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College Story Anthology


Professor Sally Shaw noted the dramatic change in external temperature when entering the building. The record high heats were causing temperature problems in artificial students all across campus, despite the strategically placed water stands and cooldown areas. Although she was confident in her own systems, partially since she designed a sizable portion, she aired on the side of caution by having her partner drop her off close to the Engineering and Mechanics building. Her white and blue striped blouse showed potentially too much cleavage per school regulations and her mini skirt would expose an eyeful to any passerby by luck of a gust of wind. She was certainly a fan of showing off her well-crafted body, but in this case it was a precaution as to avoid an embarrassing overheat. Luckily she was only a minute away from her private office in the Artificial Persons and Mechanical Progress lab.

Without warning, a robotic hand with rubberized pads swiftly reaches out and firmly grips her neck. The action catches her mid-step and forces her systems to auto-balance to the sudden stop in momentum. A tuft of perfectly-curled blonde hair falls out of place, obscuring her left crystal blue eye and light smattering of freckles. Her pretty red lips open in an O-shape as her entire face suddenly switches to shock. Her lower level processes had largely disregarded the students walking and mechanical robots wheeling through the halls as it would be a waste of system resources to analyze each one. So when the cart-like machine with 3 robotic arms of varying sizes pulled up next to her she hadn’t noticed, at least to any substantial degree.

Her first reaction was to speak, to vocalize her indignity. However, this was a common practice for maintenance. She felt her face loosen and fall into a neutral, “blank” look, staring unfocused and directly ahead. Her entire body followed suit as her arms relaxed by her side and her posture straightened. Her mind raced to find an answer as to why she was being pacified. Even though she was an autonomous unit, being logged in the schools database for class demonstration and testing purposes had caused problems for her before. But those incidents usually involved an awkward conversation with a student technician or even a momentary false download before someone caught it. It must have been some sort of new policy…

A wave of blush flushed across her face as she felt the remaining two arms reach towards her chest and begin undoing the buttons of her blouse. It was extremely embarrassing to be exposed like this in the middle of the hallway, especially as she normally elected to skip the bra for easy access. To make matters worse, she had the worst case of the robot kink she had ever seen. Some of the school-certified techs knew of her case and it wasn’t all that uncommon, but the whole school could see her now.

Her generous breasts spilled out as the robot did its work. Her Temptress Brand Logo was usually visible on her own left breast but the combination seemed to increase its potency. She felt her sexual responses spin up in full force as the extra cool breeze brushed her highly-tuned, extra-sensitive nipples, sending a light stream of synthetic lubricant down her thigh. As her mind struggled to stay focused on her predicament, she cursed herself for not choosing undergarments today.

As the machine finished unbuttoning, it used the two forcepped appendages to brush the piece of fabric up, around, and down her shoulders. It fell to the ground unceremoniously and left the robot’s concern. Professor Shaw knew she was in trouble when she felt the magnetic connectors securing her abdominal panel in place where disconnected, allowing the entire section of dermal layering and plastic shell underneath to recede back into her own body. Usually these maintenance bots opened up her chest panel, bypassing the touch screen with a port placed just below and inputting minor commands. The open cavity exposed all of her critical systems to the world. Her main board, her AI core, and her custom sex platform could all be accessed and manipulated from this compromised state. Her mind flipped between panic and complete arousal as she heard the murmurs and camera flashes around her.

She felt the first plug connect to her locomotive control interface, removing motor control from her as she predicted. While she was currently in a pacified state, locking her out of her own body would assure easy transport while eliminating interference during maintenance. The second went directly to her main board. She felt the flood of data through her systems followed by the cold, digital hand of the machine severing the connection from her AI to her other systems. The fact that she was now a prisoner of her own body drove her over the edge to body-wracking orgasm. While her entire body remained motionless and without reaction as her mind exploded, a spray of icey-blue lubricant coated her thighs and splattered on the floor.

The embarrassment had left for all purposes other than to fuel the ‘guilt’ aspect of the artificial woman’s pleasure. As more cords were connected to vital systems for monitoring or even potential modification all Sally Shaw could do was revel in it. The jolt she felt when her AI core was finally accessed was an unreal reminder that though once human, she only exists in coded, mechanical format now. An orgasmic thought for sure which added to the growing puddle beneath her matching 4-inch heels.

Her thoughts of how lucky she was that at least this occurred inside to allow venting her almost-steaming systems were sharply interrupted by the removal of the grip and the issuance of the command to move to the lab. Her body robotically turned in place and began walking along the same path she had planned before. While she still appeared graceful, her motion lacked a lot of the complex calculations that caused her to appear far more realistic during normal function. The machine quickly kept up the pace behind the gynoid, never allowing the data connections to get taught. It wasn’t a long walk but it allowed Sally to reflect on previous experience. Before becoming a professor, she had worked at a Temptress development facility, designing experiences between the hardware and software conception of gender. Her work had explored user experience in both conversion and consumer senses, making leaps towards mainly the pleasure market. Sally, or Samuel at the time, made a name for himself and earned the honor of designing his own artificial body for the company to manufacture and convert him to. She’d never forget her first time being walked completely nude down the facility’s halls to be shown off to her team. The only difference this time around was the videos of her stripped body being robotically piloted down the halls, leaking fluid from her crotch like a broken sexdoll were most certainly already circulating.


Sally hoisted herself up unto one of the many repair tables along the wall of the lab. It was by no means empty and the fact that she couldn’t respond to the ‘hellos’ and subsequent strange looks drove her wild. She positioned herself along the decal on the table (which standardized outline was far too small for her exaggerated butt), allowing her neck to fit perfectly into the adjustable rest against the wall, leaving her in a sitting position with her arms at her sides. Apparently not finished with it’s access, the robot reached up to unseal the gynoid’s chest panel, which similarly receded out of sight, leaving a Temptress-standard complete touch screen. Immediately following, the two dexterous arms magnetically disconnected her faceplate, revealing a densely-packed array of wires and micromotors atop a plastic skeletal structure. It set the face on the table next to her. Sally found it impossible to do anything other than pant and howl with pleasure in her mind as the students gathered. It wasn’t often such a complex machine made its way to be worked on in the lab, even less so for the professor herself.

Whatever dignity the synthetic woman maintained in such a compromised state was soon to be shredded as the maintenance robot lifted her skirt. With the two arms it disconnected her genitalia module and set it closer on the table for all to see. The new exposure allowed her upgraded lubricant tanks to be seen within her body, as well as the completely customized (down to the engraving) sexual process core. It didn’t disconnect the module completely, leaving Sally to feel every moment of it and the watchers to witness the lubricant trailing down a clear tube and flowing from her folds in real time.

Sally’s mind was melting. She could feel her AI fragmenting as the machine kept up it’s control over all her other systems. She’d long since prioritized her pleasure over mental faculties. Though that configuration was planned for the bedroom at home with her partner. The only thing that kept her even remotely centered was the 3-Frame looping animation of an anime version of herself making an ahegao face that just appeared on her touch screen. It was accompanied by the moniker of the hacker punk that’d been making the rounds on campus, ‘Screencheat’. If anyone could track this presumed student down it was her. She could prosecute several felony charges, but at the same time this gave her an out for her behavior. She’d find him, chastise him, and reward him. But for the moment all she can do is let herself be taken over by guilty pleasure and let her mind fade into the wash of data.

Lilith Collage V1.jpgThanks so much to The Liar for this awesome render!

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