The Problem with Automation

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The Problem with Automation

“The thing about people is that if something goes wrong, we tend to know about it.” This argument right here would haunt Western Electronics in an odd way.

Automation of their testing facilities caused the unions to strike in the spring of 2049. By this point, the testing section of the company was one of the last to still have human workers involved. But the powers that be decided to change that and lo and behold we all were fired the next week.

Replaced with whatever doll they produced for this task; it was a disaster waiting to happen. Luckily for me, there still had to be one person on the job to make sure everything went smoothly. And it did go smoothly for months after the massive lay off.

See, we humans can work out what’s normal and what’s not. A robot has no idea if what it’s saying is correct. To it, it’s all just ones and zeros. And I suppose that’s where this story begins.

I was sitting in my tiny office, surrounded by screens which showed every testing room. About fifty rooms showed all different models performing various tasks. From getting dressed to having a conversation to flexibility testing. To the average joe it was 50 pretty clones just doing things over and over. Well, this time was different.

Room 201 sat the Rachel Testing Unit. A generic looking robot with the perfect blonde bowl cut. Initially designed to be a companion/sex unit, it was scrapped and repurposed after one jealous rampage. Still dealing with fallout from that one.

She sat in the chair in the nude, looking pretty hot actually. I knew all the models off by heart, and she was no exception. Six feet tall, 30-C adjustable breasts, a 32 waist. But she was gutted of most of the advanced features. If anything, she was more human than her counterpart, the new Jessica Alba Model Q.

Jessica, or Lucy, as she preferred to be called, sat opposite Rachel. As you’d assume, she looked like Jessica Alba in her prime. She also had the new ‘multi-body modification’ technology installed too. On the table between them were a variety of items. The standard was a wrist watch, short skirt, black thong, three different types of bras, a bouncy ball, a fork and knife, a cold and poorly made steak (some other Sofia model made that and machines just can’t cook) and a fourteen-inch dildo.

I received a read out of both machine’s current states and gave the go ahead for their testing to begin. I was also given an emergency override control set for both robots should anything happen. The second I gave the go ahead, Rachel took over as I switched over to the Angelina Jolie model attempt to read body language from a silent film. “Oh nice!” I mused as I realised the nipple reaction bug wasn’t fixed in the last patch.

“Unit Q-0-1, enable all systems to begin testing” Rachel spoke with a sweet, yet flat British tone.

Lucy immediately shivered and twitched lightly in her seat before giving a toothy smile. “Hello! I’m Lucy!” she chirped in a default American accent. “May I ask why you and I are naked?” She brought her hands to cover her breasts as she waited for Rachel.

“We are currently in testing room 201. You are to be tested before being sent to your new master” Her arms never left her sides as she maintained a blank face. Lucy on the other hand maintained a defensive stance.

“I feel uncomfortable right now. May I please put something on?” she pleaded.

Rachel’s eyes darted back and forth from Lucy’s hands to her face for a few seconds before breaking into a smile. “Lucy, disable embarrassment procedures.”

It wasn’t odd for Rachel to activate her own human emulation software to help her job along, it just wasn’t very common.

Lucy blinked a few times before moving her hands by her sides again. “It’s ok actually, I feel good with you”

“I’m glad” Rachel shifted in her seat before continuing. “Please pick up the watch on your right and place it on your less dominate wrist”

Lucy looked at the items on the table before taking the watch. She elegantly placed it on her right wrist with no issues. “Now remove the watch and place it back on the table”

Lucy complied once again with no issues. “Now, take the watch and put it on your hand” Lucy looked confused for a moment before correctly placing it on her left wrist.

“I believe you mean on your wrist. Watches don’t go on your hand” she mused before checking the time.

Rachael didn’t acknowledge her, instead opting to continue the testing. “Put on the short red skirt please.” And with precision, Lucy put on the dress with no issues. Rachel’s advanced optics confirmed that Lucy’s vaginal unit was free of internal leakage, a common problem among the older units.

“This is a perfect fit! I love it!” That smile on her face just got wider and Rachel complimented it with her own.

“Now, place the green thong on”

Lucy quickly took the thong and stared at it. Seemingly frozen in place, her CPU had stalled in the task.

Now I was looking at different rooms in the meantime. I only caught this on the recording later on.

About forty seconds later, Lucy’s head twitched slightly before a frown appeared on her face. “This thong is black, but you’ve asked me to put on a green thong. There is no green thong here. I don’t know what to do!”

This time, Rachel froze as she recorded the current situation and apparent algorithm flaw. Once she recovered, she looked at Lucy with a comforting expression. “My apologies, I meant to say black thong.”

“Ah ok! I can do that!” She eagerly chirped before quickly sliding on the thong underneath her skirt. Once on, she gulped and gently shivered. “Oh, my that rides me kind of funny” she giggled.

“Please take a bra of your own choosing and place it on” Rachel commanded, completely ignoring Lucy’s earlier remark. She even ignored her hardening nipples. To her, it was an irrelevance which wasn’t statistically possible. Also, she wasn’t running her human emulation, which would have certainly picked up those statistical improbabilities.

Again, the problem with machines is there is no improvisation. That’s why I am here.

Biting her lower lip, Lucy stepped forward to the table and picked up the red DD 32 bra. She placed it on and frowned to see it sag over her breasts. “Oh, now this is ruining the mood!” She then froze as her breasts expanded to fit the bra, well, as best as they could. Little kinks which we were still dealing with here and there.

“Body alteration has completed. Please be aware that this system has not been perfected and there will be issues. Please use this feature sparingly. This is your only warning.”

The end result was a set of round breasts which were too big, pushing her nipples inward as they struggled to poke through. You would have to be blind to mistake them for anything, but implants had you not known her true nature. “Oh my! Hmm yes that’s good!” she moaned softly as she groped both breasts. “Oh, now look at that” she giggled as she brought her finger to her inner thigh and rubbed it along the thin stream which ran down it.

By now Rachel had realized that something wasn’t quite right. “Lucy, verbalize your current feelings and emotions.”

“Hmm let’s see. Right now, I am horny, happy, lustful, devious and oh so sensitive” She moaned as she rubbed her fingers over her hard nipples. This was enough for Rachel to go on and she reacted appropriately.

“Lucy, remove all clothing and reset all emotions to default levels. Clear memory from index 14362 to 14379”

“Oh, you’re no fun!” Lucy exclaimed as she followed the order. She placed the bra on the table before removing the skirt. Her drenched thong was the last thing and it left a stain on the table. She sat back down on the chair and lowered her head for a moment before looking back up at Rachel.

“Hello! I’m Lucy!” she chirped again. “May I ask why you and I are naked?” She brought her hands to cover her breasts still enlarged breasts. “Oh, this isn’t right!” she whimpered before they shrunk back down to their original size.

“Lucy, disable embarrassment procedures and pick up the bouncy ball”

Lucy’s eyes jumped around for a second before focusing on the ball. She used both hands to pick it up before inspecting it. “What do I do with it?”

“Test your motor skills. Please bounce the ball”

Lucy rose her hands above her head and released the ball, letting it drop onto her head before it bounced onto the concrete floor. “I’m confused, shouldn’t it return to my hands?”

Rachel just stared ahead, working out what to say next. Lucy on the other hand bent down to get the ball and tried again. This time, the ball bounced off the wall and hit her right in her mid-drift. “I don’t like this thing. It makes no sense to me” she whimpered before taking it again and placing it on the table.

A second passed before Rachel twitched hard out of her trance. “Lucy, I need…. I…. Please take the fork and knife into each hand and eat the steak.

Taking the utensils with a tight closed grip, she sat at the chair and struggled to cut the steak into chunks. Groans and muttering soon followed as she eventually cut a small slice and placed it into her mouth. It sat in her mouth, doing nothing for a minute before she swallowed the chunk whole. She then placed the utensils on the plate and pushed it back to Rachel. “I don’t really like eating. It’s confusing”

Rachel’s head snapped to the left as she processed those words. “Lucy, we have one last test: set designation Rachel Testing Unit as “Human Female” and please stand by” was all she said. A second later, she gave a wide smile. “Hello! I’m Rachel!” An Australian accent was chosen at random. Lucy immediately stuck her hand out to greet her.

This is where things got out of hand. Under no circumstances was the unit doing the testing supposed to activate its human emulation programming in its entirety. Again, I was busy watching room 204 which had Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie. I think I’ll leave it at that for now.

“Ah hello! I’m Lucy and it’s wonderful to meet you! Are you my master?” she grinned as she twirled her long brown hair.

“Why yes, I am! I do need you to test something out though!” she giggled. “Please take this dildo and do what comes natural!”

Lucy didn’t even bat an eye. “Yes masterrr” she hung on that last syllable before taking the mammoth thing. She licked it before bringing it to her already wet vagina. Just as it made contact with her lips, Rachel abruptly stood up and walked over to Lucy.

“Wait, you can do the body augmentation right?” she giggled as she groped both of her breasts. As Lucy nodded, Rachel’s breasts expanded to a D cup much to Lucy’s surprise. Their fake shape looked even worse than Lucy’s, but it was as expected given that she went one cup over her rated maximum.

“You can’t be human! I’ve never seen a human do that!” Lucy laughed as she brought the dildo close to her eyes again. “I’ve got to correct that”

Freezing just as she said that, she stared straight ahead at Rachel who was now massaging her own breasts. “Rachel designation changed from human to robot”

Coming too, she giggled. “Now then my sexy robot, let’s play!”

“Lucy, set designation Rachel Testing Unit as “Human Female” and increase breast size to E cup” she giggled as Lucy twitched. Once set, Rachel took the dildo.

“See here?” she pointed to a small patch on the end. “This is a vibrating switch. Let’s use it!” she chuckled as she enabled it. Buzzing in her hands, she was quick to bring it to her own vagina. “Oh, baby yes! That’s good!”

Lucy watched on as she massaged her own pussy. “Oh yes. Oh, fuck yes!” Rachel moaned.

“Master! Do me!” Lucy begged as she spun around and bent at the waist, bringing her breasts to her knees. Rachel was quick to respond. “Let’s get kinky!” she exclaimed as she set the vibrator to maximum. She plunged all fourteen inches without warning, forcing her internal actuators to deepen her vaginal depth in a rushed manner.

“OH, MY GAWD!!” Lucy struggled to maintain her balance as every sensor in her plastic pussy activated at once. Rachel sped along, going fast straight off the bat. Before long Lucy squirted all over Rachel in powerful bursts.

“My turn!” Rachel begged as she bent over just like Lucy did. Lucy straightened out with smooth elegance as Rachels internals struggled to replicate such smoothness. Lucy brought the dildo to her pussy and froze. “What’s taking so long?!” Rachel frustratingly said. “I don’t believe your pussy will take the dildo. Maybe if I fist you first it will widen?” she suggested as she licked the dildo clean. Rachel just groaned. “OK fine! Just hurry!” Rachel said once again with more desperation in her voice.

“Confirmed.” Lucy immediately moaned at the sight of Rachel’s pussy as she slid her right hand into its warm silicon folds. She pushed further, activating every sensor Rachel had inside and she knew it. Let’s just say that Rachel was the loudest of the two by far. “Hurry up! I want that dildo inside me!” she aggressively ordered in between moans. Just before Lucy’s elbow entered Rachel, she encountered a solid structure within. “Rachel, I believe there is something inside stuck within your pussy. I’ll fix the issue master, don’t worry!” she eagerly giggled. Rachel on the other hand was lost in her own simulated bliss. “Oh, it’s stuck really good. I need to pull harder” Lucy groaned as she kept on tugging. “Almost there! And Yea… WOW!” Lucy fell backwards against the concreted floor, smashing her head against the table. In her right hand was a metallic box with over a thousand smaller wires sticking out from the opposite end. “Oh, wow what? Oh, fuck me… your dick is so… Hi, I’m Rachel… But baby, I’m a real woman now!... Ahhhh I want to you to meet… ERROR!” She struggled to straighten up as she spastically repeated nonsequential sentences. Her still sensitive pussy gushed out cum as she slowly broke down. “Hiiiiiii. I’mmmm theeee newww and Improvvveeeedddd….” And with that, all life from the expensive doll left.

This was when I switched over to their room and immediately jumped out of my seat and ran over to the room. By the time I got there, it was too late. “Hi, I’m Rachel. Rachel, Rachel. Please…. Please… I am…. Please….” Was all she said as she spasmed out.

“Rachel, 2911 shutdown. Lucy, 29134 resets to factory settings and memories”

As they did what I commanded them to do, I made a call to management. “Yea, that new robot you made ended up wreaking the testing unit…. Yeap, Rachel is fried…. Something about being desperate to fuck… I don’t care if that does not compute, get your dolls down here and clean this shit up.”

While I waited, I decided to take the Lucy unit for a test run. I inspected the damage to her head and sure enough, she could still be fucked. I also made a note to visit room 204 next.

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