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The recently repaired fembot Nicole walked stiffly and mechanically across her master’s neighbor’s yard and up to the door bell, which she pressed three exact times.

“Just a sec.” said a woman from inside the house

The woman answered the door, the woman was Cassie. Cassie was a pretty ordinary 42 year old woman, mildly overweight with medium blonde hair, and somewhat tan skin. Her most striking feature was her eyes, they were a very unusual mix of blue and green. She was famous for her eyes within her small circle of friends.

“Hello Cassie, master instructed me to wish you good luck with your appointment at Hysen & Stowell Labs today.” Nicole said while the gentle breeze played with her red hair

“Ugh! Harvey knows I hate it when his fembots call him master.” Cassie thought to her self

“Well Thank you very much Nicole I ought to be leaving so if you don’t mind…” Cassie forced herself say to her neighbor Harvey’s salvaged fembot Nicole

Nicole just stood there the same optimistic expression frozen and her flawless face, soon smoke began to spew from Nicole’s nostrils and Cassie left the malfunctioning fembot on her front porch and headed towards Hysen & Stowell Labs.

Cassie was nervous the entire trip out to Hysen & Stowell Labs. She had a great fear of being controlled by her ex-boyfriend, Derrick. She tried to calm herself down in the waiting room but found that her hand would begin to shake if she moved it any. She could’ve sworn she was even beginning to break out in hives. Right around the time of her appointment with Dr. Hysen a beautiful brunette dressed in a generic white shirt and mini dress stepped out of the door into the waiting room and ran to what Cassie assumed to be the brunette’s husband, smiling and talking rapidly about how great she felt now that she was a machine.

“Cassie?” a man’s voice called

“Over here.” Cassie said meekly

“Oh well hello there Cassie. I’m Dr. Hysen, would you like to follow me into a private room?” Dr. Hysen asked Cassie

Later, in a private room, Dr. Hysen asked Cassie why she wanted to become a fembot.

“Well, I want to be young and…erm…sexy again. I really want to experience the thrill of sex again, it’s been years since…you know.” Cassie explained to the doctor

“I see. Well don’t you worry Ms. Cassie just fill out this form, it will specify how you’d like to look.” Dr. Hysen told Cassie

Cassie flipped through the assortment of papers on the doctor’s clipboard, she wanted to be completely different, almost like a celebrity or a super model. After marking through everything she had made her choice.

She choose nearly the opposite in every category from what she already was, this 42 year old blonde, tan, and greenish-blue eyed overweight woman was going to be transformed into a 24 year old, fair skinned, dark brown eyed, red head with almost no body fat expect for her new C-cup breasts.

“Wow. You’re in for some heck of a major upgrade Ms. Cassie.” Dr. Hysen said almost laughing

Cassie faked a small laugh in return and was lead to the memory room.

“Say good bye to your old body Cassie” one of the robotic nurses that now surrounded her said

“Good bye” Cassie said, trying her hardest to hold back tears before she went unconscious

Streams of Blue letters and numbers flooded a black abyss of new robotic mind as Cassie booted up and went online for the first time ever. Her eyes opened to see a small private room with a mirror in it. When Cassie saw her reflection she gasped. Not because she was completely naked but because of the Goddess she saw gasping back at her.

She looked herself over, they had gotten everything perfect. Her now long red hair rested gently and her shoulders, her flawless skin was perfect on every inch of her new body. Her brand new C cup breasts bounced slightly as she walked around the room admiring her self.

That’s when another woman entered the room. Cassie quickly tried to cover herself the best she could but the woman threw her a large gown, which Cassie hastily put on.

“Sorry for intruding. I’m Dr. Stowell.” The woman said

Cassie didn’t saw anything as she looked at the Hispanic wonder of a woman that stood in front of her wearing a black undershirt with a lab coat over it and a black mini skirt which showed of her very long legs.

“I’ve come to do your testing. Don’t worry though mam, um I mean Cassie, you won’t remember any of it.” Dr. Stowell said to Cassie

“What testing?” Cassie asked rather scared by this news

Dr. Stowell sighed and spoke, “I guess you should have read the fine print, Cassie…but it doesn’t matter anyway you won’t remember this part.”

“Wait Wait, What is going to-“ Cassie said, until she stopped in mid-sentence

Dr. Stowell had pressed the control button on a small remote she had pulled out of her pocket.

“Change to verbal commands.” Dr. Stowell spoke into the remote

“Hysen & Stowell Unit 320094 standing by.” Cassie said in a monotone voice

Suddenly the door to the private room opened again. This time a tall muscular man stepped through the door.

“Ah good you’re here. This foolish lady forgot to read the fine print. We’ve gottta test her sexual programs since that was the specialty software she put down for installation!” laughed Dr. Stowell

“So what are we going to do here?” the man asked

“Well let’s just do some quick sex and let this woman get on with the rest of her new life.” Dr. Stowell said thoughtfully

Cassie was still standing very still her eyes were unfocused she was an idle machine, ready to obey any command in the world.

The man laid down on a bed that was located in the corner of the small room, and unzipped his pants.

“Cassie, take of your gown and go ride on the man on the bed.” Dr. Stowell said into the remote

“As you wish.” Cassie said in a robotic monotone voice

Cassie’s nipples became erect almost immediately and she began to moan occasionally.

Dr. Stowell smiled as she watched, her own nipples slowly getting hard.

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