A Pokemon Encounter Down Route 22

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(Credit to Pylon and LibraLabs for the picture)

The trainer was making his way through Route 22 which was on the way to the city, ready to defeat the next gym leader. After a while of trudging through some of the long grass and various hills, he notices something rustling in the bushes. He hasn't seen a Pokemon through this particular route oddly enough, so to suddenly see movement was a moment of shock and excitement for him. He decided to walk closer to see what was there. Suddenly an anthropomorphic Lopunny emerges out from the bushes. The trainer looks very curiously at her as she was very busty in her frame. Her movements were seductive as she emerged. She was giving him a look as if she was asking to engage with the trainer. He found the current exchange very weird which made him take a step back. The last thing he expected on his adventure was to encounter a Pokemon in this manner.

He was unsure what to do with himself as he simply stood and watched. He grabbed a pokeball from his pocket and held it out as if this was just a pokemon encounter, despite how weird it was. However it was obvious that the Lopunny was looking for a very different kind of encounter with him, one that was a little more... personal. The Lopunny then smirks at him seductively and giggles at him. “You’re so cute and funny, you turn me on user. I want to engage my sexual functions with you.” She says with a slightly metallic tone.

The trainer tilts his head as he watches her talk in a strange way. “Why is she talking like that? Like some kind of machine?” He thinks to himself. He tries to think, however her very busty and sexy frame easily distracts him. He couldn’t help contain his adoration for her, all that was on his mind now was just how cute and hot she was that he starts to blush a little. The feeling made him cross his legs slightly to hide his growing bulge.

“Well uhh... y-you’re looking very… uhh… pretty… heh” The trainer nervously stutters out in a very shaky tone. She then gets a little closer to the trainer. She starts to feel up her breasts while swaying her hips side to side. Her cute little fluffy button tail also flicks side to side hypnotically with her movements. She lowers her eyes half way, giving him that flirty kind of look. Despite her attractive physique, something looked very off with her, as her movements were slightly janky. It started to seem as if she wasn’t designed for this, whatever she was. “You’re so hot user… I can’t w-wait to play with youuuu user” She stutters out.

The man continues to have his confusing doubts. As much as he was aware that the Pokemon weren't human but anthropomorphic instead, he starts to think that maybe this one at least wasn’t even real. The more he tries to think however, the more he gets distracted, as the aroused feelings only intensified. He was closing his legs together desperately to hide the bulge which was quickly growing in his jeans.

Suddenly the Lopunny starts to get too hot for her own good, as she froze in place for a bit. Her eyes start to go vacant for a bit. It was only a short amount of time before she snapped out of her daze. She then spreads her legs in place slightly and begins caressing her breasts in front of the trainer. “I-I ffffinddd you really hot u-user...” The pleasure she was giving herself made her head twitch a little, as she tries to satisfy him more with her charm, charming herself in the process. “Wwwhat would you-you ll-li-like me to do? To do? Uuuser.”

It is at this point the trainer starts to become more comfortable with the situation, as he quickly put two and two together. He felt incredibly desirable to the slightly glitchy Lopunny at this moment. He then decides to answer her request to serve him. “Alright then... Why don't you pleasure yourself? That’ll get you ready for me.” The Lopunny then tilts her head to process the request. She froze vacantly for a couple seconds, before tilting her head back and returning the seductive gaze at the trainer. “Why certainly user~ I can do-ddddo that for y-you.” She stutters. Her speech noticeably starts to sound a little metallic in her tone, as if whatever natural speech synthesiser wasn’t processing the speech fully.

She then lowers her hand down her body and over her folds with a jerky and mechanical kind of motion. Her servos compliment the movements with a whirring sound as she moves her hand down. She then starts to insert a few fingers into her folds and begins thrusting them in. While she fingers herself, she starts letting out soft moans. As her movements start to speed up, so too did her moans. Something was struggling inside the lopunny, as the motors inside her wrists and fingers began to let out buzzes and whirrs as her intensity increased.

The more her motions intensify, the more it starts to become clearer how she wasn’t built for this purpose. Her eyes begin to twitch and cross and her free hand which is caressing her breast glitch and jitter in place. Her thrusting hand starts to look more static in motion as the fingers inside twitch, causing a spike of pleasure which is starting to become too much for her systems to handle. “fin-fi-i-i-find you-you-yyy-you.” Her head twitches with a buzzing sound as her speech now goes slightly monotonous and robotic in tone, “hot-hot-hot-hot” Her head shakes again while her face is still stuck with an aroused look. This cut off her robotic tone. “wwww- like me to dddooo-do-do-do error: cannnn-not-n-not compute action-tion-tion” The error message read out in the same monotonous, robotic tone.

Before the trainer could have more fun, he hears a lot of brushing through the bushes. He didn’t want to risk being confronted in this moment so that was his queue to turn around and dash off down to the city. As he dashes off, a couple men in lab coats emerge from the bushes. The trainer was already long gone before he had the chance to see who they were. One of the engineers let out a sigh while the other found the more humorous side of seeing a lopunny malfunction in front of them, letting out a chuckle before returning to business. Hoping no one was around to see, they rush to grab her from both ends and lift her up, taking her back through the bushes.

The two carry her deeper and deeper until they finally get past the bushy area. They then end up near a structure that looked like an extruded elevator shaft. One of them pressed the button while the other waited. They both look around suspiciously while they wait for the doors to open. It didn’t take long for the doors to open and finally make the elevator accessible. They both walk in with the malfunctioning Lopunny, who was still glitching out on them and stuttering out random phrases. They then press the button to head back down.

After a while of standing in a very dull elevator shaft, the elevator slows down and the doors open up again. What is behind the opening doors is a full factory. The factory is filled with various work stations, computers, documents, and most notably various pokemon that were either fully assembled or half assembled. There is also what looked to be a large bin to the side, full of parts from various pokemon. In the bin there is various parts included with some fully built pokemon: tails, arms, heads. Anything and everything that was to do with pokemon and that was broken had been discarded.

The two take the failing Lopunny over to a workstation. They prop her up on a mechanical arm and open up her rear panel. A lot of steam and smoke flows out of the now opened panel which was building up inside from her malfunctioning state. One of the engineers brushes away the smoke, coughing a little as he accidentally inhales some of the smoke. He then lowers a few thick wires hanging from above and begins to plug each of them in the correct ports on her back.

After plugging her into the engineer’s main maintenance computer, they attempt to load up her data to display on the monitor. It was very evident the sheer magnitude of her failing state when they saw what was being fed back to their display. The program they use to sort and display the data in an organised manner was failing to parse the data. This causes the display to look heavily distorted as it was taking in corrupted data.

It was at this point the engineers knew that she was too far gone to keep running and so they just stand back and watch her systems get worse and worse. They watch in an almost perverse way, as one blushes a little, hiding his arousal, while the other smirks. She continues to thrust her fingers deep into her folds to pleasure herself quicker and harder while the other continues to caress her breast in a stuttery motion. Her eyes shook in random places as the eye panels corrupt. A few sparks shoot out of her head while it starts to twitch in place, her motions all start to become a little more stuttery in their motions, losing all fluidity.

Pleasure Overload- Pleasure… Pleasure… Re-rrrr-ready for-for-for ba-batttllleeeee-” She stutters out as her speech starts to distort more and more. Her tone starts to sound more metallic as the pitch was struggling to stay normal and oftentimes warping. A loud bang came from the back panel as bolts clatter onto the floor followed by heavy smoke with sparks shooting through it. A few wires hung loose as well as bits of circuitry while the Lopunny bot glitched more in place. Her legs began to tremble and the hand that is pleasuring herself now thrusts deeper, reaching its limit as the whirring is getting louder and it sounds more like they were struggling to keep up as whines came from it.

Executing: Chhhhh-charm ability. ERROR ERROR CRITICAL MALFUNCTION I’m g-gla-ggg-glad to be-be-be- gggg- on your te-team- teeeeaaammmm” Eventually her abdominal panel starts to open up to release heat. However the panel got caught halfway while letting out a clicking noise as if a gear got stuck. Her head continued to twitch in place until eventually a bang occurred inside her abdomen. Afterwards, the panel door swung loose and soon fell off, clattering to the hard metal flooring. Behind the panel door there wasn’t much inside. There was a basic metal frame that kept her together and some simple circuitry laid out inside. Deep inside there is a power supply and some fans which were spinning as fast as they could to ventilate the ever increasing heat.

The lopunny continues to twitch in place, sparking out a lot through both her ears and the abdominal panel which was now exposed. Smoke starts to blow out of the open panel which makes it hard to see inside the mostly vacant space. Her jaw hangs lower as her mouth stops synching up with her glitching speech. A glow is seen inside her mouth as sparks fire off inside. A speaker was visible inside her mouth which was in a very faulty state. This causes her speech to sound heavily distorted and very crackly in quality. Her hand let go from her breast that she was caressing and instead started to glitch about back and forth on a loop.

One eye was locked up however the other one hung low. Her mouth was wide open with her tongue sticking out slightly, locked in a state of pleasure and bliss. “Ple-.... pppp- sure-sure-sure- ssss- ppp-ss- errrrr-” She stutters and glitches out. Her speech was becoming more incoherent the more her systems were failing. More bolts clatter to the ground as sparks continue to shoot out from her exposed panel. Her voice deteriorates more and also starts to lower slightly as her core systems start burning out. “Gggrrrrr- we-we-we-we-we-we-we- pppppppppp- zz- z- z- e-e-rrr----z----” She garbles out while the internal speaker fizzles out more. Her systems were quickly on the verge of breaking.

One eye panel flickers in brightness for a bit as her movements slow down slightly, looking more stuttered and twitchy like a broken animatronic. Her voice starts to hold a note while her movements stutter more, “uusssssssssiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggggg” Eventually, her core circuit board explodes out and hangs by a few frayed wires. Sparks flew out as well as smoke while her power supply caught on fire, causing her voice to start to drone and lower while she began slumping forward a little. “Pplleeaa- pplleeaa- pppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr----.....” Her voice dies out as she stops with a slight jitter at the end. Both hands locked in their pose with one still inside her folds and the other waved in the air with her fingers glitched out. Her jaw was slightly slacked and her eyes now faded out in brightness.

The engineers quickly extinguish the fire after watching the light show and chuckling to themselves as they enjoyed it themselves. They eventually carry her away to dispose of her in the bin where the other faulty pokemon were. She was still frozen like a statue and all that was left active in her was the smoke billowing out and the occasional spark from her open panel.