The Car Crash

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Written by Mirage

The Car Crash

Part 1

"Mr Henry Ashton?" the police officer asked, standing at my front door.

I nodded nervously as a deep feeling of dread came over me.

"I am sorry to inform that your wife was in a terrible car accident... a drunk driver crashed head on into her car.. he was killed instantly..." he explained, as all I could do was listen until he finished his reason for being here at 2am, rain falling hard, in the middle of the night. "And we tried our best, sadly, this is all we could find of the remains of your wife from the scene of the accident.. I hope she can be repaired, I am truly sorry." he finished his sentence, giving me a box.

Still in a cloud of confusion, I thanked him, closed the door and sat down, still holding the big box. Putting the box on the hardwood floor, I slowly opened the box and studied its contents. The first thing I saw was one of Lara's legs, ripped out from the thigh, cables and wires coming out from the exposed innards showing from her leg.

"Lara was a robot?" I mumbled out, as I reached inside the box and pulled out her decapitated head, wires and circuits dangling from her neck.

"Tom? This is Henry... I need to talk to you... Sorry to call you in the middle of the night, but.. but Lara was in a car accident.. No.. No. she was not killed...but.. she is not alive too.. what do I mean?... Lara.. Lara is..was.. is a freaking robot! I was married to a robot! For three years! Can you fucking believe it??A FUCKING ROBOT! AN ANDROID! No fucking way! No wonder she didn't want kids! Beep!Beep! I am a freaking robot!" I yelled into the phone, still in shock.

"She's broken into a fucking million pieces in a box right now.. ya.. they put what they found from the crash.. she flew right into the dashboard, through the windshield, smashed into thousands of pieces, when she hit the other car. Yeah, the drunk driver that crashed into her died.. Thank God, asshole. I would have killed him myself. Yeah.. Thanks.. I know... well, that's what I am hoping, since you know robot shit and stuff like that.. Yeah.. Thank you so much... see you tomorrow.. Night, Tom." I said, hanging up the phone.

I took a deep breath and studied Lara's head. I opened her eyes with my left index finger. Tears came down my own eyes.

"Fuck! Did you know you were a robot?" I asked her.

Of course, she didn't reply, as she is only a broken head. I put the head down and dumped the contents of the boxes on the kitchen table. The top of her thorax, with her left arm still attached, ripped into two pieces, her pelvis was ripped apart, but still attached by cables and wires. At her pelvis, both legs had been ripped apart, wires and cables coming out from where the legs should be attached. Her right shoulder was also just showing the same, wires and cables where her right arm should be. Her neck was the very same.

I studied the cables and somehow managed to reattach her head, but the connections for the neck were broken, so her head lied beside her thorax, like a broken doll head. I slowly removed what clothing she still had. I was surprised to see little damage to her body, apart from a huge gash on her head, broken circuits showing from the inside of her head. Studying her naked breasts and open broken body, I sat down and connected my computer to what I thought was her CPU, sitting in her open belly. Lights came on, as I powered her CPU with my computer.

I was shocked when I suddenly heard her say my name, after the CPU booted in my computer, "HHH..ENNRRYYY..Y." came out from her lips.

Her fingers twitched a bit as she became somewhat operational.

"Henrryyy.. Why can't I move.. What is wrond withtggg,... neemmmee.." she slurred her words, beeps and pops with her speech, showing the damage of her CPU also.

"Lara… you were in a car accident and you were badly damaged." I told her.

She rolled her eyes, trying to see me, "FDDDDammmaggedd..?? I ddoonnt unnnderstannd."

"You are a robot... and I will get you repaired." I told her, tears coming out my eyes.

"A..A.roobot?" she said, almost smiling at the same time.

"Yes... did you know you were a robot?" I then asked her.

She rolled her eyes, trying to avoid me, "Nnnooo.. I ammm soo sorryy..t.I.Dinnd't know..II.. woulllddmnn't haveve.. lett you mmarry mee if I knuww.. sorryy." she said, somehow tears still managed to flow from her eyes.

"No! No! I still would marry you! I love you, Lara!" I told her as I cradled her head and kissed her on the lips.

Part 2

"WHWHhat Aere you Doing g to me?" Lara asked, as I typed away on my computer connected to her CPU.

"Just looking at your programming." I responded, studying her files.

By coincidence, I found the files controlling her sex programming. I grinned as I typed away, activating some programming inside her.

"AHhh AHHH! Henryyy? What Are you doinng?" She gasped, as I activated her clit programming.

I turned away from the computer and sat in front of her exposed pelvis, her pussy almost directly in my face. Even though, her legs were ripped from her body, her pussy was not damaged whatsoever, as her pelvis was undamaged, just disconnected from her upper body.

The rest of her upper body was exposed, as all was connected by wires and cables.

I reached and grabbed her left exposed breast for fun. Lara gasped, as she felt my touch to her body. She managed to turn her head, being held by her left arm, so it was facing me, "What the..e..e hell?? Stoppp.p it!" she yelled angrily.

I stood up and pulled down my pants and underwear

"Been a few days we didn't fuck..I want so now." I told her, as I inserted my dick inside her pussy.

"Noo. Hennrryyy... ahh.. yes.. don't stop.. Fuck me.."she said, as I typed on my computer while I fucked her pelvis, directly giving sex commands to her CPU.

I typed FUCK ME MORE, she yelled out FUCK ME MORE.

Somehow, this command over her gave me such a hard on, as Lara was sometimes cold to me in bed while we had sex. The more I typed commands, the more the sex got better. I came inside her, as she also had an orgasm, feeling her pussy squeezing tight on my dick.

She panted, as she mumbled out "Henry..Cann we doo thiss again sooonn....n.. I wannntt.. more. MASTER..." she smiled.

"Master? I didn't type this" I said out loud.

"You are…my MASTER.. PLEASEEE COMMMANDD MEE MORE.. MASTERrr. Lara said, in a robotic voice.

Part 3

With a devilish smile, I asked Lara for a blowjob. She mounted herself on my penis and started sucking hard my dick hard. I came inside her mouth as I was squeezing her breasts, on her upper thorax. I sat down on the chair, as Lara's body parts faced me on the dinner table.

"Lara, are you still there?" as she remained quiet after I came in her mouth.

I looked at my computer, and saw many error messages appearing on her CPU, hook to my computer.

"MASSTTTEERRRR>..r..r.r...r.e. EROOOORORORRR<.." came out from Lara's mouth, as she suddenly crashed.

"What shall I do?" I asked Lara.

But before anything else, Lara’s systems went offline. I sat there, beside her body parts, her eyes completely empty. I rebooted her, and saw that she had lots of errors and damage to repair on her programming. I started her self-repair software and let it run while I went to bed.

In the morning, I sat beside the dining room table, as Lara was still lying in pieces on it. The message on my computer showed all the errors were fixed in her CPU. I rebooted her, after I ate my breakfast.

"Lara? Are you okay?" I asked her, as she was rebooted.

I was surprised when I was asked by a robotic voice to choose between Lara and Suzanne to load up as personality for the unit.

"Suzanne?" I asked myself quickly.

I was surprised to discover that my wife had another personality inside of her. I quickly verified the new A.I. specs, and she was completely different from Lara's specs. This new A.I. intrigued me. I loved Lara, she is the one I married, but after three years of marriage, the sex life was a bit stale. I convinced myself this would not be cheating on her, as the knowledge of her robotic nature makes me feel somewhat I was the one who was cheated on.

"Please load Suzanne programming." I asked the female robot in pieces.

"A.I. Suzanne programming being activated. Please enjoy." the robot voice said, as the new personality booted up.

"Henry, how are you, my love?" a new sensual voice come out from Lara's lips.

"Good, you, Suzanne?" I asked back.

"Been better, I can't move much, sorry." she smiled, trying to look around.

"Suzanne, can I touch you?" I asked her, intrigued.

"You can touch me anywhere, don't you know, I love it when you insert your big cock in my wet pussy" she purred out, in a very sexy tone.

I removed my robe and plugged my dick in her pussy, still at the end of the table. I then sat on the chair, and pulled her pelvis on me, cables and wires pulling a bit on her upper thorax, circuits showing the robotic innards inside her body, under her breasts. Her head flopped on the right side of her body, as her left arm shook a bit.

"Mmmmm.. you are making me so wet, Henry.. Go deeper." Suzanne moaned out, as I pushed her pelvis on top of my dick.

"Lara, I am coming." I said, as I ejaculated inside her.

"Lara? Who is Lara?" Suzanne quickly said jealously.

"My wife, whom I love." I said, as I deactivated Suzanne's A.I. with my computer still hooked up to her CPU.

Obviously, Suzanne is a sex A.I., programmed only for sex, it seemed. I rebooted Lara's A.I. after a moment.

"Henry!" she smiled, as she saw my face, as I held her head in my hands. I kissed her deep, as I missed her.

"I promise you will get better soon." I explained to her.

"Really?" She asked, sad.

"Henry.. Who built me and why?" Lara suddenly asked me.

I paused for a second, wondering the same, "I don't know... do you want me to dig into your memories files?" I asked her.

"I... I don't know.. last night, when you were giving me direct sex commands to my CPU, I felt I was losing myself and simply becoming a machine..." she said, losing her thoughts in a trance.

"Lara?" I said, as she became blank.

"Yes. Master..." she said, in a robotic voice.

"Lara! Come back to me!" I yelled at her, getting scared of losing her.

"Yes, Henry?" she said, back to her old self.

I sat beside her body and took her hand, "Can you feel this?" I asked her.

"Yes, but I can't move it, must be broken, like most of my body." Lara blurted out, showing signs of frustration.

"Tom is supposed to come today and help me repair you." I told her, trying to cheer her up.

"Tom... Oh.. Does he know I am a robot now?" she asked quickly.

"Yes. I called him yesterday, before I activated you." I explained to her.

She made a strange face and smiled to me "Great..."

I got up and reached for a beer, to relax "Hey, where's all the beer?" I asked out loud.

"I don't know, you are the drinker here, remember.. I am a simple robot." Lara laughed out.

Part 4

"ZZAhhhahhahh!!!" Yelled out Lara.

"Oops, sorry." Tom apologized as he inserted the circuits in the wrong location.

"Tom!" I grunted.

"Hey, I am doing my best here!" he said, as he continued working on assembling Lara.

Lara was mumbling errors and glitching in and out, as she asked to remain activated during her repairs.

I sat down, somewhat nervous, seeing Lara being like this. Body Pieces, wires and circuits were everywhere now on the table and the floor. Many tools surrounded Tom, as he would reach and grab the needed tools to make the repairs.

After a few hours, he took a deep breath and smiled, "There, she is almost done, whatever is left to be done, I'll pick up the parts tomorrow."

Lara was actually deactivated an hour ago, even though she had protested.

"Want to do the honor?" Tom asked me, showing me where to press to reactivate her.

"Right here? No wonder I never pressed it." I reached under her armpit and pressed deeply under the right arm.

Feeling a small bump, I pressed hard. Lara, now lying on her back, naked and completed, still on the dining room table, suddenly sat up. Her eyes were glazed, as her systems booted up. Me and Tom, looked at each other, as we waited with our fingers crossed.

"Tom!! I am naked!" Lara screamed out, trying to cover herself.

"Honey! You have been naked for two days, and Tom is the one who put you back together!" I told her quickly.

"Oh yeah! I forgot! Sorry, Tom!" she laughed out.

Tom blushed a bit and looked away, as she got off the table and went to get some clothes. "She seems okay." Tom smiled.

"Looks like it." I smiled.

"Henry, you should get some sleep, you seem tired." Tom said, as he put his tools away.

"Yes, you are right, I am pretty tired." I agreed, as I lied on the couch a bit.

"Don't mind me, I'll just say goodbye to Lara and go, okay?" Tom said as he finished packing his stuff.

"Sounds good.. Thanks, buddy!" I said, as I pass out on the couch, quickly.

Tom knocked on the bedroom door, where Lara was getting dressed. "Can I come in?" Tom asked.

"Just a second." Lara said, putting her bra and dress. Tom came in anyway.

"Tom! What are doing?" Lara asked confused, seeing my best friend come in the room as she was still dressing.

"Come here, robot!" he said, as he grabbed her with his hands.

"LET ME GO!" she yelled out.

Sadly, I was too far gone in my slumber to hear her screams. He pressed the back of her neck and opened a small hatch.

"FUCK! LET ME GO!!" Lara tried to fight him off, but he was a bigger man than her, and even though she was a robot, his strength was greater.

He pressed one of the small buttons that was in the open circuit board.

"NO! Nnnooo..noo....! noooo....o..o." Lara slurred her words, as she was being deactivated.

She slumped on the floor, hard, totally deactivated. Tom reactivated her CPU only and booted Suzanne’s A.I., instead of Lara's A.I. into the robot.

"Hello, Tom, where is Henry?" Suzanne asked, confused, as even though she was a different A.I., she was still mine.

Tom grabbed her and inserted a tool inside the open back neck "There, this will fix you!" Tom said, as he turned the tool, affecting the robot A.I.

"I.. love Henryryyyyy...Master, awaiting orders" she then said in a robot voice.

"Finally! Lara or Suzanne, both love Henry... for fuck's sakes, what a stupid machine." he mumbled out, as he removed her clothing.

"Suck my cock, robot! I just fixed you up, you should be grateful!" He said, as he removed his pants.

As she moved to grab his cock, she hesitated, "Command overwritten." the robot said, as she stood up straight.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Tom yelled out angrily.

"Please leave the premises or the police will be contacted immediately." the robot said, as she quickly reached for the phone.

Tom freaked out and was very confused by her actions. In a panic, he grabbed his pants and tools and ran out the place.

The robot, before she sat beside me as I slept on the couch, took some pliers and readjusted herself in the back of her neck and closed the small hatch. As I woke up, I felt I was being given a slow delicious blowjob. My pants and underwear were down, and Lara was lying naked on my legs, sucking me hard. I remained quiet until I came in her mouth. I reached and grabbed both her breasts and massaged them, as she blushed red.

"Did you like it, love?" she smiled.

"Suzanne?" I mumbled out, recognizing her voice.

Part 5

"Suzanne.. please stop... Mmmm.. stop... don't stop..." I mumbled out, as she was riding me slowly.

She did things differently from Lara. I could not help myself from fucking her, or actually, her fucking me. She grabbed her tits hard and squeezed them in my face, Lara never did that. We both came and lied on the couch together, her on top of me, playing with her hair

"Suzanne.. I am married.. to Lara, you know."

"Am I Lara?" she asked, confused a bit.

"Yes.. Maybe, Lara and you, are both A.I.s in this robot." I explained to her.

"Can you merge our programming?" she then asked, twirling her fingers on my chest.

"No.. I don't think so, you are both individuals... and I think I love both of you.. I See Lara as your twin sister." I mumbled out, myself a bit confused in my sayings.

"Wait! I know what to do... can I have your credit card, I want to go shopping and surprise you!" Suzanne smiled.

I hesitated, but agreed. She left quickly, wearing some clothes that Lara never used. I had to go to work anyway.

I came back from work late at night and reached for some beers, only to find the fridge still empty. I grumbled, as I needed to remind myself to get beer tomorrow.

"So, what do you think?" Suzanne asked, coming out the bedroom.

"Wow… your hair…it's so…purple!" I said, gazing on her long beautiful hair.

"Wait! I got more of a surprise for you!" she said, excited.

She ran into the room and yelled for me to sit on the couch for a minute. I was somewhat excited by Suzanne zeal's, as Lara had always been somewhat of a prude when it came to sex, or being wild. Maybe her programming was intended like this, make Suzanne the wild one, and Lara the more mundane one. Don't get me wrong, sex with Lara was always good, as she is hot, but she was always too shy to try naughty things.

"Okay, here I come!" Suzanne yelled out, coming in a rubber spandex dress, all dolled up.

"Holy shit!" I gasped out.

"So... What do you think?" she grinned to me, making sexy poses.

"You are so hot.. Oh my god... I have never seen Lara do anything like this." I mumbled out.

"I am not Lara... I am her sister, remember!" she growled.

She pushed me on the couch and did a sexy dance in front of me, very sexual. I came hard so quickly, that I almost wet my pants on my own. She undressed me, while she forbade me from touching her.

"Cocktease!" I laughed out, as she got me fully naked.

"MMmm.. you didn't see anything yet.." she smiled, grabbing me hard by the hair and kissing me deep.

"Henry, prepare yourself for the best fuck you ever had!" she whispered into my ear. I closed my eyes and wish this would never end.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I started yelling out, massive pain everywhere, BRIGHTS LIGHTS everywhere! I gasped out, looking around confused, suddenly.

All I could feel I was trapped, could not move. I tried to breath for air, but all I could taste in my mouth was blood.

Suddenly, I was back with Suzanne, lying naked beside me, deactivated, on the floor, a look of terror on her face.

Part 6

I grabbed Suzanne, who was like a loose marionette and put her on the couch, naked. I looked at her face, her eyes and mouth wide open. Tom showed me how to open her panels while he repaired her yesterday. I checked for damage, opening her main stomach panel under her breasts with a screwdriver in her belly button. I heard the click and the panel opened, showing me her circuits. After studying her systems, I realized she ran out of power, her battery completely dead.

I spun her around and opened her back panel, between her shoulder blades. I pulled a cable out with a plug and plugged it in the wall circuit and started charging her.

I sat down beside her, as I also put her in a sitting position beside me, her head tilting down, like a broken doll.

I plugged my laptop to her CPU and started typing away. "If you didn't know you were an android, how did you recharge yourself every day?" I asked her, even if she was still deactivated.

After a few moments, I found out she recharged herself without knowing it. Every night, while I slept, she had a "subroutine" activating herself to plug in and recharge, but her A.I. remained deactivated while doing this.

Interesting... I see, by activating Suzanne, it stopped the subroutine program from running, as it's only programmed for Lara's A.I."

"Battery fully charged" the robot said, in her robotic voice.

"Already? Okay, let's wake up Lara." I smiled, rebooting her.

"Henry!" Lara smiled, her head raising and seeing me.

"Lara, I got access to your CPU, is there anything you want me to do to you?" I asked her, curious to see her reaction.

"My CPU... my brain, right.. Like, what do you mean, change me somehow, don't you love me the way I am, we have been married for some time now.. Do you want to make me your sex puppet now?" she said in an angry mood.

"No.. of course not.. but since you are an A.I., I can download any programs inside you... Like music, art, you always wanted to play the guitar." I told her, trying to explain myself to her.

Lara paused for a second, understanding what I said. "I.. am just a program.. not just a robot, but just a program.. I am simply codes... machine language.. That's it..." she mumbled out, looking at her hands.

I quickly shut her down, before she said anything more. She sat there, deactivated, a tear came down her eyes.

"Ahh fuck." I took a deep breath.

I went into her memory files and erased the last 20 minutes from her CPU. I reactivated her and avoided the subject, acting like everything was peachy. Forgot to mention, I also removed all files about her discovering her true nature. I decided to see if we could resume our life like it was before the car crash.

"Henry, what do you want for supper?" Lara asked, going into the fridge, as I played my video game

"You are out of beer!" she yelled to me.

"I know, I know!"

After a few minutes of playing, I lied down on the couch as my eyes were getting heavy. Suddenly, I started smelling something burning. I gasped for air, bright lights everywhere again, I tried to scream, but only blood gushed out my mouth.

I was trapped, my legs could not move. I tried to focus, as all I heard was loud police sirens screaming everywhere. It took some seconds for me to realize I was in my car... I was in a car crash.. I looked to my right, panicking.

Suzanne was beside me, dead, a horrible look of horror was on her face, as blood oozed from her open forehead. I then looked in front of me... on my car hood, was Lara's decapitated head and right arm. I screamed as I realized I crashed into her car, head on. I then saw into the smoke, Tom was her passenger... yes.. I do Everything was making sense.”

"You fucking Cunt! How could you! Fuck my best friend!" I yelled to Lara, as I finished my last beer.

"ME?? You bastard! You are the one fucking my sister, Suzanne!" she yelled back to me.

"At least she want's sex! You are so fucking cold in bed, I swear I was fucking an icicle! A robot is warmer than you!" I said to her as I grabbed her by the arms.

"Maybe if you had a hard dick sometimes, I would want to fuck you, but I am stuck using a vibrator all the time!" she screeched.

"A vibrator?? You need a machine to off yourself??! Let me show you something!" I screamed, ripping her clothes off.

As she screamed to let her go, I pushed her on the bed and removed my pants. Lara made a strange face, as she was somewhat excited at my action.


After a moment of getting on top of her, I.. I could not get hard.

"YOU WANT TO FUCK ME WITH THAT??" she laughed out, as she saw my limp dick.

"Henry, only a fucking robot would want to fuck you! You are USELESS!" she said, as she pushed me on the floor. "I am going to see Tom... at least he can satisfy me. Go fuck a robot, at least you can't disappoint it!" she said, slamming the door.

An hour later...

"Where are we going?" Suzanne asked, scared as I was driving very fast and very drunk.

"I just want you to tell your sister how we just fucked hard! That bitch!" I mumbled out.

"Henry? Who fucking cares about Lara! She's so fucking frigid, no wonder you can't fuck her! Honey, let's go home.. I'll wear that sexy rubber dress you got me!" she begged.

"Yeah.. fuck her.. Let's go to my house." I said, as I quickly turned the car around, the tires screeching hard.

"Lara?" I said, as I realized I turned into oncoming traffic and the car facing me was Lara's.

Everything just suddenly went all black, the last sound I heard was from the sound of the cars crashing into each other, Suzanne's scream while she died instantly.

The end.

"HENRY! WakE UP!" Lara yelled at me, waking me up. "You were talking into your sleep, about crashing and beer.” she said, sitting beside me on the couch. "I burned the supper a bit, sorry for the smell." she quickly said. "And turn off your GRAND THEFT AUTO 17 game and go buy some beer! I think you are having withdrawal from it. No wonder you are having a nightmare!" Lara smiled, pushing me off the couch.

"Lara... we were not killed in a car crash?" I said quickly.

"Car crash? I... I think I was in one.. but I can't remember anymore... it's like a dream.." she paused.

I reached under her left armpit and pressed where should be her off button. She gasped, as she became deactivated.

"You are really a robot..." I mumbled out. "Thank God!" I laughed out, as I kissed her deep "It was only a dream..."

The real end.

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