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Part 1

    It was late at Campbell and Associates. The corporate offices for the various financial institutes around the country closed at 6 PM, but that hardly meant that all the employees left. The small digital clock in the corner of Megan’s screen rolled over to read eleven o’clock, while the glow of her monitors and the hum of overhead lights illuminated her baby blue eyes. The email she was writing caused her shoulder length copper-toned hair to glow oddly as the light washed over it. She was writing an email to Jacob, the closest thing she had to a second in command in her department. Jacob had no real authority when it came to his co-workers, but he had been with the company for so long that everyone looked up to him and respected his insights.

    Megan’s email was granting Jacob a small amount of her authority in the form of forwarding her emails to him and unofficially asking him to keep the IT department running smoothly. This wasn’t something she would normally do, but she was going to be indisposed for a week and needed to leave the care of her department to someone who she trusted, and she trusted Jacob.

    The email was sent and sped on its way to Jacob, who would see it the next morning for sure. After that, Megan powered down her computer, pushed herself away from her desk, and stood up to leave. As she did there was a small quiet knock on the door to her office. She wasn’t surprised by that, even at this hour - she was expecting it. Opening the door, she was greeted by two women, both wearing sterile white jumpsuits with the company logo embossed on the upper right of the chest. One of them was holding a clipboard in her hands.

    “Megan Aster?” she said, looking from the clipboard to Megan.

    “Yes, that’s me. I was just wrapping up here. Can you give me just a second?” Megan replied, and she received a polite nod from her visitors. The two women stepped back into the main office of the IT department and over to a large cardboard box that was open and filled with foam inserts.

    Megan verified that her computer was powered completely down, and swept the remaining paperwork into a folder and dropped it into a drawer. She turned back to the door, clicked the light off and closed the door and locked it. She then walked through the relatively dimly lit central “bullpen” setup of the IT office, where every individual workbench was pressed against the perimeter wall. In the center of the room now stood the two women and the box, which was currently sitting on a low rolling cart.

    “Ready?” the woman with the clipboard chirped as Megan stepped closer.

    “Yes, powering down.” Megan replied and let her eyes slip closed.

    One of the women quickly stepped up behind her and braced Megan as she began to tip backwards. The second woman quickly moved to grab her at the knees and the two lifted Megan up and set her into the form fitting interior of the cardboard box.

    “Jeez, she could have at least given us some warning or something.” One of the women said, pressing Megan’s head snugly into the foam.

    “Can’t blame her really,” the other replied, “It’s her efficiency programming. You did the same thing when it was time for your yearly service”

    “Did not” The first responded with an air of mock indignity.

    “We all do and you know it. Now, off we go”

    The two wheeled the cart out of the IT office and to the elevator which took them to the parking garage where Megan, still inside of her cardboard shipping box, was loaded into a company van and driven off to a secondary facility for upkeep.

    Jacob Bickers woke up like he did every other Friday - rolling out of bed far earlier than he needed to, picking up his phone, then stumbling to the kitchen. Still half asleep he clicked on the coffee pot which he had filled the night before and flopped onto the couch. Through bleary eyes he unlocked his phone and saw in his email app that there was an alert of a new important email. He rolled his eyes, nearly every accountant, bookkeeper, and suit thought their email was important. Jacob had grown reluctant to open work emails before he was in the office, on most days he was reluctant to open them even when he was at work.

He looked at the email and was actually surprised, it was from Megan. It was probably something like an announcement about a new piece of hardware they were implementing or a company policy update, but Jacob liked Megan, she was no-nonsense and kinda cute. She was around his age too and he hoped to one day ask her to drinks or something, once he got the courage to do so, but for now he would impress her by making sure he read everything she said.

Jacob’s eyebrow piqued when he saw that this particular email was not sent to the entire department, it was sent only to him and Megan’s direct supervisor, Victoria Sanders. There was a second email that was much shorter, it explained that Megan would be out of the office on personal business for a week and that if the team needed guidance they should turn to Jacob. He opened the email directly from Megan and read it carefully, twice in fact.

Hello Jacob,

I hope this email finds you well this Friday morning. I will be out of the office for the next week on personal business and would like to ask that you keep an eye on the department while I am away. I’ve already forwarded my email to you, and expect you to use your best judgement on any high priority matters that come in to my inbox while I am away. I’ve already let Victoria know that you’ll be handling a significant portion of my workload while I am out.

Please don’t forget to run the weekly ticket closure report and submit it to the Operations team on Monday morning. If you need anything else you can reach out to Victoria.

Thank you for your willingness to help,

Megan Aster

Director of Information Technology and Services

Campbell & Associates, LLC

    Jacob sighed after reading the email. He had hoped for something a bit more exciting, not additional duties and paperwork to do in addition to his regular schedule of resetting passwords for someone. It wasn’t that Jacob hated his job, it was something more akin to apathetic about it. There’s only so many times you can tell someone to get onto the right wifi before the printer will work, or reset someone’s password again. So rarely did a truly exciting project come along that when one did, he would attack it and pour himself into it. This sort of hunger for something thrilling had lead to him being a stellar employee, always willing to pitch in and always on top of his work.

    Jacob finished his morning routine as he would any other day, arriving to work fifteen minutes early and clocking in. The IT office was still dark and Jacob realized that he wasn’t used to having to turn on the lights, Megan was always here before him to open things up. After fumbling along the wall he finally found the switch and turned on half the lights, he liked working in the dark after all, additionally none of his co-workers were due to show up for another hour anyway. So there he sat, in the dim, quiet IT office on the third floor of a building in downtown, wasting time on the internet and ignoring his workload.

    He was just getting in to an article on recent development in civilian and civil A.I. controlled construction robots when a small pop-up in the lower right hand corner of his screen alerted him to an email that had arrived from Victoria. Clicking on the pop-up opened the email in a new window. Jacob noticed that the email had been sent to Megan, not to Jacob, which he thought was an odd choice considering that Victoria had at least been alerted to the fact that Jacob was taking over for her for the week.

    Scanning the email though Jacob reasoned why, just from the subject line alone he had a hunch.

From: Victoria Sanders (

To: Megan Aster (

Subject: Connection issues


I’m having a connection issue again. I can’t seem to keep myself on the internal network. I’ll be online from 7am until 10am. Please correct this issue as soon as you are able.


    “Thank god you included all the relevant information to help do the job” Jacob commented to no one in particular, punctuating the statement by rolling his eyes. He got up from his office chair and picked up his laptop and stuffed it into his satchel. He huffed and walked out of the IT room and to the lobby for his floor, poking the button to call an elevator upwards. Victoria was on the fifth floor, not quite prestigious enough to be on the same floor as the other C level admin, but high enough in station to have her own office.

    Jacob stepped off the elevator, feeling underdressed as he wore khaki cargo pants and a button up shirt that was never tucked in. Comparatively everyone else on the floor was sporting slacks and suits and all of them gave Jacob the kind of look that screamed “wrong floor.” Despite that, Jacob trudged through the floor and found Victoria’s office and knocked twice on the door.

    “Com in.” Jacob heard from the other side of the door and stepped into Victoria’s office with more than a little apprehension.

    “Can I help you Jacob?” Victoria said, looking up from her computer. She was flanked by a wall of floor to ceiling windows which faced out into the city. The early morning light contrasted sharply with her long black hair that was bundled up into a messy bun that was popular among women her age. She looked like she could be anywhere from late twenties to somewhere in her early thirties, to Jacob’s knowledge no one had ever asked for clarity on her exact age, though he assumed she was on the older end of the spectrum, no one in their late twenties was as successful as Victoria was.

    “I uh, you sent an email to Megan about a connection issue. She’s out for a week and I'm handling all her tickets,” Jacob said, trying his best not to let his eyes wander. Victoria was nothing if not gorgeous. She was a little more busty than someone would expect for someone in her position, but her look scratched a certain type of “sexy executive” role. Jacob himself had shamelessly fantasized about her more than once, but he tried to push that from his mind at the moment. He managed to focus by staring intently at her green eyes and remembering to smile.

    Victoria blinked a few times while looking at Jacob, it was almost like she was rolling something around in her head, weighing the pros and cons of something. Eventually though she slowly nodded and stood up, she stepped away from her desk and pushed the chair in and tapped the power button on her laptop, the machine hibernated itself and she closed the lid.

    “Megan normally does all her work for me in her office, we should go there now.” Victoria said as she stepped past Jacob, the heels she wore clicked against the smooth lacquered cement floor as she did.

    “Wh-what but aren’t you having-” Victoria was already moving out of the office and was half way down the hall to the elevator, Jacob had to half walk, half jog to catch up to her. When he did manage to make it to her side he wasn’t quite out of breath, he was in good enough shape, but he wasn’t expecting this much physical exertion this early in the morning. Though it did allow Jacob to take in the curvy body shape that Victoria somehow squeezed into a pencil skirt and blazer. Stepping into the elevator, Victoria had already pushed the button for Jacob’s floor and the doors slid shut shortly after Jacob stepped in.

    “So, what kind of connection issues are you having?” Jacob said, trying to gather information as nonchalantly as possible.

    “We can discuss my issues once we arrive in Megan’s office.” was Victoria’s curt reply.

    The rest of the mercifully short ride was spent in silence, as was the walk to the IT office. There was still no other IT technicians in the office yet, and as they approached the door to Megan’s office Victoria produced a key from inside of her blazer. With it she quickly unlocked Megan’s office and held the door open for Jacob to walk through. Once inside Jacob flicked on the lights. The over head lights lit up Megan’s desk, which was pushed against one wall, next to it at a ninety degree angle was a standard looking workbench. It was the same style of workbench that the rest of the technicians used, polished stainless steel with an LED overhead light and a set of shelves built approximately 3 feet above the surface.

In addition to a variety of neatly organized tools on the shelves, Megan also kept a variety of gadgets and tools that Jacob had never seen, nor had he seen her use them. She had screwdriver like tools with no discernable head on them, just a long thin rod with a rounded tip, or something that looked like a sturdy base with a rounded central pillar on it with dozens of gold plated connection points. These were intermixed with pliers, a soldering iron, and small kits of specialized tools.

Jacob turned to see Victoria clicking the door lock into place, which immediately set him on edge.

    “You have a current NDA on file with us, correct?” Victoria asked, politely and with no threat at all in her voice.

    “Uh, y-yeah I do.” Jacob said, more than a little confused at the question.

    “Good. Then I would like to remind you at this moment that discussing company equipment and the repairs you perform on them fall under that NDA and strictly forbid you from disclosing any and all information about said equipment.”

    “Yep, that’s exactly how I understood it.” Jacob said, his mind reeling.

    “Very well, then-” Victoria said walking across the room and easily hopped up on to the work bench, sitting politely with her hands folded neatly into her lap. “I appear to be having a connection issue, my cranial module is not detecting a physical connection to the rest of my body. I am currently remotely connecting the two modules, but my cranial module is beginning to lose power rapidly.” She said, matter of factually.

    Jacob blinked several times and stared directly at Victoria as she spoke, his mind struggling to keep up with the words she was saying, let alone the meaning behind them. Stammering, he tried his best to cohesively respond.

    “A-are you... What do you mean when you say you... I- I don’t think I understand.”

    Victoria’s mouth flattened to a thin line and she donned a look of disappointment, she even went as far as to let out a sigh.

    “I can only assume this is the first time you’ve worked on an android in a corporate setting. I’ll speak with Megan when she returns about getting you some more hands on training. For now though, you’ll need this-”

    Victoria turned slightly on the table and took down the podium-like piece of equipment from the shelf behind her and held it out to Jacob.

    “Plug that into a power outlet and then remove my head, it should lock into place on that.”

    Jacob took the pedestal and nodded stupidly, still in disbelief. If what Victoria was telling him was true, and she was actually an android, then she was by far the most advanced robot he had ever seen. He had only ever heard of the more industrial style robots that were more bulky internal frames with a metallic blocky outer body. Mostly used for construction or hazardous areas, but Victoria was something else. Jacob, and surely other employees, had lusted after her curvaceous body. She had the kind of young beautiful face that would entice anyone to bed with her, but to Jacob’s knowledge he had never seen her outside of the office. If she was indeed an android though, that would make plenty of logical sense.

    Jacob walked up next to Victoria, he couldn't help but look towards her neck, he didn't see any seams or even an indication that her head was removable at all. Presumably that was intentional, if she was indeed manufactured to look human then they would take every precaution to make sure something simple like a seam or joint cover or something wouldn’t be obvious. He plugged in the device to the electrical outlet on the wall then looked towards Victoria.

    “OK, uh, there we go. So now how do I…” He trailed off, looking towards Victoria, specifically at her throat but his eyes continued to drift downward over her rounded breasts, before they snapped back up to her neck.

    “It’s very straight forward. Put your hands on either side of her my head, then turn it until it does not turn any more, then turn it very sharply and you’ll disengage the manual locks. Then it will simply lift off of the neck port.” Victoria said, her tone was very matter of fact, as if this process were the most normal and mundane of tasks, but Jacob’s heart was pounding against his rib cage with an increasing tempo. He took a step to the side and stood directly in front of Victoria, who uncrossed her legs and spread them a little bit wider, allowing Jacob to slide between them, close enough to easily place one hand on either side of Victoria’s head. Her arms fell to her side, and her face became an unassuming mask, Jacob presumed this was some kind of preparation for a disconnect. He took a deep breath and became painfully aware that his crotch was pressed into the hem of Victoria’s skirt.

    Jacob began to turn Victoria’s head, as he did so he could feel the slightest resistance, and he had the slightest inclination that there was a subtle vibration, almost like dozens of small motors were working to turn her head back to a neutral position. Soon though, her head was at the limit of how far whatever mechanisms in her neck would allow, and as instructed, he quickly twisted her head further. Jacob nearly dropped Victoria’s head as the manual locks disengaged, the seam he had been looking for formed when the skin suddenly separated and Victoria’s head lifted quickly off of her neck.

    Jacob stared at Victoria’s head in his hands for more than a few moments, but she remained as she was, eyes open and staring straight ahead, mouth closed and tight lipped with her long black hair bunched up on top of her head. He glanced past her head to her body, and saw that the top of her neck was now capped with a chrome like plate set just below the layer of quarter inch think skin that made up her throat. On top of the plate was a post that stuck up in the middle, lined with small golden plated connection terminals. They were similar in size and shape to what Jacob had seen so many times on the expansion cards he installed in a computer. He flipped Victoria’s head over in his hands and saw that there was a matching indentation where the post would easily fit, and inside he saw match arrays of small gold plated connection points.

    Jacob’s eyes shifted to the podium like device on the table that Victoria had told him he would need and the dots began to connect in his head. The post on the device would fit into her neck exactly the same way her head would fit onto her neck. Jacob aligned her head above the podium and was about to click it into place when he had a devious thought. Perhaps his brain had lost enough blood as it traveled to lower parts of his body, or maybe he was just in disbelief, but he set Victoria’s head down on the workbench instead of on the mount on the device, which he nudged out of the way as well. Next he gently guided Victoria’s body down to lay on the workbench, which turned out to be more work than he expected as he had to lift her legs and move her body all at once.

    Jacob finally managed to get Victoria situated on the work bench and quickly drew the conclusion that once her head was disconnected, her body was taken offline, which made sense once he began to think about it. Victoria had, after all, said that she was having connection issues between her body and her head. However, Jacob was now alone in a locked office with, arguably, one of the most beautiful young women he had ever seen, and she wasn’t even a woman, she was a piece of equipment that the company owned. It didn’t take much for his mind to wander, and after a brief internet search into some more obscure technical websites he found that there was a surprisingly large amount of hacks, upgrades, and most interestingly, workarounds for androids.

    Jacob didn’t want to get too wild, nor did he want to get too obvious with any changes he might make to Victoria’s programming, not to mention he was merely half an hour away from other IT staff showing up. So he did something that was perhaps against his better judgement. He picked up his laptop and downloaded an automated install app that would break through Victoria’s security systems, aided by Jacob’s administrator password, and patch minor parts of her operating system that would allow him what amounted to a back door to her systems.

    As soon as the app was downloaded he set his laptop down next to the small podium like device and found a dataport on the back of it, tugged the cable there out and plugged it into his laptop. Once his computer finished installing some drivers and he had the instructions open for the hack, he prepared himself. He thought very little of the long term ramifications if this went wrong, but he was also already in the process of looking for and applying for other jobs, so maybe this would be just what he needed. The first step was to open the hack application, which opened quickly and began blaring catchy but obnoxious techno while proudly displaying the name of the hacker group that had made it, Jacob quickly muted the program but left the system sound on. Then a prompt popped up on his screen letting Jacob know that it was waiting for the head module of the android to be connected.

    This was it, Jacob picked up Victoria’s head and gently clicked it into place on the podium and nothing happened. His computer didn’t recognize anything had changed and Jacob pursed his lips. Then he remembered why he had been contacted in the first place, her head wasn’t connecting to other devices, of course. He twisted her head sharply in one direction on the podium and unlocked it before quickly pulling it off the device and turning it over. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and turned on the flashlight and peered into the port where the post would connect and quickly found the problem. There were rows and rows of gold plated contacts inside of her neck, but one had popped loose, and since her head was connected to the podium and her neck it had twisted and warped.

    Jacob found a pair of needle nose pliers from Megan’s workbench and sat down in the chair at her desk. He propped Victoria’s head upside down between his legs and shined a light inside of her open neck with one hand and with the other tried to gently pry the golden contact free. It took more work that he would have expected, but it popped loose. He set it down on Megan’s desk and then set Victoria’s head down next to it. The damage to the plate seemed to be fairly minimal, the once flat plate had popped loose and been twisted upward. With a little bit of gently work from the pliers and the butt end of a screwdriver Jacob was able to pound the plate back into the original form.

    After a minute or two of gently trying to pop the gold plate back into place Jacob managed to get it just right and the component was in place and he assumed working. Quickly taking Victoria’s head back to the workbench next to her inert body, he slid it back over the podium with a satisfying click. He immediately heard his computer chime that a new device had been connected. He peeked around at the screen and a small progress bar was pacing along his screen causing him to grin. As he was watching his computer screen Victoria’s eyes popped open suddenly and her mouth began to move, forming words and speaking aloud.

    “Virtual Supervisor unit VS eight nine two eight three online. Update from external source detected. Install this update?” She said, her eyes clicked to look at Jacob as she asked the question.

    Jacob ran his hand instinctually through his sandy blond hair and nodded. He then realized that a nod was probably not enough of a confirmation for the robot.

    “Yes, install update.” He said, hopeful that the word ‘yes’ would be all she needed.

    “Confirmed, installing update from external source. One moment please.” Victoria replied, her voice even and her tone flat. Jacob looked back at hsi screen and the progress bar progressed further and further. Soon there was a small chime from inside of  Victoria’s head that alerted Jacob that the updates were finished and there was a new pop up on his laptop alerting him that the patch had been applied.


    Jacob suddenly looked up from his computer to Victoria who’s eyes were fluttering shut and his computer chimed that a device had been disconnected. Jacob waited patiently while Victoria’s head rebooted, chewing idly on his lower lip and fidgeting with his hands. Soon though there was a small beep and Victoria’s eyes clicked open and began to scan the room briefly before finding their way to Jacob.

    “Hello Jacob, how are you today?” she said, her tone was unusually chipper for her.

    “Uh good, how are you feeling?” Jacob replied, weary of what her response would be, and if this was even typical of a rebooted android.

    “I’m feeling good. Feeling good. Fee-fee-feeling good. I’m fe-fe-feeling good. Good. Why do you ask? Do you ask? Why do you- feel good- ask?” With each slight stutter and vocal tick one of Victoria’s eyes quickly snapped closed then back open. Jacob jumped to his feet and stood over her as she began to stammer. He was afraid to even answer the question she had posed, but her eyes followed him, though they lagged a half second behind his location.

    “Shit, shit! Uh, goddammit.” Jacob said in a panic, and without thinking plucked Victoria’s head from the device it had been sitting on. It immediately powered off and her face was frozen with a smile that looked genuinely happy, but her eyes were only half closed, giving her a slightly unnerving appearance. Jacob set the head down and dashed to his laptop where he read through the instructions a second then third time. There was, of course, no mention of this type of scenario. He took a breath to steady himself and began to think. Luckily standard IT experience had taught him one thing, a reboot is good for all that ails you.

    So he gingerly clicked Victoria’s head back into place on the podium and waited. Moments later her face returned to a neutral position, her eyes closed and her mouth returning to the thin neutral position they had been in before. He knew that any second now she would power back on and he only hoped that she was better.

 “Virtual Supervisor unit VS eight nine two eight three online. New software detected, integrating into existing operating system.” She said in the same even, unassuming tone she had when Jacob first plugged her in to the device.

Jacob pumped his fist once and sat down again, his leg bouncing rapidly up and down as the android continued to boot. After a few more moments of silence Victoria’s green eyes swiveled smoothly in their sockets to look at Jacob.

“Hello Jacob, were you able to repair me?” She said in her familiar smooth tones.

“I think so, you can connect to my computer and the, uh, whatever this is.”
    “It’s a universal android service port.” Victoria said.

“Right, yeah, so originally you couldn’t do that, and now you can. So I’d like to disconnect you from here and put you back on your body.”

“Agreed, switching to internal power sources.” She said and her eyes slipped closed for only a moment before she looked back at Jacob. “Thank you for waiting, I am ready.”

Jacob, prompted by Victoria’s permission, twisted her head off of the podium and lined it up with the chrome like disk in her neck and pushed in and then sharply in the opposite direction from when he had disconnected it. With her head now locked in to place, Victoria sat up on the table and smoothly hopped off. She dusted herself off and gave Jacob and approving nod.

“Good work Jacob, I’ll be sure to let Megan know that you took good care of me when she returns. I’d like to remind you that everything that happened here is strictly confidential.”

“Of course!” Jacob replied and smiled. He knew now that he had a backdoor into her systems and had designated himself as a power user on her systems. According to the documentation for the hack there was a trigger phrase that was built in to the software, it was customizable, but Jacob figured before Victoria left that he should at least try it out.

“Before you go Victoria, I do have a question.” Jacob said, trying desperately to keep his voice even.

“Certainly, I’m sure you have many questions, but please make them quick” Victoria said, turning to face Jacob, tucking her hands behind her back. Her head was tilted ever so slightly to the side and Jacob even noticed that her impressive chest was rising and falling like she was breathing. She looked so human, but Jacob now knew that she was nothing more than a very well built machine.

    “Do you still need a cup of sugar?” Jacob asked. Even he thought it sounded ridiculous, but it was a phrase that no truly robotic creation would need, and certainly not in a corporate setting, but common enough that it could be played off as a joke or a simple mistake if it didn’t trigger anything. There was, of course, a return phrase to let Jacob know if it had worked or not. Victoria’s eyebrows scrunched slightly as the CPU bank inside of her processed the words, parsed them into usable code phrases, and then ran the whole of it through her internal database of possible responses. Her A.I. found a hit, and passed the information to her operating system which responded to Jacob.

She stood up straight now, the slight swaying and breathing motions she had been performing before stopped completely, and her head straightened up. She wasn’t quite standing at attention, but she was certainly holding very still. That was Jacob’s first indication that what he had done was working. All he needed now was to hear the return phrase and he knew he would have her.

“No thank you, I just went shopping this morning.” Victoria replied, her voice still sounding like a response Victoria would have to a question like that so that anyone nearby wouldn’t know that Victoria was now running a modified version of her human emulation software. Jacob needed to be sure she was his though, he thought for a moment and then asked her to do something that wasn’t work related, but not outlandish.

“Victoria, touch your nose and cross your eyes.” Jacob said, watching her with rapt attention. Victoria did exactly as he has told her to, perfectly moving her right index finger to her nose and her eyes crossing perfectly. She remained like that while Jacob smiled at her like an idiot. As soon as he had his confirmation he nodded and let her know she could return to a standing position. He loved the idea of having a higher up in his pocket, there were so many possibilities now. He could get a slight raise, he could likely force her to put in for a promotion for him to an easier position. Then a thought crossed his mind and he bit his lower lip again.

“Victoria, are you programmed for sexual intercourse?” Jacob asked, stumbling a little over the words and becoming painfully aware that his face was likely glowing red.

“Yes, though I am not equipped with a vaginal or anal entry, but I could perform oral sex.” She said, her tone still flat and then her face melted into a somewhat sly smile and she took a single step towards Jacob, one foot landing directly in front of the other.

“Why? Were you looking for something a little, exciting?” She said, her eyebrows waggled up and down as she asked.

“I, uh, w-well. Maybe. But uh, not now.” Jacob said, cursing himself for not working faster. His eyes darted to the clock hanging over the door to Megan’s office. They had already been here for half an hour, and someone was on the schedule to show up within the next fifteen minutes. Jacob was mockingly confident that a blow job from a robot specifically programmed for that would have no problems finishing her other duties as assigned in time, he wanted to enjoy it.

“No, uh, no. ok can you return to your normal programming mode or something and return to your desk?” Jacob said, remembering that he hadn’t exactly looked up how to remove the altered state she was in, but she seemed to respond to verbal requests pretty well.

“Sure thing hun.” Victoria said, then stepped forward, planting a small sweet kiss on Jacob’s cheek. She then took a few steps back into her original position, precisely where she was when Jacob had initiated the hack. Her eyes closed for what appeared to be just a long blink and her face contorted back to its original “business only” look.

“Thank you Jacob, I’ll be sure to let Megan know that you took good care of me when she returns. I’d like to remind you that everything that happened here is strictly confidential.” Victoria said, repeating the exact wording she had said just before Jacob had uttered the trigger phrase. Jacob nodded and Victoria turned, unlocked the door, and stepped out.

It felt like Jacob had been holding in a full breath the entire time, which he now let out in one long huff. It had worked, not only that but he had managed to discover that Victoria was an android and repair her. Today was shaping up to be a great day. Jacob smiled widely and set about putting away everything he had gotten out to fix Victoria. Then a thought crossed his mind, today might be a good day, but Victoria was essentially his now, and he was always at work long before anyone else in the IT department, and Victoria could lock Megan’s office. Tomorrow might be an even better day.

    Jacob spent the rest of his day only half paying attention to the tasks he was assigned. No one else in the IT department seemed to take any notice of it though, in fact most of them let him know that he could pass off some of his work since he was having to do Megan’s work while she was out. None of that really helped him to pass the rest of the day away.

    After what felt like an eternity, Jacob’s day finally ended and he made his way back home. He spent the remainder of his evening dreaming about what work would be like the next day, and what he could make Victoria do to him and for him. He made his way into the office the next morning, early like usual, but today it was much earlier than previous days, nearly an hour before his shift started. It was around 5am when he walked into the IT office and he immediately logged in to his computer and opened an email to Victoria, asking that she come down to the IT office and unlock Megan’s office as he had left some of his tools in there yesterday.     

    It was a mere ten minutes before Victoria arrived in the IT office. She pushed open the door and stepped into the office. Today she was sporting a pantsuit with a smart-looking button-up white blouse and a tight-fitting black turtleneck sweater. Jacob thought that, while very stylish, that the turtleneck must be difficult on her heat management systems, a thought he had to shake from his head. Her hair was still up in the messy bun that she had been sporting the day before. Victoria moved quickly across the office to Megan’s door and unlocked it.

    “Thanks Victoria, sorry for the inconvenience” Jacob said as he walked into Megan’s office.

    “It’s no problem, just try to remember to gather all your belongings next time.” Victoria said, standing in the doorway.

    “Do you still need a cup of sugar?” Jacob said, once he was in the room.

    Victoria, as predicted, stood up straight and looked directly at Jacob.

    “No thank you, I just went shopping this morning.” At that, her previous neutral expression faded into a smirk, her eyes somehow softened and her hands rose to the messy bun on her head and pulled free the scrunchy holding it in place. She shook her head back and forth and her hair tumbled off of her head and down to rest around mid back.

    “Long time no see Jacob” Victoria said, her voice was deeper, darker, and filled with lust.

    “Too long, why don’t you come in here and lock that door behind you.” Jacob said, and Victoria wordlessly complied. Once latched, she stepped over towards Jacob, her hands already dragging the turtleneck up her belly and over her well rounded breasts. By the time she had stepped up in front of Jacob the sweater lay on the floor, and her long dark hair was teased outward, making her look more and more like she was ready to take Jacob to bed. She didn’t hesitate, and neither did Jacob. Their lips met and the passion in their kiss quickly escalated into half groans of pleasure, and deep sighs.

    Jacob’s hands were immediately on Victoria’s breasts, they were, perhaps a little more firm and fake than he would have expected, though later once his full attention was restored he would realize that there would be no point in making a corporate android, like Victoria, have realistic breasts. Victoria gently swatted away Jacob’s hands after a few long moments of groping and squeezing at her chest. She instead set about quickly and efficiently unbuttoning her blouse. Jacob tried to help but only fumbled at the buttons and quickly realized that Victoria was moving with a kind of mechanical efficiency and resigned to simply let her do what she was programmed to do. She shrugged out of the shirt and let it tumble off of her body.

    Jacob pressed a hand against the back of Victoria’s head and deepened the kiss, letting his tongue glide into her waiting mouth. Her tongue, much like her breasts, felt more fake than he would have guessed, but again, the sound was coming from a speaker assembly in her throat, not the complex movements of her tongue in conjunction with a vocal chord. He didn’t complain though, as their tongues danced against each other he could feel the small slight movements of the tiny motors inside of her that made her mouth come alive.

    Without even realizing it Victoria’s bra had slipped off and she now stood bare-chested against Jacob. Feeling this, Jacob broke the kiss and stepped back, bumping against Megan’s desk. Victoria stepped up to him and in response Jacob slid down a bit, pressing his lips against one of Victoria’s obviously artificial breasts. Jacob realized that there was no nipple there, just one long continuous mound of soft flesh, and the firm gel like silicone below it. Victoria let her head roll to one side and then back, letting out a deep moan that sounded like it came from the pit of her throat.

    Jacob delighted himself for a long minute at her breasts, playing and squeezing one, while kissing and licking along the other, but soon the straining of his hard cock became nearly painful inside of his jeans. Jacob stood up and immediately got to work unfastening his belt and frantically unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Victoria, seeing this, took the initiative and hooked her thumbs into the waist of his pants and drug them down his leg while squatting down in one smooth motion. As she did, his rock hard manhood popped up directly in front of Victoria.

    She squealed in delight at seeing it and immediately took it in her mouth. Now it was Jacob’s turn to let his head fall back and let out a growling moan of delight. Victoria barely had the tip of his head in her mouth before the gentle suction took hold and she slipped down his shaft, further and further. She eventually had his entire shaft inside of her mouth, and her tongue was pulsing up and down as much of his flesh as she could reach. She held that position for a moment or two before she moved back up his shaft and then began bobbing her head up and down.    

    Jacob could feel the rising ejaculation inside of him and he knew he couldn’t hold out for much longer. His hands fell to either side of Victoria’s head and he gently encouraged her head into his crotch while he began to thrust his hips forward and back. Jacob couldn’t quite see it, but Victoria smiled slightly, as much as she could with his cock in her mouth at least. Her own hands rose to press Jacob’s more firmly against her head and once he did so, there was a small buzzing noise radiating from her neck. Her body crouched down just a little further, resulting in her head disconnecting from her neck.

    Victoria, in an instant, remotely connected to her body and it stood back up, standing in front of Jacob, now headless. That was more than enough to tip Jacob over the ledge and tumbling into lustful orgasmic bliss. He let himself go and, holding on tightly to Victoria’s head, thrust his hips forward several more times, spurting hot blasts of his cum inside of her mouth while she gleefully applied gentle suction. Jacob, now drained in more ways than one, leaned back against Megan’s desk and held Victoria’s head in place over his dick while he caught his breath. Soon though he was sliding her head back onto her neck joint and locking it into place. Once there, Victoria swallowed her mouthful of cum where it trickled down into an internal holding tank somewhere in her torso.

    Jacob quickly pulled his jeans up and straightened himself out, though Victoria made no such effort to redress herself. She let out a low delighted grumble as she stepped forward again.

    “That was fun Jacob, we should do that again really soon.” She said, her voice dark and husky, dripping with lustful intent.

    “Y-yeah we should. Same time tomorrow?” He said breathlessly. Victoria responded only by winking at him and smirking. She then turned and bent at the waist to pick up her shirt and turtleneck, resulting in her ass pressing against Jacob’s still slightly hard crotch.

    “It’s a date.” She said with a giggle.

    Jacob nodded stupidly and watched as Victoria slipped into her bra and blouse, buttoning it up, but leaving the top two buttons undone, allowing Jacob a wonderful view of her cleavage.

    “You better get back to your desk before someone misses you. Which means you’ll have to dress yourself all the way again.” Jacob said, saddened that his little play thing had to leave. Victoria pouted a bit as she reluctantly buttoned up the last two buttons on her shirt and then pulled the turtleneck on, finishing her outfit by restoring her messy bun.

    “Until next time sweetie” She said, and then closed her eyes and stood in place. When her eyes opened again she was wearing her usual mask of professional disinterest.

    “Did you find what you needed Jacob?” Victoria asked.

    “Oh, nope, it’s not here, I thought it was.” He said, “I’ll double check my car.”

    “Be quick about it, there’s a lot of work to be done today.” She said, and turned on heel to leave. Closing and locking Megan’s office once Jacob was out of it. Jacob had a much easier time for the rest of the day, dreaming about everything that he wanted to explore with Victoria, he wanted to spend some time exploring more of how she worked, what made her tick so to speak. He wanted to open her up and explore inside of her body and, he admitted to himself, he wanted to explore everything outside as well. He knew it was only a week until Megan returned and he had a lot of exploring to do before his boss reclaimed her office.

Part 2

The sound of skin slapping against skin punctuated the small IT office. Jacob and his co-worker Troy were engaged in a heated duel of rock-paper-scissors. They had gone four rounds resulting in a tie each time. They were mostly illuminated by the white glow from their computers, each one prominently displaying an email. Among the corporate greeting and salutations was a small request, one of the technicians needed to accompany the director of the department along with their direct manager to a robotics in the workplace conference over the weekend. A paid weekend away at a conference with two of the arguably most beautiful women in the company was a dream come true. Jacob would normally have just let it go, his weekend time was precious to him, but the idea of a weekend alone with Megan and Victoria brought other implications with it. 

Through a fluke set of circumstances Jacob had learned that both Megan and Victoria were both androids. They were owned by the company and implemented as a cost cutting resource. After all, once you paid off the loan, a company could own a permanent employee and not pay for ongoing benefits and salary. It was a close margin, but according to the accounting department it was a worthwhile investment over time. It was no surprise that the general manager and director of the technology department were both androids. There were others in the company in prominent positions and all of their repairs were funneled through Victoria and Megan. The existence of androids in the world at large was no secret, but most companies tried very hard to keep their presence at a company as a corporate secret. It cut down significantly on lawsuits about discriminations for promotions. 

Once Jacob had discovered the identity and true nature of his two robotic supervisors though, his life became an increasingly complex dance, both trying to figure out a way to allow himself a backdoor to their systems, while keeping his research and tests a secret. This weekend though, might be the perfect opportunity for him to try out a few of the tips and tricks that he had found on a number of online forums. It was tricky though, and it required a lot of very specific circumstances. It also greatly depended on the model of corporate machines and firmware that Megan and Victoria had. First things first though, he had to win a heated battle of rock-paper-scissors for the right to even attend the event. 

The next round came to a close, Jacob extended his middle and index finger and his eyes flicked to his opponent’s. His hand was held flat, hovering a mere half inch above his other palm. Jacob let out a small woop and pumped his fist once. Troy, sitting across from Jacob let his shoulders slump and let out a huff. 

“Sorry buddy. You get the next convention.” Jacob said, attempting to sound sincere with his apology, despite being overjoyed. 

Jacob’s mind immediately begane racing. He had a lot of preparation to do before the weekend arrived. It was two weeks away and he had ample time, but he knew he got one shot at this and he needed to get it right. His work day would drag on but once he made it home that evening he began the process of downloading forum posts, loading hard drives with specific software and running scripted tools to create specific USB drives. He found it difficult not to cackle at times, and his hands were shaking for the rest of the evening, but he was confident that he knew what he was doing, or at least confident that he could follow the instructions he had found on the internet. 

The next two weeks passed slowly and Jacob’s evenings were filled with checking, double checking and in some cases, triple checking his information. He packed his bags the Thursday night before the trip, but his technology equipment and additions were packed long before that. He wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss anything. Jacob ensured that he had every possible data cable, additional hard drives, his laptop and two chargers. His weekend duffle bag ended up weighing nearly twice what it should for a short trip, but he didn’t care. He knew that Megan and Victoria wouldn’t question him on it, his bag was personal belongings and asking about the contents was strictly forbidden. Jacob knew that they literally could not ask because their programming forbade it. Playing within the rules sometimes left you open to miss an opportunity not to be hacked by your IT technician.

The weeks slipped by, but soon enough Jacob was lugging his duffle bag through the airport and checking it. He had arrived early, but only by about fifteen minutes or so, he didn’t expect to see Megan and Victoria until they landed. As the desk attendant checked in his bag, weighed it and slung it onto a conveyor belt, Jacob briefly wondered if the company would actually buy tickets for Megan and Victoria. They could very easily be packed in a foam lined container and shipped to the location, likely for cheaper than the cost of plane tickets. As Jacob left the long, crowded line of future passengers he spotted his two co-workers. 

Megan, like always, was looking down at her phone, presumably flicking through streams of support emails. She was wearing a pair of jeans that hugged but not strangled her legs. They were long and slender, but clearly not scrawny. A simple, yet professional white button up blouse and a blazer covered her upper half. She almost immediately looked up and tucked a rogue few strands of her copper coloured hair behind her ear. It was normally only shoulder length but it somehow always managed to get in her face. She scrunched up her nose for a moment as the same strand of hair managed to untuck itself and fall next to her face again. She huffed once and gave up, but the whole interaction gave her a “girl next door” look which was only enhanced by the smattering of red orange freckles scattered across her face. 

Jacob began stepping towards his traveling companions and tried to wall off the images that danced in his mind. Images of Megan and Victoria taken apart and stored in foam lined boxes, with shipping labels and invoices printed across the lid. He almost physically shook his head to drive them from his mind, he needed to focus. Megan, being his direct supervisor waved at him and flashed a smile before turning to Victoria. Presumably to alert her that she had spotted Jacob. Victoria looked up and her eyes met with Jacob’s and a smile spread across her face too, though it was a much more curt and professional expression. Jacob was thankful he was still several paces away and was able to take in her look without being so overt as to physically look her up and down. 

Victoria was always one of those stoic corporate types. She was gorgeous because of how aloof she always seemed. Jacob had interacted with her on a few occasions and she always seemed incredibly professional, he now knew why. She was programmed that way, but the head of long dark hair, the perfect and blemish free face, and the almost too big to be human chest, suggested that she was not necessarily always used for strictly business. Jacob knew that the upper management in the company knew who the androids were and more than likely had administrator access to them. Meaning they could command them to do whatever they wanted within reason. That was the crux of Jacob’s plan, he knew that there was a way to add himself as an administrator to both Megan and Victoria’s internal database, but it was tricky. The forums and posts he had read made it sound like it was something that needed to be done while the android was first being set up, reinstalling the core operating system, or some other very specific circumstances that allowed for a severely limited and stripped down boot of the OS. 

Jacob had thought a lot about how he planned to get himself into that database. There were automatic hacks and scripts that had been installed on a number of thumb drives, but those were risky. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but he assumed that there was some sort of security system in place on both girls, likely something that would lockdown the video feed and report it to corporate. Meaning if he was going to pull this off, he needed to not be recognized. He had cobbled together a hat that he had never worn to work, some clothes that made him look sloppy, but unrecognizable, and for good measure, a ski mask. Jacob assumed there was nothing wrong with respecting a tried and true method. 

As he approached the pair, he waved at them and smiled. Victoria returned a small nod and turned on heel to begin walking away. Jacob didn’t mind the view, she wore smart looking heels and a pencil skirt that, while professional, also seemed to hug her hips and ass just a little tighter than was expected. Her hips swished back and forth and allowed Jacob a lovely view of her pert rounded buttocks. His mind began to wander again and he had to blink for just a little longer than usual to allow him to return to his senses. Megan had a backpack slung over one shoulder and casually fell into step next to Jacob, and as usual, began some idle small talk. 

“What’s in the bag?” Jacob asked. 

“Just some light reading material and stuff to do on the flight.” She replied. 

“Robot’s need stuff to read?” Jacob whispered back and received a look that almost burned clean through him.

“Allow me to remind you that company secrets, such as that little tidbit of information you just blurted out, are severely punishable.” Her eyes flicked up to Victoria, leading several long strides in front of the two. “So keep your mouth shut will you. Don’t make more paperwork for me.” 

“Jeez, sorry Meg.” Jacob said, rolling his eyes. 

“Listen, I like you. You’re a good tech and if I’m really honest after what happened with Victoria I’m looking forward to getting you more training so you can service her.” Megan replied quietly. 

Jacob felt his pulse quicken and the hot surge of blood rushed through his body. He should have guessed that his discovery and subsequent abuse of his power over Victoria would be reported. He hadn’t been fired over it though, a thought that made him squint curiously at Megan. 

“Y-you know about that?...Why didn’t-”

“Why didn’t we terminate you over it?” Megan interrupted “Because we would have to give a reason and that might risk exposing what Victoria, and myself, actually are...And I like you. You’re a good tech and you can actually help out now and take some of the other androids work off of my plate.” 

Jacob’s hot running blood turned quickly into the thrill of praise and the adrenaline of potentially working on other androids in the future. Jacob pondered how just a few weeks ago he was contemplating leaving the company out of sheer boredom.

“Please try to keep up, you two. Wew don’t want to miss our flight.” Came a comment over Victoria’s shoulder. She had managed to step further and further away from Jacob and Megan, giving her a distinct lead over the pair. 

“Of course, Miss Sanders.” Megan replied. 

Jacob simply nodded and smiled then quickened his step. Megan continued her stride and kept next to Jacob, though remained silent until they reached the gate. Jacob and Megan continued to make idle chat once they were seated in the terminal and discussed any number of topics, though most were kept soundly in the professional work category. Jacob knew not to stray too far out of that realm as long as Victoria was there, she was surely programmed to be a consummate professional and as long as this trip was happening it was considered company time. 

The trio soon boarded the plane, and took their seats. Megan spent her time reading, and wore a vague smile the entire time. Victoria spent the entire time looking out the window as the clouds slowly rolled by. Jacob occasionally glanced at her and wondered what was happening inside of her. Was her mind wandering? Was she answering emails? Was she in a low power mode of some kind? Jacob mostly just tilted his head back and closed his eyes, slipping off into a short nap while thinking about the two gorgeous androids seated next to him. He hadn’t even really realized that he had fallen asleep until Megan gently nudged him in the ribs to wake him up. 

People were standing up and retrieving bags from overhead compartments or dragging them out from the small space under chairs. They had landed, and Jacob being in the seat next to the aisle was holding up his co-workers. He quickly snapped to his senses and unbuckled himself and began extracting himself from his seat with Megan and Victoria following closely afterward. The three left the plane and wandered into the terminal, making their way towards the baggage claim. Victoria and Megan waited patiently and pulled off a moderate sized piece of luggage each, both paled in comparison to Jacob’s though. True to form Victoria looked at the back with the sort of cool calm that he had come to expect. She showed little emotional response though, and only commented to ask if he needed help carrying such a large bag. An offer that Jacob, politely, turned down. Megan on the other hand raised a slight eyebrow as she saw her subordinate lug the clearly heavy duffle bag off of the conveyor belt. Neither of them openly questioned the bag, and the trio moved out of the airport and hailed a taxi to take them to the hotel that the company had arranged for them. 

The drive to the hotel, much like the plane ride, was mostly professional silence. Megan and Jacob made some idle talk about what seminars they were looking forward to attending in their breakout sessions, implementations of new technologies, and on occasion the small amount of rumors that had been circulating about upcoming tech. After a short enough taxi ride they were delivered to a relatively lavish hotel. In Jacob’s mind he had always thought that the company would have put them up in something a little more affordable, particularly since Victoria and Megan technically didn’t even need a bed. This time it was Victoria who sensed Jacob’s question before he even asked it. 

“The conference takes place in the large event hall on the first floor. It made more sense to get us rooms here than pay for a room and transportation to and from another location. It's a logistic choice.” She said in the same even, cool, and professional tone she always had. Jacob briefly remembered the lower husky tone she had in the office when he had first discovered she was an android and managed to get her to slip into a mode where most of that professional calm was disabled. 

Jacob nodded and only grunted slightly, indicating that he at least heard and understood Victoria, not that she needed the confirmation. Soon they were walking through the gilded doors and stepped up to the check in desk. Victoria took care of most of that, being in possession of the company credit card and all the information was in her name. After checking in Jacob was delighted to hear that the company had only sprung for one room for the three of them. He was excited at the possibilities up until they entered the suite. It was a singular central room with a dining table, a few chairs, wall mounted television, and a small kitchenette. His heart sank when he saw two doors in the back corners of the room. His disappointment was only punctuated when Victoria began to speak. 

“Jacob, your room is the one on the left, Megan and I will take the room to the right. I’ll have to ask you to strictly adhere to the company privacy policy and never enter our room without express permission.” 

“Oh of course, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Jacob replied, he knew that Megan might pick up on the subtle hint of sarcasm in his voice but Victoria surely wouldn’t. 

“Thank you, I believe the first seminar begins in an hour.” Victoria said and began weaving through the room to the door with Megan in tow. Jacob took the cue and lugged his heavy bag to his own room. 

THe room itself wasn’t anything special, at least in comparison to the rest of the hotel. A bed, night stand and lighting adorned one wall, a dresser and a small reading chair on the other. Jacob got the distinct impression that this room was meant to be the childrens room in a family suite. He tossed his bag onto the bed with little care to the contents of it and sat next to it, folding his legs in front of himself. Unzipping the bag he began to take out his personal laptop and a few small static bags filled with hard drives. A nylon bag was zipped shut and filled with every conceivable data cable, both were set next to each other. He doubted he would need it, but a small tool kit with precision screwdrivers and tweezers got placed on the nightstand. 

The bulk of the weight in his bag came from a computer that Jacob had assembled, mostly from spare parts in his house, and cramped into an older computer tower. It was still relatively small, but the dimensions made it bulky when placed in a duffle bag. It served only one purpose, it was going to emulate an authorized software server and, with any amount of luck, would push the software he wanted onto Megan and Victoria when the time was right. For now though, he hefted it up and set it on the ground, searching for a power cable to plug it in to. There was only one available one behind the bed, and with a little work, plugged it in and booted the server. Next he pulled out a small binder filled with printed instructions on what he needed to do, each sheet scrawled with some of his own notes on the process, just in case there was no internet connection when the time came. 

His greatest challenge was going to be getting Megan and Victoria to fully power down, not just a deep sleep mode or charging modes, he needed them to be fully offline. The reporting and wireless check in systems were some of the first to engage when a unit was booting, so the trick was to interrupt that sequence before anything incriminating happened. Jacob smirked, it had only been about a month since he discovered that his two managers were machines, but in that time the research and learning he had done just about robots, was explosive. He didn’t consider himself an expert, far from it, but he was amazed by some of the stuff he had learned in such a short time. 

Time slipped away and soon it was time for the seminars to begin. There was a gentle knock on Jacob’s door just as he was reaching for it. Opening the door he found Megan smiling sweetly at him.

“Ready to go?” She asked. JAcob could see that her eyes flicked briefly from him to the mess of papers, electronics and cabling on his bed. “Staying busy?” She said with a small giggle. 

“You know me, work work.” Jacob replied and stepped out the door, forcing Megan to take a step back and he closed the door behind him. Megan piqued and eyebrow at him and Jacob smiled and waved his hand. “Ok, I got a little obsessed with some of the material for the weekend, I wanted to read up on it all ahead of time.” 

It wasn’t exactly the truth, then again considering that most of the weekend was about robotics in the workplace with a focus on security it wasn’t entirely untrue either. It was close enough that Jacob could have easily passed off the reading material as looking into the possible dangers and how to counteract them. Though the server and numerous hard drives and cabling was more difficult to pass off. He had thought about saying it was there just in case either Megan or Victoria needed repairs, but that wasn’t his job, so he relied on her not seeing that for the time being. 

THe three left the suite with little fanfare and made their way down to the conference hall and picked up their name tags, prominently displaying their names and company. The hall was laid out like a massive lecture hall, with rows upon rows of slightly padded grey chairs all linked together with flimsy metal hooks. The entire room was divided into three sections, with a walkway between each one. Megan and Victoria managed to make their way to approximately the middle of the far right section of chairs. They settled into their seats and made themselves comfortable. Soon there was a panel of business casual men and women filtering onto the stage, bringing up the final two spots to the panel was a man and a woman, dressed only in a cream coloured jumpsuit.

For the next four hours, the trio listened and took notes on a number of demonstrations. The two jumpsuit wearing members were androids specifically manufactured for the demonstration and the panel ran through a number of demonstrations on common errors that the newest units might run into, tips on how to resolve them and finally a litany of the current and upcoming specs on new models. Jacob admitted that the majority of the information went over his head, it was a world he was just beginning to dip into. As he glanced over at Victoria, she sat with one leg crossed over the other, hands folded politely in her lap, Jacob could see that she wasn’t blinking or even really breathing. He ventured a guess that she was turning off some of the more human processes in order to devote more time to fully absorbing the information. Megan was doing much the same, she sat with her legs crossed at the ankles, hands also resting atop one another and unblinkingly watching the demonstration. 

Once the seminar came to a close, there was a polite round of applause and they opened up the floor to general questions and answers. It was about this time that Jacob heard Victoria and Megan simultaneously inhale slightly, which drew his attention enough to see that they were blinking and making those small human-like fidgeting movements that everyone who wasn’t a robot would make. Victoria stood, smoothed out her skirt and straightened herself up while Megan leaned over and whispered to Jacob. 

“We’re going to go recharge while you take lunch, we’ll be back before the next section begins.” 

With that, Megan also stood, straightened herself up and followed Victoria out of the auditorium before Jacob had a moment to say anything. He instead found himself alone in the conference hall and once the question and answers had finished up he was left to his own devices. He wandered around the lobby and mulled over how exactly he was going to facilitate a full shut down on not just one, but two high level androids. He found his way to a small bar and grill in the lobby and ordered a sandwich, which was then put on the room tab. As he ate he watched another couple, clearly not in town for the conference, meander in, drink far too much and laugh the entire time. Jacob actually found himself becoming annoyed as he watched them, constantly wondering why they didn’t just leave and go to their room. Then it struck him that just the thrill of being out and about was all it took for someone to spend more time than they should in a single place, and that, in turn, gave him an idea. 

Lunch ended and Jacob made his way back to the conference hall and met back up with Megan and Victoria. They took their seats again, and while the seminar resumed he once again noticed that almost immediately Megan and Victoria held completely still, stopped breathing, and blinking, and stared straight ahead at the presentation. The second half of the seminar was shorter, lasting only an additional three hours, and Jacob did his very best to pay attention, but his mind wandered. Once again the presentation came to a close and Victoria and Megan resumed a much more human appearance. Both stood quickly and excused themselves. 

“Hey uh, I was thinking. Maybe we could all have dinner together tonight? I know a nice place here in the lobby that I found for lunch.” Jacob suggested hastily. 

“Perhaps another night Jacob.” Victoria replied, “I need to attend to some matters in our room.”

“Ah, gotcha.” Jacob said, nodding in understanding. 

“See ya later tonight Jacob.” Megan muttered in passing, patting him on the shoulder as she passed. 

Jacob nodded, a little more sullenly that he intended, but regardless he had the evening to himself. It was only five’o’clock and the night was his. Donning a light jacket from his wardrobe, he stepped into the common room and found that neither Victoria or Megan were around. He rapped a single knuckle against their door and listened intently. 

“Yes?” It was Megan. 

“I’m gonna head out and see if there’s anything interesting in town. You two need anything?” He called through the door, knowing better than to simply walk in, though his mind reeled at what he might have seen. Images of Megan and Victoria standing still and nude, with a panel open and power cables dangling out of it. Or perhaps they were laying next to each other on the bed, a power port open somewhere on their body. His idle day dreams would have likely deteriorated into purely sexual images from there had Megan’s reply not snapped him back. 

“No thank you, we are fine. Have a good evening.” Megan replied, her voice sounded stiff, like it was a struggle to formulate the words and still sound normal. Jacob guessed that the sudden jolt out of whatever lower power mode they were in didn’t give her time to fully start the more human inflections that were normally present in her voice. Jacob admitted that she sounded more like Victoria in that moment than the chipper friendly manager he had worked with for years. 

Confident that he wouldn’t be missed for the evening he set out into the city. As he strolled along he found his way to a local second hand robotics part shop. They were a new business venture that had started showing up in major cities around the world. Much like recycling an old computer or TV, robot shops aimed to refurbish and repair older units for resale, or at very least take them apart and use whatever was still working for use in other repairs. They were a goldmine of potential deals. Jacob needed to buy some software for his plans for the weekend, assuming that Megan and Victoria didn’t have the software that he wanted to utilize. He was sure they had the basics, but he wanted something more than that. 

The parts shop that he found had exactly what he needed, though he was told that the software only came bundled with the matching hardware. At first Jacob wasn’t sure what that meant entirely, until the clerk at the desk trotted to the back room and returned with a box. Pulling open the lid Jacob found himself looking at a long chrome plated piece of machinery. It appeared to have an absurd amount of fine latex tubing running along the length of it up to a small central tank that dominated one side of the thing. At the base of the module was something wrapped tightly in sterile plastic and sealed shut. With a gleeful nod from the man behind the counter Jacob picked it up curiously and examined it. He found that it was lighter than expected, and looking at the end of it found that it was, in fact, an extremely lifelike female genetal. His eyes flicked to the box and spotted a small generic looking thumb drive as well. 

“Software and Hardware are generally sold together. It’s not much more than drivers and some operating software, but we have to bundle them together. In this particular piece's case there is also a load of, ah, additional settings and routines that get installed.” 

There was a moment of knowing silence between the two. The implications were crystal clear though, the software on the drive would modify Megan and Victoria into perfect sexbots. 

“I’ll take two.” Jacob said, setting the module gingerly back into the box and closing the lid on it. His request clearly piqued the interest of the clerk and he smirked. 

“Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead.” He said and stepped back to retrieve another one of the same model from the back room. Jacob, meanwhile, double checked the model number and pairing report to ensure that it would be compatible with Megan and Victoria. He didn’t entirely know what model they were, having never gotten to actually identify them, but he had done enough online sleuthing to know approximately what they were. Most parts were fairly universal these days anyway, enough at least that he wasn’t worried about screwing something up. Jacob paid, gathered up his new purchases, and took one more loop around the shop to make sure there wasn’t anything else he had overlooked for his weekend plans. Content with what he had, he made his way back towards the hotel. 

Jacob swiped his keycard and entered into the room, finding the lights on, though the night was dark, and no sign of either of his robotic co-workers. Jacob went quickly to his room, not wanting to have to formulate another story about what was in the boxes he had returned with. After setting them down on the floor and gently scooting them under the lip of the bed and nudging his duffle bag in front of them he came to realize that there wasn’t much left to do for the evening. It was close enough to a rational bedtime so he laid down to sleep, figuring that if he slept more tonight he could stay up much later tomorrow night.

Morning came all too early for Jacob, he had thought that the night was going to pass fitfully, but he awoke rested and ready for the day ahead of him. After dressing and getting ready for the day he met with Victoria and Megan in the common room and asked if they wanted to join him for breakfast. He knew that there were robots equipped with some kind of food disposal and containment systems, he just didn’t know if these two did. Megan shrugged and put on a cheerful face. 

“Sure, I’ll see what they have.” Megan said and looked towards Victoria. She took a deep breath in and Jacob was sure that there was something inside of her that was weighing the options of doing something that was so obviously not work related, but was also something that would help reinforce the human appearance that she was sure to have. She only stood still for a moment, and in the end nodded her head once. 

The breakfast buffet was simple. Pastries, scrambled eggs and an assortment of fruit. Jacob piled his plate with a little bit of everything, while Victoria and Megan picked up a single, plain, bagel. Once they sat down Jacob looked quizzatively at their breakfast choices. Megan caught on quickly and leaned over to him and answered the question in a hushed tone before it was even asked. 

“It’s for appearance sake. Anything that can be swallowed in a relatively large and manageable chunk makes disposal easier.” 

“But how does that all-” Jacob began, but Megan simply held up a hand to silence him. 

“You and I should really schedule a private meeting to go over some of your questions.” Megan interrupted. Just then Jacob felt his phone buzz in his pocket, nodding to Megan as she settled back into her chair he took a peek at what had come in for him on the weekend. It was a meeting invitation for the first day back in the office, just him and Megan. Jacob wondered how that meeting might go if he was successful. 

Soon it was time again for the demonstrations and seminars to begin. Today had a number of breakout sessions after the initial demonstrations took place. Megan and Victoria informed Jacob long before the breakout sessions that they would be attending a special breakout session specifically for corporate managers “like them” as Megan emphasized. Jacob wondered if she was simply trying to get him not to ask more questions about it preemptively, but that was fine, he was planning on attending a seminar on the basics of android support, which they both agreed would likely be a valuable seminar for him. To his surprise, he knew most of the tips and tricks that were discussed, but like any skill there were gaps in his knowledge that got filled. Most pertinent was the fact that once an android hits a certain power threshold they will actually fully power down, as exhausting the entire power core means that they would need to be plugged in and recharged fully before they would be able to power back on. At that point the demonstrator presented a table full of small fist sized boxes. 

As with every conference, there was swag, and Jacob found that the small power supplies they were handing out might just come in perfectly handy. Of course they weren’t meant to power a fully operational android indefinitely, they were primarily there as a stopgap, something to get them from point A to point B where they could plug in and recharge correctly without fully discharging their entire power supply. Jacob held the small device in his hand and an eyebrow piqued up, his plans were starting to come together. With the break out session coming to an end Jacob found himself making some idle chat with the presenter, focusing mostly on the pitfalls of android power loss, what the thresholds were and common scenarios that might cause a workplace robot to reach that critical state where it would fully power down. 

The pair got along swimmingly and as the second day of the conference drew to a close Jacob found he had a plethora of unanswered questions still and was getting firm and helpful answers. Jacob had so many more questions in fact that the presenter asked if he would like to have dinner with him to continue the discussions and Jacob agreed on the stipulation that he got to invite his manager and director, both of which would likely be interested in the information. Jacob texted Megan and let her know that he had arranged for dinner for all of them at the same little cafe and bar in the hotel lobby and that one of the presenters from the conference would be joining them. Megan’s reply didn’t come immediately, in fact it was nearly a half an hour before she replied, and while her words weren’t exactly icy, she did say that her and Victoria would join them for a short time, but would have to leave early for obvious reasons. 

The evening came and Jacob met and introduced Victoria and Megan as they all sat down and Jacob ordered a few appetizers. His plan was to continue to keep these two out as long as possible, his portable power supply with him ensured that he could get one of them up and running for at least a short amount of time. He was surprised at how friendly Victoria turned out to be when she turned on the charm. It was likely the first time that he had heard her laugh at anything or seem even mildly interested. It was more than a little distressing to see someone who was always a consummate professional become so..human. 

The night dragged onward and Jacob found that Megan and Victoria were surprisingly pleasant to be around when they dropped their professional demeanor. Maybe it was something about being outside of the designated work hours that disabled, or re-enabled, some part of their programming that made them much more human-like. It made Jacob smile. 

The conversation was beginning to wane though and Victoria and Megan were tossing each other small glances that Jacob recognized. He had been saving a topic until this very moment and he hoped that it sparked a longer conversation. He asked it and to his surprise it seemed to immediately reignite the fervor in their guest. For the first time Jacob noticed a slightly worried look on Victoria’s face as she stood to excuse herself, Jacob assumed, to go recharge after an entire day at the conference. 

“No no, this is important, I promise I won't take more than a few minutes.” The man remarked and then with wild gestures launched into some of the more intricate theories he had been holding on to about androids in the workplace. Jacob was legitimately fascinated, there would be a number of conversations about all of these topics with Megan at some point in the future, but for now he glanced at his watch. They were nearing nine’o’clock in the evening and he figured that his two co-workers must be approaching a critical power state. He noticed that their breathing had stopped, likely a way to try and reserve as much power as possible. 

Victoria was just opening her mouth, likely to finally insist that they leave, when their guest sat back and let out a long sigh. Victoria’s mouth closed as he told them that it was getting late, punctuated with a yawn, he stood from the table. His rant had gone on for nearly half an hour. He shook hands, made some more idle chatter and left the cafe promptly. Jacob glanced around and saw that they were the only patrons in the entire place. Jacob looked back to Megan and Victoria, both were sitting still, too still. He figured it was a last resort, conserving as much power as possible. Jacob had been hoping to actually drain them of all of their power and force them into that place of completely offline, but he clearly hadn’t but he had one more day before the trip ended to figure something out. 

“Welp, it’s late, what say we head back upstairs.” Jacob said, disappointed, but masking it well enough. He pushed away from the table and looked down at Megan, then to Victoria. They hadn’t moved, and were in fact looking directly at where Jacob had been sitting. 

“Megan?” Jacob leaned down and poked her in the shoulder. 

“Victoria?” Jacob looked to her and found them both to be unblinking, unmoving, and unbreathing. 

It was in that moment that Jacob realized that they had waited too long. They had both powered fully down and were completely offline. He wanted to woop, but he didn’t want to attract any attention. He silently sat back down and dug out the portable power supply he had gotten earlier and quickly looked through the “easy to use instructions.” Open power panel, plug in device, wait approximately one minute. He looked up from the small sphere like device in his hand to Victoria. She was the only robot he had worked with, and though he had never seen it, he had some idea from his online research how to manually open her power panel. 

He moved around the table and took a seat next to Victoria and looked around the cafe, attempting to look as innocent as possible as he gently placed his hands on her stomach. He was slowly and meticulously unbuttoning her blouse there and then slipping a hand inside. She felt soft and warm, her flesh felt so incredibly real. Jacob found himself blushing at what felt like an incredibly intimate moment. It only took him a moment though to find the all too hard patch of skin just above Victoria’s belly button and press into it, releasing the manual locks on the larger panel. 

It took a little work, but Jacob squeezed the panel out from between the undone buttons of her blouse. Once it was free Jacob slipped it into the cloth bag he had been collecting programs, swag, and most importantly the power supply in.While he was bent down, shoving the panel covering into his bag he ventured a glance into Victoria’s exposed belly. Jacob saw that there was a layer of clear plastic that gave her body its shape, below that was a dense tangle of cables, fiber optic wiring, tubing and small specialized circuit boards. There was, however, a prominent array of data ports lining the upper portion of the panel, just a few centimeters away from a sheer wall of flesh. Nestled among them was something that resembled a plug that Jacob had spotted on his power supply earlier. 

Attempting to be as sly as possible, he set the small device on Victoria’s lap and then slipped a hand into her blouse once again and let his fingers roam around the clear plastic plating until he came to the power port. With his other hand he quickly guided the plug into place and pushed it in until there was a small click. Once done, he extracted his hands quickly and took hold of Victoria’s arm, using a fair amount of force he moved it into a place where it was cradling the device. He was about to try and button up her blouse when he heard a slight whining from Victoria and looked up to see her head turning smoothly, but slowly towards him. She was expressionless and unblinking, but he knew she was active, and from what he had recently learned she would be operating on a very minimal amount of processing power. 

“Jacob, what’s the meaning of this?” Victoria whispered, her voice was soft, but flat. 

“You ran out of power. Don’t worry, we were alone when it happened. I think Megan is down too.” Jacob said nudging his chin in Megan’s direction. She hadn’t moved. 

“Understood. Thank you for bringing me back online. Let’s get her back to the room.” Victoria replied then looked down at her lap. She clutched the small device there and tucked it into the open blouse before buttoning it up. 

Jacob was moving over to Megan and was clearly trying to figure out the best way to carry her out without looking too suspicious. Victoria stood and stepped over to Megan and brushed aside the hair along the back of her neck. She pinched into the soft tissue where the skull met the neck and held her fingers there for five long seconds. After that Megan seemed to slump forward and Jacob reacted quickly, catching her and beginning to heft her up into his arms. Victoria ran her fingers over Megan’s eyes and closed them, then stiffly began to walk out of the cafe and into the mostly deserted lobby. 

Jacob carried his manager in his arms, realizing that she didn’t weigh nearly as much as he would have expected a complex android like her to. Another question for another time. They only received one questioning look from a bellhop and Jacob waggled his finger and thumb indicating that Megan had, perhaps, had too much to drink. The knowing nod from the attendant made it clear that it wasn’t an uncommon sight, particularly at this time of night. Without any other harassment, they made it to the elevator and up to the floor their room was on. Once they stepped into the hall and Victoria saw that there was no one around she turned to Jacob and muttered to him. 

“I do not be-believe I will make it to the room. Please hurry.” She said, her voice sounded like it had transitioned into a lower quality sound file.

Jacob moved quickly up the hall to the room and stood there, looking desperately from the keycard reader to Victoria. WIth his hands so clearly occupied he couldn’t dig his own out of his pocket. Victoria stepped up and simply waved her hand over the card reader, but it buzzed and a red light lit up. Victoria tried again, then a third time. That was the end of the power that the device plugged into her stomach could handle. Victoria wavered on her feet for a moment then toppled forward, face planting into the door and sliding down to the carpet below. Jacob lowered Megan to the ground and propped her up against the wall and fished his own keycard out of his pocket, swiping it once and unlocking the door. 

Jacob pushed it in, then turned around and drug Victoria into the room, setting her down just inside the door to the room. It didn’t take long, but he still hurried back out into the hall and looped his hands under Megan’s arms and pulled her into the room as well, letting the door close and lock behind him. Jacob stood over the two fully deactivated robots and for a brief moment didn’t know what to do. He had done it, both were in a critical power state and completely powered down. His mind snapped back to reality and he shook off the daze he had fallen into. 

Victoria and Megan were soon dragged from the common room into Jacob’s and he hefted them up onto the queen sized bed there. Jacob didn't waste time in unbuttoning the rest of Victoria’s blouse and working it off of her along with her bra. Jacob admitted that Victoria hid her body well...her chest was impressively large, larger than he had expected at very least. Her skin was smooth, blemish free and altogether perfect. Jacob mentally commented that it made for a poor human cover to look so good, then again, he guessed she was rarely undressed in front of another person. He took a moment to unplug the power core and set it aside before plugging in a long data cable from the small server next to his bed. 

She needed power in order for the server to hijack her boot process, so Jacob went to his pile of cables and found the right kind, it took time and moments before finding it he figured he could have gotten the cable from Megan and Victoria’s room. He silently shook his head and stepped over to Victoria. Plugging her in he waited for her to automatically reboot. He saw her eyes flicker and an almost imperceptible beep come from somewhere inside of her torso. Jacob waited, literally holding his breath, hoping that all the prep work would pay off. 

“Alternate boot mode selected. Awaiting- Command accepted please inpu- input accepted enter- accepted. Alternate boot profile selected. Please set a passphrase.” Victoria intoned, cutting off at the very moment that her systems were ready to accept input, which was generously fed from the server she was plugged in to. Jacob was taken aback, he hadn't thought of a good phrase that would allow him access to Victoria’s systems. 

“Jacob’s command mode.” Jacob said. Immediately regretting his inability to be creative under fire. 

“Command accepted. Rebooting to alternate boot profile.” VIctoria confirmed, then another beep was heard and she lay still for a few moments before she pushed herself to a sitting position, looking at Jacob, then over her shoulder at Megan and finally down to her exposed belly panel. 

“Awaiting commands.” She muttered to no one in particular. 

“There should be a folder with your name on the server desktop. Uh just install what’s in there.” JAcob said, not entirely sure how well Victoria could navigate the server, however when she nodded and her eyes began to flicker for several long seconds he knew that she had found it. When she had confirmed that the installations were complete she looked up at Jacob and smiled. It was exactly the slightly sweet, and slightly lustful look he had expected from her. She had just finished installing a set of new files and commands that would generate a false set of log files any time this private profile was engaged, and then hook into her human emulation software. Once she was acting more human it modified a few key processes to make her more of a sexy corporate girlfriend than anything else. She stood, being careful not to disconnect the power cable from her exposed circuitry. 

“Something you want me to do to- er- for you Jacob?” Her voice was smooth, dark, and filled with a sort of lustful desire that practically made Jacob’s knees melt.

“Uh yeah, help me get Megan’s shirt off.” Jacob managed at last.

“I like where this is going.” Victoria commented and set about sitting Megan up on the bed, her copper coloured hair falling in front of her blank face. The two wrestled her blazer and top off and then laid her back down. Jacob couldn’t help but ogle her as he did so, the sight of Megan just without a shirt was enough to send a surge of hot blood rushing through his entire body. He focused a bit and pressed the same hard patch of flesh just over Megan’s belly button and unsealed her belly panel as well. Once removed her and Victoria tugged her across the bed so that the cable from the server would reach her as well. 

“Victoria, what’s your power cell at now?” Jacob asked. 

“About four percent.” She replied. 

Jacob huffed, it wasn’t enough power to do what he really wanted. He still had hardware to install and after that there was a critical testing stage that he was looking forward to. He sighed and looked at Victoria, she was gorgeous. She was constructed to appear fit, toned, perfect. Her chest was rounded and fit perfectly with the rest of her body. Her face looked as if it had been crafted to include some sort of asian ancestry. She was by all measures, a beautiful woman..well, android. Jacob hated to see her powered down when he could be playing with her, but he needed the power cable she was using. 

“Victoria, can you please plug your power cable into Megan here?” Jacob said. 

“Sure thing.” Victoria replied and without hesitation, tugged the power cable free and plugged it into Megan’s waiting power port. 

Similar to Victoria, Megan ran through an automated set up process and Jacob figured it would be smart enough to use the same trigger phrase to boot Megan into his own private profile. Megan was in the process of installing and configuring her new private profile when Victoria suddenly stood upright and her face melded into a blank mask. 

“Power levels critical. Please plug this unit into a known good power supply.” 

Jacob swore under his breath and took Victoria by her hand and led her to her room. Once there he dug her belly panel out of his bag and set it on the bed. 

“Victoria, just plug in and reboot as if you were doing a normal recharge for the evening.” Jacob said with an exasperated sigh. She would recharge, reboot, and tomorrow would act like the Victoria that headed a successful corporate IT department. At this rate Jacob would have to wait until the mid day break to have any kind of fun. At that moment he remembered the software and hardware that he needed to install in her, though it was likely too late to get it installed in Victoria, Megan was still in process. Jacob made his way back to his room to find Megan sitting up in the bed, similar to Victoria and smiling vaguely in his direction. After commanding her to install the same set of additional commands and waiting Megan was soon smirking at Jacob. The look she gave him made him weaken the knees. The pure look of lustful promises, the blinking status lights inside of her open belly panel and that small twinkle in her eye almost made Jacob jump on her right then and there, but he needed to do some more work first. 

“I have some upgrades for you, but you’ll need to get out of those jeans first.” Jacob managed to say and pulled out one of the boxes from under his bed. She complied immediately, and even as Jacob was kneeling next to the bed he heard the sound of her pants crumpling into a pile next to him. He swallowed hard and stood up. Megan stood before him, completely nude. Her slender body was everything he had imagined hundreds of times before in his fantasies. Small patches of freckles dotted her skin, and while she stood casually there was a marked amount of stiffness to her. It was the kind of thing that you only noticed if you knew someone was a robot and not human. Her chest, smaller than Victoria's, was still perfectly at home on the rest of her body and as Jacob took her in fully, he realized the difference between Megan and Victoria. Victoria was clearly modeled after some kind of glamour model that invoked a sort of lustful but distant look, Megan looked real. She could be a person that you would see on the street, conventionally beautiful in her own way, but to Jacob she was more so because of what she was. She was his boss, and a machine. Foreign and almost exostic concepts that just made her that much more desirable. 

As he stood, still holding the elongated box, his eyes flicked to her crotch. There was a simple smooth plate there, making Megan look like a marvelously beautiful barbie doll. As much as he liked the sort of implications that image gave him, he wanted something more practical. 

“Ok Megan, you’ve got some robot repair knowledge, I need you to install this-” he opened the box and presented to her the module inside. 

Megan picked up the module and the accompanying USB drive. She removed the plastic wrapping wordlessly and examined the sexual module inside. After a close examination of the more mechanical end of the device she looked up at Jacob. 

“Sure!” And with that she shuffled her feet and struck a wide legged stance and bent her knees slightly. Her free hand came to rest just below her crotch as a small whirring sound could be heard, it sounded something like a high powered drill spinning on the other side of a thin wall. The small patch of hard skin coloured plastic that resided between her legs came free and Megan casually tossed it on the bed behind her. Still in a half squat, she reached her index finger and thumb inside the freshly created opening between her legs and pulled out a small bundle that was held together with a small amount of semi-transparent blue tape. She took a moment to plug in the various cables and tubing she had just pulled out into their matching ports on the sexual module then slipped the whole assembly inside of her until it stopped. Jacob noted that there was about half an inch of exposed, but there was that same faint whining sound and the entire module gently retracted inside of her until it was fully in place. Jacob couldn't even see a faint seam around it as it sealed into place. 

Jacob came to the realization that he had spent an inordinate amount of time staring at his bosses naked crotch. He shifted his eyes up to her face to see her eyes fluttering and the USB drive jutting from an opening in the side of her head. Apparently there was a small port just below the temple that was used for this very purpose, a fact that Jacob made a mental note of for when he worked on Victoria. Jacob waited patiently as Megan’s eyelids fluttered for several long minutes. His eyes occasionally flicked over to the digital clock on the nightstand, it was approaching ten. It would be almost ten thirty by the time Megan finally sat up straight and opened her eyes fully. She wasted no time in plucking the drive from the side of her head and closing the small panel covering there. 

“All done!” She chirped cheerfully. 

Jacob took the drive from her and dropped it back into the box. In the past half an hour as he waited he came to the realization that the combination of stress, learning, and anticipation had left him feeling completely drained. Even the sight of a fully naked and obediant robotic sex machine in front of him wasn’t enough to get him fired up. 

“Here, take this one as well. Plug yourself in and install it in Victoria. I have a private profile on there.” Jacob muttered. 

“Okay, I have admin access to her systems anyway. I take it you want this to be off the books?” Megan said in her usual cheerful tone. 

“Please” Jacob replied. 

With that Megan reached down, unplugged the server and power cables from her stomach and picked up the belly panel from the bed. She gathered up her discarded clothes and walked silently from the room. Jacob admitted that she had a nice ass as well, she really was the whole package, and as if she knew what he was thinking, she looked over her shoulder and winked at him. Her red hair obscuring only part of her face and giving her a cute mischievous look. 

Jacob closed his door, looked at the mess of wires, computer parts, boxes, plastic wrapping, and the small crotch panel that Megan had left on his bed. There would be too many questions if Megan or Victoria spotted the mess in the morning it would raise far too many awkward questions. Jacob spent the next few minutes shoving everything back into his duffle bag, it was a messy affair, but it got the job done. He would have to unpack most of it and pack it in there properly, but that was future Jacob’s problem. Once his bed was cleared Jacob flopped onto it, and fell asleep within moments. 

In the morning he was awakened to a loud knocking on his door and Megan’s voice. Peeking one eye open he saw the room filled with the bright light of morning and he managed to roll out of bed and make his way to the door. Pulling it open and rubbing the previous night from his eyes. Megan was wearing a slightly perturbed look on her face and had one eyebrow raised. 

“Care to explain what happened last night?” She said, her voice hinted that there was some mystery that Jacob should be aware of. He could only think of one thing, and that revelation would lead to a loss of his job and probably a lawsuit. 

“Uh..w-what?” Jacob said, trying to buy himself precious time. 

“Victoria and I both show a loss of power, no log files until we had power restored a few minutes later.” 

Jacob realized that they were more upset about looking like robots in front of people than what he had done to them, in fact, it dawned on him that they had no idea what had actually happened. 

“We were all talking in the cafe. It got both ran out of power. I used this-” Jacob picked up the portable power supply and held it up to Megan. “-and got Victoria online. We picked you up and brought you back up here. It was late and no one saw us.” 

Megan let out a sigh of relief and nodded. Backing away from the door and informing Victoria that everything was ok, no one had spotted them. Jacob let out a silent sigh of relief, he hadn’t been caught. For the rest of the morning things progressed smoothly. He didn't invite the girls to breakfast with him and instead simply found them in the main conference hall and took a seat next to them. The conference progressed with something like a closing ceremony, thanking everyone for coming, talking about the merch that they had for sale and a few other closing items. Jacob felt things were coming to a close so he leaned over to Megan next to him and whispered into her ear, close and quiet enough that no one could possibly hear him. 

“Jacob’s command mode” 

There was a small shiver that seemed to ripple over Megan’s body. Her previous resting face turned to a small smirk and he winked at him. She leaned over and whispered back to Jacob. 

“I set up Victoria last night, everything is all taken care of. I’ll switch her and you can meet us upstairs after this part ends.”

Jacob wondered if the people around him could feel the heat radiating from his body. He could swear that the sound of his heart pounding was louder that the presenters on stage. He saw Megan lean over and whisper into Victoria's ear and then the same small shiver ran over her body as well. She leaned back in her seat and tossed s small smile and wink at Jacob which only served to make his heart beat faster. The pair politely excused themselves and nudged past Jacob. To his credit, Jacob managed to stay in his seat for the remainder of the closing ceremonies and patiently waded through the crowds. He scanned his keycard and stepped into the room, letting the door close behind him. 

Inside the common room he found both Victoria and Megan. Megan sat in one of the chairs, bare legs crossed over one another. She was wearing a bra and panties still, but that was all. Her head was bent back, fully exposing her throat. Her lips were locked with Victoria’s. The IT director had another white blouse on, but it was unbuttoned from top to bottom, yet still tucked into her skirt. Her generous breasts were free of their bra, and concealed only by the very edges of her shirt. The faint edges of her areolas visible. Megan’s hand was already working its way into Victoria’s shirt and gently massaging Victoria’s breast. Both of them broke their kiss once the door clicked shut and both looked at Jacob.

“About time you showed up.” Victoria said in the same deep husky tone he had heard only once before. “We were wondering if it was going to be just us girls for the rest of the time.” 

Jacob swallowed hard and opened his mouth to say something witty, but Megan shushed him. She Stood and took several steps across the room to Jacob. She wasted no time in pressing her lips into his and wrapping her arms around him, pulling him close against her. The kiss lasted for several long seconds before she broke in and leaned in, brushing her artificial lips against his ear for a moment and whispering. 

“Thank you for making us more..fully..functional, but we need you to test out the hardware install. You know how crucial that is to the install process.”

Jacob’s mind fully shut itself off, he was now running purely on an animalistic desire. His hands came up to press into the back of Megan’s head and press it forcefully into his own mouth. The pair met, tongue first, and kissed passionately for what felt like forever and no time at all. Somewhere in the process, Jacob’s hands managed to unclasp Megan’s bra and she shrugged her shoulders, letting it fall off of her body. Somewhere in the wild commotion of Jacob’s hands roaming around her now exposed back and Megan letting her hands fall to Jacob’s crotch, Victoria stepped in. She wasn’t content to watch, but there were boundaries to remove first. 

After shedding her own undergarments as she walked across the room, she gently slipped Megan’s panties down her shapely freckled legs and let them fall to the floor. Megan stepped smoothly out of them and even kicked them across the room in a single flawless motion. Jacob only became aware of Victoria’s presence as her delicate but perfectly programmed fingers began to work the belt and button off of his jeans. A small groan escaped his lips from the sheer relief he felt. He had been entirely unaware of just how much his own manhood was pressing against his boxers and jeans. As they slipped down his leg, thanks to Victoria. 

The tip of his rock hard cock bounced against Megan’s inner thigh as it was released and it drew a full on mona of pure lust and curiosity from her. Victoria wasted no time in her own pursuits, cupping his balls and squatting down next to the pair. Megan then stepped back from Jacob, looking at him lustfully and a sly smirk spread across her face. She moved backwards, holding on to Jacob’s hands as she bounced backwards. The motion caused her well proportioned breasts to jiggle and bounce as well, drawing Jacob’s gaze. Megan stood in front of the chair she had been sitting in and spun Jacob around enough so that he gently landed there. Standing before him were his two gorgeous, fully nude, and fully robotic co-workers. Only now they was another descriptor for them, they were his sexbots as well.

Without being asked, Megan reached her hands up to her neck, flinging her copper coloured hair out a bit and holding it apart. Victoria stepped up and placed both hands around Megan’s neck from behind, pressing her thumbs firmly into some unseen place on Megan’s neck. Jacob heard the telltale whirring accompanied by a small hiss, as if something was breaking the seal on a jar. Once the sound finished Megan easily lifted her head up and off of her neck. Jacob squirmed at the sight, but not uncomfortably, more he knew what it meant and he loved the sight of it. 

Set inside of Megan’s neck was a perfectly round disk, studded with small posts jutting up from the polished chrome device. Each post was lined with what appeared to be gold plated contact points and JAcob wagered that they lined up perfectly with a similar disk in the bottom of Megan’s head. Megan’s face remained locked in its previous lustful expression for only a moment before she blinked and smiled again. She held out her now disconnected head for Jacob and he took it without hesitation. He oriented it down and pressed her mouth into the waiting tip of his cock. He held her head firmly in place as his hips began to buck up and down, slowly at first but as time went on it quickly sped up. 

Jacob didn't notice at first since his eyes had closed as he enjoyed the sensation of his managers lips on his dick, but he opened them briefly to see Victoria behind Megan’s headless body, arms wrapped around her and playing aggressively with her chest. Megan’s nipples were presently being rolled rather vigorously between Victoria’s thumb and index finger. Megan’s body bucked slightly at the motion and one of Victoria’s hands began traveling down the toned belly of her subordinate to her freshly installed synthetic vagina. 

Jacob could feel a climax rising in him and he wasn’t ready to be done. He pulled Megan’s head away from himself, leading to her making a small pop as her mouth moved away. Jacob set her head on the dining table text to the chair and left it there. He stood up and Victoria almost immediately stopped what she was doing to Megan. She stepped away from the androids body and Jacob stepped past Megan. He brought a hand up and brushed it along her cheek and then intertwined it in her long silky black hair. He clenched into a fist, holding her hair in it and began kissing her passionately. 

The two kissed for only a moment before Jacob felt her hand on his shaft, stroking the wetness left by Megan’s synthetic saliva up and down the length of it. Jacob groaned in absolute pleasure, there was something that Victoria did with her thumb as it came up to the tip of Jacob’s cock. He had no idea what it was, nor did he care, he only felt the warm surges of desire. Megan’s body stood there, unmoving, and Jacob idly reached over to play with her breast as well, then his other hand released Victoria’s hair in order to play with her breast as well. 

Victoria finally took a more firm grasp on Jacob’s manhood and began leading him towards her room. Jacob chuckled and gladly obliged, following along without hesitation. Once there, Victoria turned around, kissed him once then fell back on the bed. Once she landed she spread her legs wide and revealed the identical and freshly installed feminine sex. Jacob would have to remember to thank Megan once this was all done. Taking the hint, Jacob stepped between her legs and thrust deeply inside of her, finding it was just the right amount of lubricated and warm. He had no issues slipping in and out of her and she cried out in pure programmed pleasure. He knew that this was a side of her that he would have to see more of. 

After a few minutes of deeply thrusting in her and spreading her legs wider and wider Victoria was panting. She soon pushed herself up and Jacob took the cue to pull out of her and catch his own breath. He had been exerting himself far more than he had realized, he seemed to have completely lost track of time. Victoria wasn’t so concerned with that, she instead flipped herself onto her hands and knees and thrust her rear into the air presenting herself to Jacob once more. Despite his current exhaustion, Jacob couldn’t resist, and stepped up and pressed himself into her once again. He began thrusting more and more and once again lost track of his surroundings. He didn’t even hear Megan step into the room, her head cradled gently in her arms. Jacob, meanwhile, reached out and took hold of Victoria’s hair.

He wasn’t sure why he had done it, he had never once dreamed about being so aggressively sexual that he pulled a girls hair, but he was reminded that these weren’t girls, they were machines and little more. They were a product of the programming that they were running and currently they were purely sexual machines. Jacob never wanted to hurt anyone, but Victoria didn’t feel pain. So Jacob pulled hard on her hair, each time she squealed with delight and pushed her body back into him more. Jacob noticed soon after that there was another sensation running along the length of his shaft. Looking down suddenly he saw Megan’s head resting gently on a pillow, lapping hungrily at both Victoria’s clit and Jacob’s sliding shaft. It was a wild sight, and one that Jacob wasn’t at all prepared to see. 

It was, in fact, enough to trigger the last shreds of control that Jacob was holding on to. He pulled back hard on Victoria’s hair and released his load into her. All at once too many things happened. The room filled with the sound of something tearing. It sounded like cloth of some sort, but Jacob realized what it was when Victoria’s scalp came loose in his hand. He looked up to see that back of her skull fully exposed, inside was more of the clear plastic that she had in her torso. It gave her head it’s shape and below it Jacob could see a mess of calves and rapidly blinking status LED’s. He pulled himself out, but was still in the process of ejaculating and more than a little bit of his dripping warm cum splattered onto Megan’s face. Megan smiled at the feeling of it and began running her tongue over it, taking it into her mouth. 

“Shit, oh fuck!” Jacob exclaimed. 

“Mmm, yeah you like that?” Megan commented from below him. 

Victoria looked over her shoulder, but as her head moved there was a slightly stilted motion to it. It moved as if some of the motors in her neck were working to keep her looking straight ahead, while others were attempting to look sheepishly over her shoulder. There was a small pop from somewhere in her neck and Jacob could see the brief flash of light through the clear skull cap. 

“Oh god! Megan help!” Jacob cried, stumbling backward, still clutching the torn hairpiece from his director's head. 

At once Megan removed her head from between Victoria’s legs and slotted it easily back into place on her neck. She took in the situation and in short order stepped over to Victoria. She pressed a finger into a space behind Victoria’s ear and within moments she had gone limp, face planting into the mattress, her rear end still thrust high into the air and her arms laying uselessly next to her. Jacob was stammering, trying to explain, but also struggling given that he, his boss, and her boss were all naked. 

“I-I didn’t. I mean, I wasn’t trying to- Can you fix it?” 

“Calm down Jacob. It’s going to be ok. I can fix this, but she’s going to have to be in the shop for a bit. Since it happened on your private profile there should be no record of what happened, you’re going to be okay.” Megan said in a soothing tone. 

Jacob eventually did calm down and at Megan’s request got some of the towels and began to clean up himself and Victoria. He tossed one to Megan who spent some time cleaning her own face. Megan explained that any hotel these days has robot shipping containers in case an android needed to be shipped home instead of walking out. She called room service and had one delivered to the door. Once there Megan and Jacob removed Victoria’s head, arms, and legs. They packed her into the foam filled container and filled in the shipping label. She would be picked up once they checked out and shipped back to Campbell and Associates care of Megan herself. For the remainder of the day the two cleaned up the room as best they could, packed their bags and eventually made their way to the checkout counter, and from there the airport. 

“It was a pretty good conference, right?” Megan said, so casually that Jacob wondered if anything phased her. He remembered that she was still in his command mode. 

“Yeah..yeah it uh. When you recharge won't you reboot into your normal personality and wonder why, you know, with Victoria?” Jacob asked once the plane was in the air. 

“Nope, the software you installed creates false log files once I reboot my systems will read them and take action based on that. Currently there is a log stating that there was an accident and that Victoria had to be shipped back. Trust me, when I’m operating on company time, I don’t ask many questions about the repairs that I do.” Megan stated matter of factly, a far departure from the hushed conversations that they had had just days earlier. 

“Can I help?” Jacob asked. 

“Sure, I’ll make a log file entry now to ask you to specifically do that as part of your ongoing professional development.” Megan replied. 

There was a moment or two of silence between the two of them and then Megan leaned over in her seat, resting her head on Jacob’s shoulder. She cooed softly and let out a small sigh. 

“I think I’ll also set up a few ongoing after hours meetings for the three of us. So keep an eye on your email for that.” Megan said finally and Jacob once again felt his veins run hot. 

“It was a pretty good conference.” Jacob commented.