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Houseguest By BA

Part 1 - Bedtime

Melanie felt that spending time offline was a waste, being a machine she liked to take advantage of not needing sleep to increase her productivity and usually worked through the night. Of course: as a highly sophisticated robot, a fully humanoid android difficult to distinguish from a flesh and blood woman; she needed extensive support to her physical systems and to the intricate self-authoring software that simulated human behavior personality.

In the past she had often slipped out of bed after her partner, Daniel, drifted off to sleep and made her way to their high-tech study to connect to external services and work while he slept. Now they had split up her routine had been broken. She had spent several nights in hotels, at the mercy of the in-house support team and paying heavily for the privilege before her old friends Mike and Sarah had insisted that she move in with them until she got a new place organised. It was not cheap paying commercial robot support fees and she had accepted gratefully.

Melanie’s ASU was still in her and Daniel’s old flat, a fitted wall of high-tech apparatus designed to keep her operating day to day at peak reliability. Once she had a new place she could arrange to have it relocated and installed but for the time being she was reliant on her mobile support kit; three large plastic Tough-Crates sitting in the corner of Mike and Sarah’s loft room which she called home for now.

She felt herself lucky, there was plenty of room up here and she was out of her hosts’ way so she had been able to move in her huge graphics screen and other work paraphernalia and get back to something like her old routine. Sure enough, as she worked on a project now, following on from a pleasant evening with her hosts, she was softy alerted by a low power warning.

Not surprised at needing a recharge after a full days operation, Melanie finished her touchup on the giant panel and saved her work. She crossed the room, skirting the big bed and stripped her tight blouse off. She had a hard, tanned figure with small but perky breasts filling her modest lace bra. Even close up her skin was perfectly real looking with no hint that she was anything less than a very attractive woman in her early thirties. She tied her chestnut locks back in a ponytail and made several adjustments to the controls inside the largest ASU box. The other boxes were connected to one another by various cables and tubes and the largest housed a complex control panel and display under the open lid.

Once the evening’s maintenance requirements were set into the machine Melanie stood up straight with her hands on her flat belly for a second or two. When her hands moved away again they extracted a rectangular panel from low in the android woman’s belly; from her belly button down to just under the waistband of her short casual skirt. She pulled the panel free and placed it in a holder in one of the crates. Inside the deep hole into her body were various complex components and controls; electronics blinked rhythmically between an ordered tangle of busses, hydraulics and lube-tubes. As Melanie reached for the interface cables various actuating lines slid smoothly back and forth inside her open body, seemingly on the verge of snagging on the other delicate components and causing disaster but always following faultlessly engineered paths. Melanie liked to think of these as her hidden puppet strings, pulling her limbs and body about from inside at the whim of her CPU.

First she plugged in the charge cable; the thick grey lead clicked home in the centre of her panel and immediately made its presence known as the power warning smoothly vanished from her consciousness and her internal LED pattern subtly changed. She had set the ASU to condition her power pack for optimum function which would take all night but she wasn’t going anywhere. Next she connected a fine clear tube, it twisted home with a bayonet action and sealed against her fluid reservoir. Another similar tube followed and a quiet pump started in one of the boxes; her artificial fluid reservoir could be replenished orally but, for best effect, was maintained with carefully a formulated mixture. The ASU would automatically flush her system through and top her up.

Next Melanie connected a black double hose low down in her panel which would flush and replace her internal hydraulic fluid. This toxic green formulation circulated through her chassis to power the major movements of her limbs and back, especially the heavy duty leg systems. It also circulated through her joint capsules and servo bearings to lubricate moving surfaces allowing human-like silent and smooth movement.

At this point Melanie carefully checked her ASU and ran a brief internal systems check to confirm that her delicate machinery was receiving the support it required. She could operate for several days on battery recharge only but preferred to maintain herself to the highest standards available whenever she could, her body was after all her most valuable possession. She had often experienced the gradual reduction of performance that resulted in operating close to her limits and disliked the anxiety, the telltale small glitches that gave her away and the added risk of component failure or malfunction.

Satisfied that her body would begin the next day at peak performance Melanie took the final cable link from the ASU. The high speed fibre-optic would provide the data link to her external Master System. Melanie’s personality was derived from several sources: her prime CPU ran manufacturer’s software to control her enormously complex robotic body, integrating sensor inputs, actuator signals and feedback and overlaying the appropriate cosmetic functions: breathing, complexion, gestures, expression and the like. These functions were all user configurable to align properly with the ‘personality’ generated by her AI processors and, to finish her off, she was running a long list of aftermarket applications too. These were either downloaded into her memory core or running from cards inserted directly into available slots behind a well hidden panel in her chest; most of her work functions and some supplementary social programs were stand-alone downloads and the sex, lesbian, tennis and recently purchased masturbation cards in her chest held hot swappable off-the-shelf applications.

Away from her ASU, Melanie could process, edit and integrate the experiences that informed her complex personal systems but she was unable to alter her fundamental settings or programming. A few days of operating like this would built up a vast network of causal linkages to tax her resources and slow her system down. Eventually this would make her show visible hang-time and risked crashing her. Much like a human mind, Melanie’s digital architecture required periodic reconfiguration to incorporate experiences into core programming; to re-baseline. Unlike a human though, the android needed a powerful external computer to reprogram her quite regularly to achieve this. As with her physical maintenance, Melanie preferred to undergo a full reprogramming nightly if possible to ensure optimum performance.

Both the ASU and Melanie’s system detected the data link as she plugged the cable into herself. She was alerted to the ASU’s requirement to override her control and took a moment to stand up straight again before she willingly accepted. The woman stood blank and still in her bra and pencil skirt as the external computer took control of her for several minutes. It ran a complete virus check followed by a system check to determine there were no errors requiring resolution and then downloaded a complete copy of Melanie’s programming into its backup archive, including her full AI, downloads and CPU settings right up to the interface with her plug-an-play applications.

Download complete, Melanie came back to life with a very slight jerk. The ASU would duplicate the backup and crunch numbers through the night to complete the ‘new Melanie’ in time to upload in the morning, overwriting her current programming. It would also incorporate any user specified alterations to her programming, these included routine patches and upgrades as well as, until recently, any changes Daniel had wanted. Tonight there were only two minor adjustments which her host, Sarah, had specified earlier. Mindful of her intent to work through the night the android had set the system to back her up every twenty minutes to make sure she didn’t loose the night. Satisfied she returned to her work, trailing the leads and hoses from her open belly across the bed to make the most of their limited reach.

Melanie made good progress with her commercial holo-image development work as her robotic and digital systems were maintained. Every twenty minutes she became very still for a brief period before twitching into life again but otherwise was not interrupted by her maintenance. Reaching a key stage, she set her computer to rendering the glossy advertising hologram she was working on and sat back on the bed to wait as the virtucube gradually filled with discernible shapes.

With nothing to do but wait, the android girl gazed at the blinking lights on her ASU and inside her metal and plastic body. Without really considering why she hitched up her skirt and leant back and slipped her white cotton panties down her long smooth legs. Alone, idle and in private, her masturbation card had automatically initiated a session; it was new and she had not yet integrated its functions into her personality suite.

Melanie had never masturbated during service before, in fact had never had the urge to masturbate alone at all until she installed the card a few days ago, determined to get over Daniel. Occasionally she had experienced test orgasms during deep maintenance but those experiences were all cached in her maintenance logs; dispassionate and not sexual. She quickly found that her wetness seemed very much increased, probably because of the external fluid link. The self-contained pleasure application had quickly identified her robotic dependancies as a viable source of arousal and adjusted her accordingly. She suddenly found her own blinking systems hypnotic and gazed at them in fascination as her fingers danced with gathering speed across her small hard plastic clit.

She dwelt on the thought that in a few short hours she would be completely overwritten by a new and improved version of herself. She felt very much the helpless object she was as she remembered the small adjustments Sarah had programmed into her ASU; tomorrow her dress sense would be very slightly toned down around the house, she would probably pick a slightly longer skirt to avoid catching Mike’s eye. When it came to programming Melanie had no self-will at all, she had no choice but to accept the changes and would never consider them again. She was no more than the sum of so many programmed choices, new ones like these overlaying her original programming and upgrades. She was a mere machine, a robot to be programmed and used; her friend had thought nothing of re-programming her to suit her own preference and Melanie thought nothing of being re-programmed.

Programmed by Sarah, programmed for Sarah; her lesbian card initiated a complimentary stimulus as she imagined being further re-programmed to serve more of her friend's needs. She arched her back on the bed and barely suppressed a sudden cry as her body convulsed in a shuddering climax, wetness squelching and spurting between her legs as she delved desperately into herself, riding the digital plateaux until, finally, they faded.

Spent for a while, the android woman lay back on the bed trailing her fingers along her sticky thighs, reflecting on how the new programming had seized so effectively on her situation to find arousal. Her skirt was rucked up around her waist, partly covering the mechanisms inside her open panel; the lights were returning to a measured rhythm now after a frenzy of flashing as she had orgasmed. The cables and leads trailed off across the bed supplying power, fluids and data. She froze suddenly in place, compromised in a moment of intimacy for a full minute as her ASU painstakingly backed up the wealth of orgasmic data.

Melanie twitched ever so slightly then sat up and smoothed her skirt back down over her drying sex. She looked critically at the now fully rendered hologram; it would need some more work. She looked around for her holo-wand to get back to business, it was at the far side of the desk. She reached for it, right at the limit of her hoses; they were quite short, designed for offline service rather than umbilical functioning unlike the long coils of her power cable. She flicked the hose to run straight from her to the ASU and leant out at arms reach to tickle the wand closer with the tips of her fingers. The clear fluid tubes were taught and straight across the room, a foot above the bed as she strained further and pulled the tool within reach.

There was an almost inaudible pop as the clear output tube slipped free of its little metal bayonet connector and fell to the floor sluicing a trail of aromatic sticky fluid across the carpet. With the connector left in place, Melanie’s fluid outlet valve stayed open and the combined pressure from the ASU pump and the still active sexual pumps in the android’s loins was enough to spurt a small viscous jet from inside her open body.

Melanie swore savagely, dropping the wand and leaning forwards, falling to her knees to direct the flow down out of her body, away from her delicate electronics and internal systems. She reached inside herself and uncoupled the connectors; the broken outlet to stem the flow and the inlet also, letting the tube fall to the floor. She was kneeling in a wet mess of her own fluids soaking into the carpet, her hands were coated and, bizarrely, her sexual programming was responding vigorously to the accident generating new hot wetness between her legs and a very distracting input from her suddenly re-hardening clitoris and nipples. She was still loving being a machine and the part of her generated by the sex cards almost wanted her to malfunction right now.

She crawled slowly across the floor and pulled a crisp white towel from her dressing table to dry herself so she could sit up. She peered down into her inner systems, trying to see if any of the fluid had entered her body and caught an ominous glint of droplets among her electronics. She carefully uncoupled some internal hydraulic hoses to reach a corner of the towel inside herself and dab very gently at the danger. She couldn’t terminate software maintenance in the middle of a session but grasped and twisted her power coupling to remove the high voltage hazard. As Melanie pulled the plug free from her body there was a bright flash and sharp crack accompanied by the smell of hot metal mingled with sweet sex.

The android’s master alarm initiated, a high pitched warble indicating a serious malfunction and she fell back twitching on the carpet. Although she was experiencing a critical hardware error Melanie remained online, struggling to get her erratically jerking limbs to do her bidding and mop up the worst of the fluids inside her system. There were several more electronic pops as her power system went into meltdown and a twist of black smoke drifted up from fried electronics. Her suddenly clumsy fingers probing into herself did more harm than good and she deteriorated rapidly so that when Mike bust in, alerted by the alarm, she was unable to speak or control herself. The usually smart and poised professional gazed intently as she twitching and jerking on the sodden carpet in her bra and skirt ridden up round her waist. With a final violent flurry of activity and sparks she powered down to lie staring coldly at the ceiling; an exposed and compromised woman, a damaged and powerless machine.

Part 2 - One Week Later

Melanie thanked Sarah for a wonderful ‘welcome back’ evening, asked Mike to ‘tuck her in’ and the two of them retired to the loft leaving Sarah to finish her wine. In the loft Melanie unceremoniously removed her modest cardigan and slacks and lay back on the new white plastic-padded bench wearing only her bra and panties. She lay neatly with her arms at her sides and glazed over slightly as her service panel rose a few millimeters from her flat tummy. Mike turned from the ASU in the corner without reacting to his beautiful; house-guest’s semi-clad body. He carefully removed the android woman’s panel and placed it away in the ASU before hooking up the various services as Melanie passed a few comments on the day just ending. He replied absently while studying the service screen and adding several new programming adjustments of his own. He didn’t consult the passive woman beside him but, though she could not fail to notice him taking liberties with her supposed independence, she made no flicker of reaction.

Turning to Melanie again her reached inside her belly and pressed one of the small control studs pausing her autonomous systems to halt all animation and thought while she was serviced offline. Another control caused the now inert android’s chest panel to rise from between her breasts and sternum. Mike peered in then removed the lesbian and masturbation cards from the helpless machine’s bus before closing her up again to spend the night inert and still, eyes fixed in her frozen face and mouth half open.

Melanie’s host turned the cards over in his hands, reading the text on their gaudy covers. They had caused Melanie quite a bit of trouble, her repair costs would take a very long time for her to pay off, but they certainly seemed to have been entertaining. Now she was repaired they had agreed to adjust her maintenance procedures, at least while she stayed here, and Mike certainly had no objections to servicing a beautiful machine like this one.

He tucked the cards in his shirt pocket and headed down to bed leaving the loft lights shining over Melanie’s helpless, flawless, plastic body. Now how may card ports did Sarah have free....?

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