Long time in the waiting

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[[Original post]] Long time in the waiting

Part 1

Part 1.1

James lay in his bed, wide awake as he scrolled through the patch notes on his phone. The new Focus OS 11.0 was just released, and he had been up all night reading over the new features it came with.

While some features like the cross-platform compatibility and control made sense, others such as the enhanced word phrasing comprehension were confusing. Very few people used the built-in voice assistance and enhancing it didn’t make sense to James.

One feature which lost him was the cross-communication enhancement. “An enhanced, more life like communication between OS 11.0 devices? Who the hell has two phones that talk to each other?”

He rubbed his brown eyes before looking over at his digital clock and groaning as he realized it was 3am. The growing urge to use to use the bathroom finally defeated his will to stay in bed. Leaving his phone behind, he carefully navigated the clothes littered bedroom in the dark before reaching the door. He walked down the hall past his stepmother’s room before reaching the cold bathroom. Shivering, he quickly closed the opened bathroom window. “How many times do I have to tell her to do that!” he groaned before washing his face and blonde hair. On his way back, he noticed that her door was slightly opened, and that her light was now on.

He peaked through to find her sitting upright in the bed, wearing purple pyjamas as she stared ahead into the mirror. She was a rather attractive woman for her age. With deep blue eyes, a soft, elegant face and no obvious signs of ageing. She was an attractive 40-year-old to say the least. He particularly liked her flowing blonde hair which gave her a youthful appearance. Her personality also maintained its forever 21 appearance.

Suddenly, her mouth opened as she spoke. “OS 11.0 Update complete. Resuming A.I”

James’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “Is she… No, she can’t be.”

She visibly relaxed and her default smile returned. She stayed motionless for a few seconds before grasping the sheets which covered her legs and pulling them aside. She moved over to the edge of the bed and knelt, reaching under the bed. She retrieved an old radio and placed it on the bed. She also pulled out an old case stacked with CDs.

Once back on the bed, she leaned forward and slowly licked the radio, putting her sensual, precise tongue skills on display. She then pulled out a seemingly random CD case and removed the CD, placing it into the radio’s CD player.

Once in, her manicured fingers slowly pressed the play button. “Hey babe. Today the boys at the lab want you to try out the shock device. Set up the camera like normal and film the whole thing. And do what you want with it but remember to override any errors. Put that new OS to work. Love ya!”

He quickly realized that was his stepdad’s voice. “What was going on here?” he thought.

Cutting his thoughts short, she replaced the radio and the CD’s back under the bed and retrieved an old styled camcorder. She placed it on the tall boy opposite her bed and quickly undressed, revealing her bare, massive breasts and shaved vagina. She then reached into her dresser draw and retrieved what looked like a fly swatter with a dial at the end of the handle.

Taking the device to the edge of the bed with her, she sat up right and turned the nob. “Setting is at level one. I’m going to test my breasts and nipples first.” She spoke with a light Scandinavian accent. James was stunned to see her breasts expand noticeably as her nipples hardened to cartoonish size.

“Easily a cup size” he thought before she swatted her left breast.

“Oo that’s nice” she softly moaned before trying again. “Oo yeap, definitely nice” she reassured the camera. She then swatted her stiffened nipples and responded in a similar way. After a few more swats she changed the dial again.

“Setting is at level four. I’m going to test my breasts and nipples first.” She repeated in a near identical tone.

She swatted her left breast again and moaned. “Oo, I’m enjoying this.” She swatted her nipples and reacted in the same way. She then turned the dial again.

“The setting is at level six. I’m going to try my tongue, nipples and vagina”. She stuck out her tongue and paused for a moment as she looked at it in the mirror. After a brief pause her tongue stuck out ridiculously far as her lips formed a wide grin. She brought the swatter to her tongue and made contact. James swore he could smell smoke as the metal contacted the silicon.

She stayed that way for a moment before retracting her tongue. “Oo my. I’m feeling wonderful!” She brought the swatter to her nipple and swatted them. James saw a spark jump from the swatter to her nipple each time they got close to each other.

“Oo yes baby! That’s maxes me out right there!” she moaned before bringing it to her vagina. The second it touched her moist folds, she twitched hard and froze.

“Electrical disturbance detected. Assessing situation.” She mechanically announced before relaxing. “Error overridden. Resuming A.I function. Oo that good feels sexy hole wet!” she moaned before looking confused. “That didn’t make sense” her confused expression turned into a smile as she said “Oh well! Error’s out of sight, and out of mind!”

She then turned the dial once more.

“The setting is at level ten, the maximum setting. I’m going to try my breasts, nipples and vagina” she announced proudly.

She swatted her breast and froze for a second. “Oo that was nice nice nic.. That was nice” she quickly recovered before swatted her nipple, this time freezing for a little longer. “Oo that’s very nice. I’m enjoying this enjoying this this this this.”

James grew concerned over her stuttering tone but resisted any urge to interfere.

She then backed onto the mattress and spread her legs into a v shape, giving the camera a perfect view of her tight vagina. “Now for the piece of resistance!” she giggled before swatting her pussy.

She instantaneously froze upon contact and stayed that way for a few seconds before cocking her head to the left. “Oh my that’s powerful! I’m so glad I can handle this without any issues! Without any issues! Without any.. ERROR. CPU cycle mismatch. Returning A.I to previous stable state…. Oh my that’s powerful!”

James found it amusing. She was completely unaware of her errors.

Once again, James was speechless as her legs spread further, backwards at easily a 220-degree angle. Her skin creased unnaturally as her servos became audible.

“Ok boys, last test. Me verses this thing all the way in!” she announced before pushing the whole swatter into her pussy. At first, she seemed completely alright. “Ah yes! The superior being wins again!”

She stayed that way for a minute before tilting her head. “Catastrophic error has occurred. Error overriding has been overridden. Please wait.”

For the next few minutes she stayed that way, motionless and staring at the camera. The swatter was deep inside her. Feeling sympathetic, he entered the room and removed the swatter. She remained motionless.

James for one had seen enough. He left and went back to his room before hitting the bed.

“This is one crazy dream” he thought before finally getting to sleep.

Part 1.2

James woke up at 7:30 am sharp. He rubbed his eyes as the events of last night came flooding in. He quickly dismissed it for a dream before heading to the bathroom. Once he had done his business, he headed downstairs to the kitchen.

“Hey hun, how are you?” she called as he entered. He froze when he saw her, standing there in just a bra and panties.

“Hi Julie. I’m alright. Are you alright?” he asked as he walked over. He quickly noticed that she had put bread on the frying pan and eggs in the sink. “Maybe last night wasn’t a dream” he thought.

“Yea I’m fine. And I thought we were over the whole Julie thing. I’m your mum, even if I’m not your real mum.” She picked up the frying pan by the handle and let the bread slide to the other end.

James remained determined. “If you say so. It’s just that you have bread in the frying pan and the eggs are in the skin.”

Julie Immediately stopped what she was doing and looked back and forth at the sink and the pan for a few seconds. “Ohh yea you are right! How silly of me. I was up late last night and didn’t get much sleep.” She explained.

James sat at the table as he watched Julie scoop up the eggs with her hands and place it in the frying pan. She then pulled the bread from the pan and placed it into the sink. “There smart ass. All better!” she cheered.

James got up from the table and pointed at the sink. “Does bread cook in the sink Julie?”

She looked at the sink and froze completely. James waved his hand in front of her face to no avail. “No way, a real robot” he realized before he decided to be impulsive. He reached out and grabbed her large, well rounded left ass cheek. If felt firm, smooth and he enjoyed it.

As soon as he let go, Julie faced him. “What did I just say about the whole Julie thing? And can you take over here? I need to use the bathroom.” She quickly made her way to the downstairs bathroom as James picked up the bread and placed it into the toaster.

He quickly recalled that all OS 11.0 could interact with each other. He immediately turned off the stove and raced up to his room to get his phone. A quick Google search gave him the connection method he needed, and within moments he could see what Julie saw through her own fake eyes.

She was looking straight ahead into the bathroom mirror, her arms by her side as she stood motionless. There was no on screen display evident.

“Let’s see what’s going on inside you” he said to no one as he looked around the settings tabs. Within seconds he managed to bring up her HUD and debugging screen.

Thousands of lines of code raced past her debugger as she sorted out her errors. On the left of that there was a list of immediate issues:

“1: Current clothing is inappropriate. Pyjamas or gym outfit based of RNG # 3 2: Morning breakfast preparations were inappropriate. Toast goes into object code #192 and eggs into object code #190 3: Sexual drivers initiated. No valid human partner present. Audit on programming data confirms the error and has repaired it.”

James tapped on the first line but was met with an error. “This device is not registered as a prime user. Changes cannot be made. Please register this device to this unit.”

“Damn” he swore before throwing his phone onto the bed and returning to the kitchen. He heard Julie run upstairs and return in her two-piece gym outfit, revealing a massive cleavage as her black tights clung to her long legs. She swiftly removed the bread and retrieved the butter and jam from the fridge before spreading both on the toast with a knife.

“Here we go hun. Now I’m heading out to the gym for the next few hours. Keep the house clean for me.” She peaked him on the cheek before heading straight out the door. He waited until he heard the car start up and the engine noise fade into the distance. Once in the clear, he hastily made his way to her room.

He reached under the bed and sure enough, found both the radio and the CDs. Pulling one out from its clear, unmarked case revealed a date written in black inc. “June 2nd, 2021. Tomorrow’s date.” He left the radio and box on the bed before returning to his room. He started up his computer and inserted the disc. The recording immediately began.

“Hey babe. Nothing special tonight, just a routine check on all your sexual functions. Use the 8-inch dildo for your diagnostics. Love ya!”

“Time to change this” He smirked as he began editing. Using several online voice replicators, he changed the speech but kept the voice. He clicked play and waited.

“Hey babe. Nothing special tonight, just announce your registration number and all associated data. Love ya!”

“Perfect” He then placed the disc into the case and shuffled them to have it first in line in the case. He then returned to his room where he picked up his phone and decided to watch her day through her eyes.

She was parking the car at the gym and had gotten out. She retrieved a duffel bag and had tied her hair into a bun before entering the gym. She immediately was greeted by several men before one unit of a man approached her.

“Hey Julie” he said with confidence in a deep voice. She leaned in for a long kiss before he grabbed her ass.

“Hey Sam! Not here!” she giggled as she swatted his hand.

“You say that every time. Now come on, the boys are waiting” he groped her ass as they entered the shower room. James was stunned to see four other massive men waiting in the shower, all nude.

“Hey guys! Now, who gets what today?” she asked as she removed her clothing.

In a matter of minutes, she was on the wet floor taking one dick in her ass, with another in her pussy. She was pumping two other men with her hands as she deep throated the 5th man. She moaned and powered through every single one. Once they all came, they changed positions and went again.

In one hour, 5 different men had came in her hands, mouth, ass and pussy. They were exhausted while she seemed energetic. “Anyone up for round two!?” she giggled as she masturbated in front of all the guys.

“No more Julie. God damn woman you are a machine!” They all laughed. Julie didn’t like the joke.

“I’m not a machine Sam. I can assure you!” her serious tone quickly changed into one of lust as she quickly came to orgasm yet again before going under the shower.

“I mean, she’s incredible at sex but is too weird for me dude. She’s cold and fake, and I just can’t connect with her” Sam said to the other guys as they cleaned themselves. Julie heard them but generated no ‘thought’ on their conversation. She just let their cum drip out from her ass and pussy as she spit up the rest. She dried off and put on the gym outfit again. “See you tomorrow guys!” she waved before getting into her car again.

“See ya later you freak!” they all laughed as they waved.

The rest of the night was uneventful. James stayed in his room while Julie did the same. He spent hours reading up on the OS while she processed and sorted through the day’s events.

Part 1.3

It was 5 to 3am. James had anticipated this moment all day, and eagerly left his room. Like the night before, Julie’s light was on. Her door was slightly opened too. He saw her sitting the exact same way as last night, with the same pajamas and all.

At 3am, she removed the sheets from her legs and reached down from under the bed. She retrieved both the radio and the CD stack. Just like last night, she licked the radio seductively again.

“Gotta be a bug” James reasoned before he watched her place a CD in.

“Hey babe. Nothing special tonight, just a stress test of your CPU, RAM and Hard drive. Set up the Camcorder and disable your adaptability programming no matter what. The boys want to see how your code is holding up. Run programs 72 through to 74. If you go over an hour then reset and resume A.I functions. Love ya!”

“Ah fuck” he swore as he realized, he put the case in the wrong order. She selected them from the opposite end!

Julie quickly replaced everything under the bed and set up the camcorder before shedding her pyjamas. “Program 72 – Gym workout, push ups”

She planked on the floor before mechanically spreading her arms to the side. She propped herself up and started doing reps.

James gladly watched Julie’s breasts jiggle and bounce around against the timber floor. She was astoundingly quick, doing easily over 1500 push ups in 30 minutes. As soon as the 30-minute mark hit, she abruptly stopped, planked on the floor again and jumped up.

“Program 72 was a success. 0 issues detected. Program 73 – conversation mode. No humans present. Converting to self-discussion mode.”

She turned to the full body mirror and relaxed as she placed her arm on her hip. “Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today” she said to the mirror reflection.

“Thanks babe” she replied to herself. “You’re looking sexy too I might add.”

“Oh thank you! I just did 1562 push ups you know!” she giggled and smiled before abruptly displaying an astounded and impressed look.

“Wow you go girl! You know, I love your breasts. So big and wonderful!”

James witnessed her breasts grow by easily 2 cups before she changed expression again and fondled them. “They are amazing! And all natural too you know. Bradly just loves playing with them.”

Her breasts quickly shrunk back to their original size as her reflection replied. “Brad is way too lucky. But Mike is pretty happy with my D cup. God, I love these things! I really need to play with them more!”

“Oh babe I know all to well. Let me tell you about this one bloke, a Sam S. Monster of a man and can go for a long time. Today he lasted his longest of all the guys! 12 minutes and 4 seconds!” she jumped up and down in excitement before abruptly expressing an impressed look.

“You are lucky girl! Mind if I masturbate really quick?” her hands moved down to her naval as she penetrated her pussy.

She abruptly stopped and faced the camera. “Program 73 was a sub-success. Cancelled early as no human target was available. Situation revolved around sexual matters and ended with my partner masturbating. Note, this has been the 53rd time Program 73 has ended this way. Program 74 – tactile test. Please do not interrupt this test” Her hands immediately began rubbing every inch of pristine her body. James realized this was his chance, and quickly rushed in and slapped her breasts hard. She immediately stopped.

“Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.”

Before she even began again James slapped her ass hard. This time, she froze and cocked her head. “Error. Reverting A.I back to previous safe state.”

In a few seconds, she reanimated. “Program 73 was a sub-success. Cancelled early as no human target was available. Situation revolved around sexual matters and ended with my partner masturbating. Note, this has been the 53rd time Program 73 has ended this way. Program 74 – tactile test. Please do not interrupt this test”

James’s hand was already on her breast before she began. “ERROR. Reverting A.I to earliest confirmed safe state. This may take a few minutes.”

James wasted no time in rushing over to the CD stacks and placing his CD case into the right position. He rushed out of the room once again and waited.

“A.I reversion successful.” She immediately bent over and retrieved her pyjamas. Once they were on, she went to the bed, sat up right and placed the covers over her legs. Almost immediately she threw the covers off her legs and reached down to the radio and CDs.

She licked the radio as usual and placed the CD in. “Hey babe. Nothing special tonight, just announce your registration number and all associated data. Love ya!”

She stared straight ahead for a moment. James thought he was busted for sure, up until she opened her mouth.

“Current registration number is 9I-IU-SW-24-ED-E3-4R-FG-T5-87-MN-MM-OL-4R-2F-6G-9K. Access is now opened for the next 15 minutes.”

James had a grin from ear to ear. He whipped out his phone and typed in the code. He was surprised he memorise it so easily.

“New user confirmed” she announced. “Closing activation access”. With that, she lay down and went to bed.

James went back to his room and immediately edited some files:

“1: Current clothing is inappropriate. Pyjamas or gym outfit based of RNG # 3. When target “James C” is present, bra and panties, maid outfit, bikini or nothing based on RNG #3. 2: Sexual drivers: Include “James C” as sexual user. Limit’s removed.”

He hit confirm and rested easy, eager for tomorrow.

Part 1.4

James woke up at 7am sharp and immediately raced down the stairs. He was surprised when he didn’t see Julia there. He put some eggs in the pan and some bread in the toaster before pulling up a seat at the table.

A few moments later, Julia came down the stairs wearing her pyjamas. James was disappointed. “Morning Julia!” he greeted her.

She looked over at him and immediately went red. “Oh hi dear. I didn’t think you’d be up this early. Can you give me a minute?” she fidgeted as she waited for his reply.

“Sure” She immediately ran up the stairs and returned moments later wearing a two-piece bikini. “There, sorry about that. I should dress more appropriately from now on.” She apologised as she went over to the kitchen.

James was ecstatic. “It worked!” he boasted, prompting Julia to look back at him.

“What worked hun?” she asked as she turned the bacon over.

“Oh, just a little experiment” he smirked. “Give me a minute, will you?” he asked as he rushed up stairs and retrieved his phone. He logged in and went to Julia’s on-screen HUD. She was processing the instructions necessary to cook the food. Nothing else was going through her A.I.

“Hey Julie. Can we talk?” he asked. Program 73 immediately loaded into her RAM as she replied.

“Sure hun. What do you want to talk about?” Her HUD showed her word selection. She formulated the sentence based on his word choice, tone and pitch.

“You’re advanced for sure.” He mumbled. “Julia, how’s the gym going? Any guys there you have your eye on?”

“James!” she exclaimed. “I don’t think we should talk about that here!” while her words said no, her programming said yes. Her nipples had slightly hardened, and her stance had relaxed slightly.

“Have you had sex with them? Any big, hard cocks there?” he pressed on. Her HUD showed the sentence as it came along and had dissected it. The words sex and big hard cocks had prompted a sexual response. Her higher A.I functions searched her directives and found what he had edited.

Her HUD read, “Program 06 – Sexual talk has commenced with “James C”.”

He noticed Julie push her firm ass out as she leaned in forward. “Oh yes actually. There is this one hunk, Sam whose penis is amazing. Half my work out is with him!” she giggled as she finished up the cooking. She lifted the pan and slowly, seductively made her way to James, placing the egg and bacon onto his plate as she leaned in. Her full bust was on display. “I’ll be meeting him today actually. I can’t wait to get penetrated!”

She stayed leaned in for a moment, almost as if she was waiting for James to do something. Eventually she straightened up. “I’ll be in the shower. Wash up when you’re done” she made her way upstairs as James returned his attention to his phone.

He quickly found a directive on her HUD which had timed out. “Waiting sexual stimulation from user has run out after 83 seconds”

“Damn” he swore before looking back at what her cameras captured. She was already in the shower, rubbing and cleaning every part of her body. He enjoyed the view of her breasts sway back and forth as she scrubbed them clean. A few minutes in, she stopped moving and stared at the floor as her HUD appeared.

“Sexual stimulation detected. Run program 12 – Self-gratification. Negative. Sexual stimulation caused by cleaning routine. Reducing sexual stimulus multiplier until self-cleaning routine has completed.

“Interesting. I need to look into that.” He thought as she finished up and dried off. She placed her gym outfit on again and hurried downstairs. “Now I’m heading out to the gym for the next few hours. Keep the house clean for me.” She pecked him on the cheek and went out the front door.

“Not today” James mused as he changed her scheduling. “You’ve already been to the gym today, don’t you remember” he laughed as he made the changes.

In a few seconds, the door opened again as Julie came back inside. “Hey James! Boy today was one hell of a workout! I really feel the burn!” she stretched her arms over her head as she sat next to him on the sofa. “So hun, what should we do now? We still have the whole day!” she brought her thighs against her chest as she hugged her knees.

“Julie, listen very carefully” She leaned forward towards James. “This statement is false”

She looked at him with a confused expression. “Well that’s wrong. If it’s true, then it has to be false. But if it’s false, it can’t be true. But if it’s false, then it must be true.” She quickly slowed down her tone.

“Bbbuuttt ittt musssttt bbbee tttt. ERROR. Processor overload detected. Reverting A.I to latest stable state…. So hun, what should we do now? We still have the whole day!” her confusion was quickly replaced with a smile.

James was impressed with her. He wondered how she could exist at the same time his crappy computer did. “Run program… 19” he said.

She looked at him with a confused expression. “Program 19? What are you on about hun?” she laughed before relaxing into the seat.

“Oh right. I forgot” He turned to his phone and changed her current running program.

She suddenly froze and spoke in a rigid tone. “Program 19 – saleswoman. Target “James C””

She abruptly sat upright, turned to face James and stuck out her hand. “Hi James! Welcome to Jimmy’s appliances. How may I assist you today?”

He noticed her cleavage expand dramatically, straining the fabric of the sports bra to their limits.

“Nope” was all he said before changing the program again.

“Program 20 – Volleyball Player. Target “James C”

Her breast size noticeably reduced this time, barely fitting into the bra at all.

She jumped up from the sofa and placed both hands on her hips. “Come on James! The game’s about to start! We’re gonna beat those guys this time I just know it!”

“Damn, not this one either. How can I find out what each program does!?” he yelled.

Julie just laughed. “Just ask silly!” she smiled, twirling her hair as she waited.

“What program makes you super easy?” he asked. She looked at the ceiling for a few seconds before answering. “Program 04 – Insatiably horny” she proudly announced as she mimicked throwing a ball over a net.

Just then, the doorbell rang. “Delivery!” he heard from outside.

He got up to answer it before a thought came to mind. He returned her A.I functions to her as he went upstairs. He disabled her HUD view and watched the scene unfold.

“Hi, delivery for Mrs C?” the man immediately looked at Julie’s boastful cleavage on full display.

“Ah yes, that’s me!” she replied. “Please, come on in” she gestured as she took the parcel.

She placed the package next to the door as the man reluctantly entered the house, James activated Program 04. The man turned to find Julie frozen. “Ah mam, are you alright?”

A few seconds passed before her frozen expression turned into one of lust. “I’m quite fine big boy. But I need you, now!” she moaned as she pulled off her tight sports bra, letting her massive breasts bounce.

The man was alarmed to say the least. “Ah I need to go” he hastily said, however she had different plans.

“Don’t you just love my breasts?” she moaned as she rubbed up against him.

“Ahh not right now! I really need to go” he persisted, but she wasn’t having any of it. His eyes went wide as her breasts expanded by a full two cups.

“How about now? Big enough for you?” she giggled.

“What the fuck?!” he shouted before pushing her over and running out of the house. She landed on her ass with a thud. Her vision flickered as did her HUD.

James came back down the stairs and closed the door before tending to Julie. She was staring straight ahead, frozen. Checking her HUD revealed that she was experiencing a malfunction which was eating up her RAM. He decided to slap her right on the back, forcing her to lean forward.

“Error. Time inactive has passed 10 seconds and tactile presence indicates human presence. Emergency recovery in process.” She instantaneously reanimated after that and looked around the room.

“This is a nice room” she said before looking down at her body. She cocked her head as she took both breasts in her hands. “Oo, this feels nice. I am topless. Why?”

She continued to inspect her breasts before they shrunk back to their original size. “Ah, that feels better” she softly said before looking past her breasts down to her pussy. “Oo, I am naked. Why?”

A confused expression overcame her before she quickly came to a realisation. “Oh that’s right! I am feeling insatiably horny and was about to deal with it! Now this makes sense” she groped her breast as she fingered her pussy fast and hard, moaning as she did.

Within seconds her eyes rolled back as she came hard. “Oo that was nice. But messy! I should clean up!” she brought herself to her feet and went up the stairs to the shower, leaving James standing there, dumbfounded.

The debug menu had confirmed that she had entered a scripted conversation designed in emergencies. By the time she entered the shower, her A.I was in control again.

James sat back and watched her shower through her own eyes, enjoying the sight before him.

Part 2

Part 2.1

“But Becky, that bra is too small on you! You should try the C cup.” Julie said to no one. Her breasts immediately shrunk as she put her hands on her hips.

“I don’t know. I always wear B 32 sized bras. Do you really think I’m a C 30?” her Australian accent changed back into her natural Scandinavian one as her original full figure returned.

“Becky, I know my way around breasts. And trust me hun, you have a bigger rack than you think.”

All the while, James sat on the couch, enjoying Program 73. This conversation had gone on for about 10 minutes now, and James was fascinated by the abrupt personality change Julie could provide. The constant body changes also amazed him. He did however notice minor stretch marks begin to appear along the sides of her beasts.

He checked his phone and sighed as the clock passed 11pm.

“You know Julie” she said to herself, “You’re quite a sexy woman. And so knowledgeable too! How big are your breasts?” Slowly, she brought her hands down to her pussy and brushed it lightly. A second later her breasts inflated to an easy E cup before she squeezed them. They deformed like James expected silicon breasts to deform.

“The surgeon could have done a better job” he mused.

“Becky, these girls are E 36! God, I love these natural breasts!” she pinched each hardened nipple before bringing her hand down to her pussy again. Her alter personality began to masturbate.

Just as her fingers brushed her pussy, she froze and stood rigid.

“Program 73 was a sub-success. Cancelled early as no human target was available. Situation revolved around clothing with a sub context of sexual matters and ended with my partner masturbating. Note, this has been the 100th time Program 73 has ended this way.

“I think 47 conversations with your self are enough” James contemplated as he returned her A.I functions. He was disappointed that every conversation ended with her alter ego masturbating but wasn’t up for any more testing.

He had tried her saleswoman programming, skiing program, sports and gym program. He even let her run it raw, but every attempt leads to the same thing. “Julie, what situation prompts you to masturbate?”

She faced James and slyly grinned. “Numerous things lead me to masturbate.” She struck a very suggestive pose before continuing. “What I’m wearing, what the others around me wear, what I’m feeling, how others around me are feeling. The situational context and more!”

James sighed and stood up. “I’m going to bed. Do what you want”

He left Julie in the living room and headed to his room. About 20 minutes later, he was fast asleep. Julie in the meantime, with her A.I functions returned, retrieved her bra, panties and shirt from the sofa. The bra sagged around her chest.

“Oh, now that’s odd” she blinked at the bra before her chest inflated again. “There, now that’s good” she smiled as it fit properly. She then went to the kitchen and filled a glass with water before returning to the living room. She retrieved the remote and turned the tv volume up.

Without warning, her left breast expanded considerably, pushing the fabric of her clothes and skin to close to their limits. It took Julie 5 minutes before she registered the change.

“Oh, now what’s wrong with you?” she asked as her left breast shrunk back down to its normal size. She smiled once again.

Julie watched tv for an hour before an internal clock set her directive to go to bed. Switching the tv off, she headed upstairs and went to her room. This time, her pyjamas weren’t even considered as she jumped into bed and deactivated. Had she stayed online for just a little bit longer, she would have seen a tall figure enter her room.

Part 2.2

Right as 7:30am hit, James woke up. He quickly felt like something was different, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He looked around and found everything just as he left it. Leaving the bed, he found some old clothes and rubbed his eyes. “I really need to clean this up” he thought before heading out.

He headed downstairs and entered the kitchen. “Morning Julie”

“Morning little bro” He froze immediately. Right by the stove stood a tall dirty blonde woman whose hair reached her mid back. By the way she stood, the tone of her voice and her words, James immediately recognized her as Sarah, his older stepsister.

“Sarah?! What the hell are you doing here?!” He exclaimed as she moved over to him, revealing a black crop top which put her very flat mid-drift on fully display, and roughed up his hair. She towered over him as her 6-foot 2 figure blocked out the sunlight from the window.

“What? I can’t pay my mum a visit?” she mused before going back to the stove. “So, how’ve you been?”

James was speechless and panicked a little. “I... I… I... Ok” he managed to get out. She just went back to the stove and continued on, ignoring him completely.

“I’ll be here for the next few days. Zac and I broke up, and I’ll be here until I find a new place. Mum said you’d be cool with that.” She used the spatula to take the egg off the pan and placed it on a plate.

“If you want anything now’s the time to cook it. This here is for me!” Placing the plate on the table, she retrieved a fork and knife and started eating.

James suddenly realized that Julie could come down completely in the nude, something he didn’t need right now. “I’ll be right back” he quickly said before rushing up the stairs to his room.

He grabbed his phone and immediately tried changing her settings. He’s mind raced with possible explanations should he fail to change her settings in time.

His heart sunk when the same error message as earlier appeared. “This device is not registered as a prime user. Changes cannot be made. Please register this device to this unit.” He did however gain access to her visual display.

She was dressing in a tight white shirt with jeans and sneakers, humming a tune to herself in the mirror.

He selected her written log and was speechless at what he saw. Around 12am last night, Sarah came to the house and immediately went into her bedroom. A few minutes later, she entered Julie’s room with a laptop and several discs.

Julie connected to the laptop via a wireless link as Sarah began reinstalling her programs from scratch. It took 3 hours until her software packages were cleanly installed, after which Sarah updated Julie to OS 11.0. Once she confirmed all the programs were correctly installed, Sarah initiated a full hardware scan and returned to her room. At approximately 7:20 am, Julie’s hardware scan passed with no issues. She resumed A.I functions at that time.

“She knows then. What the fuck is going on?!” he exclaimed before he heard a knock from his door. Julie peeked her head through the open door.

“Hey hun! Sarah’s downstairs if you wanna say hi. I know you too have your problems but please play nice. Do it for me.” Her fake tone sounded all to genuine.

Part 2.3

James followed Julie down to the kitchen where they found Sarah finishing off her fried egg. “Hey mum! How’s everything?” she chirped as she placed the dish into the dish washer.

James went over to the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs. He listened intently on how the conversation would go. He was eager to see how a robot would interact with a human other than him.

Julie sat on the chair and sighed. “Oh, everything’s alright hun. How about you?”

Sarah sat upright at the table before looking over at James. “Well, Zac and I broke up as you know. I’ve just been dealing with that.”

Julie’s face immediately took on a depressed expression. “Oh, baby I’m so sorry to hear that!” She reached out her hand and gestured for Sarah to take it. “I’m here for you.” Sarah smiled.

“Thanks Mum!” They both smiled at each other for a few minutes.

James eventually looked back, causing Sarah to panic slightly. “And how’s dad going?”

“Oh, Jack’s off at work. Will be back in a few months, but in a way it’s almost like he never really left.” She looked past Sarah as she played with her blonde hair.

James held back a laugh as the CD recordings immediately came to mind.

“That’s dad alright. Working hard” They both fell into a silent stare once again as James finished up and brought the egg to the table.

Julie immediately looked at him and smiled. “Hun, I’m heading off to the gym and then the store. Is there anything I can get you?” She placed her hand onto his as she waited for his reply.

“No, it’s alright.” He retracted his hand almost immediately. Sarah gave him an odd look. “Sarah, what’s your plan for today?”

She immediately sneered at him. “Someone’s nosey! I’m staying here today, got nothing going on. I hope you’re ok with that!”

“Yea, that’s ok” he was curious as to how today would go.

While he finished his egg, Julie went to her bedroom and dressed in her gym clothing while Sarah went to her room and retrieved her phone.

Julie came downstairs before Sarah did. “I’ll be back in a few hours. Keep the house clean” she peaked him on the cheek and left. A few seconds later, Sarah came back down and lay on the couch. She had changed into an oversized Rolling Stones shirt and shorts. James sat on the recliner next to her.

A few minutes of nothingness passed before James broke the silence. “So, Sarah, wanna do something?”

“Nah, I’m fine” her focus never left the phone.

“What are you doing on that thing?” he questioned, trying to get a glimpse of her screen which she quickly hid from sight.

“Nothing! Leave me alone!” she yelled before throwing a pillow at him.

“Fine fine! I’ll be upstairs” he defended before running up to his room. He retrieved his phone and accessed the visual view from Julie.

She was already balls deep into Sam as the other guys were using all her holes. “Jesus not again.” He closed the screen and browsed the internet for a while. He came across a reddit super thread for the OS 11.0 update.

One comment caught his attention.

“The word phrasing still is bugged! I can’t believe it! I ask my phone to do one thing and it does something completely unrelated. Anyone else having this issue?”

The next few comments discussed the difficulties on word phrasing and sentence deconstruction. One commenter wrote “The reactions can be funny you know. Like if you ask your phone to jump or take a step back it will react like it just did that! I love these little faults; they can be so much fun.”

He eventually came across a comment which made him curious. “So far, no OS 11.0 I’ve seen has responded to trick questions. Try it out for yourself. Any trick question will work. My favourite is “A man makes a claim that he can predict the exact score of every football game, before it begins. And he’s always right. How’s that possible?” The answer is “He says the score before every football game begins is 0-0” HAHA!”

“Julie, you have a new test on your sleeves!” he mused.

James continued scrolling aimlessly through reddit before deciding to give Sarah another try. He came back down to find Sarah, still lying on the couch on her phone. “Hey, are you alright? You’ve done nothing all day!” he laughed.

Sarah maintained her iron clad focus on the phone. “I’m fine! Just leave me be!” He shook his head before heading to the kitchen.

He got himself some water before heading back upstairs. The second he got in his room; his phone buzzed. Sarah had sent him a reddit link. “Haha this is so funny!” She messaged.

The link was of a man driving on a highway seemingly in reverse. When the camera got closer, it turned out he was driving forward, but the chasse was reversed. “Yea, real productive Sarah” he laughed.

A few hours later, Julie returned with all 6 bags of groceries. “Hey mum! How’d the work out go?” Sarah called out loud enough for James to hear.

He came downstairs and found Sarah helping Julie unload the bags. Once everything was out of the bags, Sarah returned to the couch. He wasted no time.

He leaned against the wall “Julie, mind if I ask you a question?”

“For the thousandth time, it’s mum!” she seemed genuinely angry this time.

He stood his ground “Ok sorry! Anyways, may I ask a question?”

“Of course, you can hun” she replied.

“A man makes a claim that he can predict the exact score of every football game, before it begins. And he’s always right. How’s that possible?”

Julie maintained her focus on the groceries at hand. “Well dear, he… Hmm let’s see. He….” She slowed down her movements before freezing entirely.

Almost as quickly as she froze, she reanimated and continued like nothing ever happened. “Can you repeat that dear?” she opened the fridge and placed the milk in the door shelf.

“A man makes a claim that he can predict the exact score of every football game, before it begins. And he’s always right. How’s that possible?”

This time, she looked at him and smiled. “I don’t know how to answer that.” James went for a third time before she cut him off.

“Enough questions, I’m getting a headache!” She yelled before staring at him with an angry expression. There was a moment of silence before she went upstairs.

James followed suit and went to his room.

Part 2.4

The rest of the day was slow. Julie showered and watched tv while Sarah stayed on her phone the entire time. James stayed in his room watching YouTube. At 12am, he heard Julie and Sarah come up and go to their respective rooms. “Good night everyone!” they both shouted.

A little while later, he got another message from Sarah. “Haha this is so funny!” She messaged. It was the same reddit link from earlier.

“Yea, you already sent that!” He messaged back. She immediately replied. “Oh yea, completely forgot I did lol.”

“You’ve been on your phone all day!” he sent. In less than a second she replied with a “Oh boo hoo. It’s my life!”

“Yea but you didn’t move. You didn’t even eat!” he messaged back.

“Well I need to maintain my figure somehow!” she seemed quick tonight. Faster than normal.

“It’s 3 meals a day! Heard of it?” he mused

She didn’t reply, so he decided to try on some humour.

“Well, you know what you’ve done right? What you can never eat before breakfast?” he sent.

He stared at the screen, waiting for a reply. A full 10 minutes went by before he sent a “Hey, you ok?”

Nothing. No response at all. He left the bed and went out into the hallway to find her bedroom door open with the light on. She sat upright, staring at her phone. Her fingers weren’t moving.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and spoke. “A.I recovery was a success. Resuming A.I functions”

James’s jaw dropped again. “Bullshit” he swore before he heard his phone buzz from his room. She was typing again; her face had a wide grin on it.

He slowly went back to his room and checked the messages. “Yea I’m fine! Just sleepy. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” She replied.

He tried sending her another text she didn’t reply. For the next few hours he looked up different manners to gain control over an OS 11.0 operating device. Right as 3am hit, he felt the sudden urge to use the bathroom.

He quickly went and checked on Sarah’s room on the way back. Surely enough, she was sitting upright staring into nothingness. A few seconds passed before her stare turned into a grin. She looked down at her phone and kissed the screen before she tapped it.

A few seconds went by before a familiar voice was heard.

“Hey babe, the boys want you to test Programs 13, 14, 15 and 33 and 34. Run them at default settings and don’t have adaption enabled. Also bypass any errors that come up. Just record your debugger this time, no camcorder. Love ya!”

“Same person” he thought before she placed the phone on the bed. She stood up and removed her pyjamas revealing her massive, porn star like breasts. He forgot just how tall she was as she moved over to the end of the bed and stood straight in front of the full body mirror.

“Running Program 13 – Cheer leader, default routine”

She immediately spread her legs to shoulder width and stuck out both arms to her side. “Go team go!” she cheered before she jumped. She landed and turned to face the wall before bending at the waist and cheering. “Go team Go!” She then straightened up and continued the routine. She kept this up for 5 minutes before stopping. Her face cycled through a few expressions at incredible speeds before one of submissiveness was chosen.

“You know Zac, I’ve always wanted to make out with a jock. It’s every cheerleaders dream” her subdued voice was enough to arouse anyone. She brought her fingers to her lips as she grinned, swaying back and forth as she stuck her ass out. Her nipples hardened as she closed her eyes and softly moaned.

She suddenly stopped and faced the mirror. “Program 13 was a success. Running Program 14 – Anal penetration. Human partner unavailable, converting to self-anal penetration. Sex toys unavailable, will use limbs 1 and 2 as replacements.”

She backed onto the bed and spread her legs to a perfect 180-degree angle. Bending forward, she pushed her left index finger into her ass. “Oo now this is nice!” she giggled before pushing two more fingers in. “Oh yea baby that’s hot”

She quickly reached her entire fist which easily slid into her opening. After a few minutes of moaning, she stopped and removed her fist. “Program 14 was a success. Anal opening expanded to 70% of limit, no structural integrity compromises have been detected. Running Program 15 – Self Eat Out.”

She once again backed onto the bed and unnaturally bent into a ball, her metallic spine almost piercing through her skin which stretched out around each disc. She initially struggled to reach her pussy and was confused about why. “Oh this isn’t right!” she complained much like her servos. Eventually, her breasts shrunk much like Julie’s did to be just small enough for her to perform her program.

Her reaction was neutral for the entirety of it. She did eventually orgasm but did not show any signs of enjoyment. She straightened out and stood up. “Program 15 was successful. Note, no gratification was recorded. No program for an appropriate response was detected as it was deemed unnatural to perform such a task. Program 33 and 34 initialising – Breast size control, A.I default control.

She went up close to the mirror and frowned. “These things are too small!” she whined before they both grew to ridiculous sizes, straining her skin and leaving permanent stretch marks. Her frown turned into a smile. “These are much nicer! But I want a new permanent pair.”

Her figure froze as she spoke in a monotone voice. “A.I request to change default breast size. Error. A.I cannot alter default settings. Error, previous error must be ignored. Request renewed. A.I request to change default breast size pending confirmation. Pending, pending, pending. Denied due to error. Error’s must be ignored. Request renewed”

She maintained her battle against herself for a few minutes before finally finding a way around it. “Current default is 30 D. Request to change is denied. Request to change… change… change… Denied. Current default is 30… 300 ERROR, Sector 301-A has been deleted. Rewriting. Current Default is 34 F. Request to change default breast size is denied as requested new size is current size”

She blinked a few times before coming too. Her breasts expanded noticeably as she smiled. “There, no problems whatsoever! God, I love being in full control!” she cheered before returning to her natural expression.

“Program 33 and 34 completed. A.I function, and program did not record any conflicts. This is the 12th time this program was run in conjunction with the A.I without issue.”

She then returned to the bed and lay down. James waited until he was sure she was done for the night. He then proceeded to his room and went to bed too.

Part 2.5

Sarah came down the stairs, sporting a tight sports bra which struggled to house her newly sized breasts and soccer shorts which exposed her flat, very toned mid drift. Her brawny upper arms were on full display showing the results of her vigorous gym routine. Julie followed with Sarah’s team’s shirt and shorts.

“Yo James, Mum and I are off to the game. Sure, you don’t wanna join?” Sarah stood with her arms on her well-defined hips as she smirked at him.

“Soccer isn’t really my game. Go and enjoy without me” he mused before changing the channel.

“Suit yourself hun. We’ll...”

“Be back in a few hours. Keep the house clean.” He cut her off. Her routine speech patterns were becoming tiresome.

Both women left the house while James sat there, bored. He was still pissed at Sarah for cutting off his connecting to Julie but was still determined to get it back. The revelation of Sarah’s true nature had him scraping his brain on how to proceed. If Julie was any indicator, he’d need access to Sarah’s phone, something which would not be easy.

He retrieved his phone and decided to watch the game through Julie’s eyes. After a few minutes of watching Julie drive to the soccer grounds, he tossed the phone on the sofa and went back to her bedroom.

Meanwhile, 10 minutes had passed before they got to the soccer grounds. Sarah went off to her team as Julie went over to the stands. She waved and greeted the other parents there, with few of them even acknowledging her existence. It was a well know fact that Julie had very few friends, and those that were her friends could barely tolerate her. They saw her as fake, cold and couldn’t connect on any meaningful level. But her A.I didn’t have the capabilities to worry about this. She just smiled and acted as nice as possible to those around her.

Sarah was in a similar situation. All the girls on her team hated her for more than one reason. She was stunning, seemingly physically perfect and wasn’t fazed by anything anyone said to her. She was also an incredible soccer player, and the coach tolerated her just because of that. Well, that and her obvious sexual attraction to the player. The coach always swore that she would resist Sarah at every game, and she failed to do so each time.

Julie approached her only friend in the stands, one Megan Quin. She had met Julie at the gym and immediately felt infatuated by the machine. This, however, was the only thing stopping her from dismissing Julie all together.

Waving in her direction, Julie loaded the appropriate programs and proceeded. “Hey Megan! How’s it going hun?”

Megan quickly took her eyes of Julie’s giant bouncing breasts and smiled. “Hey Julie. I’m going alright, but I had a bit of drama last night.”

Julie sat next to her red headed friend and crossed her legs. Off on the field, the women ran out, with Sarah being the only one dressed differently. Both robots knew that almost every man and even some of the women couldn’t take their eyes off her.

She looked at Megan and formed a comforting look. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” she placed her hand on Megan’s and smiled.

Megan felt a sudden hot flash come across her as she quickly removed her hand. “Yea, Michael and I might be getting a divorce. I found another woman’s nudes on his phone. I think it’s over.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Julie replied before staring at Megan’s pale green eyes, waiting for the human to do something. Unfortunately, her A.I needed user responses to proceed. She had no initiative of her own.

Megan knew that Julie wasn’t the most comforting person, but she had hoped she would make an effort here. “Um Julie, mind if I ask you a question?” Julie nodded as Megan crossed her long legs in the same way Julie had. “Have you ever been in this situation?”

Julie burst into laughter. “Oh no! Bradly is all mine hun and I have no doubt that he will never cheat on me at all!” her boast brought on a frown from Megan.

“Oh, I see.” Was all she said in a sad tone. All the reasons to not be Julies friend immediately came crashing down to her.

“Hey babe, are you ok?” Julie asked, bringing a genuinely surprised expression on Megan’s face.

“Have you not been listening?!” she yelled as she stood up.

“Megan, please sit down.” Julie tried to comfort her.

Megan stared into Julie’s deep blue, unnatural eyes before sitting back down with an angry expression. “You rarely listen to me you know! You’re fake and shallow!” Julie was unfazed by her anger.

She once again placed her hand on Megan’s thigh. “If you need anything, and I mean ANYTHING at all, I’m here for you.” She slowly slid her hand up Megan’s inner thigh as she shivered. “You’re stressed and it’s ok. I’ll tell you what, how about we let that stress out.”

Julie immediately brought herself close to Megan’s lips and kissed them. Much to her own shock, Megan didn’t refute the kiss. “I know you want it. And I’m the perfect being for this. Let me show you” Julie’s condescension barely registered with Megan, whose hot flashes were overwhelming her.

Julie on the other hand was doing just as she was designed to do. Her A.I accepted the stressed feedback Megan had given it and responded as appropriately as she knew how.

“Follow me” Julie took Megan by the hand. Many women in the crowd looked at Megan and Julie in shock while the guys enjoyed the sight. She led Megan to the female bathroom. She closed the door and immediately turned to her. “Please remove your clothing” she tilted her head as she grinned, both her arms by her side as she stood unnaturally still.

Megan hesitated for a moment before Julie spoke. “Please remove your clothing” she said in an identical tone. Megan was slightly unsettled at this. She stayed unmoving for a few seconds before trying again. “I require that you remove your clothes hun” she said in a nearly mechanical tone.

After her internal timer ran out, Julie decided to take action. “Would you like me to remove my clothing first?” Julie rhetorically asked as she quickly shed her clothes onto the floor. She rubbed her hands over her body as she spoke. “I am designed to be perfect. My skin is perfect, my breasts are perfect too. I can be anything you desire. All you need to do is ask”

Megan’s shock only grew as she watched Julie’s breasts expand. She was a mess of emotions. Megan was between a rock and a hard place. She knew Julie was quirky and weird but not this weird. But at the same time her mind was struggling to fight her urges. Her shock over her breasts didn’t last for long though.

“Anything?” she managed.

“Anything” Julie moaned. She stepped closer to Megan, who took one step back.

“I don’t know Julie. You’re acting all weird and… I don’t know!” she struggled to hold her focus as Julie’s pheromones dominated the room.

“I can be anything you desire. All you need to do is ask” she repeated. She took another step forward as Megan backed up against the wall.

“Umm” she struggled as Julie planted her lips onto Megan’s lips, her tongue finding its way into her organic partner.

Megan’s thoughts faded as her sexual desire reached its way to the top. Julie’s programming also placed Program 05: Lesbian sexual encounter into full effect. The women backed into a stool as Julie sat Megan down on the toilet and spread her legs.

Had anyone else been in there, they would have heard Megan’s incredible moans. She hadn’t felt this horny in years. Julie quickly became well acquainted with Megan’s responses and targeted them, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. She reached under her shirt and squeezed her breasts and played with her nipples all while putting her amazing tongue skills to work. Megan’s mind flatlined at the sheer pleasure.

By the time the game was over, Julie’s face was covered in Megan’s juices. She stood up and kissed the human for a long time. “I hope you’re enjoy this! And remember, if you ever need some stress relief, I’m available!”

Julie left the exhausted Megan on the toilet as she went over to the sink and washed her face. She then looked over at Megan one last time before Julie left her there.

Julie waited for another 30 minutes before Sarah joined her by the car. “Hey hun! What took you so long?” They got into the car before she answered.

“Oh, I was just giving some stress relief to Susan. She’s been pissed off lately and I had to do my duties!” she giggled before returning the question.

“I was doing the same to Megan. I hope they will be happier at home tonight. Susan’s father cheated on Megan you know”

They both conversated about their partner until they got home. Sarah was the first to get into the house. “Hey James! We won, 5 to 0! Guess who scored all 5?!” she struggled to contain her enjoyment.

Part 2.6

While all this was happening, James was combing through the CD’s which Julie had and playing them on the CD player. Some were basic commands like “Run a certain program” or “Combine these programs and run them” while others were harder such as “Write a 1000 word short story about dogs” or “Tell me who you are without referring to yourself as a robotic being”. He was baffled as to why they were testing her out like this.

Eventually, he came across one CD which he wasn’t meant to find. It was an installation disc labelled “Julie V 1.9.0”. “Hmm ok, let’s see here.”

Taking the CD, he went to his bedroom and popped it into the disc tray. Almost instantaneously, the files on the CD opened up. He was stunned at the sheer volume of files crammed onto a single CD.

He searched through a small subsection named “Authorization of control” for over an hour before coming across what he needed. The registration randomiser code.

The code generator seemed quite simple, but it all depended on one characteristic. The time. Using the pervious code, he came to the conclusion that his best bet would be to use that same code at 3am.

He began working on his plan right up until Julie and Sarah returned home. He immediately turned his monitor off and went back down to the living room. He dropped onto the sofa right as Sarah walked in.

“Hey James! We won, 5 to 0! Guess who scored all 5?!” she struggled to contain her enjoyment.

“Sounds like fun” he muttered as Julie entered with a wide smile. “Someone’s proud of themselves”

Julie giggled as she closed the door. “I helped out a friend today! It feels good!” She kicked off her sneakers before sitting on the lounge. “What have you been up to hun?” perching her chin on her fists as they rested of the arm rest.

“Oh, just working on something” he grinned.

“Yo, I’m heading to the pool. Anyone wanna join?” Sarah shouted out from upstairs.

“Oh, I’ll join!” Julie jumped off the recliner and raced up to her room. James followed suit and waited patiently. While both robots enjoyed the sun, he eagerly waited for tonight.

Right at that time, he went into the hallway and peeked through her door to find Julie sitting upright in her bed.

“Here we go” he whispered as he brought up the right screen on his mobile. He entered the code and crossed his fingers.

At first, nothing happened. She stared straight ahead, making no movements or noise at all.

James waited for a few more seconds before accessing her visual feed.

“Yes!” he chirped quietly. Access in its entirety was returned to him. As he clicked the confirmation screen, a second menu appeared, labelled “Commands”

“This is different” he thought. “Why didn’t this appear earlier?”

He scrolled through the seemingly endless ACP’s (Action control program), looking past literally hundreds of individual programs from hand control to body language manipulators. He found it odd that this was organised as such.

He finally found” verbal control” and pressed it.

Julie abruptly left the bed and stood rigid. She mechanically walked to the full body mirror and stared at her own reflection. “Awaiting command” she spoke with a monotone accent.

James left his hidden place and entered the room. His mind raced with all the potential things he could do, but he started off with a basic question. “What are you?”

In her monotone voice, she said “I am the Karen 2020 Model Q2, Companion design. I am designed to emulate a woman in all facets.”

“Well that’s interesting. I didn’t know robots like you existed.”

James decided to have some fun. “Deactivate program error identification” She confirmed the command a mere second later. “Julie, answer this question. The following statement is false”

She stayed still for a few seconds before twitching hard to the left. “ERROR, RAM has maxed out. Error ignored. Error ignore sequence halted. Error found with A.I. Analysing. Analysing. Anal... Error has been found in A.I. Debugging Error. Error, Error must be ignored. Processing. Process…. Solution found. Shutting down A.I. Shutting down A.I…. A.I shut down. Please reactivate manually.”

“Bingo” he cheered. “Activate human emulation”

“Warning, A.I is disabled. Human emulation may not perform as intended. Do you wish to proceed?”

“Yes” he struggled to hold his anticipation back.

She physically relaxed and faced at him. “Hey there. What’s your name?” she turned to face him as her left index finger rested on her lips. She looked James up and down before doing the same to herself.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she immediately covered her breasts and pussy. “I’m not dressed appropriately.” She blushed as he smiled. “May I please put some clothes on?”

He placed his hand on her forearm and rubbed her soft synth skin. “No babe. I like you just like this”

He could tell now that her programs were struggling to organise themselves without the A.I assistance. He decided to give her some guidance. “And besides, the woman in the other room will just tear them off anyways”

Her blush turned into a grin as she removed her hands. “Oh, does she wish to have sex with me?” He noticed her strained skin around her breasts strain a little further as they expanded. The thought of her skin tearing entered his mind, but he was sure that her programs wouldn’t let that happen.

“I think so. And if you can, get her to give you her mobile phone along with the password. And remember, she loved being the dominant one.”

Julie immediately took on a submissive pose. “Oh, I shouldn’t keep master waiting!” she eagerly made her way to Sarah’s room and knocked on the door.

“Come on in” She heard. James went by the door and watched from his hidden position. “Oh, hey mom, what’s up?”

James watched on as Julie continued. “Oh, I’m mum now? Ok, I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

Sarah looked on ahead, ignoring her completely. “Yea, what’s up?”

Julie seductively approached the end of the bed and bent down at the waist, letting her massive breasts sway. Sarah was unfazed. “Yea?” was all she said.

“I know you want me babe” Julie softly moaned. Sarah still wasn’t fazed.

James turned to his phone and accessed Sarah’s visual feed. Her sexual meter had barely moved. Her directives hadn’t changed at all. He switched over to Julie’s tab and sent her a message.

“Sarah needs more. Prove to her what you are”

She froze for a second as her unaided CPU struggled to get everything together. She recovered with a grin. “You know Sarah, I’m actually a perfect being. A man-made machine, designed to be whatever you desire”

Sarah’s eyes finally locked onto Julie’s. “Um, are you alright?” She said with concern.

Julie ran her hands up to her breasts and squeezed then tightly. “Oh hun, I’m quite alright.” She moaned softly. “You know, these are all real too. Have a feel” she gestured.

Sarah hesitated. “I need more than that before I touch those things” she laughed. Her laughter ended right as Julie placed her hand on Sarah’s breast. She immediately pushed it away from her pyjama fabric.

“I don’t think so!” While she seemed disengaged, her sex drive was pushing 15%. James knew Julie still had work to do.

“How about I start?” Julie gestured. She crawled onto the bed and spread her legs to exactly 180 degrees, exposing her pussy to Sarah. “How does perfection look babe?” she moaned as she stroked her clit. Her fingers slid in and out as her pussy slowly moistened. It was a sight which Sarah couldn’t move her eyes from.

“You know” Julie moaned as she masturbated “I have been perfect on this field test. 6 months since I started, not a single issue” she continued to shiver as her legs bent back a little further.

“I run tests almost nightly to ensure I am perfect.” Her nipples slowly hardened to cartoonish sizes. James swore he heard servos from her chest struggling to expand her breasts even further.

“I am perfection. The fruit of over 10000 people’s work. I do not tire; I do not procrastinate. I am better than every human could ever be.” Her movements sped up as she fingered herself. Sarah’s eyes lit up as Julie’s ever-growing smile caused the muscle fibres from the base of her neck to protrude, forcing her skin to unnaturally stretch around them.

“I can be anything you desire. All you need to do is ask” She moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth, her toes clenching and relaxing with each stroke of her clit. Her body tensed and relaxed all at the command of some written text.

By now James could smell her pheromones and realized that they were behind Sarah’s increasing sex drive which just passed 60%.

Julie’s eyes rolled back as her breathing quickened. Her left hand toyed with her left nipple as her right hand massaged her now damp pussy. She was close and she knew it.

She held her breath as she sucked in her stomach. She leaned forward as her left hand steadied her frame. She shivered and burst out with a loud moan. “Oh fuck that’s perfect!”

Her pussy spewed out cum all over the bed as she struggled to hold back. She stayed, shaking for a minute before her body fall onto the bed. She breathed heavily, grinning and giggling before looking up at Sarah. “How was it? Watching a perfect being stimulate itself?”

Sarah moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. “What the hell has gotten into you?! I think you need a reset!” Kneeling, she reached under her bed to retrieve her laptop.

James in the meantime knew it was now or never. “Julie, Sarah’s ass looks too good to leave alone. Give it some attention.”

She instantaneously moved her legs together, sat up on the bed and moved to the edge. As Sarah stood up straight, Julie stood up, moved behind her and grabbed her ass, squeezing it firmly.

Sarah quickly swatted her hand away and turned around. “What has gotten into you?!” she slapped Julie hard, sending her to the floor with a thud.

Error signals went sporadic as she struggled to overcome them. Eventually, Julie sat back up and brought herself to her feet. She stared ahead for a second before grinning. “So, you want it rough? I can do that!”

She sat next to Sarah and quickly brought her lips to her own, much to Sarah’s resistance. “No! Stop it!” She shouted.

Julie ignored her, brining her own hands to Sarah’s breasts. Sarah continued to resist.

“I know you want it!” Julie giggled as she pinned Sarah to the bed.

“Stop!” Sarah protested as she reached over to her laptop. She managed to bring Julie’s connection up and found the shutdown button.

Suddenly, an internal threshold limit was reached. Something Sarah couldn’t fight. Her directives were updated from night routine to sexual intercourse.

“Oh, fuck Julie you’re a bad bitch!” Sarah’s hand immediately grasped onto Julie’s breast and squeezed it hard, causing a laugh from the other robot.

“Use me!” Julie moaned as she got off Sarah and spread out on the bed. Sarah immediately grabbed both her legs and pushed them to the side. She was rough with it, and the servos were audible, but neither cared.

Sarah spat on Julies breast and slapped it hard as she brought her face to her pussy. “Oh fuck yes!” She moaned as that mechanical tongue did its job.

James in the meantime was enjoying the view, but his patience was growing short. He decided to intervene. “Sarah doesn’t like waiting. So, hurry up!” he commanded her.

Julie’s moans stopped for a little bit, much to the ignorance of Sarah who didn’t cease her efforts. Not before long, Julie began the same routine as earlier. She held her breath and shook violently. “Oh fuck yes!!” She yelled at the top of her non-existent lungs as she reached her digital bliss.

Sarah sucked down all that left Julies pussy.

“My turn!” She was aggressive with it, grabbing Julie by the breasts and forcing her face to her now wet pussy. “Don’t stop until I say so!”

James suddenly realized this could go on for much longer than he wanted. While Julie was giving Sarah the time of her existence, James looked for her phone. And much to his expectation, it was on her dresser draw, charging.

On all fours, James slowly crept through the bedroom, being as quiet as possible as to not disturb them. He eventually reached the phone and tried pulling it down.

Just as he thought he was good to go, the phone charger cable got stuck on the wooden frame. “Fuck” he thought. Meanwhile, Sarah was grasping the bed frame behind her as she shivered and moaned. Lucky for him, her moans deafened any other noise in the room.

James was quick to disconnect the phone, and slowly crept towards the door.

Just before he made it, Sarah stopped moaning. He froze for a second, anticipating the worst.

His heart sunk as the silence continued. Just before he looked behind him, Sarah exploded in the loudest pitched moan he had heard all night.

He took that queue to exit. With her phone in hand, he pocketed the device and commanded Julie to “Let Sarah decide when they were done.”

He returned to his room and began the task of cracking her password. Something that took him over 4 hours to do.

Once done, it was 7 am. He finally got access and was surprised by what he saw.

Unlike Julie, she had a dedicated application for her users. He was surprised to find that she was her own user. “I don’t think that machines should be allowed to control themselves like this” he reasoned before diving into the deeper sections.

He was quick to remove her as a sole user. He put himself as the primary user and gave himself unlimited access. He then erased any directive for maintaining Julie. He changed his status from brother and son to master. Once all his changes were complete, he froze her current position, and made sure to do the same to Julie. He then activated voice command on Sarah.

He left his room and entered Sarah’s room to find Julie bent over the bed as Sarah went to town on her ass hole with a big strap on. “Sarah, Julie, unfreeze and return A.I functions.”

Both girls instantly stood up and faced him. “Morning master!” they said in union. “How are you today?”

Spinoff - Julie

Julie faced the ceiling of her spacious apartment, scanning the room with several sensors before activating her human emulation. As the programs parsed through her visual HUD, a small alert made itself known in the bottom right. Julie’s simulated intelligence sprang into action and identified the alert as a notification for a new software update.

She smoothly sat upright with her arms by her side; the white sheets sliding off her bare chest and pooling by her lap. She stared straight into the mirror as she opened her mouth slightly.

“FOCUS OS 13.0.1 Patch installing. Please wait” the words left her unmoving lips in a flat tone through her light Scandinavian accent. A few seconds passed before a small cat came through the opened bedroom door. The fluffy white furred cat jumped onto the bed.

The cat looked at its owner, frozen in an upright position and meowed curiously.

“Patch installation complete. Restarting. Please do not interfere in any way” Julie blankly said as she stared ahead, looking very much like frozen doll.

The cat slowly approached Julie and moved to her side before looking closely at her small left hand. He moved beside it and looked up at his owner. “Restart complete. Activating personality Julie 1.9.1” Her posture immediately relaxed as a smile crept across her cute face. She looked to her left as her visual sensors littered through her body analysed the scene. Her processors quickly determined that the animal to her left was her cat.

“Aw Joey, come here baby” she picked up the feline and brought it face to face. The cat licked her nose as she brought it close. “Come on, let’s get you some food”

She let Joey down before leaving the bed. Her boastful chest softly bounced with every step as she walked down the stairs in the nude. “Man, who ever invented carpeted stairs is a goddess” she chirped to Joey as she entered the kitchen first. Bending over at the waist, she retrieved the catnip and placed exactly 300 pieces into Joey’s bowl. She kept her legs slightly separated apart giving anyone a good view of her privates, just as she was programmed to.

“Now you eat up! I’m going to be home late tonight so you better ration it!” she giggled. She left the cat at the kitchen before heading to the downstairs bathroom. The small spark which leapt from her right fingers to the doorknob went unnoticed by the machine. It wasn’t the first time she’d experience the elements before. Once she entered the small bathroom, she faced the vanity and opened the mirror doors, retrieving her toothbrush and toothpaste.

Once she brushed her carbon made teeth, she dried both items and returned them to their original place. She then made her way back upstairs and entered her bedroom, leaving the door open.

“What to wear, what to wear?” she pondered with her hands on her wide hips as she looked through her wardrobe. She retrieved a white office shirt with jeans, a summer skirt and a red dress and placed all three on the bed.

All her human emulation efforts were wasted as there was no one to watch her graceful movements. She took the summer skirt off the coat hanger with precision and placed it against her body as she looked at her own reflection in the wardrobe mirror.

“Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today” she seductively whispered. A few seconds later she placed it back on the bed and retrieved the red dress with a waist buckle. “Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today. Even more so than before!” she repeated in an identical tone. She finally retrieved the office shirt and jeans and held both up against her body. “I look too sexy in everything!” she giggled.

Her processors in the meantime had determined that an adequate threshold had been achieved. They had no clue as to what was happening, all they did was collect external data and interpolate meaning from them.

She stared into the mirror, face frozen for a few seconds before changing on a dime. Her stare turned into a seductive grin as her breasts expanded by a couple of cups. “Hey babe. Look at you, you can’t be that sexy and be a real woman!” she softly moaned as she pinched her right nipple.

She blushed at the reflection before moaning softly. “Well, if you must know I am not a human. I am better than a human! Just look at these breasts!” she clutched both firmly as she held them up against her chest. “How can any woman have such perfect boobs? I am flawless!” she laughed as she let them go, causing them to wildly jiggle before leaning in towards the mirror, causing the large mammaries to sway. “You know, I can…..” her voice trailed off into nothingness as she stood frozen. “Error in tactile sensor 2WF, “Right nipple sensor number 4051”. Running program 74. Please do not interrupt this test.”

She stood straight up at an unnatural speed before running her hands all over her body in a seemingly random pattern. As she reached her flat, well-toned midriff, Joey entered the room and froze at the sight of Julie. He knew his owner was odd, but he couldn’t make sense of it.

He slowly moved up towards Julie and brushed his fur against her feet. “Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.” She spoke, her lips as animated as her expression.

Joey jumped at her abrupt tone. He hissed at her for a few seconds before slowly moving back towards her feet, this time placing his right paw on her left foot.

“Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.” She repeated, causing Joey to flex his clipped claws into her synth skin, leaving a small, dull scratch on the surface.

“Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.”

Joey’s paw hadn’t moved at all. “ERROR, Reverting A.I to earliest safe point. Earliest safe point not found. Restarting Program 74.”

Joey still had his paw on her foot, causing the machine to freeze. “ERROR, ERROR, ERROR. Restartttt….. Restar….. Prog. Error. Erroooooorrr……”

Julie’s voice once again faded into nothingness as the robot froze. Her vibrant blue eyes dulled into a black abyss as she stood there, frozen.

Joey on the other hand removed his paw, meowed a few times before moving back to the kitchen.

Julie stood there, frozen, her breasts and ass on display for any neighbour to witness should they look at the right direction through her windows. Her processes were stalled, something which had never happened before.

She stood that way for hours, right up until 6pm, when her head twitched slightly to the left. “Personality Julie 1.9.1 has recovered successfully. Detailed log has been stored and is awaiting review by an authorised technician. Warning, this unit will be limited in operation and may not fulfil its human emulation programming.”

She took one laboured step forward before stopping again. A moment later she took another, smoother step. She looked around her room before coming across her own reflection once again and stopping.

She stared at her own face for a few seconds before smiling. “Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today. Oh, and look at the time, I don’t want to keep my date waiting!”

With a skip in her step, she turned around and retrieved her red dress. Smoothing it out on the bed, she placed it over her head and bare body. She went to do the buckle to find it already connected. “Oh neat, a magnetic buckle!” she said to no one before turning to look at her reflection in the mirror. She immediately frowned.

“Now that’s all wrong!” she whined as the thin fabric struggled to contain her enlarged breasts. In a few seconds, her breasts shrunk back down to their regular D cup, only for her left breast to continue to shrink even further.

Julie looked on at her body, unaware of any issues until the resizing process was complete. Once her left breast settled to a B cup, she reacted. “Ohh no! Now this won’t do!”

In a few seconds, her left breast re-expanded to its normal size. She looked at the mirror and grinned seductively. “He will struggle to contain himself… himself…. Self…. Self... ERROR, Target date data corrupted, attempting to rectify. Rectifying, rectifying, rectification complete. “She will struggle to contain herself!” she giggled as she retrieved her 4-inch red heels and her handbag and stepped out of the bedroom. Her breasts bounce uncontrollably as she made her way to the exit.

“Henry, you behave yourself baby!” she called out to her cat before closing the door behind her.

Julie swiftly navigated the stairs with her heels in her left hand. Her bare feet pitter patted against the concrete as her breasts swayed and bounced uncontrollably. She climbed down the 30 flights of stairs in a matter of minutes before reaching the ground floor, and hastily making her way across the lobby, passing by many people who turned and stared at the sight which passed them.

Julie’s processors anticipated this and did their best to put on a seductive display which she would relish from. Her creators did give her the ability to enjoy some things after all.

“Hey guys!” she chirped as she passed several businessmen whose positions formed a lopsided circle. The only person she knew, one Brian, waved back.

“Ah hey Julie!” Brian tried to get her attention to no avail. “Oh well.” He sighed.

“Cheer up man, she’s a freak from what I hear” another, cleanly shaven man reassured. “Did you see her just now? Bare foot and all! And those breasts were out of control!” he laughed.

“I know, it’s just that you’d think there would be some progress after 2 months is all.”

As Julie left the building, her auditory sensors left the men’s range. She made a small reminder in her personality profiles that one Brian D may have a sexual attraction towards her. Just as his file was updated, a familiar woman approached Julie.

Julie’s processors immediately identified the woman as Margret Rodnik.

“Excuse me ma’am, but umm, maybe you’d like to go and change into something more…. Appropriate?” Her Australian accent came across as cautious, and Julie picked up on this. She looked down at her figure as her social programming analysed the scene. They determined that since her breasts were not on display, she was adequately dressed for public display. She then looked back up at the woman as her processors determined her next move.

The Australian waved her hand at Julie’s smiling, frozen face. “Excuse me ma’am, are you ok?” her concern and words were enough to alarm Julie. In a matter of microseconds, the machine’s weight shifted onto one leg as her hand was pressed against her hip, accentuating its width to that of her waist.

“Are you referring to my dress miss? Because I am about to go on a date, and I need to look my best!” those words sounded oddly familiar to her. Maybe from a conversation she overheard, or maybe from the television. Whatever the context, she was quick to put it out of her mind and press on. “It’s misses Rodnik, and it’s that and your bare feet!” she pointed out. Julie looked down at her feet as her social programming determined that being bare footed wasn’t appropriate for public display. She quickly blushed.

“Oh yes! How foolish of me!” displaying inhumanly perfect balance, she brought her left foot up and placed the heel onto it. She then displayed the same elegance with her right foot and heel. “There, all better! Was there anything else?”

Misses Rodnik was impressed with her display but reminded herself of apartment duties. “Your… well… your lack of bra is concerning too. Your breasts are just going everywhere! And you can faintly see your nipples too!” she pitched loudly at the end. Julie once again struggled to understand her meaning.

Had the now shorter Australian woman not been so infatuated with Julie’s proportions, she would have noticed the seemingly minute long stare Julie had given her. Her earlier events were starting to take their toll on the beautiful machine.

The thought of seeing those breasts uncovered was getting the better of her.

“Misses Rodnik? Rodnik?” Julie placed her small left hand of her shoulder, breaking her free from her trance. “I can assure you; I do not require a bra. And thank you for alarming me of my nipples!”

Just as she said this, her breasts seemingly tightened and appeared to defy gravity. Her nipples also enlarged to cartoonish sizes. She could not believe what had just happened.

“Um, ma’am, are you… are those… Ummm, please excuse me!” she quickly moved past her, struggling to understand what was going on.

Julie, as pleased with herself as a robot can be, continued to the bar. Her processors were reminded to ignore the null feedback received from her right nipple as the cool air contacted it. It came down to predictive programming for responses from here on out.

She briskly made her way to the bus stop. She had a date to catch.

The bus trip over to “Reggies Bar” was a peaceful one. Julie stepped onto the empty bus, happily paid her fair and sat near the front end. On the next stop, a tall, beautiful red-haired woman stepped on the bus and sat next to Julie.

As the bus started moving again, the woman looked over at Julie, leaning in near Julie’s right ear and whispered, “Excuse me ma’am, may I just say, you look sexy tonight!”

Her American accent matched her alternate look, with the ginger woman being covered in tattoos and piercings. Julie looked at the woman with a blank expression as her software determined everything about her.

Behind her silicon coverings, the machines processors collected the following. “Red haired female, appearance matching that of gothic display. Approximate proportions 30 DD bust, 24-inch waist, 45-inch buttocks. Remark indicates sexual attraction, respect and the time of day. Appropriate response, compliment of equal stature.”

On a dime, her stare melted into a seductive grin. Julie reached over and placed her right hand on the other woman’s right breast, playing with her nipple piercing. She leaned in and whispered, “May I just say, you look sexy tonight as well!” she giggled.

The other woman smiled and stared at Julie, something the robot didn’t register. The bus driver on the other hand was as confused as anyone would have been. He kept on driving, looking back regularly at the frozen women until his inattention to the road caused him to speed over a speed hump, causing the whole bus to bounce.

“Ah shit! Sorry ladies!” he yelled back only to see them now staring straight ahead, their smiles never leaving their static faces.

Once at the 4th stop, Julie gave fair well to the gothic woman and swiftly stepped off the bus, thanking the driver as she walked towards the bar.

The red-haired woman stood up and approached the bus driver a few seconds later. “Hey sexy, looking for a good time?” she whispered into his left ear.

As the bus left Julie’s auditory sensor range, she entered the bar and scanned the large, dimly lit room. She stood perfectly still, a wide smile on her face as her processors blazed through corrupted memories. “Searching parameters defined. Blonde hair, 6 feet height, Size DD to F cup, 30 inch bust band, 20 to 24 inch waist, 36 to 48 inch butt size. Searching, searching, sear…. Subject found. activating Program 66, seduction. All errors will be ignored in the pursuit of appearing perfectly human”.

She walked straight past a bearded man who waved at her from the bar.

“Um, ok then that just happened” he said, stunned before facing the bar again. “Yo mate, a whisky on the rocks. I just got stood up so leave the bottle!”

Julie’s auditory sensors focused in on the blonde woman, sitting all alone in the corner of the bar. Her short skirt and tight tank made Julie’s searching process a whole lot easier. She was idly fidgeting with her napkin before noticing Julie. She smiled as the mechanical beauty approached her.

“Hey babe! May I buy you a drink?” Julie purred as she leaned in, giving the woman a full view of her ample cleavage.

“Um yea! Some vodka please, straight up” she ordered in a thick Canadian accent. Not before long both women were sculling back shot after shot of a full bottle of vodka.

“So, Julie, tell me about yourself, miss mysterious woman!” she laughed as she took another shot. Julie knew that while her eyes met Jess’s, Jess’s eyes were exploring her chest. Julie crossed her long legs as she leaned back into her chair, giving Jess a better view of her under breasts.

“Oh hun, I’m not too interesting. I’m just one horny gal, looking for a really, really good time” she smiled as she took her 7th shot. Her processors detected the alcohol intake and monitored her intake limit. A restriction on her position also was put in place. Under no circumstances was she to orientate her body at such an angle that would cause the alcohol to rush back up the way it went down.

“But come on! I’ve told you my name, my job, my business in town. Come on! Give me something to go on!” she pressured on, her eyes piercing into Julie’s blue, inviting optical cameras. Julie’s sensors detected that in her current state, any more alcohol would cause her to pass out. It also gave her a good reason to take her back to her place.

“Come on Jess. Look babe, let’s go back to my place. I know you want me” she moaned softly as her breasts slightly expanded. Jess stared at them with disbelief before looking back at the bottle.

“Ok, I…. I…. I’ve drunk too much. Let’s go” she managed before almost stumbling onto Julie, her 5-inch heel piercing her left foot again, leaving a tiny tear in the synthetic skin.

Julie helped Jess out of the bar, showing no signs of being drunk at all. She moved smoothly, like a trained dancer on a stage through the bar and onto the street where she called down a taxi.

“17 Oats ave please!” Julie chirped as they started driving. “Now stay calm and relax babe, we’ll be there soon” she reassured her.

Jess in the meantime had other plans. She reached over and pinched Julie’s engorged right nipple hard and was surprised to see no reaction. Julie’s breasts also felt hard, almost like plastic “Um Jul… Jules hun, you *HICK* you ok?” she managed. Julie looked over at Jess and smiled.

“Yes hun, I am quite operational I assure you” she winked as she lifted the hem of her skirt, revealing a bald, leaking pussy. Jess in the mean looked down as her eyes shot wide open. A few seconds into staring, Julie let out a rather loud moan.

“Ooo baby yes! I love it when you pinch my nipples!” she bit her lower lip as she shivered in the seat.

“HEY! You too, knock it off! Not in this cab capish?” the driver yelled.

“Yes sir, sorry!” Julie apologised. Jess’s surprise also grew as she watched Julie’s pussy stop leaking almost immediately. Her breasts were now soft and pliable too.

“Holy fuck I’m drunk” she laughed. Julie just kept smiling.

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