Chilling With Maggie

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The door opened to a fairly regular home, what followed was a lengthy and dreary sigh, as your bag fell to the floor. You gave no real effort to be careful in lowering the bag from the tired arms you had. It was clear that you were absolutely wrecked from the long working day. You breathe a sigh of relief, being so glad to finally be home.

Shortly after, a girl approached the small corridor to the entrance of the house. However this girl wasn’t the usual type to come home to, for one, she was snow-white all over, had pointy ears at the top, a slight fang to her teeth and a button nose. Most noticeably, very furry skin. She wasn’t in fact human, but some kind of anthropomorphic dog-like creature, she did however, have a very generous pair of assets to her chest, ones that would sway and bounce as she walked in her usual pattern of crossing her legs and swaying her hips slightly.

As she approached you, she had a calm and warm look to her, happy to see her man come back after a very long day's work. She got close to you and gave you a big hug, letting her breasts press into you like a thick cushion, with her soft fur enveloping you like a winter coat. “How was work honey?” She said in a warm, and loving tone, pulling back and smiling at you, with her usual half eye closed kind of look, always like she was looking sly and cheeky.

You let out a long sigh, as you muster up a smile back as you look at her, very glad to see her, before you could let out any words, you cover your mouth, letting out a tired yawn. Knowing that sound, Maggie then giggled in a saucy manner. Her smile turned into more of a mischievous smirk, her look getting more alluring. “Oh baby, I can see you’re tired… come with me.” She said, turning around slowly, she then looked back smirking at you, “Hmmm… I think I might take it easy and just…” You then heard her servos sounding out with a distinct ‘whirring’ noise, as she went to rub her behind, holding her grin, letting her sound dampeners disable. “There we go, much better... Now. Where were we?...” She then took your hand, slowly starting to strut away from you. You gave an entertained smile back, you couldn’t help but follow her lead. Her rear was just so enticing, the sounds that were coming out of her, she knew that would get you going. Her offer was one that really could not be refused.

You both make your ways upstairs, her walk following the same pattern, hips swaying in the same way, legs crossing, her rear jiggling slightly, and you catch her breasts swaying left to right. The sounds of her motors making the same repeating tones, ‘whirr whizz, whirr whizz’ You continue to head up into the bedroom, and as you enter, the lights automatically go dim. She then turns around with a very seductive look, with very alluring ‘bedroom eyes’, while you both stand next to the bed.

While giving you this look, she then starts to take her hands down where her t-shirt ends, and grips along the rim, more of her body radiating the alluring slow noises of her now audible servos. She then raises up her hands to take off the already loose t-shirt. Slowly but surely, more of her fluffy snow coloured body was being revealed. Soon, the t-shirt went over her very generous breasts which were still covered by her black bra, which raised up and then bounced back down as the t-shirt was raised over them.

After taking off her shirt fully, she swung the t-shirt around her finger and continued to give you her deep look, grinning at you. “Like what you see stud~” She said as she then flung the t-shirt in your face, letting it smother you, before giggling out. She then proceeded to unbutton her denim shorts, easing off her giggle and returning to her gaze. “Well I got a special treat for my man… for working so hard~” She says,letting her shorts drop and slide down to the floor.

She then stepped over her shorts, swaying her hips and moving slowly towards you in an alluring manner again, giving you the perfect show of sight and sound, ‘whirr whizz, whirr whizz’. She then got close enough to stroke over your bulge that was growing bigger, really tugging at your pants. Maggie then giggles out softly, continuing to show her mischievous side, “Speaking of hard~...” She then starts to unbuckle your belt and loosen the button on the top of your pants. Your shorts then loosen up and begin to fall, as the bulge hiding in your underwear really sticks out in front of her.

“Oh my~... so big… Let’s see if I can help with that~” She says slowly and sensually, before sliding a hand down your chest and letting it go into your underwear, lightly grabbing your member inside, stroking it gently, while she then slowly goes in for a deep and passionate kiss, stroking your member up and down in the same pace. She hums out, going back from the kiss and giving you a sultry smile. “Feeling more relaxed? You hard worker~” She said, winking as she said it, while grinning out.

She then stopped, still looking at you, “Let’s really relax you, the way you really like.~” She says, as she then takes your underwear and pulls them down. There you were, finally naked from the waist down, with your erect member towering and peeking just under your shirt. She then looked down and back up, her eyes showing a hint of lust behind her seductive gaze. “There we go. Nice and hard. Now... What gets you harder? My perfect body? My robotic nature… or. Both~” She says, giggling softly out, as her arms buzzed again, now reaching up for your shirt and taking it clean off in one swoop, throwing it to the floor after she did.

She gets closer to you, letting her body wrap around yours, her furry body like a quilt stroking your skin. She took her hands and wrapped then around you, leaving you with a face full of her furry breasts. “Let’s try this…” Her face would go blank for a bit, “Loading: ASMR sound library” Maggie announced softly, suddenly her voice was slightly monotonous in tone, however she still spoke softly, like an AI assistant would, but at a lower volume. Soon the light sound of rain and various soothing sounds would then play out from inside her breasts, making them vibrate ever so slightly. After initiating the sounds, her face would return to a caring smile. “You like this?~ I have calculated all options that would optimise your relaxation.” Her voice would continue to take a more AI assistant like tone, while she continued to stroke your back.

The sounds would make you feel more sleepy, causing your eyes to lower slightly, her breasts like two pillows, that you would just sink into. While you started to doze off slightly, she would then giggle out very softly, pulling back and smiling at you sweetly, “Would you like to taste my milk sweetie?~” You then nodded, smiling like a desperate child, causing her to go blank again, letting you put your mouth to one of her breasts, “Dispensing: Milk.” Soon, milk started to leak out of her smothered breast, letting you drink it all in. Despite it being milk dispensing out of a breast, it was cool and very refreshing.

She stood still, letting you drink for a while. You then returned to smothering yourself in her cleavage. “Initiating: Sexual functions.” She would announce, before laying down flat on the bed. Her eyes would glow green slightly, the bed acting as a wireless charger for her. She then took your hand and lightly pulled you down on top of her, assisting you and getting you into position, like you were a ragdoll. She was very caring to you in this moment, directing your every movement, so that you could easily relax.

As you were directed on top of her, you could feel your erecting member slip inside her awaiting folds, this made Maggie giggle lightly, allowing her to wrap her legs around your hips and rear, pushing your member more into her folds. You could then hear her folds buzz, as you could feel her vagina start to vibrate all around and inside, creating a massaging effect on your member. While her legs proceeded to wrap around you, you could hear her motors whirring out, as they wrapped so effortlessly and perfectly. You then found yourself in a similar position as before, face full of cleavage which would feel heavenly, as Maggie started to use her wrapped legs to push you in and out of her. She would remain silent throughout the process, letting the sounds of ASMR fill you with a relaxed mood, and the sounds of her servos also filling you with a certain desire.

Maggie then started to take more of a robotic demeanour, purposefully as she knew that you had a big kink for this kind of thing. While her voice was slightly monotonous in tone, she still spoke softly, like an AI assistant would but at a lower volume. “Genitalia: inserted. Now proceeding with. Sexual. Intercourse.” She would continue to use her legs to push you in and out, helping you get closer and closer to your climax, her tone never changing, remaining stoic in her pose, which really turned you on. “Arousal. increasing.” Would be all she announced, as she did not indulge in regular speech, letting you enjoy the tender and relaxing moment, as you started to pant out, her vagina still vibrating as it only added to the tender moment. You couldn’t help but suck on the same nipple again while she helped you in and out, “Dispensing: Milk.” She would repeat again, as you managed to drink some more of her refreshing milk.

“Arousal. Increasing. Nearing climax. Please ejaculate inside me when you are ready, user.” She would announce again as her face remained blank. Her legs pushing you in a little faster gradually, as you neared your climax, her motors whirring out louder and louder. “Please ejaculate inside me when you are ready, user. Optimising. Relaxation.” As she repeated her instruction for you, you really started to breathe out hard, panting and grunting as eventually you were nearing your breaking point.

Finally you let out a heavy grunt, finally you thrust in and unload into her awaiting folds. Despite this climax, her whole body and face would remain still and blank, letting you cum all into her, as she still wrapped you with her legs, assisting you in pushing you further in while you ejaculated into her. “Thank you for cumming into me, user. Entering sleep mode.” She said, as her eyes dimmed slightly, however she had left the ASMR sounds playing inside her breasts, the sounds of rain and wind, accompanied by other sounds still playing, the bed managing to keep her fully charged while she played out the sounds still.

Finally cumming into her, you could feel your eyes getting heavy, as you tried to muster up some speech to finish things off, but you quickly found yourself drifting off and falling into a deep slumber, the atmospheric sound complimenting the pillows you were laying on, soft and mushy as you relaxed your entire body completely.