A Change of Hair

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A Change of Hair

Harry brushed his fingers gently on the textured surface of the large succulent plant. His pad on his lap displayed diagrams and technical information. Instead he looked curiously at the plant that had managed to reach its stems and grew new roots in the flower pot beside it. He thought about the possibility of removing the new growth, or let it grow free. Both had had their own beauty of course, but a decision had to be made.

The front door chimed and slid quietly open in the livingroom and Harry instinctively pressed the lock button on his pad. The screen faded to black as his beautiful wife came in carrying a large shopping bag. He exchanged his usual greetings with her, his focus on the bag as the woman took off her jacket revealing her statuesque body.

"Honey, what did you do today?" She asked him across the living room as she took off her shoes.

At the beginning Irena wouldn't spend any of Harry's service stipend on herself. She was very frugal with his money, and the little that she earned herself she would save up and buy gifts or spend it on their time together. That had only lasted for a year or two and now, she would spend more and more of their money on herself. He didn't mind of course, he never cared much for money and the force was sending him more than he could spend anyways.

"You did go for a run today right?” she questioned him again, placing the bag down on the table crudely.

"If not, did you atleast clean up the mess you made in the basement right?" Irena said, her frustration was now clear in her voice.

"Not yet, I was reading." He replied, gesturing with the pad in his hand.

"What good will those fantasy novels do us? If you don't want to work, at least be productive at home."

Harry wanted protest, but arguing with Irena never got anywhere and was ultimately a waste of his time. So instead he sat still watching her breathing heavily in anger over him. Predictably after a while she was the first to speak.

"Just my luck to have a good for nothing dysfunctional man like you for a husband. At Least make yourself useful and help me change my hair." Irena said as she gestured to the bag she brought back. Harry grimaced back, not comprehending why she had to change her hair so soon.

"Get off your ass and come help me." She commanded him.

Harry let out an audible sigh as he lifted himself off the couch. The deep impression left by his weight remained in the fabric. Following Irena into the kitchen Harry saw his wife unpack a wig with the scalp attached to it. It was much shorter and straighter than the long and curly hair she had on currently. Irena sat down on the dinning chair and began carefully taking off her earrings gently and neatly placing them in front of her. Harry turned the wig over in his hand inspecting it, while Irena worked down a few buttons to expose her shoulders. He honestly did not like the new style, it was a bit too punk, or new age for his taste. A series of soft clicking sounds drew his attention to Irena who was sitting still with her hands placed on her lap, her head facing straight ahead.

“You still remember how to replace the hair module right?”

“Yeah, helped you change your hair last week.”

Irena chuckled back at him.

“Are you sure? Maybe you’ve gone senile, but that was 19 days ago.”

“Okay, okay…” Harry replied while moving to grab the back of her head.

A quarter inch seam had appeared across her forehead and down the sides of her face that tapered back to meet at the back of her neck all the way down to her shoulders. Harry carefully pulled back on the layer of skin as it peeled back easily into his grasp. The inside of Irena’s head was mostly hollow. A plastic like material that sprawled into spiderwebs that culminated into a skull shape kept the layers of synthetic skin attached to her metal skeletal supports. It took a moment for Harry to find but he managed to detach the skull shaped frame as well. The small rectangular metal casing was heavy and contributed to most of the weight of her head.

“Harry! That’s wrong! You don’t need to remove that, just place the new hair on it’s not that complicated!”

Harry rolled his eyes and carefully placed the heavy metal casing on the kitchen table, careful to not ding the perfectly smooth stone surface. Without her skull nor her hair Irena looked strange, almost cute. Her small sliver of face that remained and her processing modules all together were roughly the size of his hand. He looked on in amazement at how small and compact her brain was compared to the rest of her. A small control board and a series of chips slotted in neat rows. A stark contrast to the image of the messy and bloody insides of the soldiers that he had trouble getting out of his mind.

“Put my cranial cover on and engage the four connecting latches. Then the new hair module…”

Irena stopped talking the moment he put his finger on one of the chips. Harry marveled at how all of the components inside her brain were in their perfect manufactured condition. They gave off a smell of brand new plastic too. He was certain that his fingers were the only “dirty” thing to have touched these delicate electronics. Irena began to talk again but was cut short as he pulled one of the larger chips free from its slot. A faint company logo was etched into the chip, curiously it was the same company where she chose to buy all her care and luxury products. Harry swung around to see her face. Her eyes met his and she opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out as her mouth was left open in confusion.

“Irena…” he said softly. "Shh… don't worry"

He tried to calm her but it seemed to only make the situation worse. Her mouth began to twitch and her eyes began to dart around randomly in a panic. Harry placed a hand on her shoulder and could feel the tiny spasms coming from her body.


Harry jumped back as Irena suddenly stood straight up and spoke loudly into the room. Her heavy blouse had fallen off her shoulders, revealing her bare breasts. Standing like this without most of her head harry couldent help but feel this was someone else standing in front of him.


This time Harry wasn't startled, though he wished she was a bit quieter like this. Without wasting any time he retrieved a small box from his pocket and unpacked the new personality chip. The chrome finish on the module did not quite match the rest of the parts on her main board, but that was fine as he quickly covered her head back up and pulled on her old long hair. Having her most fragile components exposed for a long time was a disaster just waiting to happen. Even if Irena was annoying and getting on his nerves he never would want her to get hurt, she is pretty expensive afterall. Not the fully human like androids but still is easily the most expensive thing he owned. After he patted down the last part of her scalp and made sure all the seams where property connected he commanded a last restart for his wife.

"What… what happened? Did my systems malfunction or something?" Irena said as she ran her fingers over her head.

Harry could already hear the difference between the way Irena talked, her voice more soft and mellow.

"I changed your personality module. Sorry I had to do it while you were still conscious."

"Oh, that's okay. But why didn't you turn me off first?"

"Don't think you would have let me." Harry shrugged, tossing the old chip on the table.

"Of Course I would have let you, you are my owner after all!” Irena said as she put a hand on her chest, acting, or perhaps now, really is offended.

Harry couldn't help but stare at her wife's breasts, he was sure that were larger or shaped differently somehow.

"Oh my!" Irena snuggled her face into harry's chest and looked up at him, her hand rubbing his erection.

"Did you miss me while I was out ERROR. We haven't had sex since the day you bought me."

Harry hadn't even noticed his growing erection. It felt like this was a different woman in front of him. The old Irena didn't excite him like this. Combined with her new docileness she definitely aroused him. At this point Irena had already worked down his pants and was vigorously rubbing her wet creamy breasts around his member. He noticed the lubricant was being secreted from her nipples, a function he didn't know she had.

"I want you inside of me…" Irena cooed as she began rubbing her sex with one hand, her pants tossed aside and her clit dripping pools of liquid of the floor.

"You haven't used me in so long Harry, I… ERROR. I don't know why I… ERROR, LOGIC THREAD ENDED." She paused suddenly and jumped onto the kitchen table, her legs spread inhumanly apart, inviting him in.

Fuck me right now, I neeeed you." She begged him.

At this point Harry was beyond worrying about her glitches, which were no doubt caused by the hotswap done on her system. As he vigorously pounded her she seems to orgasm over and over with unfaltering intensity. Hopefully he wouldn't need to change her personality again, at least not in a long while he thought.

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