Cross Country

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Cross Country

Be forewarned, there is some damage and destruction here.

Mike logged off the chat service for the night. The friendships made there had, in some instances, transcended the mere topics of the various rooms he was a member of. One in particular had grown from just online friends, and the occasional sexy fetish partner, into a real budding friendship. The two had a mutual love of robosexual kinks and had roleplayed scenario after scenario online. The times in between, though, had grown into a real connection.

Once summer rolled around and Mike had more time and more funds the idea of taking a trip across the country had arisen, and he pitched the idea to his online friend.

MrDigital: Hey there. How ya been?

HeavyDamage: All good here. Functioning well ;-)

MrDigital: lol

MrDigital: So hey. Real talk for a second. I was planning a trip out to Michigan this summer and since thats your neck of the woods I was wondering if you wanted to maybe get together and have dinner or something?

MrDigital: My Treat

MrDigital: Also totally ok with you saying no, I realize this might be “too real”

Mike stared at the screen, knowing that HeavyDamage was there, and probably recoiling in horror at the thought of meeting another person face to face. Both of them had shared a lot of intimate moments, personal life experiences, and any number of fantasies. However, looking someone in the eye who you had had “digital sex” with was another thing all together. Mike began to fidget a little in his chair, thinking that, despite every other dirt secret and rant they had exchanged, that this would be the thing to end their friendship. He ran his fingers through the short buzz cut hair along his scalp and then idly tugged on the small goatee he sported.

Some twenty three hundred miles away in Michigan, Alice sat at her desk, fingers poised on the keyboard, considering things. She tucked a strand of her short dark hair behind her ear and idly chewed on her lower lip. Her and MrDigital had been friends for upwards of 8 years now. They knew each other’s real names and the states they lived in, even the general metropolitan area. But they had never seen pictures of the other. Alice knew she could say no, she knew she could safely say yes and then come up with an excuse if she chickened out as well.

Alice felt no reservations about meeting someone she had been so open and honest with for so long she had just heard the stories of people being kidnapped or scammed or any number of terrible things. Mike, MrDigital, didn’t ever seem that way. Alice sucked in one last breath and began to type.

HeavyDamage: Sure!

HeavyDamage: I mean, we’ll be in a public place and all. Whats the worst that can happen?

MrDigital: You could malfunction and blow your perfect cover :D

HeavyDamage: You wish ;-)

Mike couldn’t believe it. The trip was going to happen regardless of getting to meet Alice, but this would make it so much more enjoyable. Mike pushed away from his desk and let out a giddy noise and pumped his fist once. The trip wasnt for another 3 weeks, and driving was going to take almost four solid days, but a light at the end of the tunnel would make it all worth it.

Meanwhile in Michigan, Alice sat at her computer, smiling to herself. She didn’t have a boyfriend, or even much of a social life aside from her friends online, but she was genuinely looking forward to meeting with Mike. It would likely be a long and anxiety filled few weeks before he arrived, and she still wasn’t entirely sure she would follow through with it, but if she was honest with herself, she really liked this guy, or at least the personality he put forth.

The weeks slipped by slowly but surely. Mike and Alice continued to chat and flirt and on rare occasions actually discuss plans for the road trip. Alice recommended one of the fancier diners in her area for them to meet at and Mike booked a hotel close to the diner. When the time finally came for Mike to make his journey, he packed up his little economy sedan and began to drive. Alice filled his thoughts as he drove. He hadn’t once thought about what they might talk about, how awkward it might be to finally talk in person with this girl, or even if she was a woman to begin with. He had plenty of time to worry as he drove across the country.

As he drove for four days Alice did her best not to worry too much. The amount of stories she had read online about stranger meeting and one of them ending up dead or kidnapped or worse cascaded through her mind until she shook it off. Soon enough though the time came for the two to meet. Alice managed to arrive at the diner nearly fifteen minutes before Mike pulled into the parking lot.

In the interest of keeping herself safe she had gotten a description of Mike from him and when she saw someone pull in and get out of their car that matched his description she unlocked her phone and sent him a quick message.

HeavyDamage: Well well well. Look who it is

MrDigital: gasp, ive been spoted!

HeavyDamage: Yep, I see you. Come on up to the upstairs patio

Mike walked to the upper patio and when he got there Alice stood and waved at him with a somewhat shy, somewhat eager smile. Mike saw her among the sparse crowd, she stood with her short dark hair framing a cute face with almost heart shaped lips. Mike knew that from the distance from her that she couldn’t see it, but he noted how beautiful the rest of her was. Chest somewhere in the D cup range, lovely curved hips that were currently contained in a pair of tight jeans and sparkling blue eyes. Mike pulled up a chair and held out his hand and she giggled and returned the shake. After that, the evening continued on better than either expected. Alice found that Mike was a surprisingly sweet and warm person. Despite his insistence that he was an awkward nerd, he was able to easily carry on a conversation without any awkward silence.

Likewise Mike found that Alice was not only incredibly beautiful but also well spoken and equally knowledgeable about any number of topics, many of which she went on something of a rant about. What was intended to be a simple hour long dinner date turned quickly into several hours of chatting and drinking. Before long both of them realized at the same time how late it was. Letting out a final sigh Mike looked at his watch then up at Alice.

“It’s almost eleven’o’clock. I think we had better part ways huh?” Mike said with more than a hint of sadness in his voice. Alice had been amazing company to him this evening and he found himself attracted to her as a person just as much as an online robot character.

“I mean, we don’t have to, do we?” There was a hint of flirtatious intent in Alice’s voice when she replied, it took Mike by surprise but he tried his best not to show that.

“N-no I suppose we don’t. Maybe you wanted to come back to my hotel and hang out some more?” Mike said in response, knowing full well that it sounded like a pickup line, and after he said it knew it made him sound like an absolute creep. To his surprise though Alice agreed and Mike gladly paid their tab and the two drove to Mike’s hotel.

The door had barely closed behind the pair when their lips met. Alice had taken the initiative and initiated the kiss, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her lips firmly into his. Mike had a wandering thought if this was just because Alice was slightly intoxicated after their drinks, but the thought vanished quickly as his tongue invaded her mouth. The two kissed passionately for what felt like an eternity at some points and only a flash of time at others. At some point Mike’s hands managed to grab the lower hem of Alice’s shirt and tug her top off to expose a lacy black bra, meanwhile Alice went to work undoing Mike’s belt and then the button and zipper on his jeans. Their clothes continued to be removed systematically until the both of them were naked.

Alice giggled and playfully flopped onto the bed and looked up at Mike, her eyes filled with lust for him.

“Have you ever been with a robot before?” She asked, with a certain playful tone to her voice.

“I’ve had an experience or two online.” Mike managed to quip before moving to Alice, placing a hand on each of her knees and spreading her legs wide. Mike was already hard himself and easily slipped the tip of his cock towards her waiting folds. As Mike slipped inside of her both let out another long groan of pleasure. Mike feeling how oddly perfect her folds felt, and Alice from the sensation of being penetrated by someone who she had roleplayed dozens of scenes like this one before. She smiled to herself and looked up at Mike, wanting to have some fun with him.

“D-does my hardware please you?” Mike smirked back at her and nodded

“Whoever built you did a perfect job you, ffffuck, you feel amazing!”

Alice smiled up at Mike, sucking in air through her teeth as she felt his manhood slipping in and out of her rhythmically. Alice bit her lower lip gently and looked up at Mike, her blue eyes almost shining up at him. She let out one final deep moan that seemed to rumble out of her throat.

“Mike. be-before you finish fucking me there’s something you need to know.”

Mike stopped his thrusting and looked at Alice with a confused look to his face, and through panting breaths asked,

“What..what” Mike panted

“I’m, w-well. I am.” She sighed and bit her lower lip again, and looked away from Mike. “Maybe it’s just better if I show you.”

Alice, clearly nervous, moved both of her hands to just below her ample breasts and pressed inward. Her fingers curled around the edges of her rib cage and then Mike heard a small hiss. Alice, still holding firm to her own ribcage, lifted upward. The gentle curve of her lower chest detached from her body, disconnecting just below her collarbone and half way around her torso. She set the piece next to her on the bed, and looked up at Mike sheepishly.

Meanwhile Mike looked dumbfounded, like he had found a whole bag of money and no one to return it to. He stared down at Alice, her upper chest panel removed and inside of her torso Mike could clearly see her artificial spine towards the bottom of it, thick bundles of wires and cables all bundled up in neat mesh tubes. Small circuit boards were bolted to an internal frame with fiber optic cables running from one board to the next, while others had dozens of multicoloured wires connected to it that clearly lead to her limbs. One on each side for the arms and a particularly hefty bundle leading up towards her throat and head. That one had a few flexible tubes woven in with the normal cabling. Everywhere inside of her a parade of lights blinked and flashed on the circuitry that made Alice who she was, who she really was.

“Y-you see..I’m actually really an android. I’m not human at all.” Alice said, her voice meek, almost afraid to say the words aloud despite having said them hundreds of times to him online.

“S-so you. You’re. Have you always been a-uh-an an-an android?” Mike fumbled over the words, his mind racing while somehow feeling sluggish at the same time.

Alice’s face flushed bright red at the question. She knew she could have disabled a lot of this, the stammering and the blushing, but she wanted to look mostly human and fully robotic for Mike. She looked in his direction and saw that his look of shock had turned into more of a grin. He was actually smiling as he looked down at her.

“This is unreal..but you know this is literally a dream come true, don't you.” It wasn’t a question so much as a statement of fact. Alice was already loading a response from her A.I. speech generator whe Mike’s hands were tangled in her hair. He moved his face closer to hers and smirked.

“So does that mean you like being destroyed like all those stories you’ve written?”

Alice chuckled and started to answer. Mike had clearly not intended it to be a question that got answered. Mike’s hands were immediately on her left arm, and if his hunch was correct he knew where the manual disconnection points were. Alice had played enough with Mike online that he had a hunch that she had actually told him where everything on her actual body was. With her arm, the hunch paid off, and with a hiss her arm popped out of the connection point just below the shoulder. He hadn't expected the weight of the limb though and accidentally let it tumble from his hands to the ground. With a small thud on the soft carpet Alice’s arm landed.

“Hey! Careful with that!” Alice said indignantly. “You know it’s only polite to ask before you start disconnecting my parts.”

Mike knew that he should treat her better, but he also knew how this girl, no, this machine liked things. He smiled at her and felt himself becoming hard again, his eyes continuing to flick between her opened chest and her disconnected arm. Before she had a chance to protest he held down her remaining arm and disconnected it and let it roll to one side of the bed.

“What did I just say about taking me apart..” Alice said, her voice only slightly perterbed this time.

“Oh hush, you’re just a machine, and besides...i know you like this. Don’t you.” Mike said with a smug delight to his voice

Alice could only blush, pout, and look away before finally muttering “Maybe. It’s in my programming”

There was a brief awkward silence between the two before Alice turned and gave a resigned sigh.

“Yeah I like it..” She trailed off and earned a hearty laugh from Mike. He knew that she was programmed to like it, and was delighted to see that her online persona was exactly the same way as she was in real life. Mike placed his finger tips on the very edge of her open chest panel and peered inside. His face slightly glowing from the light on the status LED’s inside of her opened body.

“So, just like online I like being.” Mike swallowed “being destroyed and damaged?”

Alice’s eyes clicked in their sockets, focusing on Mike’s face. She held them there for a brief moment then looked away.

“I know that I’m programmed to find it really sexy, and even just thinking about it now is getting me really hot...b-but...I’ve never actually been damaged before.”

Mike sat back a bit before rolling off of Alice and laying next to her in bed.

“Never? You’ve never taken a tumble down some stairs or mistepped, or anything?”

“I’m a robot, I’m pretty coordinated you know.” Alice retorted matter of factually.

“You don’t just think they reset your memory or something once they are done doing work on you..whoever they are?”

Alice opened her mouth to speak, but her A.I. was a bit busy contemplating the idea that she had in fact been damaged and then repaired. Surely if someone built her then they were interested in keeping her functional, so it made sense that someone would check in on her and repair her as needed. A cascade of new thought processes filtered through her complex machine mind ultimately leading to her looking back over at Mike with a returned sultry grin.

“You know, you’re right. I think someone out there must be looking in on me and my functionality. Which means if I’m really wrecked then they’ll probably be pissed, but they’ll fix me up regardless…” She trailed off for a moment, hoping Mike would catch on, but her sexual systems were already engaged, she didn’t wait long.

“So go ahead..break me. Show me that I’m just a machine.” The lust was thick in her voice and Mike didn’t even need to be told once before he sprang into action.

That more difficult task for Mike was simply deciding what to do. He had almost cum twice now to this girl..this android..and her circuitry was right there for him to cum into, surely that would do some damage, but he wanted to savor this. Besides, there was no point in going for the money shot right away. He sat up in the bed and moved over to reside between her legs again, this time though he stayed near her feet. Alice had a bit of a struggle looking to see what he was doing, seeing as she had no arms attached to help adjust her position, but she didn’t need to wait too long. Mike lifted her left leg and, holding the top of her foot and her ankle in his hands, began to rotate it clockwise. To his surprise Alice let out a wince, like she was in pain, which caused Mike to stop what he was doing.

“What was that?” Mike asked

“Sorry, that was some pre-programmed social response. Just keep going.” Alice said, a deep husky slant on her voice.

Mike nodded and resumed his rotating. Alice winced again and gritted her teeth but through it Mike could hear metal and plastic crunching and squealing in protest. Soon he was having to put an actual effort into turning the foot as it passed the five’o’clock mark. Once it rotated past that point Alice’s wincing suddenly stopped, as well as the resistance to turning her foot. Mike had clearly snapped it beyond the breaking point, as her foot twisted freely in his hand, wringing her synthetic flesh with it.

“Alert, left foot connection error. Please reconnect this device.” Alice said, her voice not quite monotone, but certainly missing any level of human inflection it might have had before. Mike could tell that it was a premade alert message and he knew the moment it ended because Alice let out a low lewd moan of pleasure. Even and Mike tugged hard on her foot and stretched her skin to its breaking point. It soon began to tear and what sounded like small snapping sparks could be heard looming just below the surface of the skin. Then the flesh on her ankle finally gave way and Mike felt back slightly, still holding Alice’s now removed foot in his hand. Torn flesh and more than a few frayed and damaged wires were protruding from it. On Alice’s leg, where her foot had been, a series of small sparks and pops could be seen flashing, punctuated by a groan from Alice. Just the sight of this small amount of damage was enough to drive Mike wild, he wanted so badly to see this girl in a thousand pieces, scattered around the room.

Following purely lust driven impulses now he moved up between her legs and spread them wide again, inserting himself into her again. This time though he didn’t stop pushing her legs outward when she made some small mewling whine. He knew she wasn’t hurting, she couldn’t be, she was clearly just a robot. And so he pushed further and further, beyond the limits of a human girl’s flexibility. At the point where her legs were bending beyond her hips the telltale sounds of crunching plastics could be heard. The joint between Alice’s legs and her hips gave way at approximately the same time and both of her legs snapped at the hip causing Mike to fall forward onto Alice’s opened chest. He let go of her legs and let them flop, still clinging to her body by the weirdly folding synthetic skin.

“War-warning-ing! Device. Device. Device discon-discon-eCTED-TED! Error in mobility suite at li-line eight zero nine three dash- three dash. Three dash. Dash dash dash one. Re-resuming hu-human emu-emu-alert, software error. Error”

With each stutter and and vocal error Alice’s head twitched to one side or the other. Her eyes remained open and her mouth was moving, forming the full sentences as they were intended, but due to the skipping speech patterns her mouth quickly lost synch with the words. In the end her mouth simply hung open while the vocal assembly in her mouth and throat struggled to get the last words out.

Mike was incredibly turned on by all of this and felt he could only hold out so much longer before he would give in to his own climax. He was currently pounding in and out of Alice’s synthetic vagina, which he could feel beginning to heat up more than he figured was safe in addition to the shuddering vibrations that were buzzing around inside of her hips. Mike thrust a few more times inside of her and then pulled himself out and looked towards Alice’s face. It was still a frozen mask, trapped somewhere between pleasure and blank misunderstanding. She then seemed to reach some kind of end cycle because her face melted back into the sultry look of pleasure she had worn all night long.

“Aww, did you fi-finish while I was malfunctioning-ing. Error in vocal processor. Truncating process.” Alice seemed to cough at that, simulating both the sound and the motion in her mouth.

“No, not yet, I'm saving that for something special.” Mike said between sucking in breath as sweat began to roll down his forehead. Alice bit her lower lip at that.

“Good, I was hoping you still had some-some fun left in you. I wa-want you to turn me into a scrap pile you dirty boy. I want you to fuck me like a big, fake, mechanical sex toy. I want to wake up on a repair table.”

While she spoke, Mike grabbed his still solid cock and stroked it rapidly, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. But then he stopped as she told him she wanted to wake up on a repair table. He leaned forward and took a firm hold of her head.

“God, yes, tear me apart!” Alice begged and Mike was happy to oblige. He scooted back just a bit and stood up, towering over Alice’s body. He planted his right foot just above the open chest cavity and then bent forward, tangling both of his hands in her hair and pulled upward with his arms while pressing downward with his foot. It wasn't long before a sound similar to fabric ripping could be heard and Alice’s entire scalp, hair included, tore free of her head. ALice only groaned and attempted to rub her thighs together and buck her hips, though the sound of whining and protesting servos was all that was heard between gasps and moans.

Mike Tossed the severed hair piece off the bed and it landed haphazardly on the side of Alice’s disconnected arm. The pillow Alice’s head lay on was now illuminated by a gentle blue glow, as the complex array of processor chips, cooling systems and crystal based storage media inside of her head could be seen from a certain angle though a molded sheet of clear plastic. Alice once again cried out in mock pain, but was quickly punctuated with pure pleasure. Her sexual systems tingled with rushes of new data every new moment. Mike bent forward again and managed to slip his finger tips between the clear plastic casing inside Alice’s head and another hard plastic casing that her synthetic skin and face plate were attached to. Mike pulled upward again and pushed down hard with his foot.

“W-what arrrRRRRrrre-are you -are are are you doooOOOoiiiIIIIIngGGg!?” Alice cied out, her voice modulating between a warbling and digitized version of her regular voice and her regular simulated voice. It took more work than Mike had expected but between adrenaline and pure lust Mike heard a ping-ping-ping and he knew that Alice’s spine had finally failed to hold her head in place. With one more pull her head came free of the neck joint and all the connecting cables inside her neck.

“Alert, devi- error in pri-pri-PRIMARY-CP-CPU-U-U-U. Al-al-alert warning. er-ER-er-ERRor!” Alice droned on, never even finishing one full system alert. At this Mike felt it, it was time for him to finally finish off this robotic girl.

He let her head fall from his hands and it landed on the bed, and bounced once before coming to rest facing her own armless body. The legs still resting at odd angles, held in place only by the artificial flesh. Her own sexual organ dribbling juices on the bed. Sparks snapped and spewed from her neck joint. ALice’s head continued to sputter and stammer out alerts and errors as the battery in her skull quickly drained all of its power attempting to reconnect, process errors, and speak. The last thing she saw was Mike standing over the open panel in her chest where her breasts once resided and spurting fresh cum inside of her torso.

After Alice’s head had gone completely offline, the power supply in her torso remained active, as did some measure of secondary processing power. The introduction of bodily fluids from Mike however caused a series of cascading short circuits. The majority of his load splattered across a small daughter board that was connected to the primary board inside of Alice. The short started there and caused her entire body to begin convulsing. Thrashing up and down as she only had her spine still functional to move herself. Mike hopped off the bed and took a step back, realizing at this moment that this may not have been the smartest of ideas. He watched as Alice’s legs flipped awkwardly in response to the torso spasms. One even came downward as her hips were spasming upwards, resulting in the artificial flesh tearing free and her leg sailing a few feet from the bed.

After what felt like an eternity of watching Alice’s body flop and spasm on the bed there was a final loud snap and a cloud of black smoke roiled out of her open chest and dissipated in the air. After that, the room was eerily quiet. All the moaning, servo motors, sparking and electrical buzzes and finished. Mike let out the breath he had been holding while he watched and surveyed the room. Alice’s deactivated torso lay still on the bed, next to it was her hairless and ruined head, staring wide eyed and mouth ajar. An arm lay on either side of the bed, one with her hair piece draped across it. Not far away was her snapped leg. The only thing that didn’t look like it had just been tossed aside was Alice’s chest panel, now resting on the floor, facing upwards, her breasts resting naturally.

Mike wasn’t sure when or how or even who would show up to clean this up, but the least he could do was arrange her body parts into one mostly neat pile. It didn’t take long for him to dress and clean up his android lover. He almost felt bad for this, but he hoped against hope that she would be back soon. As he arranged her various components on the bed he saw a tag inside of her torso listing a company name and phone number. Mike called it and was led through several phone prompts. In the end he placed a service call and left instructions on a message machine on where to find Alice. After that he took a moment to snap a few pictures with his phone for later, and left the hotel. Paying for one more day and then leaving for home.

It would be a total of three whole weeks before Mike saw Alice online again.

HeavyDamage: Hi there you!

MrDigital: Hiya! are you?

HeavyDamage: I'm good! Hows about you?

MrDigital: I'm alright. Do you remember anything about my visit?

HeavyDamage: haha, of course. I remember drinks, dinner, some dessert. That cheesecake was the bomb!

MrDigital: nothing else?

HeavyDamage: Well, you gave me a ride home. But what else was there?

MrDigital: nothing else. Just making sure you remembered who got you home in one piece.

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