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Sandy stood in the center of her new living room, hands on hips, surveying the piles of filled cardboard boxes that lay in front of her.

"I think that's it," her father called as he stumbled through the doorway carrying a stereo speaker on each shoulder. "God, I can't believe how much junk one girl can accumulate in only 19 years of life."

"Give me a break, Dad. I threw half my room away when I packed," she replied with a grin, "Besides, you're the one who insisted on carrying all the heavy stuff."

Sandy's dad lowered the last load onto an end table at the side of the room, then stopped to catch his breath. "Yeah, well, now that you're in college, I have to do *something* to pretend I'm still young." He dropped a hand on her shoulder in a dramatic gesture, panting loudly.

"Yeah, whatever. Seriously, though, thanks."

"What are fathers for?" he asked, straightening up. "Anyway, are you sure you don't want me to hang around and help you unpack?"

"No, that's the fun part. I only keep you around for the hard labor," she chuckled. "Besides, my roommate's supposed to show up soon..."

"What, I'm not cool enough to hang out with you guys?" he smiled.


"Okay, I'm goin', I'm goin'."

Sandy and her father said their good-byes, and a few minutes later, she found herself alone in the apartment again, walking in silent satisfaction around the place that would be her home for the next nine months or so. "This is so cool," she announced to the empty room. She'd been lucky to find a two-bedroom so close to campus. Although the recession ended back around 2010, it was still hard to find a place with reasonable rent, even in a college town.

Sandy had just started to empty the contents of the first box out of about twenty when she heard a knock at the door. She felt a twinge of anxiety as she rounded a stack of books to answer it. It was a feeling she'd come to expect whenever meeting new people.

She opened the door to find a tall, red-headed girl about her age smiling tentatively back at her. "Hi. I'm Becky," the girl managed. "I'm your new roommate."

Sandy took a second to consider her. Becky looked like she could be a model. A near-perfect complexion framed her smiling lips and bright emerald eyes. Her hair reminded Sandy of the color of a burnt red sunset in late summer as it hung around her shoulders, reflecting a healthy shine in the afternoon light outside. A small sprinkle of freckles lightly dotted her cheeks, giving her a playful, girl-next-door quality. The simple tank top she wore did little to conceal her firm, sizable chest. And the long, shapely legs that appeared below her shorts suggested a very athletic upbringing. Sandy, who'd never found herself attracted to a woman before, found herself momentarily transfixed by Becky's natural beauty.

Becky cocked her head slightly, "And you are...?"

Sandy quickly returned to Earth. "Oh," she laughed, nervously, "I'm sorry. Sandy. Sandy Carson."

Sandy stuck her hand out and Becky took it, shaking it briefly, "Nice to meet you, Sandy."

Sandy backed up and motioned her new roommate inside, "Well, come in. Check it out. It's pretty cool. I have a few friends who lived in this complex last year. There's lots of room in theseapartments. ...Well, there *will* be when I get my shit out of the way."

Becky laughed and followed Sandy into the living room. "Don't worry," she chuckled, "When my parents saw how much I'd packed, they ran out to buy stock in a few dozen moving companies."

They both laughed at that, and the nervous tension that hung in the air at the front doorstep was a fleeting memory. Sandy helped Becky bring in her things. Despite the joke, she was amazed at how little Becky had brought with her. Just a few boxes, clothes, and a large trunk. Luckily, their place was furnished.

Over the next week before school started, Sandy and Becky were virtually inseparable. They shopped for hours to give their apartment "the perfect decor" as Becky put it--in a terrible British accent. They talked about their lives, laughed often, and to Sandy, it seemed like they'd been friends for years. And there was something else. Though she was reluctant to admit it, even to herself, Sandy became aware of a growing attraction she felt toward Becky. But she was sure Becky didn't return her feelings--well, mostly sure.

Late Saturday night, Sandy sat on Becky's bed, flipping absently through a box of CDs on her lap. Becky stood in her open closet sifting through a collection of tops. Her face lit up as she found the one she wanted. "What do you think of this one?" she said, spinning around and holding the light blue blouse up to her neck for Sandy to see.

Sandy looked up. "For school Monday? It's nice," she said, noncommittally.

Becky frowned, and examined the blouse more closely. "Do you think it's too uptight?"

"Maybe a little," Sandy replied. "Hey, you know what? I have a green top that would look really good on you. I'll go get it."

"Cool," Becky smiled.

Sandy left the room long enough for Becky to put her blouse away. She came back carrying a green one and handed it to Becky. "It doesn't fit me anymore, but it should complement your perfect bod just fine."

Becky looked at her quizzically. "Oh, puh-leeeaze. Are you kidding? You look great." And she was right. Although Sandy didn't quite possess Becky's enviable bust, she had a slim, well-proportioned figure. And her shoulder-length natural blond hair and clear blue eyes were not to be taken for granted. But of course, like so many self-conscious teenagers, Sandy did.

As Becky accepted the green top, she pulled her T-shirt off over her head. And as she prepared to try it on, Sandy was once again struck by her well-toned shape and firm breasts, which were now hidden only by a cotton lace bra. It was obvious that she worked out, although she never mentioned it.

In spite of herself, Sandy felt flushed. Fortunately, Becky didn't seem to notice as she pulled the new top over her head, flipping her hair back in a well-practiced motion designed to make it fall gracefully over her sounders. Sandy's flush deepened. Becky looked down at herself and grinned. "Looks good," she said. "What do you think?"

"I think it looks great," Sandy replied. It certainly fit in all the right places and showed even more cleavage than she had expected it would on Becky.

Becky looked at her and smiled, satisfied. "Cool. Thanks." She took off the blouse again. Sandy decided it was time to leave before she embarrassed herself. "No problem," she paused. "You wanna go watch some TV?"

Becky looked at the clock on her end-table and frowned. "Nah. I think I'm gonna go to bed. I'm pretty tired."

"Okay. I'm gonna stay up for a while," Sandy said as she headed for the door.

"Okay. See you in the morning," Becky called.


As Sandy headed to the sofa in the living room, she heard Becky close the door behind her. Outside, a low rumble of thunder passed overhead.

Sandy woke up with a start, as a loud clap of thunder rocked the apartment. She'd fallen asleep watching TV. A second later, three bright flashes of lightning lit up the dark living room. God must be taking a lot of pictures tonight, Sandy thought in her half-conscious daze. As she struggled to wake up, she noticed the TV was no longer running. As she considered this, she noticed the LED clock on their DVD recorder was out, too. "Aw, shit," she mumbled. The power had gone out. The only sound she could hear was pouring rain outside and the receding thunder.

She got up from the couch only to bang her knee on the coffee table. She winced in pain and pressed her lips tight to keep from yelling at the thing and waking up Becky. As she rounded the table, she suddenly heard the a beep and the green glow from the DVD recorder's clock display filled the room. In the kitchen, she heard the refrigerator motor start up again. "Oh, good," she muttered. As she turned toward her bedroom, she caught a glimpse of the clock display. The display read 88:88 in a steady glow. That's weird, Sandy thought. Usually, it blinks 12:00 until you reset the time. Sandy leaned down and pushed the power button on the machine. Nothing happened. She crawled to the TV and pressed the power button there. A high-pitched whine filled the room momentarily and then a loud snap before it fell silent. The unmistakable stench of burned electronics filled the air. "Aw, SHIT!" Sandy spat. "The damn TV is fried!"

After cursing to herself a while longer and making sure the thing wasn't on fire, she tried to decide whether to wake Becky up. She sighed. What was the use? The TV and DVD recorder and God-knows-what-else would be just as broken in the morning. Resigned, she went to her bed, and after stewing for a while, finally fell asleep.

Sandy woke up the next morning to the sound of a ringing phone. The sun was bright and full as it peeked through her window, lighting up the room. She reached for the phone and put it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey. Are you guys coming? It's almost 11."

It was her friend Molly. Sandy and Becky had agreed to meet her and some other friends for brunch this morning at 10:30.

"Oh shit. I'm sorry. Becky didn't wake me up. We lost power last night. Her alarm probably didn't go off."

"Oh. Do you want us to wait?"

"No, go ahead. We'll catch up with you later."


"Sorry. Bye." Sandy hung up the phone and swung her feet out onto the rug. She stood up and stumbled lazily out of the bedroom.

Becky's door was still closed. That was strange. Every day until now, Becky had gotten up long before Sandy. She was definitely a morning person. Not today, though.

Sandy walked to her door and knocked. "Becky, we're late," she called. "Time to get up." She listened and got no reply. She tried the knob and was surprised to find it locked. That seemed strange, too. Did Becky lock her bedroom every night? Sandy knocked louder. "Becky, are you awake? It's almost 11." Still no answer. No sound of any kind.

Sandy sighed, gave up, and walked to the shower.

She emerged from the bathroom twenty minutes later, towel-drying her hair, and found Becky's bedroom door still closed.

She knocked again, very loudly. "Becky? Are you awake?" She stopped and listened and heard nothing, again. Sandy began to wonder if Becky was even in her bedroom. She at least expected to hear her stirring. But there was a keyhole for the lock on this side of the door, so it was conceivable that Becky locked it and left the apartment. But why?

Sandy gave Becky one last chance to respond, and then curiosity got the best of her. She got a hair pin from her room and worked the lock with it. Her brother had taught her how to do this once. She never asked where *he* learned the trick.

The lock, obviously not of tremendous quality, gave in easily, and Sandy opened the door.

She was startled to see Becky sitting up in bed, apparently wide awake. The sheets were a tangled heap on top of her. The soles of her feet peeked out at Sandy from beneath them. Becky's large, emerald eyes were staring straight ahead at Sandy, who still stood in the doorway. Her head was cocked slightly to the side. One of the two straps that held up the silk blue nightgown she wore had slipped off her right shoulder, exposing the smooth, curved top of one breast, almost down to the nipple.

A thought struck Sandy's mind. Had she caught the other girl masturbating? She immediately felt her face turn red with embarrassment. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you left or something was wrong or something."

Becky said nothing, but continued to stare at Sandy. At least she doesn't look pissed, Sandy thought. In fact, Sandy couldn't quite read her expression at all. It was a vacant one. She also noticed with a bit of envy that Becky looked just as sexy and attractive before a shower as she did the rest the day.

She tried to put that thought out of her mind. "Beck? What's wrong?"

Becky made no reply at all. She just continued her blank stare. It then occurred to Sandy that Becky did not react at all to her intrusion. She lay completely inanimate. In fact, as she studied the girl's face, it occurred to her that Becky actually seemed to be staring past her, rather than directly at her.

Sandy walked around to the side of the bed, and as she did, Becky eyes remained fixed on doorway. Sandy turned to see what she was looking at, but saw nothing except the open door and the living room beyond.

"Helloooo," Sandy said teasingly, and waved her hand in front of Becky's face. Becky didn't even smile. In fact, she didn't seem to notice at all. "What's wrong with you?"

Sandy sat down on the side of the bed and looked into Becky's face. She remembered the nervous smile Becky had presented when they first met. And as she looked now into her eyes, she began to feel a little horny. She glanced at the top of Becky's chest, revealed by the low-cut neck of her nightgown and the strap that had slipped. Her eyes traced the curve of one partially exposed, perfectly proportioned breast.

She moved a tentative hand toward Becky's chest and nearly jumped out of her skin when Becky suddenly seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in. Her head shifted and her eyes moved to Sandy's. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Nothing, I-" she stuttered, "You didn't answer when I knocked. I thought something was wrong."

"Nothing's wrong. I'm fine," Becky remarked.

"Are you sure? What were you staring at?"

"Nothing," she said. And her head cocked to the side again, as if she were trying to figure something out. Then her expression softened. "I just zoned out for a second there."


"Sorry I overslept. Damn, we're gonna be late!" She reached her right hand under the sheets and seemed to fidgit there for a moment. Then, she pushed them off (as much as Sandy's sitting on them would allow) and waited. Their eyes locked for a moment, as Becky looked expectantly at Sandy. "Can I get up?" she finally asked with mild amusement.

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry," Sandy said as she stood up. Becky smiled as she swung her feet around to the side of the bed and got up. She walked to the dresser and opened the top drawer, searching for underwear. Sandy turned around and stared at the back of her roommate. She began to feel wet, watching Becky move in nothing but the silk nightgown and panties. She had great legs.

"So where's this place we're meeting them?" Becky called over her shoulder as she picked out a suitable bra.

"Well, at this diner down the street. But I think we're gonna miss them. It's after 11..."

Becky turned around to face Sandy. "Really? Shit. I hardly ever oversleep. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. We lost power last night. The TV and DVD recorder are fried. Some lightning must have hit the lines or something. Your alarm clock might be screwed up, too."

"I'm sorry," Becky repeated.

"So am I. That TV was-"

"I'm sorry."

Sandy looked at Becky. Becky stared back at her. Her head was cocked to one side again and she held the bra out in front of her. She stood there, unmoving. "I'm sorry," she said, again. The inflection of her voice remained exactly the same each time. It made Sandy think of a broken record from her parents' ancient collection.

"What are you-"

"I'm sorry.....I'm sorry.....I'm sor-" Sandy heard a electronic buzz and then a click. Becky blinked once, then fell silent.

Sandy cautiously moved toward her motionless roommate. Becky's gaze remained fixed straight ahead as Sandy approached her side. Suddenly, Becky spoke. "Malfunction...Malfunction...Invalid instruction in process 35972. Becky unit 5200 program failure detected. Emergency reset protocol activated."

Sandy stared in disbelief as Becky's arms fell to her sides, dropping the bra she was holding. Her legs moved together. In a moment, she looked like a soldier standing at full attention.

"What the-" Sandy began, but didn't know how to finish. "Becky, you sound like a computer," she laughed, nervously. Becky ignored her. The sound died in Sandy's throat as her mind slowly wrapped around the idea.

"But that's impossible," she thought aloud. Becky looked entirely human, as evidenced by the half-naked figure that stood before her. "This is some kind of bizarre joke. Okay, Becky, you had me going for a second. Ha-ha. Joke's over," she said. But Becky said nothing, her expression calm and vacant. Then Sandy remembered the very inhuman buzz and click that led to Becky's current state. *Was* it possible? Sandy felt a wave of erotic fascination sweep over her as she contemplated the idea. On impulse, she clapped her hands in front of Becky's face. The girl didn't blink. "Holy shit," Sandy muttered.

Convinced, Sandy felt an overwhelming wave of desire to find out exactly what made her electronic friend tick. She walked around to the back of the robot and cautiously slipped her arms under her (its?) silk nightgown, which hung down above the knees. Sandy slowly ran her hands up Becky's smooth, warm thighs. Becky, whose systems were apparently rebooting after her recent malfunction, didn't resist. Her arms were limp at her sides as Sandy moved her hands up to her panties. She was surprised and more aroused to feel the soft cushion of pubic hair around the front.

Sandy suddenly heard a whir and two soft beeps. Becky spoke in an even tone, "Becky unit 5200 version 3.0. System initializing."

Sandy became more excited. She moved her hands up further to cup Becky's firm, full breasts. She played with the nipples and felt them become erect and hot beneath her touch. "Unbelievable," she gasped. Her hands fell back down towards the waist when she felt something unexpected on Becky's right outer-thigh. Curious, she lifted up the nightgown enough to reveal what she felt. When she saw it, her heart skipped a beat. She lifted the nightgown the rest of the way, over the top of Becky's head, and after throwing it down on the carpet, she then pulled Becky's panties down her toned legs so they fell to her ankles. Sandy straightened up, and smiled at the sight of the android girl's perfect, naked body in front of her. Her ass was firm and warm, and her breasts stood at attention as much as she herself did.

Becky, still out of commission, didn't seem to notice as Sandy circled around her, becoming more aroused. After reaching her right side, Sandy bent down to examine what she had glimpsed on her thigh. There, a small, square patch of skin was missing. Within it, slightly indented, Sandy could se a port that looked like it would match up with a heavy-duty electrical cord and one small button. So it *is* true, she thought. Her beautiful, red-headed roommate, whom she had hung out with, laughed with, and secretly lusted for, was an android! And the pieces began to fall into place. Becky must have been recharging her batteries when the storm hit last night. No doubt it had caused more than a few short-outs in the robot girl's circuitry. Sandy examined the button next to the port and saw it was labeled 'Abdomen Panel'."Hmm, no off switch?" she asked aloud.

Suddenly, Becky came to life and took two quick steps toward the bed, away from Sandy, before turning to face her. Sandy straightened up in a shot.

"What are you doing, Sandy?" Becky asked. Her voice took on an alarmed tone as she backed up, eyeing Sandy cautiously.

Suddenly embarrassed, Sandy said the only thing that came to her mind, "You're an android?"

Becky, still guarded, said nothing.

Sandy continued, "You were short-circuiting or something. I-- I wanted to see what the problem was."

"Impossible. All my systems are functioning perfectly. Somehow, you managed to override my programming."

"I didn't do anything. I-"

"Why did you take off my clothes?"

"I-- I wanted to see what you looked like."

Becky seemed to consider this for a second, "I was designed to emulate a human female. But that doesn't matter right now. I cannot allow you to disable my systems again." Becky took a step toward Sandy, her eyes throwing a cold stare.

On impulse, Sandy suddenly threw herself at Becky, propelling her back onto the bed and landing on top of her. As Becky struggled to push her off, Sandy groped for the small control panel on her thigh. Finding it, she pressed the "Abdomen Panel" button. As she did, Becky froze in position. Sandy felt a wave of relief. Apparently, she was programmed to become immobile if her abdomen panel was opened.

Sandy heard a small motor, and as she glanced at Becky's stomach, she saw a seam appear in the skin where none had been before. In a moment, there was a click as a section of skin from her belly was raised up an inch. Sandy grabbed it around the edges and lifted it out.

Sandy felt her embarrassment recede and her earlier arousal return. Becky was a robot. A machine. She could be reprogrammed for any number of "activities", Sandy thought to herself. But first, she would need to be shut down.

"Stop," Becky said, still immobile. "You are not authorized to access my control functions. Repairs on this unit must be performed by a qualified technician."

Sandy looked inside of the robot girl and was amazed by the sight of rows of circuit boards. Wires criss-crossed these, connecting components together. Sandy could see lights flashing and heard a repetitive sequence of soft beeps emanating from the inner cavity.

Instinctively, she reached inside. "Stop. Stop what you are doing," Becky said in the same, calm voice.

"How do I turn you off?" Sandy asked.

"No. You are not authorized to deactivate this unit." Believing she needed to react now, Sandy gripped one of the center circuit boards and pulled it out with a swift motion.

Becky's head jerked to the right. Red hair fell over her neck and check. A series of frantic beeps rose from her open panel. "Malfunction. Malfunction. Fatal error in Becky program," she spoke in a monotone now. Sandy dropped the circuit board onto the carpet next to the bed and began to touch herself as her excitement grew.

The repeating series of beeps coming from the robot girl's belly began to increase in pitch and speed. So did her voice. "System overload. Attempting to reset... to reset..." Each time Becky repeated the words, her head twitched slightly to the left in an obvious program loop that betrayed her human facade. Sandy stroked herself deeper, nearing her peak as she lay sprawled on top of her beautiful electronic roommate.

A sudden flash of blue sparks reflected off Becky's internal components as her systems overloaded. Sandy barely noticed. " reset... This unit is malfunctioning... Thisunitismalfunctioning..."

As she reached climax, Sandy heard a brief snapping sound coming from Becky's body. Becky's head turned to look at Sandy. She smiled slightly, "Hi. I'm B-Becky. I'm your new r-r-roommate," the monotone was replaced with the voice Sandy remembered from their first encounter, but now it was clearly synthetic. Her state became vacant, "Hi. I'm Becky....H-Hiii. I'm Be-e-ecky..." The pitch of her voice dropped, and it was clear she was winding down. "B-e-e-e-c-c-k-y-y...." Sandy heard the sound of a motor spinning down as Becky's systems crashed.

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