Certain Contradictions

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The sound of the entry chime broke Max’s concentration, and he heard two sets of footsteps echo through the half-open door that separated his workshop from the front reception area. One was a quiet but heavier tread while the other was the sharp, rapid clicking of a lady’s heels. He couldn't see them from here, but guessed a man and a woman. He was quickly proven correct.

“Sir, ma’am; welcome to Turing Complete Service. How may I help you today?” The feminine voice was almost annoyingly cheerful. Max could see Lily’s perky, birdlike movements in his mind’s eye, the stiff smile below friendly eyes that still had a hint of doll-like glassiness.

A gruff, hurried voice answered: “I’m Ellis, I called earlier. I’m here to drop Charlotte off.”

“Oh, Mr. Ellis; It’s so good to finally be able to meet you! Just fill out this form and we’ll take Charlotte here off your hands.”

Max returned to his prior task as he heard the sound of stylus on tablet. A shapely Femtronics unit in front of him sat nude upon a low bench while he sorted through a mass of connectors and ribbon-cables that sprouted from her neck. The new head he was trying to attach lay on the bench next to her, the mounting points for her neck servos projecting from its bottom. Her chest access panel was open as well, and a few thick data-cables ran from ports among the densely-packed electronics within to a diagnostic computer on a cart. "Cara" was on at the moment, in diagnostic mode, while he used a handheld test-unit to make sure each of the connectors was functional.

“Do you have her remote?” Lily asked Charlotte's owner.

“Charlotte’s model doesn’t use a remote. I thought you people were supposed to be experts,” John said angrily. “That’s the whole damned problem! She won’t turn off, not even with the hardware switch. I told you that on the phone.”

“Please calm down, Mr. Ellis; everything is going to be alright. Have you completed filling out the form?”

“Yes I… wait a second.” There was the sound of rustling clothing.

“Sir, please do not interfere in my operation, I am the property of Turing Complete–”

“I thought I recognized that annoying voice of yours. You’re a kiosk-robot like the ones in the airport; you don’t even have legs! Are there any humans around here I can talk to?” he asked dismissively. Max considered intervening, putting down his tool; no one messed with his girls.

“All of our staff members are currently occu–”

“Fine, fine,” he muttered something derogatory under his breath, “am I done here? I have a meeting at 12:30.”

“One moment, please,” Lily said as she ran the information through her processors. Max had gotten her surplus when they shut down a small airport a few years ago. Now she served as his office computer, secretary, and filing system all rolled into one.

“Everything is in order, Mr. Ellis. You may go.”

“Oh, John,” a new voice spoke for the first time, presumably Charlotte, “I hope everything is alright. I wouldn’t want to have to be admitted for any extended period of time.” She enunciated with crystal clarity, her voice high; aristocratic even.

Max stopped drumming his fingers on the cold steel table and looked up, his brow knitting in confusion. Admitted?

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, dear. They’re very well rated I’m certain they’ll have you feeling better again in no time.”

“If you say so,” she responded with some uncertainty.

The chime rang again as Mr. Ellis exited.

Max cleared his throat and rubbed a hand across his stubble. “Could you bring our new arrival in, Zoey?” he asked.

The petite blonde beside him quit idly swinging her legs back and forth under the bench and hopped to her feet. “Sure, baby,” she told him in her default sultry tone and walked out of the room. Max happily watched her well-apportioned bottom swaying within the tight confines of a black leather mini-skirt. Zoey was another of his purchases; he had rebuilt her to be both a companion and an assistant.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nurse dressed so inappropriately,” he heard Charlotte say as Zoey led her into the workshop, “and this must be the least well appointed clinic I’ve ever heard of.”

Max gave up on his current task for the time being and turned to greet her. His breath was taken away for a moment and he reflexively smoothed the front of his shirt. Companion units were usually designed to be beautiful, but Charlotte was a gem among gems. She was tall, with fiery red hair that cascaded down around her shoulders. Her figure was slim but undeniably feminine, without the somewhat exaggerated proportions that marked most sex-dolls like Zoey.

He stared until he noticed her impatiently tapping the toe of one tall, black boot on the floor.

“Well hello, Charlotte,” he extended a hand.

“You may call me Mrs. Ellis, doctor. It is a pleasure to meet you and I only hope that you can assist me with my unfortunate illness.” The exquisitely beautiful fembot extended her arm and daintily shook his hand. She wore a pair of elegant, wrist-length black satin gloves against which a gleaming diamond ring was made very visible.

Max’s confusion was complete.

“My goodness… will… will she be all right?” Charlotte suddenly asked, looking over his shoulder. Her face was a mask of horrified concern.

“Huh?” he asked, turning around, and realized that she was looking at the de-headed unit on the bench. “Uh, yes, It was touch and go for a while but I think she’ll be fine. Charlotte, do you know why you’re here?”

“Well, I’ve been completely unable to sleep for the past week. It’s driving my beloved John and I quite mad.” She placed a hand to her head with convincingly rendered exasperation.

“I see.” Max deadpanned. This would be annoying even without her high-strung personality presets. He had read about some of the more convincing high-end companion dolls being programmed to act as though they thought themselves human, interpreting contradictory external stimuli in a modified way so as to maintain the integrity of the simulation. Like interpreting a repair bay as a medical clinic and a malfunction as an injury or illness, for instance. He’d never dealt with one in person, though.

“You’re so hot,” Zoey noted, reaching out to touch one of Charlotte’s breasts through the blue material of her backless dress.

Charlotte gasped and slapped Zoey firmly across the face. “How dare you! I don’t understand how such an utterly unprofessional nurse could maintain her employment at so highly regarded an establishment.”

“Mmm, I like it rough,” Zoey responded, “you can slap me anywhere you want.”

“You… slut!” Charlotte exclaimed.

“I’m a dirty little who–”

“That’s enough, ladies,” Max cut her off, “Charlotte, please turn away from me, I need to begin your examination.”

The blonde sex-bot put her hands on her hips and pouted. Charlotte looked miffed but did as he requested. Pressing twice firmly on either side of where her neck met her back released the catch on her rear access panel. He handed the rectangle of synth-skin covered plastic to Zoey and peered inside.

Charlotte’s interior was even more tightly packed than that of most dolls, with additional space needed for her state-of-the-art CPU and associated electronics. Her chest cavity was crammed full of circuit-boards and modular components, with the wiring carefully restrained to harnesses that ran between them. He quickly identified her data ports and, after Zoey wheeled over the diagnostic cart, hooked her up.

“Oh, that feels… strange,” she said as he began a series of software tests. These high-end models didn’t really have a hardware shut-off because such deactivations could cause serious software faults, so if her “beloved John” couldn’t turn her off it was likely due to an issue with her code.

“Are you sure this is necessary-ry-ry-ry-ry?” Charlotte asked, turning suddenly so that the plugs pulled out of her back. Her systems hung for a moment but she recovered.

Most units enter a dormant state when running a diagnostic, so Max was surprised by this turn of events. “Fuck, don’t do that!” he angrily told her.

“Doctor! Such language is very unprofessional. I simply wanted to know what you were up to back there, especially after your nurse attempted to molest me!”

“Listen, just turn around and stay still until I tell you,” he demanded, and took her shoulders in his hands.

“Take your hands off me!” she shouted, “I will submit to your medical examination but I refuse to be manhandled by some unshaven troglodyte.”

“What did you call me!?” Max asked, roughly spinning her back around to face him. She stumbled in her high-heels and grabbed at Zoey to maintain balance.

Charlotte succeeded in steadying herself but did so by pulling down the front of Zoey’s halter-top. The petite blonde’s round, silicone breasts bounced free, their bright pink areolas standing out against pale, blemishless skin. The faint outlines of seams and access panels were visible.

“Don’t you love my tits?” Zoey asked, kneading them firmly with her hands. “Do you want to play with them?”

Charlotte looked with disgust down her long, aquiline nose. She turned to Max, arched her perfectly shaped eyebrows and whispered “Doctor, I don’t mean to alarm you but I think the nurse may be a sex robot!”

Max blinked several times. He felt his mouth opening and closing as an adequate response repeatedly failed to issue from it, and his fists clenched tightly. He was seriously considering taking a wrench to the confounding simulated woman.

Before he could do anything ill considered, Zoey stepped in. Her software correctly interpreting his behavior as anger, she attempted to soothe him the only way her programming permitted. Taking him quite by surprise, the perky companion unit took Max’s hand into her own and pressed it against her crotch.

“Don’t be mad, Max. Why don’t you play with me? I bet that’ll make you feel better.” She inclined her head towards him and smiled alluringly.

Max looked at the superciliously glaring redhead and back to the artificial rack in front of him, realizing that if his choice was between the expensive satisfaction of violently disassembling his tormentor on the one hand and Zoey’s wiles on the other, it was no choice at all. He took the cooing blonde’s rear in both hands and lifted her up. She happily wrapped her legs around his waist, holding on with one arm while using the other to press his face into her cleavage. Charlotte gasped at the nerve of the display but the two paid her no heed, Max carrying his companion through the door to his back office. He slammed it shut behind him.

“I can’t imagine his bedside manner has been any better with you, my poor dear,” she told the headless gynoid on the bench, walking closer to hold her inert hand. “Whatever happened to you anyway? Is this your chart?” she asked, leaning down to read the screen of the diagnostic equipment. It was not apparent for several seconds that the hand she had placed upon the device to steady herself had switched the setting from “test” to “boot,” though.

“So,” Zoey asked Max as soon as their lips separated, “suck, or fuck?” She unzipped his fly with deftly programmed movements while she awaited an answer, slipping his erection out of the slot in his boxers. A small pump whined in her head, inaudible outside, and added a measured quantity of lubricant to her mouth. She spat it into her hand and began slowly stroking him.

Max, from long experience, knew that combination of his height, Zoey’s, and the desk’s made penetrative sex an annoyance if not an impossibility, and he didn’t feel up to holding her suspended. “Suck me,” he told her.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had your cock in my mouth,” she mused as she dropped to her knees on the carpet. Max laughed at less than a full day being “so long” but all thought ended when he felt his shaft sliding into the moist warmth between her lips.

Zoey began gently, sliding up and down the length of Max’s hard penis while massaging his sack with the same rhythm. Soon her motions became faster, more insistent and he was overcome by pleasure as his head slapped wetly against the back of her molded silicone oral cavity. He heard a low sound escape his lips and without conscious thought he placed a hand atop her head. His world shrank to the waves of hot ecstasy radiating from his cock as with each long stroke nearly its length filled her mouth.

Max built to climax, the sensation cresting higher with each piston-like movement of her head. He could hear the straining servos in her neck even through the thick foam-rubber padding installed to insulate their sound. There was a loud crash from the workshop. With a slurping “pop” noise Max pulled out of Zoey’s mouth; half turning to the sound that had startled him just as the soft pressure of her hand on his balls brought him to orgasm. His back arched and he grunted deeply as all the tension of the day exited through the tip of his glistening cock. It spattered wetly along the soft curve of Zoey’s cheek and ran down to the line of her jaw.

Max steadied himself on her shoulder, confused and drained, as aftershocks of pleasure echoed around his nervous system. The kneeling pleasure-doll in front of him stood up, a self-satisfied expression on her face. “Did you like that?” she asked.

Max nodded, shaking his head as he tucked his rapidly softening penis back into his pants and zipped them up. Zoey’s behavioral analysis software characterized his responses as indicating a high degree of satisfaction and did not suggest any changes to her repertoire of oral sex behavior modules.

“What was that noise?” Max asked, unable to raise bring any irritation to his voice after such an experience. He opened the door and sighed unhappily.

“Doctor, help!” Charlotte yelled as she stepped out of the path of her headless assailant. The femtronics unit walked past, heedless of her presence, and stopped only when it ran into a shelving unit. Tools scattered everywhere as the Femtronics droid rebounded and changed directions seemingly at random, a pair of needle-nose pliers landing inside her open panel. “She’s gone mad, and I’m certain all this walking about won’t help her condition!”

Max started to respond but was startled into silence by the angry popping noise that accompanied a puff of smoke rising from the amok doll’s open chest panel. She swayed drunkenly, spinning to the left, and set off again. With her first step, though, there was another loud pop and the scent of shorted electronics grew stronger.

He ran over and took hold of her, reaching inside the panel for her shut-off, but pulled his hand back when a flash of sparks threatened to burn him. With a sputtering, crackling noise the headless sex robot slumped into his arms and powered down.

He groaned unhappily as he carried her back to the table, finally identifying the source of the crash that had interrupted his alone-time with Zoey. The brand new head-unit lay on the concrete, split into two halves by its fall from the bench. Components had spilled across the floor, with those remaining attached to one of the halves mostly bent or torn free of their connectors.

“What did you do!?” he demanded of Charlotte.

She looked outraged. “How dare you! I was merely trying to comfort a fellow patient. I did nothing to induce that unfortunate episode. I think it quite reasonable to conclude that the incompetence of your nurse was likely responsible,” she spat the last phrase at Zoey with narrowed eyes.

Max was done with her. “You are a robot!” he shouted. “This is a repair shop, not a hospital, and I am not a doctor!”

She blinked rapidly for several seconds. “Doctor I have no idea what recreational chemicals you may or may not be using, but you are quite obviously–” her diatribe ended in a cry when Max stepped forward, grabbed her by one arm, and angrily punched the release for chest panel. He pulled it out, tossing it onto a bench, and seized Charlotte’s hand. He pushed the hand inside the opening, pressing it against the electronics inside.

“Still so sure?” he asked, quite uncaring for the effects this might have on her. Charlotte’s brows knit as she touched her mechanisms, taking a wire between her fingers here, brushing the surface of a circuit board there.

“I’m a robot,” she said quietly. “But that’s not possible. I’m a human woman. I’m Charlotte Ellis, not some plastic sex-toy. I’m a real–” Her head twitched sharply to the side. “–robot. Real woman. A robot.”

“Um, Charlotte,” Max said, starting to worry. Her head twitched again, and the quiet humming and whirring usually audible from and opened-up gynoid was growing louder than it should have been.

She looked at him angrily, hands clenching angrily by her sides. “I’m not a motorized fuck-doll!” she insisted, “I’m a person with emotions and thoughts, not programming.” She looked down into her exposed hardware again. “I am a robot.” She twitched again. “I am a real woman.” Twitch. “I am a sex-toy.” Twitch. “I love John. He has a handsome cock. I love being his plaything. Sex-toy. Motorized fuck-doll.” The sound inside of her had become ragged and unsteady.

Max thought to turn her off then remembered why she was here. “It’s okay, Charlotte, just calm down,” he put his hands out in a supplicating gesture. “You’re a beautiful, real woman, Charlotte.” His mind raced, trying to come up with a solution.

“Doctor, I think something is very wrong with me,” she told him, blinking confusedly. “I feel very hot inside. So hot. John thinks I’m hot. He says I’m perfect. The best woman money can buy. Can buy. Can buy-buy-buy-buy.” Something among the mass of circuitry in her chest buzzed angrily for a moment. “I’m a beautiful, real fuck-doll. I have programming, not emotions and thoughts.”

“Shit, shit shit,” John said to himself. He pressed his hands against his temples almost as though he could squeeze the solution out of himself.

“You are hot,” he heard Zoey affirm. She had edged closer to Charlotte and took the confused red-headed doll’s hands into her own. With a languorous sigh she kissed Charlotte deeply. Max recognized her threesome-oriented software at work and was going to say something but noticed that Charlotte’s systems weren’t sounding nearly as ragged as they had been a few moments before.

“Oh John, you know I love playing with girls, too,” she moaned as Zoey’s hand slid under the blue dress and began to stimulate her. Charlotte began kissing Zoey along her chin and neck, seeming not to notice the mess Max had made on her face earlier.

True to her programming, Zoey maneuvered Charlotte back against one of the benches and into a sitting position. Not content to remain passive, Charlotte cheekily slipped a pair of fingers inside her blonde playmate’s pussy. Despite the intensity of his earlier climax, Max felt himself harden at the sight of the two gorgeous synthetic women pleasuring each other.

“Max loves fucking me with my panels off, he gets off on seeing my systems,” Zoey noted, looking at Charlotte’s chest.

Charlotte followed her gaze down and her eyes widened, “nurse? What are you…? What is this!?” she demanded. The buzzing sound returned and she stiffened suddenly, her luxurious hair tossed to one side as she jerked her head. “I am not a whore!” she insisted, “I am a faithful plastic sex-toy!” she responded with surprise to her own statement, seemingly befuddled.

Zoey undid Charlotte’s bra and slipped her breasts out of the dress. “You’ve got such nice tits, Charlotte.” She began to massage them, casting an inviting look at Max across the room.

“Of course they’re real,” Charlotte answered no one, “real. Plastic. Tits. I… real.” There was a sharp crackle and a faint wisp of smoke emerged from within her torso.

Desperate to distract her from her existential crisis and certainly not discouraged by the circumstances, Max dropped his pants and roughly spread her legs, feeling the realistic padding of the inside of her thighs as he plunged his cock inside her wet hole.

“Oh, doctor!” she exclaimed as he started to thrust, “you’re so-o-o… doctor?” She looked outraged, “What are you doing? Get off of me!”

Max rolled his eyes in frustration and pulled out. Just as artificial woman was getting ready to upbraid him again, he turned her around with his powerful arms and pushed her over the bench.

“I demand you stop this imme-me-me-me-” she went stiff in his arms as he penetrated her from behind. “Oh, yes!” she exclaimed, recovering. “Fuck me like you own me!”

Trying to keep from being distracted by Zoey playing with herself on the bench beside Charlotte, Max attempted to implement the solution he had determined presented the best chance of preventing a total meltdown. Reaching inside her back, he pulled loose the heavy gray connector that fed power from her thigh battery backs to her systems. She shuddered for a moment before continuing to moan happily, and he repeated the procedure for another set of batteries, then another.

Unable to control himself, he thrusted harder. Charlotte’s body rocked in time his motions. Her luxury-class synthetic pussy tightened around him and, just when he thought he could deal with that, it began vibrating. His hand around the second-to-last connector, he came and every muscle in his body tensed. Instead of being gently unplugged the wire was torn loose and when Charlotte arched her back in simulated orgasm the end was jammed in among her delicate circuitry.

Max’s hand lit up with the throb of electricity and he pulled it back, falling to his rear as Charlotte stood up stiffly. There was an intermittent fizzling and popping noise from her back as she turned around to face him with short, precise movements.

“Hello, doc–” her face twisted into a strange expression as a loud “snap” punctuated the crackling. Her eyes swiveled wildly in independent directions before returning to him. “I think there’s something the matter with me.”

Max scrambled to his feet, moving to one side as Charlotte took a step then halted. “With me. With me. I’m a fuck-doll.”

“Me too,” Zoey said proudly as she returned to her feet. Before she could react, Charlotte had seized her into a close embrace, the short-circuiting gynoid kissing her passionately. Max stepped forwards while she was occupied, trying to pull the last few power cables. He managed one, leaving only the last connector before she moved again.

“Nurse,” Charlotte said suddenly, “this behavior is entirely unprofessional. I’m afraid I shall have to le-e-e-e-e-e-e–” She spun in place, the short segment of her speech digitally repeating until it ended with a sudden crackle from within her failing machinery. A flash of sparks illuminated her interior as she started to walk out of the room. She wasn’t at all discouraged by the door being closed, instead bouncing off of it and attempting to continue.

“I’m feeling very sleepy, I think I’ll lie down heeerrrrrre,” Charlotte slurred to a halt, her voice dropping in pitch. She turned and fell forward into Max’s arms as a burst of sparks erupted from her back, the damaged mechanisms inside giving their final gasp before breaking down completely.

Max lowered the smoking sex-bot to the floor before going to the cabinet in his office and pouring himself a double of bourbon. He had some thinking to do.

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