The Girlfriend

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This is an adapted version of perhaps the best story I have ever written, and at over 52,000 words, it's also the longest story I have ever written. I originally wrote this story in late 2009/early 2010. It is heavily edited because the original took place during the main characters high school years, which is forbidden by the rules of this site. Despite the editing, the tone, story, and characters remain the same. Rest assured, all the persons within this story were 18 or older by the year 2010 when this story was originally written. Since it has been four years since I stopped writing it, I have also edited the language and even added an ending which I was unable to before, along with a few other things. Most of part 6, and all of 7, 8, & 9 are entirely new.

This story contains malfunctions, activations, deactivations, remote control, limb removal, panels, faceoff, programming/reprogramming, construction, sexbots, manbots, mind transference, and more.

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This story is in first-person perspective.

Because of how long this story is, I have split it into nine parts to allow it to format properly. Follow the links to each part:

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