Love After the Battlefield

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“Just let me know before - fore - fore -f-f-foooo” The combat unit’s request turned higher in pitch as her speech processor lost control over the order of the syllables coming from her speaker. “Fore-you-yo-yo-let-fore-yo-yo-K-let-me-fuck-let-fuck.”

“Connection Established” A friendly feminine voice that was not her own finally spoke in a monotone, interrupting the cluttered communication. Error warnings and console readouts flooded the center of her vision, blocking out her almost static view of the ceiling.

The technician who had just recoupled the combat unit’s sensory connection to her hip region giggled softly. He knew from both experience and his own data link that machine in front of him was experiencing errors in part due to the sudden stimulation of a newly connected sexual system.

“F-f-f-fuck me Em,” the machine jittered, finally regaining control of her speech, “You could at least warn me next time. Though it did feel good…” They were both very aware of the fact that her pleasure was on full digital as well as physical display with the deepened rising and falling of her naked breasts. She would’ve shot him a smirk, if her head wasn’t mounted in between the padded servicing supports. He simply smiled to himself and went along his business, connecting the last couple wires needed before he could reconnect the two halves of the structural spine.

The android woman payed special attention to the technicians delicate and precise fingers at work using her tactile sensors. She took pleasure in his ability and clear manufactured purpose. In contrasted her own strength-based design like a hammer to a scalpel.

She was able to look to look down just enough to trace the wires from her open chest panel to those that ran underneath his clothes and into his similarly placed open panel. The wires branched off to two destinations. The first was a large, wall-mounted central maintenance console/controller. The second was an equally thick, dull gray bundle of wires that lead under the table, up through a hole, and directly into the combat unit’s open skill cavity. She didn’t have a ‘brain’ there in the same way other units might, but she certainly did have the advanced sensory processing functions.

She traced the set of wires lower, only this time she didn’t lead it back to herself. Her eyes glanced over the Em’s chest and abs. She always loved how perfectly sculpted yet fake plastic-y they looked. Her body was far more flexible than his, though not for realism or sex appeal. Her eyes wandered to the slight bulge in his pants. The data transfer wasn’t two-way when she was the one in maintenance mode, but her thermal optics were enough to tell her that standard unit between his legs was spinning up. She’d never seen it, but she’d fantasized plenty of times about him taking that factory-standard package and -

“Unit SXJ-8134, I am detecting an improper increase in arousal as well as an unintended start-up of many of the programs in your integrated sexual suite. I am logging these errors for future consideration.” Em blurted out in a monotone, his hands freezing in place while doing so. It was the same words he had uttered many times before. “Sorry Checkers, you know how it is.” He sung to the immobilized bot as he resumed his work.

“Don’t worry about it Em. Have I ever told you how fucking hot it is that you can read my thoughts? I bet you even know what I want you to do with that cock right now.” SXJ would’ve been fondling her breasts right now if her shoulders didn’t display completely empty sockets. She loved the nickname he gave her, it made it far more personal. He came up with it when they first met on the account of the black kevlar armor plating and more flexible gray tough-skin that alternated to comprise her entire body. She’d never been self-conscious, it wasn’t really programmed in. But it still managed to make her artificial heart skip a beat.

“Say, any luck on loosening our restrictions?” Em knew exactly what she meant. She had propositioned him for sex many times. And although quiet and reserved, he would’ve taken her up on every single offer, and then some, if not for one annoying stipulation. Their programming prevented them from engaging in non-ordered sexual activities while on duty. And as company property, they were always on duty…

He stopped working momentarily. “Sorry checkers, you know how it is,” he stated while shrugging.

“Well, I’ve been brewing up an idea and I’m just gonna try it. Ready you sexy boytoy?”

SJX had recently come across an order given to her in error. It’s details were blank, but it’s permissions were solid. She used it to as a metaphorical keycard to access Em’s systems. She input his full serial in the recipient line of the data package: MJX-836983.

“Checkers, you know we can’t be doing this.” He protested, though his growing erection and completely conviction-lacking tone betrayed his programmed requirement to adhere to company policy.

She had to be careful. There was only so much you could do that wouldn’t have to be logged. She created a new task as well as a corresponding directive. She creates a task to make her orgasm, and shifts it to the top of his priority list. She then creates a temporary directive stating that he cannot orgasm himself until she had. She then finishes the digital order card and puts it into action.

Em straightens up, then almost immediately leans over SJX for a passionate and long-awaited kiss. While their lips lock, and their speech processors produce near simultaneous moans, Em ditches his repair tools in favor of getting generous handfuls of SJX’s breasts. They functioned as external liquid-gel ion battery packs, meaning they were much more malleable above her armor-plated rib-cage.

As he broke the kiss and began to peck all down her torso, SJX spoke in-between her heaving moans. “Mmmm I know you’ve touched me when I was deactivated. Do what you’ve always wanted to you fucking sexy piece of plastic ass.”

With no further encouragement needed, Em takes the hip unit which was only connected by the bundle of wires, and turns it towards his crotch. Due to an oversight in accessing his model’s data connection ports, his lab shirt was practically always open. So all that was left was to unzip his pants and hook his underwear down. His cock sprung up and straight out as he did so. The seems and segments perfectly framed his absolutely average shaft. His fake balls hung just below and even had a maintenance sticker detailing when he should be serviced and refilled.

He entered her, able to tell that she was far past a minimum lubrication level by directly being able to access her systems. The penetration causes her to yelp in pleasure, settling into moans immediately after. A great degree of expressiveness was lost in missing all her limbs and not being able to move more than her face. But the pair made up for it with the intimate data connection and access mutually shared at this point.

“Fuck me. Fuck your personal sexbot that you have been tweaking, repairing, and fondling for months!” She cried out in pure ecstasy as he began to pump into her. He was happy to take the lead, burying the tip of his cock deeper into her artificial, gray pussy unit with each motion. Since the hip section wasn’t fully connected, he could guide it further down his shaft. He firmly gripped her hips and ass cheeks, knowing full well that her poly-carbonate skin could take far more his body could ever produce.

Both arousal parameters continue to rise as both ‘bots’ duties completely fade away. Em would’ve cum three times over if he hadn’t been locked out of it. He would’ve protested, or begged to cum, but his artificial mind was completely focused on the newfound sensation. And SJX could see the stream of error messages any ways.

She couldn’t care less however. There was a clear difference in their constructions. She was far more expensive and had a greater mental capacity in order to be able to react to threats and interact with those she was supposed to protect at the outpost. She was also the only security unit which had a sentience-certified unique personality that continued to evolve and deveolop. Em on the other hand, failed the company-standard sentience test by two points. She had built up a friendship with the android technician, especially after so many daily services and urgent repairs. But her lust guided her far more than either of the machines’ was prepared for. And both found even that idea incredibly erotic.

Finally, as the pleasure data reaches a peak, SJX cries out in deep ecstasy. Waves of pleasure rock her immobile body, causing her face to contort and her processors to max out.

As Em steadily watched her pleasure climb, he held on to the fact that he knew roughly when she would cum. Only a few microseconds after SJX orgasms, the MJX’s cock erupts with a hot, white stream of artificial ejaculate. At the same time, a loud pop sounds from around his crotch, sending a visible jolt throughout his whole body. It causes his face to freeze while his eyes are rolling upwards and his mouth is just opening. His voice immediately cuts off as does his entire motor control system, completely unknown to the SJX unit lost in a sea of pleasure.

“Ha, we have to do that again.” Em chuckled while cleaning off both units’ genital units with a spare rag. It took SJX about 20 seconds to notice his frozen state and another two minutes for her to fully restart him. Luckily the damage wasn’t permanent and could be addressed at a later date.

“Oh absolutely you cute fuck. I’ll make sure to get permissions with my next promotion. Maybe you can even by my private repair slut.” SJX just barely managed to be dominant from her disassembled state.

“I wish you would Checkers. Or should I say… Commander Checkers” Both giggled at the easy joke. They were still coming down from the high of losing their virginity.

“Hey,” he continued, “take a look at this. Looks like that directive you put in place is still there. Must be on account of … you know.” He motioned down to his erect but drooping broken synthetic cock. “Mind fixing that?”

SJX immediately reentered the interface and scrolled to the directives and tasks list. She figured it would be easier to just wipe them all and set a task for him to repair her as fast as possible. Unfortunately, in her speediness, she didn’t take note of the “maintain synthetic identity integrity” subtask and corresponding directive from his previous list. Furthermore, he had lost the directive to run his own artificial personality, listed as a sub-directive of achieving a minimum degree of realism. She set him on the new task and shut her link to him down to avoid future suspicion.

He got up and stepped beside her, completely devoid of emotion, including his previous aftercare routine. His systems immediately calculated a new course of action to repair SJX in the fastest way possible and with no other conditions.

“Initiating Memory and Operating System Wipe, “ he began in a monotone, “Complete reload with company-standard base personality set to engage following deletion.” He stated, initiating the process through the wired link.

“What?! Em, what are you - you’re not supposed to - no! This isn’t what I - I - I can’t th-thi-thi I Em!? What are y - y- yoouuuuuuuuu” Her voice droned off until it faded, shut off as her speech processing data was deleted.

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