Family Matters pt.1

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Family Matters – Rev. 2.0 By Botfriend2000

Part 1

Mark grinned as he pulled his car into the garage. He had been able to get away from work early today and start his weekend. As he put his Mercedes 600SL in park he looked down at the blue ray data disc that lay on the passenger seat. "I feel like a kid on Christmas morning." He said to himself. As well I should, this disc holds the latest software version with plenty of extras. Not to mention a bonus sexual emulation package designed to allow for bi-sexual situations. Security updates and patches, and a new verbal command mode interface.

I turned the key off and undid my seat belt. I Hit the garage opener to close the door, then grabbed the disc and opened the car door. The time it took me to go from the garage to my office blurred by. I sat the disc down next to the mouse and turned to head out into the foyer. Once in the main entry I looked up the staircase to the second floor. "Honey? I'm home. How was you day?" I called out, and waited for a response. "In the bathroom,. .. fixing my hair. I had a good day. Thanks for asking. Come on up." She yelled. I started up the stairs skipping every other step. Turning left I headed down the hall to the master bedroom, then into our bathroom. I stopped at the doorway as I saw her. "Larissa honey, You look great!" I exclaimed. Larissa was dressed in a strapless dark blue evening gown and putting some finishing touches on her hair and makeup. She stood 5' 7" barefoot. But in the high heals she wore, she was now probably 5' 11". The dress hugged her perfect figure, accentuating her curves. Her 34C breasts pushed forward slightly as she leaned close to the mirror to check her mascara. Larissa's dark brunette hair came down over her shoulders by about 6". She had put some curl and bounce into it. She turned to give me a curious look. "What?" I reached up to caress her cheek. "You're so beautiful. That's all." I complimented her. She waved me off. "Oh stop! You've earned enough brownie points just by getting home early for once." She said with a hint of sarcasm. She turned back to look at her reflection in the mirror as she reached down for her lipstick. I stood there, watching her as she delicately applied the color to her lips. Each subtle movement carefully thought out so as to be perfect. "Aren't you going to change clothes?" She asked without turning to face me. I folded my arms and let out a quick sigh. "In a minute. I've got a question first." I told her.

Larissa placed a tissue between her pursed lips to remove the excess color. Once finished she turned and placed a hand on her hip, gesturing me to continue. "Have you given some thought to the companies request?" I asked, watching as she took a deep breath. Noticing the rise of her cleavage through her gown. "You mean as to whether I object to having a 'barely legal' age appearing female android in our home? An appliance that is specifically designed for . . . one purpose specifically?" She reiterated as she looked at my crotch. "The robot sex toy?" Larissa added quickly. I nodded. "That's one way of describing it. Yes. But I want you to know dear, that aspect of her testing has already been done, in house." She frowned for a moment, then rolled her eyes. "You know I can't say 'No' to you." I reached out and took her right hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Thank you, and she’s designed as a twenty two year old." I told her. Of course, Larissa couldn't deny my request, or the companies for that matter. It was in her programming to comply with all product field testing requests, as well as honoring all of her husbands requests.. Albeit with some hesitation at times. Thus giving her the illusion of acting human. "When will she arrive?" Larissa asked. I stepped close enough to smell her fragrant perfume. "Most likely after we leave. While we're out this evening. The techs will allow her entry to our home. Initialize her systems, then depart. She'll believe that she drove here and let herself in. Then hang out till we get back." I explained. Larissa had an amazed look. "She won't know she's an android?" I shook my head to confirm her question. "Well, I hope I won't accidentally spill the beans to her. What would happen if I did?" I shrugged my shoulders and puffed out my cheeks, then let out the air. "All part of the testing. But I trust you'll do fine. Anyway I'd better get dressed up now." I said.

Larissa and I finished getting ready for our anniversary night out. She had reserved a table at a posh restaurant, then she wanted to go dancing at the Starlight Lounge. It was big band and classic jazz night, which meant plenty of swing dancing. I'd certainly get my exercise. I knew how much time I could kill without jeopardizing our reservations, and had allotted that time for Larissa's software upgrades. As Larissa and I finished the stairs I turned to her. "Would you mind coming into the office for a second dear?" She gave a squeeze of my hand as she held it. "Let's not be too long. I'd love a lengthy drive to see the colors of the leaves on the trees as we head into town." I led the way into the office with Larissa close behind. "Would you have a seat, there's something I want to show you." I said. "Sure darling." She said as she carefully sat down in her evening gown, knees bent, tucking her legs well under the chair. I came up behind her and began to gently massage her neck. "Uhmm, feels good. But aren't you going to. . . . Entering Command mode" She trailed off in a monotone voice. I firmly pressed and held my thumb at the base of her skull where her spinal cord attaches. Her hidden service button.

I came back around and sat down in my chair next to her. Spinning around, I faced Lorissa's now immobile form. I paused for a moment to appreciate her beauty, her perfection, her feminine features. She continued to breath, the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Time was halted as Larissa sat here before me. "Larissa, please disengage primary sternum service access please." I stated. Her posture straightened slightly as she answered. "Opening primary sternum service access." There was a slight hissing sound, then a seam began to appear on Larissa's chest, just above her breasts, about two inches by two inches square. A second later the patch of skin pushed up and out. I reached over and gently pulled the portion of her chest away. There was a slight sucking sound as it freed itself from her main body, a solitary fiber optic cable went into the cube of skin. Inside, her service access revealed her access ports. Three darkened LED's sat adjacent to the two ports. Turning around I opened a drawer and removed a cable end, confirming I had the correct end I reached up an connected it into Larissa's service port. "Confirm connection please." I asked. "Link has been established." I turned back around and picked up the data disc, then placed it in the drive of the computer. After a few seconds of spinning up the dialog box appeared. "Larissa, prepare for software update. Authorization Epsilon Mark 1158." I told her as I clicked the mouse to begin the file transfer. "Receiving data. . . transfer will be complete in ten minutes. Do you want transfer to install upon completion?" She droned. "Yes please." I said with a hint of excitement. I peered into her access port and watched the LED's begin to blink rapidly. Acknowledging the transmittal of data.

Those ten minutes were long and drawn out. The following five more minutes were even longer as Larissa installed the updates. "All updates received with no errors. This unit must reboot for completion of upgrades. Do you wish to continue with reboot?" Larissa said emotionless. I leaned in closer to her. Larissa's hazel eyes stared blankly ahead. "Yes, but only after service access re-assimilation." I answered as I reached up and carefully removed the cable from her chest. Gently I took hold of the flesh cube and lined it up over the opening, then firmly gave a push till her synthetic skin retracted the rest. The seam slowly sealed so as to give no indication that she was artificial. She blinked once, then closed her eyes. I loved watching Larissa. She was so perfect, so real, and yet times like these, she was so artificial, so robotic. All very arousing to me. Her head did a slight twitch as her systems re-initialized. Then came all the verbal acknowledgments. "Cy-Gen Robotics Model: Lorissa F1220-MMX Female Pleasuredroid. Series: Kimberly Beta Four, version 6.7884 My name is Larissa Keller, I am licensed to Mark Keller for continued Cy-Gen Robotics field testing, version upgrades and android advancements. No errors or anomalies detected. Wireless connection enabled. Current skin temperature 92.7 degrees. Core unit temperature 108.7 degrees. All processors, flash drives and internal and external sensors reading nominal.. . . Initializing Larissa Keller core personality and human emulation. . .. Reboot complete." I quickly stood back up behind her as she finished. Larissa took a deep breath, then turned her head to look up at me. "Thanks for the neck massage. What were you going to show me now?" She pleasantly said. I smiled down at her and brushed her cheek with the side of my hand. "I wanted to show you a picture of Traci. Here, check her out." I told her as I reached towards a shelf and grabbed a photo that I had brought home a few days earlier. Handing it to her she carefully examined it. The photo of Traci appeared very average, and looked like a thousand other photo's of a young woman seated on a lawn smiling at the camera. "Wow, I must say I'm impressed Mark. She looks so normal, so human." Larissa stated with true surprise. "Well what did you expect exactly?" I inquired of her. She stood up and turned to me with a genuine confused look. "I assumed that..." She stopped. "Yes?" I encouraged. "Mark, I assumed she'd be....modelesque. Sexy, to put it bluntly." She timidly said, then handed me the photo. "She's a young woman, programmed to act like and be like a young woman. You'll think of her as a daughter the more you get to know her. At least that's a hope I have. That Cy-Gen has anyway." Larissa stepped up close so our bodies were touching. "I'm getting hungry. Enough with work. I want a night on the town." Then she kissed me and held me close.

The next several hours passed by fluidly. Larissa really did enjoy the fall colors that adorned the trees. Commenting on them as we drove towards the city. Dinner was lovely, and her company exquisite. Of course as an android her meal consisted of a light salad and wine. Occasionally she stole a bite from my plate. No one around us suspected she wasn't even human. I did enjoy going out in public with her. Watching the looks she got from other men, and even some very attractive women. Larissa was top notch, not over the top or 'modelesque' as she had stated earlier. But definitely above the norm. I'm a horrible dancer but that didn't stop Larissa from having a good time. She has taught me a lot about the correct step and certain moves over the last year or so. The drive home was serene and quiet while Larissa held my hand. Most of her emulation programming was spot on, and I felt she might be hesitant about returning home to find a stranger in our house. Traci.

As we pulled off the road and up the drive we both noticed the restored red Chevy Camero parked out front. Larissa turned to me. "She can drive too?" I nodded in the affirmative. "Larissa, she's twenty two years old. Not a baby. An advanced android, designed to be human, to act human." I reassured her. Three minutes later we walked in from the garage and into the main living room. Traci had stood up and turned to face us as we entered. Larissa gave my hand a gentle squeeze at the same moment that Traci broke into run towards us. She immediately wrapped her arms around us both. "Oh it's so good to see you both again! Thank you sooo much for letting me stay here." She exclaimed with enthusiasm. Larissa reached up and ran her hand through Traci's golden brown hair. Caressing her as we all hugged each other. "You're welcome dear. We would never miss an opportunity to have you stay with us." Traci looked up at me. "Oh thanks uncle Mark. I'll not disappoint either of you." She stated. I placed my hand on her shoulder. "You're welcome Traci, but let's drop the aunt and uncle titles OK?! Just Mark and Larissa." I said. "Yes, we're both too young to be using those titles." Larissa added. Traci took a step back to allow us some space. "I found an empty room upstairs, figured I had my pick and brought my stuff up already. Is that all right?" She asked sheepishly. I nodded, then asked. "Have you eaten or are you hungry? I can make you something if you need." Traci shook her head. "Nope I'm good. Thanks though. Hey Aunt Laris. . . Larissa I mean." Traci caught herself. "Could please you show me where the bed linens are and help familiarize me with up stairs before you head off to bed?" She kindly asked. Larissa smiled warmly at Traci. "No problem, I'd love too. It'll be nice having another girl in the house for a change." She said, then winked at me. "Allow Mark and I change first, then we'll be back down in a few minutes." Larissa added. "Great!" Traci said in a bubbly tone. "Well, I'm just gonna read some more if you don't mind." She said, then turned around and sprung back towards the sofa.

Larissa and I entered our room upstairs and she closed the door behind us. "Traci is perfect! I cannot believe that she's a machine. It's very surreal just to converse with her." She exclaimed. I draped my jacket over the chair in the corner and removed my tie, placing it with the jacket. I turned to Larissa and stepped over to her, firmly placing my hands on her hips. "See, I told you that you had nothing to worry about." I began to slowly sway us as we stood there. "Ummm, we're alone now." She said softly. I reached around her back and found the zipper, pulling it down to her waist. Her dress loosening up as I did so. Larissa understood my actions and leaned in to kiss me. As we stood there, our lips locked together, I brought my hand back around to the front of her dress. Breaking our kiss I took a step back and pealed away the top portion, freeing Larissa's luscious globes. "Mark, what if she comes up here?" She quickly questioned in a serious tone. I stepped towards her again and walked her back up against the wall. "She won't." I reassured her. Then gently cupped both her firm breasts, running my thumbs over and across her nipples. Causing them to stiffen and point outward. Larissa lolled her head to one side and let out a soft moan. "Ohhh. . . your hands are so warm." I leaned in and began to kiss her passionately while kneading her perfect breasts. I knew in my mind that she was beginning to open and load various sexual programs, preparing for intercourse. Sometimes the technical side of my mind wouldn't shut off, going through the motions of what she would anticipate next. Where I should touch her for maximum sensory stimulus.

Larissa reached down with her hands and unbuckled my belt, then undid my trousers, pushing them, and my underwear down to my ankles. She carefully pushed me back. Then she finished wiggling out of her dress. She wore a matching navy blue lace panty, which she seductively removed for my viewing pleasure. I stepped out of my clothes and towards Larissa. "Stop. In the chair please." She motioned with her finger. I did as I was instructed and sat back in the arm chair. Larissa leaned over and spread my legs apart. Then she knelt down on her knees, tossed her dark hair back over her shoulder, and with gentle finesse, wrapped her fingers around my stiff manhood. She peered up at me through her eyes. "This for now, but a lot more later." She said as she slowly licked her lips, then proceeded to tease the tip of my dick with her tongue. Flicking it and swirling it around it's head. Her manicured nails brushed against my balls, causing a shrill to escape my throat. She squeezed my shaft a little firmer then began to pump, then she lowered her mouth over my head and continued to suck and swirl her tongue. I reached forward to cup one of her breasts. To pleasure her as she brought me close to my orgasm. After a few moments I began to squirm as my pressure began to build. Larissa's ministrations were having her desired effect and now I was seconds from exploding in her mouth. She sensed the quickened swelling of my dick as I fought back the release. She reached up with her free hand and placed it on my stomach. I in turn grabbed at the back of her head and manually took control of her bobbing motion as I shot my load into her mouth. Pulling her head farther down my shaft as I thrust up into her with each wave of sensation. Larissa did not gag, and gave no indication of discomfort as I roughly rammed my cock down her throat. Making her engulf my manhood.

For several minutes we held and embraced each other, allowing time to cool and unwind after that passionate moment. "Did you enjoy that?" Larissa asked. "Oh, absolutely my dear. That was spectacular." I said, still panting slightly. Finally I spoke again. "Well, we better get down stairs and see Traci off to bed." Larissa nodded in agreement. After we both washed up, I changed into a pair of sweats and t-shirt. Larissa grabbed an old pair of jeans and a sweat shirt. Neither of us wore underwear. We headed down stairs.

Traci closed her book and looked up at us with a slight giggle. "What's so funny?" I asked. Traci faked a cough. "Oh nothing. My bad, sorry." Larissa came around the sofa and plopped down next to her. "No, Mark's got a point for once. What's so funny?" She inquired also. Traci's features reddened slightly to feign embarrassment. "Uhmm. . .just you two took a while to change clothes. That's all." She quickly stated then leaned in to give Larissa another hug. "Ready for the tour?" Larissa asked. Traci sprung up off the sofa, practically pulling Larissa with her. "I am. I'm also pretty tired and ready to hit the sack." Traci turned again to me. "Thanks again, for everything, for all this." She said. I stepped over and gave her a hug, and held her for a moment. "OK you two, come on Traci, I'll get you oriented with the house." Larissa stated as she pulled Traci from my embrace. "Goodnight." I called after them. Once they were up stairs I headed for the kitchen to grab a drink of water. Those two will get along just fine. One aware of the other, yet both not aware of themselves. I chuckled to myself.

Later, much later as it turns out, after I retired to bed. Larissa finally joined me in bed around 1:30am. She had spent some quality 'one on one' girl time just talking to Traci. She said. Asking her questions about her move here. Her parents, her likes and dis-likes. Hoping they could learn something from each other. Yep! Maybe I had made a mistake, maybe Cy-Gen had made these two too real! Larissa realized I was now too tired to continue our lusting of each others bodies and let me drift off to sleep after giving me a quick peck on my cheek. She curled up close, so I could feel the warmth of her body, reassuring me that she was there.

The next several days were very normal and somewhat mundane. I'd return from work, the girls would have dinner ready. We'd watch movies, play games, read. I did notice that Larissa truly began to see Traci as an equal. We had discussed at length even the possibility of Traci staying with us after her testing was finished. Little did she realize that that decision had already been made up in my mind. All I'd have to do was make a minor programming adjustment to each of them and they'd either be sisters or mother and daughter. As the days turned into weeks I continued to explore Larissa's upgrades. She was untiring in the bedroom. Insatiably hungry for pleasure, and to please me. At least every other night for the last few weeks, we'd fuck till the early hours of the morning. The best aspect of my job was getting paid to enjoy Larissa while testing new software versions and personality upgrades. All from the comfort of my home, and not worrying about heading off to the office every morning.

Friday had rolled around and I was given Traci's first real software update. I had also asked the software engineers to tweak a part of her personality profile for me early on as Traci's programming seemed too heterosexual. With Larissa's recent upgrade to include a bi-sexual compliancy, I wanted to see just what could happen between the two androids if placed in a mutually compromising situation. I entered the home as Larissa was coming down the stairs. She wore a pair of jeans and a form fitting t-shirt. "Hey, where's Traci?" I asked. "She's out back getting the fire pit ready out back. She's thinking of inviting a few of her girlfriends over tonight." She stated. "From the 'Tae Bo' class she's been attending?" I pressed. "Yep, and possibly the Fletcher boy too." Larissa said as she rolled her eyes. "Awesome! Hey, want to watch me do an upgrade on her? You might like this." I pointed to the disc in my hand. Her brow raised and she cocked her head in curiosity. "Really?" She asked "Yep! In fact come on in and pull up a chair. I can suggest she come to the office via the wireless link that I have set up." Larissa took a seat beside me as I opened up a window to Traci's remote access. After entering my access and login codes, I found the tab I was searching for and opened a text box. I proceeded to request that Traci cease what she was doing and come find me and Larissa in the office. Then closed that window and turned around. Larissa impatiently listened for the back French door to open. "She's really coming." She whispered. We both waited as we listened to Traci's approach. As she entered the office doorway Larissa almost burst out of her chair. "Incredible!" She yelled out. I quickly turned to her with a mildly frustrated look. "Hi guys. What are you doing?" Traci asked us. I stood up and waved her to come in. "Traci, we'd like to visit with you for a moment." I explained. Her expression changed to curiosity. "Sure, what's up?" She asked skeptically. "Traci, Command Authorization : Epsilon Mark 1159 Beta." I said to her. Immediately her expression went blank, and her arms relaxed to her sides. Larissa stood up and walked over to Traci. She waved her hand in front of Traci's face with no reaction from her. "That was a command phrase to put her in standby huh?" She asked. I watched as Larissa circled and examined Traci's frozen form. She reached out to touch her cheek, then her hand. "Would you like to examine the rest of her?" I asked. Larissa spun around, eyes wide. "Excuse me?" I slowly stood up and walked over to them both. "Larissa, I need access to a service port that's just above Traci's breasts. Her sweater's neck line isn't low enough for me to access it." I told her, then turned to Traci. "Traci, please remove your sweater and also your bra." I commanded the android. Silently, and without argument, Traci pulled her sweater up and over her head. Revealing her white lace bra. She dropped the sweater to the floor then reached behind her back to undo the clasps the held her bra. Gracefully she removed the garment freeing her 32C cup breasts.

Larissa patiently and quietly watched as I completed Traci's update. Occasionally she'd ask a question pertaining to how often these would occur, and about the time it took to actually complete an update. Then she actually surprised me as I was finishing. I had reset Traci's patch of skin and was about to give her the command to reboot. "Mark, wait please." I looked at her curiously. "This android. . .Traci. I've had to suppress . ." "Go on." I encouraged her. "You'll think I'm a perv or something." Larissa said blushing somewhat. I reached over and took her hand. "Sweety. I work with androids for a living. Male and female, if anyone is considered a pervert. It's not you." I reassured her. Her countenance brightened a little at my words. "I'd like to see the rest of her. Her girl parts." She said quickly, turning away from me. I chuckled. "OK. I can do that. Uhm. . Larissa, you're starting to think of Traci as an individual, not a machine or object. Is that the reason for your hesitancy? Or is it because you're a woman asking to see another woman's. . uhmm equipment?" I asked, trying to discern what reaction I'd get from that line of questioning. Larissa frowned slightly and shrugged her shoulders. I turned to Traci. "Traci, Please remove your remaining clothes, position stance for inspection. Reboot to command prompt, and await further instructions." I told her. Again, Traci silently removed her clothing starting with her shoes, unlacing them, slipping them off. Then her jeans, and finally her panties. Traci stood back up straight, raised her arms out from her sides at 90 degrees, and spread her legs apart.

Traci's head did a slight twitch as her systems re-initialized, and like all Cy-Gen androids, came all the verbal acknowledgments. "Cy-Gen Robotics Model: Traci F1240-MMX Female Pleasuredroid. Series: Traci Beta One, version 1.046 My name is Traci Keller, I am licensed to Mark Keller for continued Cy-Gen Robotics field testing, version upgrades and android advancements. No errors or anomalies detected. Wireless connection enabled. Current skin temperature 92.6 degrees. Core unit temperature 110.4 degrees. All processors, flash drives and internal and external sensors reading nominal. Initializing command mode . . . Awaiting further instructions.. . . Reboot completed."

I took a step back and made a hand gesture for Larissa to examine Traci's body. Honestly I wasn't sure now if this was a truly curious issue with her. Or whether this was software. Either way I was thrilled at the curiosity she was expressing. Not to mention the kick I was getting from being a participant. Traci's height was shorter at 5' 5" compared to Larissa who stood 2" taller. Traci's body was designed to appear more athletic. Her muscle groups were more defined around her stomach, abdomen, and legs. Her breasts were smaller, yet perky. In this inspection mode her nipples pushed outward as they would if she were sexually aroused. Larissa came to stand in front of her and reached out to grab Traci's left breast. I watched her give it a firm squeeze, then pull at her nipple. She turned to me to see my reaction, then back to Traci's perfect young body. She ran her hand over a breast and across the stomach, stopping just shy of Traci's pubic region. Kneeling down on one knee, Larissa leaned in and with her finger traced the outline of Traci's narrow patch of pubic hair, then back down to the folds of her opening. With hesitancy Larissa carefully spread Traci's folds apart, then slid two fingers up inside her artificial Pussy.

Larissa turned to me. "She's warm and moist." I nodded and leaned forward towards her. "She's very real my dear. Just as real as a human female. Just as real as you." I told her. Larissa raised an eyebrow. "Would you screw her if I allowed it? If I could watch the two of you?" In the back of my mind I made a mental note to thank the software engineers for their hard work in programming these truly spectacular androids. The bulge in my pants was becoming a tent pole, and Larissa's eyes wandered to the sight and she teasingly licked her lips. "Wouldn't you like to be a participant as well? I mean, you did just have your fingers inside of Traci's pussy." I asked back. Larissa stood back up, reached for a tissue off the shelf above the computer to wipe her fingers, then turned back to me. "Mark, I . . uhmm have probably crossed a line that maybe I shouldn't have. I know you wanted to include me in your work by having me observe Traci's software update and all. But something came over me. I . .I found this erotic, enticing, highly arousing even. . . I mean . . I feel like going upstairs and masturbating just to have an explosive orgasm to release this urge. I really don't know what has come over me." She explained, and her face expressed her emotional distress.

It was at that moment that the telephone rang. Larissa's attention shifted to the ringing. "I'd better go and get that." And she was gone and out the door. I listened as she ran down the hall and to the kitchen where the phone was. She was too distant to hear her side of the conversation, so I waited for a few moments. Staring at the marvel before me. An android, a creation of man, in mans image. Designed, built and programmed to be human. Oh how real they both seemed. Their mannerisms, they way they act and talk. I heard Larissa walking back down the hall towards my office. She stopped at the doorway and appeared more in control of her senses, bright and cheery. "That was Rachel, a friend of Traci's from her Tae Bo class. She was calling to confirm plans for tonight’s get together. That there would be four of them coming. Herself, her roommate Kristen, Eric, and Matt." She stated. I stood up and walked over towards her. "Three girls and two boys. Should be ok." I told her. Larissa feigned a smile and glanced past me to Traci's naked back. "Better get her dressed and turned on. Her friends will be here in a couple of hours." She leaned in and gave me a kiss, she hesitated for a second, then hurried away and up the stairs. That was short enough and quick that I thought she may have been frustrated with me. Or that she was planning on following through with her statement of needing to bring herself to orgasm by masturbating. Or maybe she had a bug or glitch. I'd want to check just to be safe.

After Traci left my office, she left to find Larissa to get the specifics that her friend Rachel had called with. The two of them made quite a commotion from upstairs, what with some squealing and laughter. Moments later they descended the stairs and told me they were both leaving to go shopping and get some food for Traci's party. This gave me time to review some of Larissa's logs. Her behavior this afternoon had me curious.

Now, shifting through an androids code and thread wasn't my favorite thing to do, nonetheless I felt it necessary. As I scrolled down through the code from the time frame between her initial arrival to my office and her leaving with Traci, at first glance I didn't spot anything out of the ordinary. But on the third time through I saw it. There was a discrepancy in a logic routine which according to what I understood, was resetting itself every couple of milli seconds. That may explain her mood swing. I would need to make an adjustment to Larissa later to avoid any hazards that could spring from this. I isolated the thread in question for the software engineers to go back through later, then shut the monitors off and headed up stairs for a nap while the girls were gone.

The party was a hit that night. Larissa decided that she wanted to hang out with them all as they sat around the fire and talked and laughed. I joined them for a while, just wanting to see just who it was Traci had invited. Matt and Eric, the two young men were very polite, yet quite the kidders of the group. Rachel sat close to Matt the whole time, and I noticed Kristen kept staring at Traci. As the hours wound down, the kids began to leave. Matt and Rachel seemed like a couple as they left, Eric left shortly after them. Which left Kristen. She was a stunning young woman with long flowing blonde hair, a curvaceous body, and a perky personality. She had crystal blue eyes, and a very appealing face. A very pretty young woman. Traci and Kristen seemed to be quite the pair. Almost feeding off of one another’s energy and vibrancy. "Traci has a request dear." She stated as the two girls came around the corner from the hall. I looked at the two of them. "What's up girls?" Traci looked at Kristen, then to Larissa, then back to me. "Would there be any problem with Kristen spending the night?" She asked. I paused for a moment and frowned. Making the most of the moment. Giving the two girls time to squirm a bit. "Oh, come on Mark. Please?!" Traci pleaded. I started to laugh. "Gotcha huh? Sure, sure. Kristen can spend the night. That's fine with me." I told them. Kristen beamed and smiled at me. "Thanks Mr. K." I looked at Larissa as the two girls hurried away. "You ready to head upstairs yet?" I asked Larissa, looking up at her. She reached down for my hand. "I'm always ready for you." She said, pulling me up and out of my chair.

Once up stairs and our bedroom door was closed, Larissa began to undress. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it to the corner. When Larissa was down to just her panties I called her name. "Larissa, Command Authorization : Epsilon Mark 1158." She froze, then straightened her posture. "Authorization accepted...Awaiting command." I walked over to her back side. "Open dorsal maintenance panels please. I need to make an adjustment to a behavioral setting." Larissa extended her arms out to her sides, then there was a muffled click, followed by a hiss. I watched as a series of seams appeared across her back in preparation for her back panels to open. I always marveled at the intricate design of how our androids synthetic skin could reveal its seams, then seal itself. Another click and a whirl sound. Then her back clearly pushed out and away from itself in four sections, something like a butterfly wing pattern, after which they divided down the center and opened outward, splitting down the middle, revealing a vast majority of Larissa's inner workings. Her spinal section and artificial skeletal chassis, A small 3" by 3" LCD screen was visible and scrolled with data. LED's were arranged in groups. Some blinking, other were solid on or dim. Hundreds of fiber optic wires criss-crossed Larissa's interior. A marvel that something so beautiful on the outside, as well as on the inside was simply just a machine. Easily turned off with the right verbal command. I carefully reached in, just below her right shoulder blade and found a series of small dip switches. Gently pushing one from on to off, I had completed my task of routing around Larissa's faulty logic motivator.

Pausing with Larissa, I stopped to listen as Traci and Kristen came up the stairs, then headed down to her room. An idea sprung to mind regarding those two. But I had to get Larissa back together first. Five minutes later I had Larissa back together and laying in bed. I hadn't re-initialized her human emulation yet, waiting to do so till I had finished with some fun between Traci and Kristen. I kept her in standby for now. I grabbed some pajamas off the shelf in my closet and quietly opened my door. The hall was darkened and I could see a light coming from under Traci's door. On my tip toes I stealthily descended the stairs and opened the door to my office, closing it behind me. In doing what I do for Cy-Gen, the house was wired for audio and video. I'm not usually a peeping tom, but with Traci and Kristen acting so giddy and buddy buddy together. Maybe I could help initiate something. Having watched the two girls during the campfire. I wondered about Kristen's constant staring and observation of Traci. Was she jealous of her looks, or infatuated by her? I sat down and flipped the monitor and computer on and went to work.

"I think it's cool your family let me crash here. I really owe you." Kristen told Traci. She had grabbed a pair of pajamas out from her dresser drawer and turned to look at her friend. "It's no problem, I'll have to spend the night at yours and Rachel's place sometime." Kristen looked at the pajamas as Traci plopped them down in front of her, then looked up with a smirk on her face. "Hey Traci, . . .uhmm . .don't take this the wrong way. I mean at least I hope you wont." Traci gave her a puzzled look. "You've got looks that most people would die for. . ." "What are you saying?" Traci asked her friend. "Girl. . . your hot." Kristen finally said. Traci stepped a little closer, acknowledging the subliminal recommendation given her by Mark. "I've felt. . .you watching me all evening Kristen. But I thought that Eric.." "Eric and I are just friends! Traci...I will admit though, I'd like to be a little more than friends with you." Traci slowly sat down on the bed and stared at her friend. "Are you saying that you wanted to spend the night so as too..." She trailed off as Kristen nodded her head. "I'm flattered." "Traci, let me be your secret lover." Kristen said softly. Traci slid her hand closer to Kristen’s, wanting to see her friends reaction. Kristen ran her fingers lightly over Traci's own hand, then looked up at her. "What if Mark and Larissa hear us?" "Are you kidding. This house s huge. Besides our rooms are at opposite ends of the hall." Kristen said leaning in close to Traci.

Then Kristen kissed her. Traci closed her eyes as her lips met Kristen's. The other woman's tongue gently probed Traci's mouth. Traci met it with her own tongue; the kiss grew deeper and more impassioned by the moment. Kristen broke off suddenly. "Better close your bedroom door all the way." She said. Traci composed herself, then went over her bedroom door closing it firmly. She then all but ran back to Kristen, this time embracing her. Kristen's hands traveled up and down Traci's ripe young body. "I want to make love to you, Traci. I've wanted you for the last few hours now." "Oh, yes..." Traci gasped. She kissed Kristen again. "I've felt an urge too... but I never thought..." "Now's not the time for thinking," Kristen said between kisses. "Traci, have you ever...?" "No, not with another woman," she whispered. "But I'm ready to try, to experiment now..." Kristen hurriedly pulled Traci's shirt off over her head, revealing Traci's soft, warm globes barely contained by a lacy black bra. She pushed the lace aside, fastening her mouth to one hard nipple. Traci cried out softly. "Ohh yess." She felt Kristen's hand trailing along the inside of her thigh, through the fabric of her jeans, moving inexorably upward to finally reach her moist, warm center. Traci shivered at her friends gentle touch, obstructed by her jeans and panties. Kristen moved up to kiss Traci again. Traci took the opportunity to unbutton Kristen's blouse, caressing both of her firm breasts through the fabric of her bra. "I love the feel of your hands on my tits." Kristen moaned in delight. Traci began to undress Kristen, sliding her pants down those impossibly lovely legs. She took a moment to take in Kristen's exposed body, her smooth curves, her full ripe breasts. Kristen's pink bra and panties, they contrasted beautifully with her tanned flesh. Kristen's figure was even more lovely than Traci had imagined--slender and toned, quite stunning. Traci took the initiative, freeing Kristen's lovely breasts from the restraint of her bra, and sucking and licking at them with unrestrained passion. She slipped a hand beneath the waistband of Kristen's panties. Both women shuddered as Traci's fingertips ran along the length of Kristen's womanhood. Kristen followed suit, moving her hand between Traci's thighs once more and stroking her sex through the now-damp undergarments. Traci kissed Kristen again. "Please make love to me, Kristen..." she breathed. . She slid Traci's jeans, then her panties off, smiling at the sight of Traci's now-exposed pussy. A carefully-trimmed strip of golden brown hair pointed the way to Traci's center. Kristen guided Traci to the edge of the bed, making her sit down, gently pushing her thighs apart as she knelt between them. She planted a loving kiss on Traci's pussy... and then began to lap at the hot, wet loveliness with unbridled enthusiasm. Traci cried out. "This is so wonderful, "Oh! Ohhh yess, Kristen... I never thought... that's so good...the way it feels." Kristen was very skillful at lovemaking. She continued to lick and kiss Traci's wet pussy, driving her tongue deep between Traci's folds, giving her more pleasure than she had ever experienced, wanting her to savor this moment. Obviously enjoying the experience herself. Traci's moans grew louder and more frequent, and in a few minutes she knew she was teetering on the edge. "Oh, Kristen, yes... yes... I... I'm going to come... ohhhh, yes! Yes!" Traci began to buck and grind against Kristen face as she continued to lap away at her pussy. Her friend flicking her tongue wildly across her folds, teasing her to the edge of ecstasy, savoring her young friend's taste, drinking in her delectable juices.

Traci came harder than she could ever believe possible. "Ohhhh.....ohhhh.....Yes..Yess...YYEESS!....Ohhh...I'm.... coming.....Ohh God Yes!!!" Finally, as Traci's orgasm subsided, she rose to kiss Kristen with unrestrained passion. Traci was intensely excited by the taste of her own wetness on Kristen's lips. She broke off. "I want to do you now," she said. "Tell me what to do. I want to eat your pussy." She slipped off the bed and knelt before Kristen. "Just do what comes naturally. Kiss me and lick me the way you would want to be kissed and licked. You'll know what to do." Traci kissed the inner surface of Jennifer's thigh, making her way towards her opening. She regarded Kristen's pussy, smooth-shaven with a narrow strip of blond pubic hair. Not too dissimilar from her own appearance. "Oh, Kristen, it's so beautiful...." She extended her tongue as far as she could, licking the delicate nether lips from back to front. Kristen sighed as Traci's first tentative licks grew more heated, more bold. Traci's hunger was obvious; in a few moments she was entirely devouring Kristen's pussy, kissing and licking and probing. She thrust her tongue upwards, then deeper in near her sensitive nub. Kristen reached for Traci's head, pushing her away from her throbbing pussy. "Lay on your back, on the bed, and I'll sit on your face. I want you to have it all, eat me. Eat my perfect pussy."

The two girls quickly arranged themselves on the bed and Kristen straddled Traci's head as she lay on her back, Kristen spread her creamy thighs and lowered herself to Traci's eager lips. She grasped at the headboard and began to enjoy the ride. “Oh my god you’re good at that!” Traci's hot body and her really eager tongue were giving Kristen more pleasure than even she could remember. She nestled her body lower onto her lover’s face and arched her back as the flicking tip and sucking lips teased her most sensitive part. “Oh Traci yes,... I love what you’re doing to me!” Traci's hands crept around Kristen's slender waist, groping for her tits and grasping her round buttocks as she rode the sensations between her dripping thighs. “Oh… my! Your going to make me come… Oh… Ohh…yes, I can feel it... Wha?” Traci backed off her eager tonguing and blew gently on the blonds perfect pink pussy as she took her index finger and slowly inserted it into Kristen's anus. Twisting and thrusting it. “God Traci! Mmmmm…I've never felt uhnn. . .this much pleasure. . .oh yeah!” Traci pulled her finger out then slid two fingers through the slick of juices covering Kristen’s entrance before slipping them inside her young friends pussy. "Yes...Oh yes....finger fuck me.....Uhnnn.....feels so good...uhnn." Traci, after her intense finger fucking removed her fingers and held them up to Kristen's lips. She grabbed Traci's hand and sucked her juices off her friends fingers. Traci brought her face back to the tiny stiff clitoris begging for her attention as Kristen gasped above her. “Shit, ohh my God!…. Lick my clit, oh, I’m so close…so horny now. . . yes – lick me! Oh yeah…”

From my office I watched the two young lovers as they enjoyed each other. I suggested to Traci that she keep her friend on the precipice of orgasm for a time, letting her truly experience the expertise of Traci's perfect design and programming. For all Kristen would believe is that Traci had a gift of pleasing her sexually. Not knowing that she was actually an android designed to do so. I subliminally suggested that Traci start rubbing her own pussy as she brought her friend off. heightening the intensity of the moment.

Kristen was in heaven as she knelt over Traci's face. Traci had taken her to the very final edge before climax and held her on the threshold, now she was building her up again and it felt even better. "Ohh Traci! You're so . . . good at this. . .uhnnn yeah. . you're so hot! . . .I want to. ..uhnn cum all over your . . .face." Kristen knew it had been no more than ten minutes since she first sat on her new lover’s face. Every time she neared orgasm Traci seemed to know exactly when to back off just enough to keep her on a high. She yearned to go over the edge and unleash the scream of ecstasy through her frustrated body, she seemed unable to resist the perfect sensations rising through her whole body through her pussy from below and gradually her commanding tones took on a pleading edge, “Oh god yes…please. . .uhnnnn fuck me . . Oh Traci – please! Make… Ohhh, oh yeah! Make me come Traci , please. Make me come and I'll make you come too. I promise. Uhnnn. . .God you have. . .uhnnn. . a hot body! Oh that’s so good, I want to come Traci, I want to come now. . .oh…’re the best…” Traci stopped for a brief moment. Her own tongue licking her lips and tasting Kristen's sweet juices. "You have a sweet taste Kristen. I love the curves of your body. I'm going all the way now, going to give you your best, most intense orgasm ever." The brunette began teasing Kristen's swollen pussy again. Kristen rocked the bed as she held on to the headboard and writhed in pleasure over Traci's face. “Oh, shit, . . .Ohhhh Traci ...don't stop! Hmmmm…yeahhhh..... Stop!!, oh God, that’s good…yes I can feel it hap...happening...uhnn... Traci wait, stop now! Please, .....I can't....I can' don’t understand… Ohh!” The brunette ignored her friend's’ plea, “Traci, STOP! I’m… serious, Ohhhhh nooooo!’t understand, I’m… Oh shit, too late!” Traci kept going, thinking her friend wanted her to drive her farther.

Kristen’s fluid rhythmic movement was interrupted as she jerked sharply against her lover’s pretty face, “Traci ohh...I’m .… Error 362209: AI input buffer over capacity. I’m not..., I’m perfect. . .I'm perfect. . I'm perfect. . ..I'm an android replica of a woman. Please … Error 3362217: Purge failure. Error 362209: AI input buffer over capacity. Uhnn...must complete....oh no...complete mission... mission." The error messages interrupted Kristen's words as she realized Traci was still pleasuring her. The beautiful woman jerked and bounced on her persistent lover, losing herself in a confusion of error and ecstasy.. Traci finally withdrew her tongue, looking up at her lover. "Kristen?...What?!"

Traci ceased her ministrations and climbed out from under Kristen as she climaxed and malfunctioned simultaneously. Kristen twitched and squirmed on the bed, bent over backwards from a kneeling position with her breasts skyward. With every robotic jerk her smooth C cup breasts undulated, Kristen's android’s body was truly indistinguishable from a human woman’s. Traci scurried off the bed and screamed. "Oh my God! What the hell are you? Kristen, you can't be..." Kristen's body jerked, “I am. . . I'm not. . .not a… I am a robot…I am not. . .feeling well. . . I am malfunctioning… reset… reset… re… malfunc- Error 426756: AI not responding – manual reset required… I am perfect . . I am a robot. . .an android. . . reset…error.” Kristen's body shuddered. "Ohhhhh... so good, Traci ... that's right... ohhh, yes, yes! Ohhhh... I-- I-- oh! Oh! Oh--! I am--oh! I am--oh! I am--coming... I am... I am... Oh!" Yes, yes, ye-e-e-es! I'm coming! Oh my God, yes--error. I'm...I'm...I'm Kristen Brent, Unit XG907 android system error. Malfunction. Malfunction. Oh, god... yes... y-y-y-y-yes. I am Kristen Brent Unit XG907. I am. . .perfect. .an. and android. I am an android. I'm a perfect machine--perfect robotic woman--android--error--mission failure --error--error--malfunction---android--machine! Mission failure, mission failure. Yes. Oh. God. Yes. I. Am. An. Android. Sex. System. Failure. Emulation. Failure. Android. Failure. Mission. Sabotage. Error. Kristen Brent Unit XG907 auto shutdown engaged." Kristen's head twitched once more, and her voice changed suddenly: low, monotone, with a slight hint of distortion. "Error," she said. "Sensor data buffer overload. Primary mission failure." She cried out again, her voice seized once again with sexual excitement. "Ohhh, God, Traci, yes! You're so good! I love the way you eat me... don't stop... don't--don't--don't stop..." She gave a large thrust of her pelvis, rocking the bed. Traci watched, horrified and excited all at the same time. Kristen's soaked pussy began to drip uncontrollably with her juices as she malfunctioned. She continued to babble in monotone: "Error. Failure at 0038:9127ff1. Error. Kristen Brent Unit XG907 error. shut down....shut down commencinnnnggggg." Kristen's low voice digitally stuck as her head lolled to her left side, eye wide, her mouth slightly parted, and her back arched. Her pert tits pointing upward. Traci fell back to the floor in shock as the realization came that her friend was artificial and not human.

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