühlt sich komisch,” she said, feeling her panel open.

“I know, take a look,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she looked into her open panel.

“Was ist das Panel für?,” she asked.

“It is for easy access to vital systems in your body,” I told her.

“Wie, was?,” she asked.

“Like your power systems, stomach and pumps,” I said.

“Kannst du mir zeigen meine Macht-System?,” she asked.

“Sure, it is right here,” I said, moving her hand inside to touch her power system.

“Wie viel Macht habe ich?,” she asked.

“More than a day’s worth,” I said.

“Gut,” she smiled.

Part 2

After Annina was finished getting used to her body, she returned home with her parents. Over the next couple years, I assisted Greg in rebuilding over a hundred children of all ages and ethnicities. I became friends with most of them, while some of them didn’t really relate to me. Emma also helped out a lot by providing some more insight into how the female body works, while I gave Greg more insight onto how the male body works and we ended up improving our design.

By the time I was 18, I was officially Greg’s assistant and not his apprentice, and he built me a new body to match my new age; Emma was glad that now she would be allowed to age, and that we were now the same age. Greg had also started dating someone, because he would go out every couple of nights even to the point where I was the only one working on the new android children. Finally, a few weeks after my 18th birthday, I finally found out who he was dating.

“Phillip, get up,” Greg said, shaking me awake.

“What dad?” I asked, seeing that it was about 8:00am. By this time, Greg had built an addition to our house, which added another bedroom on the second floor where Emma moved into and a small recreational room on the first floor where the new androids, and myself, could play.

“I got engaged last night, my fiancé Cynthia is moving in today,” he told me, letting me get up and get dressed.

“Really, who is she…is she an android?” I asked.

“Kind of, but not really,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She’s a Rigilian,” he said.

“An alien?” I asked, vaguely recalling the history lessons I got about the first contact we made 25 years ago.

“Yes, suffice to say they are physically limited on our planet, so they need android avatars to interact properly with us,” Greg said.

“I guess this is something I will have to see to understand,” I said.

“Yes, and by the way…Cynthia has a daughter who is about your age, she will be sleeping in here with you,” he said.

“Okay, it’s been over a year since Emma moved into her room, I wouldn’t mind the company,” I said.

“Good, they’ll be here in less than an hour, so I will need you to give this room just a small touch-up from your usual standard of cleanliness,” Greg said, since I already had the floor, counters and closet neat and organized.

“Alright, I think maybe I’ll just clear a space in my closet for this girl,” I said.

“Thanks son, now I have to go and tell Emma,” he said, and he quietly left and headed down the hall.

After spending about 20-minutes in my closet, I finally moved my stuff to the right side, giving my future stepsister her own side of my closet; I had since moved Crystal back into the lab.

“Hey Greg, thanks for letting us move in,” Cynthia said, giving Greg a kiss and then stepping in.

Cynthia looked exactly like Cynthia Geary, an actress who actually played an android in a TV series from the late 20th century.

“Anything for you dear, now you and Melissa make yourselves at home,” Greg said.

“Hello Greg,” Melissa said, coming in from outside and putting her bags down. Melissa looked to be in her late teens. She was pretty big and tall for her age. She had long brown hair, which was tied up tight into a ponytail in the back. She had green eyes, which were hidden behind a pair of glasses.

“Hey Greg, which room am I sleeping in?” she asked.

“Hang on, introductions are in order first…this is my adopted son Phillip, I rescued him from a shelter and brought him up to be my assistant,” he said, letting me walk over.

“And this is my adopted daughter Emma, she was built as a copy of a 21st century actress named Emma Watson,” he said, allowing Emma to walk forward.

“Pleased to meet you, I hope I can be a good mother to you,” Cynthia said, shaking our hands.

“I’ve never had a mother, so any mother would do,” I said.

“Oh, that is so sweet,” Cynthia said, tearing up slightly.

“Are you two my age?” Melissa asked, shaking our hands; I noticed her hands were big, yet soft.

“Yes, I just turned 20, and she is 20 in appearance and behavior,” I told her.

“Good, I haven’t had much contact with humans my age,” she said.

“You are going to be sleeping with Phillip here Melissa, would you like him to help you with your stuff?” Greg said.

“Please, my things are a little heavy and it is difficult controlling this body,” she said, handing me one of her bags and then lifting up another.

“Follow me,” I said, and I left my dad, Cynthia and Emma alone in the front room while I walked with Melissa up to my room.

“So Phillip, Greg tells me you used to be organic, but you are now artificial,” Melissa said, dropping her bag down on the floor and looking at me.

“Yes, I was dying and he builds bodies for children who are dying,” I said.

“Are you able to control your body well?” she asked, looking oddly stiff.

“Yes, it’s like my organic body…just with less problems,” I said.

“I wish I could control my body that well, mom says I just need more practice,” Melissa said.

“I was wondering, what do you really look like?” I asked, looking into her eyes.

“I’ll show you once I’ve settled in, I’ll just tell you that I am small,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, and then I helped her get her clothes in my closet, as well as a few personal items she had.

“Okay, I was born on this planet, so I am not sure what my home world looks like, but I know my people were so small that when they first met humans, they were nearly killed,” Melissa said, taking off her sweatshirt and throwing it on my bed; she had really large breasts.

“I heard you guys evolved at the same rate we did, and we happened to be travelling to one another’s planets at the same time,” I said.

“Yes, we were as curious as you were, but our ship was about 10 times smaller than yours was, so the pilots thought our ship was a probe,” she continued.

“Yes, and they unintentionally injured your crewmembers when they docked it,” I said.

“Yes, none were killed, but there were a few broken limbs…the humans were as shocked as we were when they saw how small we were, and we were shocked at how big they were,” she said.

“I can imagine…except none of the reports show a description of any of you,” I said.

“That’s because we worked with Cybercorp to build us human avatars to control and we have kept our appearance a secret,” she said.

“You aren’t embarrassed, are you?” I asked.

“No, but we don’t like appearing out of place…and we are small enough that it is dangerous for us to walk around without being stepped on,” she said.

“Okay, so where are you in this body then?” I asked, seeing many places she could be.

“In here,” she said, pointing at her head.

“Wow, then you must be really tiny,” I said, seeing that her head was no more than a foot tall.

“I’m actually seeing you through a view screen and I am moving this body by using sensors attached to my body,” she said.

“Really, doesn’t that take a lot of concentration?” I asked.

“No, basically however I move my body, this body moves…though it is a little hard to move, because I am seeing through a viewscreen so it makes it harder to orient myself,” she told me.

“So, is this your real voice?” I asked.

“No, this body does have vocal chords and when I speak, my voice activates them and this body speaks,” she said.

“I see, and are you able to feel?” I asked, touching her arm.

“Yes, I have sensor feeds attached to my mind which allow me to feel everything my avatar feels,” she said.

“So, what happens when you eat or breathe?” I asked, seeing her mouth looked functional.

“The food and drink I consume in this avatar go to its stomach and helps to supply power to it…some gets sent up to me to consume. The air helps to keep me ventilated, otherwise it would get very hot up here,” she said.

“Alright, may I see you now?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll let you press my external release,” she said, taking off her glasses and standing in front of me.

“Okay, where is it?” I asked, looking at her head.

“Press the metal protrusion coming from my left ear,” she said, and then I pressed what I thought was an ear decoration. The second I pressed it, her face went stoic and then a seam appeared. There was a hiss as air was released from the edges, and then her face opened like a door from the bottom of her chin all the way up to her hairline.

On the inside of her face I could see two monitors which were showing the other side of the room. There were a few tubes running from her nostrils and mouth, and deep down into her body. Then, I moved closer and saw her. She had pink looking skin like I did, but she was no more than 3-inches tall. She had pinkish hair and an almost pixie-like appearance. She was attached to a series of neural interfaces, attached to her head, and each major nerve center of her body.

“Wow, it’s nice to see you with my own eyes,” she said, her voice sounding almost musical.

“It’s nice to see you,” I said.

“Thanks, I can still control my avatar like this, because it is still on,” she said, making her arms touch me.

“Cool, I thought you looked attractive on the outside, but you look really attractive on the inside too,” I said.

“You find my avatar attractive?” she asked.

“Yes, the breasts are very large and most human males find that enticing,” I said.

“Oh, I thought I picked a body which would attract less attention,” she said, looking disappointed.

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

“Because I can’t have children with a human, so I didn’t want anyone to get too attached to me,” she said.

“Well, most people might see your face and find it too nerdy, but I like it,” I told her.

“Thanks, it’s a good thing you are going to be my step-brother…that way I don’t need to worry,” she said.

“So, how do you guys pick your appearance?” I asked.

“We generally choose what fits our personality…I feel exactly how this body feels, so it fits me,” she said.

“Can you get out so I can see you more closely?” I asked, getting tired of standing up.

“Okay, I’m gonna leave my avatar online because I don’t want to power it down, just reach out your hand so I can climb onto it,” she said, and then she started disconnecting herself and then climbing out of her seat. Once she was standing up, she climbed out of the head and then hopped onto my outstretched hand.

“Wow, you’re light,” I said, feeling her bare feet on my hand.

“Yeah, I only weigh a few of your ounces…how do I look?” she asked, rotating around so I could see her. She was wearing a sort of one-piece smock, which covered her torso, but she was barefoot. Her skin was a similar pigmentation to my own, and her tiny feet and hands even had five digits with nails.

“You look like a miniature human,” I said.

“Yeah, except the hair…male Rigilians have blue hair when they are my age, and then it turns white. I will have pink hair until I am more mature, and then it will be red then white,” she said, grabbing her long hair.

“It looks cute,” I said.

“Thanks,” she smiled.

“So, do you sleep in this body?” I asked, looking back at her motionless avatar.

“Sometimes, it needs to be charged every night so I usually shut it off and sleep outside it,” she said.

“So, can I look at your avatar more closely?” I asked.

“Sure, just don’t take the clothes off…I’ll do it once I am back in it,” she told me.

“Okay, I’ll take my clothes off too,” I said.

“Good, now just let me climb onto your shoulder so you can have a free hand,” she said.

“Okay, here you go,” I said, straightening my arm so she could walk up to my shoulder.

“Thanks, I can hold on from here…I’ve done it before,” she said, speaking into my right ear.

“Good, now can I still move your avatar at all?” I asked, looking at it.

“Yes, just don’t try pushing it, just move the arms around,” she said.

“Fine by me,” I said, reaching out and grabbing her right arm. I was glad that the skin felt soft and smooth, still warm since it was still online. Keeping with her big body type, her arms were rather thick and heavy to lift. Once I manipulated her arm so it was extended, I began to feel her large, soft hands.

“You have very nice hands,” I said, gently moving the fingers.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

“Yes, I like feet too, but your hands are really nice,” I said, moving in and smelling them; the smell was realistic and somewhat comforting.

“Well, you’ll get to see them in a minute,” she told me.

“Okay, did you want back in?” I asked, putting her arm back down.

“Yes please,” she said, and I let her run back onto my hand so I could place her back in her avatars head.

“Okay, this usually takes me a few moments, but I can close my head up from here,” she said, getting herself attached to all the sensors.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I told her.

“Good, I’m in now,” she said, and then she activated a control which made her face start closing back up. Once it was closed, there was another hiss and then the seam sealed up.

“Wow, that feels good every time,” she said, moving her face around and putting her glasses back on.

“Do you actually need the glasses?” I asked.

“Not really, they just go with this face,” she said, blinking her eyes.

“Well, they look nice…so, could you take off your clothes now?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll start with my shoes,” she said, and then she sat back down on the bed and started unlacing her shoes. Once they were off, she slid off her socks and unveiled some of the largest feet I had ever seen.

“Wow, you got big feet,” I said, staring in awe at them.

“I know, it makes buying shoes a pain,” she said, wiggling her toes at me.

“May I feel them?” I asked.

“Go ahead,” she said, extending her legs towards me.

“Thanks,” I told her, and I gently started feeling her feet. I was amazed at how soft her skin was. It was like she was made of silk. Her feet, despite having been warmed up by socks and shoes, were not very sweaty and they smelled like they hadn’t had enough time to.

“I take it you aren’t ticklish,” I said, feeling her toes.

“No, the sensors aren’t quite that sensitive…I can feel your hands touching my feet, but the sensor feeds aren’t calibrated to feel high levels of pain or discomfort otherwise they might overload my own senses,” She said.

“That’s good, some of the girls I have felt were too ticklish for me to get a good impression,” I told her, making each toe bend.

“How many kids have you helped?” she asked.

“Hundreds, of all ages, genders and ethnicities,” I said, now feeling her ankles.

“Must be fun…did you want me to take the rest of my clothes off now?” she asked.

“Sure, just let me check on the others first…I don’t want to be disturbed,” I said, and I quickly ran to the door, opened it and then peaked my head down the stairs.

“Wow,” I murmured. Cynthia had opened herself up and was crawling around on Emma’s shoulders.

“Okay, your mom is outside of her body so I think the coast is clear,” I said, returning and then locking my door.

“Okay, you should get undressed too,” she said, standing back up.

“Okay,” I told her, and then I slowly took off my t-shirt and sweatpants and ended with my underwear as she removed her t-shirt, pants, bra and panties.

“Wow, you have really large breasts,” I said, looking at her bare chest.

“I know,” she said, looking down at them.

“Your body looks great, what do you think of me?” I asked.

“Well, I haven’t seen a human male naked before, but you don’t look bad,” she said, looking up and down at my body.

“Thanks, I have seen a good amount since the kids we work on are between the ages of five and 18,” I said.

“Why that age group?” she asked.

“Well, humans aren’t really sentient and aware until they are five, and at 18 we are adults so we have technically had our chance at life…anyone in between is a sad loss since they had very little time to get started,” I explained to her.

“I guess our two species aren’t really that different then,” she said.

“So, I see you are anatomically correct…does everything work down there?” I asked, looking down at her vagina.

“Yes, but it is only there for show and so that I can have sexual relations with a human…there is no actual transfer of genetic material though,” she said.

“But you could feel pleasure then?” I asked.

“Yes, I have pleasured myself a few times to see what it feels like,” she said.

“Although I’ve had the opportunity, I am still after all these years as an android a virgin,” I said.

“Well, I like you Phillip but I don’t want to have sex with you if we are to become step-siblings,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on it,” I said.

“Good, may I feel your…sexual organ?” she asked.

“Yes, you may feel my penis,” I told her.

“Thanks,” she said, and she got down on her knees and gently felt my penis.

“Wow, so it just dangles?” she asked, moving it around in her soft fingers.

“Yes, and if I weren’t an android with the ability to shut off my sexual responses, it would be getting stiffer,” I said.

“I see, did you want to feel my vagina?” she asked, letting go and standing back up.

“Sure,” I said, and I got down on my knees and examined her genitals. Although she was designed to be in her late teens, her pubic hair was not out of control. It was dark like her hair, but it was shaved down to small bristles.

“You don’t have a lot of hair down here,” I said, feeling the skin around the opening.

“I know, I did originally, but I didn’t like it so I asked them to trim it down,” she said.

“I like it,” I said, now feeling around the lips.

“Whoa, that feels weird,” she said.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No, you can feel around inside if you want,” she said.

“Okay, I won’t go too far,” I said, and then I stuck my fingers in and felt around inside the warm opening. After I felt inside as far as my first joint I brought my fingers back out and wiped the moisture off on the bed sheets.

“So, did you want to feel my breasts now?” she asked.

“Sure,” I told her, and I stood back up and felt her huge breasts.

“That feels good for some reason,” she said, looking more relaxed.

“Feels good for me too,” I said, squeezing them gently.

“So, who was your favorite kid to rebuild?” she asked.

“Probably the first one I ever helped with, a girl by the name of Annina Hammer,” I said, letting go of her breasts and standing back.

“How old was she?” she asked, sitting down on my bed.

“18 at the time, I was also 18,” I told her, sitting down next to her.

“Did you like her?”

“Yes, we actually got really friendly after she got accustomed to her new body,” I said.

“Do you keep pictures of all of them?” Melissa asked.

“Some of them, with her I actually kept a bit more,” I said, breaking off, “You know what, why don’t I just show you?” I said.

“Okay,” she said.

“Alright, let’s get dressed, and then I’ll show you,” I said, getting up from my chair and walking over to the closet.

“Okay,” she said, following me in.

“So, I told you Annina let me keep a bit more than photos of her…some of the other children did as well,” I said, walking to the back of the closet and unveiling a hidden switch.

“Is there a hidden room in here?” Melissa asked.

“Kind of,” I said, and I pressed the switch. There was a hiss of air as a seam appeared on my side of the closet. Once the air was released several wall panels slid aside, creating a doorway into a small room.

“Cool,” Melissa said, following me in; the room was just as big as the closet, but it had a few storage compartments.

“Yeah, dad built this for me when he did the addition to the house and after Emma got her own room. This is where I keep my personal projects and my mementos from the friends I make…so to speak,” I said, activating a monitor on the wall.

“Did she let you keep her feet?” Melissa asked.

“Not just her feet, look,” I said, and I opened up one of the storage compartments. After it slid open, a bed with a cloth-covered figure extended out.

“Her whole body?” Melissa said.

“Yes, this is her first body which she damaged only days before she was getting her second body…these bodies get replaced after we have aged a few years,” I explained, slowly taking the clothe off of Annina’s naked body; there were multiple scratches along her lower torso, and more all over her legs. Her abdominal panel was open revealing damaged internal components.

“What happened to her?” Melissa asked, feeling all the scratches in her otherwise beautiful skin.

“She was hiking in the mountains of her country when she accidentally came into contact with a live power line which had come down after a rockslide. The resulting shock overloaded most of her internal components and she fell down several hundred feet before slamming into a boulder,” I explained, bringing up a damage report on the monitor over the bed.

“Is she okay?” Melissa asked.

“Yes, our brains are heavily insulated from overloads. We had already finished her older body anyway, so she was transported here immediately after the accident to be transferred into her new body,” I said.

“That’s good, so she let you keep this damaged body then?” Melissa asked.

“Yes, I’ve been fixing it on my free time, but I haven’t worked on it for several months,” I said.

“Is the damage that bad?”

“Yes, I can fix the skin damage but the internal damage is a little too severe for me to fix without having to completely dismantle her…and to be quite honest, it would be easier to just build a new body from scratch,” I said.

“I bet you wish you could climb inside of her,” Melissa said.

“Yeah, that would help,” I said.

“You know, I haven’t actually told you this, but I am really good at fixing androids…I need to be, since if anything goes wrong with my avatar, I need to fix it,” Melissa said.

“You mean you crawl around inside your body and fix the internal components?” I said.

“Yeah, and the reason your dad fell in love with my mom is because they met at the facility where he was getting his check-up, and she crawled inside of him,” Melissa said.

“Cool, did you want to crawl around inside of Annina for a while to get a look at the damage?” I asked.

“Sure, hold on a second,” she said, and then her face went stoic as it started opening up. Once it was open, she had her avatar kneel down and extend its arm so the hand was resting on Annina’s torso.

“Okay, here I go,” she said, crawling out of her head and then running across her arm and onto Annina’s body.

“Good luck,” I said, and then she crawled into the open panel and started looking around.

While she was looking around in Annina’s body, I passed the time by looking at her motionless avatar. Since I hadn’t looked at the face while it was open before, I took this time to examine it more closely. Even though it was currently hinged open at a 90-degree angle, it still looked realistic. Since she hadn’t shut her avatar off, the skin was still warm and the eyes were still moist, albeit staring blankly ahead.

“Phillip, can you come up here for a second?” Melissa yelled down.

“Okay,” I said, and I got back up and peered into Annina’s open panel.

“So, I’ve looked around at her critical systems…most of them can easily be repaired if I can get my tool kit from my body, and some systems you will need to replace,” Melissa said, crawling out and then standing up on Annina’s stomach.

“That’s good, how do things look in there?” I asked.

“A few things got knocked loose, a few wires snapped and a few circuits overloaded,” she said.

“Thanks, did you want back in your body?” I asked.

“I can get in on my own, I want to walk around on her body for a while,” she said, and then she slowly started walking up Annina’s body to the breasts.

“I wish I could walk around on these bodies at your height, it must look pretty interesting,” I said, seeing that Melissa was barely taller than Annina’s breasts.

“Yeah, her skin feels really nice under my feet,” Melissa said, crawling over the breasts and continuing up to the neck.

“Yeah,” I said, now watching her climb onto Annina’s face.

“So, is she the same as you?” Melissa asked, feeling Annina’s lips.

“If you mean the same nationality, then no, she is from Switzerland,” I said.

“Oh, did she speak English?”

“Not originally, we had to program her with an English database so she could interact with us,” I said.

“I see…I can’t wait until we fix her, I’d like to see her face look more alive,” Melissa said, gently lifting one of the eyelids and looking at Annina’s brown eye.

“Yeah, we could have fun with her if we want, since my brain can be fitted into her body,” I said.

“Have you ever tried something like that?” Melissa asked, heading back down to the stomach.

“No, but dad says I could be installed in any body that I want,” I said, watching her climb back up her arm and into her head.

“Well, maybe you could also build a second head for me so I could operate her,” Melissa said, now back in her avatar with the face closed.

“Yeah, that might be fun, now let’s get to work” I said.

After I took another look at Annina’s systems, I took a quick inventory of my supplies and determined I had the necessary materials to repair her. I also got a scanning device so I could interfere with Annina’s systems.

“So, I have most of the components here in this room, so did you want to climb into her now?” I asked, looking back at Melissa.

“Sure, hold on,” she said, and then she dropped to her knees and put her arm on Annina’s torso as her face opened up. Once she disengaged from her neural interfaces, she crawled out of her avatar and then ran down to Annina’s body.

“It looks like the first thing you will need to do is reactivate her secondary power systems before my device can interface with her systems,” I said to Melissa, who had already climbed into Annina’s open panel.

“I’m already on it,” Melissa said, taking some small tools out of a pouch she brought with her and crawling deeper into Annina’s body. While Melissa worked on the inside, I got to work fixing up some of the small scratches in Annina’s skin. As easy as it might seem to repair skin, I actually had to fix the underlying sensors before applying a liquid to the damaged areas. While the liquid dried, I would gently spread it around so it could mimic the surrounding skin. After I was finished with one area, it was nearly impossible to tell there had ever been damage.

“Okay Phillip, I think I fixed her secondary power systems,” Melissa said, after nearly 15-minutes.

“Good, my device can now connect to her systems, hold on while I get the diagnostic report,” I said, running a quick diagnostic.

“Primary power systems offline…multiple scratches to epidermal layer….damaged circuits in spinal systems…several servos that operate finger and toe movement have been damaged…processor assembly is non-operable since 50% of the components have overloaded….fluidic reservoirs are depleted,” I said, when the diagnostic finally finished.

“Alright, I’ll get started on the reservoirs since they ruptured,” Melissa said, going back in.

“Over the next several hours, in between of which we took a lunch break, we slowly fixed Annina’s damaged body. I worked on the outside, and on the damaged arms and legs, while Melissa fixed her internal components. While Melissa was repairing the coolant and power systems, I brought in some replacement processors to install in her head, and I also replaced the memory modules with the best this class of android could use.

“Alright Phillip, I think I’ve finished up in here,” Melissa said, crawling back out and sitting down on her avatar’s hand.

“Good, I’ve finished on the outside as well,” I said.

“So, what now?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Well, I will need to install the latest updates into the core memory systems so my A.I. can integrate with the body and then I will have you install me in it,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll get back in my avatar then,” Melissa said, and she started climbing up her arm.

“So, this is what you two have been doing,” Emma said, walking in.

“Hey Emma,” Melissa said, stopping on her avatar’s shoulder.

“Hey, you look like your mother,” Emma said, moving in closer.

“I know, Phillip and I have been fixing Annina here,” Melissa said.

“I can see that,” Emma said.

“So sis, did you need anything?” I asked.

“No, I just wanted to visit with you since Cynthia and dad have headed into the lab,” Emma said.

“Okay, I was actually going to put myself in Annina’s body,” I said, plugging a cable into Annina’s head and starting the updates.

“Really, I seem to recall you asking to try on me,” Emma said.

“Well, I would let you use my body as well,” I said.

“I’m still thinking about it, maybe if you do well in Annina,” Emma said.

“I will,” I said, unplugging Annina and then removing her skull covering again.

“Oh, I’d better get back in,” Melissa said, hopping back into her head and closing the face.

“You look nice on the outside too,” Emma said.

“Thanks, Phillip seemed to enjoy my body,” Melissa said, standing back up.

“Cynthia’s body was very nice, she chose a very lovely appearance,” Emma said.

“I will have to look at her avatar later,” I said, performing a few checks on Annina’s systems.

“You could look right now, she isn’t in it right now,” Emma said.

“Once I am inside Annina,” I said.

“Did you want me to transfer you now?” Melissa asked.

“Yes, I will need to power down first,” I said, and as Melissa approached me, I initiated my shutdown procedure and blacked out.

“So, what do you think of my step-brother?” Emma asked, watching Melissa remove Phillip’s skull cover.

“He is very smart, attractive and friendly…I am glad I am sleeping with him,” Melissa said, placing the skull on a nearby counter and removing the brain from the head.

“I found him the same way when I first interacted with him, but it is still nice to have my own room,” Emma said, watching Melissa placing the brain in Annina’s head and then replacing the skull cover.

“I am thinking of partnering with him,” Melissa said.

“What do you mean?” Emma asked.

“Well, without marrying him, I would be doing the same thing my mother is doing; using my small size to help Phillip with his work,” Melissa said.

“Wow, I think he will like that,” Emma said.

“Good, I hope this works,” Melissa said, pressing in Annina’s right ear.

While I was blacked out, I could only recall a vague sense of things. After several moments, I felt myself integrating with a new body. After the initial startup protocols, I finally felt myself gaining control of my new body. Several seconds later, I opened my eyes.

After I got used to the light shining in my eyes, I slowly looked around at Melissa and Emma standing over me. I could also see my body standing motionless with its skull removed a few feet away.

“Wow, it feels like this is my body,” I said, speaking in Annina’s soft voice, even with her accent.

“Wow Phillip, I didn’t think it would work,” Emma said.

“I told you it would, I could have just as easily have woken up in your body,” I said.

“Are you able to move?” Melissa asked, since I hadn’t moved any part of my new body below my neck.

“I think so,” I said, bracing myself with my hands and sitting up.

“Good, I’m glad to see my repair work was successful,” Melissa said, looking at my new body closely.

“Well Phillip, I may just let you in my body…later,” Emma said.

“Thanks, I want to look at myself for a moment,” I said, slowly getting to my feet and walking out into the closet where the mirror was. It was odd looking into the mirror and seeing someone completely different staring back at me. Instead of myself, it was a beautiful naked girl with brown eyes.

“Well, how was it?” Emma asked, once I walked back into the lab.

“Interesting…like someone else was looking at me through the mirror,” I said, gently feeling my torso with my soft hands.

“That’s what it looks like when I look at myself in the mirror in this body,” Melissa said.

“Well, as interesting as this all is, I need to get back my studies,” Emma said, heading for the door.

“Alright sis, see you at dinner,” I said, moving out of her way.

“Have fun,” she said.

“Well Phillip, how does it feel being a girl?” Melissa asked.

“Interesting, having been male all my life it is fascinating to be a woman,” I said, gently rubbing my hands from my vagina to my breasts.

“I wish I could try out a male body some time, but I have never gotten the opportunity,” she said.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll get the chance…which reminds me, I haven’t taken a look at my body from this perspective in a long time,” I said, walking over to my motionless body.

It was interesting looking at my body just standing there with its skull removed. The eyes were closed as though it were sleeping and the skin was getting pale.

“Didn’t you help build this body?” Melissa asked, walking behind me.

“Yes, but it’s different seeing it through different eyes,” I said, slowly reaching out my left hand and feeling its face.

“That’s odd,” Melissa said.

“What?” I asked, feeling the face.

“You used your left hand…I thought you were right-handed,” Melissa said.

“Oh, Annina was left-handed…I guess it’s built in to the body…I didn’t even realize it,” I said, looking at my right hand which was on my robots chest.

“Are you also feeling attracted to your male body?” Melissa asked, watching me gently feel my old face.

“Slightly, but the gender association is controlled by my brain, not by the body I am in,” I said, kneeling down and pulling the robots pants and underwear down so I could examine the penis.

“So Phillip, when were you planning on returning to your body?” Melissa asked, watching me feel the penis in my hands.

“Soon, can you help me sit my body down?” I asked, pulling the pants back up.

“Sure,” she said, and we both carefully brought my body to the table and sat it down.

“Thanks, I wanted to look at my feet,” I said, lifting the right leg and examining the foot. Since I almost never wore shoes, my foot had a noticeable layer of dust on it and it still smelled of sweat.

“Wow, I have nice feet,” I said, gently massaging it in my female hands until I satisfied my desire.

“Yes you do,” Melissa said.

“Alright Melissa, let’s stand it back up so I can lay back down and return to my body,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she helped me bring my body back to where it was standing.

“That was an amazing experience!” I said, waking up in my body.

“I wish I could share it,” Melissa said, walking over from where Annina’s body now lay deactivated on the table.

“Yeah,” I said, walking over and feeling Annina’s belly, which was still warm.

“So, what’s in the other compartments?” Melissa asked, watching me cover Annina back up and put her back in storage.

“I’ll show you later, can we go and see your mother’s avatar?” I asked.

“Sure,” Melissa said, and then we walked out into my room and then out onto the hallway.

“My mom has only been using her current avatar for about five years,” Melissa said, walking with me down the stairs and into Greg’s room.

“Well, it looks lovely,” I said, seeing it standing motionless next to the bed. It had been changed into a robe, which hadn’t been buttoned up. As a result, we could see the lacy bra and panties it was wearing.

“Yes, I’ve never tried her avatar out, but I have tried out her previous avatars,” Melissa said.

“Would she mind?” I asked.

“No, did you want me to try?” Melissa asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Alright, you open it up while I get out of here,” she said, and while her face opened I opened up Cynthia’s face.

“Alright, this should be fun,” Melissa said, jumping onto my hand so I could place her in her mother’s avatar. Once she was in, she took a while to figure out the controls and then she activated the body and closed the avatar’s face.

After a few seconds, the face came to life and formed into a smile.

“Wow, this body is amazing!” she said, speaking in a more mature voice.

“I know, and it looks nice,” I said.

“Now I know why mom chose this image, this body is really attractive and easy to move,” she said, taking off the robe and walking over to the mirror.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Phillip, maybe someday you can help me build a more grown up body for myself,” she said, slowly walking back over to where I stood.

“That would be nice,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said, and then she gave me a surprise kiss, which lasted several seconds.

“Wow, what was that?” I asked, getting aroused by the contact.

“I wanted to see what it would feel like,” she said, and then she quickly put the robe back on and stood back next to the bed.

Once she was back inside her own avatar, we both left and spent the rest of the day in my lab working on the other android children I had in there.

Part 3

After the successful repair of a high profile client’s son, my reputation suddenly grew in large proportions and I found myself repairing more and more androids. When I turned 21, I not only got a new body but I also got a house of my own several miles away from Greg’s, and a few miles closer to the main complex. My new house, which I would be sharing with Melissa, was right next to a beautiful lake near the edge of the forest and at the base of a snow capped mountain.

“Wow, this house is beautiful!,” Melissa said, running into the house and putting her stuff down. Unlike Greg’s house, this one had only one room on the second floor…my room.

“Yes it is, and it is all ours,” I said, putting my stuff on the floor and walking to the window looking out onto the lake.

“I hope our lab is well equipped,” Melissa said, coming out of her room, which was at the base of the stairs leading up to my room.

“It should be, and this time it is all ours,” I said.

“So, how’s the new A.I. coming?” she asked.

“Fine, the Class 10 prototypes are functioning perfectly, even though they are technically class 9.7,” I said.

“You’ll get it…although I still don’t understand what the main difference will be,” she said.

“Well, Class 9 is so far the most realistic. In most scenarios, a human can’t distinguish the difference by either looks or behavior, but Class 10 is a whole new realm,” I said.

“How so?” she asked.

“Well, with a Class 10, even the android will have trouble telling it is artificial…this may be the birth of true artificial intelligence,” I said.

“You mean an android that will think it is human?” Melissa asked.

“Yes, so far the prototypes have gone most of the way…they will occasionally forget they are human, but will still act as an android,” I said.

“I see, now let’s get settled in,”

“Alright,” I said, and we spent the rest of the day making our new home our own.

Over the following weeks, I worked diligently on the new A.I. in between patients. Finally, after a month, I figured out what the matrix was missing and implemented it. Once it was successfully installed into one of the prototypes, it was named 9.9 until it could be implemented into a brand new android, which would be Unit 10xx0, the first of its class.

After I received personal congratulations from the queen android, I went home and rested while I waited for my reward. Personally, I was pleased from all the work I did, but the way the queen spoke made me think I was going to get a life-changing gift.

Basically, the key to making a Class 10 wasn’t just in having a sophisticated A.I., it also depended on faster processors to better mimic human reactions. It also depended on smaller power systems so more systems that mimic organic functions could be installed. Also, these androids would be less physically attractive since one of the key ways of pointing out a Class 9 was in seeing its perfect skin and appearance. These androids would be more like my model, which are based on real people without modifications.

About a month after my completion of the Class 10 matrix, I was called to the main complex to meet with the head of development. His name was Dr. Matt Soyer.

“Hello Phillip, it’s a pleasure to meet you in person finally,” he said. Because of the scars on his arms, I could tell this man was human.

“Likewise, have you finished the first Class 10 yet?” I asked.

“Yes, and that is why I called you here…it was actually completed five days ago, but we wanted it to integrate with the environment around here to get its new memories time to merge with the artificial ones,” he said.

“How did you make a whole life worth of artificial memories?” I asked.

“Well…we cheated. We looked into your father’s database of children he was unable to save and used one of their memories to serve as a base, as well as the actual physical image,” he said.

“Is that all?” I asked.

“No, because this one was 18 and we wanted it to be somewhere around the early twenties, we had to manufacture new memories from where the old ones left off leading to the point where it was hired as an employee here,” he finished.

“You mean you gave it a job?” I asked.

“Yes, and I just want you to know that the queen personally chose the mold and memories from the database since she wants you to have this android as your reward,” he said.

“Wow, I am honored…can I meet it?” I asked.

“Yes, let’s go get a coffee,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, not sure if the android was serving coffee or if we were to get coffee before meeting it.

After we left the main lab section, we stepped into the area where visitors could enter to take a tour of the facilities, pick up their own androids or file a claim for repair or replacement. In this area was a sort of mall, since the androids who left here had no clothing or belongings of their own. There were also eating establishments so they could interact in a neutral setting to get used to one another before leaving for their home.

“Good old Starbucks, I’m glad it survived the war,” Matt said, leading me in and walking up to the register.

“Yeah,” I said absentmindedly, looking at the menu to see what I should order. While I was looking, I noticed a figure in the edge of my vision and I turned to see what it was. It was a girl who looked to be my age. She had short dark brown hair that was tied into a small ponytail in the back and with long bangs that sometimes covered her face. She also had a very plain face with a friendly, kind and gentle expression set into her deep blue eyes and her skin was very pale, with a few freckles dotted on the bit of her arms showing from her short sleeve shirt. She was wearing black shoes, black pants and a small black hoodie with a green apron, which told me she worked here. When I saw her, she was cleaning up the tables and counters with a small rag. When she saw me staring at her, she got a sort of bashful look on her face and accidentally knocked over a container full of sugar.

“Oops,” she said in a deep grown up voice, which made my chest tighten up.

“Here, let me help you with that,” I said, going over and helping her clear up all the sugar.

“Thanks,” she said, giving me a shy sort of smile and then quickly heading into the back room.

“Phillip, what did you want?” Matt asked.

“Grande peppermint mocha Frappuccino,” I said, still looking at the door where the girl went into.

“Alright, here we are,” he said, getting our drinks and taking me to a table.

“Thanks, so when do we meet this android?” I asked, sipping through my straw.

“Well, you just did,” he smiled.

“That girl was the android?” I said in an undertone, now seeing her standing behind the counter…stealing glances at me.

“Yes, the queen knew this type of girl would attract you, and she even found that this girl, had she lived, would have like you too; she died a few years ago though” Matt said.

“Yeah, I felt a strange feeling in my chest when I saw her, almost like my breath was taken away,” I said.

“That’s love Phillip, even though you are an android you can still feel it,” he said.

“So, what’s her name?” I asked.

“Did you want me to introduce her?”

“Yes please,” I said.

“Lindsey, can you join us please?” Matt called.

“Okay Doctor,” she said, and she took off her apron and slowly walked over to our table.

“Lindsey, I want to introduce you to Phillip White, Phillip, Lindsey Monroe,” Matt said.

“Hello Lindsey,” I said, holding out my hand.

“Hi,” she said, taking my hand and weakly shaking it.

“So Lindsey, when are you off?” Matt asked.

“Right now, I was just talking with my boss about tomorrow’s shift,” she said.

“You can sit down,” Matt said, seeing she was still standing.

“Thanks, I’ve been standing all day,” she smiled, sitting down next to me.

“So Lindsey, how are you liking your new job?” Matt asked.

“It’s fun, I like it better than that retail place I worked at with all the angry customers,” she said, shuddering slightly.

“Good, and are you still experiencing the mild convulsions you complained about?” he asked.

“A little, it doesn’t happen as often anymore, not after our last visit,” she said.

“That’s good, what were you doing the last time it happened?” he asked.

“I was trying to count the register while listening to a story that one of my coworkers was telling me, and then the timer started beeping and that’s when it happened,” she said.

“Sounds like a feedback error in her processors,” I whispered to Matt.

“What?” Lindsey asked.

“Nothing,” I smiled.

“So, who are you?” she asked, smiling at me.

“I am a colleague of Matt’s…I just finished helping him with a major project,” I said.

“You mean an android?” Lindsey asked.

“Yes,” I told her.

“I see all the androids walking through here, but I have never actually met one before,” she said.

“Do you want to meet one?” I asked.

“Yes, I find the whole concept interesting,” she said.

“Well, I’m an android…I used to be human, but I died and was moved into an android body,” I said.

“Really?” she said.

“Yes,” I told her.

“You look pretty real to me,” she said.

“I know, and I feel pretty real…except for a few minor differences,” I said.

“So Doctor, is he the one you told me about?” Lindsey said.

“Yes Lindsey,” Matt said.

“I think I’m missing something,” I said.

“Doctor Soyer here said that you would be willing to give me a place to stay…I’ve been living in the guest rooms here at the mall and want to move out,” Lindsey said.

“Well, I can certainly fit you in my home…although you would have to share my room since my partner has the other room,” I said.

“I don’t care, I didn’t realize you were going to be so good looking,” she smiled.

“Well, I knew you two would be a good match,” Matt said.

“What?” Lindsey said, looking shocked.

“You are quite attractive too,” I said, smiling back at her.

“Thanks Phillip…although for some reason I feel quite attached to you,” she said.

“Well kids, that is why they call it love at first sight…now why don’t we head back to my office so I can give you another check-up,” Matt said, finishing his drink and throwing it away.

“Alright doctor, is Phillip coming too?” she asked.

“Yes, Phillip is coming,” Matt said, and then we all got up and headed out of the Starbucks.

On the way back to the lab, Lindsey pointed out various people that she knew to be androids but had never actually spoken to, and she seemed to be getting closer and closer to me until our arms actually touched.

Once we arrived back at the lab, he got his equipment while Lindsey walked over to the table.

“So Phillip, do you think you can show me some of your panels when we get to your house?” Lindsey asked, turning to face me with a playful look on her face.

“Yes, and more,” I said.

“Good, I can’t…” she said, and then she just froze.

“Lindsey, are you alright?” I asked, waving my hands in front of her frozen face.

“Don’t worry, I’ve only paused her…I assumed you might want to take a look at your creation,” Matt said, showing me a remote.

“Thanks, she is perfect,” I said, slowly walking around Lindsey’s frozen body and admiring all the details. Her shoes were slightly worn out, her pants were fading and her figure was almost the same as mine; average.

“I know, that’s why it took me so long…her A.I. needed a day or so to fully establish itself and after I fix these small malfunctions she has been suffering, I will release her into your control,” Matt said, putting the remote down and walking over to her.

“Well, I always told my dad that I don’t like rushing through a project, and this is why,” I said, pointing at Lindsey’s face.

“Those freckles took some time to get right, but I consider her my best creation…a work of art,” Matt said, gently patting Lindsey’s shoulder.

“So, is her design any different from mine?” I asked.

“No, all the panels and buttons are where they should be,” Matt said.

“Good, now what were you going to do with her?” I asked.

“Why don’t you open her up and see if you can find the problem with her processor?” Matt said, handing me one of his tools.

“Alright,” I said, and after taking the tool, I delicately opened Lindsey’s panel at the back of her head and released her skull cover. After I heard the click and hiss, I carefully lifted her skull over her head and placed it down on the table.

“Wow, this is awesome,” I said, looking in at the advanced processor assembly. Although there were almost triple the amount of processors, they took up slightly less space than the ones in my brain yet they were capable of handling 100x the load. The memory array was also more advanced, yet smaller and her brain was roughly the same size as mine, except it was slightly more advanced since it was brand new technology that built it.

“I know, it’s your creation,” Matt said.

“Yeah, I never thought I would see it in such a beautiful girl though,” I said, looking into Lindsey’s face once more.

“So, have you found the problem?” he asked.

“Yes, the feeds from her audio sensors are in contact with her motion sub-processor…it looks like when she was trying to concentrate on counting and listening to that story, the high pitch beeping sent a pulse through her feeds and activated her motion-sub-processor,” I said.

“Wow, you are good…can you fix it?” he asked.

“Already have,” I said, since all I needed to do was gently separate the feeds with a small tool.

“Good, now once you put her back together I will un-pause her,” Matt said, getting the remote.

“Okay,” I said, and once I carefully put her skull back on, I returned to where I was standing in front of her as Matt un-paused her.

“…wait,” she finished, tilting her head slightly.

“Me neither,” I said.

“Alright Lindsey, onto the table,” Matt said, walking over to her.

“Okay doctor,” she said, sitting down on the edge of the table.

“Now, take off your hoodie and t-shirt so I can get your bio-readings;you can leave your bra on,” he said.

“Ok,” she said, and she calmly removed her hoodie and shirt, exposing more of her pale skin…no freckles.

“Thanks, now just lay down and try not to talk,” he said, and once she laid down he pressed in on her belly button and opened her panel.

“Don’t worry Phillip, she is in maintenance mode now and will only reply to direct conversation,” Matt said, looking at the surprised look on my face.

“You mean she is oblivious to everything going on right now?” I said.

“Not quite, she can hear us talking but she isn’t really paying attention…also, if she were to look at her stomach she would think it is still normal,” Matt said.

“Cool, you must have worked long and hard on my schematics,” I said, looking inside Lindsey’s panel. All her inner parts were very quiet, even though they were unshielded. They seemed to be purring instead of humming.

“Yes, a few times she saw through the illusion and freaked out, but I have programmed her extensively to shut down and delete all memories of whatever she sees in case she does,” he said.

“Cool, I wouldn’t want her to break or anything,” I said, looking at the content look on her face.

“Me neither, now would you like to see her back panel?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Okay, would you sit back up Lindsey?” Matt said.

“Ok,” she said, and she slowly sat up and turned so her legs swung off the table.

“Thanks,” Matt said, although Lindsey did not seem to be listening…she still had a content look on her face.

“Wow, her spine looks more complex than mine,” I said, looking at her spinal cord with the motor control junction.

“Don’t worry, your next body will include all of these enhancements…we might even give it to you early,” Matt said.

“So, can I touch one of those controls?” I asked.

“Sure, she won’t mind,” Matt said.

“Thanks,” I said, and I gently reached into her panel and activated the control for her left arm. Instantly, her left arm raised up, but there was no whirring…it sounded as natural as if she moved it herself.

“Cool, I wish my body were that smooth,” I said, closing her back up and then moving back in front of her.

“Now, when I close her up, she will come out of maintenance mode but I want to show you something else,” Matt said, and then he closed her stomach up.

“So, how am I?” she asked, suddenly coming back to life.

“Fine, can you show me your right hand please?” Matt asked.

“Sure,” she said, holding it out.

“Thanks,” he said, and then he twisted it off.

“So, what does she see now?” I asked, seeing her still staring at her arm where there was now a stub.

“Her hand,” he said, and then, a few seconds later, there was a shimmering and a holographic hand appeared where her old one was.

“Wow, how real is it?” I asked.

“Lindsey, why don’t you give Phillip here a friendly poke,” Matt said, and then she lightly poked me with the holographic finger.

“Nice, may I see her hand?” I asked.

“Okay,” he said, and he gently handed her hand to me so I could look at it.

“Thanks,” I said, and I carefully studied it with both my eyes and my hands. Since it was just removed, it was still warm. Also, there were small pockets of perspiration caught in the wrinkles of her palm. Even the smell seemed more natural, although her hands did smell of coffee as well since she worked with it most of the day. Her fingers I like best of all, since her nails were trimmed short as opposed to the long length most girls kept theirs; Lindsey seemed to be all natural all-around.

“Thanks, now how do you put it back on?” I asked, giving him the hand back.

“Like this,” he said, and as soon as he brought it towards her arm, the holographic hand shimmered away.

Once the hand was reattached, Lindsey once again seemed to snap out of a trance and smiled at us.

“Alright Lindsey, I am giving you a clean bill of health. You may get dressed and take Phillip to your room to help with your belongings,” Matt said.

“Thanks doctor, you’ve been very kind,” she said, getting her clothes back on and giving him a hug.

“You too, now you two have fun,” he said, and then he quickly handed me the remote and a small laptop. “Her particulars,” he whispered, and then I followed Lindsey out of the lab and into a part I had never seen.

“So Phillip, do you live far away?” Lindsey asked.

“No, it only takes me about 15-minutes to get here…but I drive really fast,” I said.

“I don’t drive, but I suppose you could drive me to work every day,” she said, opening one of the doors and letting me inside.

Her room was very small. It consisted only of a small bed, a desk and a bathroom. Her belongings were mostly clothes, trinkets and a laptop.

“Wow, you don’t have much,” I said, helping her with her bags.

“No, I moved here from southern California because I’ve always wanted to live up here…but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get a job until I fell ill and had to be helped by Doctor Soyer,” she said.

“And he helped get you your job?” I asked.

“Yes, although if you don’t require any payment I may quit and try and become a lab assistant,” she said.

“You could help me out, I could teach you how to fix me or my partner if we break down,” I said.

“Really, but I would need to learn at the lab,” she said.

“Perhaps, but I think you’ll be a quick study if you learn from me,” I said, since I knew she would learn better by watching and doing rather than by reading.

“Alright, what do you do?” she asked, walking out of the mall and following me to my car.

“I used to help my dad build bodies for dead children to live in, much like me, but now I help fix androids as well,” I said.

“Sounds good, he builds them you fix them,” Lindsey said.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly,” I smiled.

“Is this your car?” she asked, seeing my stop at a small silver car.

“Yes, this is the Neon,” I said, putting her bags in the trunk and then opening the passenger door for her.

“Thanks, I can’t wait to see your house,” she said.

“It’s beautiful,” I said, and then I kicked it into gear and sped off.

“Wow, that was pretty fast,” she said, once we arrived at my house.

“Well, I don’t have to follow any limits so I can go as fast as I want,” I said, taking her stuff out of the trunk and walking up to the front door. After I let her in, I dropped her stuff on the foot of the stairs while I let her take in the view of the lake.

“You’re right, it is beautiful,” she said.

“Yeah, I’ve been living here with my partner for the past few months and it is just now starting to feel like home,” I said.

“Who is this partner I keep hearing about?” she asked.

“My sister-in-law…she is a Rigilian, so she uses an android body to move around,” I said.

“I see. Can I meet her?” she asked.

“Sure, she is probably sleeping since she was up late last night, so we will need to be quiet,” I said.

“Alright,” Lindsey said, dropping her voice to a whisper.

Walking very quietly to Melissa’s room, I slowly opened the door and walked in, with Lindsey right behind me. Although there was a bed, Melissa no longer slept in it. Her avatar was standing next to the dresser, which was designed to be at the same height as her shoulder. On top of the dresser was a dollhouse with her actual bed. Since the dollhouse was sound proofed, we did not need to worry about waking her.

“Wow, is that her android?” Lindsey asked.

“Yes, her avatar,” I said, slowly walking over to it.

“It looks nerdy,” she said, scrutinizing the face.

“That is an interesting way of putting it,” I chuckled.

“She is pretty though,” Lindsey said, gently touching the arms and hands.

“Yes she is,” I agreed.

“Why is she barefoot?” Lindsey asked, looking down at her large feet.

“Oh, that is the house rule,” I said.

“House rule?” Lindsey asked.

“Yes, anyone living in the house must be barefoot,” I said.

“Why?,” she asked.

“Well, I have a foot fetish and also it does keep things cleaner,” I said.

“You have a foot fetish?” Lindsey said.

“Yes, it must be genetic since I have read that most of my paternal ancestors had it,” I said.

“Well, once we get up to our room I will take off my shoes,” Lindsey smiled.

“Alright, we might as well go up there now since there isn’t anything left to show you,” I said, walking her out of Melissa’s room and into the living room.

“Alright,” she said, and then we slowly took her stuff up the stairs and into my apartment-like room on the second floor.

“Wow, you have all this to yourself?” Lindsey asked, setting her stuff on the floor and walking to the window, which overlooked the whole lake and the yard leading up to it.

“Yes, Melissa doesn’t need a lot and I figured someday I might be sharing this room with someone…also, I have a small lab/storage compartment up here,” I said, sitting down on the bed and taking my shoes and socks off.

“Cool, you must never get bored,” she said, walking from the window and sitting down next to me.

“No, now are you going to take off your shoes?” I asked.

“Oh, sorry,” she said, and she slowly unlaced her shoes and then took off her black socks. Not to my surprise, her feet were also pale and they had no noticeable freckles since she must not have gone barefoot a lot.

“Better?” she asked playfully.

“Much,” I smiled.

“Good, they smell a little bad though since I haven’t given them fresh air in over 8-hours,” she said, wiggling her toes.

“May I take a closer look…I haven’t actually touched a human since I was one, so I would like to see if the smell of my feet is actually realistic,” I said.

“Sure, feel free to indulge yourself,” she said, and then she watched as I got down on my knees and gently grabbed her right foot.

“Wow, your hands feel nice…I thought I would be ticklish,” she said, looking down on me.

“I’m glad you aren’t,” I said, gently feeling her foot in my hands and then bringing it up to my face and smelling it.

“Wow, that is strong,” I said, recoiling slightly.

“I told you…so how long have you been an android?” she asked.

“Over seven years,” I said, airing her foot off a little and then smelling it again. Just to test it out, I twisted her foot off just as Matt did with her hand and a few seconds later, a holographic foot appeared. Meanwhile, Lindsey got a sort of dazed look on her face even as she said, “Wow, that’s a long time,”

I was surprised that even the holographic foot had a smell, but since I was more interested in her real foot, I spent her ‘down time’ examining it in more close detail. After I tasted it and tasted real sweat, I reattached it and then watched her dazed expression vanish.

“So, how are they?” she asked, watching me get back to my feet.

“Very good, I’ve seen nothing but android feet these past few years so it is nice to see the real deal,” I said.

“Now, may I see your feet?” she asked.

“Sure, hold on a second,” I said, and once I twisted off my right foot, I handed it out to her.

“Wow, thanks,” she said, looking a little surprised as she took it from me.

“Don’t worry, I can’t feel it so you can do whatever you want it,” I said, putting more of my weight on my left foot.

“Okay, it doesn’t smell too bad,” she said, bringing it up to her face.

“Well, I don’t usually wear shoes so I was only wearing them for about 90-minutes,” I said, watching her rotate my severed foot around in her pale hands and scrutinize them with her dark blue eyes.

“I see, that would also explain why your foot feels so rough on the bottom,” she said, rubbing it against the palm of her hand.

“Yeah, I like feeling the carpet, wood and grass beneath my feet…and I am lazy,” I said.

“I wouldn’t have guessed,” Lindsey said, playing with the toes and then handing it back to me.

“Yeah, I’m a hard worker but I don’t like wasting small amounts of time,” I said, taking my foot and reattaching it.

“I figure once my shoes are on they stay on until I am done,” Lindsey said.

“Well, here they stay off until you have to leave,” I told her, getting back to my feet and walking over to where her bags were.

“I know, and I actually have tomorrow off so we can get to know each other a bit more,” Lindsey said, walking over to me and picking up her clothes.

“I’d like that,” I smiled, and then we both put her clothes in my closet and the dresser and then got her trinkets and computer settled in my office space.

After we got her stuff settled in, we went back downstairs so I could show her some more of the yard. After I assured her that she did not need her shoes, I took her outside and walked her down to the small beach I had.

“You are lucky to have this place to yourself,” Lindsey said, feeling the texture of the sand under her pale feet.

“Yeah, someone else lives on the other bank, but we keep to ourselves,” I said, pointing out a small cottage-like structure on the far side of the lake.

“Maybe we can meet them someday,” Lindsey said, staring far into the distance.

“Yeah, but the reason we live out here is so we can do our work in seclusion…my lab has numerous layers of sound-proofing just so the sounds of the wilderness can’t distract me, and we are miles from the nearest person,” I told her.

“Well, maybe we could invite your father here sometimes,” she said.

“Of course, he wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t,” I said.

“So, is the water safe to swim in?” she asked.

“Yes, the fish aren’t in to humans or androids…but the water is fed from melting snow so it is usually pretty cold,” I said.

“Well, maybe you could install a spa for us,” she said.

“I’ll see to it, I want you to see this as your home too,” I told her.

“Phillip, why don’t we just cut the pretense…it’s obvious we loved each other at first sight, why don’t we just admit it and consider ourselves a couple,” Lindsey said, shocking me with her forcefulness.

“Alright, I’ve always wanted a girlfriend,” I said.

“I’m glad you didn’t make one before we met,” she smiled, looking at me with the plain face I loved.

“Well, I came close a few times…but in the end they were only patients,” I said.

“I’m sure they were good friends…I can’t imagine you not contacting them after helping them,” Lindsey said, slowly getting closer to me.

“I did…and still do for most of them,” I said.

“Phillip, what do you see when you look at me?” she asked, looking straight into my eyes. I was amazed at how her face could look so sweet even when it seemed to be a tired expression.

“I see a plain, kind-hearted girl who I have fallen in love with,” I said, staring into her eyes.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said.

“You should, I have always liked plain,” I said.

“Good,” she said, and then we slowly got closer and closer until we seemed to click into an embrace that eventually led to our first kiss. I was amazed at how soft her lips were, and at how naturally it seemed to come to both her and me. After what seemed to last an eternity, we broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes.

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” Melissa said, surprising us by walking from the house.

“Actually you did, I thought you would be sleeping a little longer,” I said.

“I got eight hours,” she shrugged.

“I guess I lost track of time,” I said, catching my breath.

“So, who is this?” Melissa asked, looking over at Lindsey.

“Melissa, this is Lindsey Monroe…we met at Starbucks and fell in love at first sight,” I said.

“Hi Melissa, Phillip hasn’t told me much about you but all the things he has said have been good,” Lindsey said, smiling kindly at Melissa and extending her hand.

“Hello Lindsey, I’m glad I was mentioned in a good way,” Melissa said, gently shaking Lindsey’s pale hand.

“Why don’t we head back inside so we can chat over lunch…by the way sis, Lindsey here has moved in with me,” I said, walking them back inside the house.

“Wow, I see humans move pretty fast when it comes to romantic relationships,” Melissa said, looking slightly shocked.

“Not always Melissa, but love at first sight is pretty sudden,” Lindsey said.

“So, what do you all want?” I asked, getting the kitchen ready.

“Something simple,” Lindsey said, and once Melissa agreed I prepared a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and brought them to the table for us to eat.

While we ate, Lindsey told us about the events leading up to her employ at the mall, although I was the only one who knew that they were fabricated memories, and she delved into her childhood.

“You know Lindsey, you are a perfect match for Phillip here, you both even have the same body type,” Melissa said.

“Thanks,” we said in unison.

“So, what do you think of my current body?” Melissa asked.

“Well, I think it looks a bit nerdy,” Lindsey said, not even trying to be polite.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting such brutal honesty,” Melissa said, taken aback.

“Sorry,” Lindsey said.

“It’s alright, the nerdiness was the general idea since I didn’t want anyone getting attracted to me…although Phillip here seems to have different tastes which include me,” Melissa said.

“Yeah, and me,” Lindsey agreed.

“I don’t like excessive beauty…it fuels a need for maintenance which I find undesirable,” I said.

“Well Phillip, I have been thinking that it is about time for me to get a new body…one that can make me look around the mid-20s,” Melissa said.

“Have you got any in mind?” I asked.

“I’m down to less than 20 candidates…I guess Lindsey here can help me choose,” she said.

“I would be glad to, although I do like your current body,” Lindsey said.

“Yeah, but it is still designed to be a teenager…I am more grown up now and it’s time my avatar reflected it,” she said.

“We can discuss that later, now why don’t we sit down and tell you more about ourselves?” I said.

“Actually, I’m feeling a little tired…I’ve been up since four, can I go up and nap for an hour?” Lindsey asked.

“Sure Lindsey, maybe I’ll come join you,” I said.

“Okay, see you later then,” she said, and after giving me a small kiss on the cheek, she slowly headed for the stairs and ascended into our room.

“Well Phillip, I’m so happy for you…but what were you doing over at the mall?” Melissa asked, gently patting my shoulder.

“Dr. Soyer called me over to show me something,” I said.

“Oh, did he finish the first Class 10 android?” Melissa asked.

“Yes he did, and I got to meet it,” I said, trying to sound neutral.

“And, how was it?” Melissa asked.

“Perfect. It fooled me…and it has also fooled you,” I said.

“What are you saying?” Melissa asked, looking confused.

“Lindsey is the Class 10. Here, I’ll show you,” I said, and I pulled Lindsey’s remote from my jacket pocket and pressed the pause button.

“Let’s go,” I said, getting to my feet and walking to the stairs.

“Okay,” Melissa said, getting to her feet and following me.

Despite the fact that I knew Lindsey would be paused, I found myself tiptoeing nevertheless and I could hear Melissa doing the same. When we finally got to the top of the stairs, I gently pushed the door open and peered inside. To my surprise, Lindsey was not yet on the bed but she was standing perfectly still a few feet from it with her arms slightly outstretched as though she was going to pat down the covers.

“Oh my, she really is an android!” Melissa said, slowly walking with me over to where my frozen girlfriend was.

“Yes, she is so perfect even she doesn’t know she is one…she has really only been online for about a week and she was my reward from the queen for introducing the Class 10 matrix,” I said, putting the remote in my pocket and admiring Lindsey’s frozen face.

“Well, she did fool me,” Melissa said, gently touching Lindsey’s frozen arm.

“Me too, but her love is real and so is mine…I don’t really consider her a prize, I consider her real since she is actually based on a real girl,” I said, and after briefly explaining her story I sat down on my bed to hear what Melissa thought.

“Well, it seems like they used your discovery to further your father’s work…still, aren’t you concerned about keeping such a big secret?” Melissa asked, looking into Lindsey’s face.

“Sort of, but I do realize that she wouldn’t be able to function the way she was intended if she knew and the second she found out, she would forget about it anyway,” I said.

“I see. Do you mind if I touch her?” Melissa asked.

“No, just try not to move her too much…I’m not sure if her programming can adapt to her body moving when she is paused,” I said.

“Alright,” Melissa said, and she turned to Lindsey and gently touched her face, her arms, and her chest and then she examined Lindsey’s pale hands and wrists.

“Wow, she is very pale…I like how it makes her palms and wrists look pink,” Melissa said, gently manipulating Lindsey’s outstretched hands.

“Yeah, they are soft too,” I said, remembering our handshake.

“So, have you examined her in great detail…if you know what I mean?” Melissa asked, putting Lindsey back the way she was and looking at me.

“I’ve seen most of her panels, but I have not seen her nude and won’t until she lets me,” I said.

“Very sweet, now let’s let her take her nap,” Melissa said, and once we were back downstairs, I un-paused her and listened as her footsteps resumed towards my bed. After I heard the sound of my bed, I sat down with Melissa on the couch and talked about Lindsey for a few minutes before I decided to go up and nap with her. When I got up there, I saw her laying peacefully on the covers of my bed. When I got on next to her and laid down, she sighed contentedly and then I felt her soft hand shift until it was touching my arm.

I don’t know how I dozed off, but I had never before that day fallen asleep in the middle of the day. Despite my android nature, insomnia ran through my family and it was incorporated into my being…yet, lying next to Lindsey seemed to make me forget about my nature and I seemed as real as she did.

The next thing I remembered was being shaken lightly by soft hands. After I felt another shake, I slowly opened my eyes and saw the beautiful face of Lindsey looking down at me.

“Are you awake now?” she asked in her calming voice.

“Yes…I’ve never taken a nap before, I guess you just cured me of my insomnia,” I said.

“Really?” she asked, letting me sit up.

“Yes, I don’t usually nap during the day…you make me feel comfortable though so I dozed off,” I said.

“Well, I woke up almost ten minutes ago…we’ve been napping for about 90-minutes,” she said, looking at the clock.

“Well, what do you want to do now?” I asked.

“I want to kiss you,” she said, and then she moved in and kissed me on my lips.

“Wow, that felt good,” I said, returning the kiss.

“I know, now let’s go pick out a new body for your sister,” Lindsey said, and she quickly got to her feet and dragged me down the stairs to where Melissa was reading a book.

Once Lindsey and I helped Melissa narrow her choices down to five, Melissa decided to make the final choice herself and she immediately headed for our lab to start working on her new body.

“Does she not trust you?” Lindsey asked, once Melissa was gone.

“No, I think she wants to surprise us…she’ll be finished building her new body by tomorrow morning, so we can see what it looks like then,” I said.

“Good, now what do you do for fun around here?” Lindsey asked, looking around the comfortable living room.

“We usually have our work, but we do watch some classic TV shows from the late 20th century/early 21st century that have been passed down through my family,” I said, bringing out the monitor.

“Maybe later, why don’t we play a game?” Lindsey said.

“Alright,” I told her, and once we picked a game from the cabinet we sat down at the kitchen table and played.

Melissa did not come in for dinner, so I cooked Lindsey and myself a simple dinner and then we spent the rest of the evening watching a few classic shows before we headed up to bed.

Because we were still a little uncomfortable being a couple, we dressed in separate rooms. Lindsey was sleeping in a simple nightgown while I was sleeping in my boxers and a shirt. When we crawled into my bed, I laid down on my back while she started rolling over on her side.

“Do you move around a lot when you sleep?” I asked, not knowing what type of sleep program controlled her.

“A little, what about you…how do androids sleep?” she asked.

“Well, I usually just sleep on my back and then wake up around 8-hours later…I don’t feel the need to get warm or anything,” I said.

“Well, you won’t mind if I end up snuggling with you will you?” she asked.

“No, I might try and modify my sleep routine so I will snuggle too,” I said, opening my sleep program and modifying the parameters.

“Okay, good night,” she said, gently kissing my cheek and then closing her eyes.

“Good night,” I said, and then I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, my internal clock told me I had been asleep for almost nine hours. However, since we went to bed early it was only 9:30. Lindsey was still asleep, but she was buried into my chest…and I had apparently rolled over onto my left side to put my arms around her.

I could see her side slowly rising up and down in sync with the steady rhythm of her breathing. I could also feel her legs pressing up against mine…her feet were a little cold.

As I silently watched her sleep, she slowly began to stir as though she knew I was awake. After several seconds, she freed herself from my arms and then smiled at me.

“Good morning,” I said, smiling back at her.

“Good morning, I see we got close last night,” she said, moving some of her hair from her eyes and looking at me.

“Yeah, did I wake you?” I asked.

“I guess…your rhythm changed so I didn’t feel comfortable anymore,” she said.

“So, did you want to take a shower before heading down to check on Melissa?” I asked.

“Sure, I hope I didn’t stink up your bed too much with my unwashed body,” she said, pulling the covers off and getting to her feet.

“Not at all…well, maybe a little but I don’t mind,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a little bit,” she said, laughing a little before getting a fresh set of clothes and heading into my bathroom. Once I heard the shower turn on, I got out of bed and looked out the window.

“Beautiful day,” I said, looking at the clear skies reflecting off the clear water of the lake. As I turned from the window, I saw something on a table, which I recognized as the laptop Matt had given me.

“Let’s see what your particulars are Lindsey,” I said, sitting down and turning it on.

Once it was on, I saw a splash screen displaying her model number and various other information superimposed over an image of her and then a menu popped up with various bits of info.

From the details I could see, I could use this to run diagnostics on her while she was active and she wouldn’t be able to tell because of her advanced processing systems. In addition, I could check her power systems and see when she would need to be plugged in.

After about 15-minutes, I heard the shower turn off and then a few minutes later Lindsey walked out in fresh clothes, but with the same hairstyle as before.

“That feels better,” she said, depositing her dirty clothes in the hamper and walking over to me.

“Yeah, now are you going to take a shower?” Lindsey asked.

“Maybe in a little bit, I think I heard the lab seal,” I said, straining my ears.

“You must have good ears,” Lindsey said.

“Yes, another genetic trait inherited and imposed on my android body,” I said.

“Wait…now isn’t that the back door?” Lindsey said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Phillip….Lindsey…if you are awake, you should come down here,” A female voice said.

“Let’s go,” I said, and Lindsey and I slowly descended the stairs and walked into the living room where Melissa stood in her new avatar.

“Wow, you look…hot,” I said, looking at her supermodel body, which she now inhabited. Her new body was roughly 5’4. It had neck-length red hair, brown eyes and a large chest.

“Thanks, I chose a model to be my avatar,” she said, smiling at me.

“Do you also have a slight accent?” Lindsey asked.

“Yes, this woman was British,” she admitted.

“You made a great pick,” I said, walking closer to her with Lindsey.

“I know, now would you mind if I showed my body off?” she asked.

“Sure, I think we are all mature adults here,” I said, looking at Lindsey.

“Yes,” she agreed.

“Okay, why don’t you sit down while I start undressing,” Melissa said.

“Alright sis,” I said, and then Lindsey and I plopped onto the couch while Melissa slowly began removing her clothes.

First, she unlaced her shoes and removed her socks. Her feet were very smooth, with no difference in skin tone meaning there was no tan. Her toes were also perfect, with the nails extending only slightly past the skin.

“I know, I have nice feet,” she smiled, and then she stood up and removed her tight black shirt, revealing a tightly packed brown bra with a light blue lacy trim.

When she removed the white shorts she was wearing, I could see the matching panties.

“How do I look so far?” she asked, pausing.

“Perfect,” I said, and when Lindsey nodded as well, Melissa smiled and then continued to remove her bra and panties until she was completely nude; this time, there was a small vertical patch of pubic hair above her vagina.

“Well sis, you now look grown up and more importantly, you don’t look nerdy,” I said, getting up and walking over to her.

“Thanks, did you want to feel my body?” she asked.

“Sure, and how about you Lindsey?” I asked, turning to look at Lindsey.

“Alright,” she said, and then she got up and joined me with Melissa.

“Wow sis, you really chose a good body,” I said, gently feeling her breasts, her arms and her tummy.

“It’s also much easier to control,” she said.

“What is your skin made of?” Lindsey asked, gently feeling Melissa’s back.

“It is called Synthskin. It is a combination of organic material and silicone, so it can be molded into any shape and so it can be fitted with a nervous system so androids can feel,” Melissa explained.

“I see, it certainly feels real,” Lindsey said, returning to the couch and sitting back down.

“Would you like to feel my feet?” she asked, seeing me step back.

“Sure sis,” I said, and while she sat down on one of the chairs and rested her feet on the leg rest, I kneeled down and gently felt her feet.

After I satisfied my need to feel her feet, I sat back down next to Lindsey while Melissa redressed.

“So, where is your old avatar?” I asked.

“In storage, I may still want to use it sometimes…and I may refit it so you can as well,” she said, sitting down.

“You sure worked fast, I didn’t think you would be finished so fast,” I said.

“Well, I already had the head built, I just needed to add features…plus, I also had help,” she said.

“Help from who?” I asked.

“Well, I was hoping you would ask since it is also a surprise I made for you,” Melissa said, and then she got a small remote from her pocket and pressed one of the buttons. A few moments later, the back door opened and a girl walked in. Once she got to where Melissa was, she stopped.

The girl looked to be in her early twenties. She had a rather serious expression on her face, but looked as though she could easily smile. Her long dark brown hair was tightly tied in the back into a ponytail, and her skin overall was very pale. The clothes she was wearing consisted of a white sleeveless shirt, which looked rather tight due to her large breasts. The only other clothes she was wearing were the black Capris and white tennis shoes with white socks.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“Hold on, I need to reactivate her A.I.,” Melissa said, and after pressing another button the girl became more lively.

“A.I. resumed…Hello Melissa, where am I?” she asked, speaking in a brisk voice.

“You are in our house, I brought you here to introduce you to my brother,” Melissa said.

“Oh, hello,” she said, noticing Lindsey and I for the first time.

“Hello, my name is Phillip,” I said, getting up and holding out my right hand.

“Hello, my name is Kristin,” she said, grabbing my hand with hers and shaking it. Her hand was also pale, yet it felt rather leathery.

Once she was introduced to Lindsey, we all sat back down.

“So Kristin, how long have you been active?” I asked.

“I was brought online two days ago, but I was refurbished by Melissa,” she said.

“Yes, I found her in a junk heap and I have been working on her in my free time,” Melissa said.

“Do you remember what you used to be?” I asked.

“I was built to be a tutor at a major university. One day I was damaged, but instead of repairing me they upgraded to a newer model,” she said.

“Well, I’m glad my sister refurbished you…what are you programmed for now?” I asked.

“I am programmed with subroutines to help me assist with android maintenance, I still retain my tutoring subroutines, I have programming to help me clean and interact and I also am programmed to serve as your avatar,” she finished.

“You are?” I said.

“Yes Phillip,” she said.

“Aren’t you a Class 8 android?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Don’t worry bro, I refurbished her with Class 9 components so she can support your brain,” Melissa said.

“I see…and if you don’t mind me asking, why would a tutor need such large breasts?” I asked.

“My breasts are large to help shield my A.I. center,” Kristin said.

“Your A.I. is in your torso?” I asked.

“Yes, my head now has extra space for your brain to be inserted,” she said.

“Watch this Phillip,” Melissa said, and she got up behind Kristin and twisted her head off. The second the head was removed, it stopped moving and a camera popped up out of her neck.

“Wow, she can still see us right?” I asked, getting up to look.

“Yes, and I can still talk too,” Kristin said, her voice emitting from some sort of speaker within her chest.

“Cool, is there some sort of panel I can use to access her brain?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ll open it,” Kristin said, and then a small rectangular panel slid open above her breasts. Inside was her A.I. interface, as well as the speaker her voice was coming from.

“Can I see?” Lindsey said, getting up.

“Yes,” I said, and I moved out of the way so Lindsey could get a look.

“So, your brain isn’t in your head?” Lindsey asked, gently feeling the edges of the panel.

“That is correct…my head has processors for a Class 9 brain, as well as the control mechanisms for the head systems,” Kristin said.

“Here you go Phillip,” Melissa said, gently handing me Kristin’s head.

“Thanks sis,” I said, taking it from her and sitting down with it. It was creepy looking at the cold, lifeless eyes staring at me, but I was fascinated by this new android. After I played around with the face, I turned it around and opened the control panel. After I navigated through the Class 8 interface, I accessed the skull release and opened her head. After I put the skull down, I looked inside and saw an array of Class 9 components, as well as an ingenious hybridization of the facial motors.

“I know, I did a good job,” Melissa said, watching me examine Kristin’s head; Lindsey was still talking to Kristin.

“So, I assume you want me to put my brain in her now,” I said.

“Yes,” Melissa said.

“So, does that mean that you will be controlling Kristin?” Lindsey asked, turning to look at me.

“Yes Lindsey, my brain will be in her head and I will be her,” I said.

“That sounds a little weird…are you going to do it now?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, getting to my feet and walking over to Kristin. After I reattached her head, minus the skull cover, I stepped back and watched as it came back to life.

“So Phillip, I am able to remove your brain and insert it in my own head…after several seconds, my body will relinquish control to your brain and you will have control of my body,” Kristin said.

“Okay, will you still be aware of anything?” I asked.

“Yes, you will be able to access my memory systems and I will be able to speak from this speaker still,” she said.

“Okay, let’s get started…but I will need to shut myself down first,” I said, sitting down and opening my shut down sequence.

“How are you going to do that?” Lindsey asked, sitting down next to me.

“I can access my power systems…but maybe I will let you do it, put your finger in my left ear and press until it clicks,” I said, closing my shutdown sequence.

“Okay, I guess I will see you soon,” Lindsey said, putting her soft finger in my ear.

“Yes,” I said, and then I felt her press in and my systems shut down.

“Wow, I can’t believe I just shut him off,” I thought, pulling my fingers out of Phillip’s ear and watching his body relax.

“Don’t worry Lindsey, he will be controlling Kristin soon,” Melissa said.

“I know, it must seem normal for you, but it seems weird to me,” I said, watching as Melissa opened Phillip’s skull and then removed his brain.

“May I see it?” I asked, wanting to see what my boyfriend’s brain looked like.

“Sure, be careful,” Melissa said, gently handing it to me.

“Thanks, I will,” I said, and I gently took the brain and examined it. To me, it looked like a fist shaped computer component, but I knew that this was what Phillip was.

“Is he aware of what is going on?” I asked, looking closer.

“In a way, he is in a sort of digital waiting room…did you want to insert him yourself?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” I said, and I got to my feet and walked over to where Kristin was waiting.

“Just insert it and attach then reattach my skull,” Kristin said, watching me.

“Okay,” I said, and I gently plugged Phillip’s brain into the slot in her head and then I clicked her skull back on.

“Thank you, I am now activating Phillip’s A.I.,” Kristin said, and then she closed her eyes and stopped moving before…

After what seemed like a few minutes, I finally felt myself sucked out of the room and then I opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was Lindsey standing a few feet away with a curious look on her face. I also saw Melissa standing a few feet further away next to my deactivated body.

“Wow, this body feels great!” I said, hearing Kristin’s voice instead of my own.

“I’m glad you like it, I am still active and can reply if you need me,” I heard her voice say, coming from the speaker in my chest.

“Thanks, I’m closing the panel now,” I said.

“Okay, have fun,” she said, and then I closed the panel.

“Well brother, I think I will leave you two alone now…just so you know, Kristin can regain control when you are ready to leave her body and put your brain back,” Melissa said, and after putting the skull cover back on my body, she got up and left.

“So Phillip, how does it feel to be a girl?” Lindsey asked, smiling playfully.

“Different…I have been in female androids before, but never a Class 8,” I said, looking at my pale hands and feeling my face; I once again noticed how leathery the hands were.

“What is the difference between the Classes?” Lindsey asked.

“Well, Class’ 1-4 barely look human. They have semi-realistic skin, but they had clear separation marks where their limbs and panels opened. They also had programmable intelligence,” I said, sitting down on one of the chairs opposite Lindsey.

“And the others?” she asked.

“Class’ 5-7 fixed some of the problems…they still had programmable intelligence, but their skin was much more realistic. Class 8 had semi-programmable intelligence, and very realistic skin. The only thing I notice is that this body doesn’t seem to have any sweat glands, so the skin feels somewhat leathery,” I said.

“Yeah,” Lindsey agreed.

“The Class 9 was developed 30 years ago just before the war. They have near-perfect skin and near-perfect A.I. They can be programmed with base programming and then develop naturally from there. The various sub-classes include the child replacements such as me,” I said.

“Are there any other classes?” Lindsey asked.

“There is the Class 10…recently developed. This class is the ultimate achievement. All androids under this class are totally indistinguishable from a human, and even they are programmed to believe they are human, thus creating true artificial intelligence,” I said.

“How many are there?” she asked.

“One,” I said.

“Oh, I see,” she said.

“So, did you peek at my body while I was ‘out’” I asked.

“No!...did you want me to?” she said.

“Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind…it isn’t something you won’t be seeing soon anyways,” I said.

“Maybe in a little bit, what about your current body?” she said.

“Yeah, I think I’ll just suffice with the shoes and socks,” I said, and I quickly unlaced my shoes and slipped off the cotton socks. My feet were pale, not to any surprise, and they were perfectly dry. After I wiggled my toes, I put them back on the floor and felt it with my new feet.

“So, if you want to see me naked, all you need to do is ask,” Lindsey said.

“Later, for now let’s just converse…it is interesting hearing this voice,” I said, and for the next couple of hours we chatted.

After I returned to my body, Kristin put her skull cover back on and then walked into Melissa’s room.

“So, are you going to take me up on my offer?” Lindsey said.

“Sure, but why don’t we go somewhere more private…my lab?” I said, seeing this as an opportunity to see more of her systems.

“Okay,” she smiled, and then we both slowly walked outside and into my lab.

“Okay, I locked the door and Melissa won’t be coming in here,” I said, securing the door mechanisms.

“Good, so this is where you do all your work?” Lindsey said, walking towards my work area and the twin tables.

“Yes, Melissa helps me by using her small size to climb inside and fix the androids from within, while I fix the exterior and software problems. That way we save time that would have been spent dismantling the android,” I said.

“I see, have you ever had to be fixed here?” she asked.

“A few times, but nothing more serious than a malfunctioning servo control,” I said.

“So, is there any way I can see you on one of these tables?” she asked.

“Sure, I will undress and allow you to open me up,” I said, and I calmly disrobed and then laid down on the table.

“Wow, you look very real,” Lindsey said, looking my body over.

“I know, you can feel if you like…I may not have showered, but it’s not like the sweat is harmful,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said, and then I felt her soft hands feeling my body.

After she finished feeling my body, she withdrew her hands and then said, “You feel real…may I see some of your panels?”

“Sure, go ahead and press my bellybutton twice,” I said, and then she did so and watched as my stomach panel opened.

“Wow,” she said, peering into my open panel.

After Lindsey got a look inside all my panels, I closed myself up and then I got off the table.

“So, your turn now?” I said.

“Okay, I don’t think I look too impressive though,” she said, pulling her shirt over her head and then pulling her pants down. Once she had them folded on the table, she pulled down her panties and then removed her bra.

“You’re like a ghost,” I said, looking at her pale body. The amount of realism was remarkable.

“I know, I don’t get out much,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I like you this way,” I said, walking up and feeling her.

“Good, yours is the only opinion I care about,” she smiled.

“So, did you want me to give you a medical check-up?” I asked.

“Are you qualified?” she asked.

“Yes, Dr. Soyer programmed me with human medical data, and he gave me authorization to act as your caregiver,” I said.

“Alright, what do you need me to do?” she asked.

“Just lie on the table and stay calm,” I said, and once she laid on the table, I fired up my equipment.

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

“No, in fact you won’t feel a thing,” I said, and I hooked a standard cable to the computer and brought the other end to Lindsey.

“Good, I…Interfacing with diagnostic terminal…interface complete…have never felt too comfortable being examined,” she said, seamlessly transitioning from normal voice, to computerized and back to normal.

“Well, I would never make you feel uncomfortable,” I assured her.

“Good,” she said.

“Now, let’s see what kind of sleeper protocols you have,” I said to myself as I sat down at the computer. After entering the proper access codes, I perused through the thousands of protocols that kept Lindsey oblivious to her artificial nature.

“Wow, Matt is a genius…although most of these were my idea,” I said.

“What was that?” Lindsey asked.

“Nothing, just relax while I scan you,” I said.

After I finished examining her protocols, I decided to modify a few so that she could still be conversational while she was opened up. She would be unable to move if some of her panels were open or removed, but she would still be able to carry on a realistic conversation. Because of various other protocols, Lindsey did not need to reboot after I saved the changes I was making. I also changed it so she could still be active if her head was removed, but if she was online for too long like that, she could suffer a malfunction…nothing a processor upgrade couldn’t fix.

“Well Lindsey, I am going to start examining you so I don’t want you to move,” I said, switching the display to her schematics diagram and checking where her torso release was.

“Okay,” she said, and she watched me with her innocent eyes as I looked over her naked form lying on the table. After I felt what I was looking for, I pressed in on her fifth rib on both the left and right side.

“Torso panel manual release,” she said, and then a seam appeared from just below her neck, running around her breasts and all the way down to her waist, ending just above her pubic hair. After the panel was released, I carefully wedged my fingers in the sides and lifted it up. After I put her entire front section down on the other table, I looked in her now open torso cavity and marveled at her inner mechanics, now humming away.

“How do you feel Lindsey?” I asked, wondering how she would interpret this.

“I feel fine Phillip,” she said. While she said this, I could see the twin balloons in her chest move as they expanded and contracted with the air she was breathing. I could also see her ‘heart’ pumping away near her left breast pump.

“Good,” I said, and then I carefully lifted up her rib cage and set it aside next to her panel. Underneath her rib cage, I could see her stomach, her power systems and the pumps that made her breasts work. Also, I could see various sub-processor assemblies attached to various motor sub-systems. Dotted all over her internal sub-structure were LED lights, which were blinking in a steady and random sequence.

“Now Lindsey, I am going to be testing some of your reflexes, so don’t be alarmed if you feel a little strange,” I said, grabbing a tool so I could test the systems I now had access to.

“Alright,” she said.

“Okay, here goes,” I said, and I tweaked the motor sub-system for her arms. As soon as I tweaked them, her arms twitched momentarily and I could see the motors leading to her arms activate.

“Wow, that felt strange,” she said.

“I know, now this time you may feel a little woozy momentarily,” I warned, moving down to her power system.

“Okay,” she said, and then I pressed the test button on her power system, which shut down all power for about five-seconds. During this time, her secondary power systems were still active, so she did not completely power down.

“Wow, suddenly I feel tired,” she said, her eyes starting to glaze over.

“It should be passing soon,” I said, and after five-seconds, her power system came back online.

“You’re right,” she said.

“Okay, so far you are in good health…just relax while I check up on a few more things,” I said, looking into her eyes.

“Okay Phillip,” she said, and then I walked back over to the computer and looked at her schematics again. The main differences between her and me were that her systems were made to be easier to access. In addition to the torso panel, her face could also be removed to better facilitate the maintenance of her complex facial systems. After I memorized the rest of her schematics, I walked back over to her and leaned in towards her head.

“What are you doing now?” she asked.

“I am going to do something to your head, so try not to move okay?” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she put on a stoic expression.

“Alright,” I said, and then I pressed in on both her temples and felt a click, followed by a hiss of air as seams appeared around Lindsey’s face. After the face rose up a few centimeters, I grabbed hold of it and gently lifted it above her head, revealing her inner facial mechanisms.

“Wow,” I thought to myself as I stared at Lindsey’s robotic face. Although I knew what androids looked like without a face, it was rare that this happened while they were online and this kind of removal system hadn’t been around since the Class 6 model. Her eyes looked completely real, although without the protection of her eyelids they looked like two white orbs with dark blue circles staring straight ahead. Her nose was a small bump with two connectors, her teeth were completely exposed and it now looked like she had a fixed smile without her lips covering her teeth. The areas where her cheeks and brow moved had an intricate series of servos, which connected with the facemask.

“Phillip, are you done?” she asked, her voice emitting from a speaker just above her teeth.

“Yes, how do you feel?” I asked.

“I feel fine Phillip,” she replied, moving a few servos.

“Good,” I said, sitting down and examining the realistic facemask I was now holding. Since the eyes were still in Lindsey’s head, the facemask actually looked like a mask. The skin was still real to the touch and it reacted to my touch by changing pigmentation. When I felt the forehead, I could feel a little perspiration and the nose still had a little snot in it.

After I had my look at her face, I carefully positioned it back over her head and clicked it back into place. Once it was sealed, Lindsey took a breath and then smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, I am almost done,” I said, smiling back at her.

“I know,” she said.

“Now, I am going to need to sedate you for a few minutes, but I will bring you out of it soon,” I said, getting ready to power her down.

“Okay Phillip,” she said.

Just as I activated her shut down sequence, she said, “I love youuuuuu” in a winding down voice.

“I love you too,” I said, giving her a kiss before walking back over to the computer.

While Dr. Soyer was the one who ultimately constructed Lindsey, I was still the one who developed the matrix and the specifications for the hardware needed. In the time it took for Matt to construct her, I had already refined my original specifications and developed more efficient processors, sub-circuits and power regulators. While I got all the new components ready, I looked inside Lindsey’s open cavity at the now inactive components.

“Don’t worry Lindsey, you’ll be in one piece again real soon,” I said, disconnecting a few circuits in her cavity and replacing them with the new ones I developed. After those were installed, I twisted her head off and then brought it with me to the workbench. After I got her propped onto a pedestal, I opened her skull cover and then delicately removed her brain to avoid damaging it. Once her brain was safely stored, I removed her main processor assembly and began replacing them with the more efficient ones I had developed. With the new components installed, I replaced the assembly and then placed her brain back inside.

“Okay, let’s see if this works,” I said, bringing her head back to her neck and reattaching it. Once the head was back on, I left the torso panel off just in case she malfunctioned and I had to power her down quickly. Once I was ready, I pressed her power button and watched as her systems came back online.

“Cybercorp unit 10xx-0 initializing…new hardware detected….running diagnostics….diagnostics complete, all systems operational and reporting 125% efficiency…booting A.I….A.I. booted…standby,” she said in a monotone before slowly opening her eyes as though she was waking up from a deep sleep.

“Phillip, I feel different,” she said, smiling at me.

“In what way?” I asked.

“I don’t exactly know…I just feel more in control of my body,” she said.

“Good, I found an injury in the back of your head and used my tools to repair it,” I said.

“Oh, I didn’t even realize I had an injury,” she said.

“I know, it was very small,” I said.

“Well, I’m glad you found it…when can I get up?” she asked.

“Just wait a second,” I said, and then I reattached her rib cover and then placed her torso back on with a click. The second it was sealed, I saw her chest rise up and down with her simulated breath and I saw the pigmentation return to normal.

“Now you can get up,” I said, disconnecting the cable from her head.

“Thank you,” she said, slowly sitting up and then dropping to her pale feet.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“So, how big is this lab?” Lindsey asked, slowly getting her clothes back on.

“Pretty big, this room is the biggest,” I told her, getting my clothes back on.

“I see, so aside from Melissa and you, you don’t have any other people here?” she asked.

“Nope, just us…and the new holographic assistant I’ve been working on,” I said.

“Really, I’d like to meet her,” she said.

“Alright, I think she’s ready to be activated,” I said, and I keyed a few commands on a nearby wall panel and then watched as a hologram materialized a few feet in front of us.

The holographic representation was that of a woman in her late twenties/early thirties with shoulder-length blonde hair partially held back by her ears, which had gold earrings on them. She was wearing an entirely purple outfit and she had a rather innocent looking face.

“Why isn’t she moving?” Lindsey whispered to me.

“Because I haven’t activated the new matrix yet…and you don’t need to whisper,” I said.

“Sorry,” Lindsey said.

“Anyway, this image is that of a holographic assistant from one of the TV shows my ancestor watched at the beginning of the 21st century…her name is Haley,” I said.

“Nice, you get all your inspiration from them?” she asked.

“Most of it,” I agreed.

“So, why don’t you finish so we can talk to her?” Lindsey asked.

“Okay,” and I quickly transferred the modified matrix into the active holographic avatar.

“Hello, my name is Haley,” she said, opening her blue eyes and coming to life.

“Hello Haley, do know me?” I asked, getting up and walking over to her.

“Yes Phillip,” she said, looking at her hands and feeling herself.

“Good, I gave you a more mature appearance and lifelike personality so that you can interact with people now,” I said.

“I see, thank you,” she said, giving me a kiss.

“You might also notice that I gave you an aroma…you give off a faint floral aroma,” I said.

“I see, what do you need me to do?” she asked.

“Could you meet Lindsey and me in our bedroom?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll see you there,” Haley said, and then she shimmered away.

“What do you want her in our bedroom for?” Lindsey asked, following me out of the lab.

“I want to get back into the house,” I said.

“Oh,” she said.

Once we got into our bedroom, we saw Haley waiting for us near the bed.

“What do you need me for?” Haley asked.

“Hold on Haley,” I said, pulling out Lindsey’s remote. After I toggled through the functions, I activated Lindsey’s sub-conscious and placed a suggestion that she should take a nap.

“Wow Phillip, suddenly I feel pretty tired…would you mind if I took a quick nap?” Lindsey said, yawning.

“Go ahead, Haley and I will be quiet,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said, and with a smile, she gave me a kiss and then laid down on the bed. Within a few seconds, she was asleep.

“What did you do that for?” Haley asked, looking at Lindsey and then at the remote in my hands.

“I want you to place my brain in her body, and with her asleep she won’t wonder why any time has passed,” I explained.

“Oh,” Haley said.

“Now, I am going to deactivate her and then myself, all you need to do is to remove our brains and place mine in her body…hers won’t work in any other body except her own, so just place it in my head for safekeeping,” I said.

“Okay,” Haley said, and after I deactivated Lindsey, I laid down on the bed next to her and then deactivated myself as I saw Haley approach.

A few seconds later, so it seemed, I felt myself emerge from the digital waiting room into the standby period that marked my A.I. integrating with a new unit with new hardware. After my brain was successfully integrated, I blacked out and then I came back into consciousness. After I got used to the sensations of the new body, I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I was now looking from a slightly different perspective of course, but I could see Haley standing a few feet away looking at me.

“How do you feel?” she asked, looking a little concerned.

“Fine…I think,” I said, hearing Lindsey’s soft voice instead of my own deep voice.

“Good, did you need any help?” Haley asked.

“No, I’m just getting used to the Class 10 interface,” I said. After lying still for a few more seconds, I finally moved my hands to prop myself up and then I slowly sat up and looked around. After looking at my pale hands and feeling my face, I looked to my left where my body was laying peacefully.

“It still takes a bit of getting used to,” I said, gently feeling its face with my pale hands. I liked how my fingernails were trimmed down to the skin and how nice they accented the pale skin color.

“Do you mean being a girl?” Haley asked.

“That and seeing my body from a different pair of eyes,” I said.

“Oh, are you going to get up now?” Haley asked.

“Yes,” I said, and then I slowly brought my pale feet to the floor and stood up.

“Did you still need me?” Haley asked.

“No, why don’t you go and clean the kitchen,” I said.

“Alright,” she said, and then she shimmered away.

“Wow, this body feels really nice,” I said, walking around and feeling the floor beneath my new feet. After I got used to how the carpet felt beneath Lindsey’s nice feet, I slowly walked into the bathroom and stared at my new reflection.

“Wow, I look really nice,” I said, seeing Lindsey staring at me from the mirror and hearing her voice.

After I finished looking at my new reflection, I walked back out into the bedroom and looked at the bed my body was laying on. Walking back over to it, I noticed for the first time that my body was still holding Lindsey’s remote in its hands so I gently pried the fingers open and grabbed the remote.

“I wonder if this could still work with me,” I said, turning it back on and toggling to the main menu.

Unlike before when I saw the options, this time only the options I could see were for the body itself, since Lindsey was not online.

“Well, I better leave it with my body so I don’t forget,” I said, placing it back in the hands and closing the fingers up. Before I left, I gave my body a kiss, then slowly left the room and headed down the stairs.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw that Melissa’s door was closed, but I could hear her inside talking with Kristin, and, Haley was in the kitchen quietly cleaning up.

“Don’t mind me Haley, I’m just walking around,” I said, seeing that she was about to say something.

“Okay,” she said, and she got back to work as I walked to the window and looked outside.

“It’s a beautiful day,” I whispered to myself before opening the glass door and walking outside. The world seemed to look a bit different through Lindsey’s eyes and as I walked to the waterfront, I could hear things differently too. After I felt the water with her pale feet, I walked back to the house, dried off my feet and then stepped back in.

“Let’s see what Melissa is up to,” I said to myself, and I walked straight to her bedroom door and knocked.

“Come in,” I heard her say, and then I slowly opened the door and let myself in.

“Oh hey Lindsey, what brings you here?” Melissa said, stepping away from Kristin’s now deactivated body.

“It’s me sis, I had our new hologram put me in Lindsey’s body,” I told her.

“Oh, how does it feel?” she asked.

“Great…more real,” I said, walking over and sitting on her bed.

“So, there is one more thing Kristin and I made for you that I forgot to mention,” Melissa said, sitting down next to me.

“What?” I asked.

“This,” she said, and from her pocket she pulled out a small box.

“What is it?” I asked, reaching out and grabbing it.

“Open it,” Melissa said.

“Okay,” and then I pried it open with Lindsey’s pale fingers and gasped when I saw what was inside.

Inside the box was a male Rigilian.

“I had to build it with my own hands, not using my avatar,” she said.

“How am I supposed to inhabit it?” I asked, since it was so small.

“I can attach a transceiver to one of the empty ports on your brain and then you can transfer yourself to this avatar anytime you want,” Melissa explained.

“Cool, can you do that while I am online?” I asked.

“No, I could do it while I help you back into your body though,” she said.

“Okay, I’ve already been in Lindsey’s body for nearly twenty minutes which is long enough for the nap she thinks she is taking,” I said, getting back to my feet.

“Okay, lead the way,” Melissa said, and then we both headed back up to my room.

While I was offline, Melissa carefully installed the transceiver in one of the ports on my brain. As soon as I was brought back online, I processed the new device and then verified that it was functional.

“Good, now if you’ll wake Lindsey up then we can show her as well,” Melissa said.

“Okay, you did put her brain back right?” I asked, turning on her remote.

“Yes,” Melissa said.

“Good,” I said, and then I got up off the bed and then I reactivated her. After a few seconds, her silent boot finished and she looked as she did before.

“Lindsey, wake up I want to show you something,” I said.

“Hmmm, what is it Phillip?” she asked, coming out of her doze.

“Melissa made me something that we wanted to show you,” I said.

“Okay, where is it?” she asked, getting up from the bed.

“Downstairs…I had Kristin get it back from the lab,” Melissa said.

“Okay, let’s go then,” Lindsey said, and we all went downstairs.

“Isn’t that just your old body?” Lindsey asked, seeing Kristin with Melissa’s previous body.

“Yes, but this is what I wanted to show you,” I said, showing her the box with the male Rigilian android inside.

“Oh, what is it?” she asked, leaning in to get a closer look.

“A robotic Rigilian for Phillip here to use,” Melissa said.

“That’s how small you are?” Lindsey asked, looking from the small figure in the box to Melissa.

“Yes,” Melissa replied, “Haven’t you ever seen a Rigilian before?”

“No, I’ve heard of them of course, but I have never actually seen one,” she admitted.

“Did you want to see me?” Melissa asked.

“Sure, I can’t believe I never asked you before,” Lindsey said, and then she watched as Melissa’s face opened outwards.

“Wow, you are small,” Lindsey said, walking over and looking in the open head of Melissa’s avatar.

“Yes, I built that avatar for Phillip so he can feel what it is like to use one of my avatars…and what it is like to be small,” Melissa said, closing her face back up.

“I see,” Lindsey said.

“So, did you model this avatar off of me at all?” I asked, not able to see any similarities due to the vast size differential.

“Yes, it will have your voice and it is kind of modeled after you,” Melissa said.

“Good,” I said.

“Now, it will activate when the link is established, so you can feel free to start at any time,” Melissa said.

“Okay, I’ll just sit down first,” I said, and once I was seated in one of the chairs, I activated the transceiver and then felt myself black out before…

I felt myself encased in some sort of foam…when I opened my eyes I saw Lindsey’s eyes staring at me.

“Whoa, you look big!” I said, pulling myself out of the foam casing and standing up.

“You’re so small,” Lindsey said, smiling down at me.

“Why don’t you bring him over to my old body Lindsey?” I heard Melissa say.

“Okay,” Lindsey said, and then she slowly walked a short distance to where Melissa’s teenage body was standing with its face open.

“Now, he’ll need your help getting inside, so let him climb onto one of your hands and then give the box to me,” Melissa said.

“Alright,” Lindsey said, and she opened her left hand and allowed me to climb onto it while she handed Melissa the box.

“Wow Lindsey, your hand feels nice under my feet,” I said, feeling her warm palm with my feet.

“Hey, that kind of tickles,” she smiled.

“Alright, let me into the body now,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she brought her hand up to the avatar’s face and let me hop inside.

Once I was inside, I slowly connected myself to the numerous wires and connections and familiarized myself with the controls, which I would be using to move this now ‘giant’ body. After I had everything attached, I made the face close up and then I activated the final neural connections, which would allow me to see and feel everything the body did. When the connection was made, I closed my eyes and when I reopened them I could see everything the body saw, which at that moment was Lindsey.

“Phillip, can you see me?” she asked.

“Yes, I can hear you Lindsey,” I said, hearing both my real voice and the voice of the avatar.

“Wow, how does it feel?” she asked.

“Weird, like I am hearing and seeing things twice,” I said.

“That will fade after you get used to it,” Melissa said.

“Good,” I said.

“Why don’t you try and move around a bit,” Melissa suggested.

“Okay, I hope I don’t fall,” I said, and then I manipulated the controls for the arms and saw my arms limply rise.

“Don’t worry, that’s not a bad start…I did much the same my first time,” Melissa said.

“Thanks,” I said, and after rethinking the controls I made the arms move much in the way I wanted them to.

“Nice, now try walking,” she said.

“Okay,” and I started manipulating the controls for my feet and legs, which made the avatar slowly shamble forwards. Even though I wasn’t walking very well, the toes were helping out by digging in and giving me traction.

Part 4

By the time Lindsey had been with us for a week, we hardly paid attention to the fact that she was actually an android. Even so, I still managed to improve her power efficiency by another 20% and improve her sleeper protocols to include voice command.

Once I was done tweaking her systems, I began researching a way to transfer my A.I. into a modified Class 10 brain so that I could better control the new Class 10 body I was planning on building for myself. After a few more weeks of research, I finally finished the new brain and officially dubbed it Class 10.1. All during this time, Lindsey was learning all about androids so she could be my assistant.

When the news of the Class 10.1 brain went out across all of the continental regional branches, I received a lot of praise from my former competition. In addition, the three branches actively involved in the development of the Class 10 android, European, Oceanic, and Asian, decided to create their own Class 10 androids and send them to me to assist me and them in perfecting the new model. According to the memos, these four androids would be completely made-up people with fabricated back-stories, family records, health records, financial records and more. They would think they were related to a high-ranking officer of their region and would believe they were working for their branch. Their reason for being in my house would be as foreign exchange representatives.

After I received all the specs I would need to create their bodies, I began to gather the materials I needed to create my own Class 10 body, but before I could get started…

“Phillip, your dad is here,” Haley said, materializing near my work area in the lab.

“He is?” I asked.

“Yes, he needs to see you right now…he says it is really important,” Haley said.

“Alright, I’ll be right there,” I said, and as soon as Haley vanished, I saved all my work and then left my lab.

“Ah Phillip, it’s good to see you,” Greg said, meeting me at the back door and hugging me.

“Thanks dad, what’s so important that you needed to see me right away?” I asked, sitting down with him in the den.

“Well, I heard about what the European, Oceanic, and Asian branches are sending you, but there is one more representative from the European branch who is joining your team,” Greg said.

“Who is it?” I asked, since I had just recently installed three more bedrooms and a bathroom to my house by converting the garage into a living space and building a new garage off to the other side of the house.

“Well, she’s like you…one of the kids I built before you. She took an interest in my work, but since she was 14 her parents wouldn’t let her stay, so she studied up in the Ukraine where she is from and then she started a similar repair service to the one you have here,” Greg explained.

“So, why is she coming here then?” I asked.

“Because she was trying to come up with the Class 10 android and you beat her to it. When she found out you were related to me, she contacted me and requested that she be allowed to come here and build herself a Class 10.1 body for herself,” Greg said.

“I see…she isn’t angry at me is she?” I asked.

“Not at all…a little miffed, but she realizes that you and her could make a good team pairing up since she knows some things you don’t,” Greg said.

“Alright, when do I meet her?” I asked.

“Well, the things is that she didn’t come in her body…she left it home and just sent her brain and personal effects. She will need to temporarily inhabit a spare android so she can build her own body,” Greg said.

“Well, I do have a few…maybe she could use Kristin since that android is probably closer to her age,” I suggested.

“Melissa thought that too, and she is actually working on that right now…how is Lindsey doing?” he asked.

“She’s doing fine…I finally got the voice commands installed so I won’t need a remote all the time,” I said.

“And her training?” Greg asked.

“She’s learning fast and not because I programmed her to, because she is determined,” I said.

“Good, the queen is a wise entity,” Greg said.

“That is true,” I agreed.

“So, I haven’t actually seen Mia since I built her adult body, but she is very attractive…hopefully Lindsey doesn’t get jealous,” Greg smiled.

“She won’t, she knows me well enough,” I said.

“Good, now I have to get back home…I have a patient arriving soon,” Greg said, and after giving me a hug, he left.

Once he was gone, I got up and headed into Melissa’s room where she was working on Kristin.

“Hey Phillip, did dad explain everything to you?” she asked.

“Yes, is she installed yet?” I asked.

“Not quite…apparently Mia’s Ukrainian translation program is having a hard time working with Kristin’s hybrid setup, but I just installed a patch that I am hoping will work,” Melissa said, and after a few seconds, she closed Kristin’s head and said, “Alright, here goes,” and she pressed the power button on the remote.

“Cybercorp Unit 8035-9x initializing…detected new A.I…running diagnostics…compatibility mode functional…all systems functional…loading A.I….now activating A.I.” Kristin said, and then she blinked her eyes and looked around.

“Hello, my name is Mia,” she said, looking at Melissa and I.

“Hello Mia, I’m Phillip and this is Melissa,” I said.

“Ah Phillip, you’re the one who beat me in the race,” she said, shaking my hand.

“Yes, I hear you want to build a Class 10.1 body for yourself,” I said.

“Yes, have you started on yours yet?” she asked.

“No, I was just about to when Greg showed up,” I said.

“Good, Melissa is going to help me…I hear your girlfriend is Unit zero,” she said.

“Yes, she will be helping me with my new body,” I said.

“That’s nice…so why don’t we get started then?” Mia said.

“Okay,” and then we all headed out to the lab.

Once we gathered the necessary materials, Lindsey finally got back from the mall and joined me in my dedicated workroom.

“Sorry I’m late, the class went longer than usual,” she said, getting her tools out.

“It’s okay…by the way, we got another assistant,” I said, and while we got started on the framework for my new body, I explained to Lindsey who Mia was.

After Lindsey and I were finished getting all the hardware installed in the Chassis, we worked on installing the musculature and nervous systems. Less than two hours later, we were ready to put the skin on.

“Wow, this is weird,” Lindsey said, watching as the skin formed on my new body.

“Yeah,” I agreed, and once the skin resembled my own, I opened the panels and started pumping in the fluids it would need to produce my sweat and organic material.

“Alright, it’s ready,” I said an hour later. My new body was only a year older in appearance than my current body, but it had more efficient growth systems so I could use it for a full three years before needing a replacement.

“It looks just like you,” Lindsey said, looking back and forth.

“The trained eye can see the differences…but most of the differences are in how it functions, not in how it looks,” I said.

“I know,” she said.

“Good, the tricky part will be in transferring me out of this brain into the new one…this is revolutionary,” I said, picking up the Class 10.1 brain I would be transferring myself into.

“Why?” Lindsey asked.

“Because up until now it was said that it would be impossible to transfer an A.I. from one brain into another…now I have changed that,” I said.

“Well, I hope I don’t lose you,” Lindsey said.

“You won’t, I ran hundreds of tests and all the test A.I.s transferred successfully,” I said.

“Well, are you going to start now?” she asked.

“No, I’m going to go and check on my sisters,” I said, and then I left my room and walked out to where Kristin and Melissa were.

“Hey Phillip, are you finished yet?” Kristin asked.

“Yes, and you?” I asked.

“Yes, I was just waiting for you to transfer into your new brain,” she said.

“Alright, well we can both do it at the same time…Melissa knows how to do it,” I said.

“Okay,” she said.

“Alright, let’s get started then,” I said, and then we all headed to another portion of the lab to do the transference.

After Mia and I shut ourselves down, Lindsey and Melissa removed our brains and attached them to the machine I invented. It was odd feeling myself removed from the brain I spent a good portion of my life in, but after several moments of being in the void, I felt myself in the new brain and I could already sense the difference.

A few minutes later, I felt myself sucked out of the void and into a new body. Once the initial boot sequence was finished, I slowly took control of the new body and then opened my eyes.

“Well Phillip, how do you feel?” Melissa asked, looking down at me.

“Better…this body actually feels like the real deal,” I said, slowly sitting up and looking at my new body.

“And you didn’t sound robotic when you moved,” Lindsey pointed out.

“That’s right…so where is Mia?” I asked.

“She is in the other room with Kristin,” Lindsey said.

“Good, I want to actually see her now,” I said, getting to my feet and stretching.

“She’s waiting,” Melissa said, handing me my clothes.

“Alright, let’s go,” I said, slipping my clothes on and walking to the door.

After I put my Class 9 body and brain into storage, I walked with Lindsey and Melissa to the room where Mia’s new body was built.

“Just to warn you, she might blow your new mind away,” Melissa said.

“Yeah, she’s breathtaking,” Lindsey agreed.

“Okay, thanks for the warning,” I said, and then I slowly opened the door and walked in.

“Hello Phillip, it’s great to see you in my own body now,” Mia said, walking over from the end of the room where Kristin stood deactivated.

“Wow, you look beautiful,” I said.

Mia was 22 years old. She stood at an average height of 5’7 and her skin was pale to the point of being white. Because she was just activated, she wore no clothes and her body had no visible scars, blemishes or imperfections. Her feet were just the right size, with no toenail extending past the skin and her foot bottoms were undamaged. Just above her vagina was a neat vertical patch of hair, and her belly button was a perfect hole in the center of her womanly torso. Her breasts were noticeably larger than Melissa’s were, and her armpits were completely smooth. To top it off, she had shoulder-length dark brown hair, which complimented her crystal-clear blue eyes. Overall, she was perfect.

“Thanks, I get that a lot…trust me,” she smiled.

“I am going to trust that it is natural beauty and not manufactured,” I said.

“Yes…most people assume I build my newer bodies like this on purpose, but this is actually what I am supposed to look like,” she said. While she was speaking, I noticed she was speaking with very little of an accent.

“So, how long did it take you to get rid of the accent?” I asked.

“Not long…I had to speak all sorts of languages at the European branch so I am very good with languages,” she said.

“Well Phillip, Lindsey and I are going to head back to the house,” Melissa said.

“Alright, Mia and I will be there soon,” I said.

“Your girlfriend is nice,” Mia said, powering down the equipment and walking over to me.

“Thanks, she was a gift from the Queen,” I said.

“Who’s the Queen?” Mia asked.

“The Queen is an android who is very high up in the North American branch. She is the first android to give birth to a healthy human,” I explained.

“Oh, we don’t have anyone like that in Europe,” Mia said.

“Yeah, so did you want to see more of my lab?” I asked.

“Sure, and then I’ll let you see more of me,” she smiled.

“Yeah, so how do you want me to treat you?” I asked, not sure how to word it.

“You mean other than an assistant/partner…how about sister, since I consider Greg a second father to me,” she said.

“Alright sis, so this lab is a bit larger than it looks. I actually had it retrofitted a week ago so I could add some more equipment,” I said, walking with her around my lab.

“What kind of retrofits?” Mia asked.

“Well, I had them build a basement so I could store all the spare equipment and parts, and I also moved the power generator down there, so it created more workspace up here. I also had them build a second floor, which is solely for office space,” I said.

“Who’s offices?” Mia asked.

“One for me, one for Melissa, an empty one and a conference room,” I said.

“Nice, may I see your office?” she asked.

“Sure, follow me,” I said, and we walked away from the workrooms and up a staircase onto the second floor, where the offices were.

“So, right here is the conference room where we brainstorm ideas for new techniques; there’s also a video conferencing system setup in there,” I said, showing her the conference room at the top of the stairs.

“Nice,” she said.

“This walkway wraps all the way around the internal frame and around the offices until it reaches mine on the other end,” I said, walking with her around the offices on the right side until I reached mine.

“Was that Melissa’s office we just walked by?” Mia asked.

“Yes, the other one is going to be the liaison office…for you and the four Class 10s,” I told her.

“Cool, now can we go in?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, and after I entered in the personal access code, the door slid open.

“Wow, nice office,” she said.

My office was the largest of them all. From the door we entered at the back end, my desk was directly opposite facing the door itself. The desk had a side desk on the one side where I could put more stuff, and the window behind it overlooked the whole first floor of the lab, as well as the other offices. Directly behind us on both sides of the door were artificial windows, which showed what was directly outside the lab via a high definition camera. There was a small work table off to the side where I could work on an android and there was also a comfortable couch with a rectangular table in front of it and accompanied by twin chairs.

“Thanks, it serves me,” I said, walking over to my desk and putting my jacket on the chair.

“My lab is only one story and my office isn’t this big,” she said, following me to my desk.

“Yeah, well some of my patients heard of my reputation and wondered why my lab was so modest, so I retrofitted it to give them more peace of mind in my abilities,” I said.

“I see, they thought you had limited equipment,” Mia said.

“Yes, and I actually did…but I still managed to produce the Class 10,” I said.

“Yes, which is why I decided to join you,” she said.

“Would you like to sit down?” I asked, seeing her just standing there in front of my desk; she was still naked.

“Yes, and then you can get a better look at me,” she smiled.

“Alright, why don’t you sit down with me over here?” I suggested, walking over to the twin chairs.

“Okay,” she said, and then we both sat down and pointed the chairs at one another.

“So, do you have to this a lot?” I asked, staring at her perfect body.

“Yes, but I don’t mind,” she smiled.

“Good, now the first thing I want to see is…” I said.

“My feet…I read all about you, and your dad, Melissa, and Lindsey all told me about your fetish,” she smiled.

“Good,” I said.

“Alright, here they are,” she said, and then she lifted them up onto my lap.

“Thanks…how do you keep them so perfect by the way?” I asked, feeling her perfect soles.

“I don’t know…I don’t walk barefoot on stone surfaces, only on dirt or grass,” she said.

“I see, I walk barefoot pretty much everywhere,” I said, bending each of her toes.

“I know…you know what I just realized?” she asked.

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve been examining the capabilities of my new Class 10.1 brain and I just realized that I can suspend my A.I. manually now and I can set it to turn back on with a specific requirement,” she said.

“I see, were you going to test that feature?” I asked.

“Yes, that way you can get an unimpeded look at my nice body,” she said.

“Alright, what will I need to do to get your A.I. to resume?” I asked.

“Let me think….alright, I will resume when you kiss me,” she said.

“When I kiss you on the lips?” I asked for clarification.

“Of course,” she smiled.

“Just making sure,” I said.

“Alright, here goes,” she said, and then after a brief moment her expression went stoic and she said, “A.I. suspended…A.I. will resume pending pre-set protocol,”

“Alright, now to have some fun,” I said, looking at her stoic face.

“Can you hear me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Good, do you still have access to the memories of the A.I.?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Good, stand up please,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and then she smoothly stood up.

After I spent some ten minutes feeling her perfect body, I bent over and gently kissed her delicate lips.

As soon as I ended the kiss and stood back up, Mia said, “Protocol met…A.I. resumed,” and then she blinked her eyes and smiled at me.

“Did you enjoy the tour of my body?” she asked.

“Yes, you have the greatest amount of natural beauty that I have ever seen,” I said.

“Thanks, but people still think that it is augmented,” she said.

“Well, they can believe what they want…all I believe is that they don’t make women like you here,” I said.

“No pun intended,” she laughed.

“Exactly,” I said.

“So, would you help me to explore my new body?” she asked.

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, I may have read up on the new schematics, but I haven’t actually played with them myself,” she said.

“Do you mean all the new panels?” I asked.

“Yes, I want to remove my new panels,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll help you,” I said, and I reached out and pressed her fifth ribs and then carefully pulled her front torso panel away.

“Wow, that felt weird,” she said, looking inside her open cavity and watching her lungs react.

“I know, now I’m going to remove your rib cage,” I said, placing her panel down and removing the ribs.

“Cool, it’s one thing to build this body but it is something entirely different to feel it,” she said, feeling around inside her open cavity

“Just be careful…did you want me to remove your face now?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, and then she made her face go stoic as I clicked it off and revealed her robotic face.

“Wow, you look very different without a face,” I said, putting down her perfect face and staring at her eyeballs.

I feel weird too…especially with my voice coming out of this speaker…and what’s weirder is that it feels perfectly natural,” she said.

“Well, that is an inherent sleeper protocol built-in to the Class 10s so we can repair their faces and still allow them to speak without realizing it,” I said.

“Are there any more features that I don’t know about?” she asked.

“Well, there is one that I only implemented in my brain as a beta test,” I said.

“Could you put my panels back on so I can show my emotions?” she asked.

“Okay,” I said, and I quickly put her panels back on and then she put on a curious expression on her face.

“Sorry, I wanted to look interested in this beta as well as sounding interested,” she said.

“I understand,” I said.

“So, what is it?” she asked.

“Well, after having my brain installed in several different androids, it occurred to me that it would be nice to do it without needing someone to help so I figured out a way to connect a transceiver to both my brain and this body,” I explained.

“So, you can control your body if your brain is removed?” she inquired.

“Sort of…I would have to be the one removing it, I would also have to be online and I could only function that way for no more than five minutes before the signal degraded,” I said.

“Cool, what is the distance range?” she asked.

“Around 50 feet,” I said.

“Wow, I can’t believe no one thought of doing this earlier,” Mia said.

“I know, but Melissa did the same thing to me to allow me to inhabit an artificial Rigilian body so I applied the same science to allow me to control my own body,” I said.

“Well, that would help if you need to change bodies quickly,” Mia said.

“And I also installed a sister transceiver in several of my previous bodies, the androids donated to me by patients and of course in Lindsey,” I said.

“That way you could put yourself back,” Mia said.

“Of course…it would have been embarrassing trying to return and then being unable to,” I said.

“Very,” Mia smiled.

“The only problem is that I haven’t actually tested it yet…the beta was installed on my new brain, so I will need to test it before I can know if it works,” I said.

“Well, is there anything in this lab that you can test it out on?” she asked.

“Sure, hold on while I summon one up,” I said, and I walked over to my desk and activated a control mechanism which would select an android from the basement storage area directly beneath my lab and bring it up near my work area. After I selected the one which I had recently finished working on, I activated the lift and watched as a storage pod rose up from the floor near my work area.

“Wow, your office is cool,” Mia said.

“I know, I store all my pet projects and androids in a room two levels below here and this lift just grabs a storage pod and brings it up to me,” I said.

“Efficient…and convenient,” she said.

“I know, so let’s introduce you to one of my pet projects then,” I said, and I opened the pod and unveiled an android girl.

The girl looked to be around 20 years of age. She had neck-length, reddish-brown hair that was curled. She was around 5”7 and looked to have a somewhat athletic build. The clothes she was wearing consisted of a simple pair of sneakers with black socks, blue denim pants, and a white tank top, which showed off her tanned arms. Her face, although asleep, showed a playful quality.

“Wow, who is she?” Mia asked, coming in for a better look.

“She was a Class 8 that I found in a junk heap. She was programmed to be some college guy’s roommate/girlfriend, but apparently when he found a real girl he just abandoned her,” I explained.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Mia said.

“I know, but based on her previous set-up, I don’t think she was too sentient,” I said.

“I see, so what enhancements have you done?” Mia asked.

“Hold on while I get her on the table,” I said, and after I pulled her out of the pod, I lowered the pod down and then laid the inert android on my worktable.

“So, anyway, I completely replaced every bit of hardware in her with that of the latest Class 9, including the brain. I also replaced her skin so it would be more realistic, and I enhanced her power systems to support the new processors and memory systems,” I said.

“Looks like she got the presidential package,” Mia said.

“Interesting way of putting it, but yeah,” I agreed.

“So, were you going to use her for any specific function?” Mia asked.

“I was thinking of having her act as an assistant in my office, or just someone to talk to…but I really planned on making her my girlfriend, but that was before I was introduced to Lindsey,” I said.

“Oh, I see…does Lindsey know?” Mia asked.

“She knows about Becca here, but she wouldn’t care since she knows I love her more than anything,” I said.

“I wish I was as lucky as you…as it is, most men are too interested in my beauty to be interested in my profession,” Mia sighed.

“What kind of man do you want?” I asked.

“Well, I think given my looks that he should be as good looking as me…he should also be familiar enough with cybernetics to repair me if I malfunction,” she said.

“Sounds like someone who would need to be manufactured,” I said.

“I hope not…but maybe it would be someone like me,” she said.

“Maybe, so anyway, I haven’t actually finished reprogramming her new A.I., so I can use her body freely whenever I want,” I said, opening up her head panel.

“Maybe I will get a similar robot for myself…” she said.

“Try it, you might have a little bit of fun,” I told her, now removing my head panel.

“I will, now are you going to remove your brain?” she asked.

“Yes, I hope this works and if it doesn’t please put me back in,” I said, grabbing hold of my brain.

“I will,” she promised, looking sincere.

“Alright, here goes…” I said, pulling my brain out. There was a momentary sense of sensory deprivation after my brain was disconnected, but milliseconds later it passed and I now felt myself holding my brain in my hand.

“Wow, that was interesting,” I said, looking at my own brain for the first time.

“How so?” Mia asked.

“There was a split second where I had no feeling at all and then it all suddenly came rushing back,” I said.

“Interesting, now are you going to insert yourself into Becca?” she asked.

“Yes, now the integration will take a bit longer than the removal did and when it is over I should be in full control of Becca and my body will be offline,” I said.

“Okay,” Mia said.

“Here goes,” I said, and I gently inserted my brain into Becca’s open head and then began the integration procedure, losing control of my body.

After the usual moment of integration, I felt myself slowing regaining feeling and after the diagnostics informed me that all systems were functional, I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. The first thing I saw was my body, frozen in the act of withdrawing its hands from my current head. Since it was still online, it blinked occasionally but did nothing else.

“Phillip, are you alright?” I heard Mia ask from several feet away.

“Yes, just getting used to this new body,” I said, hearing my sexy new voice for the first time.

“Alright, are you going to do something about your body?” she then asked.

“Yes,” I said, and then I looked into my robot’s eyes and said, “Phillip, stand normally,” and then my body withdrew its arms and stood up.

“Wow, that was nice,” Mia said.

“Another feature I came up with: Voice control,” I said.

“Interesting, how does it work?” Mia asked, walking over to where my robot stood.

“When I make eye-contact my brain sends a low-frequency radio wave to my robot and it recognizes me and accepts my commands,” I explained.

“Nice, now why don’t you get up so I can look at your new body,” Mia suggested.

“Okay,” I said, and I slowly sat up and then swung my legs down off the pod and hopped to the floor.

“Nice, you didn’t even make a sound,” Mia noted.

“Well, I didn’t need to replace the joints so they are already broken in,” I admitted.

“Perfectly understandable given the circumstances,” Mia said.

“Now, did you want to examine my body?” I asked.

“Sure, can you undress it?” Mia asked.

“Sure,” I said, and I swiftly removed all of my clothing and then walked around on my pale bare feet.

“Your body looks nice,” Mia said.

“Thanks, it feels nice too,” I said, feeling very energetic in the playful body of this busty college girl.

“I can only imagine, now why don’t you get dressed again and let me examine your real body,” Mia said.

“Alright,” I said, and after I got redressed I helped Mia undress my male body and then I lifted it up so it was sitting on the edge of the table.

“Did you want to get back in your body, I think you might enjoy my examination better if you are in control of it,” Mia said.

“Sure,” I said, and after several minutes I was back in control of my body.

“Now, try and relax,” Mia said.

“Alright, you had to have seen some male androids naked at some point,” I said.

“Of course,” she said, and she gently started probing at various areas of my body.

End ---

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