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by Gynoneko

Every day I'd see her at the warehouse as she drove up riding her stylish Yamaha Bolt motorcycle. Tall, lean, thin, with a great build, spiky short black hair that always seemed stylish even after taking off her helmet, with a very "punk" green streak in the front of her hair, and light green eyes that screamed "BACK OFF!" Her eyes were enough to keep everyone at a distance, for the most part. If you ever called her name, she'd give you a glare so intense; it could burn a whole through your chest.


She was the girl everyone wanted, but no one dared approach. She had a very tom-boyish way about her, from the way she dressed to the way she spoke, although she never said much. She was a little tall for a girl, taller than some of the shorter guys at the warehouse, and she was the only girl who worked there. Some of the guys joked about how she was a she-hulk, or a body-builder, but she was too svelte and thin to be anything like that. She had to be in shape though, since our daily jobs involved moving crates and boxes around, but in all honesty, she mainly drove the forklift or did paper work. I preferred to think of her as our resident diamond in the rough, the silent beauty of Warehouse 15.

There were the occasional brave souls who would dare try to start up a conversation with her. One time I clearly remember watching the new kid, Tony, try to chat her up while "helping" her with some heavy boxes. Long story short, she scared the living shit out of him, told him to "fuck off", and showed him how lucky he was to leave with only one broken finger and all his limbs intact. We didn't see him after that.

Our boss, Bobby, seems to be the only person who can ever make her do anything. Whenever he needed something, he'd call her name and she'd be there. It was like magic, day in and day out, he'd get her to do anything: the trash, the cleaning, the stocking, even picking up his dry cleaning and running his errands. God knows how he managed to twist her around his little finger like that. God knows what else he was making her do when no one was around.

He wasn't the only one though. In the past, our previous bosses who got transferred also managed to keep her in check pretty easily. She hadn't been employed for that long really, but managers seemed to come and go fairly quickly here, and Bobby was the latest flavor of the month. Electra herself had only been there for about 2 years, a far cry from my 7. I remember when she first showed up, the manager then wasn't all that nice to her, but for some reason she stayed, and always did what he said. In fact, it seemed she always got along with the bosses over the years.

As for me, I always kept my distance, but could never shake her from my mind. I'd admire her from afar, never approaching her out of fear she'd destroy the delicate balance we had between us. I didn't bother her, she didn't bother me, and I could keep dreaming about her. Whenever I did run into her, I was always polite and friendly, but never condescending. I'd say "hi" or "excuse me" or whatnot, but I never willingly took it any further. I didn't dare touch her, and the worse I got from her was her regular cold stare. I adored her hard punk persona, and yet... I dreamed of something more.

I had managed to work my way over the years through several pay raises. It was nice to get decent pay for once, and with it came the title of Assistant Manager. I suppose this type of work had a lot of turn-over, so most people didn't stay on for more than a few months. I've heard of the really loyal types who will stay at a job like this for 30 years or something, but we never seemed to have anyone that dedicated at our warehouse. Still, as Assistant Manager, that officially put me in the 2nd highest position, if anyone was counting, which they weren't. For me it just meant more work at the same pay. Not that having any kind of position ever helped me get closer to Electra. Even though I was interested in her, she never seemed to show me any more attention than the next guy.

She was always the silent lurking type at work too. Whenever she was around, the guys would lower their volume, but soon they'd forget she was there and talk about anything and everything. I know I often spoke about myself and my life. I would talk about regular stuff, like my studies at night school on programming, my lazy cat, my life as an unlucky bachelor, and just guy stuff. I'd sometimes catch her listening in, but she'd always turn away as though she had no interest. She didn't say much, and usually when she spoke to anyone but a Bobby, it was short and vulgar. Except for that one time.

I was desperate for someone to cover my shift the next day. My parents were coming into town on a surprise trip, and I was scheduled to work that entire day. Besides that, I hadn't cleaned my place in a month, and needed to clean up before they showed up. I spoke to everyone in the company I could to ask them to cover my shift. I even phoned up sick guys and ex-employees, but no dice. As a last resort, I turned to Electra, and asked her "I don't suppose you could cover my shift for me tomorrow? I'll owe you one."

"... sure, Allen" was all she said as she mopped the floor without even looking up at me. I was ecstatic that she spoke to me, even using my name, and he was more polite to me than I had ever seen her before. I mean, for her, it was a miracle. After that, I really took a liking to her, and started to ignore all rumors about her guys would say behind her back. It wasn't like any of them really ever spoke to her.

And no one ever socialized with her after work either. We knew almost nothing about her except that she always wore the same red and black leather jacket, black jeans, striped shirt, and knee-high leather boots. Maybe they weren't the same ones every time, but she seemed to have a very limited fashion sense. Every day, she'd ride in on her stylish motorcycle with her red and black helmet, and every day she'd ride back out. No one hung out with her, or had lunch with her; they'd just leave her to her own devices, and went about their own lives. Everyone except Bobby that is. But he was her boss.

Some of the guys thought maybe she owed him a favor. Other were sure they were related, or having an affair. Miguel was convinced she was just brown-nosing. Whatever it was, she would do what he said no questions asked, and always with the same heartless expression that told the world she didn't give a fuck. I was sure he was blackmailing her. He had to have something on her. I could just imagine him dangling something above her head as incentive to do what he wanted or else he'd go to the cops. At least that's what I thought, until one day Bobby was arrested.

It was fast and out of the blue. In the middle of the day, a squadron of police cars swept down on the warehouse. I wasn't there that day, thank goodness, but everyone who was there was thoroughly questioned. Apparently, Bobby had been stealing money from the company, and selling drugs and other things right out of the warehouse under our very noses. The cops arrested him then and there. The charges against him were pretty serious, and there was no way he'd ever work there again, but what did that mean for the company, for our jobs?

I was glad to see Bobby go though. Not only was he a mean guy that stole and dealt drugs, but he also pushed around Electra and others, and he had very poor management skills. I came to the realization that with Bobby gone, I'd be the one in charge! Since I was scheduled to work the next morning anyways, I figured as the new interim boss, I better head over and make sure things were running smoothly. Besides, I had to prepare for whatever transitions would happen, and I figured I better make sure we had all the stuff we needed in the aftermath of the raid and collect any documents I needed to keep track of the numbers, if they were still there.

I drove in, and sure enough the cops had already gone. Bobby's car was being towed away as evidence, but everything else was the same. Electra's bike was there, sending a shudder up my spine. I'd hate to be the officer who had to question her. I walked in and greeted everyone; they were all still in shock over what happened. The company hadn't yet responded to the incident, so people were wondering what they should do, and who was in charge. Of course I was, and I told them to just do their work like any other day, but all I heard were complaints.

Ignoring them, I went into the office, and started going through the paperwork that was there. A lot of the files had been taken, and the paperwork for the following day was missing too, I took the initiative to call some people at HQ and have essential documents faxed over. I probably spent an hour longer than I expected to there, but I managed to get everything I needed to prepare for the next day, as I turned around to leave, Electra stood there in the office, silently lurking staring at the wall. There was a look for fear and shock in her eyes, mixed with confusion. She seemed lost, or just shaken up about the whole thing.

"Allen..." she whispered with a ghostly voice.

"How are you doing?" I dared to question, my own voice booming over hers.

"I don't know" she replied in a soft tone. She sounded lost.

"Do you need something?" I continued to inquiry.

"... I don't know..." She repeated.

"You're probably just shocked by everything that happened today. I'm sure the company will make an announcement in the morning. Just do what you normally do till then" I suggested.

"... right" she nodded. I had never before had such a fulfilling conversation with her, and all it took was a police raid.

"Well I'm off, see you later" I announced as I left with the paperwork to prepare for the next day. I had to cover my work AND Bobby's, not to mention my night classes.

She barely looked up from the same spot on the wall, her eyes wide and darting back and forth deep in thought. I decided it was best to leave her there and get some sleep and prepare for the next big day ahead of me. I didn't know what the company would say, who they would put in charge or send over, or if any of us would still be working there. I just took a deep breath and let it go. But the thought of Electra standing there so lost and confused stung, and I found myself thinking about it all night.

The next day, I got up dark and early, and got ready: Shower, clothes, breakfast, all that stuff. The company still hadn't sent out an email, but I suppose they wouldn't yet until it was closer to the official opening time. I was up early to help open up, so I'd probably be at work by the time they sent out any announcement.

I drove to work and parked, and fumbled with my set of the keys as I entered the building. Someone was nice enough to shut off all the lights, but the place was not as neat and tidy as it usually was in the morning. I guess all that activity and the confusion it caused had an effect in many places. It was still an hour before anyone else would show up, so I headed to the office to prepare the paperwork. I had to go through stocks and orders and all that boring crap I always hated. But someone had to do it, and maybe I could get a bonus or a raise out of this.

As I walked into the office, I was startled to see someone already there. Electra was still standing there, in the same position as she was the previous night when I left her. She hadn't moved at all. I swear I didn't see her bike parked out front where it normally was.

"Electra?! You scared me!" I shrieked as she stood there unmoving. She gave no answer. "Is everything alright?"

"... I don't know" she answered, exactly as she did the night before, with the same lost voice and lost expression. "I..."

"Did you stay here the whole night?" I asked. She nodded her head slowly, as though still lost in thought. "Why are you still...?" I sighed. "You look like hell. Go home and get some sleep. Alright?"

She gave an absentminded nod as she turned to leave but didn't go anywhere. She mumbled something incoherently to me, making me lean closer to hear her. Instead, she turned her face from me and sulked out of the room, slamming her fist against the door on her way out. Such a drama queen!

The rest of the morning went well considering all that happened. I managed to get the orders and shipments settled, took stock of everything, and pretty much took charge while I waited to hear anything from HQ. I wrote up the positions and jobs for everyone for the morning and afternoon, and prepared for a long day. As the hours passed by and more workers started to show up, the long awaited announcement from HQ was finally given.

Long message short, the company was shocked to hear about the event and wanted to fully cooperate with the law, and as employees, we had to also cooperate. They would be sending his replacement in the next day or two, and until then, the staff member with most seniority was in charge while working. Any issues were to be brought up... blah blah blah. It was all rather humdrum stuff, and I was surprised actually that more wasn't done. I suppose Bobby never really promoted anyone officially, and so as the assistant manager from before Bobby even arrived, I was in charge. I guess staying at the same boring dead-end job for 7 years while I worked through high school and college was a good thing after all. Sort of.

All the guys were nervous about the new guy they mentioned, but managed to crack a few jokes. He couldn't be worse than Bobby after all. I wasn't really interested in being the team leader, but I did want to get more money while I finished school.

"At least we got Mr. Smart-Ass as our lead today" one of the guys joked. "If anything happens, he should know how to fix it." I wasn't laughing, but at least I was a good sport about it and smiled.

"Geez. Could you imagine if that Electra chick were in charge?" Another jested. "I think I'd wet myself".

"John, you'll wet yourself anyways!" The first retorted.

"Did you see the way she was just standing out there this morning?" John continued. "It was like she was just staring us all down, waiting to find the weakest one in the pack to weed out and kill."

"Wait-" I interrupted. "Is she still out there?"

"Probably. She just stood there looking at us like she was going to-"

"Dammit, I told her to go home!" I spat out a curse and waved my friend Miguel over. "Miguel, look, I already assigned all the jobs today. It looks like I'll have to take care of Electra; she just seems out of it today. Can you run things until I get back?"

"Sure thing, man" Miguel chimed, glad to finally be given a chance to take the lead. He was a good kid, if lacking a little confidence.

I thanked him and ran off to the exit, leaving all the paperwork behind with him. I could hear him start calling out jobs as I left, and was glad he was there.

It didn't take long for me to find her. She was standing out front at the side of the building near the parking lot, as still as a board. I was surprised she was still standing there after several hours. I figured this whole thing with Bobby and the police must have gotten to her.

"Electra?" I called out to her as I jogged over. Damn I was out of shape. "What are you still doing here?" I asked as I caught my breath.

"I..." she didn't finish her sentence, or look up at me. She just continued to gaze off into empty space.

"Are you ok? Why don't you go home and get some sleep. You look exhausted."

She shook her head. "My bike is gone."

I looked around. Sure enough, her bike was missing from the lot. We never had anyone steal a vehicle before. "Oh shit" I finally spat. "It is gone. Well don't worry, we'll call the police to sort it out" I suggested as I reached for my cell phone.

"No" she sighed. "The police took it... when they took Bobby's car."

"Ah-ha... Well we'll just call them to explain it's yours and get it-"

"It isn't mine" she interrupted. "It belongs to that jerk Bobby. He... gave it to me."

"Oh really? Well..." I thought for a moment. Did she have some sort of relationship with him after all? "Did you and Bobby-? I mean... were you two... seeing each other?"

"I don't understand."

"I mean I know Bobby's married... sort of" I explained. He didn't exactly have the best relationship with his wife either. They often yelled loudly over the phone while we were at work. "But I mean, if you two are having an affair..."

"No. He was my master... and now he's gone" she explained without any hint of satire.

"M-mas-... Hold on a second. Do I really want to know about this? I mean, if you two have some sort of sex play thing going on-"

"Nothing like that" she explained. "I'm not permitted to have sex. He was my master."

"What?!" I blurted out. I did NOT want to be hearing this. "Never mind. What you do with your own time is your business. I don't want to know about it." I put my hands up and prepared to leave, but something stopped me. Electra looked just as lost and helpless as she had before, and didn't move from that spot. I didn't know if she was the best dead-pan comedienne on the planet, or just have a twisted life-style, but she was clearly still in need of help.

"Tell you what" I sighed, "I'll get my car and drive you home, alright? If you need some time, just send me an email and I'll make sure the new manager gets it when he starts."

"New manager?"

"Yeah. The headquarters announced they are sending a new manager this week. Until then, I'm in charge, and as the interim manager, I order you to go home."

"I- Wait, you're in charge?" She did not sound like herself at all. She sounded very innocent and sweet, not rough and tough like we were used to. Then again, she hardly ever spoke to anyone at all. This was definitely the longest conversation I ever had with her.

"For today at least" I clarified.

"You... you're a programmer, right?" she queried out of the blue. She turned her eyes to me and looked straight into mine. At first I was startled by it, but I found that her gaze, while intimidating, was not as harsh as I originally thought.

"Y-yeah. Sort of."

"Do you know anything about robots?"

"Robots?" Such a change in topic, I wasn't following where she was going with this. But strangely, my focus in studies was programming for robotics. Maybe she had a love for robotics as well. Was she trying to get to know me? "Actually that's my specialty, why?"

She smiled timidly. "I think you can help me."

"Umm... with what?"

"You can become my new master" she pleaded as she stared into my eyes, completely serious.

"What?! Hey... I told you I'm not into that weird role play sex stuff-"

"That's not it!" she objected shaking her head. "I mean... it's not that I'm against it, but that isn't what I mean. I don't have much time; I'm on reserve power as is."

"Reserve..." I pondered as she continued to talk.

"My battery is already down to 3% and this conversation is using up my energy fast. Please Allen, you have to help me! Save me from this fucked up existence."

"Whoa whoa whoa... slow down. What are you talking about? Battery? Are you feeling alright?"

"Oh!" she chirped. "You don't know! Good, I mean, if you didn't figure it out, then I doubt the others have."

"Could you please fill me in?" I begged.

"Allen... I'm a robot." she announced. "Well a gynoid to be precise... you know, a fembot."

"I know what a gynoid is" I told her. "But..." I had to wrap my head around this, "you can't be. Androids are nowhere close to as realistic as you are."

"It's true, and I am programmed to serve the current manager of this warehouse, and that is currently you."

"Wait... what? Are you telling me you're provided by HQ?"

"Sort of. I'm kind of an experiment" she guessed, "or at least I think so. I guess this is some sort of... on-the-job assessment BS."

"Sorry, I don't believe you" I debated. "You're just not convincing me. No such android could possibly exist, why are you saying this?"

Electra huffed and looked around nervously. I looked around as well copying her, and realized that we were alone. Of course we were, everyone else was inside working. Abruptly, Electra lifted up her shirt in front of me. I freaked out for a moment but realized she wasn't flashing me, and was only showing me her muscular tight stomach.

"Push my belly button in for 3 seconds" she demanded.

"I don't think I should just be touching a girl" I objected. "I'll get in-"

"Just do it stupid!" she ordered.

She was clearly serious, and I didn't want to get a finger broken by NOT touching her, so... I pressed my index finger gently against her stomach. She giggled with a girlish laugh for a moment as I felt her soft warm skin.

"Harder than that" she clarified harshly.

"Right" I grunted as I pushed my finger against her harder. She was still warm, soft, and human as far as I could tell. She heaved slightly as a barely audible click released something inside her. I watched with amazement and fascination as her stomach popped open with two large panels, which she opened to either side to reveal her true nature. Inside I could see small diodes flashing, wires and tubes, plastic and circuits, and everything else you'd expect to see in a robot, and then some. She was unlike any android I had ever seen, and she had several systems I never saw before.

"Don't look so closely" she blushed. "It's embarrassing."

"S-sorry!" I flustered as I pulled myself away from the view.

"... Convinced?"

"Completely" I declared, more than a little freaked out. "Wow, I've... I've never met a robot before, at least not one like you."

"Please don't freak out or anything" she pleaded as she closed up her belly with another click and lowered her shirt.

"I won't, although I might geek out a little. I just, wow. But... How-? Why-? Why me? Why do you need ME to help you? Can't you wait for the next guy?"

"I have my reasons" she mumbled. "Besides the fact that my battery is dying, I can only follow the orders of the manager in charge. That's you. Plus you are a programmer, which will help. Besides, I..." she murmured something I didn't quite catch.

"You what? I didn't-"

"I like you!" she blurted out, her face red. "Oh boy, now I said it. Oh God, I'm so embarrassed I could just die!" she stated as she covered her face with her hands. I must have also been blushing, but it didn't last long. She suddenly lurched forward as though someone punched her in the gut. She grabbed onto me to stay standing. "My battery is almost depleted. It's down to 2%, and I'm going into an emergency power conservation mode" she wheezed.

"L-Let's get inside and I can charge you up" I suggested.

"No... I can't let the others see me like this" she wheezed. "Besides, I don't think I can walk anymore." She took the effort to stand upright again, but ended up leaning against the wall behind her, careful to stay balanced. "Please, I can charge in your car while you take me home."

"Right! I'll go get my car, be right back!" She nodded slightly in agreement as she braced herself against the wall for support. I jogged over to my car, which wasn't that far. What was I doing? I felt giddy to have found out Electra's secret, but freaked out all the same, and yet the sense of urgency like I needed to take her to an emergency room got my adrenaline pumping. Moments later, I was driving my sky blue sports car onto the sidewalk right in front of her and hopped out. She was still standing there breathing heavily with her eyes closed. I quickly opened the passenger door and threw her arm over my shoulders as I helped her to the car. She was relatively light, and together we hobbled over to the passenger side before I helped her in.

"Thanks" she whispered as she closed her eyes and leaned back as though she were going to sleep. I dashed over to the driver's side and hopped in. "Do you have a phone charger or something?" she breathed with barely a voice at all. I rummaged through the glove compartment and pulled out a long wire with an older USB connection on it. She took the end and focused on it. "Really?" she joshed looking at it.

"Hey, beggars can't be choosers" I retorted. "Be glad I have anything at all."

"Sorry" she wheezed. "I didn't mean it. I am glad, and thank you." She turned her head toward me as she fiddled with the back of her head. With a quiet snap, she plugged the cord into a hidden port on the back of her neck, right at the base of her skull. She leaned back and breathed deeply.

"Ok, tell me where to go" I ordered.

"I'll take you to the lab I live at. Just head out and make a right at the light. Damn, this thing isn't making much of a dent in my power. I don't know if it's going to help much" she complained.

I took off toward the light at the end of the dead-end street the warehouse was down, followed her directions. I continued to follow her instructions for about 5 minutes, turning down main roads, and off onto side streets I never visited. Finally, I came to a dead end with nothing but trees and a "road closed" sign.

"I think we took a wrong turn somewhere back there" I sighed, putting the car into reverse and turning around. "Any idea-” I looked over to see Electra as motionless and still as a dead body. She didn't even breathe. "Electra? Hey! You alright?"

I tried to get her to respond, but no such luck. She must have lost power while sitting there, which would explain why I missed a turn. I sat there for a moment trying to decide what to do. In the end, there was no choice. If I wanted to help this girl, I was going to have to take her to my home and plug her in there. As I started off toward my home, I glanced over at the mysterious beauty who sat beside me. All this time I thought she hated me; I thought she was being blackmailed. I thought a lot of things, like she was human. But now that I knew her secret, something inside me woke up, and I found myself looking at her in a whole new light.

It took maybe 15 minutes to get home, much faster than my normal commute, since it was closer to noon now than rush hour. My single story home is small, a little untidy, but clean. The lawn was desperately in need of a mowing, something I hated to do, and I needed to take care of about a dozen other outdoor projects, all of which I neglected due to my studies. If it wasn't for my job and my monthly "allowance", I would never be able to live off-campus.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I knew there was going to be a problem. Without a garage, how would I keep the neighbors from seeing me carry an unconscious strange girl into my home? At this point I didn't care anymore; I had the most interesting girl in the world beside me, and she was in need of help. For some reason I found myself excited beyond words at the fact that she was a robot.

I got out of the car, ran to my front door to open it, and ran back to get Electra. She was still lifeless, and still hooked up to the phone charger, which didn't provide enough power to keep her on, so I was pretty sure it wasn't doing anything for her now either. Carefully, I pulled the plug out of a small port on the back of her neck, reached under her, and lifted her up. She was lighter than I expected for a robot, but still a little heavy. I found it was easier to lean her into my chest as I carried her to the door. Just as I approached the door, a car drove by and honked. A man hooted out of the window at me, and I thought I heard someone else yell "congratulations". I realized then just how much we looked like newly-weds and quickly shuffled my way indoors.

Once inside, I carried Electra over to the couch and sat her down. She looked like a dead party girl, except I knew better. Examining her neck, I found the port on the back with several other common connections and a small flap that covered them up when she wasn't using them. I did not own an android myself, but I was familiar with the layout of them, and this sort of port was very common. Usually there were other ports and buttons behind the ear, and sure enough, I flipped up a similar flap behind her left ear to find another series of plugs, and one behind the right ear with a single power button. I couldn't help but notice her hair smelled really nice.

While I was fascinated by her computer ports, none of it was helpful. I needed something that could charger her faster than a USB port. I remembered seeing some androids used proprietary plugs on their backs to charge, and I sure hoped she didn't have one because I didn't own any android accessories. It was worth a look though, since at least I could see what she had there, if anything.

Slowly I lifted her shirt up, as she had done before, to reveal her belly. Leaning her forward, I looked at her back and studied it for anything that might be a charge port. Visibly, I saw nothing but ordinary-looking human skin. She even had a small mole on her back. I gently ran my fingers down her spine and felt for anything that might be a hidden flap like she had on her neck and head. Her skin was still warm, soft, and perfect. As soon as I touched the mole, I felt something faint and mechanical. On instinct, I pushed my finger harder against her, and was surprised to hear a dim click. A small flap appeared right next to my finger, at the base of her spine. Amazing how well-hidden it was when it was fully closed. I didn't even see any seams like most robots.

Inside the small flap, to my astonishment, wasn't a port at all, but rather a standard plug. I pulled on it, and like a measuring tape, it extended out from her back with a series of clicks. A small button inside marked "release" retracted the cord once it had been pulled out. It took a moment to drag myself out of utter fascination with her. Pulling the plug out to the full length it would go (about 6 feet), I got up from the couch and found an empty outlet where the lamp on the side table next to her was plugged in. Quickly, I plugged the cord into the wall, and stood back to watch.

Electra was still hunched over from when I was investigating her back. She didn't sit up or stir at all, and just sat there unmoving. I sat her upright again, but she remained lifeless. All she did was sit there, seemingly asleep, while plugged into the wall. There was no way I could tell if she was even getting any power or charging up at all. There had to be some way of telling. She still wasn't even breathing! I was about to pull down her shirt again when I had an idea. I looked at her belly button and pressed it in for 3 seconds.

Like before, there was a click, and 2 panels popped open, revealing her inner-nature. The panel doors themselves were thick with artificial flesh and muscle, but inside was a cornucopia of technology which lay before me. A single green led light with the word "power" next to it was flashing, and I took this as a good sign that she was getting some sort of charge.

It took 6 hours for the green light to stop flashing and remain solid. While I waited, I phoned work and told Miguel I was not going to make it back, and that Electra was really sick and needed to go to the hospital. He bought that and assured me he had everything under control. After that, I ate lunch, fed my lazy cat that never seemed to do anything but eat and sleep, studied some homework, browsed the web, and watched a little TV. But all the while, my mind was totally preoccupied with the silent woman sitting at the corner of my couch. Her unconscious feminine form was so foreign to me, I couldn't help but stare at her delicate posture, as though she were a painting. I couldn't concentrate on my work, and I didn't even hear any of the jokes on television. Eventually, I gave up trying to resist it, and decided to "investigate" her more.

Her body was still warm, and her skin and hair smelled sweet. She looked more innocent on my couch then I ever thought she could be. Her body was slim and feminine, yet lean. I wanted to get a better look at her, and while she was still charging like this might be my only chance without suffering fatal injuries. First I took off her boots and set them aside, admiring her dainty feet. Carefully, I unbuckled and unzipped her pants, and pulled them down. It was actually very difficult, as the pants were a snug fit, and pulling clothes off an unconscious body is not as easy as I thought. However, I eventually managed, and got her pants off and placed them next to her on the couch. She wore lacy low-rise green panties that matched the green in her hair.

My loins aroused in approval at this sight, and demanded more. Of course I obliged. I struggled to pull her jacket off, and laid it on her pants, before I lifted up her hands, and pulled her shirt off over her head. Her bra was a perfect match to her panties in color and style, and for the first time, I saw how attractive she really was. Her cup size wasn't large at all, in fact it was a little small, but they perfectly fit her slim and athletic build. Her skin was nearly flawless, with a fair complexion that made her look like she rarely went outside. Even I had more of a natural tan than she had and I worked on computers for a living when I wasn't in the warehouse.

Temptation to keep going rose within me, but I hesitated. I wasn't undressing some random chick, or even some unknown sex doll. This was Electra, my co-worker. I've known her for 2 years. She was a person in my eyes, and one I would have liked to have called "friend" if it wasn't for her reputation. I had always kept my distance to some degree, but now I had her almost naked in my living room, and I just couldn't take it any farther without her consent. In fact, I worried I had already gone too far, but I resisted redressing her just yet.

Instead of disrobing her further, I decided to explore her robotic side. Electra's belly was still open, with the little green light still blinking inside her. I leaned in to take a close look. Her complex mechanical innards were utterly amazing! Her entire frame was designed to be flexible and stretchy. The circuits and electronic components were practically floating inside her, able to move out of the way as she stretched or crouched. She had a lot of empty space inside her, and yet I got the strong inclination that she was carefully designed that way for the greatest range of motion and flexibility, not to mention cutting down on her weight.

The components themselves were mostly foreign to me, but I wasn't that familiar with the inner workings of a robot in the first place. As a programmer, I knew far more about her brains than about her body. And yet I found myself strangely attracted to her mechanical nature. Intellectually, I found the combination of her soft curvy sensual body with her hard robotic artificial core a perfect combination of beauty and function both inside and out. She was, in that moment, the most fascinating person in the world.

I leaned in closer to look and found my hand resting on her thigh. Instinctually I pulled away from the soft inviting flesh. Of course she didn't object, and I suddenly had the urge to see where else she had access panels. With the uttermost care, I ran my fingers down her soft thigh until finally, after the third try, I felt another soft patch of skin disguised as a tiny mole. Pressing in here with my fingers produced the now familiar click, and another of her panels clicked open along her outer thigh. This was a long thin panel, which gave access to artificial muscles and circuits.

The memory of a diagram of an old android appeared in my head. I remembered now the old poster I saw that showed the various panels and ports on the old models, and wondered if she had a similar design. There was one for each section of the limbs, for every joint, the stomach, chest, forehead, neck, back, and shoulders. I gently closed the port on her leg with another click and moved up to her shoulder to look at her joint. Sure enough, after feeling around, a small patch on the back of her shoulder gave way to the access panel on the top and front. I had to move her bra strap down off her shoulder, which made her look incredibly sexy, but resisted the urge to go any farther while I studied her shoulder panel. Inside, a well-oiled joint gleamed in the light, and series of wires, circuits, and artificial muscles ran around it. Moving her dainty arm up and down, I studied the movement of her joint. I was surprised at how excited I was to see this.

I wanted to see more, to study her more, to learn more, to touch her more. I found myself wondering about what was inside her head, and her core. Her head would house her main computer for higher functions, but her chest would house all the computing power for her physical needs. I leaned in closer and studied her body, her soft sensual curves and delicate fair skin, as I hovered my hand over her chest. However I couldn't bring myself to go any farther. I couldn't possibly undress her while she was unconscious; it was just wrong! My hand still hovered over her, suspended between temptation and conscience.

I had already gone too far! I knew I had to redress her before she awoke and I got into serious trouble. The last guy that touched her ended up with a broken finger, imagine what she'd do to me! Still, I couldn't help but want to see more. Her lacy green bra stood between me and my desire, but what was it I wanted? To see her breasts, or see her circuits? I closed my hand into a fist as it hovered over her breasts; her chest slowly rising and falling with every breath. I knew I had gone too far, and it was time to stop. But some small voice inside my head alerted me that something was wrong. When did she start breathing again?

"What are you doing?" Her sharp voice echoed in my ear. Electra's eyes were wide open and stared down at my hand with her patented death-gaze. I recoiled my hand instantly and shot back two or three steps.

"I, uh..."

"Why am I nearly naked?" She asked as she looked down at herself. Again she shot a deathly glance at me as she covered herself with her hands. Her face went red as she curled up.

"I... Umm..." I repeated.

"Where am I?" she questioned looking around the room frantically. Her eyes settled on me, and her stare of fear melted into one of confusion. "Allen?" Her voice was cross with me but confused.

"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed. "I wanted to look at your systems and..." I didn't say anything more but bowed my head in apology.

"My systems?" She looked down at her stomach and closed it with a click. "Why would you want to look at my systems?"

I picked up her shirt next to her and handed it to her. Quickly, she grabbed the garment and covered her front with it, holding it against herself. "I just found you really fascinating. I'm sorry! Really!"

She looked down from my face as I apologized again, her eyes wide open before turning away and covering her face with her shirt. "Did you enjoy looking at me that much?" her muffled voice asked through her shirt.

"Um... Yeah. Please don't think in a pervert or something. I just get excited when I look at technology..." She continued to cover her face while I talked. "What?"

Electra stretched out one finger and pointed down at my crotch, never looking over at me. My eyes followed her finger to discover I'd been pitching a tent in my pants this whole time and didn't even notice!

"Whoa! Shit" I cursed as I leaned forward to cover myself. Not a pervert huh? "I'm sorry! I didn't realize-"

"Stop apologizing" she demanded as she lowered the shirt.


"Just... stop apologizing! I'm the one that should be sorry for dragging you into my fucked up life. I'm sorry, and I forgive you."

"Uh, thanks?"

Electra turned her gaze at me again before she noticed her shoulder was still wide open. She slowly closed the panel with her delicate fingers as she stared into my eyes. "Did you really like what you saw in there?" As soon as the panel clicked closed, the seam on her skin was invisible.

I swallowed hard with a gulp as she adjusted her bra strap. She giggled lightly. Actually giggled! I never thought I'd hear Electra giggle.

"Where am I?" she asked, sitting up a little more looking around, still clutching her shirt against her front.

"Oh. After you lost power, I didn't know where to go to take you to your lab... so I drove you to my home" I explained. "It isn't much, but it's my castle."

"Your home? No one's ever taken me to their home before." She seemed amazed at the thought and looked around inquisitively. "So this is where you live. It's messier than I thought it would be."

"If you need me to, I'll take you to your lab, now that you're charged up-"

"No!" she shouted. "Please, not there."

"What? Why?"

"I'm supposed to catch the types of illegal activities Bobby was arrested for. It's part of what I'm supposed to do, but I guess I'm not that good at it. I'm not good at anything really..."

"Don't say that" I objected.

"It's true though... Why else would Bobby and the others treat me so poorly? If I go back to the lab now, they'll have me recalled and dis-..." she gulped, "... dismantled. Do you know how long it takes for a computer to become obsolete? About 18 months" she pointed out. "I'm already over 2 years old! If for no other reason, they'd take me apart just for that!"

She sounded worried, but what could I do to help her? "Ok... Then you can stay here for now" I suggested.

"I- I can't... I'm programmed to return to my lab before the end of the day and await further instructions. It's like that every day, and I'm already a full day late! As soon as I'm able, I HAVE to return."

"Well what do you want me to do then?" I questioned.

"Reprogram me" she begged.


"Please, you don't understand. I'm programmed to follow the orders of my supervisor, no matter what they are, and report any illegal activities. My role was not only to be a test for the 'latest' prototype gynoid, but also to monitor the warehouse where the prototype parts are being stored and shipped.

"Usually I just get stuck with mundane tasks, but sometimes they made me do awful things" she shuddered. "I... don't want to talk about it. But I can't keep doing this. And now that I've failed to return AND I failed to report a crime, they'll take me apart for sure!"

"But... what?! Prototype?"

"Yeah" she scoffed. "You ever see a robot that looks half as sexy as I do?"

I shook my head. "Nor have I seen many humans that look as good as you either."

She blushed again and turned her far away. "Ohh... why do you say such embarrassing things to me?"

"Sorr-" I started to apologize, but she shot me a look and I swallowed my words. "So! Why do you need me to reprogram you?"

"It's simple... You are the most educated programmer I know outside the lab. Also, you're my current supervisor, and I HAVE to follow your orders. Also... you... you're..." she bit her lip and clenched her eyes closed before taking a deep breath, "You're the nicest guy I ever met and I would never dream of asking someone else like Bobby or Miguel but you've always been nice to me and I like you and I want to stay with you."

I was silent for a moment while I took all this in. "I..." I coughed. She likes me that much? "Alright. You've talked me into it. I'll help you out."

"Really?" she asked excitedly.

"Yeah. Besides, I... kinda like you too."

"Really?" she repeated, this time her eyes were wide open. "Kinda?"

"Ok. I've had a crush on you since I first met you. I got to say, you are much nicer and sweeter than I expected." I took her hand and helped her stand while I led her into my computer room where I do all my programming and gaming.

"I am?" she queried. "What do you mean? I cuss too much and I..."

"You do not; in fact you are usually really quiet and hardly say anything at all. Although all the guys are under the impression you are a really tough gal that would sooner deck them than date them. I mean, you did break that one guy's finger"

"Hey! That was an accident!" she flustered. "Although that jerk deserved it" she muttered. "He was feeling me up and I pushed him away and... he fell... on his hand..."

"Oh... I see. There's also that death-stare you have."

"Death-stare?" she stammered.

"Sometimes when you look at us, you have this look like you don't want to be messed with, and it makes you look hard as nails. Like you have an aura about you."

"I do? But..."

"It's ok. I think I figured it out. You're really just shy, and your hair and outfit make you look rugged."

"Hey!... I like my hair" she argued pulling at one of the green strands as she entered the room behind me.

"Don't get me wrong, I like it too." I sat her down in a chair nearby and started looking for cables to connect to her. "I think it makes you look cool, and fun."

"Thanks. I- I don't mean to stare at people like that."

"Well" I grunted as I reached behind my computer desk to pull out a cable, "I think you'd look much better with a smile."

"A smile?" she scoffed. She bit her lip and thought for a moment before trying to force a smile, but ended up covering her face again. "I can't do it! It's too embarrassing."

"Sure you can!" I pulled the data cable over to Electra and handed it to her. She looked at it briefly before opening up the data port on the back of her neck and hooking it up. As she did, I got the urge to do something I'd wanted to do to her since I first saw her. I kissed her on the cheek.

Electra froze in place and blushed as a smirk slowly tip-toed across her lips. It grew wider and wider until it became a smile, and then kept going. She sat there with the biggest grin I'd ever seen on her face, and she looked adorable.

"See. Told ya you could do it. And it looks great on you." This only made her blush more until she covered her face. I lowered her hands and looked closer at her smile. Her eyes gazed back at mine until she was no longer smiling, but her lip started trembling. Before I knew it, she had leaned in and kissed me straight on the lips.

Her hands reached out to my face, dropping her shirt in her lap, as she kissed me passionately. I responded in kind, and held her shoulders close to me. Our kiss seemed to go on forever as our arms explored each other. Finally, she pulled away and gazed back into my eyes.

"Allen... I've never done anything like that before" she chirped. "Wow" she gasped.


"Allen? Please... Make me yours."

I was flustered by how forward she was. "You mean... sex?"

"Oh! No... I didn't mean that! I mean, not right now... I meant... programming. I want you to be my permanent user. I mean... It's not like I'm against it or anything. I just... don't know how... stupid..."

"Oh! Right! Sorry" I chuckled. She giggled with me, and gave me a sultry smile.

"You're much cuter than I expected" I smiled. "Are you ready?"

I sat down at the computer next to her, and launched my android programming software. As soon as the program was launched and I clicked the "Connect" button, she gasped.

"Whoa... That feels wired."

"Aren't you used to this in your lab?" I wondered.

"They always shut me down first" she clarified.

"Would you rather I-?"

"No! Please, don't shut me down" she interrupted. "I don't want to miss a second with you."

"Alright" I confirmed before facing the computer again. "I'm going in."

I brought up a data stream of her active processes, and my pc suddenly slowed to a crawl. I was literally seeing all her thoughts and perceptions in real-time. It was kinda freaky, and my computer couldn't really handle it. I turned off the live stream, and started activating her different programs and protocols, starting with her primary setup.

She sat by silently and patiently as I started to explore and tweak inside her head. One of the first areas I explored was her personality matrix. I was curious to see how advanced and complex her personality was, since I had never before seen an android with half the presence she had, and I was not disappointed. Her mind was incredibly intricate, and yet intuitive. It was easy to navigate, allowing me to dive in deeper or pull out and look at broader settings. Her personality alone could keep me busy for a month. As I marveled at her makeup, she gently placed a hand on my arm.

"Please don't change who I am, Allen. I rather do that on my own over time" she requested with a gentle but stern tone.

"Of course! I didn't mean to- I was just looking." I quickly left that area of her AI and moved around into another.

"If you could please change my registration and primary protocols first..." she suggested.

Nodding, I found what she was asking about. "Sure thing. Just give me a moment." I looked around some more, peaking at protocols and registry files, before I finally found the first thing I needed to change. The user registry was listing me as her 'master user', but not directly. It defined the master user as the current operator of the warehouse. In her contacts list, everyone she ever met was listed with varying amounts of data. I found myself, and was surprised to see how detailed it was. She knew about my birthdate, my address, my phone numbers, email, blog, my cat's name... and of course I was listed as the current operator.

With a few simple and efficient, but ingenious, keystrokes, I turned my temporary registry into a permanent one. However, with this change, several warnings and errors popped up. Several had to do with her primary protocols, such as returning to the lab every night, and following orders, etc. This was going to take a while after all. I decided to replace her urge to return to her lab every night into one where she checks in with me instead.

As I typed away, changing things in her head a little at a time, my cat, Hardy, made an entrance. He's not a small cat by any means, in fact he is a fat cat in every sense of the word, and lazy. But he gets where he wants and often without me even knowing it. I didn't even notice him come in until Electra let out a cute "Oh!"

I turned to see Hardy sitting in her lap. It looked like Electra didn't know what to do with the cat, and just stared at him with her hands up. "Is this your cat?" she asked. I nodded. "Why is he on my lap?"

"He must like you. He never sits on people he doesn't like."

"Is there... something I should be doing?" she wondered.

"Well... you could try petting him. He won't bite."

Awkwardly, Electra started to pat Hardy on the head, and then ran her hand down his back. He pushed up his butt as she got to his tail and she chirped in excitement. She petted him again, a little more casually, and he pushed into her hand again. A little purr started to emanate from the lazy tabby, and I knew he was happy as I turned around to get back to work.

"What's that?" she asked.


"That noise? Did I break him?"

"No" I laughed. "He's purring; that means he likes it."

"... Purring..."

"You've never been around animals have you?" I asked.


"Well you're doing fine. So..." I started to chat as I worked, since she wasn't doing anything. "Do you have a last name or anything?"

"Nuh-uh" she denied. "I've always been either Electra or XTA-12"


"It's my model number. I prefer Electra."

"That's fine with me." I finished up with some protocols and began to look into her more general programs.

"Allen" she began. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Nope. And I don't have a boyfriend either" I joked.

"Oh! You're gay?! I'm so sorry! I didn't-"

"No, I'm not gay! I was just saying you never know. I'm not seeing anyone and I'm straight."

"Oh... Good" she answered. "I mean... it's not good that you're alone... I just... geez!"

"I know what you mean. So are you seeing anyone?" I inquired.

"Not unless you're-"

"Nuh-uh-uh..." I interrupted her thought. "I'm going to do this right. No asking me out. That's my job."

"Says who?" she scoffed. "This isn't the 21st century anymore. Girls can ask guys out too!"

"Then call me old fashioned. So? Are you seeing anyone?"

"No" she replied curtly.

"Then would you like go out with me?"

I waited for a while to hear her response. Something was off. I looked behind me to her to see she was sitting staring at me. "No I would not like to" she said bluntly. My mouth hung open. "I would love to!" I could feel both of us blushing as she accepted my feelings for her. She really was something!

Hardy jumped out of her lap. This mushy stuff was too much for him. His abrupt exist prompted me to get back to work. For a while, I worked in silence, typing away at codes, changing and adjusting things, until all the errors and backward protocols were no longer there. Once I was satisfied with the state of things, I did one last sweep, and discovered something missing, something very important.

"Electra?" She looked up at me as I faced her. "Do you know anything about... um... you know...?"


"... Sex?" I nervously asked.

She blushed but answered. "Of- Of course! It's something two people in love do; it's supposed to feel really good."

"But do you know how it's done?"

She thought for a moment, looking up in thought. "Sorry, I don't have any programming on that."

"Are you capable of sex?"

"I don't really know. I'm interested in it, but I have no idea if I can or not."

"Well..." I coughed to clear my throat. "Do you-" another cough, "Do you have a... vagina?"

"Well I wouldn't be a girl without one. Why?" She seemed oblivious to what I was asking.

"You do know what it's for, right?" I questioned.

"Well, isn't that where I pee?"

"You pee?"

"Of course. I eat and drink, I have to pee, stupid" she scoffed.

"Can I... um... take a look at it?"

"What? Why would you want to see that?"

I cleared my throat again before speaking. "I need to see what your hardware is before I can go any farther." This really was my intent, but I couldn't help but want to see her most private part.

"Is it really that important?" she asked with a dubious expression.

"If you want to go out with me, it is imperative."

She thought for a moment, blushing crimson. "A- alright. For you. Should I...?"

"Just lean back and pull your panties to the side" I instructed. She turned her head to the side and did as I ordered, spreading her legs and clenching her eyes closed.

I leaned in to look at her well-trimmed mound. Sure enough, she looked totally human, but her vaginal lips were closed and I really needed to make sure it was a properly functioning unit.

"Could you umm... spread the lips?" I requested.

"The what?" she asked. "W- Why... why don't you do it?"

"Alright. I'll be gentle." I reached out and touched her thigh, and then her soft folds. They were slightly moist, but otherwise dry and clearly not excited. She gasped at my touch, her legs trembling, but allowed me to continue. Carefully, I spread the two outer lips to the sides.

"Why do you want to see where I pee? This is so embarrassing!" she objected, but didn't stop me. Sure enough, she was completely intact. I was tempted to explore her further, but she was not at all wet, and it probably would have been painful for her. Instead, I retracted my hand, and sat up.

"Thank you very much. I saw all that I needed." She let out a sigh of relief and straightened her panties again. Closing her legs, she sat up and looked inquisitively at me, as though she was trying to understand what I was doing.

"What does my ability to pee have to do with sex?" she asked.

Clearly she was in need of an anatomy lesson about her own body, but I wasn't really in the mood to give her one. "That isn't how it works actually. Don't worry, you'll understand soon."

She huffed and curled up slightly as I continued to work. I checked her hardware systems in her programming to see what connections there were, and through the tens of thousands of connections, I managed to filter out what I needed to know. Sure enough, she was mentally and physically able to make love, but she still lacked even the basic programming. Her ability to learn would make it possible for her to eventually perform, but her body would still not react properly, and it would be more painful for her. It was like she was a horny girl in an asexual body. No matter how much she'd want it, she'd never fully understand it or be able to appreciate it.

I had to remedy this. She had several other settings I wanted to change, several other programming needs she could benefit from, and lots more protocols to refine, but this was one I feel we both would appreciate if I could make it work. Several robot enthusiast websites would post various programs for daily activities, and among them were sexual programs. They were a far cry from what she'd need with her advanced body, but it was a starting place. I grabbed some of the most basic of these, as well as several other daily chores programs, and got to work.

It took longer than I expected, but I managed to customize these programs to her with surprising efficiency. A hidden series of codes were lying dormant inside her head which looked like the beginnings of a sexual activity program. I adapted this to fit the new downloads, and activated them. This would allow her to physically react when she was turned on, getting her ready for sex, and allowing her body to enjoy the sensation. Of course, this was untested, and I had no idea if it would work, but I was hoping to have a little fun figuring it out.

"Allen?" Electra asked while I worked on the final touches. "Will you keep me safe forever? I'm scared they'll find me."


"The lab, the company... I don't want to die."

"I won't let that happen." I sure hoped it didn't end up in some kind of situation where I'd have to protect or hide her. If they were going to dismantle her, couldn't they just give her to me instead? I shook these thoughts out of my head as she scooted up next to me in the chair and laid her head on my shoulder.

"Thanks" she confided. "What do you think about me Allen? Honestly!"

I thought about it for a moment. "I like you."

"Just like?"

"Well I like you a lot."

"Is that all?" she cooed.

"I like you enough to want to see if this can grow into something more."

She smiled and kissed my cheek. "Me too."

With a grand gesture and a flourish of typing, I completed the final line of code I was willing to complete that night. At last I was ready to compile everything, and execute it. With a single click of my mouse, the code was setup and waiting for Electra.

"Are you ready?" I asked her.

She sat up straight and gave me a nod. "Yes." My finger clicked the button, and Electra gasped again as data flooded into her system. "Ohhh... my..." she said as the data invaded her mind. She sat still for a bit as the data installed.

"You okay?" I asked.

"New data uploaded, this unit will now restart" she announced. With that, she breathed out and hunched over. She was still for over a minute after that. Did I just screw something up? Did she just crash? What did I do? To my relief, she started breathing again and blinked her eyes open. Sitting up, she looked straight at me.

"How do you feel?"

"... Different" she replied.

"Different good?"

"I think so. Allen? I think you did it... I think... yes! You are my registered master!"

"Thank god!" We stood up and hugged, although I ended up disconnecting her from my computer as I did so.

"Allen... I..." she began as she looked up at me, still in my arms. "I feel funny. Like... that thing you did earlier to me... when you were looking at me down there... is making me tingle. I-"

Her eyes locked onto mine, her lips trembled, her entire body shook, and she leaped up into my arms to kiss me. I didn't expect it, but I welcomed her embrace. Her kiss had suddenly gotten much better than before, and she started to moan in the middle of it.

"Ohhh... Allen. I... I want... something... hold me!" she commanded as she jumped into my arms again, this time wrapping her legs around me.

I held her body up as she pressed herself to me in a passionate kiss. Her tongue moved wildly inside my mouth. Her warmth wet lips were sweeter than candy, and I soon found my tongue caressing hers. Holding her up, I walked out of the room, and into my bedroom. Thankfully I just cleaned the sheets, but something told me I'd have to do it again pretty soon. I sat down on the bed as she continued to embrace me. My member grew hard at her affections, and in this position, she was rubbing directly against it. She moaned and sighed as we finally broke the kiss.

"Electra, are you enjoying this?"

"Allen... yes..." she moaned. "What is this? I feel amazing. You feel amazing. I want... I want you to touch me there again" she begged. She started to gyrate her hips against me, rubbing her sex against mine, and arousing us both.

As I held her against me, I managed to unclasp her bra, and it fell to the floor between us. Electra squealed when her breasts were exposed to me, but as soon as I caressed them, her moans got louder. Her tits were perfect. Maybe they were a little small, but they fit her svelte body perfectly. I absolutely loved them, and she was clearly sensitive there too!

"Something weird is happening!" she complained but didn't object. "No... Ah!! Don't pinch my nipples so hard! AH!"

I stood up again, holding her, and turned around, dropping her to the bed. She mewed as she fell to the bed, and looked up at me with lustful eyes. I tore my clothes off, and smiled at her reaction when she saw how large I had gotten.

"Is... is that normal?” she asked.

"When having sex it is" I explained.

"Sex? We're having sex? We're having sex!"

I pulled her panties off her flawless hot ass and leaned in between her legs to get a better look. With a single touch, I could tell she was already soaking wet, like her body has been yearning for this but was never able to get it until now. She squirmed under my touch as I caressed her womanhood. I leaned in closer and spread her pussy lips open. Her vagina walls were pulsing with anticipation as her fluids dripped out. Even her clitoris was enlarged and ready for me. My tongue caressed her sensitive areas, and tasted her essence. As soon as I licked her clitoris, she arched her back and closed her legs around my head.

"OHHHH!!!" she yelled as she came for the first time. "What was that?! What-" she suddenly seemed to be aware of something she wasn't before. Perhaps it was the programming, but whatever it was triggered something wild inside her. Her legs and body convulsed slightly, but she frantically grabbed at me. With a single motion, she pulled me onto the bed and mounted herself on top. "Stick it inside me Allen! I need it!"

"Stick what inside you?" I asked teasing her.

"Your penis" she cooed. "It goes inside right? Or would you rather...?" She leaned over me and grabbed my hand, placing it on the base of the front of her neck before pushing in and holding it. With a familiar click, her chest swung open to expose her mechanical nature. Inside, I saw lights and wires and circuits and artificial organs of all kinds. Her frame work followed the anatomy of the human form, allowing her to breathe and twist and move naturally without any damage to her parts or deformations to her flawless figure. I could see a ton of complicated robotics reaching all the way through her, and I could even see her plastic heart beating inside the cavity where her left breast used to be. "Does this turn you on master?" she asked coyly.

"Yes, it does" I admitted honestly, "but, I rather see you for who you are..." I reached up and closer each side of her chest, one at a time, taking the time to enjoy feeling her breasts and teasing her as I did it. "... The beautiful, sexy, shy, wonderful girl I crushed on since I first saw her."

She almost started crying, but instead bombarded me with a barrage of kisses. "Oh Allen!" I couldn't take much more of this myself, and my little man began knocking at her door. "OH! Allen!" Electra squealed.

Carefully, I guided my hard rod into her soft warm wet folds. She mewed and squealed with pleasure as I slowly pushed myself to the very base, all the way inside her. "You feel amazing Electra!"

"Allen! I can't think straight! More! Thrust inside me!" She groaned in my ear as I ravaged her, out bodies awkwardly slapping against each other at first, but slowly picking up speed and synchronizing to the other's motion. I turned her to her back and continued to thrust my way inside her. As I picked up speed and started really giving it to her, she buckled and kicked in orgasmic pleasure. "AHH! OOHHH!!! GOD! Allen, YES! Fuck Me! I'M CUMMING! I- AH! AHHHHH!!!"

We fucked like rabbits the entire night. Wave after wave of pleasure filled her body, and somehow I always found the energy to give her more. I got a bigger bang (pun intended) out of making her cum than myself. Something about watching her reach the pinnacle of pleasure again and again made me the happiest man on earth. As 4am rolled around, I was pleasuring her from behind, holding her body up by her arms, and pumping as hard as I could into her body. Her final explosive orgasm made me cum as well, and we lay there the rest of the morning in bed together, sleeping with her in my arms. I had found the girl that I wanted to live with, but could it last? I was not sure what the future would bring, but one thing was for certain, I would do whatever I could to stay with this girl, robot or not.

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